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just slow nipple/boob worship like you're both just chilling on a weekend and he casually pulls your top up and just kisses/sucks/handsy all over your boobs in like every way
Ugh, this whole idea is just HOT.
Lips & Nips
Warnings: short, sweet boob worship
Tumblr media
The sun had just barely risen, and you'd just barely opened your eyes when you felt a hand slide down your stomach. Timothee's fingers dipped into your panties when you grabbed his wrist.
"Why'd you stop me?" His voice was heavy with sleep, crackly and deep.
"Period," you reminded him.
"I don't care."
"I do," you said as you pulled his hand away, laying it on your stomach.
Timothee sighed and stared at the ceiling. You let your eyes close again, sleep clouding your thoughts when the same hands that attempted to travel between your legs, traveled up and up until his fingertips grazed the soft skin of your breast. You sighed at his touch and your nipples hardened immediately. Timothee loved your boobs. You knew he was admiring them through your shirt even with your eyes closed. You heard the smile in his heavy, needy breaths. You shifted, laying fully on your back to give him access to whatever it was he wished to accomplish.
He withdrew his hand only to lift your shirt up to your neck. The cool air hit your skin, covering it with chills.
"Cold?" Timothee chuckled.
Eyes still closed you nodded. You felt the mattress dip as he moved on the bed, followed by the warmth of his body over yours. His hands gently began kneading and massaging your breasts. He squeezed them just enough to make you arch your back. Delicately, he circled your nipples with his fingers causing them to peak even further at the contact. He pinched your nipples in between his thumb and index fingers, earning a soft series of breaths from you.
You felt Timothee's warm breath move closer to your breasts as he covered each one in kisses, gently sucking in the skin as he pulled away each time. Your hands fisted his hair as his tongue began tracing the outline of your breast. His hard arousal pressed against your leg as he worshipped them.
"You are so perfect," he whispered before taking your left nipple into his mouth. He sucked it lightly, pulling it between his lips before letting it go.
You bit your lip not wanting the bliss to end.
"These," Timothee moved to the right and continued, "are so perfect."
He wrapped his lips around your right nipple, sucking and swirling his tongue around the tight skin.
Soft moans and whimpers escaped your mouth. You ached for him desperately.
"Feel good?" He asked as he popped off of your breast.
"So good," you whined.
Timothee trailed a line of kisses up your neck until he arrived at your mouth. He kissed you slowly taking the time to let his tongue explore every inch of yours.
"We aren't leaving this bed today."
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social media au | timothee chalamet
click here for part one
pairing: timothee chalamet x celebrity!reader
warnings: swearing! none other though :)
a/n: as promised, here's part two!!! it's not necessary to check out the first part but i think it's more fun if you do :) anyways, hope you're all having a great day!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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yourinstagram thanks for all the birthday wishes! and thanks to everyone who came and celebrated with me! love you guys to death!
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yourfan14 happy birthday queen!!! love you more than you will ever know (literally)
yourinstagram thank you! love you too <3
yourfan14 EXCUSE ME WHAT???????
yourfan89 how does y/n manage to look this breathtaking while being completely wasted??
timmyfan73 timmy flew out to LA yesterday... i wonder why 馃檪
taylor_hill once more, happiest of birthday's bestie
yourinstagram thank you tay!!!! wouldn't have been this amazing without you by my side though 馃槝
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yourfan62 am i the only one who's wondering wether timmy will post a picture of himself from the party or not lol? cause i really really hope that he will
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tchalamet party animal
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timmyfan71 he looks so completely drunk lmao it's so hilarious
timmyfan85 does anyone know where this was taken??
timmyfan52 his girlfriend yourinstagram threw a party yesterday!
timmyfan85 ah okay ty!!!!
yourfan16 wish we could see the pictures they took together 馃ズ
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gq The Making (and Remaking) of Timoth茅e Chalamet- The actor who found superstardom and artistic acclaim instantaneously reveals what it's like to come of age in our very upside-down era, and the struggles he's had to face with keeping his private life truly private. Read the full article at the link in our bio!
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timmyfan98 that photoshoot was a different kind of a dream... honestly not sure i will ever be able to recover
yourfan62 y/n liking the picture before anyone else did UGH she's smitten it's adorable
timmyfan77 "my priority is letting the people i love know that they mean more to me than any award ever could. having them in my life, that's the big win right there." TIMOTHEE 馃槶馃槶
timmyfan13 actual loml nobody could ever dream to compare literally beyond jealous of y/n
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yourinstagram food & him, aka the best combo there is
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yourfan28 "how gorgeous do you want to be?" y/n: yes
yourfan79 her little nose scrunch y'all i'm WEAK
haileesteinfeld absolutely adorbs <3
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tchalamet you know she's the real deal when you walk into her kitchen and see a picture like this hanging on her fridge
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timmyfan72 y/n really said "human being second, timothee chalamet stan first" and honestly i don't blame her
timmyfan02 so do i, which you would know if you'd respond to my dm and came over to my house 馃樉
florencepugh cute
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yourfan62 my one goal in life has officially become going over to y/n's house just to stare at her fridge
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yourinstagram when he's clingy but extremely cute >>>
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tchalamet my valentine
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timmyfan79 timothee chalamet aka the most smitten man on planet earth
timmyfan25 we've literally come full circle from seeing this one crusty ass picture of timmy giving flowers to "a mystery girl" to him posting a picture of HIS girl with flowers he's given her... i'm definitely crying but so should you
yourinstagram love you endlessly 鈾ワ笍
tchalamet 鈾ワ笍
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yourfan14 i want what they have 馃ズ
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Tumblr media
The French Dispatch (2021) dir. Wes Anderson
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Timoth茅e and Sharon Duncan-Brewster talking to press at the London Dune premiere (10/21)
Credit to Getty
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馃 for timothee plssss, I just got home from the dispensary and seen the celebration post ! 馃尙 congratulations!
thank youu <33
oh god first time riding- writing Timoth茅e锟 ;))
words: 306
Tumblr media
Smoke is weird. The way it goes left but also right and it goes all in different ways. From a bong, it could go straight out and then flow away but from a joint or a blunt, it goes in a mismatched direction, and sometimes it's prettier.
鈥測our so pretty,鈥 Timmy states with a sheepish smile, mostly completely out of it but it didn鈥檛 matter you both were.
Snapping out of watching the smoke, your eyes re-dilating as you turn to look at him, to find him staring at you with adoration, 鈥測ou are too,鈥 you say, a smile growing on your face, your hand that was hanging loosely above you was now hanging off the arm on the couch.
鈥淢on amour?鈥 he says with arms wide, 鈥渃ome here,鈥 he says but comes out like gibberish.
Climbing over to him on the couch with the blunt, he pulls you sit on him so your back is to his chest, his arms around your waist, and you both just melt into each other. While watching the show you guys had on, you bring the blunt back up to take a drag, feeling him nuzzle into your neck, giving you kisses.
鈥淗i,鈥 you say quietly, passing it with a smile.
鈥淗i,鈥 he whispers back, his face more on your shoulder so you could look at him, grabbing the blunt he rolled for you, 鈥渙ne kiss?" he asks before puckering his lips.
Giving in, you lean in giving him a kiss, eyes fluttering shut, you can taste the grape-flavored blunt wrap from him but you pull away just as fast as the kiss started, pulling a whine from him making him chase after your lips which he caught, deepening the kiss. But soon pulled away to inhale the blunt, before continuing with the kisses.
A long night that was.
Tumblr media
漏 g伪褟茠喂褦鈩撯垈褧鈩撐扁垈褍胁喂褟鈭.
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Tumblr media
she is my joker
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Tumblr media
motorcycle drive by 嗉*路藲
pairing: timothee chalamet x reader
a/n: title based on motorcycle drive by, by third eye blind but it has nothing to do with the fic! i have no idea if timothee knows how to drive a motorcycle but in this fic he does! seeing people in motorcycles all around my town gave me this idea lololol
warning(s): none that i know of
Tumblr media
you hold tightly onto timothee鈥檚 waist and squeal as the motorcycle revs before it takes off. timothee laughs loudly at your nerves as he takes a turn.
the lack of helmets made the nerves in your belly heighten, but the feeling of wind in your hair was exhilarating. timothee鈥檚 curls were wild and unruly, his black treses followed the wind in the air.
the empty streets of new york allowed timothee to zip through the streets, stopping when he needed to. cigarette smoke burned in your eyes, but you disregarded the feeling, since the feeling of being alive burned brightly.
your simple joyride turned into hours of traveling through the city, until 3am when your head dropped to timothee shoulder and your eyes started to flutter. he rode back to your shared apartment, making sure you didn鈥檛 fall asleep so you wouldn鈥檛 fall off.
once the motorcycle was parked in an underground parking lot, timothee helped you off the motorcycle, giggling at the way you stumbled over your feet.
鈥渨anna go to sleep baby?鈥 timothee wondered, as he took your hand. you nodded as you started to walk up to the sidewalk.
鈥渃ome on, we鈥檙e almost home.鈥 he pulled you up into the elevator, letting you rest your head on his shoulder as the elevator slowly lifted up. timothee placed a soft kiss on the top of your head as you slowly drifted into a peaceful sleep
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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timothee appreciation !!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i used to think he wasn鈥檛 all 鈥渢hat鈥 but now i鈥檓 almost in love with him鈥
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Will we get to see how dark! Timothee and reader first met?! I think it鈥檇 be so interesting to see if he was infatuated with her straight away and was like yes I must have her or if it was a mutual infatuation at the beginning.
Ahhh I just don鈥檛 know! Is it love at first sight? Is he quite cool and calm at the beginning before the breakup? What was their first I love you? Did he say it first
Sorry for all the questions I鈥檓 just OBSESSED with him
It鈥檚 You & Me
An It's Not You, It's Me Prequel
*please read Dark!Timothee early stages headcanon for background info on this fic!*
Warnings: smutty smut, language, blood and wall punching.
Tumblr media
鈥淎llow me,鈥 a strikingly handsome stranger said as he cut in front of you, inserting his card into the card reader before you had the chance to pay for your coffee.聽
You knew exactly who he was. He鈥檇 been hanging out at the coffee shop. He was there last Monday. He stared at you, and watched you walk through the entire shop. You felt his eyes on you. Even when a few fans came over to him, begging for photographs and autographs, his eyes remained on you.聽
Timothee Chalamet.聽
You returned on Wednesday, and he was there again.聽
Then on Friday, and yet again, he was there.聽
And then there was that day he paid for your coffee. Another Monday. You didn鈥檛 see him when you walked in so when he forced himself in between you and the card reader, you were shocked.聽
鈥淥h. You didn鈥檛 have to do that,鈥 you said, as the barista handed you your venti iced caramel macchiato.聽聽
鈥淚 know. I wanted to,鈥 he held out his hand and offered you a smile that all but took your breath away,聽鈥淚鈥檓 Timothee. You鈥檙e y/n and it is so nice to finally meet you.鈥澛
You swallowed hard. Finally meet you? Had he been waiting? How long?聽
鈥淐an I see your phone?鈥 Timothee asked, breaking the silence.聽
Normally you鈥檇 hesitate, but there was something about him that made you reach in your back pocket and pull out your phone, handing it to him immediately.聽
He tapped on the screen for a few seconds, typing vigorously.聽鈥淭here,鈥 he finally said, handing you back your phone. His own phone chimed seconds later.聽鈥淚 put my number in your phone. I also sent myself a text from yours, so I鈥檇 have your number.鈥澛
You nodded. Timothee Chalamet gave you his number.聽
鈥淲hat鈥檚 this address?鈥 You asked, reading the text he sent.聽
鈥淚t鈥檚 where I鈥檇 like to take you tonight...if you鈥檙e available.鈥澛
You tapped the address he typed in, and it pulled up on your Maps app.聽
鈥淭he Museum of Natural History?鈥 You chuckled out.聽
鈥淭he butterfly conservatory is my personal favorite. Meet me there at 5:30鈥
鈥淚t says they close at 5:30.鈥澛
鈥淚t does,鈥 he must have noted your confused look, so he added,聽鈥淚 bought it out for the entire night.鈥澛
Two Months Later
You fell hard for him and by the end of the second month of Timothee taking you to various places around New York City, he asked you to be his girlfriend. You didn鈥檛 hesitate to say yes. In fact, you threw yourself into his arms and he kissed you for the first time in the middle of Times Square.
鈥淚 am...obsessed with you,鈥 he whispered when he pulled away.聽
Six Months Later
Timothee was indeed obsessed with you, but you it was in a way that you loved. He hovered, he loved, he thought of you constantly and he constantly made it known to you. Within your six months of dating, there wasn鈥檛 one day that went by that he didn鈥檛 call or text you. You loved waking up every morning to a hello beautiful text or a I鈥檝e been thinking of you or wake up I miss you terribly.聽
He was terribly jealous, and you loved it, to you it meant he just cared that much about being the only man in your life. He wasn鈥檛 much for going out in public with you, but when you did, he held you close to his side, as if you鈥檇 run away at any minute. On one public occasion,聽聽he almost fought a man who started a conversation with you.
It was six months in when you woke up from a dead sleep at 3:45am to find Timothee, sitting in your room watching you while you slept. Your initial reaction was fear, as you sat straight up in your bed, wide eyed, your heart beating in your chest.聽
鈥淗-how鈥檇 you get in my apartment, Timothee?鈥澛
鈥淵ou made me a key remember?鈥 He got up from his chair and walked over to your bed, sitting on the edge of it. He laid his hand on your blanket covered leg and smiled at you.聽
鈥淣o...I don鈥檛 think I did.鈥 I鈥檇 remember that, you thought.聽
鈥淵ou鈥檙e tired, y/n, I promise you did.鈥
You stared at him, and you watched as his eyes scanned your body. You only wore an old, large Metallica t-shirt. You pulled your cover further up your body, feeling nervous under his gaze.聽
鈥淲hose shirt is that?鈥 he asked, gently pulling your cover back down with a single finger.聽
鈥淢ine?鈥 you said, though it came out as a question.聽
Timothee huffed out a breath and stood. You leaned across your mattress, grabbing his hand before he had a chance to walk off.聽
鈥淪tay with me,鈥 you said, squeezing his hand and pulling back into a seated position on your bed.聽鈥淪tay the night with me.鈥
A slow smile creeped onto his face,聽鈥淚鈥檝e thought about spending the night with you many times.鈥澛
鈥淩eally?鈥 you asked, scooting over on the mattress to give him room.聽
Timothee pulled off his shirt, then his pants, leaving him only in his boxers. You swallowed hard. This is what he slept in, almost nothing. Now it was your turn to scan his body. Your eyes traveled down his pale, lanky frame. You wondered if he slept in nothing when he was alone. You bit your lip at the thought.聽
鈥淟ike what you see?鈥 He asked with slight arrogance.聽
鈥淲ell...I mean, yeah,鈥 you admitted.聽
鈥淚 won鈥檛 lie, it鈥檚 going to be hard to keep my hands off of you while I鈥檓 in your bed. It鈥檚 hard enough keeping them to myself just being around you...but here you are in just a t-shirt.鈥澛
He slid under your covers, you gulped as he scooted into your side. He was hard. You could feel his erection pressing into you.聽
鈥淲hy do you think I always keep my hands in my pockets?鈥
You didn鈥檛 say anything to that. He did keep his hands in his pockets a lot and if they weren鈥檛 there, then at least one was wrapped around you, pulling you into him. You turned on the bed, pressing your body against his front. His erection pressed against your core and he groaned at the contact. His eyes were closed, like he was trying to sleep.
鈥淭imothee,鈥 you whispered.聽
鈥淭ouch me,鈥 your words were so soft, you weren鈥檛 sure he heard you.聽鈥淧lease, I don鈥檛 want you to keep your hands off of me.鈥澛
Timothee鈥檚 eyes fluttered open, and his hand slid down to your leg, pulling it up over his hip. Your heart pounded in your chest. You wondered if he would ask you to have sex with him, and while you had had sex once before, it wasn鈥檛 anything you were incredibly experienced in.聽
鈥淚 want you so badly, y/n.鈥澛
鈥淚鈥檓 yours.鈥
His hand moved from your thigh to your ass, kneading it and pushing you into him, showing you how to roll your hips into his.聽
He groaned as he said,聽鈥渙nce I鈥檝e had your body, you will belong to me. I don鈥檛 care who came before me. You will be mine.鈥
He pulled your face into his, kissing you with a crushing force you hadn鈥檛 felt form him before. You weren鈥檛 sure if you liked it, but as he opened his mouth to deepen the kiss, you melted into him. He smelled so wonderful, and he felt like home.聽
He pulled away, biting your bottom lip,聽鈥渁nd there will be no one after me.鈥 He flipped you onto your back, climbed on top of you and added,聽鈥渆ver.鈥澛
鈥淚 don鈥檛 want anyone else. I only want you,鈥 you said, feeling confident in your love for him. You鈥檇 give yourself to him. Mind, body and soul. You slid your shirt off, revealing yourself to him in a way that only one other had seen.聽
Timothee groaned as he turned his head to the side and gritted his teeth,聽鈥測ou have no idea what you do to me.鈥澛
He let a hand fall onto your neck, and he traced it with his fingers before wrapping them lightly around your it. He analyzed your reaction, and smiled when you didn鈥檛 pull him away. You swallowed, feeling your throat move against this palm. His free hand traveled down your body, grazing your breast, nipple, then slowly down your stomach. Your breath caught when his fingers ran over your clothed pussy and rubbed your hot center. He released his soft grip on your neck and replaced his hand with his lips, kissing and lightly sucking the skin on your neck.聽
鈥淢arking my territory,鈥 his lips brushed against your skin.聽
Timothee pulled your panties to the side and slid a finger along your slit. You whined at his touch, wanting him so badly you weren鈥檛 sure if you鈥檇 be able to handle any further touch.
鈥淭imothee...鈥 you said, closing your eyes.聽
He shifted down the bed, taking your panties off, then his boxers. He slid two fingers along your folds and rubbed your clit lightly in long, slow circles. You immediately arched your back off the mattress.聽
鈥淟ook at me,鈥 he whispered.聽
You spread your legs wider and forced your eyes to open through the pleasure.聽
鈥淚鈥檇 love to spend hours eating your pussy,鈥 he withdrew his fingers and ran his tongue along your center, tasting you and flicking your clit with the muscle. He growled as he pulled away,聽鈥渆specially when you taste like a fucking dream.鈥 Timothee made his way back up your body and you felt his cock press against your heat.聽鈥淏ut, I need to be inside of you now.鈥澛
鈥淵es,鈥 you breathed out.聽
Already aligned with your center, he began to push in. You gasped at pressure, at how he filled you and at how long it took for him to bottom out. Once fully inside, he stilled and looked into your eyes. He touched your face, running his thumb over your lips. You kissed the pad of it as he began to slide out of you.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e mine now,鈥 Timothee said on his way back in.聽
He pounded into you, slowly. You could tell he was holding back, his jaw was clenched tightly, and every once in a while, he let out soft moans and whimpers that made you wetter with each one. After a few minutes, he slid in and out of you with an ease that made your toes curl and your back arch. Your breasts pointed closer to his face as you moaned.聽
鈥淵ou keep it up and I鈥檒l cum, right now,鈥 he grunted.聽
鈥淚t feels so good,鈥 you said breathlessly.聽
鈥淵eah? You like that?鈥澛
鈥淚 love it. I love you,鈥 you moaned.聽
Timothee slammed into you hard, then stopped.聽
鈥淚...I鈥檓 sorry, it-鈥
鈥淪ay it again,鈥 he interrupted,聽鈥渢ell me you love me again.鈥澛
You stared at him, worried you鈥檇 said the wrong thing. Was he mad? You decided months ago that you loved him, but you were too scared to say it, not knowing how he鈥檇 react. He seemed like he loved you, but you weren鈥檛 sure.聽
鈥淚 love you,鈥 you said in a small voice.聽
His slid back out of you, only to return with a hard thrust.聽
鈥淎gain,鈥 he said.聽
鈥淚 love you.鈥
He thrusted harder and his voice shook as he spoke,聽 鈥淔uck, I love you too. Say it again.鈥
鈥淚 love you, Timothee. I love you so much. I am yours.鈥澛
His body shook and he pulled out quickly, pumping his cock quickly over your stomach.聽
鈥淐an I cum in your mouth?鈥 He asked as he continued.聽
You moved from under him, sitting on your knees on the mattress. You opened your mouth and stuck your tongue out slightly and nodded.聽
鈥淕ood girl, fuck I鈥檓 gonna cum. I鈥檓 gonna-鈥
He whined, seconds away from exploding. You leaned forward, wrapping your lips around the head of his cock and sucked hard.聽
鈥淥h fuck, baby, yes, yes, yes,鈥 his voice was hoarse as he whined.聽
He twitched in your mouth, and you felt his warm cum hit the back of your throat. He moaned and as he cam and you swirled your tongue around the tip and underneath to that sensitive spot that you found made him weak. You swallowed what he gave you and laid back on the bed. Timothee collapsed next to you and immediately pulled your naked body against his.聽
鈥淵ou are mine forever,鈥 he said into your neck as you found yourself drifting off to sleep.聽
A year and a half later
Timothee had been gone for 4 months, and to say it was rough on you was an understatement. He still called you every day, almost hourly. You missed him terribly, but what was worse was that you didn鈥檛 know what he was doing or who he was with. Every tabloid and online article that came up depicted any other woman he hung out with or even sat next to be his girlfriend and it turned into something you couldn鈥檛 handle.聽
He still kept up his protectiveness even miles and miles away. He always worried about who you were talking to and hanging out with but when you brought up your concerns all he said was聽鈥渄o you doubt my love for you?鈥澛
You didn鈥檛, but continuing to see him with other women, to see him kissing and fucking other women, whether it was acting or not, made you sick to your stomach.聽
You stopped returning his calls, making it clear that you needed space from him even if he wasn鈥檛 with you. It鈥檇 be easier, you thought. If you distanced yourself maybe you wouldn鈥檛 care as much about what the articles said.聽
But after a week of ignoring his texts and phone calls, he showed up at your apartment. He beat on the door and about ripped it off the hinges when you unlocked it.聽
鈥淭imothee. What are you doing here?鈥 You asked as he stormed in, looking around the apartment frantically.聽
鈥淲here is he?鈥 He was furious and screamed the words as he overturned furniture and opened closets, tossing out its contents onto the floor.聽
鈥淲ho?!鈥 You exclaimed.聽
鈥淒on鈥檛 play dumb, y/n.鈥澛
鈥淭imothee, what are you talking about?鈥澛
He made his way into your room, tossing your mattress the two of you had sex on countless times onto the floor.聽
鈥淵ou鈥檝e been ignoring me. I鈥檝e texted you exactly 457 times. I鈥檝e called you, 789 times, AND YOU COULDN鈥橳 RETURN ONE OF THEM!?鈥 He yelled throwing his phone at the wall. It shattered instantly.聽
鈥淭-tim, I鈥檓 sorry. I just thought it鈥檇 be easier this way.鈥
He turned around, running his hands through his hair,聽鈥淚 knew, I fucking knew I should have brought you with me. This will be the first and last time I leave you here while I鈥檓 away filming.鈥澛
He moved to sit on the edge of the bed, and you realized that this truly was too much for you. Your heart dropped into your stomach and you felt dizzy. You loved him, but this was not the type of relationship you were able to be a part of. The being away for long periods of time, the kissing other women, the rumors. The room spun at your realization.
鈥淧ack a bag, you鈥檙e going back with me,鈥 he said, flinging your drawers open and pulling out your clothes.聽
鈥淣o, Timothee, I鈥檓 not.鈥澛
He stopped, becoming eerily still. You watched as his eyes slowly moved up until they met yours,聽鈥渨hat?鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 not coming with you because I鈥檓 breaking up with you. I can鈥檛 do this.鈥澛
Timothee scoffed,聽鈥渄on鈥檛 be dramatic, y/n. You can and you will. Pack your fucking stuff.鈥澛
You tried to prevent it, but your voice shook,聽鈥淚 can鈥檛. I....I just... I can鈥檛 watch you...鈥 you couldn鈥檛 finish the sentence, but Timothee made an attempted to grab your hand. You pulled it away, jerking yourself from him.聽
鈥淭imothee, please leave.鈥澛
You watched as his hands balled into white knuckled fists. He clenched his jaw and you heard his teeth grind together. He turned away from you and walked to the door, only to stop in the door way. He shifted slightly and slammed his fists into the wall until he left a large gaping whole in the dry wall, blood splattered lightly on the beige paint. He shook his hands when he was done, wincing at the pain. Timothee turned around to face you, leaning his neck to the right until a loud crack sounded from it.聽
He pointed a finger at you,聽鈥測ou aren鈥檛 leaving me, y/n. Watch.鈥澛
And he was gone.聽
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Timoth茅e = Perfection!聽
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just gonna leave this here
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timothee chalamet x original character.
synopsis; With a painful decision made by his girlfriend in order to improve his future, Timmy finds himself torn between two options. Continue your perfectly stable life together with your family, or face a whole new country together with the love of your life.
warnings; mentions of death, blood, sex, car accident and english is not my first language.
notices; 鈥淵/n鈥 she is treated like Scarlett. I'm not used to writing using 鈥淵/n鈥 so that's why I created my own character. I hope you understand. Good reading!
ps; I don't know what to think about it. There are a lot of things that annoy me about this writing of mine, but I've been working on it for days and I really don't want to waste my time.
Tumblr media
饾悘饾悁饾悜饾悎饾悞; 饾悡. 饾悅饾悋饾悁饾悑饾悁饾悓饾悇饾悡
Her hands clutched at his soft back, the thrusts getting stronger and stronger, driving her to her ultimate pleasure. The bed slammed against the wall and his gasping moans became closer and closer. His nails sank into the boy's sweat-glistened skin, but he didn't care, he never cared about the scratch marks he had after the magical nights. He was always very focused on bringing the love of his life to his wonderful pleasure, always paying close attention to the gasping breaths and the whispers that drove him crazy.
A moment of intimacy, that is a fact, but for those two lovers it was much more than sex after a few drinks of tequila. It was the way to show that they were fully committed to this relationship of only one year, the way to show that despite the possibilities of this relationship ending in two very short months, they were still ready to live the passionate encounters or the nights of sex.
Timothee and Scarlett had only been in a relationship for a short time, but they had known each other for almost 3 years. Their first contact was at the filming of Little Women, where Timothee played Theodore Laurence and Scarlett played Jo March. From the first second they were introduced, they were incredibly close, and everyone could tell. It was the way Scarlett would seek out Timmy to help her rehearse her scenes, how Timothee always played Scar more with anyone else - maybe even because he felt wonderfully comfortable with just her - or how they looked at each other as if they were looking at angels.
Everyone knew they were in love, it was very obvious to know. So when Scarlett desperately called Florence Pugh - the girl's best friend - claiming that she was in love with her best friend and needed to see a psychologist urgently to get the crazy thoughts of kissing him out of her head, no one was surprised. Then, two years into their friendship, Timothee asked Scarlett to marry him in front of the beach on a moonlit night, the thing they loved most to do together - watch the moon on the beach. And I don't need to tell you that they were everyone's goal couple. Always being caught walking hand in hand by the paparazzi, the way their eyes sparkled whenever they mentioned each other or how they were constantly proving how much they were in love.
And now, what no one knew was that the most media-loved relationship could end in moments, and this Timothee and Scarlett were fully aware of. They didn't want to break up, after all they knew they were soul mates, but the distance of the countries they were about to face was absurd, and maybe that discouraged love a little.
鈥淥h my God..." Scarlett whispered, arching her spine in order to receive more and more as Timothee entered her womb more and more, causing her to have very obscene thoughts about her boyfriend.
The couple sighed constantly listening to the noise between them, moaning at one thrust or another or rolling their eyes throwing their heads back in pure pleasure. Timothee's large hands roamed Scarlett's graceful body taking her to magical moments. When Timothee felt that he was getting closer and closer to his moment, he thrust his big cock into Scarlett, wanting to make his girlfriend have the same pleasures that she unconsciously made the boy have.
鈥淪carlett...鈥 Timothee whispered as he threw his head back.
鈥淵es, amour?鈥 she replied in a deeply teasing tone squeezing her vagina around Timothee's cock making him moan even more.
鈥淚'm about to cum...鈥
鈥淢e too, mon amour.鈥 the girl whispered as she scratched Timmy once more before throwing herself deeply into the pleasure her boy was giving her.
Before long Timothee was gushing his milk into Scarlett's womb without caring about the consequences of them being without a condom. The hot, pleasurable liquid entering the girl even as the hard thrusts continued, caused Scarlett to reach her peak of arousal.
鈥淥h my God, Timothee!鈥 Scarlett whispered close to her boyfriend's ear rolling her eyes as she spurted her milk onto Timmy's cock.
Timothee gave a few more strokes before lying lazily next to his girlfriend while leaving passionate kisses all over her face and neck, which only made Scarlett shiver with absolute pleasure. And here, lying next to his girlfriend while she was completely naked and with his eyes closed trying to recover from his wonderful pleasure, he couldn't help but think how beautiful she was. How not at all happy he was about his decision to have to leave her.
Timothee knew he could never leave Scarlett, because he is completely in love with the girl. Body and soul. He could never think that at some point he would be so obsessed with someone that he would think about living a lifetime with someone, and Timmy couldn't be happier that this someone was Scarlett, the person who made him laugh in any situation, who helped him without a single thought, the woman who took him to absurd pleasures that he never experienced with anyone else, the woman he was in love with.
鈥淚 don't want a long-distance relationship.鈥 Scarlett pronounced in the dark.聽
Timothee turned around startled by the sudden statement. His eyes landed on the girl lying on his chest with her eyes still closed, although Timmy knew that her mind was a thousand miles away.聽
鈥淲hat?鈥 he mumbled, his voice hoarse from groans. His hands quickly made their way to his beloved's hair, wanting to make immediate physical contact with her.聽
鈥淚n two months I'll be back in France, and now it's permanent. I can't be away from my family again, I can't stand this distance between us, because I don't know how to deal with distance. So, I am about to move to Paris to do my fashion college and be close to my family, but where are you staying?鈥 Scarlett paused, thinking objectively about her words. 鈥淚 know you have to stay here in New York. That's because your life is here, but mine is in France.鈥
Timothee let out a heavy sigh and felt his eyes fill with tears at the thought of having to leave his girlfriend because of silly distances. His relationship with Scarlett had always been wonderful. They had few fights and all of them were solved very easily, because they understood each other more than anyone else could understand. The couple always knew what the other was thinking or wanting, the real meaning of soul mates. So I think the way they understood each other so easily made it so that they had very few arguments. Now, that discussion was not easy to resolve.聽
鈥淎nd I can't handle the distance, I never could. You also can't handle the distance of 563 kilometers and 6 hours of time zone. I don't think I'm mature enough to be away from my boy like that,鈥 Scarlett joked, trying to relax as she fiddled with the rings on Timothee's fingers. 鈥淚 also don't know how long I will be in France. I know it's for a long time because, damn it, I'm going to college! But I wish it wasn't so that I could visit you often and enjoy my boyfriend.鈥
Chalamet remained silent for quite a while, just thinking about what was about to happen. After almost 5 years of living completely close to his girl, they were about to live some 3.689 mi apart. Everything seemed wrong in his perception. How he needed to leave Scar, or how he would have to get used to the distant one for long months - and maybe years. Millions of possibilities ran through his mind and the main one was what seemed to be happening. Scarlett was breaking up with him out of fear of the consequences of a long distance relationship. Her words sounded like this to him, and it made his eyes water and his will to walk away from her inevitable.
鈥淎re you... ending our relationship?鈥 Timmy asked insecurely, his voice trembling.
鈥淲hat? No!鈥 Scarlett sounded loudly across the room.
The intention of that conversation was not to break up with Timothee, ever. Scar would never be able to end the relationship of her dreams. Even with all the distance and the consequences, she wasn't thinking of breaking up with him. Just trying to find a less painful way out.
鈥淭immy...鈥 Scarlett called out as she turned to look into Timothee's watery eyes. 鈥淚 would never be able to end our relationship. I am completely and hopelessly in love with you. And I believe that there is no universe in which I am not in love with you. I'm just pointing out our situation. Distance is not easy, but if this is our only alternative, I will make it work. And I hope you will too.
Timothee looked into the eyes of the girl leaning on his naked abdomen, while the beautiful woman was also naked. Her huge dark brown eyes in which he was eternally in love were showing only a single if
Timothee looked into the eyes of the girl leaning on his naked abdomen, while the beautiful woman was also naked. Her huge dark brown eyes in which he was eternally in love were showing only one feeling, love. He knew that Scarlett was telling the truth, and he was fully aware that she would do anything, as much as he would, for this relationship to work out.聽
This was the woman of his life. The girl he had been in love with ever since they had played a couple in love for the movies. The girl who lay quietly naked on his breasts and told him she loved him in all universes. The girl who showed him that love was not just scripted roles that he would have to prove himself capable of playing. And Timothee was entirely grateful that Scarlett was the perfect girl for him, and looked forward to him being the perfect boy for her.
鈥淚'm going to France.鈥 Timothee said in a totally encouraged and assured voice.聽
鈥淲hat?鈥 Scarlett whispered in shock.
鈥淵ou're going to France to do your college studies and be close to your family, right?鈥 he watched the girl nod in confusion. 鈥淚 am too. I want to be close to your family. I could never let our relationship end because of silly distances. I'll be following you wherever you go, Scarlett. Even if you go to Alaska to face the evil man in the tallest and coldest cave who kidnaps little children to feed the demorgogons he keeps as pets... Okay, maybe not! But yes, I will be coming after you while I complain about how stupid you are being for standing up to that evil man.鈥 Timothee says looking up with a thoughtful face that makes Scarlett laugh at every silly word that comes out of his beautiful mouth.
To say that Scarlett was confused and shocked by his decision would be a complete understatement. The girl hadn't expected this response, and she definitely hadn't been thinking about it. Not least because Timothee had been designing his life in New York for years and now just for the simple reason that Scarlett was moving to France he was too? That seemed naive to her. It seemed cute and passionate. Just like all the actions Timothee had around Scar. Which was not at all different from how Scarlett acted around Timmy. What can I say? They were more than passionate. The couple were viciously and cryptically mesmerized, bewitched and stunned by each other.
And here Scarlett saw yet another reason why she fell in love with Timothee. Everything about him held her spellbound, and she couldn't be more grateful for that. Grateful to be in love with the sweetest person in all the worlds, and even more grateful to be the girl who stole the heart of the most gorgeous person possible to find.
鈥淵ou are stuck with me, Mon cher.鈥 Timothee said with a mesmerized, passionate smile as he watched Scarlett's eyes light up at his words.
鈥淥h, how lucky I am to have the most gorgeous man in all the universes attached to me and following me even if I go hunting for the bad man in Alaska!鈥 Scarlett exclaimed dramatically as she threw herself onto Timothee's bare chest and kissed him briefly.
鈥淚 say, how lucky am I to have the most beautiful, amazing, wonderful, mesmerizing woman tell me that she is completely and hypnotically in love with me, in all the universes.鈥 he repeated Scarlett's phrases knowing that the girl's cheeks were totally pink now.
鈥淚 am...鈥 the girl sighed as she still hid herself in Timothee's bare chest.
鈥淎nd I've always been in love with you in every way possible.鈥
Words thrown into the air that many people might prefer not to believe for fear of the future. Well, not Scarlett and Timothee. They were screwing the future because all they wanted to do was to cuddle with each other and prove their true love. Now, they were doing it and had been doing it from the moment they met, because there isn't a day when they don't think and show and tell each other how truly and immensely in love they are with each other.
And then they lay naked all night while kissing and planning their future in France. Whispers about how much they loved each other filled the room and no one but them could decipher those loving words. The couple could hardly believe that they had solved a problem that had been on their minds for at least a month in less than 30 minutes, but for them this was normal, because as I said, they understood each other.
They understood each other, they completed each other, and they loved each other. And the thing they dreamed of most was to have a big family and live their passionate lives close to their family members. They didn't know it yet, but this was just one big step forward in that dream.
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Spending all night with Timmy walking aimlessly through the city
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One of my favorite photoshoots. Timoth茅e looks good in black and white
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Anon Request: 'The Curse' Bonus Chapter
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ok, not quite Great Hall anon but I felt this worked well. Let me know what you think!
This plane was strange. And that鈥檚 what it clearly was 鈥 a spectral plane. Another dimension to the reality I so naively thought I had a vague understanding of.
Why else would this room be completely empty, and staggeringly white?
Fleur鈥 Fleur鈥
I paused. Something was drawing me out of this room, like a cosmic tugging, luring me towards the door.
Fleur鈥 Please鈥 Fleur鈥
I pushed open the door to the Room of Requirement, and hesitantly stepped out into the hall. I didn鈥檛 know what would happen if I ventured 鈥 would I even be able to? Or would I be thrust back into that room?
I wasn鈥檛 fully sure if I was dead. Was I a ghost? How could I be dead and cognitive if not a ghost?聽
And I was surely dead. How else could I explain all of this?
Crossing the threshold felt like walking through a waterfall, flushing away all of my apprehension and internal fretting. It was almost like it wiped away a few sheets of my consciousness, peeling back my layers until I emerged like a serene shell of myself.聽
I felt totally at peace, floating out into the hall, my mind a blissful fog.
Well, there was no trace of blinding white here. There were the stone walls and diamond window panes I felt I鈥檇 once known. This reality felt very familiar to me, although I couldn鈥檛 quite grasp at tangible memories. Nevertheless, it made me feel warm.
Judging by the lanterns aflame on the walls, it was night time. I inched further out into the corridor.
Time seemed so inconsequential in this strange in-between state I was in. Each breath I took by habit (and not by necessity) didn鈥檛 pace my experience the way it usually did, no longer tethering me to the linear nature of my physical journey.聽
Had it been a minute since I stepped out of that door? Or an hour? I couldn鈥檛 tell.聽
I didn鈥檛 care.
Sharp footsteps alerted me to the presence of another, and I waited patiently for them to arrive.
I felt dazed and calm. I was aware of this being a novel feeling. I could taste the distant memory of once being wound so tightly with anxiety I thought I would snap at any given moment.聽
I didn鈥檛 feel like that anymore.聽
I stood there, my gaze fixed on the end of the corridor. I could feel disruption in the density of the air that told me that someone was coming from that direction.聽
Then, a tall, black haired boy rounded the corner with such speed he nearly toppled over. He was clutching an enchanted map.聽
He ground to a halt when he saw me, his handsome, but jaded features twisting into an expression of total shock, like, well鈥β
Like he鈥檇 seen a ghost.聽
鈥淚t can鈥檛 be鈥 he gasped, his fingers releasing the map, its swift, flitting movements caressing the air as it floated to the floor.
I said nothing. I didn鈥檛 know what to say. The silence was loaded, the boy鈥檚 aura thrumming with palpable emotion. I recognised him, but couldn鈥檛 find the impetus to wade through the thick fog of my mind to remember who it was.
But he was the most tragically beautiful thing I鈥檇 ever seen.
I couldn鈥檛 take my eyes off him. The shiny, black curls. The sharp cheekbones jutting over hollow cheeks. The piercing green eyes underlined with dark circles鈥 and filled with tears.
He sank to his knees before me, his shoulders curled around his heart as he wept, hastily wiping the tears from his cheek with the back of his hand. He was so gaunt. If I didn鈥檛 know better, I鈥檇 say he was barely alive himself.
鈥淚鈥檓 going mad鈥 he laughed humorlessly, sweeping his wayward raven hair out of his face as he looked up at me with an expression of manic exhaustion. 鈥淎re you really here, or have I finally cracked?鈥
I was aware that I was gazing at him, mesmerised. I couldn鈥檛 respond to him, and even if I could, I didn鈥檛 know what to say. I tried to rearrange my face, but it was such a mammoth effort to do anything but gape at him in awe.
鈥淔leur, you鈥檙e a figment of my imagination, right? That map鈥 I鈥檓 hallucinating. I鈥檝e just willed you into existence. If you鈥檙e real, you鈥檙e dead and I can鈥檛鈥斺 he broke off, his eyes watering again. 鈥淭ell me you鈥檙e not dead,鈥 he pleaded.
Fleur. It felt familiar as I turned it over my tongue.聽
My name.聽
Who was this beautiful boy to me?聽
He leapt to his feet and closed the distance between us. I felt my expression mould into one of surprise as he approached me, his aura frantic, desperate.
He had such hypnotic eyes.聽
I gazed into them, transfixed. His face made me want to cry. It was a strange, urgent sensation, slicing through my numb, fuzzy cocoon.聽
I didn鈥檛 like it. I liked feeling safe, removed.聽
I pushed the feeling away.
鈥淚鈥檓 seeing things. I鈥檝e not slept鈥斺 he said, tearing his gaze away from me, before looking back in a snap, a wildness in his eyes.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 begging you Fleur, put me out of my misery. I have to know鈥 it鈥檚 driving me insane.鈥
I felt something tugging me back towards the Room of Requirement, my body suddenly feeling the full weight of a lifelong fatigue. I wanted to lie down, to close my eyes, like this boy鈥檚 exhaustion had permeated my very being. It felt contagious, his despair.聽
The way he regarded me plucked at my heartstrings, once again snipping at that cloak of anaesthesia. It was like something deep within me yearned to reach out to him, to hold him, but I knew that even if I could touch him, it would hurt 鈥 I could understand that much.
He felt so familiar, like he鈥檇 left his fingerprints on my soul. I could feel a sting in my chest, like a phantom remembrance. Long fingers on my skin, in my hair, around my heart. Exquisitely wet lips鈥β
A flash of green light. A cry.
No, I don鈥檛 like that, I thought, as I shrank away from the memory.聽
My momentary distress must have shown on my face, because his brow furrowed as he scrutinised me, his face falling as I returned to passivity.
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 remember me?鈥 he asked, heartbreak pulling at his expression.
My reaction to him was not what he expected.聽
What was he anticipating? Love? Anger?聽
I felt my face crumple as the memories closed in on me.聽
Of course I remember you.
I mentally fought them off, shielding myself from their terrible weight 鈥 my peaceful tranquillity under threat.聽
I don鈥檛 want to feel.聽
Memories of flame, unbearable heat. Terror. Soft, curly hair under my fingertips. The gentle beat of his heart against my body. An acrid, rotting smell. Betrayal.聽
All these snippets of recollections were clawing at the fabric of my mind, determined to resurface. I suddenly had an overwhelming urge to weep. The memories were too strong. They hurt. I fought them back as a tear escaped my eye.
He extended his hand to comfort me, but of course he couldn鈥檛 touch me, not really.聽
Not the way he once did.聽
His fingers passed through my cheek, and I winced as the echo of his scent filled my nostrils, stale cigarettes and expensive cologne. More memories roused. His touch leaving goosebumps along my skin. His breath on my neck.聽
The hunger in his eyes when I let him have me.
Something deep within me stirred.聽
I looked down at my hands to see that I was translucent. Hand that once gripped his back, fingers that had once filtered through his hair 鈥 I was a silver whisper of my previous form.聽
I forced the thoughts back. I didn鈥檛 want to know.
鈥淚 can鈥檛 live without you, Fleur,鈥 he whispered, withdrawing his hand to rub his eyes wearily. 鈥淭ell me if you鈥檙e dead and I鈥檒l join you in a heartbeat. I can鈥檛 suffer this any longer. I need to be with you鈥 he said, a tear slipping down his face like a raindrop. 鈥淣o mortal could bear this burden.鈥澛
Rain. Rain. Kisses in a downpour. Fear. Love.
I frowned. The memory hurt. His words hurt. I was supposed to be numb, but pain was insisting upon being felt. I didn鈥檛 like it. I could tell it was the kind of pain that would drive me to madness if I let it.
I could see its effects before me.
The boy sank to his knees once again, hanging his head and lacing his fingers through his hair as he cried out.
鈥淭his is insanity鈥 he wept. 鈥淚鈥檝e lost everything, Fleur. You, me鈥 I put my heart and soul into the hope you鈥檇 return and I鈥檝e lost my fucking mind in the process.鈥
Unwillingly, I began to back away. I felt like a puppet guided by cruel, divine strings. My voice silenced, my autonomy robbed, I鈥檇 been granted the chance to see this boy again 鈥 but with the caveat that I would not fully remember who he was, nor be able to ease his crippling pain.
He looked up in horror as I withdrew from him.
鈥淒on鈥檛 leave me again鈥 he grieved, his green eyes alight with desperation.
I couldn鈥檛 respond. I couldn鈥檛 move my face. Silent tears slipped down my stoic expression as I floated backwards, back to the Room of Requirement, to wait.
Wait for what?
I had a creeping whisper of a feeling that I wouldn鈥檛 like it when I found out.
鈥淔orgive me鈥 he whispered as the door closed.
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Ops October?
Venice 馃檮馃檮
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