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only every time i has a tick, i was a little kid. i had just come home after camping and i discovered it on my genitals 😩 very frightening and i don't recall where the tick ended up. lil guys gotta eat but they could at least ask first

Oh my, yes that was certainly nonconsensual. Tick, please :\

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I wish that ticks and mosquitos didn't have to feed off of other creatures or cause disease issues,, they're Very Cute when they're not doing that and I don't like that they have to be killed or repelled all of the time : (

They are cute! But yes the potential diseases are really my issue. Poor lil dudes, I definitely don’t want to kill them. But I also don’t want Lyme disease. Parasitism is very interesting though, biologically speaking. Certainly seems to have worked well for them for millions of years!

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oh I have a tick story! when I was in elementary school I was messing with my hair as I do constantly and I came across a "scab" so like the heathen I am I naturally picked it off. now I've never been afraid of bugs but if they're on me without my prior knowledge I get spooked well as you can imagine discovering that your scab has 8 legs and is definitely alive is pretty terrifying luckily for the little guy my natural reaction was to yeet it away from me preventing it from being killed

I think it’s very natural to be alarmed at discovering a bug on your body, especially embedded into your skin. Hope they were okay after the yeeting and glad you apparently didn’t get sick from it!

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I once got a tick in my hair when wandering the wilderness at my brother's baseball game, years back. We think it got too tangled in my messy mane to get to my skin, because my mom found him pretty far from my scalp while searching me for lice. She put him in a ziplock so he could be identified if I got sick. He ended up dying for nothing. RIP Tick Friend, 2015-2015.

RIP lil tick friend but you’re lucky you weren’t bitten! 

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The photos you posted of the pretty tick made me remember this little Deer Tick (Ixodes scapularis) I saw last year! The diseases they spread terrify me but other than that I actually think they’re really cute!

They can absolutely be cute! But yes tragically they are vectors for many diseases. Lyme disease in particular is becoming more of an issue in the US. They are still nice bugs, though. :)

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Got outta work, supposed to be sleeping in the parking lot before hitting the gym but went and played guitars. The Taylor 816ce, nice piece of wood. You can actually see the moment the sticker shock kicks in. But the sound though! #houseofsmirk #taylorguitars #openchordmusic #acousticguitar #folk #tick #souk #blues #singersongwriter (at Open Chord / All Things Music)

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Monsters Do Exist !

A final version of art-trade with OttonandPooky.                                        Disclaimer: Caline and Bortor ( behind mother ) are creations of OttoandPooky

A rite of passage for poor Bortor. A trial with his own fears, only HE can make this horrible beast go away. But… He isn’t strong enough, like a fragile flower nutriered too kindly by his parents after traumatic event. All those days after taking of Caline and the rest by Ynts were always filled with his cries and their words of compasion , leaving his calm… Now the nightmare started all over again ! And only HE can save his mother ? 

* Yeah, I know that’s the third version but it became more condensed with atmosphere ( Bortor’s face is very … lacking in the slightest :( ) . Maybe it isn’t the cleanest, neatest or well shaded masterpiece , this picture is one of those whom I really liked doing despite uneasy charascuro philosophy for light/dark …

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Monsters Doesn’t Exist ? / W.I.P 2

Disclaimer : Caline and Bortor( behind his mother ) are creations of OttonandPooky.

Improving the shading, linework and appearance of Frenchie the Tick ; nothing more special yet I need to explain somethin’ as it’s a crucial detail for whole “scene” . Recently, I’ve noticed that Bortor isn’t kinda easily scared child in comparison to others ( taking in consideration latest work with him ) so basically it cannot be true with his “spirit” . 


It could happen few days after ( if I read correctly ) a major event in Bortor’s life ; kinda still traumatised by sights of his mother kidnapping by Ynts [ actually very unnerving situation ] could not in the first reaction comprehend the sudden apperance of a tick and frightened visage of his mother trying to protect him. He didn’t cowarded after all as seen in here  ; so basically it could be a moment when Bortor could reforge his fears into a virtue of courage :)

* The last one before the revised and final version, more smoother lines and nothing extremely new in here. I hope I didn’t missunderstand the Bortor’s attitude ( shown on this , childhood’s moment presented in here )

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apparently the FUCKING ticks are already waking up

AAAAAAAAAA why why why

I just want to clear the brush and prepare my beds for Actual Spring 

(which I assume will begin on May Day cuz that’s how long it waited last year)

must I always and forever be duct taping my socks?

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