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#tim drake oneshot
cipheress-to-k-pop2 days ago
Sweet Treats
Pairing: Dick Grayson as Nightwing x Reader
Warnings: Mentions of death
Word Count: 3.5K
Summary: Dick Grayson teaches you that it's okay to love someone else in your life.
A/N: Ya'll I'm all about being strict with yourself and everything but just for today if you want an extra cookie then you take the damn cookie. Maybe you can work twice as hard tomorrow or you can do one extra task on your to-do list. But if you want the extra cookie, then don't hold yourself back.
Tumblr media
You loved working at a bakery. The thing about a bakery is that it wasn't the same as one of those capitalist coffee houses where people wanted their morning cup of joe before they had to run to work. No, a bakery meant people would visit the quaint little store where people would sit down and enjoy their coffee and muffin leisurely before leaving.
It was calm and quiet, even during rush hours. So, you didn't find it surprising at all when people sat down to finish their work. Students came here to study. Office workers came here to look over their numbers. Readers came here to bury their noses in their book of that week.
And as of most recently, police officers came here to look through their cases. Well, a police officer.
Dick Grayson had got to be the sweetest thing you have ever laid your eyes on. And you lived in a damn bakery. He always came on Thursdays, spending nearly an hour to go through case reports while he ate. The same every week, a chocolate eclair and a cup of milk tea. He came by so often that you began preparing his order beforehand for him.
You liked to think it was because he was a loyal regular so you wanted to show appreciation but your co-worker knew it was because you wanted as much time possible to stare at his gorgeous face. She couldn't blame you however, his face was so perfect she felt her retinas burn a little every time she looked straight at him.
Since the day you expressed the slightest interest in Dick Grayson, she had been pushing you to ask him out. You merely entertained her, laughing along whenever she made a joke about how the two of you would look good together and that you've been single for too long. But both of you knew you couldn't do anything to change that.
Just like you hadn't for about 3 years now.
And you assumed it would continue to stay that way.
But Dick Grayson. Wow. Not only was he the most gorgeous person you've ever laid your eyes on, he was also always so well-mannered, polite and cheery. He remembered your name, always asked you about your day. And perhaps the most important part; the man knew how to tip well.
But even then, no matter how smitten you were with him, you wanted it to remain just that. Unrequited and unreturned. Admiration from afar. Never in your life had you wanted it to turn into something more than that. The short reason was because you were afraid.
The long reason was that you still weren't over your boyfriend. You suppose 3 years was more than enough time to move on from somebody but you could only assume that was if you part ways willingly.
He was it for you, your soulmate, your everything. And all it took was one minute to rip him away from you. If he had left the house a minute later, if he had entered the bank a minute later, if the ambulance had gotten there a minute faster, maybe he'd still be there with you.
That's why it was difficult to get over him. He was your soulmate, your other half, you were sure of it. How could you even love someone else knowing that they weren't your soulmate? How would someone else love you if they knew that you could never love them as much as you could?
It was inconceivable, not to mention selfish. You'd never be able to live with yourself knowing that you were keeping someone from meeting their true soulmate and yet not being able to give them the love that someone else could have given them.
Your best friend thought otherwise. She didn't believe in the concepts of soulmates, that there was only one person on the face of the planet who could be your other half. However sometimes you felt that she only thought that way to make you feel less guilty.
Besides, it's not like Dick ever tried to make any advances on you either. So really you were worrying for nothing.
"Why haven't you asked him out yet?" Gwen teased, leaning on the counter beside you where you were unabashedly staring at Dick Grayson. Man was built like a model; you couldn't help it.
"Because if he rejects me, we lose a customer and hence profit." You answered nonchalantly, not even bothering to look her in the eye. So, you didn't see the way she rolled them so high the could've gone to the back of her head.
"He orders one drink and one pastry every week, I think we'll survive." She mentioned, getting back behind the register as someone came in. They were teenage girls who were apparently attracted by the sight of Dick sitting by the window, judging by the way they giggled cutely amongst each other and stared at him. They ordered 6 bubble teas and a bunch of mini cakes.
You turned towards Gwen with a smirk, "Will we? He's practically a light up sign that says come inside! Buy things and stare at me some more! I get even prettier if you're eating one of the apple strudels!"
You didn't notice the way his lips turned up in a little smile at your words but Gwen sure did. Because of course she did. You wrote off everything he did because there was absolutely no way Dick would like you or show any interest in you but Gwen knew that he lingered by the counter when you were the one taking his order.
She knew he gave you a softer smile and even noticed the way his eyes would follow you around the cafe while you set orders in front of other customers and rearranged the flowers on different tables.
Oh, she knew. And she knew just how to get you two crazy kids together.
The cafe was busy. So busy that your hair was a mess but you didn't have free hands to rearrange it and make it look slightly presentable even though you were taking orders from other customers while also trying to keep an ear open for the oven. These were the days that you regret not hiring any part-timers to help you during rush hours.
But then you'd have to actually pay them which you didn't like either.
During the rush, the last person who expected to walk through the doors was Dick Grayson. You knew he usually came during quiet hours to work on cases. And since practically every table was occupied, you were sure he would need to talk his order to go.
"Hey, the regular?" You asked, smiling gently behind the register and he returned it before shaking his head, "No, 6 black coffees, please. Everyone on the team needed one if we're going to finish all the paperwork today."
"Pulling an all-nighter?" You asked, punching in the order on the screen and he nodded, "Feel free to stop by for anything else, will that be all?"
He nodded again and you grinned, handing him his receipt and credit card. You were slightly disappointed due to the short-lived interaction but quickly waved him away so you could attend to the next customer.
The woman smiled coyly, letting her eyes follow him, "I'll have whatever he's having."
You smiled politely, "Six black coffees coming right up."
Oh, the look on her face was as bitter as the coffee she was about to receive when she sauntered over to Dick only to be promptly shut down. You felt kind of bad for her and made it a point in your head to offer her more cream and sugar than usual to make her rejection a little easier to swallow.
And now was your favourite part.
Gwen set the cardboard box containing his order on the counter and you smirked evilly before calling out, "Dick!"
Everyone's head spun and you couldn't help laughing when you noticed the way his face turned a light pink. He gave you a playful smirk, "Thanks for that."
"My pleasure."
"I'll see you on Friday."
"Don't work yourself too hard Grayson."
Even when the door chimed behind him, the smile was still stuck on your face. The shop was in utter chaos but you were remaining ever the chipper, politely dealing with customers and feeling energized for the first time today.
"So, when's the date?" Gwen asked, coming out of the kitchen with the cooled cakes that she began to place in the display. She clearly noticed the way you were grinning just because of one measly minute of interaction with the blue-eyed beauty.
"I didn't ask him out."
"Well, lucky for you, I did."
You raised a brow, turning to find her staring at you with a smirk, "What?"
"I wrote your number on his cup."
You had every intention to politely turn down Dick if he ended up calling you but as the sun began to set, you began to feel disappointed and maybe even a little offended that he hadn't called yet. I mean, you had a legitimate reason for thinking of turning him down but what reason did he have?
Tons. If you actually sat down and thought about it, which you did, he had tons. He could already be in a committed relationship. He could be busy; he did say he was going to spend an all-nighter. He might not have seen your number on the cup. He could have thought that the number belonged to Gwen. He could be gay.
And of course, he could be uninterested.
But you preferred to think about the former reasons.
It wasn't until you were closing down the cafe, you heard your phone ring from the pocket of your apron that was haphazardly strewn across one of the tables.
Gwen 'oooohed' from the kitchen where she was stuck cleaning the ovens because she gave your number to people without consent. Ever the soldier, she accepted her punishment with a solemn nod.
You rolled your eyes at her and pulled out your phone, heart beating a tiny bit faster when you realized it was an unrecognized number.
"Why hello."
You cringed. That wasn't Dick's voice.
"Who is this?"
"I was about to ask the same question," Came the smug reply, "I wanted to know the name of the pretty girl who wrote her number on my coffee cup."
You gritted your teeth, feeling your cheeks heat up in embarrassment and glared at the kitchen door, hoping the oven door would close in on that bitch.
"How do you know I'm pretty?"
"I can tell from your voice, sweetheart."
"Okay then, nice talking with you. Goodbye."
"Wait! You gave me your number, but you won't tell me your name?"
This was one of the most hilarious and embarrassing moments you've ever been in. You were sure looking back you would find this absolutely hilarious but at the moment there was nothing you wanted more than to melt into a puddle on the floor that Gwen would have to clean up.
Stupid Gwen.
"Well, you see, that actually wasn't meant for you." You explained, meekly, wondering just who the hell this guy was. For all you knew, he fished out the cup from the trash after Dick threw it away.
"Oh, well Grayson, you were right, it was for you. Damn, I owe Kev 5 bucks." Came from the other side of the phone and you nearly dropped your phone from shock and for a split second you wanted to just hang up and pretend that you lost your phone.
But instead, you just bit your lip to keep anything stupid from leaving your mouth and waited for the shuffling on the other line to end before Dick finally spoke, "Um, sorry about that, the other guys didn't believe me when I said the number was for me."
You didn't reply fast enough, you were trying to think of something to say that was witty but cute at the same time but your mind was coming up blank, "Um, it was for me, right?"
"How are you so sure that I'm the one who wrote it though?" That was a genuine question, the number could have easily been Gwen's.
"I'm assuming it was since you're the one who picked up the phone." Dumb question. It was a dumb question.
"It's totally fine if you say no, but do you possibly want to get a cup of coffee sometime?"
"I work at a coffee shop, Dick." Came your curt answer and the place exploded into laughter, making you assume the phone was still on speaker and you blushed.
"Right, then maybe for dinner? Please?"
Oh, he's so cute. And he's on speaker phone, you wouldn't want to embarrass him in front of his colleagues. Also, one meal wouldn't hurt. And you really hated to say no.
You nodded before realizing he couldn't see you, "Sure. I'd love to."
"Great! Just text me what time you get off work."
You nodded again, "Alright, bye."
You turned back to Gwen, who was standing in the doorway with a smirk on her face and scowled at how triumphant she looked, "Well I hope you're happy with yourself, now I have to go and shave my legs."
"Oof finally, maybe next time we cuddle I won't get carpet burn."
You sent her a glare that was so foul she actually stopped in her place. She recognized your mom-death-stare anywhere and you could see that she suddenly began rethinking her decision. Which she should, you had half a mind to call up her own mother and tattle.
"I mean, it's just one date. I'm sure you'll be okay. Besides, Dick is a nice guy and you've had a crush on him for way too long."
You didn't say anything, just choosing to stare at her. You knew Gwen and you knew the way she'd cripple under your stare. You weren't mad at her, she was right, you had been crushing on Dick ever since he stepped into the cafe. But you also knew the more you stared at her, the more chance you had of getting her to clean the cappuccino machine this month.
"And I know you miss him but I think this is what he would've wanted for you, to be happy even if he wasn't in your life."
Now the conversation was headed towards an unwanted place. This was usually where you got closed off and she knew that well. Just like she expected, you broke eye contact with her and went to grab a rag to wipe down tables.
"I know you still go to the bus stop."
The bus stop. Your boyfriend had walked you to the bus stop on your first date. Coincidentally, it began drizzling at the same time and the way the sunlight had hit it just perfectly, a rainbow was visible right above you. It was truly magical and at the time the two of you had joked around about how it was a sign from above.
You had long since moved and stopped using that bus stop. But still, some days when you especially missed him, you would go back and sit quietly, staring up at the sky and waiting for a sign from above.
It was quiet for a few minutes, with the two of you just wiping down tables before you spoke up quietly, "How do I know if I'm ready?"
Gwen hummed contemplatively, like she was actually thinking about your question instead of just telling you what you wanted to hear, "I guess you won't know until you try. It's just one date with the guy, you don't have to be committed to each other. Besides, it's Dick, he's not some narrow-minded guy that's only looking for sex."
That comforted you a tiny bit. She was right, Dick was kind and gentlemanly. He'd understand if you said you weren't ready. That realization gave you confidence and you were more that eager to have a fun night.
Shaving your legs was so worth it for this man. To someone who couldn't relate it might seem like a stupid way to gauge a date but to a person who invested in razors and post shaving products, it was a sure-fire way to tell if someone had a good time.
Dick was a perfect 10 no matter which way you looked at him. Beautiful, that was obvious. Kind to the wait staff, always a plus. Funny and interesting, there wasn't a single beat of awkward silence throughout the date. And more than anything, he was the first man to make your heart flutter in a long time.
He was so different compared to your last boyfriend, you couldn't put your finger on it, but their energies were different. That was possibly a good thing.
When dinner was done with, you both walked back to the parking lot where he began laughing when you expressed just how excited you were to get back into his porche.
"I mean, you're cute and all but your car is a 10." You joked around and immediately felt relieved because he seemed to understand that it was merely a joke. Taken in the wrong context you could tell how that might seem like a red flag.
The two of you rode back to your apartment in a comfortable silence when Dick brought up the topic of a second date. You bit your lip guiltily; you had a great time but it was difficult to suddenly open your heart to someone new. Especially when you spent the last few years denying it.
"Okay this is gonna be a little heavy for a first date but," You began, stealing glances at him from the corner of your eye. He was watching the road diligently but had his body turned slightly towards you which made you comfortable, "I was in a very serious relationship with someone a couple years ago. We were supposed to get married."
He didn't tense up in the way you were expecting him to, in fact he just kept listening to you obediently, "He passed away. And I feel kinda guilty every time I date someone else, you know? Because he was just the one for me, so how can I be dating someone else?"
It was quiet for a second and you wondered if you had scared him off. You sunk into the leather seats a little bit, hoping the ride to your house would be short but it didn't seem like it since you had gone quiet far out of the city for your date.
"I understand."
You sat up, "You do?"
Dick nodded, sparing you a smile, "I've experienced loss too so I know what you might be feeling."
He nodded again, "Well, my parents passed away when I was a boy. And then my brother." You didn't say you were sorry; you had long learned that it didn't make anyone feel better.
"I got adopted soon after and after my brother passed, my dad adopted another son. And in the start, it felt like I was trying to replace my parents, to replace Jason."
You nodded, "Finally, someone who gets it."
"Oh, I get it, don't worry. I used to feel guilty every time I'd hang out with my brother Tim or when I'd think of Bruce as my dad."
"Did you ever stop feeling like that?"
"Eventually, when I learnt that you don't have to stop loving someone to open your heart to someone new. Love doesn't work that way, it's infinite. I love Bruce as my father, doesn't mean I love my parents any less. And I think everyone deserves the chance to love someone."
His words gave you something to think about and you spent the next couple of minutes just pondering over it. Should you go on a second date with him? You wanted to, but something inside you just couldn't agree to it. It could've been fear, it could've been something else. But you couldn't let go of it long enough to just take the plunge.
A rainbow soared through the night sky.
"Nyan cat?" You blurted out before you could even make sense of what you were saying and Dick burst into laughter beside you.
"Unfortunately, no, just looks like someone's pride flag got loose."
You blinked a couple times just to make sure you weren't seeing things but the more you looked at it, the clearer it got. It was an unmistakable rainbow that was fluttering in the night sky.
Just the sign you needed.
Turning back to Dick with a soft smile, you gingerly rested one of your hands on his. He turned to look at you, blue eyes filled with mirth and comfort and rejuvenation. This was your chance. It was like a breath of fresh air, a new adventure. And sure, you were scared, but it was a good kind.
"I'd love to go on a second date with you, Dick."
The smile you got in response was the key you needed to open your heart right up.
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ilikepecsandbreast3 days ago
Batboys and Bruce finding out Batmoms name (nickname) is not her actual name (birth name) from her mother and brother.
Summary: Batmoms mom and brother are coming over for dinner and your husband and sons learned that the name Bruce has been calling you by was not your real name.
Warning(s): light cursing (only like 'dipshit' and 'bitch')
"Remember boys, I want no trouble tonight you hear? Your grandmother and uncle is coming over and I want none of you misbehaving. Do I make my self clear?" I give my son a little talk.
"Yes mom/ma/ummi." They all answered. "Good."
And as I was about to call my mom to ask when they are going to be here, I hear a knock on the door and Alfred answerd.
"Ah, Mrs and Mr (L/n). Welcome to the manor. Come with me, your daughter and sister has been waiting for you." They thanked Alfred as they followed him to the living room where me and my boys were. I was the first to greet them.
"Hey mom," I looked at my brother beside her. "Dipshit," "oversized bitch." My brother retorted while maintaining eye contact with me. My mom sigh, "please don't start with the insulting names you two. It's only seven a clock." We nodded.
"Mom, bro. This is my husband Bruce and my sons, Dick, Jason, Tim, and Damian. Boys, my mom and brother." I introduced them to the boys.
We sat down on the lounge, talking about things, when Alfred called saying dinner is served.
We sat at the table and eat the delicious food Alfred made, having a blast.
My brother chatting with threatening my husband, my mom telling the kids embarrassing stories about my childhood. Just normal things.
Everything was going well until my husband ask me to pass the salt.
"(Nickname) honey, can you pass the salt please?" I grab the salt and pass it to him. I looked at my brother who snickers under his breath. "Something funny bro?" I ask him, with an eyebrow raised.
"You really like that nickname don't cha?" He ask. "Eh, it's alright." I answerd going back to my food. "You said you hated that name, what happened?" My mom pointed out. "That's what I'm saying! Seriously?" My brother exclaim, tilting his head to the side slightly.
3rd persons POV:
Now the people hearing their conversation must of thought of the nickname that they are referring to was 'honey'. And thats exactly what they thought. But that's really not.
You see, your name is (Y/n) but your brother gave you the nickname (n/n) when you were five years old. You always said you hated it but it's actually quite nice. So you started to introduce yourself as that nickname. Hence why Bruce calls you that, thinking it's your birth name.
Back to you,
Your POV:
"I mean I don't love it but I also don't hate it. I know I always say I do but I really don't." I said, shoving another spoon of food into my mouth.
"But mom, didn't you always say you like it when Bruce calls you 'honey'?" Dick asks, joining the conversation.
"Yeah, of course I do. If I didn't I would've said something." I tell Dick who just looks confuse.
"But you just said you don't like being called that nickname." Tim then join.
"Oh I was referring to her nickname, (n/n)." My brother answerd. As if that was the most obvious thing.
"Wait, what do you mean by nickname?" Bruce asks clearly confuse about the situation. My brother looks at him.
"Yeah, (n/n) is her nick- wait let me ask you this Wayne. She's your wife right? " Bruce nodded at my brothers question. " Then tell me, what is her full name before she married you." He said, looking at him with a look.
"(Wrong first name) (last name)." My brothers eyes widen with disbelief then goes,
Both Bruce and the boys looks at him confuse.
"What do you mean 'wrong'?" They ask in unison. My mother then speak.
"That's not her name. The name that you have been using to call her by is not her birth name. The name you've been using is not the name written on her birth certificate. It is instead her nickname that (brother name) has given her when she was five." She explains to the boys whose mouth is open with shock.
There was a few moments of silence until Damian speak up.
"So what is ummi's real name?" He asks, still recovering from the shock.
I then pulled out my id and give it to them.
"I can't wait till you tell this story to the public. I expect to see a hilarious tittle little sis." My brother said while laughing.
The night soon ends by my mom and brother going home. We bid goodbye to my mom and brother.
"Drive save, okay mom? I don't want you getting hurt. And bye to you too I guess dipshit." I said to my mom hugging her and flicking my brothers forehead as he did the same to me.
It's almost time for bed. Before I can go to mine and Bruce's shared bedroom to change, the boys and Bruce speak.
"You knew we don't know your real name and didn't say anything? Really?"
"I thought you knew my name, I just thought that you like my nickname better so I didn't say anything. Sorry, but hey, now you know." I said defending myself.
"And besides, my brother is right, this would be a hilarious tittle for the paper." I said as I walk upstairs to the bedroom.
A/N: Hope you enjoy this. It was supposed to be a drabble but I got so into it, it became like a oneshot. Like before, stay healthy, get enough sleep and all that things. Love ya!!! 馃挅
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artisticabandon9 days ago
Red Robin stumbles upon Nightwing in a warehouse where he shouldn鈥檛 be. Calling in the Red Hood for help is probably the only easy part of this night.
They tell themselves that nothing is ever easy in Gotham. But some things, like being a part of their family, will always come naturally.
Prompt: Graces from my writing server wanted Dick with Tim and Jason along for the ride, featuring whumpy-good-times and comfort! In my defense鈥 I tried. This is only the fifth rewrite lol. Certain characters who shall remain nameless were simply too determined to bicker. :D Notes: No major CW for this one. If i鈥檝e missed something, just let me know.
One thing that Gotham seems to have in abundance is abandoned warehouses. Seeing as Gotham also has an abundance of thugs-for-hire and villains plying their trade at the docks, patrolling those warehouses is part of the Bats鈥 route.
Each week, the docks were divided up into overlapping sections, and it was up to each vigilante at what time during the week they patrolled them. Outside of the scheduled stake-outs, of course.
Because random is always best, and it鈥檚 always good to keep the criminal element hopping.
For this particular week, Red Robin picks Monday night to do his section. Usually, they do it later in the week, giving the criminal element more time to develop their plots, so doing it early in the week will keep everyone on their toes, maybe catch people who think they can sneak something past them.
Besides, he has plans for later in the week. (He鈥檚 a teenager and he鈥檚 human.)
He also picks a time they haven鈥檛 done in a while. Well, it鈥檚 more graveyard shift than night, being after his quick patrol, so that way he has plenty of time to handle anything.
Which is鈥 probably just as well, seeing as he only gets a few warehouses in before he鈥檚 seeing something suspicious.
Clean windows. What warehouse in this district has clean windows, unless it鈥檚 occupied鈥 and the people inside need to keep watch?
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en-jaybirdd10 days ago
brother鈥檚 day gift- tim/kon
just my small contribution to the timkon tag~ and i think its timkon week ?? this is my first fic for this fandom AAAA聽
its nothing much, really, its just cuddles, kisses, and damijon finding out about tim and conner plus a very oblivious damian HAHAH聽
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cipheress-to-k-popa month ago
Hi, I absolutely adore your writing and it鈥檚 quite inspiring and making my imagination go WEEWOO!
Could I request something for YJ With Dick? So like a headcanon or one shot (which ever you prefer queen) where the reader is quite reserved, snarky and can get angry real fast. They have feelings for Rob and they are especially snarky to him to hide their feelings, but they eventually start to open up more and during the events of episode 24 (you know, the one at haly鈥檚 circus), they open up to him and they confess? And he does the same?
Flower Language
Pairing: Dick Grayson as Robin x Reader
Warnings: Blood and injuries and plant death.
Word Count: 3.8k words
A/N: This is kind of my take on the Hanahaki disease, kind of. This was so much fun to write honestly, I didn't realize I like all this floral stuff so much. It also reminded me of another 'True Love's Kiss' trope I wrote for Dick Grayson as well. Also I changed the episode this was based on because I鈥檝e already done something based on the episode with Haly鈥檚 circus聽@hanbedumbaf聽I really really really hope you enjoy it! Sorry it was so late, I finished it a month back but it was in my queue.
Tumblr media
Adrenaline was a common feeling to you. A little too familiar. The life of a superhero puts you in peril more times than you would like but it was the only life you had known. You knew the familiar feeling of sweat forming on your skin and your heart pounding so loudly that you could hear it in every step you took.
However, when you heard the pounding, it was because there was a supervillain, usually hairy, chasing after you and determined to get your head on a stake.
Although, feeling your heart jump to your throat was becoming more familiar whenever you were around a certain someone. Robin annoyed you to no end, whenever he was around you couldn't help your face from growing warm and your lips from tingling to form a permanent smile on your face.
Having a crush was irritating, you couldn't think or even function without thinking of him. It was frankly humiliating, you were always so gung-ho about being bold and to the point and yet whenever you were around Boy Wonder, you couldn't help but bend your personality to something you felt like would appeal to him more.
Sometimes, you couldn't even stand yourself.
And so, as a pathetic act of rebellion, and maybe as a clear-cut sign that you had no idea how to handle emotions or anything similar to it, every time your heart got just a little soft, your tongue got a whole lot sharper. Probably not the best way to win a boy鈥檚 heart. But you weren't here for a romance story.
It was also a true sign that you had no idea how to flirt, thinking that borderline insulting witty banter was the way to go. Or perhaps it was a way of controlling your emotions, since being bitter and snarky was the thing that came easiest to you.
You seriously needed better tactics.
It was also your oblivious mistake thinking that Robin only saw what you wanted him to see. He was raised to be a detective, of course he was more observant than that. Papa (or let's be real, Alfred) didn't raise no fool.
You made the mistake of thinking Robin saw you as strong and independent and bold, just as the rest of them did. But he saw much more than that.
Robin was distressed by the number of crying faces around him, the kids were inconsolable which was understandable because of just how many things went wrong in the past couple of hours. To be quite frank, Robin was a couple seconds away from having a fit himself.
"Shh, little one," He heard distantly and his neck practically snapped. You were crouching in front of the few who were crying, with a small nurturing smile. It was the first time he had seen you out of uniform, usually referring to you as Antheia, named after the goddess of flowers, but this wasn't she.
"I know you're scared, my flowers, but I promise, we will find your parents." You soothed, gently wiping away their tears. They still looked up at you apprehensively and with uncertainty.
"I'll show you a magic trick." You began, grinning as the kids began to smile back at you. You pulled a seed out of your pocket and held it between closed hands, using a bit of your powers and felt it grow in your palms. When you revealed what you were holding, they collectively gasped.
A bud of a flower now rested in your hand. You smiled at their innocent eyes and held it to them, "Now I'm going to need your help for the next part. Everyone has to blow on the flower."
They nodded eagerly, crawling around you and on the count of three, everyone followed your instructions. And low and behold, the bud bloomed into a beautiful blossom right between your fingers.
One of the girls clamoured into your lap to hold the flower herself and you chuckled, wrapping your arms tightly around her, "You know what this flower means?"
They shook their heads, "It means faith, and hope. If you have faith and hope in us, then you'll get something beautiful in return."
For once, they look contemplatively and you chuckled, feeling pride at the fact that you managed to sow some wisdom in their minds. The girl that had been sitting in your lap turned in your grasp, with the flower in her hand and then reached up to tuck it behind your ear.
"For me?" She nodded happily and you smiled widely, kissing her cheek, "Thank you, petal."
Satisfied that you were able to calm them down, you gently placed the girl back on the floor before moving away from the group. Just as you were about to join the others, you ran into Robin. You didn't know he had just seen the whole thing.
Pulling the flower from behind your ear, you handed it to him, "You know in some cultures, this flower means to pick up the slack and stop looking like a confused chicken." You snapped.
Business as usual.
Robin looked back to the flower you had slipped into his hands, you had said it meant faith and hope, and you had given it to him. He looked back up to see you shuffling away from him quickly, a blush on your face. He smiled.
You were more nurturing and kinder than you let on, it was like it was programmed into your personality and yet you never showed it when you knew they were watching. That wasn't the only part of yourself that you were hesitant to show them.
And the more Robin observed you, the more he realized that you used flower language to depict a lot of your emotions. It was a silent way of letting them out, without having to tell other people what's really in your heart.
You thought you were sly about it, but nothing went under Robin's radar.
Everyone was watching a movie on the flat screen in the rec room. You hadn't realized you were so tired, the movie was boring, something that M'Gann had picked and you hadn't slept the night before, busy patrolling your city.
Your eyelids began to droop before you could even understand what was going on, your head lolling as you drifted in and out of consciousness.
Robin hadn't realized that he was napping through the movie until he felt a weight on his shoulder. He nearly jumped awake and glanced to his side to see you sound asleep, breathing gently. He nearly chuckled, was this what you looked like when you weren't scowling at everybody?
His heart skipped a beat, god, were you beautiful. The smell of flowers vaguely hit his nose and he noticed the red gardenia plant growing steadily in the corner of the room.
'Red Gardenias means a secret love,' Robin recalled from a book he had read, 'It's a secret way for someone to say I love you.'
He glanced back at you still sleeping peacefully, face completely relaxed and briefly wondered if your powers were taking the lead on your emotions and making gardenias grow around the cave. Or were you dreaming about something?
Something in his heart grew, here you were sleeping against his shoulder, making symbols of a secret love grow around the room. This had to be a sign of something, right?
Before he could contemplate it any further, you squirmed and then began to stir. Your eyes fluttered open, hazily taking in your surroundings before they landed on the boy beside you and widened in size, skin darkening with a blush.
"Why the fuck didn't you wake me up?" You snapped and turned on your heel to stomp out of the room without even waiting for a response from him. The others who noticed the way he was just staring at the place you were in surprise. You always do such a 180 when you're around him and conscious.
"Wow, sunshine's crabby in the morning." Wally commented from beside him. When he didn't get any response, he looked over to see Robin with a silly smile on his face.
Dick couldn't stop himself from grinning. The gardenias were still blooming.
"Antheia, do you think you will be able to stop the plants from growing any further?" Batman turned to face you, only to find you staring at him with a hazy, blank expression.
"Antheia?" Robin called but you didn't even flinch, your eyes were locked onto the holo-computer, seeing the thick vines that were twisting and turning. Their call was overwhelming, you could feel them grow even beneath your feet. It was like a siren was blearing through your head.
You couldn't tell what they were trying to say, it was like they were muffled. It was confused and lost, following Ivy and it was happy listening to her. And yet, it was feeling pain, the Justice League was busy pruning her as we speak. It was scared, crying out for someone to help them and you felt obligated to help. Your mind was getting heavy, throbbing with an oncoming migraine.
"(Y/N)!" Your eyes snapped open and focused onto the boy in front of you. Everyone was staring at you in concern and you blinked, suddenly not able to remember what the hell was going on. You were just trying to focus on something other than the screams and cries of the plant.
"......What?" You asked a little dumbly, noticing the concern on Robin's face. The plants were still crying. You couldn't get the painful sound of their screams out of your mind. You felt like curling up into a ball and crying.
"Batman asked if you would be able to stop the plants?"
"Oh, um, no." You answered in a distracted way that made his face pinch with worry. His hands were still grasping your shoulders tightly, keeping his face in close proximity to yours. You didn't even realize, too out of it to even notice.
Robin on the other hand felt his cheeks get uncomfortably hot the more you stared at him with those innocent, beautiful eyes of yours. If Batman hadn't been breathing down his neck, he was sure he would've kissed you in the moment.
Unfortunately for him, his dad always knew how to ruin the moment. And he would continue to for the rest of his life. Until death do them part. Even after the two of you grow up and live together, the Batman would find some way to interrupt your fun.
"The mission."
Oh. Right.
"Robin!" You screamed when one of Ivy's plants wrapped around his neck and slammed him against the trees. They didn't let up curling tighter around his throat. Fear struck you as he began choking from breath and you knew you had to do something.
Suddenly murderous intent took over you and you glared at Ivy who returned it with a smug smirk of her own. Oh, how you'd rip that smirk off her face.
"Okay Ivy, you wanna play? Let's play." You ground out, slamming your hands against the vine around Robin's neck and it began disintegrating beneath your fingers. He fell to the ground, gasping for breath and you tuned out the sound of the plant crying as it died beside him.
Ivy heard it just as loudly as you had, she screamed and more plants lunged towards the both of you.
"Go help the others! I'm about to snap this twig." You spat at Robin, using your powers to kill the roots as it reached you. It was working slowly, your powers weak to the pain of the plants around you. Even as every cell of your body told you not to, you clenched your fingers into fists and watched as the creeper feel to the marsh, dead.
You engaged in battle with Ivy. Plants were screaming for mercy all around you but you couldn't stop for even a second. Life around you was trembling but you had to keep fighting the villain in front of you because if you hesitated for even a second, many more would die.
Thorns scratched your skin, drawing blood and curled around Ivy, sinking barbs into her skin.
"Face it girlie! You're never going to overpower me!"
"Oh, I'm not trying to overpower you, just distract you long enough for Robin to get rid of the control system." You replied, just as smug as she had been at the start of the fight. Now you got to see her face melt into one of panic just as Robin jumped over her head and to your side with a grin identical to yours.
"Cover your ears!" He sang, wrapping an arm around your shoulder and ducking, covering your body with his own. You were grateful for it; you weren't sure you could even keep your body upright at the moment.
Then you heard the explosion and your heart stopped. Every single fibre of your body burned red hot fire as you heard screams and cries around you. Bile was crawling up your throat and your breathing got thin. They were sobbing a heart-broken wail and your eyes misted at the mere sound.
Without realizing it, you were gripping onto Robin's hand, brows furrowed together. The sound of the explosion cleared, the Injustice League was captured and he pulled you up to stand with the others.
It was silent for a moment. You had won.
And then the consequences of your actions hit you.
Everyone's necks snapped towards you when you let out a heart-wrenching sob. Robin, who was standing right next to you caught you just in time before your body hit the ground. Pain exploded in your chest as you began wailing against him.
"(Y/N)? (Y/N)! What's wrong?!" He panicked but you didn't respond, crying into his chest as you gripped his cape in an iron fist. Everything hurt and all you could feel was sorrow and guilt.
The other heroes crowded around you but your eyes were screwed shut, tears making your eyes sting. Robin held onto you tightly, pulling your body against his as you continued to cry.
"What's happening?" Artemis murmured, looking around to see the environment change before her eyes. Everyone else followed her lead to see how leaves began rotting, then the trees. The smell was pungent. Thorns and weeds were crawling up the dying trees, pulling them into the swamp.
"(Y/N) please, what's wrong?" Robin whispered in your ear but you couldn't hear him. The sounds of plants screaming and wailing was echoing through your mind. How they begged you to save them. How they begged you to stop.
And then it got hard to breathe, your chest constricted and you were wheezing. Robin had to watch in horror when petals and blood poured from your mouth. You were choking, throwing up and sobbing in his arms, and he was unable to do anything to help you.
"Flash get her to the Batcave." Batman said gruffly, he was shocked and worried for you but didn't say anything, not wanting to scare his son more, "Sending you the coordinates now."
"Alfred prepare the med-bay."
Dick watched with a sinking heart as he handed you into Flash's arms. It took him a few seconds for his mind to stop whirring, he was still kneeling in the swampy marsh when the team huddled around him.
"It's gonna be okay." Wally murmured, wrapping an arm around his shaking body.
"We just have to hope for the best."
When the others had gotten back to the Cave, you had just been moved there, after being looked over by Alfred. He joined you in the med-bay, wanting to keep an eye on you. But as of yet, you still had to wake up.
Dick wasn't supposed to be listening to the adult鈥檚 conversation, but he couldn't help himself, he had to know if you were going to be okay.
"The situation is undeterminable, sir. But as of now, the flowers that are clogging her respiratory system keep growing. If we don't find a cure for this, it's inevitable that she will suffocate and pass."
His heart stopped. Die? You couldn't die, not when he still had so many things to tell you. For so long, he hadn't told you of his feelings, wanting to keep the relationship between the two of you professional. But now more than anything, he wished he had said something.
There were so many things he didn't get to do with you yet. You had yet to give him a bouquet on your first date. He wanted to lay in bed with you, smelling fresh flowers as you told him what different plants symbolized. He had yet to see moments where you can't control your powers and make plants grow around the cave.
He hadn't even given you a flower yet.
"Rob listen, I did some research on this 'disease'." Wally said, falling into step with him, "It's called the Hanahaki disease."
"That's fiction Wal鈥"
"But that's the best we've got right now." Came his curt reply and Dick's heart clenched.
"Hanahaki disease is a fictional sickness that only occurs when someone is suffering from unrequited love. The victim will cough up flower petals that symbolize their love. This disease is only cured when the victim's feelings are romantically returned." Wally read off his phone before turning to Dick with a smile.
He raised a brow, "What?"
"You have to kiss (Y/N)!"
"Yep! You have to return her unrequired love!"
"Wally that's ridiculous, kissing someone doesn't cute anything."
"Well, it's the only thing we have. And for (Y/N), we need to try anything." He said, pushing him towards the med-bay. His voice was tight and tense, like he was holding onto his as his last hope and Dick prayed that it would work when the door of your room came into his sight.
You were asleep and if he hadn't known any better, he would've thought you were healthy. Wally closed the door behind him, leaving Dick alone with you. The only sound in was the beeping from your heart monitor and your light wheezing. It was getting harder to breathe.
Dick inched his way closer to you, watching as your eyelashes fluttered gently in your sleep. Leaning over the bed you were lying in; he pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead before moving his head in line with yours.
"God, please let this work." He whispered and your bottom lip was caught between his. It was feather-light but yet, electricity was buzzing through his veins and fireworks went off in his mind.
For a minute, nothing happened and his heart clenched in his chest before he kissed you a little harder. This had to work because they didn't have any other lead. Dick felt you exhale feebly against him and he almost gave up hope.
But then you took a deep breath, stealing the breath from his lungs and he pulled away quickly to see your eyelids fluttering open. The colour was returning to your cheeks and your eyes were sparkling up at him. You smiled gently and he blinked away tears of relief. Thank goodness.
'His eyes are blue' You thought, staring deeply into them. They were beautiful, alluring. You didn't know why but just looking into his eyes was addicting. Was this what it felt like to be so deep in love? That even his eyes were enough to captivate you?
"I'm so glad you're awake." He muttered, cupping your cheeks firmly and planting another kiss on your lips. You giggled lightly, heart overjoyed to find the boy you had been in love with for so long had returned your feelings and you responded to the kiss eagerly, placing your palms over his hands and leaning into him.
With your regaining strength, you felt a flower materialize in your hands. The stem between your fingers brought you comfort just as the scent of the flower brought you back life.
When Dick pulled away, you delicately slipped it into his hands and he turned his attention to it, blue eyes softening when he recognized this particular flower in his hands.
"It's an Aster." You whispered quietly, lips brushing against his and he chuckled. It was the only flower you thought of when he came to your mind, "Get it?"
Dick turned his eyes away from the blossom and looked at you again. Your heart jumped, noticing just how much love he held in them. Eyes you could swim in, overflowing with love for you. Suddenly you were overwhelmed, feeling adoration and attraction. You needed to be closer to him, even though he was pressed against you.
Your fingers curled into his collar and pulled him closer to you, slanting your lips over his in an open-mouthed kiss. Dick gasped against your lips, startled for no longer than a second before sinking against you and wrapping an arm around your waist to pull you closer.
Your lips moved gently against his, the blushing flower trapped between both your bodies. The smell of fresh flowers clouded Dick's mind with everything that was you. Your hair, your smile, your lips. If you kept kissing him like that, he was certain he'd forget his own name.
And then you pulled away and Dick noted that you were as beautiful as a fresh flower. Your skin was glowing with life and your tired eyes were twinkling. You smiled sleepily at him, eyes closing shut and he lowered you back to the bed. Immediately, you slipped back into slumber, exhausted from the day's events.
He watched for a couple seconds, making sure you were able to breathe without any problems before realizing he should tell the others that you were okay.
He slipped out of the room quietly, stealing a final glance of you sleeping peacefully in the bed and a huge smile grew on his face, "She's awake."
It was only then he noticed just how colourful the room had gotten in the few minutes he was with you.
The walls were covered with vines and roses of different colours, camelias and carnations of different shades. It littered the room, not leaving a single inch of the wall untouched and scattered petals all over the floor like confetti.
Different creepers hung from the ceiling, dusting all the superheroes with sparkling pollen and colourful petals. Not to mention there were stems crawling up the Justice League members, flowers hugging their ankles lovingly.
Batman looked a lot less intimidating with petals in his cape and a rose stuck behind his ear. Robin blushed at the sight of everyone giving him knowing smiles.
"We noticed."
Aster: This flower became a symbol of love when in Greek mythology it was placed on the altars for the gods. So now, when you send a bouquet featuring this vibrant bloom, the message of "Take Care Of Yourself For Me" is implied. It conveys deep emotional love and affection for someone.
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batfamficfinda month ago
hi, im looking for a fic posted on ao3 around february 2020 or a little before, and it had tim getting into a car accident and dick coming to help him as a cop. tim was pretty shaken after the accident and kept worrying about the other driver. i鈥檝e had no luck searching through the tags and my history, so i wonder if anyone here is able to find it. thanks!
The fic you are looking for is:
Chemistry of a Car Crash
- Mod Gemini_Baby
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extra-picklesa month ago
Requests are open!
I'm gonna start writing fanfic, oneshots, imagines and stuff so send me requests
I can write:
Mark Grayson/invincible
Dick grayson/Nightwing
Jason todd/ Red hood
Tim drake/ Red robin
Damian Wayne/ Robin
Peter Parker/ spiderman
And if there is someone not on the list but you want them I can try
I can write fluff, angst and all that jazz (i don't write smut but I can imply that it happened, I just don't know how to write it馃槼).
I can do different tropes and crossovers so just ask me 馃
Tumblr media
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batfamficfinda month ago
Hi! I鈥檓 looking for a deaged Tim fanfic. I think there鈥檚 ice cream involved, and Ra鈥檚 cornering the batfam and trying to kidnap Tim, and Tim being thrown upwards and Batman caught him, or something? And the batfam being protective of smol Timmers. Please and thank you!!!! 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
We think this might be it.
Let us know if it鈥檚 the right one!
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youlightmeupfinna month ago
Belong - Jason Todd x Reader
A/N: wow I haven't wrote for my baby in such a long time. You guys already know I'm a Jason Todd fanatic, I adore this man. I randomly got this idea while listening to this song, it just worked for me.
Warnings: None whatsoever
Song to listen to while reading: Lord Huron - The Night We Met
Casting: Matthew Daddario as Jason Todd
Tumblr media
鈥淛ust dance with me,鈥 You muttered in the dimly lit living room. A scented candle burned on the table, the fireplace crackling, the warmth radiating throughout the room. Jason鈥檚 emerald eyes stared into yours, his fingertips intertwining with yours, locking into your small hands. Your day at work was rough and you craved nothing more than his touch against your bare skin.
鈥淏aby,鈥 He cooed but you resented, resting your head along his shoulder.
鈥淧lease?鈥 You mumbled in almost a desperate tone.
The song played quietly in the room, but loud enough for you two to hear.
Jason resisted hesitation and slipped his hands underneath your loose shirt, cupping your hips. Grazing his fingertips along the delicate skin, you wrapped your arms around him and clung to him as if he were your life support.
鈥淵ou know I can鈥檛 dance,鈥 He whispered with a lighthearted chuckle. You smiled, nuzzling your head against his chest, the beating of his heart enough to send you into another world.
鈥淚t鈥檚 okay,鈥 You sighed.
Jason led, swaying you two back and forth across the living room floor. He then made the daring move to reach for your hand. Twirling you around in a small circle, you smiled up at him.
鈥淔or someone who says they can鈥檛 dance鈥︹ You trailed.
Jason kissed your forehead. You closed your eyes and inhaled, his cologne barely there, but enough to make you reminisce. He had just gotten out of patrol with Dick and Tim. You two hadn鈥檛 even spoken about it, he just quickly took a shower and walked out to meet you. He knew you wouldn鈥檛 sleep until he arrived home safe and sound, even if it was nearing two o鈥檆lock in the morning.
His body was warm. He was your absolute everything.
Jason Peter Todd ignited fires in you that no one could put out.
鈥淚 love you,鈥 Jason mumbled in your ear as he continued to sway you back and forth, his hold on you tight.
鈥淚 love you more.鈥 You interjected nearly a second after.
Jason brought his hand up and brushed his calloused fingers through your hair, earning a small moan of relief to escape your pursed lips. He knew how to relax you in ways that no one could figure out.
You nuzzled further into him, gripping him with all your might.
鈥淲e鈥檝e come so far,鈥 You thought aloud. 鈥淔rom that night we met on patrol two years ago, everything has changed so much.鈥
Jason hummed, thinking back on that memory specifically.
鈥淥h, take me back to the night we met.鈥 He laughed gently, continuing to rub circles into your back.
鈥淚f you hadn鈥檛 jumped in, I might have gotten seriously hurt.鈥 Your eyebrows furrowed. You remember the man putting the gun against your head, nearing to pull the trigger. You thought that was the end of it all, your story would end on that dreadful chapter.
But Jason found himself in the right place. Red Hood swooped in, grappled the man out of your view, quickly removing the gun in the process. You remember Red Hood firing his own weapon, the bullet lodging itself in the man鈥檚 thigh. He cried out in pain and Jason grabbed you, taking you someplace safe. You had a few cuts and some harsh bruises from the ambush, to which Jason insisted on taking you back to be checked on.
The rest was history. You two had an automatic connection and Jason bustled the courage to ask you out, despite his awkward tendencies. He loved you more than anyone in this entire world.
鈥淚鈥檓 just so glad I have you right here, right now, in my arms,鈥 Jason muttered.
You pulled your head back and gazed up, Jason鈥檚 dark hair pushed out of his face, exposing the sparkle of his eye. He locked his eyes on yours and smiled.
Jason slipped a fingertip underneath your chin and tilted your head upward an inch, his head moving closer to you. He was much taller than you, so you stood on your tiptoes, but you felt him pull you back down to the soles of your feet.
His lips brushed against yours, his hands reaching behind your ears to tangle through your hair, his tongue pressing against yours. You accepted him entirely, your lips moving in sync with his. Jason hoisted you up onto his waist, your legs wrapping around his abdomen as he walked towards the couch, laying so your back was pressed against the cushions.
He immediately crawled in between the space of your legs and lowered his weight gently as you wrapped your fingertips around the nearing-black strands of his hair. A sweet moan escaped your lips as Jason skillfully moved his lips from yours to your neck, sucking at the gentle flesh, leaving a red mark.
You pulled him back up and kissed him hard, lazily tangling your arms around his neck, your legs holding him steady on top of you.
The song replayed itself in the distance and you smiled, knowing that this is where you belonged.
He was where you belonged.
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adelfiea month ago
Tumblr media
of worry (3.7k)
Trapped with Tim and surrounded by kryptonite, Kon's not looking forward to being told off by Superman for all the things he's done wrong.
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imaginationjunkie2 months ago
Dancing with our hands tied
Jason Todd x Reader
It鈥檚 kinda soft
Thought of these songs while writing, so give them a listen while reading!
Note: Jason鈥檚 25 and the reader is 21
Tumblr media
I was always a fan of the over the top charity galas Bruce Wayne threw. The elitists in their flashy riches, extravagant decorations and endless varieties of food, and a certain Wayne brother in a suit.聽It was all very amusing to witness.
I felt like a princess walking down the stairs with Tim every time, who refused to ever get an actual date. So I鈥檇 been stuck being his unofficial date for the 5 years that I鈥檇 known him. Not that I minded much; he was my best friend after all.
I chose a simple flowy dress tonight, blood red in color, silky like water. The subtle eyes that followed me through the evening didn鈥檛 go unnoticed.
But my eyes followed just one sight. A sight that erupted the unwanted greenness of jealousy as I sulked in a corner, celebrating turning 21 recently with a champagne flute in hand.
I felt him before I saw him. Warmth soothed my skin at his presence, despite the fact that I was unfairly mad at him. It wasn鈥檛 like he was my boyfriend.
Easier to say than do, and thus all the salt in the world seemed to be in my tone as I spoke first.
鈥淲here鈥檚 your date?鈥
Jason Todd鈥檚 eyes might鈥檝e been cool blue, but the feel of them didn鈥檛 match the description. The side of my head felt like it would burst into golden flames under the intensity of his stare.
But they were the good kind of flames, the best kind of flames. It was almost miraculous, the way I managed to keep my calm.
鈥淪he bailed, something about her sick grandma,鈥 was his soft response.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 with the tone?鈥 He leaned closer, hot breath teasing my cheek. Jason had gotten awfully bold since the first time we met, when he couldn鈥檛 even look into my eyes straight.
鈥淚s it jealousy I sense?鈥
I tried to be subtle about my sharp inhale. Judging by the stutter of his lips as he suppressed a smirk, I failed.
But why hide anymore? I was never one to hold back anyway. 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽鈥淵es, it is.鈥
It was my turn to take his breath away. I turned my head, challenging him with my stare. But I was too tangled in his game to play in charge. He had me, and he knew it. Right?
A smile filled with swirls of mischief and satisfaction designed his lips. Yes, he definitely knew it.
It caught me off guard, the unfiltered beauty of it. Of him. Watching Jason Todd smile, really smile, was not for the weak hearted.
鈥淭hen I think you鈥檒l be happy to know that she wasn鈥檛 a date. Just a friend.鈥
Eyes the color of a swirling blue sea, a face handsome enough to cause heartache. Why鈥檇 it take me so long to realize that I could never resist him? Not even in a million years. Not even if Ryan Gosling came offering himself to me.
A little too far?
Maybe, but it鈥檚 true. What to do?
I was just about to walk away from him, refill the empty flute of champagne to bring back sparkle to my uneventful evening. A large hand wrapping around my wrist stopped me.
鈥淟et鈥檚 dance,鈥 he said with the softness of tulle, pulling my frame closer to his larger one. Close enough to smell his cologne. Like a creep in the street, I subtly took a slow sniff of it.
It鈥檇 never stop amusing me, how a man who seemed as rough and rugged around the edges as he did had so much softness in him.
And smelled so. damn. good.
鈥淢鈥檏ay,鈥 I agreed, following as he led the way to the ballroom. Or so I thought.
鈥淚 thought you wanted to dance?鈥 I inquired, looking back at the flashing dance floor full of people we left behind.
鈥淚 do.鈥 His eyes twinkled as he looked back at me, still walking to God knows where with my hand in his.
鈥淲e literally just crossed the dance floor, where else on earth do you plan on taking me dancing?鈥
鈥淲ho said anything about a dance floor?鈥 聽Jason smirked, coming to a stop in the garden behind the manor.
Even though it was off limits to Bruce鈥檚 guests tonight, the garden looked particularly beautiful. Strings of fairy lights decorated the flawlessly kept greens and flowers, courtesy of Alfred. The pool lights were on, and a surreal soft blue glow lit up the water.
It matched Jason鈥檚 eyes.
But that wasn鈥檛 all. Long fingers tilted my chin up, and a gasp reverberated the air as my eyes met the mystical view. Stars glittered the midnight canvas endlessly, and in the center of it all sat the full moon like a queen.
She was regal tonight.
My mouth was slightly open in awe, and Jason鈥檚 fingers on my chin softly closed it as he chuckled.
鈥淚鈥檓 guessing you like the view?鈥
鈥淟ike it? I might as well marry it!鈥 I exclaimed, eyes wide with glee as I gripped his shoulders.
鈥淒ick used to bring his, ahem, lady companions to charm them back when I was Robin. I鈥檇 always barge in and interrupt to interrogate about the last woman I saw with him,鈥 he laughed while recalling the memory.
鈥淒id it work?鈥 I smiled back and stood closer to him, the fronts of our bodies slightly touching. My hands had come down to rest on his chest now, and while my eyes were up roaming the sky, my soul鈥檚 attention was solely on him.
He shuffled with something in his suit pocket. 鈥淒id what work?鈥
鈥淒ick鈥檚 method of charming the ladies?鈥
鈥淛udging by the walks of shame Alfred and I had to witness every morning after each Wayne gala, yes. It very much did.鈥
I felt Jason put something in my ear, and finally looked down from the stars to his eyes in confusion. It was an airpod, and I watched silently as he put the other one in his ear.
鈥淚 promise I鈥檓 not a creep or anything, but I stalked your Spotify playlists and found one titled 鈥榙ancing under the stars鈥.鈥 He confessed. In a very un-Jason like manner, he looked almost sheepish.
He didn鈥檛 look at me as he pressed play and pocketed his phone. Almost immediately 鈥楧ancing with our hands tied鈥 by Taylor Swift came on, and he took my hand in his.
Tingles shot up the pit of my stomach as his free arm wrapped around my waist, fingers resting on my hip. We swayed in beat to the music in our ears, eyes on eyes.
I, I loved you in secret First sight, yeah, we love without reason Oh, twenty-five years old Oh, how were you to know,
The lords, and anyone who knew me actually, knew how big of a swiftie I was. The fact that he had put in the effort to pick the absolute perfect song to dance to had to be the most romantic thing that ever happened to me.
I was completely mesmerized. Guys like this only existed in the encasement of my stash of romance novels; but time and time Jason Todd had proved that idea wrong. Every one of his gestures, one after the other, seemed to catch me off guard more than the previous one.
鈥淲anted to do this since I was 17,鈥 I breathed the fresh air in, craning my neck to rest my chin on his shoulder. This right here was all I needed to relax. This was my very own customized form of peace.
鈥淵eah, Tim let it slip when he got drunk on your birthday and started blabbing about how you鈥檙e growing up in front of his eyes,鈥 he laughed and pulled back to twirl me.
I crashed back into his chest softly, grinning at his revelation.
鈥淚t鈥檚 so hard to believe you guys are best friends, that Timmy鈥檚 actually capable of having normal human conversations other than his usual nerdy blabber,鈥 Jason continued, pulling me even closer to him while dancing.
No objections were made from my side as I obliged (obviously), staring up at his eyes.
They were like an oceanic maze, too easy to get lost in. Too dangerous to get lost in.
鈥淗e鈥檚 a good friend. Awfully robot-like at times though, and he always smells of coffee.鈥 I breathed with a chuckle as the air around us got intense.
The gold of the fairy lights hit his eyes, making them shine brighter than the stars above I let my hands grip the hairs on his neck, watching carefully as he took a sharp breath in response. 聽
If there was something Jason and my relationship, whatever that it was, didn鈥檛 lack, it was moments like these. Moments where we had a conversation with our eyes, expressing how much we wanted to kiss each other, how much we wanted to stay frozen in the present and relish in the feel of our undeniable chemistry.
It had been going on for way too long, and even Tim was getting tired of us not taking the leap of faith.
Initially he was pretty against it, but when he saw exactly how much I felt for his brother, his blessings for us suddenly started pouring in.
鈥淯huh,鈥 Jason hummed. An electric sensation buzzed the air around us as the chorus hit, and all the space between our bodies vanished. Butterflies went haywire in the places of my body he touched. He was everywhere.
But we were dancing Dancing with our hands tied, hands tied Yeah, we were dancing Like it was the first time, first time
鈥淪top me if you don鈥檛 want it,鈥 he harshly whispered, brows furrowed and eyes clouded with desire as he tucked a few loose strands of my hair behind my ear.
鈥淚 do,鈥 I whispered in response, knowing exactly what he meant.
His breath hit my lips, forehead fell against mine in a moment of desire and the next thing I knew, he was kissing me.
It was needy and rushed and a thousand other adjectives, but it was my most perfect kiss. It would always be my most perfect kiss.
Jason鈥檚 muscular arms encircled my waist as he pressed me up against him, gripping my sides and lifting me to stand on his feet. My own arms wrapped around his neck, and a sneaky stutter of a moan escaped my lips, earning me a groan from him.
Passion burned us under the cool night air as we kissed and kissed and kissed, all thoughts of oxygen forgotten in our haze of need.
But even our passion couldn鈥檛 defy nature. We pulled back to breathe in as much air as we could, but instead of diving back in towards each other鈥檚 lips like I expected us to, Jason simply stared at me with eyes that now looked navy from being hooded.
It was a stare of a few seconds that seemed like hours as his thumbs brushed the side of my face. The fire of need from a while back was gone, but the desire wasn鈥檛.
We both tried to calm ourselves, but an unstoppable part of me leaned up to press a kiss on his cheek. He blushed.
鈥淲anted to do that since you were 17,鈥 he said cheekily, hands tracing my back as we now let 鈥榃onderland鈥 by Taylor amuse our ears.
鈥淟iar,鈥 I grinned. 鈥淵ou couldn鈥檛 even look at me back then.鈥
鈥淵eah, because I鈥檇 do this if I looked at you for more than 5 seconds. I had no plans of going to jail for getting handsy with a minor,鈥 he replied, leading us to the wooden benches Bruce had installed in the garden a few weeks earlier.
I lifted a teasing brow, masking my shock at the fact that he wanted to kiss me even back then.
鈥淎nd how鈥檙e you so sure I would鈥檝e let you get handsy with me? For all you know I could have kicked you in the balls myself.鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 act coy, you could never stop staring at me when you were over,鈥 he smirked, sitting down on the bench and pulling me to his lap.
I hesitated for a second, my brain getting lost in the fact that after months of banters and unbelievable tension, interruptions and two sided pining, I was finally in this position. Where we were able to be open about our want for each other.
Sensing my hesitation, his smirk dropped. 鈥淭his is okay right?鈥
I snapped back to reality, taking his nervous expression in. Yes, this was real. And I wouldn鈥檛 waste a second of the time God gave me with Jason. I smirked and ran my fingers through his dark locks, making him close his eyes.
鈥淥f course it is, just thinking about how long it took for you to man up and kiss me,鈥
鈥淓xcuse me, you could鈥檝e-鈥
I cut him off by pressing my lips to his. He responded almost immediately, putting his hand on my hip as I sat sideways on his lap. Unlike the first one, this kiss was sweet and slow. We were cherishing the night with it.
鈥淎bout damn time, I thought all my teeth were gonna fall out due to old age before Todd here grew some balls,鈥 the sudden voice of a certain sass filled Wayne interrupted us.
My magical night with Jason ended with him running after his kid brother Damian, teasing him about kicking his ass.
But that was okay, because I was happy. Jason was happy. The long wait for him, for us, was worth it.
Even though he gave off the impression that he couldn鈥檛 care less, I knew that the reason he hadn鈥檛 made a move was because he wanted Tim to be completely fine with us being a thing.
Alongside being friends with Tim, I became friends with his brothers and Alfred over the years. I knew of their nightlife, and everything that went on behind the polished doors of the Wayne Manor. I knew Jason well enough to know that his tough posterior and damn care attitude was just a facade.
Being with Jason wouldn鈥檛 be a walk in the park, and I knew that too. He was reckless and intense, impulsive and careless.
But he was also sweet and passionate, and his love would brand you like a tattoo with it鈥檚 depth. I was willing to give my 110% to make it work with him.
Because even fairy tales take sacrifice and effort to get a happy ending. And I鈥檇 do about anything to make sure I earned mine.
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lazydoodlesandfanfic2 months ago
Plan PDA Pt 3 (Dick Grayson X Male!Reader)
Characters: Dick Grayson X Male!Reader
Universe: DC, Batman
Warnings: Mild sexual mention at the end
Pt 1:聽 聽
Pt 2:聽 聽
Request: Part 3 to PDA w/ Dick Grayson/M!R: they're getting married! Dick is freaking out a lil cus things are going wrong (cake wrong colours, dog paws all over etc) and he just wants everything to be perfect. But the moment Bruce walks him in and he sees M!R at the altar he forgets it all. During the whole ceremony and the party after they're all soft touches and lil PDA (everyone is confused cus ya know, they're muchos pda), but they know they'll be alone on their honeymoon later 馃槒 ??
Tumblr media
Dick had been a bag of nerves since last night, and with each hour, his anxiety got worse, and no one could blame him. Today was a big day, it was his wedding after all. What didn鈥檛 help was that things were going wrong and it was out of his control.聽
The cake was the wrong colour so it didn鈥檛 fit the theme of everything around it, Titus had been chasing Alfred (the cat) and knocked over some decorations, some of which being impossible to replace, and getting muddy paw marks and a bunch of stuff, and several guests had pulled out last minute, and now there was sightings of people off the property, possibly paparazzi being nosey.聽
鈥淚f you keep running your hand through your hair, then you鈥檒l ruin it and then you鈥檒l also not like the photography.鈥 Bruce commented as he came towards his son, who was now in position at the altar. Bruce had stepped in to try and fix things as much as possible- the cake was put away till later, hoping the dimmed lights would make it harder to notice, he put Titus in timeout in Damian鈥檚 bedroom and the cat was also locked in the house in another room, and he鈥檇 also quickly moved around the decorations to make the absence of the broken ones less noticeable and Alfred had quickly cleaned, replaced or turned around anything muddy. Tim had also removed and rearranged the chairs so it wouldn鈥檛 look as empty. It was a small wedding anyway- only Dick鈥檚 family, yours, and some close friends attending. When Dick had mentioned that there鈥檚 possibly press on the other side of the bushes, Bruce gave Damian permission to get Titus back out to bark at them and scare them away. The entire family was working together to make this as perfect as possible.聽
This wedding had been long awaited, after years of being more than a happy couple and being extremely public with it, however, it had been agreed between you two that your actual wedding would be private. No cameras except the photographer, no celebrities or big names, only family and friends, and you were doing it at the Wayne estate in the garden. You鈥檇 also agreed you鈥檇 only share with the public that you鈥檇 gotten married after your honeymoon. But right now, you had to actually got married.聽
鈥淟ooks like Y/N鈥檚 ready.鈥 Bruce nudged his oldest, who looked over to see Barbara waving Bruce over to walk you down the aisle. Bruce sent Dick a smile before we walked to go meet you. Jason stepped closer, nudging his brother.
鈥淭hanks for letting me be the best man- would have been happier being the flower girl but this鈥檒l do.鈥 Jason joked, Dick smirking. Jason had been begging to be the flower girl essentially during all the planning of the wedding, but in the end you had chosen to let Titus be the flower girl, being led by Damian.聽
The music started, everyone getting ready, and Dick waited with anticipation for you to emerge from the house with Bruce. He watched as Damian came up the aisle with Titus, who had a little basket in his mouth, unaware but excited to be there, and after him, Barbara, Cassandra and Stephanie鈥 and then came you.聽
You were in a tuxedo just like soon to be husband, but both of your tuxedos had little embroideries on them to make you both stand out from the guests, and those little details matched the tie you were wearing鈥 how the hell were you more handsome than before? Dick didn鈥檛 know, but all he could do when he saw you was grin. Nothing else mattered in this moment. You were grinning back at him as Bruce led you up, letting you go as you reached the little arch where Dick was waiting for you. 鈥淗ey handsome.鈥 You greeted him quietly as you took his hands as the clergy man thanked everyone for coming.
鈥淵ou can talk鈥 you look amazing.鈥 Dick complimented, before he felt Jason lightly kick him to tell him to focus on what was being said.聽
The rest of the ceremony went off without a hitch, and as the sun went down and the small party properly started, you and Dick were hooked to the hip. However, compared to previous parties, your interactions were more romantic and subtle than straight up horny and 鈥榗over the children鈥檚 eyes鈥. In fact the lowest the family saw your hands go was during your dance, and even then hands only went to the hips.聽
鈥淭his is鈥 tame.鈥 Tim commented watching you two dance together. They could see you two were talking and smiling as you danced together, though the music covered whatever you were saying. 鈥淒o they need more alcohol?鈥澛
鈥淣o鈥 they鈥檙e saving it for later.鈥 Bruce commented, taking a sip of his champaign.聽
鈥淲hat?鈥 Damian asked, looking up at his father. 鈥淲hat do you mean?鈥澛
鈥淥h you鈥檙e not old enough for that conversation, son.鈥澛
Hope you like it! If you have any questions, please send them in!聽
*Not my gif
TAGS:聽 @theplacewhererobindied聽@rebellionofthecattle聽@hello-love-youre-pretty聽@courtneychicken鈥嬄 @graysonmalfoy鈥 @bellero鈥 @originalpottervengerlock鈥 @supernatural-pan鈥 @esoltis280鈥 @lena-stan-xavier鈥 @lady-of-lies鈥 @sebstanismylife鈥 @macbetheliza @mandywholock1980鈥 @cdwmtjb8鈥 @caswinchester2000鈥 @determinedpines鈥 @huntheimpossible聽
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BatFam Oneshots Links:
Mall Run | Pt. 1 | BatFam & OC鈥檚
Mall Run | Pt. 2 | BatFam & OC鈥檚
Grand Theft Auto | Batboys
Chicken Fight | BatFam & OC鈥檚
Beach Week | BatFam & OC鈥檚
Darling | Dick Grayson x Reader
Soon | Dick Grayson x Reader
Hostage | Jason Todd x Reader
(Smut) Million Dollar Baby | Jason Todd x Reader
(Smut) A Little Excessive | Jason Todd x Reader
Forever | Tim Drake x Reader
Body Swap | Damian Wayne x OC
Spring Fling | Damian Wayne x Jon Kent
The Batboys as Dads
(Smut) Glow Stick Bracelets | College AU
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Sad Ending
Pairing: Damian Wayne x Reader
Warnings: Death, blood, injuries, what have you.
Word Count: 3.3K
Summary: When you're reunited with Damian after year's of being apart, what he doesn't know is that you're there to say goodbye
A/N: This didn't quite turn out how it played out in my head but ig that's partly because I wasn't able to put in the filler parts in between cuz it just didn't fit. In hindsight I could've written a few more k's of words to fit it in but I reached my limit so I hope y'all enjoy it.
Tumblr media
Your eyes were trained onto the figure in the crowd of the gala. The same figure it had been pinned to for a few weeks now and it would continue to be that way for as long as you could.
Damian Wayne was just as beautiful as you remembered him, with sharp eyes and a gorgeous face that had your heart leaping to your throat with a simple look. But you believed that the world wasn鈥檛 blessed with eyes gifted enough to see the true beauty of him.
A beauty that only someone who knew him on the inside would.
Everything about him was compelling, gorgeous, familiar. You watched him from afar in longing, wishing that you could go up to him but still you kept your distance, fearing the worst if he knew you were here.
Still, you remained selfish, indulging in your desires to get whatever glimpse of him that you could. You kept him away from you however, knowing that once you got a taste of him, you wouldn't be able to pull back.
But it was tough, you had missed him, so much.
Even so, you were content simply watching him.
You thought you were sneaky, that Damian didn't notice. Of course, you overestimated yourself, or underestimated him. And of course, in the traditional Wayne fashion, you had to expose yourself in the most dramatic and eccentric way possible.
The famous Damian Wayne, son of reputable and not to mention rich Bruce Wayne was attacked at the bank by a bunch of thugs, armed with weapons. The security was taken out swiftly and you imagined that Damian would quickly disarm the man threatening him with a knife.
Instead, he made no move, not even bothering to look remotely interested and just held up his hands like he was bored. The bandit, trigger-happy and confused, pulled back the blade in his hand, to try and stab him.
The crowd gasped and whimpered but were silenced by the man pointing a gun at them. Damian still didn't look phased. Instead, he lazily tilted his head until his eyes locked on your figure, hidden in the shadows. You stopped dead, watching carefully as he stared at you, completely tuning out the man putting his life in peril.
When the thug moved again, to try and stab him and Damian still didn't make any move, you leaped from your place before your mind could even process it, wedging yourself between the both of them and quickly disarming the man.
He fell to the ground, screaming in pain when you knocked the weapon out of his hands and then twisted his arm, hearing the painful crack of his shoulder getting pulled out of its socket.
You glared at the man behind you from the corner of your eye, "You could've gotten hurt."
He shrugged, "I knew you'd step in to protect me."
You scoffed, "You put a lot of faith in someone you haven't seen in years."
He just smirked in the infuriating way you knew he would before moving from behind you as more men came at you. With his help it didn't take long before they were all on the ground, either knocked out or groaning in pain.
"Um, can someone call an ambulance for these guys?"
When you turned, Damian was watching you with a small smile and your heart fluttered in your chest. You should've kept him at an arm's distance, you should have left but in the moment all you wanted to do was be in his arms.
Before you could even help yourself, you crashed into his chest like a falling star, wrapping your arms around his waist and breathing in the familiar scent of him. He held you tightly against him, cradling your head lovingly and gently pressed a kiss to your hairline.
"The league." You whispered to him, remembering why you were here.
Damian shushed you, tightening his arms around you and you were in a safe haven, sighing in relief against him. For a second, all the fear and guilt you had been feeling melted away.
Nothing else mattered as long as you were in his arms.
"We can discuss it back at home, (Y/N)." He muttered, now pulling away so he could lead you away from the police and reporters to his car.
You stared at your fingers intertwined with Dami谩n鈥檚, the engagement ring on your finger glimmering brightly under the sunlight and smiled unconsciously.
"I missed you." You sighed, feeling his fingers tighten around yours. Damian spared you another smile over his shoulder before you caught up with him, leaning into his arm.
"Me too, beloved."
"You should get some rest, beloved." Damian muttered, as the others began leaving the room. Your shoulders were still tense but you managed a smile, nodding at him.
"I'll just wash up and join you."
He smiled gently at you, raising your hand and placing a fluttering kiss to your knuckles before leaving. You watched the door as it slid shut and it was only then you let your expressions melt back onto your face.
"You may have the others fooled, but don't think for a second that you've pulled the wall over my eyes." Came from behind you and you froze, eyes widening.
You spun around to see Damian's brother, Tim, inch his way closer to you, figure stiff and guard up.
"Because Damian knows you, I'll assume your identity to be true. Damian was quick to trust you and the others followed suit but something's not adding up. Why are you here?"
His eyes were sharp and his gaze cut right through you. You didn't realize it but your hands were shaking even though you tried hard to maintain your composure.
"I鈥擨 told you," You croaked, cringing at your suddenly choked voice, "I was giving up on this life. I'm turning over a new leaf and hiding from the League until that happens."
"Then why come here?"
"I told you鈥"
"I don't believe you. You know why? Here's the problem with your story." He spoke, coolly, "Take it as a puzzle. The puzzle pieces all fit, but the picture, doesn't make sense. Why come here? When you're on the run from the League of Assassins no less?"
You were floundering, quite pathetically you might add, unable to think when your mind was flurrying so violently. It didn't help that Tim was speaking in such a condescending and strict manner that it intimidated you.
"Here's what I think happened; either you're here to lead the League to Damian, waiting until he's vulnerable and his guard is down to strike." He spat, "Or, you're not running from them at all. You're waiting until they find you."
You hesitantly raised your eyes to meet his, "You can't tell Damian."
"Since you even tried to entertain the fact that I'd hide Damian means that it's the latter. But why?"
"I was hand-chosen by Talia to be Damian's betrothed since birth. They handed me down to one of the main sergeants to be raised as their own. Except, they weren't that happy to have me." You explained, watching as his features smoothened over with realization.
The gears in his head were turning and you could only assume what was going on in his mind. He was a great detective; you could understand why he had Ra's' acknowledgement. But that made you all the more nervous, trembling hands holding onto the material of your shirt tightly.
"I was raised by them to be the perfect daughter, the perfect wife. As the person who was going to continue the 'Al Ghul' bloodline. However, soon after I was already perceived as a failure." You murmured, keeping your voice low in fear of any other Wayne's poking their head around and over-hearing.
"When Damian left the League to stay with Bruce." Tim realized and you nodded.
"Things just got worse after that. I sustained an injury from a mission and couldn't walk for a few months. My step-family was called on a mission for the last few of my recovery. When they returned, they were unaware of my progress but I decided to keep up the act that I was still unable to take care of myself. It was a few nights after that I heard them plotting to kill me since I became a liability and a shame to the family."
The man in front of you chuckled humourlessly, rubbing his tired face with his palm, "What kind of fucked up Cinderella story is this?"
You shared his sentiment, "Only difference to the original is that my prince never came. So, I had to take matters into my own hand."
Tim's eyes widened, "(Y/N), why is the league after you?"
You released a shuddering breath, "Damian can't find out."
He bristled, "Damian would protect you."
"And that's exactly why he can't find out. Damian would die to protect me, and if he tries to step in that's exactly what's going to happen."
"Then why come here? Why bring it to our home?"
You hid your face in your hands, "I didn't mean to. I just wanted to be selfish one last time. I was completely content with just watching him from a distance, I guess I overestimated my abilities. When we met, I was hoping he'd turn me away. I was hoping he'd tell me that he moved on and never wanted to see me again. I was hoping he'd tell me that he didn't feel anything for me."
Your eyes began watering and you felt the urge to hide and cry. Everything was getting messed up. Guilt took over you when you remembered how bright Damian's face was when he saw you, how right his hand felt in yours. How could you do this to him?
"Damian would want to know." Tim told you softly, placing a gentle hand on your shoulder but your body stiffened up. He couldn't find out. He just couldn't.
"Are you really willing to put the life of your brother at risk for a girl you just met today?"
"You seem awfully keen to die." He commented, and you felt slight grief at his words. Of course, you didn't want to die. Not now, not when you were finally back in Damian's arms. Not ever.
You sniffled, biting your lip, "Damian shouldn't have to pay for my sins. I do."
His hand tightened on your shoulder and you found comfort in the warmth you could feel through your clothes, "I'll keep your secret."
Sighing in relief, you hugged him tightly, "Thank you."
When Damian woke up, his eyes flickered between the lamp beside him on the nightstand and then to the window. It was still dark outside, he assumed that he was woken up because of his usual schedule. It wasn't like him to miss patrol but the others suggested that he take a day off to rest.
He turned his neck to see that you weren't in bed beside him and wondered if last night had been a dream. It wouldn't have been the first time that he dreamt of you being by his side. But he remembered how much his heart pounded, he remembered feeling shocks all over his skin when he touched you.
And then he noticed the way the other side of the bed was mussed up, like someone had been sleeping there and he absently reached for that side, running his fingers up and down the fabric like he would be able to feel some residual warmth from your body.
Instead, the pads of his fingers came into contact with something coarse. His brows furrowed and he grabbed it between his fingers, realizing it was a folded piece of paper. Squinting and sitting up, he got a better look at it, recognizing his name scrawled in your handwriting.
I'm sorry that you'll have to find out this way but the League found my location a little earlier than expected. I'm going into hiding tonight. It's likely we'll never see each other again. I'm sorry that I didn't tell you this in person. Even though I know this is a missed opportunity for it and I should have summoned up the courage to say goodbye, I just couldn't stand the thought. And I couldn't watch myself break your heart. Please forgive me for this. I never wanted our lives to turn out this way, but I can't keep running away from reality and towards my desires anymore. You deserve so much more than I could ever even hope to offer you. And I know this is another mistake I'm making, but I left the ring you gave me. Thank you for giving it to me, but I think it belongs to someone else.
I love you, and I'm sorry.
His heart rate picked up, skimming over the words a few more times. This had to be some sort of trick, he tried to decipher your words, tried to see if there were any clues, any codes but his heart clenched in his chest when he realized there was none. He pulled back the covers in a frantic motion and sure enough, the engagement ring you were given on your 18th was glimmering, abandoned by you.
Blood hammered through his ears and he threw off the covers, getting to his feet and sprinting through the doors. His feet pounded against the hardwood floors and then the metal floors of the Batcave.
"Damian? What're you doing up?" Dick asked, raising a brow as Damian marched his way down to the Bat Computer before pushing Tim out of the way and pulling up the Manor security cameras. You had managed to avoid all of them. Of course.
"We have to find (Y/N)." He said, not turning his eyes off the screen.
"(Y/N)? Wasn't she in bed with you?"
"If she was in my bed then I wouldn't be down here trying to find her, now would I?!" He bit back and then held out the note for Dick to read. Once he got through it, Dick squeezed his younger brother's shoulder as a sign of comfort.
"Don't worry, Little D, we'll find her."
"Damian, she said she doesn't want to be found. Don't you think you should listen to her and trust that she knows what's best?" Tim asked from behind him, hoping to get his brother to relax but Damian's back tensed up before he turned to his brother.
"You know something."
Tim froze, "What?"
But before he could even think of a cover story, Damian was grasping him by his collar, holding him to eye level to look the devil's grandson in the eye, "What are you not telling me, Drake?"
Realizing he's been caught, Tim pushed his hands off him, turning so that his back was facing him, "Doesn't matter. (Y/N) said she didn't want you to find out and I promised her."
He felt a little helpless watching Tim's back facing him. He didn't feel like himself. Every second that Damian spent away from you, when he knew that you could be in trouble had every part of him, every fibre of his being, every cell in his body ache with a pain he had never felt before.
Never in his life would he have thought that he would be brought to his knees by someone. But you held all the power over him and Damian would gladly kneel before you, his queen. And now he couldn't stand being away from you, he couldn't bear the ache in his nerves when he couldn't feel your skin under his.
"Tim." The silence in the cave was deafening as everyone looked between the two youngest brothers, "Please."
It was then Tim began doubting his choice. He bit his lip uncertainly, avoiding Damian's gaze and he looked to his feet, "She said she didn't want you to find out."
"Tell me."
And he did.
Your fingers were curled tightly around the handle of your sword, breaths coming out in sharp labours as you tried to deflect each of their offenses. There were too many of them, too many for you to take and even though you were able to dodge and counter most of their attacks, there could still hit you.
You were bloodied and shaking but you still refused to give up without a fight. They'd regret ever underestimating you, ever thinking that you were nothing more than a way to continue the Al Guhl bloodline. You were much more than that and they'd only see a fraction of it tonight.
Your resolved hardened in your veins as you sliced through another soldier, feeling more determined to get through this fight as the victor. Even though deep down you knew that it wouldn't change the end of your life, they'd never stop trying to hunt you down. But at least this way you'd put up a fight.
It was getting harder and harder to keep up the momentum, your speed and agility was retarding fast and decelerating with each hit you took. The wounds and cuts etched into your skin burned as you moved, blood dripping down your arms and legs.
Your body began going rigid, shocking in its movements momentarily as you kept flipping and manoeuvring yourself to doge the hits. That came to be a fatal mistake when your body locks up when you blocked one of the assassins, swords clashing together in the familiar sound of metal on metal.
Another came at you and your joints were locked in place, unable to move. Your mind blanked out and before you could slide the sword out to counter the other you heard someone scream your name.
You felt arms wrap tightly around your middle.
You saw green eyes.
And then you felt piercing pain in through your chest.
Damian heard you gasp in his ear and his grunt of pain echoed through your head as the katana went through him. Tears immediately clouded your vision when you felt fire burn across your middle, the blade of the sword buried into you as a painful reminder.
"Damian." You sobbed when you felt his knees buckle against yours. His body wanted to collapse, he couldn't stay standing much longer but you knew that if either of you moved, in an unsynced motion from each other, it could cause more pain to the other.
It was getting harder to breathe. You were choking on your own blood as the metallic taste filled your mouth. The sword had gone through Damian's lower abdomen but it had gone straight through your chest.
Your fingers dug into the back of his shirt, crying out into his neck, "Why did you come here?! Why didn't you stay away?"
With trembling fingers, he raised your chin so that your eyes would meet his. He was crying, the scorching pain forcing out more tears. Even then he wrenched a smile on his face.
"There's no one else in the entire universe I'd want by my side more than you. The ring is yours, my love."
Like as if on que, both your bodies crumbled towards the ground. The sword moved painfully through you and a garbled shriek left your mouth, muffled by the blood crawling up your throat.
Your head fell to Damian's chest and you heard the sound of his faint heartbeat, the sound getting farther and farther away as minutes passed. His arms were still wrapped around your waist in a lover's grasp, bodies pinned together until eventually everything went black.
Your prince came back for you this time.
What a shame the story had a sad ending.
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cipheress-to-k-pop2 months ago
Hello! :D I would like to make a request, you don't have to do it if you don't want to, okay? The request is as follows: Jason stays home taking care of the children while the reader goes to the supermarket, Reader and Jason's children randomly ask Jason how he met the reader and got together. (you choose the type of fanfic that will be, like, headcanon, imagine, etc.) I appreciate if you accept to write my request =]
Story Time
Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1k words
A/N: I really genuinely hope you like it
Tumblr media
Jason turned his head away from the stove. Aria was sitting at the island, flipping through pages of an old photo album. When he craned his neck, he noticed she was looking at a picture from the day of his wedding. You were gleaming, arms interlocked with Jason鈥檚 and the two of you were smiling gently at each other.
He always thought he was the silent, brooding type, like this father, but pictures would prove that whenever he was in a good mood, there was a bright, friendly smile stretched across his face.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 up?鈥
鈥淗ow did you and mom meet?鈥 The question felt like it sent him right back to his 20s. He could still remember it clearly. You, with your colourful hair and youthful smile, dancing around with your friends childishly even though the gang of you were at a bar.
He was still in his leather jacket phase, fresh out of the Lazarus Pit and had an anger and hatred in him that couldn鈥檛 relieve the clenching on his heart but when he saw you, eyes glittering and twirling to the music, his chest lightened for a moment. It was like a halo was floating above your head.
You鈥檇 visit the bar a couple more times after that first night, sometimes as a night out, and sometimes as a cozy night in before you retired to your room. It was familiar and just like that, the familiar man sitting in the corner booth became familiar.
Maybe that鈥檚 why Jason remembered it so well, because it wasn鈥檛 just one forgettable night where the details were fuzzy unless they were important.
No, it鈥檚 because you made up the parts of his day that he would look forward to. Coming to the bar to see you working at your computer, nursing a new cocktail each time because you hadn鈥檛 found聽鈥楾he One鈥 yet (The one being the perfect cocktail drink).
Every time he鈥檇 see you, he鈥檇 memorize another detail. The first was the way your eyes glittered whenever your friends asked you to dance. In hindsight, it was probably because of all the alcohol in your system but Jason would come to be lucky enough to see your eyes sparkle and soften whenever you looked at him. And then your daughter. And then your son.
Then it was the way you cradled a glass. No matter what shape, you鈥檇 always pull the sleeves of your sweater like gloves to hold a chilled glass or hot mug.
Maybe it was a little creepy, the way he鈥檇 stare at you, filing all your different habits in his mind. But to him, it was familiar.
鈥淵ou were going to tell me how you and mom met?鈥
He thought contemplatively for a while, stirring the sauce that was simmering in the pot on the stove. Aria sat on the end of her chair, wondering if her father was getting old and if she had to repeat the question yet again.
鈥淲hat鈥檚 going on?鈥 You asked, stepping into the room, smiling widely at your daughter. Alfie was hot at your heels, the six-year-old excited from his day out where he got to choose his own flavour of cereal and everything. He hopped up on the stool beside his sister, immediately invested in the conversation, even though he hadn鈥檛 heard a word of it.
鈥淒ad was going to tell me how the two of you met.鈥
You made a small sound of understanding, remembering the day yourself with a fond smile.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 think we ever did meet鈥斺
Aria鈥檚 brows furrowed and her face scrunched up,聽鈥淲hat do you mean you never met? That doesn鈥檛 make any sense.鈥
She turned to you for some clarity only to find you staring at Jason with the same look on your face. Like mother, like daughter.
鈥淲ell, we were in the same place at the same time for a few weeks before we actually had a conversation. By then we already knew each other鈥檚 names.鈥 Jason explained, hand on his waist and it was only then you got a good look at him. Old apron tied around his torso, a wooden spoon is one hand and bunny slippers on. It was the image of domesticity.
鈥淥h. How anti-climactic.鈥 Aria said, disappointed and you chuckled at her, reaching over to brush her hair out of her face.
You moved over to Jason, greeting him with a small smile and he leaned down to quickly peck your lips,聽鈥淗ello.鈥
鈥淎nd hello to you too.鈥
鈥淪o that鈥檚 it, you didn鈥檛 have any meet cute or anything.鈥
鈥淚 mean we did have sort of a meet cute.鈥 You started, thinking back to the day that Jason actually did talk to you. Your cheeks grew warm at just the thought and your heart began overflowing with sweet, syrupy love. Aria and Alfie nodded excitedly, scooting over like twins.
鈥淚t was about a month, a month and a half since I started visiting the bar,鈥 You recalled, watching Jason with a fond smile as you remembered the day,聽鈥淵our dad got so nervous that he asked me if I came there often.鈥
Aria chuckled and Alfie mimicked her even though he didn鈥檛 exactly understand what was going on.
鈥淎nd the rest is history.鈥 You finished, kissing your daughter鈥檚 temple and ruffling your son鈥檚 hair. He giggled adorably which prompted you to grab him in your arms and pepper kisses to his face, pulling more laughs and squeals from his mouth.
Jason watched with a fond smile as you bundled up both kids in your arms, hugging them tightly before sending them off with a kiss.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 remember being that nervous.鈥
鈥淛ason you asked me if I came there often after stalking me for like a month.鈥
鈥淭hat isn鈥檛 that鈥斺
鈥淎nd then you asked if I wanted to get a drink sometime as if we weren鈥檛 already in a bar!鈥
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i-have-no-feelings-help3 months ago
Idk if anyone is gonna see this, but on ao3 I have several oneshot works where you can request things for very certain characters. I have specific ships, or none at all though, and I find writing romance difficult, so probs not a lot of that. This is all for practice.
That being said, any requests for these characters are open: Technoblade, Tim Drake, Leo Valdez, Nico di Angelo, Thalia Grace, Pidge Gunderson/Katie Holt, Five Hargreeves, Toph Beifong, Karma Akabane, Artemis Fowl
Requests for technoblade:
Everyone Else:
I started the technoblade fanfics first, so there are already a couple of those on a separate work!
I write in small drabbles, and this is all for practice, so the writing is always going to be pretty short (200-1000 words), and is always open for criticism
I might not write your requests, but I love hearing from you and you can request as much as you like as long as you understand it won鈥檛 all be written.
Have a great rest of you day!
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cipheress-to-k-pop3 months ago
Hey! I hope you are having a good day! Can you please do a cuddly Tim Drake 脳 Reader. If you don't wanna it's okay.
Cuddles Are The Best Medicine
Pairing: Tim Drake x Reader
Warnings: None
Word Count: 674 words
Tumblr media
鈥淏abe, come here.鈥 Tim whined, holding his hands out for you and you sighed. A few weeks ago, you would have been basking in his attention but not only was Tim practically delirious with a fever, you had a huge assignment due that you needed to start.
鈥淲hy couldn鈥檛 you have gotten sick a week later.鈥 You mumbled underneath your breath, ignoring your boyfriend and switching on your laptop. Tim let out another pitiful whine, not letting his hands down and the blanket wrapped around his waist fell to the floor because of his squirming.
You wanted to just ignore him and continue with what you were doing but you saw him shiver out of the corner of your eyes and sighed heavily again when you realized he wasn鈥檛 going to pick up his blanket.
Trudging over to him, you wrapped the blanket tightly around him in a swaddle, trapping his hands and making him lie down on the bed. He didn鈥檛 make a sound this time, just pathetically sniffling and your brows furrowed when you heard just how laboured his breathing was.
鈥淏aby, do you want me to heat up some water for you? So, you can do some steaming?鈥
He shook his head so you switched on some mindless cartoon that wouldn鈥檛 require his brain to work, setting a bottle of warm water and food beside him.
鈥淲hy aren鈥檛 you paying any attention to meeee! I鈥檓 sick!鈥
You grimaced,聽鈥淚 swear, when you get ill, you start acting like Dick.鈥
He gasped,聽鈥淵ou take that back!鈥
鈥淭im, come on! You haven鈥檛 let me get any work done all day! I love you honey, I really truly do, but if I don鈥檛 get this paper done, I鈥檓 going to fail the semester.鈥 You appealed to his sensible side, knowing he would feel guilty for making you wait on him the entire day.
He pouted,聽鈥淚 know, I鈥檓 sorry. I just love you and I feel better when you love me.鈥
He then cringed,聽鈥淵ou鈥檙e right, I do sound like Dick.鈥
You chuckled at him,聽鈥淭ell you what, I鈥檒l let you cuddle me if you let me do my work.鈥
He smiled victoriously,聽鈥淒eal.鈥
Crawling into bed and setting the laptop on Tim鈥檚 thighs as he threw his body around you was the most gratifying part of your day. His skin was still searing and you told him to take another pill after dinner. He simply sighed into your neck and wrapped his arms around your waist, eyes fluttering closed.
You glanced down at your boyfriend, smiling fondly before brushing your fingers through his hair. You peppered kisses to his forehead absentmindedly as you worked, smiling gently at the sight of him being so vulnerable this way.
Tim was always working so hard, never really letting himself rest. It was rare you鈥檇 get to see him resting so soundly, without a care in the world and you felt overwhelmed with love and affection for him that for a few minutes you forgot about your assignment and just watched him sleep peacefully.
It was these rare moments you wouldn鈥檛 tell Tim about.
You continued to watch him, eyes flickering over every feature on his face. Long eyelashes that fluttered every time he inhaled. Freckles were delicately scattered across the bridge of his nose and it was weird to say but you loved every single one of them.
His skin was still a little flushed and he was panting against your neck because of his blocked nose. But he was still handsome in your eyes. You gently brush away locks of his hair that was tickling his nose.聽
He squirmed slightly and then began to stir, placing butterfly kisses to your neck and you sighed,聽鈥淎re you done with your paper yet?鈥
You closed the laptop, gently tossing it to your feet before curling up to his side and wrapping your arms tightly around his shoulders,聽鈥淚鈥檒l do it later, for now let me just love you.鈥
He sighed happily,聽鈥淚鈥檓 not going to stop you.鈥
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korryn243 months ago
Chapters: 1/1鈥‵andom: Batman - All Media Types, DCU (Comics), DCU鈥≧ating: Teen And Up Audiences鈥╓arnings: No Archive Warnings Apply鈥≧elationships: Tim Drake & Damian Wayne, Dick Grayson & Damian Wayne, Tim Drake & Bruce Wayne鈥–haracters: Damian Wayne, Tim Drake, Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne鈥ˋdditional Tags: Damian Wayne-centric, Damian Wayne Needs a Hug, Bruce Wayne鈥檚 B- Parenting, Tim Drake & Damian Wayne Get Along, Finally, Panic Attacks, Damian Wayne Has PTSD, Nightmares, Hurt/Comfort, Angst to Fluff, Tim Drake & Damian Wayne Bonding, batcest shippers face my fucking wrath i will eat your bones for breakfast, take a shot everytime i use a semicolon鈥⊿eries: Part 2 of Batfamily Just. Being a Family.鈥⊿ummary: Damian hadn鈥檛 meant to start talking, but the words had just fallen out. Hot shame burned through him; Drake didn鈥檛 need to know his personal business, and Damian certainly didn鈥檛 need to be talking about his nightmares like a little kid.鈥ㄢ-鈥―amian and Tim find common ground and finally start getting along.
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korryn243 months ago
Chapters: 1/1鈥‵andom: Batman - All Media Types, DCU, DCU (Comics)鈥≧ating: Teen And Up Audiences鈥╓arnings: No Archive Warnings Apply鈥≧elationships: Stephanie Brown & Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown & Damian Wayne, Stephanie Brown & Cassandra Cain, Cassandra Cain & Tim Drake, Cassandra Cain & Dick Grayson, Dick Grayson & Damian Wayne, Tim Drake & Dick Grayson, Tim Drake & Damian Wayne鈥–haracters: Stephanie Brown, Tim Drake, Cassandra Cain, Damian Wayne, Dick Grayson, Batfamily Members鈥ˋdditional Tags: Batfamily Dynamics (DCU), i randomized a list of batfam members and got these five, Batfamily Shenanigans (DCU), Road Trips, Fluff, Family Fluff, Found Family, Oneshot, Fluff and Crack鈥⊿ummary: Stephanie Brown decided it would be a good idea to take a few of her friends on an impromptu road trip. It was not a good idea.
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cipheress-to-k-pop3 months ago
Hello there! Can you write hcs for Tim with a reader who's Wally West's younger sibling please?
Tim Drake x West!Reader
Tumblr media
You don鈥檛 have super speed like your older brother
But you know all about his double life
You honestly keep your distance from it
Sure Wally was Kid Flash (or used to be)
But you still didn't want to meet other people or what not
It was because when you were younger, Wally told you that they k-worded the people who knew too much
Being older now you knew it was a joke
But you didn't want to test it
Even though he wasn't offically a superhero anymore
He still hangs out with this friends and everything
That's how you meet Dick Grayson
You know he's a superhero or something of the sort because he's friends with Wally
But you didn't try to find out his alter ego
One day Wally gets called for an emergency back to the cave
Only problem is that your parents aren't home
And Wally isn't sure how long he'll be gone
He can't leave you alone since you're a minor
So he isn't sure what to do with you
Until Dick gives him the idea to drop you off at the Manor
Even though you don't like the idea of being dropped off at a strangers house
Dick reassures you that his little brother is there and will keep you company
You want to complain and protest
But you see that Wally is at wit's end and then agree
Him giving you the biggest hug
"Thanks baby sis."
"Just bring me back a souvenier."
"You got it."
That's how you found yourself at Wayne Manor in Gotham City
After being haphhazardly speeded all the way there
And that's how you meet Tim
"Hi, nice to meet you, I'm (Y/N)."
"I know."
"You know?"
It's only then he notices the weird look you're giving him
"Oh, I'm not a stalker or anything. Just Dick told me you'd be coming home."
He shows you around the house and it's clear he's not sure how long you'd be staying there either
It's kind of awkward to be honest
You two have hardly a clue about each other
Luckily Alfred is there before things get too awkward
"Miss (Y/N), your brother tells me that you're quite the master at cheese viking."
Your eyes light up
"Yeah! I have the high score back at my hometown's arcade!"
"Master Tim quite enjoys playing Cheese Viking himself."
Alfred to the rescue indeed
You two end up playing Cheese Viking the entire day
At the end of the day you kind of forgot that you didn't have to go home
You spent the entire night together until Alfred said that it was time to bed
You let Tim pretend he was going to bed even though you knew he was going for patrol
"Well, be safe!"
"Hehe, why wouldn't I be safe? I'm just going to bed!"
You're surprised he thinks you'll believe that
You spend the next few days together
Just nerding out
And Tim always has something new to do every morning
Even though Alfred has to coax him into it
Tim finds himself getting a slight crush on you
He tells himself it's just a summer fling kind of thing tho
And that he'll grow out of it after you leave
Cuz lord knows this never ending mission of theirs is a lonely endevour
Damian's words not his
You get really close during the time you spent together
When Wally's mission gets over he comes to pick you up
And you're upset you have to say goodbye to Tim
But you try and focus on the fact that Wally is safe and happily go home with him
You hadn't realized you were homesick until he came back home
You were so excited and relieved that you totally forgot to give Tim your number
You only realize a few days later and you're unsure how to contact him
You briefly wonder if you should ask Wally
But you don't want him to get upset
So you just suck it up
Dick meanwhile notices how his little brother feels a little down
"What's wrong Timmy?"
Dick tries to hide his smirk
"You know I have (Y/N)'s number right?"
"Really? I mean...uh...could I have it?"
To say you were excited to see a text from Tim was an understatement
Texting him non-stop for the next couple of days
Even calling and facetiming
Until Tim asks you on your first date
And you're ecstatic
One thing to mention is that Wally has no idea you two were so close
He's painfully oblivious
Artemis finds out when you confide about how nervous you are for the date
Promises not to tell Wally
Partly because you asked her to
And partly because she likes that you felt close enough to ask her
When Tim shows up at your house, Wally thinks it鈥檚 just for a playdate
Completely ignores the possibility of him being there to pick you up for a date
Even ignores the fact that he has flowers for you
Cuz he just thinks you鈥檙e too young to be dating
Even though he started dating Artemis about the same time
When he finds out though it鈥檚 like hell boiled over
You鈥檝e never seen Tim intimidated but he just stares at Wally in fear as he鈥檚 tapping his foot on the couch
Your big brother is fuming because he caught you two kissing in your bedroom
Artemis and Dick are there but just smirking and waiting to see what he鈥檒l say
鈥淭his!鈥 He gestures between you two,聽鈥淚s not happening!鈥
Before anyone can say anything you speak
鈥淚f you can have a robin then why can鈥檛 I?鈥
And boom
Artemis is laughing her ass off and both Dick and Wally are blushing
鈥淚鈥檓 not dating Dick!鈥
鈥淥h really? Then the date nights you two have are a little weird don鈥檛 you think?鈥
Dick likes you so he鈥檚 definitely on your side
So is Artemis
Wally eventually relents but he doesn鈥檛 like it
Not until you get into a huge fight with Tim
And you鈥檙e at home sobbing your eyes out
And Wally goes over to his house to kick his ass
Only to see that he鈥檚 in a worse state than you are
Eyes red and puffy, hair all messed up and it looked like he was crying all night
And he realizes how much Tim really cares about you
So he convicnes him to make amends with you
And basically now treats him like a member of the family
And his blessing means a lot to you
And now you have a Robin of your own
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