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kindaangelic · a day ago
Robin Musings, as per Krypto
Ph.D. (tummy rubs), M.A. (The Art of The Good Boi)
Robin I
A puppy!
Oh boy Clark finally made me a grandpup!
How well my grandpup fights!
And how well he flies!
Oh no
The chickens are trying to adopt him
Quick, bark at the chickens
Robin II
New pup!
Angry pup?
Let me lick your woes away
Oh I know all about sibling rivalry
See how the horses prance around and look all majestic
But I know that Clark loves both of us equally
Ah I have imparted wisdom
Robin III
The pup is skinny!!
Feed the pup-!
I can't lactate :/
Quick, let's go to Bessie
Woman has like, six calves, she can spare some milk
Robin IV
Girl pup!
Brush me as you would brush your glorious hair
Now for the finale
We shall shed on Bruce's favorite chair :)
Robin III again
Skinny pup is dating Kon-pup!
Glorious, I will have great-grandpups now
That is, if Bruce doesn't keep yelling
Ruins the mood :/
How will my dynasty continue at this rate
Robin V
Angry pup!
Quick! Snuffle the anger away!
Oops I squished him
It's ok :)
What's this
The pup is kidnapping me!
Someone save me- oh wait
You're rich
Tell Clark I said bye :)
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secondlastpsycho · a day ago
the awkwardness is easily the worst part in any good fic, the 'accidental-confession awkwardness', the 'got-caught-staring awkwardness', the 'not-yet-together-but-super-possessive-awkwardness', the 'very-obvious-mutual-pining-awkwardness', the-you get the gist, but also the best part in any fic is the suffering of reading through them, and the hyping yourself up to get through it and not smack the characters through the screen, and the sweet sweet sweet post awkwardness figuring-everything-part, it just all really makes it worth it ya know,so it isn't really the worst part
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battlships · a day ago
hc that after setting up jon and jay, damian got a taste for matchmaking and starts doing it to his siblings too 
Steph and Cass were easy Jason and Roy? didn’t even need help Dick, Kori, and Wally really just needed Dick to get his head out of his ass Tim and Conner are his white whale, his crowning achievement. When Damian finally gets them together he brags about it for a full week straight.
his tombstone will read: Here lies Damian Wayne, the only person who was able to make Tim Drake and Conner Kent stop being stupid.
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burningredhot · a day ago
I hate that people judge others for who they ship. Like, we are all just here because canon didnt satisfying us in whatever way. Right?
I mean I understand why people judge others, and I've definitely done it myself, I refuse to lie and say I haven't, but like really guys cant we not agree but still get along?
I'm sorry if this sounds hypocritical, it probably is, but that's mostly because I really struggle with organizing my thoughts in any place other than my head. So, sorrry.
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butwhyduh · 2 days ago
Omg! Italian-American Jason ttly watches soccer while being overly emotional about it.
I also deeply believe that he prefers soccer to football and y'all can rip this headcanon from my cold, dead hands.
I’ve never considered that but yes! Jason watches soccer and yells about bad calls while eating the most unhealthy food you’ve ever heard of.
“Did you have to make bacon Mac and cheese chili cheese dogs?” You asked watching him load up like it was his last meals. Just because he went through calories like he stole them didn’t mean you could.
“There’s also a margerita pizza in the oven and a salad in the fridge,” he said with kiss to your forehead. “But the game starts in 5 and I’m not missing it. And if Metropolis keeps diving, I swear I will personally drive over there and whoop-“
“Kidding! I’ll have a nice kind conversation about how it’s a fucking soccer field and not a diving board,” he ended his sentence. You had your hands on your hips and looked at him. “I’m not going anywhere. But I don’t know if I can stay cool with Tim’s boyfriend talking trash if we lose another game to metropolis of all places.”
“You’re gonna take a breath before you burst a blood vessel,” you said rolling your eyes. A knock at the door broke your conversation as Jason opened the door. Dick, Tim, Damian, and Roy showed up.
“Look who the cat dragged in,” Jason said with a grin.
“We we’re almost late because this one was Skyping,” Roy said pointing to Tim.
“Kon is in space and he managed a call. What can I say,” Tim said slipping away before Jason could give him a head rub.
“Stop being so horny?” Damian answered.
“You shouldn’t even know that word,” Dick protested.
“I’m 15. Everyone knows that word,” Damian said slipping his shoes off unlike the other guys. Jason looked at them pointedly and they complied before piling in the living area. Jason and Roy piled unfathomable amounts of food on their plates. Dick grabbed a single slice of pizza and sat down.
“What is that?” Jason asked. Dick looked up confused. “What child are you feeding? That’s a bite.”
“Oh, well some of us have to fit in our suits and can’t just eat junk,” Dick answered and Jason and Roy started laughing. “You joke but I went out for tacos with Kori one time and I felt like Mr Incredible trying to roll the pants on.” They laughed harder.
“Oh god Dick, why would you make it so tight,” Jason asked. Even Tim was grinning.
“Hey now, there’s a reason Nightwing is Gotham’s sexiest hero and Red Hood makes the list of least likely to bathe,” he quipped. Tim and Damian laughed. Roy shoved Jason’s shoulder with a gaff.
“Babe, do I bathe?” Jason asked you in the kitchen.
“What? Oh yeah. That’s a weird question,” you called back.
“I know for a fact that both of you are disgusting but the worst is Drake,” Damian said taking a bottle of smoothie Alfred made out of his bag. Nothing was safely vegetarian at Jason’s house.
“Hey!” Tim started.
“Shut the fuck up! The game is on!” Jason said turning the volume up. You joined them in the living room as the game started.
Gotham lost 2-1. Kon gloated for a week when he got back earth side. Tim ended up drunk on one beer. Damian befriended all the neighbors cats on the fire escape. And between Jason and Roy, 14 bacon Mac and cheese chili cheese dogs were eaten as well as a whole pizza. Dick fell asleep halfway thru the game even with the guys yelling at the tv. Bruce pouted because he didn’t get to join the soccer game viewing.
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comatose--overdose · 2 days ago
"txt your s/o 'I want a baby'" meme 4/?
Tim: I want a baby
Kon: Like just to hang out with?
Tim: no
Tim: to raise
Kon: Oh.
Kon: Well it's not like the sleep deprivation would be anything new so why not
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alessiasunflower28 · 2 days ago
Kon: Sometimes, Tim can be a staight-up dork.
Steph: *chokes*
Kon: What's wrong?
Steph: Never thought I'd hear "straight" and "Tim" in the same sentence.
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sleep-eat-read-repeat · 2 days ago
A while ago I saw a post saying that sometimes soulmates don’t have happy endings or end up together. The post was talking about Helnik ( from soc) and honestly I have been projecting this idea onto my favorite non canon ships 😢🥺🥺
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charleswaterloo · 11 hours ago
Kon confessing to tim by accidently blurting out "very beautiful, very powerful" when he puts tim down after flying him somewhere
Tim, oblivious: fuck is that video some sort of virus or something i hear that everywhere
Tim: wait are you calling me a fish
Kon, a moron who is also morosexual: you're so stupid we're getting married
(Okay anon you are a genius now I need a fic where it's just Tim and Kon accidentally flirting with each other via meme. That's so cringe and amazing that's totally something they'd do <3)
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scaredy-draws · a day ago
Tumblr media
"You always said you couldn't see the stars from Gotham,"
I had this idea cause Gotham is a crowded place so obviously there's a lot of light pollution, meaning stars wouldn't be visable yada yada... Kon should pick Tim up
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matsketches · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dancing in the moonlight ✨
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scarletbirbs · 2 months ago
Tim, freshly out of the closet, the next time he sees Conner fighting in battle:
Tumblr media
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kayjayo1227 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This ones for the all the haters 💜💜💜
You fuel my creativity with your negativity 💜💜💜
I just like drawing Tim and Kon in JL shirts??
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