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#time for an update
sonewbeginnings · 2 years ago
Lucas, honey, are you awake? Did you sleep at all?
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billiewena · a month ago
castiel supernatural is canonically in romantic homosexual love with dean winchester
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the-king-of-lemons · 3 days ago
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wingedbeings · 6 months ago
you know what? *euphorias your gender* you deserve it, champ
#hii little update:#i'm reclaiming a japanese name for myself since my birth name is derived from the japanese name my family wanted for me but is more common#in non asian languages as well (its still a japanese name by itself too rhough most people just dont know it is)#but yeah anyways its kind of making me nearly cry#i'm choosing a traditionally masculine name that can be shorted to both feminine and masculine#i had to look up the pronunciation for people close to me that dont speak japanese and hearing it said by the text to speech thing gave me#so much gender euphoria when all ive experienced lately is horrible dysphoria#i'm really so just overwhelmingly almost grateful#it feels so comforting and nice#the only times my family referred to me kindly they would use the japanese name my birth name is derived from#so to have a japanese name again that does not make me dysphoric is making me feel so nice#i dont have the words for it but its just so comforting#kio.txt#the kanji for it that ive chosen i like very much as well#and i also like how it works with the honorifics i prefer people close to me to use#im on the verge of tears like its so.. i repressed my japanese identity for a while as my mother did as well due to.. things but the#movement we've somewhat ended up in where we take pride back into our asian identities lately due to rhe current circumstances as a sort#of protest of self love and empowerment has encouraged me to slowly grow to be able to openly love my asian identity again#ive been talking a lot about it with my friend and working through the fears i have surrounding it especially with the racial fetishising#ive always faced and the imposter syndrome that comes with being mixed for me and the ignorance and discrimination from white people etc#and i've chosen to never let myself repress my self again#the name ive chosen is yukio with the kanji 雪生#it can be shortened to yuki or yu for fem and masc but i would prefer if no one other than my mutuals do that and currently only with yu not#yuki as i'm feeling more masculine at the moment and am overall not comfortable with people i'm not v close with referring to me femininely#yuki is technically a unisex name but its generally used more for women in case anyone is confused about that#i still also go by moss and orion so you're fine to use those as well ofc!#you can shorten it to kio as well if you're a mutual of mine! i forgot to list that one#also lore moment abt my birth name (that none of u wil ever know <3):#the reason behind why they went w rhe more common name (ie used in non asian languages too) is largely bc of discrimination they didnt want#for me and such and some fun things w my fathers side of the family i wont elaborate on
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i need some of you to realize that call out culture, by design, rewards people who make the most outrageous & aggressive accusations, without regards to truth or context. it encourages people to misconstrue, to erase context, to outright lie. it feeds the instinct to attack, with or without cause. 
and that naturally enables certain types of people (terfs, exclusionists, bigots) who already have a vitriolic bandwagon behind them, to target & harass minority bloggers whose inclusive platforms they do not like to see becoming popular.
this has happened time and again, it has driven good people off this site, it is traumatic and unhealthy to everyone involved. purity culture creates an atmosphere of fear & paranoia, i am begging you to reexamine this attitude of mob violence in online spaces
#not a shitpost#serious post#harassment tw#seriously ya'll......this happens time and again and i'm getting fucking sick of it#do you remember i-am-a-fish? do you remember when you let ace & trans exclusionists target & harass i-am-a-fish off this site?#i see the same tactics being used time and again on different ace & trans & nb & gnc bloggers#and it WORKS! it works every time! people on this site fall for it every time and i am SICK of it#would you just. look at people's blogs and judge them on their recent and overall actions.#if people have been personally hurt by them then yes listen to victims#but don't take screenshots of posts from 2 years ago as the sacred truth#i see bloggers apologizing again and again for the same things and then realize 'oh shit they don't *want* an apology'#'these people just want more shit to throw at me. an apology is never going to be enough'#and also....let people grow? i'm proud of how quickly the standards of what is appropriate and respectful are changing & progressing#we are all constantly learning new things about what is and is not appropriate to say. and that's good!!#but the result is that what we considered appropriate a year or 2 ago we now know probably shouldn't be#so like. look at people's recent posts if you want to know their recent attitudes.#don't go attacking people for stuff they said years ago unless you have reason to believe they still believe & are perpetuating it#especially when so many people on this site are goddam teenagers holy shit#i honestly wonder if that is the reason so many people in online spaces are unwilling to admit they were wrong or change their opinions#bc we've erased the concept that you're allowed to be wrong and grow and update your opinion#so if you admit you are wrong NOW you're opening yourself up to be attacked years down the line#i've had to learn as a popular blog when to clapback and when to just...let it slide#often it's better to tell people off in private or block them. but callout culture is encouraging us to just.#automatically hit back fullthrottle in a way that puts our target at risk for public harassment#so i see a lot of crappy but lowkey comments getting people dunked into shitstorms and it's just....#a lot of time and energy spent harassing people who...aren't really the people you should be concerned about?#and who could probably learn & grow if given the right incentive?#idk i'm seeing a lot of stick and very little carrot.#and a lot of black-and-white thinking that leads to more violence than i'm comfortable having in an online community
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wings-dingus · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
[a brief look at a couple skeleton brothers! today we join this specimen on his daily morning ritual, before he awakens his kin.]
[we’ll stick with papyrus and sans for another update or two before going back to Gaster and Frisk. papyrus IS available for asks, briefly!]
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thylaa · 3 months ago
I don't have twitter and I'm seeing posts but a lot of them involve knowing what I'm looking at...can you pls explain the latest spn/Jensen news, pretty please?
Sure! Explanation of the events of the past week (some of these dates might be relative to my timezone, apologies for any errors):
JUNE 24: News breaks that Jensen Ackles and Danneel Ackles’ production company has a prequel in the works focusing on John and Mary Winchester; entire fandom displeased
Fandom ire at the prequel focusing on John and Mary momentarily overshadows the fact that it seems like Jensen Ackles has the rights to Supernatural (!!!) and has ‘five shows in the works’ of which this is only the first
Showrunner is Destiel fan-favourite Robbie Thompson, responsible for such Absolute Banger Episodes as ‘Meta Fiction’ (see more here)
A lot of blowback from absolutely all sides of the fandom - BiBros et al mad that it focuses on Not The Brothers, Destiel fans mad it focuses on Not Resolving Destiel, everyone largely mad it focuses on John Winchester (widely regarded as abusive) and the ‘epic love story’ of John/Mary (canonically forced by cupid magic)
Various cast members including Misha Collins, Jim Beaver, Jake Abel, Ruth Connell and Julie McNiven reply to the article with comments indicating they’d like to be involved
Eric Kripke tweets that Jensen and Danneel are ‘the perfect people’ to take control of this story and Jared is ‘too busy Texas Rangering’ to be involved
JUNE 25: Jared Padalecki tweets about being left out of the loop on the prequel; absolute chaos ensues
See this ask reply for a list of tweets, events and reactions
I’ll also add that this gets large enough to get coverage on Vulture, Variety and other news sources
Robbie Thompson retweets his tweet from 2019 saying ‘I ❤️ you #SPNFamily’ in response to… everything
JUNE 26: A scramble for Jensen, Jared and Eric Kripke to do PR damage control on the Jared issue. Meanwhile, Misha Collins does his best impression of this scene from the Lion King to promote GISH
Eric later deletes all tweets about the issue, which is VERY funny. Man can’t handle the heat!
Very funny contrast between Jared’s ‘have a talk, as we often do’ and Jensen’s ‘miss these talks'
Jensen later changes his twitter header and bio from Supernatural/Dean Winchester to The Boys/Soldier Boys which IS somewhat unfortunate and perhaps deliberate break-up related timing
Jared tweets that he ‘doesn’t want anyone to receive hate or threats’ which is like… Jared YOU started this, YOU tweeted this to your millions of followers
JUNE 26: Jensen Ackles does further damage control by tweeting ‘Canon? we got you’ and linking to this article about what the show might hold, which points out the Problems of John Winchester
See article for further details but this implies Jensen actually does care a lot about doing right by the fans and the narrative canon
This, combined with the fact Robbie Thompson is running it, convinces most Destiel-side fans that the show Might Be Better Than Expected and one CW-approved stepping stone to greater things
BiBros are furious because article is written by ‘known Heller’ Natalie Fisher, who is friends with writers such as Meredith Glynn and Robert Berens
Meanwhile, Steve Yockey references the ‘Steve Yockey is dead?!?’ tumblr meme on twitter in a reply to Ruth Connell
JUNE 27: Gen Padalecki posts an instagram story which may or may not be shady commentary on Jensen Ackles
However, yesterday Danneel Ackles also promotes the Padalecki MLM product on HER instagram - can I just say I simply love the use of a) product promotion and b) instagram stories as tools of warfare and diplomacy
JUNE 28: Various scripts drop thanks to the team at tumblr’s spnscripthunt (go support and fund their efforts if you can!)
Notable changed content includes Castiel telling Dean to ‘parent’ Jack in 14.16 and Castiel texting emojis to Claire in 12.16 (possibly an in-script joke about Dean being attracted to a poodle?)
JUNE 29: News breaks that Chaos Machine Productions was started as ‘Free Will Entertainment LLC’
The name was apparently changed in October 2020 - was that as a result of the 15.19-15.20 filming? Or something else?
The idea that Jensen set up a company called ‘Free Will Entertainment’ to continue telling the story of Supernatural is honestly BONKERS. A lot to unpack here to do with the textual and metatextual narrative of Supernatural that I don’t have time to get into, since there’s about twenty wild implications that could be speculated from that name alone
Stock price on ‘Jackles’ Sexy Silence’, conspiracy that Jensen didn’t like the ending of Supernatural and was quietly plotting to take the narrative under his own control, to bring Dean back to life and possibly to canonise Destiel, reaches historic high
The fact does not go unnoticed that, through coincidence or not, Jensen and Danneel registered the company on a Thursday very close to September 18, the Lazarus Rising/Castiel Anniversary Date when Dean was saved from Hell
JUNE 30: Misha Collins makes a social media post with Castiel art for the last day of Pride Month
Twitter post liked by Robbie Thompson
On his instagram, Misha also puts music on the story of ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love With You’ a song made famous by Elvis and then subsequently Destiel AU Fanfic Twist and Shout
“The song was initially written from the perspective of a woman as “Can’t Help Falling in Love with Him”, which explains the first and third line ending on “in” and “sin” rather than words rhyming with “you” - Wikipedia knowledge obtained via @jurisffiction
Falling… sin… But we don’t have time to unpack all of that-
JUNE 30: 8.17 Goodbye Stranger script excerpt surfaces with Dean’s ‘I love you’ to Castiel
Fandom has long known that the ‘I need you’ was formerly an ‘I love you’ because Jensen believed Dean saying it in that moment to Castiel was out of character - but we did not have the script to prove specific changes
Additional ‘I forgive you’ not included in the episode - the original scene reads as very romantic, since this was Dean absolving Castiel for past crimes and telling him he loves him in the moments before death, as well as ‘I love you’ of course being what ‘broke the connection’ of Naomi’s control
Notably this episode written by Robbie Thompson, the very man Jensen and Danneel chose to helm their next project
JUNE 30: Misha Collins misses his blanky text
To cap all this off, Misha Collins texts fans a selfie of himself at ‘the spare room at Jensen’s apt in Vancouver’, saying he ‘misses his blanky’, implying he has spent many nights there
It has been an open secret that Misha basically shared Jensen’s apartment in Vancouver since around 2018 due to [redacted dubiously obtained information] but it’s never been publicly stated (to be clear, this does not imply anything other than friendship, as actors in Vancouver often share accommodation and Misha had previously couch-surfed at Jared and Jensen’s places)
Cockles shippers go wild. Does the ‘blanky’ refer to Jensen? Was there a reason to send this on the last day of pride month? Will this man ever shut up?
Hope that helps! May this wild carousel of News About A Show That Ended Eight Months Ago never end!
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mcc-updated · 11 days ago
All MCC18 teams have been announced!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Who are you cheering for?
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recently noticed my ko-fi page still gets traffic even when no one donates, so i’m using this opportunity to spread KNOWLEDGE 
Tumblr media
i’ve accumulated literally hundreds of cursed facts i haven’t managed to squeeze into shitposts yet so guess where they’re going!
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rinkrats · 3 months ago
"this is the first time that the entire broadcast team is all women."
"that's very important. women have to continue to carve out their place. they're already smarter than we are anyway."
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seyche · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
theme thirteen: zinnia — a very customizable, mobile responsive one column sidebar theme.
previews: static preview, live preview / code: pastebin, github
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responsive for both desktop and mobile devices
tumblr’s customize page is very buggy and when you first install the theme, you have to toggle the toggle options on and off to get them to work properly.
see full list of credits here.
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