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morefluid-thanwater · a month ago
More N%FW whiteboard :))) there’s only two pics, this one’s dedicated to my fellow Tim Wright fuckers ❤️❤️
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jayy-merrick · 5 months ago
this isnt a mh meme page now i promise
i just make them for my mh meme page on insta (jay.irl_) and wanna share to ya tumblr phrogs
ill post the video seperately since thats its own monster and is my first mh video meme so i wanna see how well that does here on its own
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sammym332 · 7 months ago
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listen, they did not have a lot of money, they absolutely shared a bed at least once-
comission info ko-fi
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eldritch-hall-asylum · 6 months ago
Grinny: yep, sometimes I gotta beat the kids nightmares off with a stick.
Tim: *hallucinating and panicking. He points to where the intimidating figures are*
Grinny, protecting his boi: back, demons! Back I say!
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crownedgutz · 3 months ago
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Chapter Two, A Love Seat for two has been posted! <3 (Masky/Tim Wright x Reader) * Special thanks to my friend @e-l-i for proof reading this chapter! ao3 ver quotev ver wattpad ver
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cigarettetodaydream · 10 months ago
You said you needed little quick stuff to write? 👀👀 May I have anything headcanon or otherwise relating to Tim? Need some Tim softness in my life rn. -Mod Dirk
yeah, sure!! thanks for requesting! i love ur writing!!
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man is really kind of tired all the time
likes resting his head in ur lap, and likes it even more when you start a caress his cheek or shoulder
loves u a lot but probably dont say it that much
drives him crazy when you care a lot about him, tho he already tried to convince himself hes fine
hes not fine, probably
big spoon man likes having you in his arms
likes the feeling of his arms wrapped around you and feeling like hes protecting you
but if you are the big spoon, he wouldnt mind
he would like to feel protected too sometimes
it relaxes him :]
likes it when u play with his hair before sleeping
quite a stressed man
but you always make him feel so much better.
requests r open ^_^
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clerks2 · a year ago
am i the only one around here
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pissyass · a year ago
✨Tim is a Delicious Man✨
I also noticed too late that I messed up one of the captions 😭 but it was bound to happen eventually
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creepyimagines · a year ago
Me Rating the Creepypasta's and Marble Hornets Characters based on Fan Interpretation and content of character
《《 Because im original like that. Long-ish post warning.
Lemme know if you want a part 2 bc I can't do all the popular creepypasta's in one post》》
Jeff the Killer~ 6/10
Buff asshole who you wished you hated. Got some style to him, longer hair you dont see often. Interpreted as punk rock and I love that. -4 points for being emo
BEN Drowned~ 8/10
Love this boy. I love Legend of Zelda, especially Majora's mask, but that has nothing to do with this rating scale. He's always drawn and written as a punk-y gamer and lemme tell you when I said "mood" I meant "kin". But yeah glitchy aesthetic, cool ass tunic, and a short king. -2 points for age discourse :/
Eyeless Jack~ 9/10
Demon man go brrrr
but in all honesty, I can't find much wrong with him. Loner wolf style but medical genius, has some humor, but the tongue headcanons get weird. Love his mask though. Blue is his color. Also, "bUfF deMon mAn tAke mE by tHe hANd leAd ME to The lAnd-"
Laughing Jack~ 2/10
Bastard clown. Do not like. Not a fan. Im sorry all the clown simps for follow me. Keeps 2 points for being a weird and pretty original character all around. His goth clown aesthetic is pretty killer but I Do Not Like.
Jane the Killer~ 11/10
Crispy, iconic lesbian out for revenge. I cannot and will not go into more detail because she's perfect the way she is. Next.
Nina the Killer~ 4/10
We do be loving simps, but she's just a bit.... Eh. I love how the fandom reclaimed her and I absolutely adore her scene aesthetic, I just cannot get over the whole Jeff Simp thing. so -6 points for bad taste
Slender~ 8/10
Tired eldritch father trying to keep his homicidal kids alive. He tries his best and he hates his job. -2 points for not having a "Best Boss D A D" Mug.
Im not bothering with the other slender brothers sorry
The Operator~ 5/10
Not exactly slendy in the sense you'd think but the more Marble Hornets centered fandoms interpretation of him. I personally like him as he's a force of nature that has no care of human emotions or lives. He is manipulative and power hungry. A good villian. -5 points choosing Alex to corrupt.
Alex~ 8/10
Craft bastard. I like his character for a few reasons. None of which I'll get into now but might later some other time. Fandom portrays him as some kind of mastermind and I love that no matter what. -2 points for incel vibes
[Lolol THE funniest thing to me is Joseph canonically saying, "Ah yeah, Alex fucks." on a stream]
Tim~ 10/10
College dude with PTSD just trying to have a normal life. He never got the ending he DESERVED but the fandom is merciful and so many fix-it fics exist. Tim is absolutely 100% a wonderful character.
Masky~ -100/10
Brian~ 3/10
Hes baby but everyone likes to forget that he's also bastard who can and has taken Alex down. He might not have been in co-con but he buff boy.
Hoodie~ 5/10
[siezure mention TW]
Bastard man who everyone loves. But the more cp part of the fandom is like "UwU he's quiet shy boy" forgetting that yeah he almost shot Alex and yeah he broke into Tim's home to steal his pills and watch him seize, knowing it would happen. But I digress. Still a complicated character that I do like.
Jay~ 8/10
My analysis on him is too extensive, excuse me while I go die. -2 for being dead but also Skully?
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sludgewolf · 8 months ago
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Season 3 angst yaayy
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randomdumbassforfandoms · a year ago
Tim: *Sneezes*
Alex, hiding in his attic: Bless you
Tim, looking around: ... GOD???
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morefluid-thanwater · 2 months ago
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Daily Doodle 133! Theme: heheheheh Shirtless Tim >:))))
Tits aside, y’all might notice a distinct lack of scars on Wright, who probably should have some on him (for whatever reasons). But he doesn’t. He KNOWS he’s broken bones and sprained joints during his time blacked out as the Masked Man (and there’s that time Alex broke his leg). He KNOWS that just last week he got a paper cut. But wounds heal too fast for him to remember the pain, or that he even had them, and they don’t leave scars.
He’s not sure if this sorta-accelerated-healing is a result of his one-year-blackout, or the new pills he’s been taking. He doesn’t have the energy in him to care.
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jayy-merrick · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
as an epileptic, i love this image lmao
art by quotek i think?
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eldritch-hall-asylum · 10 months ago
+5 for Tim?
...fine, but this is the LAST +5 thing, and ONLY because I show favouritism like that.
Tim likes to nestle up in his flannels. They make him feel safe as he can fidget with the sleeves.
When Tim gets excited, he talks kind of fast and his accent comes out a lot more. He just gets really cute.
When he was younger, he used to practically fall asleep anywhere. Like, sitting on the couch? Sleepy time. Dinner being served? No, I sleep. He grew out of it, but for a while the man could sleep anywhere.
Tim hums music when he gets really into schoolwork or anything.
Tim sometimes gets a bit tongue tied and comes out with gibberish.
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angels-and-demons · 11 months ago
Masky: *sees Teddy for the first time in Selvent's lab*
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cowboyvampyr · a year ago
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i’m so sorry
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stonerpunk · a year ago
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this man has moved into my head completely rent free and im okay with that
( if ur on mobile please tap on it tumblr likes to eat away the pixels )
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spicytreesap · a year ago
WOW GUYS i can’t believe it’s brian and tim ,,, from marble hornets :”)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
don’t even deny it lmaooo idek this show but they popped into my head immediately when i saw these guys
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creepyimagines · a year ago
if ya wanna write somethin for my dumb lil idea im totally cool with that but! 's up to you! - Daynon
[[Oooh hell daynon I love you no homo -X]]
Alex Krailie-
Legit I have no idea how you got with this dude, but lemme just say he loves you.
The only person on set he treats well? Perhaps.
If you're one of the actors, he'll be absolutely stoked to practice lines with you or watch you on camera on the last tapes already recorded.
Does get jealous easily but only if you're around Tim at all. He tries not to interfere, knowing you both are in his film and might be discussing business pertaining to his movie, but he keeps an eye on you. It's not that he doesn't trust you! He really does. He just fuckin hates Tim.
If you have a dog...... Please don't bring them to any shoots.
Jk. If you have a dog, Alex will not complain one bit or feel agitated that you brought them. He loves your dog and even if they're indifferent towards Alex, he loves them because they're yours!
If you're behind the camera while another scene is being shot, KISS. HIM. TO. DISTRACT. HIM.
"Say B roll footage one more time, Alexander, I swear to fUCK."
Vibe sessions where you guys discuss the plot and script while he lets you actually voice your thoughts on it and takes most of it into consideration.
Jay Merrick-
You bringing Jay along to shoots and filmings? More likely than you think
Please bring him. He loves to see you on set, even if you're not even doing a scene that day.
In this scenario, you were probably the reason Alex met Jay. You were a friend of Alex's and auditioned for a part in his film. One thing after another, you bring your boyfriend often and he becomes regular around the set.
Even if there aren't any shoots during a certain day, you'll drag Jay out to a spot you guys used a few times and just enjoy the scenery. Jay actually enjoys it and likes to think of those days as mini dates!
Jay is a himbo, I am sorry, he's a goddam himbo. Please be his common sense. While you guys are giving before filming, he might see a mysterious figure in the woods or find a tree that looks perfect to climb even though it's absolutely not. Don't let him go running off.
Will throw hands if Alex gets snippy with you. Don't test him.
Not to get NSFW, but hold his hand and he will melt. He gets embarassed about being out in public holding your hand, especially around the rest of the cast, but soon realizes nobody gives two flying fucks. Soon enough you won't be able to wrench your hand out of his to act in a scene.
He'll be eager and happy to help you memorize and go over your lines if you're having trouble or just want to keep it fresh in your mind.
Tim Wright-
You can thank Day Anon for this because you two? Playing small pranks on Alex and making sly comments about the choppy script and all the plot holes? Never!
You guys co-parent an adopted dog together just to bring to shoots. Don't @ me on this one
Always (jokingly) shouting at each other to "mEmOrIzE yOuR LiNeS!" in weird voices when Alex isn't around.
When you're at shoots with Tim, he's less sour. Sure he's always a salty bitch, but if you're around him, he feels calmer and not exactly in the mood to fight with Alex like he normally is
You try to convince him to stop smoking for his own good but he just says he does it to stay in character. It's a work in progress.
Like Jay, he absolutely will not hesitate bitch. If Alex gets all up in your grill because of a small mistake or a joke he took too far, Tim is right there to back you up. You tell him you can handle yourself but Tim just worries.
If you do tell off Alex enough or get him to shut up and leave you alone for the time being, Tim will have the biggest shit eating grin on his face. "Hell yeah. That's my s/o mother fucker."
You always ask him if you can wear the yellow tie-dyed shirt. He thinks it's ugly as fuck but honestly the day he wore that, he fucking invented fashion and you cannot convince me otherwise.
If your character doesn't have a specific outfit, wear one of Tim's flannels. Just do it. He thinks you look amazing in them and he gets a bit flustered when you wear them while filming.
Brian Thomas-
You and him goofing off or distracting each other during filming or film meetings is a given.
Yes, this man does love to give you his jacket. You will have to tell him that No Brian, it's 80° out and you're not cold but you really do appreciate the gesture.
Consistently messes up his lines because he's paying attention to you behind the camera than his acting.
Is actually super fucking happy if you and Tim get along. Better yet if you're friends with Tim and Alex. He's stoked that his s/o gets along with his friends. Even if Tim and Alex aren't close, he's glad you guys are.
Because Brian is the only one in the production that Alex actually likes, he's the one who has meetings with Alex about the schedule and such. You always get brought along, though Alex doesn't seem to mind too much.
Hold. Him. While. Off. Camera.
Legit if you guys are just vibin, waiting for Alex to wrap up, Brian will love it if you hug him and not let go for a bit. Weather you're sitting on the ground or just standing around, please.
Also he really likes it when you kiss him on the cheek and he kisses your forehead in return it's cute
The ultimate, goofy gentleman. No I will not elaborate further, you know what I'm talking about.
You guys have inside jokes that no one else around you understands. You'll say some obscure word or phrase and Brian will be dying of laughter while everyone else just kinda stares questioningly or pretend it's not happening.
Brian and Seth are pretty good buds in my opinion and you three used to hang a lot but he never wanted to interfere and feel like a third wheel.
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demonicus-familia · a year ago
This is gonna be a long boi, so I'll tag everyone up here.
@cat-vase @midnight---hollow @krayolacolor @menacing-manicotti @princess-sugar-blossom
As Leviathan sat alone in her room, she wanted to scream. She was angry - infuriated - by her mother's constant degradation. She felt her rage swell up. It was hot and white - she felt pure, white fire grown within her. 
Sadly, her temper only lasted so long. Her pendant quickly extinguished the flames and left her with a mild burning feeling around her neck. The holy metal suppressed her powers. 
The skin around her neck sizzled under the silver material. It hurt - it burned, it left the skin red raw. She only wore it at her mother's insistence and pressure. It was the only thing she did to get her mother off of her. 
She hated the favouritism her mother showed - Asmodeus was perfection. She was warm, bright and beautiful. Leviathan was cold and sharp. Dark. Leviathan was a disappointment. She was a failure. To her mother, she was nothing more than absolute scum. 
Asmodeus was the example - she was the golden child, the perfect daughter. Everything that Leviathan couldn't be. It made her want to break down and cry. 
“What's wrong, garden snake?” asked Dante as he slipped through her window. 
“It's my mother. She always gets on my case,” Leviathan snarled. “I'm the villain. I'm the bad girl. I'm the worst thing on the earth to my mother.”
“Well I don't see you that way…” Dant gave her a gentle smile. 
“You don't?” Leviathan asked softly, in a fragile voice. 
“Nope,” Dante popped the p as he spoke. “Never have, never will.”
Levi giggled and pulled a scroll out from under her bed. She started reading the text aloud to her friend and created many memories with him as they dramatically reenacted the scenes they read. 
Oh, if only those times had lasted…
“Mamma?” Levi's three year old son called out. “Are you okay?”
“Hm?” Levi hummed with a tilt of her head. “Oh, yes sweetpea, I'm fine.”
Content with his mother's answer, Tim nodded and waddled away. Levi had a meek smile upon her face as she watched her child take out a toy and play.
Tim was so… Unlike Dante in every way. Tim seemed to hold a warmth within his eyes that Dante lacked. His small smile and chirpy, soft voice brought light into every room he stepped into, while Dante arrived with fear and destruction by his side. The two were so vastly different, it was hard to believe that they were father and son. 
No, Dante didn't get the right to call Tim that. He gave up any and all right to do so the moment he infected the poor girl. Had it not been for Dante, Janet's mind would still be in one piece. She would be happy. She would be alive. 
“What are you playing, little one?” Levi asked her son as she sat down beside him. 
Tim put a toy dinosaur in her hand and mumbled something - which was possibly the toy's name - under his breath. 
“I see…” Levi smiled and played alongside him. She moved the toy - a horribly inaccurate velociraptor - and bounced it about as Tim moved his own tyrannosaurus rex. 
“Mamma, what's your necklace for?” Tim asked. 
“My what?” Levi tilted her head. She looked down and smiled. “Oh, my necklace. It was a gift when I was a child. It holds someone very special close to my heart.”
Well, her story wasn't a complete lie. Dante would always remain within the chain - and he would always torture her mind with his grand delusions. 
But, as night fell, she carried her tired son to his bed. Tim's night-light illuminated the room and played a soft, melodic tune that lulled him fully to sleep. 
Levi softly smiled and kissed her son's sleeping forehead. He clutched his stuffed mongoose - his favourite toy - close to his heart and mumbled incoherently before he began to lightly snore. 
Levi tapped the vigil that sat atop his door frame and it gave a light green glow that allowed a sense of calm to wash over her. Her son would be safe for the night. 
She slipped into her own bed not much later than that after sending her sister a final message saying goodnight - while still rocky, the two sisters got along cordially and that was all that they could ask for. 
As Levi softly slipped into a sleep, she found herself in a far too familiar ballroom. It was lit in a warm orange light. She wore a familiar dress - green and too tight for her - and she was face to face with a former friend, who had turned into a complete stranger. 
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