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#time to reblog this beauty again
Okay so I saw something about Maurice being an lgbt movie with a happy ending (obviously) but it made me think about how sad so much lgbt media is. So, I figured it might be a nice idea to make some sort of collaborative list of lgbt movies with happy endings! I know they already exist elsewhere but it might be fun to see what else the people in the Maurice fandom are watching :) (Note: will contain vague spoilers)
Here, I'll start:
Maurice: This is the obvious one. We all know and love it :). It follows the life of a man in Edwardian England as he discovers his sexuality and identity through two very different love affairs. A happy ending because EM Forster was a legend!!
My Beautiful Laundrette: I've mentioned this before, but it's really a hidden gem! A man reconnects with an old lover and they work together to build a successful business, rekindling old feelings in the process. There are some heavy themes of racism, but overall it's a happy ending. Both men survive the film and end up together!
The Old Guard: Four immortal warriors start to lose hope in their mission to help humanity, and when someone figures out who they are they have to evade them and find a reason to keep fighting. Two of the immortals are in a gay relationship and their love and intimacy is shown throughout the film. Another may have been in a gay relationship in the past, but it isn't shown definitively. The gay characters survive the film and are literally un-bury-able due to their immortality!
Love, Simon: Yes, I know. But this is actually a really good movie! A high school boy has to navigate coming out and having a crush he only speaks to in emails while being blackmailed by someone who threatens to out him. Obviously, there are themes of homophobia and blackmailing, but overall it's a lighthearted movie made for teenagers. The boy ends up making the best of things and beginning a very cute relationship.
Booksmart: This movie focuses more on the friendship between two girls, but one of the girls is an out-and-proud lesbian! The movie also takes place in a pretty short time frame, but she is still explicitly attracted to girls and the ending suggests she is going to start a relationship with a girl she met earlier in the film. Overall it's a fairly lighthearted comedy featuring a lesbian who ends up happy!
And that's all I have for now :). Feel free to add on! I would love to end up with a huge list of lgbt movies with happy endings!
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tennessoui · 2 months ago
hello dearest!! thank u for your galaxy brain prompt responses, they’re always a treat <3 i’m not sure if you’ve already answered this and i missed it, but what are your thoughts on non-obikin pairings? i just discovered anakin/padmé/rex and let me tell u the brainrot is absolutely real
hello!! and thank you 🥺💞
the short answer is i don't ship obi-wan or anakin with other people.
the long answer is i've tried to get into various other ships, even just ships that are them and someone else added, and I couldn't really do it because I kept thinking about where obi-wan was or where anakin was or what it would take for them to get together 🙈 i 100% support every ship in the star wars fandom and i see them all the time on my dash so we're not talking like blacklisting content or anything, i just don't interact much with it because my favorite version of obikin is the one where they're too entangled and mutually obsessed with each other to have any romantic love left to give anyone else
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babysprouseisart · a month ago
Why did I just stumble across some of the sweetest joint old photos of Cole and Lili, when everything was still fine (or at least that seemed to be the case and they seemed so happy?), while listening to «I get to love you» by Ruelle...?
These wonderful times... Sometimes, it seems to me that these were the best years of happiness for the two of them throughout their entire life at the moment, the years of blooming, especially for Lili, and that maybe this will never happen again to the extent that it was then. They literally sparkled together, radiated some incredible energy which was sensible just from the photos or the videos, and no matter how happy I am for Cole now (truly), no matter how much I will support him all the time, there is still no such spark that was once. Maybe it is just me, maybe I am wrong - you are free to disagree, but it in my humble opinion everything is calmer now, more... usual, ordinary? And yes, I know that relationships can't be the same, and I'm in NO way devaluing what Cole and Ari have now, but I extremely liked the incendiary energy of him and Lili together, their bomb appearances together, words of love, eternal riddles, temptation, breadcrumbs. However, I really hope that this will (or maybe already is) really be the case over time again, I believe that maybe there is even a happier state than it was once. And even if not, I will still be happy for Cole, Ari, I will respect them and appreciate what they share, because this is their business and they are quite mature adults to know what's good for them.
I don't want to seem like a troll, a hypocrite or something else, I'm just sharing with you sincere thoughts that came with me with nostalgia, and despite my leaning to Cole now (although I sometimes don't know if we judge correctly, because we don't know a lot, nobody from their close circle told us nothing, maybe everything is not as it seems to us, and, uh, I honestly sometimes wish I'd never got involved in all the shit, never saw some evidence, analysis and wish it didn't happen so messed up), those Lili and Cole who were happy together will always cause only positive emotions inside me and will forever have a place in my heart.
Well, here it is, I won't do it again, I promise, it's just a rush of thoughts.
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alwayskissmeatnight · 11 months ago
[tag game]
tagged by @something-like-a-sunflower @dreamaur @welcometo-saturn @let-them-lovexx @kieunora @eliottdemmaury thank you so much ells, ann, çağri, dyamond, liv and soph 💗💗 you are all so extremely talented and i love to see your beautiful creations 🤩🤩 i’m honored 🥺
rules : it’s time to love yourself. choose your 5 favorite works you created in the past year (fics, art, edits, etc.) and link them below to reflect on the amazing things you’ve brought into the world. tag as many writers/artists/etc. you want (fan or original) so we can spread the love and link each other to awesome works !
favorite elu moments 🖇💗this gifset is a little bit underrated but i had such a good time editing it and rewatching all these beautiful and soft elu moments.
lucas smiling at eliott 🤩💛 this gifset is pure serotonin and i love it so much. lucas smiling and being happy looks the best on him❣️
eliott smiling at lucas 🤩💖 this is the companion set to my lucas one. i first made the eliott one and then the lucas one. pure serotonin again and favorite ever because eliott smiling and being happy has my heart ❤️
my elu rainbow set 🌈 i love this set so much and it was so fun to play around with the colors. since then i discovered a new way to do colored themed gifs so i look forward to applying it hehe 😁
moyo makadi❣️this gifset is my first wtfock one. he deserves so much better 😔
i also have some honorable mentions :
this lyrics themed gifset with one of my favorite songs that got kicked off of all tags idk why 🥺
moments of bliss 🖇💓 because it’s samedi 9h17 and it’s my all time favorite comfort clip ever.
i’ll tag : @luxandobscurus @kissjane @bluronyourradar @to-enter-polaris @bauwens @mirroroferisedx @lieverobbe @alterlovex @kritiquer @blanxkey @lifeisevak @katzen-kinder @demauryss @smiling-for-money @lololil @ironymane @jensrolt @nachtumringt @joshdieser @jzermans @boysrunaway and everybody else who wants to do it❣️(please feel free to ignore 💘)
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cowboyshit · 8 months ago
me: *literally the only tattoo I have is the heartagram*
me, listening to HIM solely for the first time in years: holy fuck I forgot how good this shit is
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peachsprings · 2 months ago
ok i get creative again these days, so probably i will make a tiny flood in the dashboard soon
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edierone · a year ago
What happened I saw your tags about DD ?? I’m confused now
Oh, every once in awhile I am forced by some malicious synapse in my brain to think about how that fuckin guy has (in my opinion, which in this case has precisely the same power and heft as the text on a paper Chipotle takeout bag) twice in his life -- TWICE -- that we know of -- had the chance to make a real go of things with G, and has TWICE (that we know of) fumbled it big-time. I blame him (for a variety of reasons, and no I’m not gonna Get Into It™️ with any dd stans, or for that matter GA stans, because I am unpersuadable, and anyway none of y’all know any more than I do, and also I don’t care), and so I’ve chosen to acknowledge his existence only as it relates to Mulder/TXF, especially since he trashed his own IRL redemption arc by starting that clownshow of a garbage relationship with 33-years-younger whatsherface. 
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vidaflxwer · a year ago
writing fanfics for anything your younger self was a huge fan of, before you knew what fanfiction or even fandoms were, is one of the most rewarding and wholesome things ever because you realize how much you’ve grown while being able to give back to your younger self and indulge in something that gives you so much nostalgia for when you first got into it and it’s such a lovely feeling
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dianaclairmonts · a year ago
big shout out to the arrow/olicity fandom today. it's been the fandom that i've been in for the longest and met the most amazing people due to loving the show and of course mainly olicity and ota. you guys are so wonderful & creative and i know you'll keep providing the fandom with beautiful fics, gifs, edits and more. lots of love to you all on the day of the finale ❤️❤️
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