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#timothee chalamet
chalamet-chalamet · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
In honor of the new Dune film, here’s a photo I took in 2018 sitting across from Timothée Chalamet reading dune on the F Train 💥
Twitter credit to hellomattstarr
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galvarsano · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"It’s coming. The Holy war is spreading across the universe like an unquenchable fire. A warrior religion that waves the Atreides banner in my father’s name. Fanatical legions worshiping at the shrine of my father’s skull. A war in my name! Everyone shouting my name!"
DUNE (2021) dir. Denis Villeneuve
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chalamet-chalamet · 8 hours ago
Interviewer: *asks them to do a hand sign for Fortnite.* “It’s not a gang sign. It’s a cool little thing our team does.”
Timothée: 20 years from now it’s not going to become like…
Zendaya: …a symbol for white supremacy.
Timothee: Some January 6th shit. Some Capitol riot ass shit!
Zendaya: Don’t get us canceled!
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houseatreidess · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a  great  man  doesn’t  seek  to  lead,  he’s  called  to  it,  and  he  answers.  if  your  answer  is  no,  you’ll  still  be  the  only  thing  i  ever  needed  you  to  be.  my  son.
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princechalamet · 8 hours ago
can you write soft sex with timmy after he arrives from a long day of filming that ends in cockwarming, and your writing is also very good<333
a/n: thank you sm for the request !! Hope you like it✨✨ ++ tyyy, that’s so kind ❤️
Much Better
Timothée Chalamet x Reader
Tumblr media
^ I had to use this gif yaaas😍
cw: sex, cockwarming, language (18+)!!
Timothée had been away all day filming for his newest film, and although he dearly loved his job, at times he would get rather stressed. Today was one of those days.
He had felt extremely nervous and tense all day, and although that didn’t show in his acting (as his beautiful performance had shone through on set) when he was away from the cameras, his heart was racing and he just felt stressed.
Therefore, when the evening rolled around and filming was finished for the day, Timothée was happy to leave and get home to you as soon as possible. The whole journey home however, Timothée couldn’t stay still. His heart continued to hammer in his chest, his leg bouncing, unable to relax or calm down. He didn’t know why he still felt anxious, the feeling just wouldn’t go away.
Timothée didn’t find himself randomly crying out of nowhere very often, but as soon as he entered your shared apartment and heard your soft voice, he broke down in tears. “Timmy, what’s wrong?” You asked worriedly, rushing to his side and pulling him into a tight embrace. He buried his face in your neck, your hair tickling his ear as you softly rubbed his back. He wrapped his arms around you, holding onto you for dear life.
“I-I don’t know” he spluttered, feeling kind of stupid for the way he was acting. “Mon chéri, it’s okay” you whispered, gently kissing the side of his head as he continued to cry quietly into your shoulder. “Let’s sit down” you whispered, as he nodded. You guided him into the living room, sitting down amongst the plushy cushions. Timothée curled into your side, nuzzling his head against the side of your boobs. You swiped your thumb carefully against his cheek, wiping away the glistening tears upon his pale skin.
“Did something happen today?” You asked, still extremely concerned for your boyfriend. Timothée shook his head. “Nothing happened” he replied, voice cracking slightly, “I just feel very anxious and have felt so all day, I think it all just built up too much.”
You nodded slowly, your fingers stroking his hair. You kissed the top of his head, nuzzling your nose into his curls. “I think tonight you need some rest and relaxation, we can do anything you want to do” you told him, as a small smile appeared on his lips.
He looked up at you, green eyes dazzling as his tears subsided. He nuzzled his face into your arm, making you giggle a little. “I think I have an idea” he smirked, pulling himself upwards a little so he was face to face with you. “Mmm?” You questioned, knowing what he wanted by just the glint that had appeared in his eyes.
Timothée slowly leaned forwards, your eyes fluttering closed as his lips softly attached to yours. Instantly you parted your lips so that Timothée could slip his tongue into your mouth, his nose brushing against yours as he deepened the kiss. He placed his hands firmly on your hips before picking you up and placing you back down on his lap so that you were straddling him. You smiled into the kiss, as you wrapped your arms around his neck.
“Fuck” Timothée whispered into your mouth, as you began to grind your hips slowly against his. You could feel his hard cock against your inner thigh, your pussy damp at the realisation. Timothée lifted your shirt up at little, running his hands up your sides and towards your bra, before grabbing the hem of the shirt and pulling it roughly over your head. “That needed to go” he smirked, eyes glistening. You giggled, slowly leaning forward to kiss his lips again whilst making sure your cleavage was fully in his vision. Timothée licked his lips, eyes scanning over your body. As your lips reconnected, you could feel Timothée roughly unclasp your lace bra before chucking it somewhere on the floor.
“Much better,” he mumbled against your lips, his hands instantaneously squeezing your breasts. You moaned as he rubbed your nipples in between the pad of his thumb and index finger, the friction causing you some pleasure. “Babyyy” you whined, as he flicked your right nipple, biting softly on your bottom lip. “That feel good huh?” He questioned, as he continued to massage your breasts, kissing slowly down your neck and to your collarbone.
You hummed in reply, as you roughly gripped his curls at the back of his head. You nodded feverishly, as he attached his lips to your left boob, sucking on your hardened nipple and swirling his tongue around it. You groaned with pleasure, as you ran your hands down Timothée’s arms. “You’re so fucking beautiful” he whispered, his hands roughly grabbing your ass and shaking it a little. You kissed him quickly for a moment before hopping off his lap and grabbing his hand, pulling him up with you. He leant down to kiss you on the lips once again, as you helped him pull his shirt over his head so that his torso was bare.
The two of you stumbled up to your shared bedroom as Timothée kicked the door closed with his foot, lips still dancing with yours. You pulled apart so that you could both strip your trousers off, only in your black lace panties as he stood in his boxers, his hardened cock poking upwards inside the fabric. Timothée softly pushed you backwards onto the bed, climbing on top of you and kissing you passionately, before kissing along your jawline and sucking on your neck.
You felt his hard-on brush against your leg, as he danced his fingertips along the hem of your panties. “These are very sexy” he mumbled against your neck, “but they must go” he smirked before ripping the lace panties down your thighs and flinging them across the room. His long, slender fingers traced the outline of your pussy, your juices collecting on his finger. You shivered at his touch, starting to become slightly impatient. “Timmy,” you whined, “touch me please” you begged.
Timothée smirked.
“You’re going to have to beg harder than that” he growled, as he softly massaged his index finger on your clit. You let out a loud moan, bucking your hips towards him. “More please Timmy, please please” you groaned loudly, the neediness sorely apparent in your voice. All of a sudden, Timothée slid two fingers into your soaking pussy, making sure to pump them in nice and deep, catching you by surprise and making you moan out dramatically. “Fuck” you moaned, gripping his shoulder blades tightly.
“You’re so wet already baby, and I’ve barely touched you” Timothée whispered in your ear, his breath tickling your earlobe. “All because of you” you breathed out, as he slid in another finger, pumping them in and out of you quickly. He curled his fingers inside of you, your pussy dripping, the knot in your stomach coiling inside of you. “Tim,” you breathed, “I’m going to cum” you told him, as he used his other hand to flick your nipples and shake your breasts every so often.
Suddenly he pulled his fingers out of you, wetness dripping down your thighs. You cried out, not quite meeting your orgasm. “Timmy..” you cried, desperate to feel your high. “Not yet baby” he smirked, as he brought your hand to palm his dick through his boxers. You squeezed it softly through the fabric, as he leant down to kiss in between your breasts.
You pulled the boxers down, throwing them to the side before pumping your hand slowly up and down his dick. He moaned loudly as you began sucking on it, swirling your tongue around the head of his cock and bringing it to the back of your throat, almost gagging. “You look so gorgeous with my cock down your throat” he groaned, his hand firmly gripping your hair, the other grabbing your ass cheeks, every once in a while giving your ass a loud smack.
You moaned loudly, your mouth still wrapped around his cock. You massaged his balls as you continued to suck on him like a lollipop. Timothée pulled your head back, still gripping your hair, to force you to look up at him, his pre-cum dripping from your lips. “Please fuck me” you whispered to him, his cock twitching at your words. “Get on your back” he commanded as you instantly lay down, spreading your legs as he positioned himself on top of you.
He lined his cock up at your entrance, one hand intertwined with yours, pinning it above your head, and the other softly massaging your clit. You moaned with pleasure, a knot of butterflies entering your stomach. “I need you in me now, please” you whined, just as Timothée slammed his cock into you.
You moaned loudly in pleasure, as you buckled your hips upwards to meet Timothée’s. He leant closer to you so he could kiss your lips as he slowly pushed in and out of you. “You take me so well baby” he mumbled against your lips, as you whined a little. He pushed himself deep inside of you, his hair falling in front of his eyes as he pulled away from the kiss and looked straight into your eyes.
“I love you so much, Y/N” he moaned, pulling out and slamming straight back into you. You cried out in pleasure, gripping his hand tightly against the sheets.
“I love you too, Timothée”
You wrapped your legs around his back, clinging onto him as he continued to push into you, perfectly hitting your sensitive parts as he used his fingers to play with your clit. You ran your fingers through his unruly hair, pulling at it slightly as you pushed yourself towards him, making sure he was pounding into you nice and deep.
Tears sprang to your eyes, not out of sadness but out of extreme passion and love. The emotions and pleasure you felt was pushing you over the edge.
“Timmy” you breathed, as you gripped his arm tightly. “I’m going to cum.”
Timothée smiled, green eyes glistening. He grabbed both your hands in his and pinned them above your head on the mattress, pressing his lips to yours as he slammed his large cock into you at a faster pace. “Fuck, you feel so fucking good” you cried out, white spots appearing in your vision as you felt the knot in your stomach unravelling.
The euphoria you felt was insane, the amount of pleasure and love all mixed into one bursting through you. Timothée came at the same time as you, squirting his liquids into your pussy as he moaned loudly, his eyes fully on yours the whole time.
Timothée wrapped you up in his arms, and manoeuvred you so that you were laying faced to him upon the bed, his cock still tucked inside your pussy. He nuzzled his nose against yours, softly pecking your lips as both of your juices trickled down your legs. His cock lay warm inside of you, the feeling of it still giving you a tingling in your stomach.
“Fuck that was amazing,” Timothée whispered, a smile on his face. “You’re so perfect.”
You blushed a little, your hand tracing patterns on his bare back. “Do you feel better?” You whispered, lips grazing his.
Timothée nodded his head a little, “much much better” he replied, giving you one last kiss before his eyes fluttered closed.
You lay together atop the sheets, naked bodies pressed tightly together, arms wrapped around one another. All worries and stress completely faded.
Thank u again for the request!! ❣️
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high-lady-of-earth · 11 hours ago
Dune 2021 Cheat Sheet
Caladan: home-world of House Atreides; lots of water, life, and greenery
Arrakis: desert planet home to sand worms and fremen; also called “dune”; only place where spice melange is found in the universe
Geidi Prime: home-world of House Harkonnen
Salusa Prime: home-world of the emperor
Salusa Secondus: home-world of the Saudukar
Spice melange: powerful hallucinogen that enables the spacing guild to conduct interstellar travel; called “spice”; most valuable substance in the universe
Fremen: indigenous people of Arrakis; blue eyes consequence of exposure to spice
Shai-Hulud: fremen word for sand worms
Padishah Emperor: ruler of the Imperium
Saudukar: religious-like, brutal army of the emperor
Lansraad: group of the noble houses of the Imperium
Bene Gesserit: group of women with supernatural powers that have been manipulating bloodlines to birth “the One”, the kwisatz haderach
Gom Jabbar: test to reveal the Kwisatz Haderach
Kwisatz Haderach: the male who is foretold to bridge space and time; he will have the genetic memory of females and males and the ability to tell of the future
Muad’ib: a desert mouse on Arrakis that can produce and consume its own water
Paul Atreides: heir to House Atreides
Duke Leto Atreides: father of Paul
Lady Jessica: Bene Gesserit consort of Duke Leto; mother of Paul
Thurfir Hawat: advisor to Duke Leto
Duncan Idaho: trains the Atreides legions; close to Paul
Gurney Halleck: trains Atreides legions, weapons master
Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam: matriarch of the Bene Gesserit; truthsayer to the emperor
Baron Vladimir Harkonnen: head of House Harkonnen; mortal enemy of Duke Leto Atreides
Rabban Harkonnen: nephew to the baron
Piter de Vries: advisor to Baron Harkonnen
Liet Kynes: ecologist on Arrakis; judge of the change
Dr. Yueh: doctor of House Atreides
Stilgar: leader of fremen tribe
Chani: fremen girl from Paul’s dreams
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oceans-foundfamily · 5 hours ago
I cannot emphasize enough the whiplash I got from being a Dune book fan before the movie came out.
I’ve spent so much time making niche memes and art and hoping it gets noticed, and then I fall asleep and wake up and now there’s Piter de Vries self insert fanfiction.
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timoarmie · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
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coralinejones · 18 hours ago
both dune and the green knight had multiple characters touching the protagonist’s face tenderly and i just think that !!!!!!!!!!!! yeah 🥰
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izzzyyybel · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
greta gerwig describing timothee chalamet
i think about this a lot😌✨
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