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Little Bird, Don’t Say A Word


☆ reader-insert drabble, DC Universe

☆ wc: 328

☆ genre: angst

☆ tw: mentions of death, fighting, crying

☆ a/n: alright so i saw this fanart and it gave me this idea and stopped me from working on my series lmao. the next part of the series’ll come out soon hopefully! <3. either way, i’ll be releasing a couple of drabbles through the next few days.


When he desperately looks to them, pleading for any help to stop the onslaught, none of them can look. The sight is far from the worst any of them have seen. Still, Y/N hides Damian away in their cloak, and pulls Dick into a tight hug. Neither complains. They’re superheroes witnessing destruction unlike any other. 

The eldest can’t bear to watch as Jason desperately fights a losing battle. From experience, they see that he isn’t holding back, even as tears fall from his eyes. Jason fights as best as he can, but he has not reached the point where he can defeat his master.

Not many could. Bruce Wayne is a different kind of powerful.

This whole situation was surprising. That was the only word to describe it. Despite the pain of watching their brother being beaten, they wouldn’t intervene. It’s the pain of the betrayal, of his death, that stops them. 

The pain of knowing it had been deliberate

Y/N Wayne watches as their father rips the red bat symbol from her brother’s chest. Jason clutches at the exposed skin, and they know he feels like his heart has been ripped out. There’s a part of his soul that’s filled with pride, knowing he carries the coveted Bat symbol. 

Well, carried. 

The entire family loses parts of themselves that day. Y/N knows that Jason wishes Bruce would kill him. In some ways, the torture of living is worse than the sweet release of death. Even through the sadness and anger, though, Jason is still Bruce’s baby bird and even after what he’s done, Bruce couldn’t bring himself to kill him. 

None of them could. 

They watch as their father cries. They feel tears soak through their suit, and they know their brothers are crying. 

They are too. 

The entirety of Gotham mourns the death of Red Robin.

The entirety of Gotham mourns the death of Red Robin at the hands of the Red Hood.

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Jason: You seem a tad wound up, buddy. And your face is greasy. Real greasy. You been up all night?

Tim: Of course I’ve been up all night! Not because of caffeine, it was insomnia. I couldn’t stop thinking about coffee. I need a nap.

[snores for two seconds]

Tim: [wakes up] Coffee time!

[Jason makes Tim a decaf mocha with melted melatonin chocolate mixed in, he watches Tim drink it and waits.]

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[ Read on ao3 ]

So Tim is in a cult. 


Not—he didn’t join a cult, okay, he’s just in one. Temporarily. 

Also unwillingly —that part’s important, he’s pretty sure. He’s only here because of some deeply confusing events that he definitely did not instigate in any way, because listen, Tim is many things and will absolutely admit to his growing proclivity for Being In Cahoots. Hell, he’ll even admit to being currently allied with two separate sides of the most recent Justice League prank war. But he’s fairly sure he’d remember setting up his own disappearance. Especially if it involved being drugged with a tranquilizer gun, of all things, on the day before his history exam, during a very real surprise battle. Possibly involving ninjas? Tim’s memory is pretty hazy. 

He’s maybe, possibly, just a tiny bit kidnapped. Don’t tell Jason. 

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I feel like even though Damian is the baby of the family, Tim is everyone’s baby. Everyone is so protective of Tim. Not only is he small and adorable but he’s vulnerable to many things and that makes them more productive

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i like how dc gives jason and dick pants as robin whenever there’s a flashback now instead of their fucking underpants,,,, face your past mistakes dc give them back the undies!!!!

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Scene: Steph and Jason, hanging ten feet above the floor in a net, having walked right into it because they were so focused on ragging on Tim’s new codename.

Steph: 🎶Is this the Bat-life?

Jason: Or is this just fantasy? 🎶

Steph and Jason: 🎶 Caught in a net trap!

Riddler, joining in and making his voice go deep: 🎶No escape from the enemy!

Tim, standing in the doorway: ….

Tim: You know what? You can have them! *walks away*

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As a reward for your diligence in your schoolwork, I will answer this. (Good job! Do me proud!)

The That Scene for The Return was partially the first chapter. I’d talked at length with @audreycritter about how canon didn’t have the catharsis of seeing how Tim reacted to Bruce being ALIVE. After all he went through, the boy deserved hugs, dagnabit. But it was also, partially, the third chapter, because we also discussed The After and how much Tim still had to work through.

Unfortunately, as he’s learning, Bruce’s return isn’t a magic cure-all.

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The Red Hoods Protègè:

Other things I write:

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chapter 4: grab me by my ankles, i’ve been flying for too long

Dick and Jason quickly incorporate Tim into their antics. Unfortunately for Tim, trouble is afoot.

Never let it be said that Tim Drake has a normal sense of fear.

read on ao3!

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