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chaotic-vibes-only-please · 14 hours ago
Hey! I’m not sure where you stand with Ticci Toby, since the writer had pulled him from the fandom or whatever. But if you could do a yandere/aggressive smut for him, like reader making him jealous unintentionally, that would he great! If not, something similar with Hoodie would work too!
Green Eyed Monster- Toby x Reader Smut
Tumblr media
A/N: I do still write for Toby! I'm pretty sure the writer said we could still use him as long as we aren't making a profit off of the character, so that's what I'm going by! Here you go babe, I hope you enjoy🍵
Warnings: Rough sex, begging, choking, overstimulation, Dub-Con, punishment, Dom/Sub, Yandere themes, toxic relationships, smut, NSFW, MDI
Tears trickle down your cheeks as Toby fucks into you, cock drilling in and out of your abused hole. You screw your eyes shut as he holds your thighs apart, his fingertips causing little bruises to form on your flesh. His free hand is wrapped snug around your throat, tightening every now and then to choke you.
You're light headed from the lack of air, the floaty feeling has adrenaline pumping into your viens, the thrill of the situation only adding to your building arousal.
"T-tell me how much you l-love i-it when I fuck you w-with my cock" He lightens the hold on your neck to let you speak. You gasp, sucking in a generous amount of air and struggle to talk.
"I-I love your cock!" You whine as he snaps his hips forward, driving his dick further inside of your messy cunt. "L-love being used by you Toby" You blabber as he pounds into you mercilessly. His cum from his previous release oozes out of you more and more with each thrust. You can feel it dripping on your skin in copious amounts.
"I'm the only o-one th-that can satisfy you, right? Only I can f-fuck you this good, this deep, n-n-not that shit head Ma-masky!" He rants, tightening his hold on your neck. "Beg for forgiveness and I mi-might think about letting you re-rest" His voice drops low, gruff from the constant small grunts of pleasure that strain his vocal chords as your pussy pulses around him.
You curl your toes and fingers as another all too familiar buzz of euphoria carries through your nerves. And scream you do, you shudder and try to wiggle yourself away from him. But judging by how he’s got you trapped, how he doesn’t loosen his grip in the slightest, you know you aren’t getting out of this anytime soon.
"I-I’m sorry Toby! We were just talking I swear!" You cry, loosing your mind to the pure bliss your mind and body are under. How many times has he forced you to cum already? You’ve lost track after the first three. Your walls are so sensitive it’s boarder-line painful. You’re thoughts only consist of getting your insides destroyed. His left shoulder jerks as he begins to chuckle, hand around your throat twitching. 
“J-J-just talking? D-Do you th-think I’m stupid?” He hisses into your ear before pushing your thighs further upwards until you’re manhandled into a mating press position, unable to move much in this new state. Your limbs are numb and worn out, you can only lay there beneath him and take it.
His cock hits a new spot inside you, deeper than missionary was able to offer. You nearly scream, body convulsing from that single hard thrust of his hips, the new angle allowing him to nearly hit your cervix. “fucking scream m-my na-name again” He dares, abusing your cunt until your vision turns white.
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miyo-isnt-here · 2 days ago
More dumbass quotes from me and my friend again (y/n edition bc idk who's good for this spot)
Y/n: do you think butterflies taste like pollen or smth?
Toby: well idk but im certain that they just taste horrible
Y/n: how.....how would u know-
Toby: i ate one when i was a kid
Y/n: wtf how and why
Toby: basically It flew near my mouth and I was like a dog and jumped up and chomped it
Toby: i was a feral kid
Y/n: wanna talk about it?
Toby: no i might bite off ur hand during the conversation
(wow two ticci toby posts in a day? Nice)
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creepypasta65 · a day ago
Hey can you do Toby with a fem reader and they where childhood friends and Toby see her in the Forest and he was going to kill her but then he remembers her. Sorry if it’s confusingᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
It's not confusing at all and thanks for the request :)
Toby reunites with his childhood friend :
Toby will be a little shocked when he sees you in the forest since it's very dangerous. He will apologize for trying to kill you since he kind of forgot that you were his childhood friend.
He will like to talk to you though about how you're doing and etc.
He will be a bit hesitant to tell you about how he works for Slenderman but he will tell if you don't tell anyone else.
He would like to hang out with you, spend time together and talk about the good old days.
Toby is happy that you're in his life back again since it's been a very long time.
Have a nice day :)
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somewhat-crazy · 2 months ago
masky's pills</3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
art and quote credits to original owners, toby is from @ask-tt0by, idk where masky is from but please lmk who to credit if you do!
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spookyravioli · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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brain--drop · 4 months ago
How The Creeps React to You Sleeping On Them (Pt 1)
He doesn't notice that you fell asleep while you two were just watching t.v on the couch until he feels your head on his shoulder. He's basically stiff like a board as he doesn't know what to do, having you stay like that for an hour until he hears EJ call for him to help with something. You wake up to find yourself lying down on the couch completely with a pillow under your head and a sweater to cover your arms.
The two of you were just relaxing on the roof pretty late at night, your head on Toby's lap as he talks about a mission he just finished up. When you don't respond at the end, he looks down at your sleeping figure and stays awkwardly quiet, messing with your hair lightly. It's only when he sees you shiver at the cold air around you two that he gets up and puts you up over his shoulder, walking you to your room and tucks you into bed quickly before you wake up.
Like every Friday night, the two of you chill in his room sitting back to back on his bed as you play your own games. You end up dozing off and go limp against Ben's back, making him turn around to glance at you. He doesn't want to wake you but knows that the sleeping position may be uncomfortable so he gently has you lie your head on his lap and continues playing his game. He makes sure that you're still sleeping soundly, putting a part of his comforter on you so you stay warm.
You had gotten back to Jack's mini infirmary after cleaning up everything, having helped him in patching up some people in the mansion. You sit down beside him on one of the beds as you both can finally relax, the two of you sighing in sync. Jack was about to ask you if you were hungry before he felt you lean on him, adjusting you with his arm around you so you don't fall forward. He takes note on your soft breathing, surprised you fell asleep so quick and leaves you be until you wake up, still holding you.
Slender notices that you were reading in the library alone late in the night as you had some trouble sleeping so he decides to accompany you. You both read in silence beside each other, feeling your eyes start to close and lean your head on Slender's forearm. He looks over at you and saves the page you were on in your book before moving you to lean your head on the table. He lets you stay asleep for nearly 3 hours before he closes his own book, waking you up slightly so you're aware he's taking you to bed before carrying you out.
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demcreepycrawlers · 5 months ago
Y/n: You mean to tell me a shrimp fried this rice?
Toby: You telling me a banana Nutted in this muffin?
Hoodie: You trying to tell me an entire home cooked this meal?
Masky, In the corner contemplating suicide: I'm not drunk enough for this.
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intimidating-fettuccine · 3 months ago
Toby: I give up. I’m too tired.
Tim:[Carries Y/N and places them in front of Toby]
Y/N: [Smiles]
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humanity-confirmed · 4 months ago
My favorite incorrect quotes (Marble Hornets + Toby)
Masky, singing to the tune of I Kissed a Girl: I killed a guy, and I liked it-
Toby, whispering: Should we call the exorcist?
Hoodie, also singing:The taste of his cherry chapstick.
Reader, appalled: Call the exorcist.
Masky: Hi, could I ask how exactly does one accidentally set a lemon on fire??
Reader : Microwave for 40 minutes. 😔
Hoodie: Why were you microwaving a lemon???
Reader : I read boiling lemons helps cover up up bad smells (I wanted to cover up the scent of burnt oranges) but I didn't own any pots.
Toby: Did you burn an orange too? How???
Reader : Microwave for 40 minutes. 😔
Hoodie: Where's Reader ?
Toby: Don't worry, I'll find them.
Toby, shouting: Masky sucks!
Reader , distantly: Masky is the best person ever! Fuck you!
Toby: Found them.
Police: You’re under arrest for trying to carry three people on a single motorcycle.
Hoodie, with Reader and Masky behind them: Wait, what do you mean THREE?!
Police: Yes…three.
Hoodie: Oh, my God— What the fuck!?
Police: Wha-
Hoodie: Toby FUCKING FELL OFF!***************************************
Masky: You were stabbed. Do you remember anything?
Reader : Only the ambulance ride to the hospital.
Masky: That wasn't an ambulance, I drove you.
Reader : But I heard a siren.
Hoodie: That was Toby.
Toby: Sorry, I got nervous.
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The Proxy's Little Pet
Tumblr media
Summary: You're a psychologist that works at the insane asylum, and you're assigned to deal with the infamous criminals that claim to be the legend, Slenderman's, proxies. Little do you know that these three will be a lot more dangerous than what they seem...
Warnings: PTSD, Mental Disorders, Manipulation, Sexual Assault, Past Rape (Mentioned), Memory Loss, Mental Hospitals, Anxiety, Violence, Choking, Past Abuse and Crying.
You were new, everyone could tell. You were young, just graduating and this being your first real job.
One of the security guards was showing you around the Asylum. The asylum had 5 floors. Floor 1 held the least dangerous patients, while floor 5 held the most dangerous.
Since the Asylum knew how good you were, since you were recommended by the college you went to, you'll be working on the 5th floor. The security guard was hesitant as they unlocked the doors of the 5th floor, as you walked down the hallways you glanced at the paitents in the rooms. One was a black and white clown with a pointy nose, the smile he gave you sent shivers down your spine, another was a boy that looked similar to Link, he just stared at you. The security guard turned back around and began to walk down to the doors.
"So uh, who will be the patients I'll be working with?" You asked nervously.
"Who are those three."
"The head of this floor, Miss. Gullermary, will give you their folders. Go to her office, it's on the 1st floor."
You nodded as you walked down the stairs. The Asylum was loud. There were screams, cries, laughter and groans all over the place, not to mention the place was filthy.
Once you were on the first floor, you walked towards that had ' Miss Gullermary' on it. You knocked and only went in when you heard a ' come in'.
"Hello Miss Gullermary."
"Hello, you're Y/N L/N, correct?"
"Yes, it's a pleasure to-"
"Enough with the politeness. If you keep that attitude those level 5 paitents will eat you up and spit you out! Now an I making myself clear?!" Miss Gullermary asked, slamming her fist down on her desk.
"Y-Yes M-Ma'am..."
"The level 5 paitents know your fresh meat, news spreads like wild fire in this place. Here are your paitents folders."
You took the folders from Miss Gullermary's hands before opening the first one.
"Name: Timothy Wright.
Age: [Redacted]
Date Of Birth: [Unknown]
Disorders: Insanity, Extreme Anxiety
Crimes: Murder, Stalkings, trespassing, kidnappings, Sexual assault, multiple accounts of rape and Abuse
Background info: Unknown At This Time.
Floor: Level 5/Dangerous
Concerns: Please write any concerns here.
Restrictions/Warnings: This patient is to be kept away from Brian Thomas and Tobias Rogers at all times. Known to be extremely manipulative."
The folder had to two pictures. One was a feminine looking mask, and the other one was a guy with sideburns.
You pulled out the second folder, Miss. Gullermary lighting up a cigarette as she heard you read the files.
"Name: Brian Thomas.
Age: [Redacted]
Date Of Birth: [Unknown]
Disorders: Insanity
Crimes: Stalking, Murders, Theft, Kidnappings, Sexual assault, multiple accounts of rape and Abuse
Background info: Unknown
Floor: Level 5/dangers
Concerns: Write any concerns here.
Restrictions/Warning: This patient is to be kept away from Timothy Wright and Tobias Erin Rogers at all times. Known to be extremely manipulative."
You grabbed the last folder as a loud scream could be heard throughout the hallway, making your skin crawl.
"Name: Tobias Erin Rogers.
Age: [Redacted]
Date Of Birth: [Redacted]
Disorders: CIPA, Schizophrenia, Tourette Syndrome, PTSD, Amnesia, ADHD, Depression, Bi-Polar.
Crimes: Murder, Torture, Vandalism, Arson, Stalking, Patricide, Kidnapping, Sexual assault, multiple accounts of rape and Abuse.
Background info: Abusive home life, Deceased sister, murdered his abusive father, bullied for most of his life, had no friends.
Floor: Level 5/Dangerous
Concerns: Write concerns here.
Restrictions/Warning: This patient is to be kept away from Timothy Wright and Brian Thomas at all times. Known to be extremely manipulative. Known to have dangerous mood swings."
"Poor guy..." You said, putting his folder down.
"Don't feel bad, that's just what they want. Their monsters, no doubt about it. Their trauma is no excuse for their actions. Now, Tobias hasn't seen a psychologist in a month or two, so you'll meet with him today. So I recommend taking his folder with you."
You nodded before taking all three folders with you. You walked up the stairways and got back to the 5th floor. Even though you were standing outside, you heard laughter and screams from within, and it sent shivers down your spine. Opening the door with a security guard behind you , you walked down the halls until you got to room 16, Tobias Erin Rogers room. You peeked through the small window and saw the man twitching as his arms were in restraints. The security guard told you he had recently broke one of the nurses' arms and has to be restrained until further notice.
"LET ME OUT YOU FUCKING BASTARDS! I'LL KILL ALL OF YOU! YOU HEAR ME?! EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU WILL BE DEAD!" Toby yelled, twisting and turning all of the place.
The security guard opened the door and you were face to face with Toby. His room was pretty messy. A rusted bed in the corner and that was it. There were crayons and pencils with a notebook for him to draw in, since his previous physcologist said it would help him, since he has high stress levels.
Toby looked at you as his entire body twitched, a smile creeping onto his face before he was yanked up by the security guard. As you, the security guard and Toby walked down the halls to go to the floors therapy, or interagation room as the Level 5 paitents called it, a guy with a bloody smiled yelled from one of the cells.
"FUCK OFF JEFF!" Toby yelled, his body twitching before he fell down.
"Don't listen to them, they're just saying that to scare you," The security guard said, grabbing Toby by his hair so he could stand up right.
You opened the door of the therapy room and sat down on a chair, the security guard sat Toby on the chair before letting his arms and legs free. After that, the security guard left, leaving you alone with Toby.
"So, Tobias-"
"Uh, ok. Toby, do you mind telling me anything that's been on your mind recently."
"I w-would love to see a h-hachet right b-between your e-eyes!" Toby yelled, before breaking out into laughter.
You stared as Toby began to tic again, but this time it was more violent.
"Well, do you mind telling me a bit about what your life was like before this? Did you have any friends? Cause in your file it mentions a Brian and Tim."
"Those t-two aren't my friends. J-Just co-workers, well, f-former co-workers. I h-haven't talked to them s-since we got h-here, since w-we have to be s-separated."
"Are you lonely, Toby?"
Toby paused for a moment. His head looking down as he picked the skin of his fingers.
"Is there anything I can do? Maybe make living here a bit more tolerable?"
"I want y-you to stay w-with me, f-forever..." Toby said, before grabbing the table.
"I'm sorry Toby, I can't do that... I'm sorry."
"But... YOU A-ASKED! Y-YOUR FUCKING L-LIAR! THESE BITCHES CLAIM THEY WANT TO HELP ME BUT THEY DON'T EVEN DO WHAT I WANT!" Toby yelled, him twitching before he slammed his hands on the table.
"Toby, I need you to calm down. I can't do what asked... I'm sorry..."
"Y-You don't want to help me... You o-only want the m-money," Toby said, his body twitching as he turned his head away.
"Toby, I want to help you! I'm being serious! Yes I need the money for me to live, but that's not the only reason why I'm here."
Toby glared at you twitching violently. You slowly pushed your chair back, only for Toby to start laughing.
"SE-" You began to yell, but Toby covered your mouth with his hand before whispering in you ear.
"Nobody will hear you screams... And when I'm done... You'll be nothing but a rotting corpse..."
Your eyes widened before you kneed Toby where the sun don't shine, only for him to stare at you. Luckily, you managed to get him off you and ran out.
"Take him back to his room... He's unstable... Really unstable..."
The security guard nodded before walking into the room and dragging out a restrained Toby. Toby glared at you with rage in his eyes.
When Toby was thrown into his cell you heard him screaming and begging to be let out. He begged and begged, and you almost went to unlock his cell, until the guard stopped you.
"He's manipulating you, don't let him. He'll stop once we leave."
You nodded at the two of you left, the 5th floor growing silent.
The next day, Miss. Gullermary told you had a therapy session with Brian. Miss. Gullermary warned you and told you he was one of the worse, so to be extra careful when dealing with him, and since he murdered his last physcologist with his bare hands just because they didn't call him 'Hoodie' was kinda scary.
When you went into the Therapy Room, you saw someone sitting down. His hands were cuffed and his eyes looked dead and emotionless.
You sat down in front of him as he looked up at you. He had a scruffy beard growing messy brown blondish hair.
"Hello, are you Brian?"
Nothing. He just stared at you.
"Uh... Do you go by any nicknames? Maybe alter egos or?"
"Uh... Ok, Hoodie, uh, are you enjoying your stay here?"
"Fuck no."
"As I thought... Uh, do you have any friends here?"
No reply, he just glared.
"Ok. Have you had anything on your mind recently? Any wants or depressive thoughts?"
"I want my clothes back."
"I don't think we can do that. Your file here says you came in with a yellow hoodie, jeans and a mask, those things can help people choke themselves or try escaping."
No response.
"Uh... Is there anything I can give you for you to make this a bit more tolerable?"
"I want a camera."
"A camera?"
Hoodie nodded.
"For what?"
"I want a camera."
"I'm sorry Hoodie but I can't just give you things without reason..."
"If you don't get me a goddamn camera you'll end up like that last one. Ripped to fucking shreds! You'll look like Jeff when I'm done with you..."
You froze in shock as you dropped his file onto the table. He was staring at you with a sinister grin on his face.
"So... How about that camera?"
"I-I'll.. talk to the director about it...."
"No one needs to know about this Doll... This can just be our little secret~"
"I can't lose my job Hoodie!"
"But will you not lose your job if they found out one of your patients tried to commit suicide because of you?"
"Be a good girl/boy and get me that camera..."
You looked down to the ground as Hoodie smiled, his hands cuffed to the table.
"Times up!" The guard said as he walked.
Hoodie smirked as he was dragged away by the guard.
The words Good girl/boy ran in your head as it grew louder and louder.
Good girl/boy... Good Girl/Boy... GOOD GIR-/BO-
"Y/N?" The guard said, looking at your distressed state.
"Y-Yeah I'm fine."
You pulled out your journal and wrote 'Hoodie wants camera, TELL NO ONE. '
You left the room with your mind racing of so many thoughts. You knew you shouldn't listen to Hoodie, but something about him made your body stiff, made you want to hide and never be seen again.
"Today you'll be with Timothy. Be careful with him, he's unpredictable."
You nodded as you left Miss. Gullermary's office. Timothy's file was in your hands as you walked up to level 5. As you were walking to the therapy room, you saw Toby coloring in a coloring book, him twitching from time to time. By the look on his face he seemed distressed, and sad and on the verge of tears. You knocked on his window and waved at him. He looked up and waved back with red eyes. You wrote in your notebook to schedule a session with Toby later that day.
You opened the door of the therapy room and saw someone sitting down in chair. As you sat down in your chair you finally got a good look at it Timothy.
"Hello! Are you Timothy."
"Yeah, but I go by Tim, or Masky..." Tim said, running his hand through his hair as he bit his nails.
"Well, have you had anything on your mind recently."
"Why do you want to know?" Masky asked.
"Well, as your physcologist I want to make sure you get out of here and live a normal life."
Masky scoffed when you said ' Normal Life. '
"My life before this shit show was fine. I liked my life before I came here."
"Claiming to be a proxy of an urban legend shows signs of instability. I just want to help you."
"Whatever... Nothing has been on my mind, this place is boring as hell, and the people on this floor are a pain in my ass."
"Well... Do you have any friends here, or any people you talk to frequently?"
"I'm friends with Hoodie, but I haven't talked to him since we got here due to the bitches here saying we have to be separated. The only people I really talk to are Ben, Natalie and Jeff."
"Well, that's good to know you have people to talk to. Do you want anything to make life here more barrable?"
No response. He just stared at you with a smirk.
"Can it be anything?"
"Anything as long as the board approves of it."
"A lighter and pack of cigarettes."
"Cigarettes and a light? I know I can't do that. You can cause harm to the other paitents."
"I know you're giving Hoodie a camera and you're not telling the board, are you picking favorites?" Masky asked, grabbing your wrist.
"How did you..."
"How I know doesn't concern you. I'm not asking much, it's just cigarettes, can't handle a little bit of smoke doll?"
You turned your head to avoid his gaze, the nickname he gave you causing your anxiety go up to an unhealthy degree.
"Great! Good to know we're on the same page doll!"
"Don't call me that, Timothy."
Masky stopped laughing and glared at you. A snarl on his face as he slapped you across the face, his eye twitching in frustration.
"You don't fucking call me that you bitch! YOU DON'T GET TO FUCKING CALL ME THAT!"
You froze as you backed away from the pissed off Masky. Next thing you knew a guard bursted in and dragged Masky away. You took a deep breath and exhaled to calm your nerves, you stood up and walked out of the room, going to Miss. Gullermary's office.
"Miss. Gullermary?"
"Yes, what do you want?"
"I'd like to schedule a session with Tobias after dinner."
"For what reason? Is it a concern."
"Well, yes. When I was going to have my session with Timothy, I saw him crying in his room while he was coloring."
You nodded before walking out, going down to your office on the main floor.
You sat down on your chair and looked over your notes, but you couldn't help but feel like you were being watched. In the corner of your eye you saw a tall white and black figure standing outside your window.
When you went to fully look at it, nothing was there.
"Y/N?" Someone outside your door said.
"I have your lunch," The voice said, opening the door.
The person who opened the door was a college friend of yours, Fern. Fern and you got the job together and have been really close.
"Oh thanks! I forgot it in the apartment..."
"No problem! Oh, and uh, don't forget to take your medicine to, you didn't take them yesterday or this morning."
"I know... But I don't fucking want to! Why do I need them anyways..."
"You said it yourself, it feels like everything before college doesn't exist. You said you don't remember your family, you only remember college. The pills are to help you cope, and you haven't been yourself recently."
"What do you mean?"
"You keep mumbling in your sleep about masked men, your anxiety has been getting worse, and you've been missing the past 7 therapy sessions."
"I'll go back to therapy when I want to."
"Y/N... I'm not messing around. I want you to get better, I want you to remember."
"I'm not messing around either! I can control my own life Fern!"
"Fine. Be like that."
Fern walked off as you stared at the pill bottle in your hand. You didn't understand why you needed it, you didn't understand anything! Ever since college you didn't really feel like a person. All the memories you once had, the memories who made you who were just vanished into thin air. You wanted to cry, hide even sometimes because you'd have nightmares of masked men you didn't even know!
A few hours past and your lunch still laid unopen on your desk with a bottle of pills next to it. Looking at the clock, you saw that dinner had just started and decided to go up to level 5.
You decided to go and actually get a good look at Toby's room. Using a key to open the door, you saw that his room was quite messy, and seemed to have been recognized. The bed was now in the corner of the room. You saw the pictures were all over his room, along with crayons and coloring books. Picking up one of the pictures, you saw a little doodle of you with a heart around, with the word mine around it with a doodle of Toby holding your hand.
You felt uncomfortable as you placed to photo down. You looked at the other photos and saw extremely gruesome photos, them getting more gruesome as you went on.
Looking into a one of the coloring books, you saw what looked like a diary entry.
"Day, whatever, fuck it I've lost count already. My beloved has once returned! They're so niave... They don't even remember us! Such a pity..."
You wondered who his beloved was, and you couldn't really get a guess because there was no date.
"Masky and Hoodie are so fucking mean to me! I can hear them through the walls, at lunch, everywhere, they keep making fun of me! The voices don't help, they're the only company I have and I keep hearing them yell bad yell about how pathetic I am! It's not my fault she died! IT'S NOT MY FAULT! FUCK HOODIE, FUCK MASKY, FUCK EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING IN THIS SHITTY PLACE! I'm going to hurt someone... I can't take this. The medication those stupid nurses gave me to help with disorders don't fucking cut it. I haven't taken them in the past month and I can actually think straight."
You knew this entry was probably from today.
"I can't wait to have my plaything back..."
You decided to close the coloring book and set it back down. You looked down at your watch and saw that lunch was over. So, you walked out of Toby's room and towards the Therapy Room.
You waited a few minutes and then you saw a very pissed off and messy Toby get pushes into a seat. When the guard left, Toby kept mumbling as he twitches uncontrollably, piling at his hair as his eyes twitched.
"Good evening Toby, how are you doing?"
"A-Awful," Toby said, his eyes starting to water as he pulled his hair harder.
"Toby, stop pulling at your hair you're gonna rip it out," You said, grabbing his hands and placing them on the table.
Toby twitched as blush went all over his face as he cried. You couldn't see the blush because his face was already red from crying.
"There. Now, what happened? You seemed to distressed today."
"Masky and Hoodie are so mean to me! They're always assholes to me! Masky keeps making fun of my tics at lunch and in his room and he knows I can hear him! Hoodie keeps ripping my drawing at lunch and throws them in the trash! Those drawings are the only thing preventing me from burning this place to the fucking ground!"
You were stunned, not only was your guess right, but Toby didn't stutter one bit. You knew he was upset, really fucking upset.
"I'm sorry to hear that Toby... Were they always like this?"
"Masky was... H-Hoodie didn't do much..."
"Well, how can I help?"
" Killing Masky and Hoodie."
"I can't do that Toby."
"Can you ask them to stop... They keep destroying my drawings, making fun of me and it hurts..."
"Ok, I'll try talking to them Toby."
Toby wiped his tears as you looked at you with smile. That moment have you a good look at his face. The right side of his mouth had stitches and his eyes were baggy and he looked tired. His hair was longer than in the picture and he was pretty pale.
Toby stood up and walked around the desk, making him pretty close to you. He grabbed your chin and kissed you. It wasn't loving, but more obsessive, hungry, desperate. When you tried to push him away, he only grabbed you harder and wrapped his hand around your throat.
You opened your eyes and saw him slowly take out a knife, he most likely stole it from lunch from the kitchen.
Panicking, you tried kicking and punching but it did nothing. Once his knife was out he stopped kissing you, his hand covering your mouth.
"I won't hurt you too much... I just want to punish you for leaving m-me... I mean, us..."
Toby moved the knife dangerous close to your eye before the door slammed open and he got tackled by a security guard.
"Miss Gullermary!" You said, standing up.
"One of the knives were missing a from the kitchen, and it seems like we found the culprit."
"G-Get Off me!" Toby yelled.
"No more coloring books for 3 months!"
"3 months?! Miss. Gullermary don't you think that's a it much? Can it just be two weeks?"
"All he can do is color! He has no friends here, please?"
Toby screamed as he was dragged away, his screams being heard from every corner.
A week passed and today you had a session with Hoodie. You hid the camera in your coat as you walked down the halls. When you opened the door, hoodie was there, sitting in a chair. You closed the door and sat down, staring at the man.
"Do you have my camera, doll?" Hoodie Said, A smile on his face.
"Yes..."You said, pulling it out from your coat.
"Good doll~ I knew you'd be good for me, such a good girl/boy..." Hoodie said, caressing your cheek as he took the camera.
"I have another request."
"No Hoodie, I'm not risking anymore for you!" You said, snapping back at him.
"I thought you were a good doll. Remember what I said doll, when I die you'll Be to blame. You'll have no job, all that college work was for nothing, you'll have nothing! And I know you don't want that."
"I can see through your lies Hoodie, you're trying to manipulate me to get what you want for whatever your planning! But listen, I'm not falling for it, do you understand?"
Hoodie chucked darkly as he grabbed your hair and pulled you onto the table.
"Such a disobedient whore, I thought you were going to behave. Well, I guess I'll have to punish you," Hoodie said, slowly putting his hand in your pants.
"S-Stop! Stop! Hoodie stop!" You kicked and punched him, but he only got more violent and rough.
"I'll do what you want! Just get off!" And then, everything was over. Your pants were off already, but Hoodie sat back down on his seat.
"Good girl/boy... Sadly, I really wanted to get fucked, it's been months. And keep the pants off."
You shakily sat back down looked at his with tears rolling down your face, your hands gripping onto your shoulders.
"W-What do you want..."
"A laptop."
"Yep. Can I get it? It can be another one of our secrets~"
"What was that?"
"Atta girl/boy. Now I want it soon, I want it this week."
Hoodie smirked as he hid his new camera into his hospital like gown. Hoodie stood up and walked out, being brought back to his room.
You slid down to the floor and cried. Your mind racing as blurry memories ran through your head. You heard screams, your screams, your cries. It scared you, memories you don't even remember flooding your head.
You stood up and walked out of the room, shaking and crying as you walked down the halls. When you were so close to the exit, you felt someone grab your hand. Looking over, you saw a black haired lady.
"U-Uh... Hello?"
"You're the newbie right? Sorry I didn't meet you earlier! I'm Jane."
"I want to warn you of something, and I don't do this often..."
Suddenly, Jane grabbed your hand and pulled you infront of her.
"Meet me after work in the parking lot, I want to talk with you."
"How can I trust you?"
"I can't blame you if you don't. But, if you want answers, meet me after work."
Jane walked off, leaving you standing there to be in your own world of thoughts.
After work, you grabbed your jacket and your backpack full of various items. You walked out of the back door and saw Jane sitting on the sidewalk.
"I knew you'd show up. Come, sit down, it's pretty comfortable down here."
"What did you want to talk about?" You asked, sitting down next to Jane.
"You don't know the truth. There's holes in your memories, and I know why."
"You do?"
"They wiped most of your memories. You know those paitents you're assigned, Tobias, Timothy and Brian?"
"They were your abusers. They abused you for around 8 years. They said they were in love with you, and when they were caught you were found. They wiped your memories, so you could live a normal life. The amount of trauma you had was too much.
"Why should I believe you?"
"I don't expect you to believe me, I'm just telling you how it is," Jane said, standing up and and fixing her coat.
"Well it was nice actually talking to you Y/N, but I have to deal with my most lunatic paitent Jeff."
"Ok, uh, see you around Jane!"
Jane turned around to look at you, before giving you a soft, pity filled, smile. You picked yourself up and walked towards your car, the words Jane said to you running through your head.
But, when you got to your car you saw a letter there, the handwriting was barely readable and it was childish looking almost.
"What the... Must be some trafficking thing," You muttered, before going into your car and driving off.
The next day at work was off, so to speak. Toby was a lot more anxious and even had a panic attack and nearly tried to choke you to death, yelling while tears swelled in his eyes about how he'll treat you so much better this time, before saying he'll make your life hell. Brian was alot more quiet and only asked for his mask back, and Tim just flat out ignored you.
You expressed your concerns to Miss. Gullermary, but she just ignored you. You had decided to take things into your own hands and talk with Toby to see if he knew anything.
"Hey Toby, how you feeling today?" You asked, sitting in front of Toby.
"Fucking terrible doc!" Toby said with an eerie smile on his face.
"You wanna talk about it?"
"I don't wanna take my meds, I don't wanna! it silences them... They make me feel not as lonely, BUT YOU GUYS TRY TO SILENCE THEM!"
"It's in order to help you Toby..."
"You always fucking say that... I don't care! It doesn't help me! Not even a little bit!"
"I'm... sorry."
"I don't care if you're sorry, the voices are already telling me what to do to you..."
"What are they saying?"
"If I tell you that you'll tell the old hag!"
"I swear on my life Toby, I won't tell her, I swear."
"They want me to fuck you... Fuck you until you can't even walk, talk... Breathe... Like how it used to be! But... You're just a bitch now... But I'll fix you..."
Toby blushed as his mind raced with so many dirty thoughts, his dick hard and him pulling in his hair to stay grounded. The whole thing made you uncomfortable.
"That's not a good thing Toby..."
"But you use to love it! Sure you'd fight me but you'll always be a moaning mess, you would beg me for more and to never stop..."
Suddenly your body started to shake, memories that were blurry raced through your mind, causing you to silently cry.
"Aw... It's ok, I'll make sure you get out here safely."
Suddenly, the alarms went off. Lights flashing, doors locking, gunshots being fired, and Toby holding you tightly.
"What... What did you do...,"
"Masky did this! Not Me! I'm taking you back home... You'll remember everything there..."
Toby slowly shoved his hand into your underwear before coving your mouth to silence your cries.
"But first... I want to remember how it feels to be inside you again...
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girlnextmorgue · 2 months ago
EJ, Toby, & Masky Clingy Headcanons
NOTICE: This post is a reupload from my old Creepypasta fanfiction blog (now my main blog). If you've seen it before, that's probably because it was posted there first! I pinky promise that I'm not stealing anything, simply moving my old work here for organization purposes.
Anonymous asked:
May I request some Masky, EJ, and Toby headcanons for being clingy/missing their S/O? Thank you so much~
of course!! i love these boys so much, so i hope that you enjoy this and i hope that this is what you wanted!!
Before your relationship, Tim was relatively used to being on his own. He enjoyed time to himself a lot, since quiet is rare in the Slender Mansion. There's always a dog barking, or someone yelling, or footsteps out in the hallway, or sometimes one of those rooms with weird unnamed creatures living in them appears and you can just hear the unspeakable things going on in there and it's all just pretty annoying, especially to Tim. His alone time was, and still is, very special to him.
Getting into a relationship with you, however, kind of threw that off. He still relishes the time he got to himself, since he's an advocate for personal space in relationships. But if you're on a trip for an extended amount of time, or out on a mission for Slenderman, or even at the rare time where your plans with someone else overlap with his free time, he finds himself getting... kind of bored. He misses you and he misses talking to you, and sometimes he just gets in kind of a mood where you're the only one that can occupy him, whether it be with conversation or just sitting there in silence.
As for clinginess... he isn't really the clingy type? As much as he enjoys cuddling up to you and holding you/letting you hold him, you being in the same room as him and paying attention to him is more than enough for Tim. He definitely will not pull you out of plans or out of a conversation, though. He knows you have your own life too and that your world can't revolve around him. Make sure to tell him that he should let you know if he wants to spend quality time with you! He just needs to be reassured that you'd be more than willing to drop everything to be affectionate with him.
Eyeless Jack
EJ gets very bad separation anxiety very quickly. You'd expect him to be chill about it, and he tries to be, but he gets very anxious whenever you leave for extended periods of time. To him, you're the only person that looks beyond the scary demon facade that he doesn't even keep up intentionally, and that makes him feel a little bit more human. His relationship with you is as normal as (in?)humanly possible, with him being an eyeless carnivorous sort-of-cannibal and with you both living in a mansion used as a safe haven for incredibly weird and dangerous serial murderers.
Sometimes EJ needs his alone time desperately; his needs shift very quickly, so sometimes he will be like "I absolutely need you next to me at all times or else I will die because I am being deprived of physical touch and affection", and sometimes he will be like "do not come into the same room as me or else I will act out irrationally because I cannot tolerate the presence of another person". He's usually the former, but if he's not feeling so hot about being close to anyone under any circumstances, it's best to leave him be. It's nothing personal, he just needs some time to himself for a bit!
Jack is very physically affectionate with you; he tries his best to not be all over you because he is way too aware of his size and his strength, so he doesn't want to overwhelm you at all. Holding hands can be more than enough for him, but he does like to have you all to himself sometimes. Note that all this stuff usually happens privately; he absolutely is not a PDA person, and he hates looking vulnerable to people he isn't close with (AKA: most of the mansion).
Ticci Toby
When you aren't around, Toby is very good at finding ways to occupy himself (he's friends with BEN and Jeff, after all) but that doesn't mean that he doesn't miss you. He's definitely the type to annoy the living shit out of anyone who knows how long your mission will take with questions about when you'll be back as if you hadn't told him yourself a fair bit before you left. When you're supposed to be back he definitely sits on the stairs by the front door for hours on end until you come back, which is really tough for him because it is incredibly hard for him to stay in one place for an extended period of the time.
After you get back to the mansion, he needs to be next to you or doing things with you or touching you at all times. He missed you a lot, even if you were only gone for a few days. Toby sees himself as obnoxious because of his several mental issues and disabilities, so the fact that you considered befriending him, much less getting into a relationship with him, makes him really happy. He's so glad that you at least tolerate him, and you've made it clear that you're fine with any type of physical affection (PDA or not), so he's going to take advantage of that opportunity!
He does enjoy going out and doing things with you most, though he will have to be hosed down with cold water afterward because being outside of the mansion and away from its protection means that his body temperature needs to be regulated to prevent seizures. It's a perfect opportunity for a water fight, in his opinion at least.
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milkycarnations · 3 months ago
What Are They Like with Their S/O?
Tumblr media
Hoodie: Bonnie and Clyde
He wants you IN on his shenanigans. Especially when those shenanigans include fucking with other people for your enjoyment.
Will go out in public with you just so y'all can play pretend and completely fabricate new lives together. You guys went to a bar in the city once and convinced about 10 other people that you were a practicing ophthalmologist and Brian was a stay-at-home dad who spent all day taking care of your 14 children. 8 boys and 6 girls, to be exact.
His amazing memory helps ensure that he never gets caught in his lies and your personality balances his enough for people to believe you guys.
Masky: Bert and Ernie
You may think that Masky is the Bert in this situation, but you're totally wrong. Tim is Ernie all the way: outgoing, light-hearted, etc.
You're tired of him, but you put up with him somehow.
Jeff: Harley Quinn and The Joker
He wants someone as crazy as him. Enough said.
Instead of having opposites that attract, he prefers to be with someone very similar to him. He feels like it helps him understand you better and vice versa.
It's also how he manifests his perception that he is a true beauty and others should follow suit.
Toby: Mike and Sully
He is your tired little green man and you are his fluffy blue kitty.
Toby fits the calculated exhaustion of Mike Wazowski, but he also works well with your charismatic self. I definitely think he's the more bitter one, but gets excited over the small things in private.
Not much of a comedian though. Help him.
Liu: Christina Yang and Meredith Grey
Y'all are honestly so cute 🥺. You compliment each other well, even if you find yourselves in a competitive environment.
You understand each other's emotions better than others on this list.
You're both the other's rock.
EJ: Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes
Partners in... Uh... anti-crime? You're probably two rather intelligent people in your fields and your expertise compliments Jack's.
He'll probably use you (not in a bad way) to help him solve problems when he's experimenting with something or trying to figure something out like how Sherlock talks to Watson.
You're probably confused most of the time.
Ben: Doom bf; Animal Crossing gf
Listen. We all knew this was coming. It's not that the roles can't be reversed per se, but he likely has a personality that clashes well with his S/O. Ones soft and likes pastels, the other is fighting demons with chainsaws, but you both switch it up from time to time.
Let's be honest, one of you is the emo/goth/punk and the other is the prep/cottagecore/academia aesthetic.
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r0ttingrabbit · 5 months ago
Y/N: *posts a super low-quality image of themself to the group chat*
Jeff: If I had a dollar for every pixel in this image, I’d have 15 cents
Y/N: If I had a dollar for every ounce of rage I felt in my body after reading this text, I would have enough money to buy a cannon to fire at you
Nina: Actually I did the math, Jeff would have $225, not $0.15.
Jeff: Nina I’m right here…
Toby: If I had a dollar I would buy a can of soda :)
Y/N: while you’re there could you buy me an apply juice please?
Toby: Sorry I only have a dollar
Y/N: :(
Nina: Hey I just realized Jeff would have $22,500 because it’s a dollar for every pixel, not a cent
Toby: If I had $22,500 I would buy a can of soda and an apply juice
Nina: You can buy anything you want with $22,500
Tim: Yeah and they want soda and apply juice
Nina: Apply juice to what
Brian: Directly to the forehead
Jeff: Great chat everyone
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1987vampire · 6 months ago
Making a Mess | Ticci Toby
Fandom: Creepypasta
Word Count: 3.1k
Warnings: Mommmy kink, fingering, cunnilingus, slight overstimulation, slight edging, dom!reader, not beta'd
A/N: Again, like the Tim one, mentions of Proxies x reader with Toby being the main one for tonight.
Tumblr media
Glass shattering sounded throughout your small house, and it took everything in you not to immediately start yelling as you sat up in your bed. You took a long, deep breath and clenched your fists before breathing out, letting the tension fall with your shoulders. The door to your bedroom slowly cracked open, and you could see just barely make out Toby’s teary eyes in the hallway light.
“Yeah, Toby,” you sighed.
Toby pushed the door open the slightest bit more. “I-I broke sss-s-some of-fff your pla-ates,” he mumbled. “M-mmm-masky said to t-tell you because he di-didn’t want t-to clean it.” God, why in the hell was Masky fronting right now?
You pulled yourself up fully and stepped out of bed, shivering from how cold it was. You would never understand what the boys had against letting the heater run, but panties and a tank top - though good for being piled under blankets and boys - was not good for walking around your house in anymore. “Come here, baby.”
Toby sniffled and opened the door completely. His shoulders were hunched over as he walked over to you. His hands were bloody and dripping onto the floor below, and the tears were threatening to spill at this point. “I-I’m s-sss-sorry,” he whined. “I t-t-tried to clea-ean it u-up a-a bit, bu-ut I kept cutt-tt-tting my hands-sss, and Mas-sss-sky got m-mad because h-he sss-said I was ma-making even m-more of-fff a-a mess-ss.��� He shook in place, head bowed in shame. “I’m s-sorry for wa-waking you-ou u-up.”
You picked up his hands gently, inspecting the cuts. Nothing too deep, and thankfully nothing lodged into his skin, but he was still bleeding profusely. You knew he couldn’t feel the pain, but you still winced internally as you traced around the area. “Come on. Let’s go clean this up.”
Toby trailed behind you as you walked to the bathroom. You were shivering but could ignore it for now. Toby sat on the closed toilet seat while you grabbed supplies. You cleaned his wounds gently, taking the time to clean each cut and make sure there was nothing in it. Then, you wrapped his hands with gauze and tape you kept for things like this.
“Where’s Brian,” you asked, as you taped off the final one. You had both been silent the whole time.
Toby huffed. “H-He left t-to go do sss-s-something for boss-ssman.”
“Why’s Masky fronting?”
“H-He t-took over whe-en Brian g-got called, and no-ow, he’s w-watching the T-T-T-TV.”
You nodded. If Tim had been fronting, he would have helped a little bit, but Masky preferred to let Toby deal with his own consequences. You wrapped your arms around Toby’s shoulders and stood between his legs, pulling him towards you. He nuzzled his face against your chest and let out a content sigh.
“Y-You’re n-not angry, r-right,” Toby whispered.
You shook your head. “Of course not. I’ll go clean the mess in a little bit. Don’t worry about it.” Toby nodded, and his arms slipped to your hips, holding them, fingers pressing a bit harsher into the fat. Then, he turned and pressed a kiss right where the top of your tank top ended and exposed skin. You furrowed your brows and ran your fingers through his curls. “What are you doing, Tobes?”
He nipped at your skin before looking up at you, a stupid grin on his face. “N-Nothing.” He squeezed your hips again before moving them farther back, hands now holding your ass. “Th-this is-sss ok r-right?”
You huffed out a laugh. “What spurred this on?”
Toby’s face flushed a bit. “Y-you loo-ook really ni-ice right now, a-a-a-and, y-you’re s-sss-so nice t-to me.”
You rolled your eyes. “You got turned on by me fixing your hands,” you teased.
“M-maybe,” he mumbled.
You took a small step back, running a hand from his hair to under his chin, tilting his face up to look at you. “Say it.”
His face went from a light pink to tomato red, eyes instantly softening. Just what I liked to see. “S-sss-say what?”
You leaned down, pressing the smallest kiss to his lips. “Tell me I’m the one that turns you on like this.”
He let out a shuddering breath. “Y-you’re the o-one who t-t-turns me on li-ike th-this. Pleas-sss-se, can I-I t-touch you?”
“You’re already touching me, babyboy.”
He whined loudly. “Th-that’s n-not what I-I mean.”
You ran your thumb over his cheek lovingly. “You gotta use your words, baby. How am I supposed to know what you want if you don’t explicitly say it?”
“Pl-please,” he whined, “I-I want to t-touch y-your puss-ssy. I-I wa-want t-to eat y-yyy-you out! I-I want t-to m-mmm-make you f-feel good.”
You grinned. “How about this. You go undress fully and lay down on the bed. Then, wait for me to come back, okay?”
He nodded enthusiastically. “O-okay!” He scrambled to stand, a little bounce in his step.
You stopped him as he went to move. “One second.” You pressed your other hand to his face, holding him still before giving him a proper kiss, one that you grinned into as Toby pressed back into you eagerly. You pulled away after a second and patted him gently on the butt. “Alright, go on. I’ll be there in a moment.”
He nodded quickly and jumped away. You could hear his footsteps all the way to the bedroom where he shut the door loudly. You paused for a moment before walking out of the bathroom and to the kitchen. You could see that Toby had picked up the bigger pieces, but there was blood smeared on the floor, and there was still quite a bit of smaller pieces scattered everywhere. You sighed while looking at it before turning to the kitchen. Masky or Tim - You weren’t sure who it was at the moment - was half-asleep on the couch. He turned at the sound of your footsteps, eyes half-lidded, but a smile crawling across his face at the sight of you.
“Hey, darling,” he spoke. “Sorry about the mess.”
You rolled your eyes. “Go to sleep. I’ll talk to you later.”
He shrugged his shoulders and leaned his head back. “The kid okay?”
“He’s fine. I got him patched up.” You pulled a broom from the closet and began to sweep the glass up, but you stopped after a second, rolling your eyes. You’d make Masky clean it later. Your mind was focused on the boy in your room right now. God, you were getting hot and bothered thinking about him sprawled across the bedsheets. You glanced at Masky again before walking back to the room. You paused for just a moment before opening the door.
You couldn’t help the quiet moan that escaped your mouth at the sight. Toby was breathing heavily, pale body contrasting against dark sheets. He had been watching the door, and his eyes immediately locked on you as you entered the room, quietly closing the door behind you. You let your eyes trail from his face down his chest to his cock resting against his stomach, rock hard and leaking, flushed pink like the rest of him.
“M-mommy,” Toby cried.
You grinned. “I’m here baby. Don’t worry.”
You began stepping towards him, hands gripping the bottom of your tank top and slowly pulling it above your head. You let it drop to the floor beside you as you stood directly next to the bed. Toby’s hands clenched around the bedding - ever the good boy, not wanting to touch without permission. You hummed before crawling on top of him, knees on either side of his head.
Toby swallowed harshly, big eyes staring up at you as a tic rolled through, his head snapping to the side and shoulders rolling.
You tilted your head as you looked down at him. “You said you wanted mommy’s pussy?”
Toby nodded enthusiastically. “Y-yes, yes, p-ple-eee-ease!”
You let your hands trail down and push your panties to the side before lowering yourself to right above his mouth. “Well, go ahead. You can touch.”
Toby’s hands were immediately gripping your ass, pulling you down onto his mouth and wrapping his lips around your clit. A wanton moan was ripped from both of your throats, Toby’s reverberating against your skin. If there was ever one constant in Toby it was his enthusiasm when it came to eating you out. Diving in with his tongue lolling out of his mouth, trying to reach every bit of skin he possibly could.
He paused, wrapping his lips around your clit again before sucking harshly. You gripped his hair tightly with one hand while the other grabbed the bed frame, but you couldn’t help the noise you made as he began running his tongue back and forth fast enough to have your legs quivering before he dropped back down to your entrance for just a moment, running back right after. He took in a gulp of air, groaning as your hips ground against his face, silently asking - begging - for more, more, more.
“Come on, Toby, baby. You said you wanted to make me feel good, yeah? Make mommy feel good.” Your voice was breathless, crawling to the roof. There was no doubt that anyone home knew what was happening, but you would feel bad for Tim later, and Brian, you thought as you heard the front door kick open and close.
One of Toby’s hands moved, middle and ring finger pressing to your entrance. In a fluid movement, he was filling you up, and your eyes shot open at the feeling, looking down to see Toby’s eyes soaking up each and every one of your movements the best he could. His eyes were unfocused, vision most likely blurry, but he didn’t seem to care as his hips jerked, humping at the air, desperate for any sort of friction.
His hand moved slowly, pumping in and out, mouth slobbering on that little bundle of nerves, desperate for more of you, more of anything. “Please.” Toby’s whine was muffled against your thighs, but you were aware just enough to recognize what he was saying.
“What do you need, baby,” you questioned, hand loosening on his hair and hips pulling upward just a bit, letting him properly breathe.
“P-Please, cum!” The request was punctuated with him wrapping his arms around your thighs again and pulling you down harshly. If he could feel pain, you had no doubt it would have hurt, but he seemed none the wiser as he ravaged you.
You feel apart almost instantly. I mean, how could you not? With a request like that - the fire in his eyes. You practically screamed as you came, holding onto him like a lifeline, praises falling out of you faster than you could catch them, Toby’s hips canting with your sounds.
He pushed you through your orgasm, his movements not slowing in the slightest until you finally pulled yourself up. That didn’t stop Toby, his upper body pushing him up so he could follow, arms flexing to try and pull you down, but he stopped at the sound of your voice. “Toby, wait.”
He let out a high whine, but he let go, panting loudly where he was laid, his hands running up and down your thighs. You let out a deep breath before sitting back, letting your ass rest on Toby’s chest. The boy didn’t mind in the slightest, that stupid grin back on his face.
“M-Mommy,” Toby whispered after a moment of silence. You hummed, eyes falling back on him. “Kiss.”
You grinned and leaned down, grabbing his face with both hands and pulling it to yours. He leaned forward with you, mouth opening so his tongue slid across yours. Toby’s hands tightened until they were almost painful before he let go fully, falling back onto the bed.
You hummed softly, feeling Toby’s hips grind into nothing. “What do you want, babyboy?” Toby flushed, his head tilting to the side so he wouldn’t meet your eyes anymore. You tutted, hands pulling his face back until he was looking at you again. “Do we need to stop? I can go clean up.”
Toby’s hand shot forward, grabbing your wrist as you began to move. “N-no!”
You chuckled. “Then, use your words. How am I supposed to know what you want if you don’t talk?”
“Please, please, l-let me fff-fuck you! Ple-eee-ease!”
You hummed again, thumb trailing across Toby’s cheek, running along the opening of his wound lovingly. “How do you want me, then? You want me to ride you?”
He shook his head slowly. “N-no,” He mumbled, “I-I want t-to do the w-work.” He pushed his hands up, wanting to hold your chest. You let him, huffing a small laugh. “S-sss-switch?” You nodded, letting yourself get up and Toby roll out from underneath you. He pressed his hand to your stomach, slowly pushing you back until you were laid down fully. He leaned down with you, following the movements, and captured his mouth against yours. It was slow, passionate, and you let your entire body relax at the feeling. As he pulled away, he used his hand to line himself with your entrance. “W-want to m-mmm-make m-mommy feel goo-ood,” he whined as he filled you up, the feeling of being full making the both of you cry out.
“You are, baby, you are. Just fuck mommy good, please. You’re doing so good.” Toby cried out as he began thrusting, the slick sound coming from between us seeming to fuel him as his hips staggered - no rhythm coming from him, but pleasure still coursing through the two of you. “Come on, Tobes, harder. Harder, baby.” Toby’s hips slammed into yours harshly once before he finally picked a rhythm and stuck with it, a fast, harsh pace that had you clawing at his back.
Toby’s mouth was wide open, drool beginning to gather and spill onto your chest, but only soft moans and whines escaped him. He was breathing harshly, eyes closed tightly. Every time his eyes fluttered open, they were rolled to the back of his head, lost in the feeling of you, your tightness, the slickness, the sounds and praises that fell from your lips to his ears. Gods, if there was one place he’d give up everything to be constantly, it’s right here with you - in you.
Toby let out a particularly loud cry before beginning to babble almost incoherently. “Please, please, pl-please, m-mommy, I-I need to cum. I need- I- I need t-to cum, m-mommy! Mommy-yyy!”
“You hold it, Toby,” you spoke, nails digging into his back fully. “Do not cum. Do not!”
“Please! I-I ca-an’t hold i-it! Ple-ease!”
You grabbed the back of his neck, pulling his face to yours. “You fucking hold it, Toby. Don’t you want to be a good boy - my good boy?”
“I-I wa-ant to be goo-ood, b-but I c-cant!” Toby’s hands tightened painfully on your waist. “I- I-!” He wasn’t able to finish his statement, cutting himself off with a loud, strangled moan, hips stuttering as he came, warmth filling you. “I’m sorry! I-I’m sorry! S-sss-sorry!” He paused, breathing strained as he looked down at you.
You huffed, pulling him down so your noses were touching. “Who the fuck said you could stop,” you growled. Toby sobbed as his hips canted forward again, a slower pace than before, but he started fucking again. “You said you wanted mommy to feel good, yeah?”
“Y-yes! I-I do!”
“Then make me cum.”
Toby’s hips snapped forward again and again, hands pushing down and fingers running along your folds, right where you were connected, before he found your clit, and he rolled it between his fingers before rubbing, trying to figure out what would make you cum faster, make you feel best. Tears gathered in his eyes as the overstimulation began to hit him, but he powered through, tongue lolling out of his mouth.
You could feel that familiar cord tightening and tightening and- and-
You slammed Toby’s face against your own, letting your moans intertwine with his as you came, a symphony of love and desire filling any quiet in the room - hell, maybe even the house. You - in your haze - could feel Toby cumming again, your clenching walls making him lose it all over again.
As you finally calmed down, and Toby’s thrusts stopped, you were both able to catch your breaths. You raised your hand slowly and pushed away the tears that fell from Toby’s eyes. He grinned at the action, pressing his mouth to yours once more before pulling away fully, sitting back on his haunches, effectively pulling out. You wanted to whine at the empty feeling that came with it, but you also needed to focus on Toby at the moment.
You sat up slowly, catching your breath as you did. Toby was panting, wiping away the final bits of his tears. “Are you okay, baby,” you questioned, crawling over to him.
He turned at your voice, a grin slipping across his dazed face. “Of c-course, I am,” he mumbled. “K-Kiss?”
You chuckled. “Anytime, darling.” You pressed a peck to his lips followed by a slightly longer one before pulling away completely. “Do you want to shower and then maybe nap?”
He nodded enthusiastically. “Y-yes! Yes, ple-ease!”
You pulled yourself up, stretching your hands way above your head, groaning as your back cracked. You then bent down, finally discarding the panties you had been wearing, annoyed at how the cum was beginning to dampen the fabric. You’d rather just be naked for the time being. Toby surely didn’t mind as he reached out for you. You stood in front of him, letting him wrap his arms around you and hug your torso, resting his head on your chest. “You did good, baby. You always do.” Hands carded through his hair. “I’m not mad, I promise. You did so good, and I love you so much.”
“I-I love y-you, too.”
“Now, come on, let’s go shower.” You pulled him up, the two of you naked as the day you were born as you pulled him out of the door and to the bathroom.
He let go as you got closer, stumbling in as you turned back, hearing someone enter the hall. Brian smirked, eyes trailing down your form. “Mommy, huh?”
You huffed, pausing by the bathroom door as the shower began to heat up. “Don’t worry, daddy, give me a minute to cool down, and I’m all yours.” You closed the door behind you before pulling it open again, sticking your head out. “But get Masky to clean the mess in the kitchen, and it has to be him, or I’m off-limits from everyone for a week!”
A chorus of groans rang out loudly through the house, only interrupted by your loud laugh as you pulled Toby into the steam of the shower.
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somewhat-crazy · 8 months ago
Slender: adopt some children, they said.
*from the other room*
Masky: Now let’s stay calm and not panic—
Nina: *assorted yelling*
EJ: *demonic screeching*
Slender, without breaking 'eye' contact with Splendor: it’ll be fun they said
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spookyravioli · 6 months ago
Every single Creepypasta x reader fanfiction ever:
Tumblr media
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brain--drop · 4 months ago
The Creeps Love Language
Slenderman: Slender is a silent man, his ideal way of spending time is in the quiet without stress. Because of this, simple quality time is usually his go to when with you. Since he’s also a gentleman, time to time he shows his gratitude with nice acts of service like placing a cup of tea on the table for you as you read or work.
Jeff: Even though he doesn’t want to admit it, Jeff is really touched starved so physical touch is his love language at least when it’s just the two of you. He is a tad bit aggressive though, tugging you towards him for a hug or gripping your hand to put on his head when you stop petting and playing with his hair. Also words of affirmation, the man wants to hear from you that he’s beautiful to boost his ego and he’ll give you sly compliments to keep you on your toes.
Ben: Quality time, definitely. Ben is pretty laid back attitude wise so he doesn’t expect grand gestures aside from getting a large pizza for each of you and gaming. Occasionally, he’ll gift give with things he’s stolen from others, but don’t question it too much, he tries.
EJ: Another silent man, he does the most subtle of services for you. You had a stressful time the day before? He’ll clean up here and there and make dinner before you come back the next day. Your muscles are tense? He’ll run a bath and fluff up your pillows. EJ is the definition of “it’s the little things”.
Masky: Physical touch with no fear of PDA. Always has his arms around you one way of another when talking with others and plays with your fingers as you hold hands. Maybe it’s because he’s older and doesn’t care much of anything, but he mostly just wants the reassurance that you’re there with him. Expect to be dragged to lie down on the couch with him when he’s very bored.
Hoodie: For a man of not many words, he has a lot of words of affirmation to give you. He’ll compliment you whenever he sees you working on a project and thank you every time you do him a favor. He’s also very observant so he’ll tell you he’s proud or appreciates you whenever you’re in a low mood than usual. If you give him compliments back though, he’ll deny it in a flustered manner...so give him compliments.
Toby: If there isn’t a way to have all of the above on love languages, Toby will find a way. However, he is very gentle overall, not being the most dramatic to be overwhelming unless the two of you have had an off day. Gift giving with knick knacks he finds on his trips, acts of service on making sure you hydrate and lie down on a warm bed, physical touch and quality time being mixed in when watching a movie and you will get at least 5 words of affirmation everyday with him.
LJ: Gift giving, this man will spoil you rotten. Candy, plushies, books, blankets and random shiny things he finds, they’re all yours. If you try to tell him that there’s no more space for you to keep everything, he will make room because he’s not stopping. He just gets so excited whenever he sees something that he knows you like or reminds him of you that he has to get it and surprise you every time.
Jane: Simple woman, she just appreciates being around you and quite often will ask if you want to run errands with her since she enjoys your company. She could just listen to you for hours and never get bored or just sit in comfortable silence because it’s familiar and soothing. With how hectic her life and her mind is, she’s grateful for how relaxing your presence is to her.
Liu: Brothers think alike because he is touch starved as well but doesn’t mind when and where the physical touch comes from. His favorite thing to do is just to hold you from behind, his day getting better especially if you look at him in surprise each time he does it. Bonus is him giving you notes of affirmation so you can read them over and over, not minding if you ask to hear it from him directly.
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killer-intuition · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
― Contains: Hoodie, Ben, Jeff, & Toby.
## HOODIE ! !
Hoodie is incredibly sadistic and gets off on seeing you cry and beg for him. There's nothing he enjoys more than getting you to openly cry and plead for him, voice all shaky and eyes rimmed with the prettiest shades of red, for him to take care of you. It definitely feeds into his ego knowing he's the only one that could possibly make you feel so small and meek.
Unbeknownst to you, Hoodie keeps a camcorder discretely tucked away on a bookshelf, and it contains each and every one of your sexual escapades. He likes to scim through the footage whenever you're not around to pass the time.
There's something about seeing you wearing nothing but one of his scarcely worn hoodies and going about your day to day life that riles him up. He'll not hesitate to bend you over the nearest surface and make you scream his name.
He's a self proclaimed top and dom, but he can very rarely be convinced to be a good, obedient boy if you bat your lashes just right and make your voice soft. He'll drop to his knees for you right then and there, but he'll make you regret ever speaking about it if anyone were to catch wind of how soft he is for you.
## BEN ! !
Ben is embodiment of harsh dom and bratty sub, and there's never an in between. He loves flipping between the two mindsets just to see your head spin in an attempt to keep up with him.
His favorite spot for you to be is underneath his desk while he mindlessly taps away at his keyboard, long and slender fingers moving at a lightning pace while you whine for his attention. If you stop for any reason, those pretty fingers will wrap right around your jaw and force you to stare into his piercing red pupils until you whimper quiet apologies.
He will one hundred percent fuck you with the mic connected to his headset on ― you'd be able to hear the cheers from his friends if it weren't for his incessant low moans reverberating in your ears.
He loves having you sat on his lap, your back pressed against his chest, while he whispers in your ear about how he's gonna take you apart piece by piece until the only thing going through your head is his name; his fingers curl just right inside of you, and he'll complain about the mess you've made on his lap just to make you shy away.
## JEFF ! !
Jeff is probably the cruelest person you'll ever meet. Very rarely does he take into account your needs and wants. If he's not getting pleasured, he's not at all interested.
He has a major knife kink, whether or not you like it or not, it'll get incorporated into anything that happens behind closed doors.
Jeff is a demon when it comes to oral. He'll eat you out like it's the last meal he'll ever have, and he won't stop until your thighs are tight around his head and your fingers are yanking at the hair on his head.
He's notorious for breaking the bed with how hard he fucks. He's eerily silent during sex, too; the most you'll get out of him are deep grunts and quiet praises about how good you feel around him, how pretty you look wrapped around his cock.
He might not look that strong, but he's way too good at manhandling you into whatever way he pleases. He'll force you into the sheets to fuck you harder and faster, until you nearly pass out from the sheer pleasure of it all, and the cycle repeats whenever he sees fit.
## TOBY ! !
Toby is a switch at the end of the day. He just wants to feel appreciated and admired, and he'll gladly return the favor, but the control freak in him screams that he needs to be on top at all times. It takes time and a lot of gentle coaxing to get him on his knees, but he gives you everything he has to offer when it inevitably happens.
He prefers to give rather than receive, and spends an ungodly amount of time with his face pressed against your wet heat. The selfish part of him eats you out for his own pleasure because he loves making you moan and gasp his name, breath coming out in short little pants, back arching off the bed and hands entangled in his curls. He's entirely too unabashed by it, at the end of the day.
His favorite position is missionary because it allows him to see the pretty expressions you make while he fucks into you with earnest; he'll hold your hands and sing innocent praises like he isn't pounding you into the bed.
Toby loves to nestle into your chest after sex and just hold you close, especially if your fingers are in his brown locks and nails gently scratching against his scalp. It lulls him to sleep a lot faster than it should.
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intimidating-fettuccine · 3 months ago
Toby: Any last words?
Y/N: It was lovely to be held by you, even just as a hostage.
Toby, flustered: I - I can do it again, if, you know, if you want-
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simpofachilles · 9 months ago
slenderman: sometimes people ask me how do i manage the creepypastas. the secret is, i don't. i have no control over them whatsoever. this morning toby called my name and when i showed up ben shot me in the throat with a nerf gun.
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