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#tiktok music
ablakha · 2 months ago
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omglord1 · 4 months ago
I'm sorry but if u say anything about anyone's music taste i don't like you AT ALL
people don't understand that simple thing
u shit on someone's music IT MAKES THEM FEEL DISCOURAGED
they listen to what they like and get happiness even if its shit for you its relaxing/fun/energizing for them so fucking stop
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hedphonwolfz30185 · 6 months ago
tiktok is so stupid teaches kids to be unable to form their own opinions. like for example when we see a vid claiming one opinion and it has many likes and and a big positive response from many young people it automatically leads us to a conclusion that the opinion must be right because everyone else agrees and if you disagree you get hated on. therefore young ppl search for info mainly on tiktok which, trust me, really isn’t a good source of information lmao.. also i wont be getting into stuff like tiktok promoting mainly white skinny perfect looking people and makes us idolize that and compare ourselves to, for us seeming, the only ideal because that’s what gets positive attention on tiktok. gosh there’s so much wrong with this app so i highly recommend you to take a break from it
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rainydaymentality · 7 months ago
This song brings out the whore in me tbh lol
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strangercoco · 12 days ago
Take Squid Game's Red-Light, Green-Light but make it *electronic musika*
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bearly-charis · 6 months ago
thots and animals??? storming the capital??? more likely than you think 💔
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jumpintolimbo · 4 months ago
Big Boy // Payday 
This fun diss track takes you on a little carnival carousel. The album art is exactly as you’d expect: throwing up neon while your iPad charges in the wall socket in the bathroom. Payday is gonna be the next Billie Eilish. We’re so happy that Future Classic is still out here bringing the freshest new artists to the fore. 
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sad-indie-kid · 9 months ago
Playlists I feel need more attention pt 2
If I owned a coffee shop :)
All acoustic songs, nothing explicit. Feat. Mother mother, phoebe bridgers, the beatles, dodie, & more
Winter | pitch black
Calming indie piano & guitar. Feat. Mxmtoon, sleeping at last, the neighbourhood, Matt Maltese, & more
Daddy issues 🤪
To quote my friend: “it’s essentially just the mood of ‘I hate everyone but myself & if I’m not treated like the queen I am, I will bring hell down on you.’” Feat. Lana Del Rey, Melanie Martinez, marina, ppcocaine, & more
Also, I’m working on a project that is almost done! It’s a notion masterpost FULL of concept playlists, all sorted down to the bpm, average key, length, aesthetic, mood, almost occurring artist, & more. Stay tuned :)
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thesingalongsong · 10 months ago
“Dancing in my room, swaying my feet
Tryna give you love and a kiss on the cheek
Cotton candy skies like I'm stuck in a dream
And I've been feeling blue, you're the one that I need,”
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playlistpicks · 5 months ago
Dixie D’Amelio’s “One Whole Day” is a Lyrical Masterpiece
Dixie D’Amelio and sister Charli D’Amelio face hate every single day for being themselves. Charli rose to fame in just a few months and is now one of the biggest influencers out there, at just 17. Her older sister, Dixie, decided to tag along and move out to LA to start a career of her own. 
Dixie released her first single under HITCO in 2020, and received backlash from day one. “Be Happy” became an international meme, and it only got worse from there. Her second single “One Whole Day” featuring Wiz Khalifa received backlash for the lyrics. Despite being a catchy song, people were quick to point out the repetitive and childish lyrics, and a lot of hate was geared towards Dixie, even though she didn’t write the song.
I’ll give you a chance to listen to the song and view the lyrics before reading further. 
So the song is about a past relationship where one person wasn’t putting in the same effort as the other. People have speculated that the song is about Dixie’s ex, Griffin Johnson, who was accused of cheating back in 2020. Reading in to the lyrics, Dixie seems pretty sad about the situation and explains how she was “really, really, really, really, sad” for one day. 
I can see why the lyrics seem childish on the surface, but when you really start to think about the situation and realize the sarcasm behind the whole song, you’ll be able to recognize its genius. The whole song is a mockery of an ex and Dixie is singing about how she was only sad for one day, but now she’s over it. She only shed one tear while throwing your shit in the fireplace. A completely ironic storyline like this is rare in pop music, and unfortunately listeners overlooked the pure genius of “One Whole Day”.
Dixie could’ve made it more obvious that the whole song was sarcastic. Take Taylor Swift’s “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” for example. In the bridge of the song, she makes a sarcastic comment, but follows it up with a laugh and says, “hahah I can’t even say it with a straight face”, indicating to listeners that the line was ironic. Dixie could’ve added some elements that highlighted the irony of the song, and the lack of said elements made listeners misunderstand the storyline.
Is it possible I am looking way too far into things and am completely off? Yes. Maybe Dixie was “really, really, really, really, sad” for one day and just had to break out in song and unleash her emotions. 
I still stand with my statement that “One Whole Day” is a lyrical masterpiece. It isn’t a song about heartbreak, but rather empowerment.
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itsbeon · 15 days ago
Björk - Jóga (beon's trap mix)
I did something, yall
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