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#timothee chalamet

it’s taken me a bit to find the right words, but let me put it this way. i want to talk about the armie hammer situation in the context of privilege

armie hammer is incredibly privileged. i know he’s said he’s “financially independent” in a variety of interviews, but that doesn’t change his male privilege, his straight privilege, or his white privilege. contrary to popular belief, you cannot just “renounce” your privilege. it’s not a thing, it is an inherent part of your positionality, a fact of your life. you can choose to do amazing, inspiring things with that privilege, and prove to people you can be a responsible and ethical holder of privilege, but it is not something you can ever divorce from yourself. the same goes for oppressed, marginalized groups. i cannot renounce my race, my facial features, my family’s history of immigration. i am who i am. 

the fact that he went after young fans who were just trying to get him to understand why posting police propaganda is wrong, or at the very least, not helpful to the #blacklivesmatter cause, is an egregious abuse of privilege. it is the kind of thing one does after saying they “want more diverse voices at the table.” well, here they are. white people, especially cishet white males, must be prepared for these “diverse voices” to present in ways that are not necessarily pleasant, maybe not even polite. but that is okay.

his rejection of these voices, and his continued opining w/o linking his followers to resources, petitions, or protests, is an abuse of privilege. he says, “i hear you, but i care more about hearing my own voice on my platforms than yours.” he says, “i care about the movement, as long as my outrage is center-stage, and not yours.” he says, “you are trying to infringe on my freedom, when you criticize me. i have a right to take up space in this movement.” 

and that is why i am making it very clear i will not tolerate his presence on this blog anymore. i don’t know who my followers are, but i’m not risking their discomfort.  

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Q&A following a screening of “Call Me by Your Name” during the 55th New York Film Festival at Alice Tully Hall in New York City
October 3, 2017

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