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#tiger illustration

When I’m angry I often draw fierce animals to calm me down🐯Drawing always make me feel better☺️✨


Little curiosity

This time little Cippy (one day I’ll name the chick with a proper name😂) has not been inserted randomly.🐥He’s there like a “happy” symbol to remember that there is always a solution, even in the darkest moments✨That’s why he’s comfortable inside the tiger’s mouth.

What? Do you think it’s a foregone meaning? Well, it did make sense when I did it. A little detail with a big hope inside💛

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Ilustración de un poema de Eduardo Lizalde, para mi clase de narrativa con Estelí Meza.

//Illustration of a poem of Eduardo Lizalde, part of a narrative class I’m taking with Estelí Meza. 

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Trying out some new markers. I absolutely love them! Also it’s been a while since I posted.

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