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#til all are one

We’re also very close to getting the logo made! As well as the Menu Art pattern, which will double as this blog’s new header background and our Patreon’s header background!

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I mean,,,, I'd be willing to pay for an expansion pack if I could date jazz? Because??? Holding hands??? I would die happily. (What does dlc mean?)

DLC is bonus content for a game that’s already out! Sometimes it’s free, sometimes you have to pay for it.

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I’m really excited to get the Patreon launched because we’ll have so many cool things to share with you guys! The WIP art, the polls for game details, the Drafts for the Demo and Character Routes–it’s gonna be sweet.

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hey. where can i get the demo, when it gets released?

We’re planning on releasing the Demo via when it comes out, and it’ll be available Early for Patreon supporters! 

(Side-Note: Patreon is not set-up yet, it will be soon, though!)

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These are the results to our “Til All Are One” Game Detail(s) Poll. Thank you to everyone who participated, we’ve reviewed your votes and will be implementing them into the game/game-making process as much as we can!


  • RODIMUS: 63    
  • MEGATRON: 44
  • RUNG: 49
  • SWERVE: 45
  • WHIRL: 45
  • CYLONUS: 41
  • TAILGATE: 29
  • DRIFT: 45
  • RATCHET: 51



Most Interested In: A Primarily Story-Based Game! (55.26%)

  • Game-play: 0%
  • Mix of Both: 44.74%

Financial Support Interest: A Patreon With Rewards! (52.68%)

  • Kickstarter: 44.64%
  • Other: 2.68%

Game Selling Price Interest: $10.99! (31.25%)

  • $15.99: 16.96%
  • $5.99: 23.21%
  • Free: 28.57%

Game-Type: Linear Based Story-Telling Game! (74.56%)

  • A Focus on Mechanics: 22.81%
  • Other: 2.63%
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The “Til All are One Game Detail(s)” poll is now CLOSED! We’ve gotten a whopping total of 114 replies!! 

Thank you very much to everyone who took the time to fill the survey/poll out, we’ll take the time to look everything over and announce the results later this coming week!

This will help to clear up many details about the overall scope of the game and what will be included, as well as methods of contribution for those looking to support the game. Thank you all again!

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So I just finished the TAAO annual and I have to say this:

 Starscream was a lying, cheating, backstabbing asshole who ran Cybertron like he was a mafia boss. But at the same time all his crimes weren’t motivated by bigotry, and in the end he actually wanted to do his job and help New Iacon and Kaon rebuild. His crimes were selfish, interpersonal, and focused on keeping his ass at the top, but he wasn’t doing anything that led to institutionalised discrimination. Hell, despite his many (entertaining) flaws, he’s a product of a system that treated people as products - and has no desire to repeat that

 If anything, New Iacon was probably not a terrible place to live - providing that you didn’t know the guy. (and if you did, bring popcorn and a stab proof vest to the best seats, because it’s time for the trainwreck of the century)

 And whilst I expected his reign to end in a massive scandal, I didn’t expect it to involve him spending an hour on live TV, willingly confessing to everyone what he had done. Yet it makes sense - he knew that Elita was gaining traction and that she’d be a bigger tyrant, and the best way to prevent that was to throw in the towel to give Windblade a chance. He took one for the team to prevent Elita from being Megs 2.0.

He loses everything, but despite it all, he gained a friend. Or perhaps, friends, giving that I have the impression that Bumbles ain’t dead.

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