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Ticchettano via i momenti di un giorno noioso
sciupi e sprechi le ore senza curartene
Mentre vaghi nello stesso pezzo di terra della tua città
aspettando qualcuno o qualcosa che ti mostri la via.

Stanco di stenderti al sole
stai a casa a guardare la pioggia
Sei giovane e la vita è lunga
c'è tempo da perdere oggi
E poi un giorno scopri
che ti sei lasciato dietro dieci anni
Nessuno ti ha detto che dovevi correre
E non hai sentito la pistola dello starter

E corri, corri per raggiungere il sole
Ma il sole sta tramontando
E sta facendo il giro per riapparire di nuovo dietro di te
Il sole è lo stesso, relativamente parlando,
ma tu sei più vecchio
più corto di respiro e di un giorno più vicino alla morte

Ogni anno si accorcia
Ma sembra che tu non riesca mai a trovare il tempo
progetti che si annullano
o ridotti a una mezza pagina di righe scarabocchiate
L'abitudine inglese è rimanere sospesi
in una calma disperazione
Il tempo è passato,
la canzone è finita
Sebbene io abbia ancora qualcosa da dire.


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Our world today’s a different place than a year ago.
We could all walk our main streets, eat and see a show.
We could drive our cars across state lines and return when we choose.
Now we’re quarantined with two more weeks to lose.
We could go to stores, say hello and smile at all we see.
The things we took for granted when we were more free.
Now we’ve protests and riots in cities across this land.
Injustice lit the bomb now where we all stand.
The summer months are coming and temperature’s sure to rise.
It’s time to wipe the sweat from our brows and open our weary eyes.
Tomorrows may appear the likes we’ve never seen.
But we’re going to share this world; good, bad or in-between.
A perfect storm is underway, though perfect it can’t be.
The year is now half over and in the end it will still be we.
We’ve pandemic and pandemonium but both will surely end.
And with 2020 as hindsight our past we must amend.


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I think I’m gonna go back to looking at it like being similar to clean time.

We broke up on the 16th, a Saturday.

This Saturday we’ll have been broken up for 3 weeks.

That doesn’t feel like a real thing I just said..

Like if I said, the sky is made up of French and purple. It feels like it makes as much sense..

I was listening in on a meeting earlier. And a girl was talking about being new and not having much time and how she was told not to make any big changes in the first little while. I remember being told that when I was new. And I feel like it’s good advice in this situation too.

I’m already going through a drastic change. Everything is raw. And I’m just trying to hold the pieces together. So, now is not the time to make any wild changes that aren’t absolutely necessary. Now is not the time to quit my job. Now is not the time to run away to California. Now is not the time to decide I don’t want to live anymore.

I’m going through a change. A break. A crumbling of what I thought my life was and would be. And I need to give myself time and space. To heal. To let the first settle. And see what I have to work with and what needs to change and what needs to be fixed.

But now is not the time.

Now is the time for self care and compassion. For taking one day at a time. For time. For space. For breathing. For letting things settle.

Everything will be ok.

I will be ok.

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A Sick Wild Child - Chapter 6

Hi all! Here’s chapter 6 of A Sick Wild Child! Thank you so much for all the support of my first ever story. I don’t know how many chapters there will be, but I’m having a lot of fun with it! (I finally get access to a computer again tomorrow hopefully, so my Tumblr posts will stop looking so weird!) Warning: Vomiting in this chapter.

The entire camp was almost packed up within twenty minutes. Considering they had been here longer than usual, Time was impressed. It only became more obvious how worried they were for Wild. While impressive, it unfortunately gave Wild very little time to rest his chest before they had to move him. Time glanced over at Wind, who had taken to braiding Wild’s hair in some places to pass time and sooth him. Even from where he was helping Twilight pack Epona, Time could see the stutters of Wild’s chest. The cub was in a lot of pain, and his brothers could do almost nothing to alleviate it. 

    “Time?” Wind called out hesitantly once he noticed him looking over that way. Twilight and Time both trekked over to their two youngest. “He’s mumbling again and slurring his words and it’s making his breathing worse.” Wind stated with an uncharacteristic grim look upon his young features. Time and Twilight had to kneel down to hear it, but once again Wild was murmuring apologies to all of them. Hylia, just what was Wild dreaming about?

    “Hey, Cub, wake for me please?” Twilight said softly as he rubbed a gentle hand on Wild’s chest to try and sooth the pain. At the contact, Wild’s eyes shot open as he tried to jump to his feet. He barely even got his shoulders off the ground before he became nauseous and his stomach began to spasm from the quick movement. Time reacted quickly and rolled him to the side and held him up slightly. Just this little movement caused absolute fire to race up Wild’s sides, but any sound he would have made were interrupted by his stomach beginning to dry heave. 

    Time held onto Wild as he threw up nothing but bile and spit onto the ground beneath him, tears coming steady from his eyes in agony, his chest caught in an endless mix of dry heaving, coughs, and choked sobs. Time sighed. Even while sick, Wild was holding back and trying to act strong. 

    “Let it out, Cub it’s alright. Happens to the best of us.” Time whispered in his ear while Twilight rubbed his back and Wind ran his hands through his hair. What the rest of the group called Time’s “Dad Instincts” were going insane. Is this what having children felt like? Wanting to take all their pain away, even taking it upon himself if necessary? Wanting to shove all these boys away where the world could never hurt them? But also being proud when they looked the world in the face and bit back? Is that what it is? It was a scary feeling, but not one Time would trade away. He loved all these boys, and one of the youngest was suffering, something Time wouldn’t stand for. Finally, Wild’s heaves calmed down. 

    “There you go, buddy. You’re okay.” Time soothed as he laid Wild on his back once more away from the bile. Wild was muttering random words and apologies in between deep gasps for air, many of which made their hearts clench. Wild still seemed trapped in delusions none of them could pull him out of.  

    “Time we can’t move him like this.” Twilight stated worriedly. 

    “We don’t have a choice, Pup.” Time uttered. “More monsters will follow the last ones and we’re vulnerable here. We didn’t choose the most ideal camping spot. Even if we get some distance between us and here, that’s better than nothing.” Time felt eyes on his back. Looking up towards camp he saw all the boys packed and ready to go, concern clear as day in their faces. Even Legend was struggling to keep his face neutral. 

    “But what if we run into a monster? Or for that matter, a Guardian? Whoever is carrying him can’t just toss him down and fight! Hyrule said that his ribs are fragile now, what happens if he gets hurt again?” Twilight raised some very good points. Time knew he wasn’t being stubborn and he wasn’t trying to question Time, he was just worried for his cub.

    “I know Twilight.” Time sighed. “There’s not a perfect solution here, But you know we’ll all step forward to protect Wild if that happens. But we can’t stay here.” Time wrapped an arm around his protege. 

“I know, Time. I’m sorry. I just don’t want him to get hurt again.” Twilight leaned into his embrace. 

“None of us do, Pup. We’ll figure it out.” Time comforted. Twilight nodded, looking slightly less troubled. Time squeezed his shoulder and and pulled away, turning to address the rest of the boys. “Are you all ready to head out?” Time called, receiving words of affirmation. Time nodded and beat Twilight into reaching for Wild. “Oldest to youngest remember.” Time teased when Twilight turned a small glare his way.

Time thought for a moment about the best way to go about this. An over the shoulder carry was absolutely out of the question, and really so was carrying Wild on his back. That would put a lot of unnecessary pressure on Wild’s chest that it couldn’t really handle at the moment, so he settled for a bridal carry. If Wild were awake and coherent, he would have fought tooth and nail against this, but it was the best option they had. Time reached down to pick Wild up, only to be met with foggy blue eyes.

“Hey kiddo, I need to pick you up. It’s gonna hurt a little bit but it’ll be over soon okay?” Time placed a hand on Wild’s cheek to get the kid to look at him.

“Wh-” Wild was interrupted by his lungs spasming as his ribs screamed in protest.

“Shh. Don’t talk, just focus on breathing.” Time soothed. He gently put his arms under Wild’s knees and shoulders, before standing up as steady as possible. The muffled scream Wild let out hurt Time more than anything so far. It was his decision that put that scream in Wild’s throat. Twilight might be right, but Time had given his orders. Now he just had to hope they were the right ones. Wild’s breaths once again grew shallow and erratic, shaking hands slowly lifting to bunch into Time’s tunic to ground himself. “It’s alright.” Time pressed his forehead against Wild’s. He didn’t understand why the boys jokingly referred to him as the group’s father. He was so awkward in comforting these kids it was just plain sad. Thankfully, Wild’s breathing evened out enough to move him further. Carrying someone bridal style was more difficult than on one’s back, but Time could handle it fine. He would have to pass him to Twilight at some point during the journey though, or the pup would pitch a fit. 

“Alright, let’s head out.” Time announced. Time started walking passed Epona in the direction they had chosen. Epona huffed and sniffed Wild’s hair once Time got closer, clearly expecting the injured hero to be put upon her back with Twilight, even with the load she was already carrying. Time smiled. Just like his Epona. “No girl, I’m carrying him for now. He’s not well enough to ride.” Time nuzzled his head slightly into Epona’s mane since he had no free hands. Epona huffed again and continued sniffing Wild’s hair. Looking down, Time noticed a tiny smile on Wild’s troubled face, hands twitching slightly like they wanted to reach out and sooth her. It seemed even while unconcious Wild tried to ‘spoil her rotten’ according to Twilight.

The group decided to move upwind in order to be tracked by less monsters. They had absolutely no idea where they were in Wild’s Hyrule, and he wasn’t coherent enough to ask. It couldn’t be anywhere near the middle, they didn’t see Hyrule Castle, but there also weren’t any large landmarks like a lot of mountains or the trees in the place Wild had called Akkala. Wild’s Hyrule was massive, and they had no idea if there was a stable anywhere near here and none of them could work the slate properly to check. Overall, it was a mess. 

Four looked at Wild in Time’s arms and winced slightly at the four loud voices within his mind at that moment. Vio hadn’t stopped making suggestions about how to help the boy, suggestions they had already tried. Blue was yelling for the murder of all Moblins. Red was voicing his concerns whenever Wild expressed any pain at all. And Green was trying to calm all of them down while also yelling at Four to do something whenever Wild whimpered slurred out apologies. Four appreciated them trying to help, but dear Hylia they were going to give him a headache! He looked again at Wild and sighed quietly. Even after Hyrule’s words, he still blamed himself slightly that he didn’t notice Wild’s wound sooner. He knew it was silly, Blue told him that, but it still wouldn’t leave his head. He was known for being observant, but he didn’t see this coming. Blue, Vio, Red and Green were right though. He couldn’t do anything about it before, but he could help now.  

Legend was pissed. They were lost, they were antsy, and Wild was hurt. Time was carrying Wild in the center of the group, the other seven forming around them in case a monster popped out of the trees. As stupid as it was, Legend wanted to be the one carrying Wild, he wanted psysical proof that he was there and still breathing, not like Marin… but no. Twilight had to come up with the stupid rule that it was oldest to youngest, and he wasn’t old like Time or freakishly strong like Twilight. Legend sighed and looked at Wild again, then turned to see Hyrule’s dumb smirking face. ‘You’re soft’ the look screamed, and Legend wanted to hit him. 


    “My turn Old Man.” Twilight smirked. They had been traveling for around an hour now, which Twilight deemed enough to take his turn. Time rolled his eye at his proteges’ overprotective tendencies. 

    “I’m fine for a bit longer, Pup.” Time sighed. 

    “Whatever Old Man, you keep carrying him and your back is gonna go out. Let the freakishly strong one carry him.” Legend sassed. Twilight sent him a look that was a mixture of insulted and grateful. Legend wasn’t completely kidding. Time shouldn’t be forced to carry Wild the entire way if they had other options. 

“Fine. We’ll take a small break here and continue shortly.” Time stated, making his way off the beaten path the heroes had found themselves on. In Wild’s Hyrule, paths didn’t ward off monsters completely, but they were less likely to show up than in the middle of the woods. The group sat slightly off the path in the shade of the trees above. While they took a breather, Time tried to transfer Wild into Twilight’s arms. The boy simply whined and burrowed into Time. Sky laughed lightly. Sky knew that Wild used to be intimidated by Time, and probably still was. If he could see himself he would be mortified. That thought made Sky frown slightly. Wild had no reason to be embarrassed for seeking basic human comfort after so many years alone. Sky had been trying to teach him that, and he was improving at least. 

“Damn, Cub. I’m offended you would choose Time over me. Your own mentor!” Twilight stated dramatically, causing the other Links to laugh. Wild seemed to relax his hold on Time when he heard Twilight’s voice, allowing Time to gently transfer Wild into the younger’s arms as Wild groaned and winced. He did better than expected on the journey, only gasping a couple of times when the road got a little bumpy. Time assumed it was out of pure exhaustion he didn’t react much on the road, but he’d take anything right now. 

“Alright. Let’s get going again.” Time commanded. The others rose and gathered around Twilight this time, each of them looking for a place to camp along the way. Another hour later and Wild seemed to be getting slightly restless in Twilight’s arms, as much as he could without being able to move around. His hands were clenching and unclenching Twilight’s tunic and he was reacting more often to smaller bumps on the road. Hopefully they would find a place soon so Wild could lay down. 

“What about there?” Hyrule called, pointing to a small rock wall with an overhang, surrounded by trees. Time mulled it over. They had moved relatively far, even in Wild’s massive Hyrule. And the overhang provided shelter they didn’t have before and a side that wouldn’t need to be watched as much tonight.

“That seems like it’ll work. Nice one Hyrule.” Time saw Hyrule’s eyes light up at the praise. Wild and Hyrule were similar in that way. Both wary of opening up, but beaming under praise and gentle touches. Most likely because they had been the loneliest, Time thought sadly.

The group meandered over there, excited to finally be at their destination, but not wanting to leave Wild unguarded. Once they got closer, they could hear a small amount of water, causing the group to relax even more. Now Twilight wouldn’t need to go hunting for water for Epona and they could stock up some bottles for the next few days. Four grabbed Wild’s bedroll off of Epona as soon as they stopped, giving her a small pat as he passed which she seemed to appreciate. Four carefully laid Wild’s bedroll near the back of the overhang, not enough for it to radiate cold off the hard stone, but also far enough away from the fire for the fever he was still sporting.

Twilight brought Wild over and carefully laid him down. Once he moved away though, Wild freaked out. “T-Tw-” Wild’s words bubbled in his throat before dying off in a loud wheeze. 

“Put your pelt over him again.” Four suggested. Twilight rushed to unhook it and placed it over his cub. Wild calmed down slightly, and Four internally thanked Green for the idea. 

“Who knew you’d get so clingy when sick.” Twilight chuckled while soothing some of Wild’s stubborn tufts of hair sticking up. There was no malice in his words however. It felt nice to be needed. Besides, Wild could probably shoot Twilight through the leg with an ice arrow and he would look into those damn bright blue eyes and forgive him instantly. Not that there was anything to forgive him for at the moment. Wild was never the burden he thought he was, and never would be. 

“You want some more salve?” Legend called from where he was helping unpack Epona.

“Nah, it’s not awful right now. We’ll save it.” Twilight called back. Legend simply nodded and went back to work. Twilight looked at Time, one of their silent conversations passing between them. ‘You need help?’ Twilight’s expression asked. ‘No. Stay with your cub.’ Twilight nodded and looked back down at Wild. Stay with his cub he would.      

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We worked very hard every day, keep receiving the information from God and universe, want to keep the right of survival of all real people‘s lives in the planet earth, under the instructions of God

However, they (the Devil) made all the barriers to asked all of you to stay away from us , do not believe us , made huge fake lies to boost their evil behavior with their intentions and fake evidence and anything weird to force all of your to believed their lies !they want to control all of you forever !

Well, They had already controlled the world want to made their new world order in their intentions the real way lead to destroyed of the planet earth completely!

That means gigantic numbers of money they could monopoly !

All the money are built on the ignorance of huge numbers of death of real people in the planet earth!

The God and universe had used their power to warn us many many times in the past years ,

They never stop to misleading all of you or stop to barriers us

They Never stop speaking their lies with their fake representatives such as TFBOYS and ect!

They over printing huge numbers of money send them here and there want to monopoly either the media they want to controlled or the banks they want to controlled !


Totally ridiculously, everyone should stayed away from all their lies!

That is not only to keep the right of survival in the planet earth but also has the right to continue our lives to the bright near future!

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So I still have a copy of a fruits basket fanfic I wrote… 16? years ago. Every new episode I am tempted to just pick it up and rewrite it. It’s awful but the bones are good and I’m feeling so much nostalgia and love for the series again.

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if there is one thing that has ever made me feel fear, it’s time. fear of losing it, fear of approaching it, fear of seeing it go by within a blink of an eye, & fear of not having enough of it

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