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#time is not on my side these days
useless-germanyfactsa month ago
every time i experience any kind of pain but dont do shit about it because聽鈥渕aybe it鈥檒l get better tomorrow鈥 i have to think about that one tumblr post (?) that was like聽鈥減pl in germany have free healthcare but still never see a doctor鈥 and man were they right ..
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fiona-fififia month ago
Can you imagine, though, the peace Eddie must have felt after Buck鈥攚ith no true obligation, with others willing to care for Christopher, with no knowledge of the will鈥攃hose to leave Eddie's side to go to Christopher. Knowing that there was a chance he would never see Eddie again; surely desperate, after what he'd just seen, to stay by Eddie's side, to be there when he wakes, to make sure he's safe and cared for properly. But there's no question, no hesitation. Buck goes to Christopher because Christopher needs him.
And I don't think for a moment that Eddie ever would have doubted or questioned that, but to have that knowledge鈥攊n stark reality, not just in theory鈥攖o wake from a moment of near death to learn, without any shadow of a doubt, that the person you've entrusted to care for your child who doesn't even know he's been given this trust put aside absolutely everything to make sure that your son is safe and loved and cared for in one of the most terrifying situations a child can experience?
The peace that must have brought for Eddie.
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its-the-cat-queen11 days ago
Tumblr media
I totally forgot about this sketch asdfsfsrs
Anyway, yes, Virgil in my general human au design has a tooth gap and it's one of my fave parts of his design (word repetition woohoo)
(click for better quality)
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the-meme-monarch7 days ago
enjoying will wood鈥檚 i/me/myself in a 鈥渁fab nonbinary persom forced to contend with the femininity society forces upon them every day and resenting it鈥 kinda way
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flameo-trashman9 months ago
Tumblr media
and they were roomates (岬椺祾岬柺: 岬捠 岬愂 岬嶀祾刷拾 岬検搬祲矢 史岬壥翅祲 食岬掅祾岬愥祪岬椺祲刷) ANYWAYS, here鈥檚 my first submission for the @avatar-rare-pair-ship-challenge
a kind of agreement/arranged-marriage thing? don鈥檛 ask me idk how or why it would happen, maybe aang would want to make peace and stop the war in a different kind of way? and azula accepted?? unlikely, but here we are
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justmehernthemoon2 months ago
moving on from friendships that have ended is so weird and hard lol
#this is just me ranting abt missing my ex best friend sorry sjdjd#trying 2 decide if me wanting to reach out to my ex best friend is because like it would genuinely be a positive thing for me or if it鈥檚 bc#i miss her so much sometimes i can鈥檛 think logically鈥#like everything reminds me of her i HATE it!!! and at first it was really freeing not having her in my life bc when i say she was a bad#friend that is a extremely nice understatement#but like . i was talking to my friend the other day and i realized like every other thing i talked abt was a memory tied back to her and i#just miss her so much 馃ズ but also like. what if it鈥檚 just as toxic and one sided for me again?? it鈥檚 been over a year and like i would like#to believe she鈥檚 changed bc every time i have spoken to her since i ended our friendship she always seems to miss me but idk if it鈥檚 just#because i am not in her life anymore so like when i am it would go back to how it was? eventually? like her being basically a bystander in#our friendship#i mean we have only spoken like鈥 idk twice since last august but like never more than one text each lol like#on birthdays and when I found out smnth about her family#hhh it鈥檚 very difficult moving on from it when it鈥檚 someone who had been your friend from when you鈥檙e like 11 to 21 lol .#and like she was essentially never a good friend but i am like well maybe she鈥檚 different now 馃槶 can鈥檛 decide if that鈥檚 my mind just being#sad abt her though. wish my brain was just straightforward w me#like it鈥檚 like i was on a happy note not having that sadness and negativity in my life for months but now i鈥檓 just like i have so much to#tell you every day i see something i want to text you i miss you
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