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#time management

December monthly spread in my bullet journal. I decided to try out this weekly eraseble time table. What I did was block with permanent markers those hours of the week in which I know for sure I will always have work, to then each week plan with an eraseble pencil my study sessions and other tasks. I hope that the visual method will be helpful.

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In short: give yourself a set amount of time everyday, as small or as big as you want, and do nothing but write. 

In long:

I managed to find an efficient way to have at least a bit of time to write, since it’s my main hobby and my way of getting rid of stress. 
Basically, if I know I’ll be studying the entire day (I normally take an hour break to go for a walk while I still can, otherwise I’ll just go crazy), I’ll stop studying to have lunch, which normally takes me maybe 10/15 minutes max, and then write for 30 minutes more or less. 
Unfortunately, this only gives me time to work only on one project, while some time ago I could easily work on two or three simultaneously, but it’s a good way to ensure that 1. I get to do something I enjoy and 2. I get to rest for a bit before studying again. 

Luckily for me, I got so used to writing and coming up with stuff that I can write up to ¾ full pages before running out of time, so I can get as much as I can from a single day. This is the main reason why I’m able to keep up with my fanfiction. The second main reason is even simpler: I write shorter chapters that I’m used to, save for some exceptions, and I only publish one chapter a week. This gives me enough time to write, even if I have to skip writing for 4/5 days. 

Other hobbies I have, like drawing, I keep for the evening, when my brain is too tired to function and I can just relax with a good old pencil in hand, so during my afternoon break I can focus just on writing. 

Other than that, though, I had to put my other stuff on hiatus.
I have a Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfiction going on, that I had to stop because I’m writing it in both Italian and English and it has pretty long chapters, so it takes too long for me to even think about writing it now. 
And I have a BNHA series going, that I also had to pause because I’m writing it all in English, and I cannot focus enough during such a short break to write a fully fledged work in a different language that is actually good. 
This specific fanfiction I have going on now, the Saint Seiya collection of stories, is only in Italian. I don’t have a translation to worry about (in fact, I postponed an eventual English translation to when I actually have time to put into it), and it’s much easier for me to come up with stuff in Italian rather than in English. 

If you want to have some time to work on your stuff, if you can give yourself 20/30 minutes of your time daily, you can write a lot without realizing it, and you won’t waste time. 
If you work and go back home tired at the end of the day, find 5/10 minutes of your time, sit in front of your screen and piece of paper, and write something. Anything, even a single sentence.

I literally used this last method myself last year, when I used to go to my university in the morning and come back in the evening. 10 minutes and a couple sentences, even when I was so tired I just wanted to sleep without even eating, helped me unwind some of the tension I accumulated during the day and work towards complete chapters. 
If you’re on an even tighter schedule, grab a piece of paper while you’re cooking and write down the general idea you have for the story. I do this when I’m panic studying before an exam, days that I normally spend from morning to evening just flipping through books and notes without breaks, and it works amazingly. As soon as I have time, I go through what I wrote, write it on my computer, and then go from there to an entire story with ease. 
Sometimes I even take notes on my phone, when ideas and dialogues come to mind, so I can always be ready to write even if I just have 5 minutes. 

This is not a perfect method, and if you’re having multiple works going on you might want to either pause some of them or divide them according to your schedule, but I find it work perfectly for me. Doing this, I actually managed to write more than 10 chapters in less than a month, but remember: only because I focused only on one thing. If I were to try more, I probably would still be stuck at chapter 3. 
I had a Yu-Gi-Oh! collab going on with my friend that I had to stop, and I had more stuff that I had to give up on because if I have to prioritize, I prioritize my own works. Some other collabs I’m still hopeful about, included to Saint Seiya ones, but with just 30 minutes a day it’s incrediblly difficult. 

Lastly, I don’t use those 30 minutes to write on this blog. I normally keep the posts I do on here for the evening, and if I want something to be posted during the day I simply write it the evening before and postpone it using tumblr’s feature. 
Most daily posts you see on this blog, save for some answers to asks that I genuinely want to answer as soon as possible, are actually programmed posts I wrote the evening before. This is the reason why some of your asks take a while to be answered, and it’s also the reason why I’m writing this particular answer at 0:50am. 
Sometimes, if it’s just a simple reblog or a very short post, I use my phone. I also answer to people that want to chat with me, even if slowly, because I keep the app on my phone. 
But anything longer, that takes a computer and much more effort, get the treatment you read above. 

And now, since it’s late and I’m as tired as my pokemon after being knocked out by Cynthia, I’m going to sleep. I hope my answer helped!

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