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yuniblob · a year ago
The Season of Success
Why is it you still strive hard,
Into doing exhausting things,
That you’ll eventually discard,
When you’ve finally reached spring?
Ah, the reoccurring spring,
Where flowers are prettily blooming,
And birds that are gleefully chirping,
The season of success.
The season you longingly yearn for,
That you sadly can’t obtain,
Like a bottle of liquor,
Tis’ why you’re alive, feeling in vain.
Success cannot come so easily,
Since spring, summer, fall, and winter—
Follow one another regularly,
Thus patience is the trigger, so do let it linger.
It may be your winter right now,
So it’s alright to quiver and shout,
Your worries may make you say ciao,
But you’ll find a solution for it,
Without further of a doubt.
We don’t know what tomorrow may bring,
But I ensure you, everything has a reason.
So, patiently going through the seasons,
Will take you, to your long-awaited spring.
— a poem made by me
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obsob · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
a companion piece to this! both of which are prints u can buy here for ur loves
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ellenembee · 2 months ago
I agree with all the posts out there talking about the Persuasion "adaptation's" character assassination. From what we can see (though I fully admit trailers aren't always true to the movie), Anne is not the calm, reserved, rational, reliable, sensible, and above all self possessed woman of the books, but rather some kind of modern construct built from Austen's more popular women like Lizzie and Emma. (In reality, Anne, Elinor, and Fanny Price would be on a blanket sipping tea while Lizzie, Emma, Catherine, and Marianne were off vexing men and making trouble.)
One thing I haven't seen mentioned, though, is that from the context of the times, Anne was not just being swayed because she valued her family's continued support and Lady Russell's opinion, but because Lady Russell's concerns were real and frightening. Marrying Wentworth *before* he made his fortune was an *incredible* risk to her safety and wellbeing. Throughout the book, we see countless manifestations of "what if" scenarios:
Mr. Elliott as an example of how she likely would've been disowned by her family if she'd married Frederick anyway
Anne's old school friend Mrs. Smith as an example of her life if she'd married anyway, been disowned, and Frederick had died or become injured enough to not be able to properly support her
Benwick and Fanny Harville as an example of what might have happened if she'd kept the engagement but agreed not to marry him until he'd made enough to support them
Her sister Mary's comfortable life as an example of what she might have had if she'd said yes to Charles Musgrove.
Louisa Musgrove as an example of how Anne might have acted if she'd been less risk averse and less prudent in her youth.
You can argue the validity of Anne's situation compared to these manifestations (likely Lady Russell would have risked angering Sir Elliott and taken Anne in with the idea of an eventual reconciliation), but there are countless other examples throughout the book. They are meant to reinforce the point that Anne is reconciled to her own actions, much as she might regret them.
This is not a book where Anne blames herself or her family. She did the "right" thing by breaking it off with Frederick. She just now wishes with her whole being that she hadn't done the "right" thing.
"... but Anne, at seven-and-twenty, thought very differently from what she had been made to think at nineteen. She did not blame Lady Russell, she did not blame herself for having been guided by her ... She was persuaded that under every disadvantage of disapprobation at home, and every anxiety attending his profession, all their probable fears, delays, and disappointments, she should yet have been a happier woman in maintaining the engagement than she had been in the sacrifice of it."
And later, to Frederick:
"If I was wrong in yielding to persuasion once, remember that it was to persuasion exerted on the side of safety, not of risk."
In hindsight, she sees all the risks and all the examples of her possible life choices, and thinks now it would have been worth the pain and risk. To be disappointed by fate would have been far better than the constant estrangement from the man she has loved for eight years.
Anne sees all the possibilities of how her life might have played out in the people around her, and she accepts it.
And the best part is that Frederick acknowledges that Anne was right to be cautious.
"He had imagined himself indifferent, when he had only been angry, and he had been unjust to her merits, because he had been a sufferer from them ... He had learnt to distinguish between the steadiness of principle and the obstinacy of self-will, between the darings of heedlessness and the resolution of a collected mind ...
Fredrick knew he'd been resentful and proud. And he owns up to his mistake of thinking ill of her for so long. He admits he was his own worst enemy when it came to his happiness with Anne. And Anne reinforces this with her words to him near the end:
I have been thinking over the past ... and I must believe that I was right, much as I suffered from it, that I was perfectly right in being guided by [Lady Russell] ... Do not mistake me, however. I am not saying that she did not err in her advice. It was, perhaps, one of those cases in which advice is good or bad only as the event decides ...
Anne is calm. She follows her conscience. She is sensible and, yes, resolute when she needs to be. She's amazing as she is and doesn't need to be made into something she's not.
She is appealing because of who she is, and it's also why she's my favorite Austen woman. To divorce Anne of these things is to create a new character and inherently alter the story.
So call it something else. Say it's "inspired by" Persuasion if you want. But don't pretend that you can alter the main character's very personality and still call it Persuasion.
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why-the-heck-not · 5 months ago
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01.03.22, tuesday
have I once again backed myself into the "u have 4 hours 'till the deadline and u haven't even started" corner? yes. yes I have. Have I lost all drops of motivation and the fucks I give ? also yes.
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jamieboya · a year ago
Tumblr media
i’ve clearly regressed to 5th grade, so here’s some percy jackson fanart ladies and gents
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dykedatingsim · 8 months ago
the feminine urge to be a talkative & rebellious princess followed around 24/7 by a stoic quiet knight. the androgynous urge to do and say increasingly bizarre and annoying shit until i finally get her to snap and pin me to a wall and make out with me just so i’ll finally shut the fuck up
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moonsnqil · a month ago
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Lost interest in this so I'm not gonna finish but look. Percabeth.
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expelliarmus · 5 months ago
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kate-anthony · 16 days ago
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tea time reads book club august pick → portrait of a thief by grace d. li
they had all come here for different reasons. they had all chosen to stay. he had spent so many years thinking that nothing good could ever last, but—maybe this could. his crew was here, had chosen this and him and a future that felt out of a dream.
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eremin0109 · a month ago
The more I read about Patroclus' actual characterization in the Iliad, the more my distaste for Madeline Miller's version of him grows.
Like lady, how do you take this MAN who was a formidable, seasoned warrior with a body count that was CANONICALLY greater than that of Achilles', a briliant strategist and an army medic, charming as all hell, bisexual as fuck AND rips apart Zeus' goddamn son with his bare fucking hands and turn him into whatever the fuck TSOA Patroclus was???!?
With all due respect, Patrochilles aren't your run of the mill yaoi couple and the only reason I can see for her to "feminize" Patroclus was to make two WARRIORS who canonically had a balanced dynamic between them to forcefully fit into the done and dusted, absolutely fetishizing seme/uke (erastes and eromenos, if you will) trope. And this is just sad because had she been true to the original characterizations, it would've made for a vastly more interesting retelling and not a book that basically glorifies and justifies Achilles' horrible deeds and makes Patroclus a dumb simp who can't see anything wrong with his boyfriend's actions.
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dramat-ique · 27 days ago
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The upload quality is terrible because I was using a random sized canvas but Here’s some of the doodles I did while reading @crumpetz amazing fic The Big Road Home. Their Tim and Jason make me unreasonably soft. Please read it.
I said in a comment weeks ago I’d been doodling them but wasn’t really intending to post anywhere but I figure if someone had done even a five second doodle based on something I’d written I’d really love to see it. So.
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obsob · 3 months ago
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yes i am getting emails 
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howdydowdy · 7 months ago
funniest part of fugitive telemetry is hands down when the weapons scanners go off because murderbot has guns in its arms, but everyone has somehow forgotten about this? so they spend two minutes and twelve seconds patting down everyone else before murderbot finally takes pity on them and reminds them about the arm weapons. two minutes and twelve seconds, guys. you know how long that is for a construct? and murderbot didn't even start playing an episode of sanctuary moon in the background to pass the time or anything. it just watched them bumble around for two full minutes and twelve whole seconds. that's actually kind of a long time even for a human to watch another human do something wrong! but murderbot just sat back with the figurative popcorn and let itself be entertained.
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mothcpu · 9 months ago
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>_> <_< *Blasts you with Forearm Laser*
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riisinaakka-draws · 9 months ago
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“Oh, I remember you.”
Still thinking about that Vanity Fair photoshoot and all the possible Black Sails lighthouse AUs where Flint is the lighthouse keeper... and gets a visitor(s). But who? dundunduuu... Not sure if this would be a reincarnation au or immortal beings au or ghosts or just a regular modern(ish) au, so feel free to have your own interpretations!
The face ref for this was Lieutenant McGraw when he returns to London in season 2 but I wanted to see Flint with his waxed s1 mustache and the more modern hair and coat (although the decade is not set in stone)... Please, do not repost elsewhere :)
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retro-jupiter · 4 months ago
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lazy mornings 
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starbiology · 10 months ago
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i realized xue yang wouldve still been a jin disciple when jin ling was a kid and??? Awful Necromancer babysitter?
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