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#tiger’s musings

me: I’m hungry! just gonna get a snack…

[looks at clock. it be noon]

me: …OH. (whoops forgot to get the dishes caught up as promised…let’s…do that)

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Boooooo. The one dress that had me drooling isn’t available anymore. Go figure.

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Let us be better when we come out of it.

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Got my paper, gonna take another stab at getting the label glue off my jars. Because having Brightly Colored Stars in Reused Jars has been my Happy Space for about two years now—and now I can.

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Pets are still a bit “change?!” out of sorts since we got my bed rotated (desk still isn’t set up, I’m still gonna lose my OG Spot in front of my bookcases to Chill) but…it gives the Illusion of More Space, anyway? (Or, I sorta have a spot in the middle of the floor to set up my eisel if I feel like it…but leaving it up isn’t gonna really work, now…) and for Tonks it’s Bed AND Window AND Tower by bed??

So…the fussy cat gets to feel spoiled, and Zorro’s a bit put out. (Cats aren’t allowed on the other cats’ beds. Don’t need that terretorial mayhem, thanks…)

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Having two feet of hair is basically just needing to walk around with a lint roller. For yourself.

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It’s just the details of characters’ educations or careers and diets and backgrounds and interests that make them real to me. Character-driven worldbuilding, I guess?

…also because I have Large Gaps and struggle to fill them, so hello imposter syndrome and I really brought this on myself xD

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Maybe it’s all the leftover fuzzy-wubby stuff flying around, but now I wanna oneshot Shiro finally getting the nerve to ask Allura out in Fixit in all his disaster!ace glory.

…then again, no promises. I have a notorious track record of saying I wanna write something, then never doing it. (Ooooorrrrr…teeeechnicallyyy it’s still “planned”?? Yeah. Let’s…go with that.)

(…and do Oneshots ever stay that way?!)

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We celebrate holidays not because whether they’re “dumb” or not, or even what the day itself is themed after, but because they’re fun. And I think that’s very good of us.

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Coping as an ace in a heteronormative world’s easier when I can find the humor in it

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