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Why people always tryna start drama for views

On tik tok I saw this guy post a video of jacksepticeye saying knickers but with his Irish accent it sounds like the n word (you can see where I’m going with this). I know damn well they knew he didn’t say it cuz they liked all the comments saying he didn’t say the n word but here’s my question. Why the fuck post it in the first place? People need to stop trying to tear people down for views. It’s so fucking annoying and toxic yet they just fucking laugh at it

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People don’t realize that self-harmers also body check. The same way people were yelling at Eugenia Cooney for her body checking videos are the same people commenting under Tik Toks of people clearly showing off their fresh/healing cuts saying, “your triggers are not other peoples responsibility” “omg they’re healed scars get over it.” I’m not mad that she has scars I’m mad that she’s so obviously displaying them in admiration and it’s like bait for those in recovery. No body will understand way triggers matter unless they have dealt with those things that require triggers. I can tell when someone’s doing a body check, I used to do it all the time. Tik Tok is so toxic, people stay encouraging dangerous behaviors that they don’t understand and then shame you for being upset.

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