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#timothy drake

cuz im such a sucker for healthy coping mechanisms my biggest comfort hc is that bruce BAKES!

  • the first time he attempts a cake its 4am and he makes an absolute disaster of things. im talking eggshells cracked in the batter, too much flour and not enough butter. he doesnt know where the measuring cups are, or the baking pans, or the baking sheets.
  • it ends up coming out as a messy, lumpy, much-too-dense thing which sticks to the pan and crumbles when he tries to turn it out.
  • but what he realises, as he sits down on the island counter and realises how hes got an hour to clean things up before alfred finds out, is that he’s just irreversibly fucked something up and everything is okay
  • hes so used to the notion of perfection, having to maintain a almost obsessive notion of control because if something fucks up in any of his lines of work it is on him. he is responsible for the fall out.
  • and as batman, he does not get to make mistakes that are victimless.
  • but here he is, standing infront of something he’s undeniably fucked up, and everything is okay. his children are fine, his friends are fine, he is fine.
  • and so then everytime hes awake in the middle of the night, after a hard night of patrol or seeing nightmares everytime he closes his eyes. he’ll go into the kitchen, find a recipe he’s been wanting to try, put on some classical music (or maybe some of the music stephanie likes to listen to in the batmobile) and let his mind be calmed by the repetitive motions of whisking and mixing.


  • the justice league have yet to figure out who keeps leaving baked goods in their cafeteria
  • bruce had taken over baking all birthday cakes and cupcakes
  • some days alfred will cook dinner and bruce will do dessert. both are happy to be spending time with each other 🥺
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Marinette bit at the inside of her cheek as she walked him home. He’d argued a bit that he’d be fine, that she’d be more likely to be attacked when alone than him, but she wasn’t having it. Now, though, she wished she had just let him go, because the silence was killing her.

She wanted to ask about their near-kiss, she really did, but she couldn’t be the one to bring that up! What if she was wrong? Had it been an accident when he was trying to grab the coffee back? Was she only hoping it was flirting?

And he wasn’t mentioning it, either.

She couldn’t seem to think of much else, unfortunately, so the silence stretched on.

After what felt like years of walking they reached Wayne Manor.

She leaned up and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “If you go another three weeks without talking to me I’m telling Jason.”

Tim gasped quietly and instantly the tension between them shattered. “Traitor!”

“Just be glad I’m not telling Dick how much coffee you drink when you’re with me.”

“Only because he’d think you’re a bad influence,” he argued. “If anything I’m the one keeping that secret for you.”

She grinned. “Sure, sure.”

He pressed a kiss to the top of her head. “See you later, bean.”

She blinked once at the nickname, then smiled as a blush fought its way onto her face. “Later,” she mumbled.

She watched his retreating back walk up the hill and then turned around to walk home.

Her skin prickled.

She was being watched. She searched the crowds for a flash of light, some hint of the paparazzi. She didn’t know if she was comforted or put on edge when she couldn’t find any.

Marinette pulled her bag closer to herself. Should she call Tim back down? Ask him to send her a car? Was she just overreacting?

She looked around for a group heading in the direction she needed to go and started walking. She turned off early to make sure she was being followed and frowned as a man in a suit followed after her.

She was only more worried as she realized she’d seen the suit before.

The girl broke into a run.

There was a curse from behind her and they picked up speed. She heard a crackling noise from behind her and he yelled something in a language she didn’t understand. She hoped it wasn’t what she thought it was.

She darted down the alley, only to find another person in a suit rounding the corner.

Great. He’d called for backup. She hated when she was right.

Her eyes flickered over the alley for anything she could use. There was a dumpster, but it wasn’t high enough for her to get to the roof. The fire escape, then?

She’d barely gotten a few rungs up before a hand locked around her ankle and twisted.

A pained cry slipped from between her lips.

She let go and dropped into waiting arms.

A burlap sack was forced over her head.

She didn’t bother to struggle as they carried her through the streets. What was she going to do even if she managed to get out of their grip? Run? Her ankle wouldn’t like that.

It was somewhat annoying that she could hear people talking, could feel them looking at her, but they weren’t actually putting in any effort to help. She had to remind herself that they were civilians, that they probably wouldn’t be of much help even if they tried, but that didn’t mean that it wasn’t hurtful.

She was thrown into a chair with way more force than necessary and fought back the urge to throw a blind punch as a hand touched her wrist. They’d already shown they didn’t care if she was hurt. She didn’t want to test them. She allowed them to bind her wrists and ankles.

When the sack was finally pulled off of her she found herself in a new abandoned warehouse. How many did these people have?

Harley Quinn stepped into the light and Marinette bit the inside of her cheek anxiously. Had they figured her out? Was it just chance? She did have pretty rotten luck, this would be very like her.

“Hello, miss,” she mumbled.

The woman smiled and rested a hand on top of her head. “Hey, darlin’!”

“Is… is there a reason I’m here? Did I do something?”

“Guilty conscience?” She cooed, her blue eyes sparkling with interest.

Marinette swallowed thickly. “I guess. But, really, is there a reason or…?”

Harley raised her eyebrows slightly and then glanced around. It was here where Marinette realized it wasn’t just the two of them. Her eyes flicked to Poison Ivy and Scarecrow.

“You’ll be fine, we don’t want to hurt you,” said Poison Ivy, resting a hand on Marinette’s shoulder.

“Too late for that,” she muttered bitterly.

The Rogues all frowned and looked at each other.

“What?” Asked Scarecrow when Marinette didn’t offer any information.

Oh. Oh. They don’t know! Her eyes flicked to the two who had chased her and found them shuffling anxiously from foot to foot.

Well, if she was going to die, she might as well take some assholes down with her.

“Those two twisted my ankle when I ran from them. I think it’s sprained.”

The Rogues’ eyes flashed with anger and she felt a twinge of guilt as Scarecrow grabbed them both and dragged them away.

Poison Ivy leaned down and untied her ankles, only to wince. Wow. That must not be good. She walked away and came back with a cup of tea and some elastic bandaging.

“Here, this should help with the pain,” said Harley, untying one of her hands so she could actually drink.

Marinette smiled weakly. She really hadn’t expected things to go like this when being kidnapped, but she wasn’t complaining. She sipped at the drink and suppressed a cringe, but continued to drink. “I still don’t know why I’m here…”

“Well, we’re kinda short on money at the moment,” explained Harley.

She bit the inside of her cheek to prevent herself from asking if it was because they kept renting out warehouses every time they saw her.

“I don’t have any money for you, I haven’t even paid off my apartment yet.”

Poison Ivy shook her head and started bandaging her ankle. “Not from you, from your friend. The Wayne… wait, your friend is as billionaire and you have an apartment?”

Her face reddened. “Hey! I could like apartments!”

“You said ‘could’, so you don’t,” Harley pointed out.

She huffed and drank her tea again. Which was more bitter: her expression or the drink? Who knows.

“Anyways, we’re holding you for ransom,” explained Poison Ivy. “We might do some makeup on you to make it look like we roughed you up a little if he takes too long, but we really had no intentions of hurting you.”

As if to prove her point, one of the men from earlier gave a guttural scream. Marinette’s eyes widened. She hadn’t heard a sound like that in ages, that kind of senseless pain and fear. What was he doing to them? She hadn’t thought much about what would happen but really they deserved –.


Poison Ivy paused the bandaging of her ankle.

“I’m fine, really, it’s just a little pain. It’ll be gone in a week. Don’t…” Marinette swallowed thickly. “Don’t hurt them. Please.”

The silence was deafening. Then Harley stood up and walked off, hopefully to tell Scarecrow to stop.

Marinette reached into her purse and pulled out her phone, handing it over to Poison Ivy.

She blinked. “Why?”

The real reason was because Tikki was in her purse and she didn’t need them finding out her identity, but instead she smiled and said: “Might as well just hand it over? Get this over with?”

She frowned a little bit but started scrolling through her contacts until she found the one labelled ‘Tim Wayne’. She clicked it and held it to her ear.

“Marinette? You’re calling? What happened?” He asked, his voice panicked.

Harley walked in with Scarecrow in tow. Marinette looked around for the two she’d been chased by, but they didn’t reappear. Her voice shook as she spoke: “I’m getting held for ransom.”

“Alright, how much?”

She blinked. Oh, right, Jason had mentioned that this sometimes happened to the Waynes and their friends. She didn’t know whether it comforted or concerned her to know this was common enough for him to not really be fazed by it.


She snapped out of it. “He wants to know how much money you want.”

“She’s cute, I say at least a hundred,” said Harley.

“No, that’ll take a while, I say fifty,” offered Poison Ivy.

“What about we meet in the middle and say seventy five?” Scarecrow offered, rolling his eyes.

No one argued this, so Marinette sighed. “Seventy-five thousand.”

Tim sighed softly. “Fine, where are you?”

She passed the address on and Poison Ivy hung up.

Marinette sighed as she sipped at her tea. “How long does this usually take?”

“Anywhere from an hour to two days.”

She groaned and rested her head back.

Marinette cringed as, the moment her tea was gone, they tied her hand back to her chair. She was hoping they’d forget and she could make a great escape in case it took too long.

She tipped her head back. “Fun. Wanna play cards?”

About five hours later, Tim walked in with a duffel bag over his shoulder. The four were drinking tea together over a game of poker (Marinette was glad they weren’t playing for money, because she was losing).

Everyone looked up as the door shut behind him.

“Oh, hey,” Marinette said with a tiny wave.

“Bean… did you… make friends with them? They kidnapped you!”

“I’m over it.” She cursed in French as she saw her hand. “What I’m not over is how you’re all cheating!”

“We’re not! You can’t prove it!” Said Poison Ivy, which wasn’t suspicious at all.

Marinette sighed when everyone revealed their hands. Great. She’d lost again.

The game done, Harley skipped over to Tim, holding her hand out for the money.

He didn’t smile. “Let me make sure she’s okay first.”

Scarecrow narrowed his eyes suspiciously, but with a glance from Harley he untied Marinette’s legs so she could get up.

She stretched out a bit then made to walk over to Tim –.

Ah. Her ankle. She’d forgotten about that.

She suppressed the instinct to tap twice (damn it, Red Hood–) and shifted her weight.

Tim’s eyes narrowed at the pause in her step.

“You’re hurt,” he said. His hands gripped the bag tighter.

“The two who did it were… appropriately punished,” promised Scarecrow.

This didn’t seem to make Tim feel any better.

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it,” Marinette said, smiling at him.

She limped over to him.

“Hand it over,” said Poison Ivy, her eyes narrowing suspiciously.

Tim nodded and dropped the bag at their feet. The three Rogues quickly darted forward to grab it and started sifting through the money.

Marinette watched her friend struggle for a minute before sighing.

“Can I pick you up?”

She blushed and nodded.

He picked her up bridal style and gave the Rogues a small nod before leaving.

“Why don’t you arrest them?” She mumbled, resting her head on his shoulder.

“It’s more complicated than that, unfortunately.” He pressed a kiss to the top of her head. “Are you sure you’re alright?”

She nodded. “I’ve dealt with worse,” she mumbled.

His face didn’t look any less grim, but he nodded.

“Sorry about the money. I’ll pay –.”

“Forget it. I had to ask my brothers for some cash to get there quickly but it’s fine.”

She blinked a few times as she processed his words. And then: “YOU HAD SEVENTY-FIVE THOUSAND ON HAND AND IVE BEEN USING YOU FOR COFFEE?!” 


Brain: I have the perfect word to describe this situation

Me: but it’s in English right

Brain: yes

Me: not some weird mix of English and Spanish you just made up

Brain: yes



Me, after looking it up to be sure: BITCH –


“You set up the Timinette dynamic way too well”

i KNOW and it was an ACCIDENT

i literally have no idea when this became timinette or if it was timinette the whole time and i was blind



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She opened her eyes when she felt Catwoman detach herself from her. She felt two sets of hands lower her gently until her head rested on someone’s lap. She didn’t mind, didn’t even bother to open her eyes to see who. If they were going to kill her they’d have done so already.

Catwoman gave a sigh. “Well, I couldn’t find any bugs on her.”

“Nothing? No wires or anything?” Came Penguin’s incredulous voice.

“Nothing in her pockets, either.”

Marinette bit the inside of her cheek. She found herself suddenly glad that she’d shoved her communication device so far in her ear that she doubted it would ever come out.

“Told you she’s safe,” said Harley from above her.

It took everything in Marinette not to wince. She sounded so sure.

Riddler hummed. “I like her.”

“Only because you don’t know her name. If we could take that stupid mask of hers off then you wouldn’t care,” Penguin retorted.

“I don’t see why you’re so hung up on this,” said Poison Ivy.

“Because she disappeared for three weeks and then, just when we decided we needed to all see her, she appears?”

“I have a counter for that,” Marinette said and she felt the fingers in her hair still. She slowly pulled herself to a sitting position and lazily rubbed her eyes. “I wasn’t here for three weeks because I was shot.”

“You were what?!” Hissed Harley, looking more murderous than usual.

Penguin looked skeptical. “No one would shoot you if you were wearing that outfit.”

She waved him off. “And I wasn’t wearing this outfit.”

The man looked to Harley for confirmation, and Harley just shrugged and nodded.

Marinette stretched herself out and then pushed herself to her feet. “As for why I suddenly appear when you wanted to see me… I’ve been told I have a lot of luck.”

Riddler grinned. “Good luck or bad luck?”

She shrugged innocently.


Marinette dropped back onto her bed, resting her arm under her head with a smile as she scrolled through her missed messages.

Then her eyes landed on a specific username and her eyes widened.

Coffeeismygirlfriend: Sorry it’s been a while. Work’s been hell recently.

She stared at the notification. It had been a little over three weeks since they’d talked. After a bit of mulling it over, she clicked to open the chat.

Definitelyforgottosleep: its fine

Coffeeismygirlfriend: Want to meet up today?

She winced. She had actually been intending to be productive that day. She needed to get a move on with everyone’s outfits as she had, somewhat stupidly, given herself a lot of embroidery to do. She bit the inside of her cheek.

Definitelyforgottosleep: i should stay home and work

Coffeeismygirlfriend: Oh.

Marinette closed her eyes and rested her phone on her chest. When was the next time she was going to be able to see him? Had he made time for her that day specifically? And if he couldn’t do that as much anymore then couldn’t her job wait –?

Her phone buzzed.

Coffeeismygirlfriend: Want some company?

She blinked a few times, then broke into a smile.

Definitelyforgottosleep: sounds good see you in a bit

A few minutes later she opened the door to see a very tired looking Tim… so a normal Tim.

She beamed and wrapped him in a hug despite the two giant cups of coffee in his hands. All he could do back was kiss the top of her head.

“Man, I missed free coffee,” she said as she held out a hand for whichever drink was hers.

“Missed you, too,” he said with an eyeroll.

He weighed them in his hands and then handed her one. She narrowed her eyes suspiciously.

Tim sighed and handed over the other as well. She weighed them herself and was surprised to find he actually gave her the one that had more in it. She smiled and handed him his drink back.

She pulled away and went to turning on her own coffeemaker. Even if he already had some on him, the pair of them together meant it would only last an hour at most.

He made himself at home, taking his shoes off and dropping onto her bed.

She rolled her eyes. “Been here once and you’d think you own the place,” she muttered sarcastically. She didn’t really mind, though.

When Marinette had made sure that her coffeemaker was actually working, she turned around to find him clicking away at his computer. It was nice to hear again. A grin made its way to her face. “I can’t believe you got out of work to do work.”

He shrugged without a hint of sheepishness. “You’re doing work, figured I should do the same. Unless you’d like me to watch you stitch for a few hours.”

She snickered. “You could, I wouldn’t care. Be pretty boring, though.”

“Maybe,” he agreed.

She grabbed Adrien’s suit jacket and some thread, then dropped down next to him.

An arm wrapped around her and she rolled her eyes as he tugged her closer so he could still use both of his hands to type. She leaned into his touch all the same.

With that, she began to embroider. She’d had the sense to mark where she was going for once, so now she calmly poked along the edges of the tiny cats she’d drawn.

She usually put on music while she worked, but she found that she didn’t mind what she had now. The clacking of his keyboard, the dull thrumming of his heart, the occasional little shift of the bed when they reached for their coffees. It was soothing, she supposed.

She realized that, even though it had been three weeks since they’d last talked, she’d fallen right back into step with him. It felt like no time had passed at all. Still…

“I did miss you, you know,” she murmured.

His heart skipped a beat.

She looked up at him and saw a red tinge on his face. He looked away quickly.

She smiled and stole his drink. “Sucker.”

His eyes widened and then narrowed. “That’s cheating!” He whined, snapping his computer shut.

She laughed and picked up her own coffee as well. She pulled them both out of his reach.

Tim huffed. “I could get them back if I wanted.”

“Oh, really?” She cooed.

“Is that a challenge?”

She smiled. “Maybe.”

He seemed to mull this over. Then a grin stretched across his face as he continued to press against her side in a weak attempt to just reach the cups. Granted, he was pretty close because of their height difference, but it was weird he wasn’t changing his methods at all.

“I guess you don’t want to get them back,” she teased, leaning a bit away to get the drinks even further from him.

He laughed and gave her side a little push. She flopped back onto the bed overdramatically.

“Oh noooooo! I’ve been defeated,” she said with a roll of her eyes. She moved her hands to hold their drinks even further away.

He raised his eyebrows. He leaned over her and rested a hand by her head. It took a second for her to realize that he was definitely getting closer.

Her heart thrummed in her chest as his face got closer and closer to hers.

She shut her eyes on instinct.

Lips brushed against her cheek and she felt a cup get lifted from her fingers.

The bed shifted as he pulled away. She peeked her eyes open to see a smirking Tim.

She ran a hand down her face as if trying to push her blush down manually. She sat up again.

“Now that… that was cheating.”


Fine. Fine. Have your Timinette fluff.

Yes, I am admitting that’s what this is now.



@comet-kun @thatonecroc @trippingovermyfeet @swiftie-miraculer13 @nickristus-dreamer @moongoddesskiana @i-am-ironic @indecisive-mess-named-me @thebooki3h @insane-fangirl-of-everything @deepestobservationwombat @theymakeupfairies @fatimaabbasrizvi @clumsy-owl-4178 @fanofalittletoomuch @iamablinkmarvelarmy @nathleigh @lilkymilky @silvergold-swirl @dino-lovingreen-angel @thestressmademedoit @kissa-chan @ladybug-182 @alysrose-starchild @t1dwarrior-of-earth @spyofthenightcourt @rowanrouge @nik-nak-3 @momothefemur @aestheticnpoetic @labschaos @our-preciousss @mochinek0 @eliza-bich @mythogaychic @severelyenchantedwonderland @sashakoi @smolplantmum @bluesimani @tropestropestropes @kitsunebell @keepingupwiththemalfoys @sassakitty @2confused-2doanything @too0bsessedformyowngood @all-mights-asscheeks @demonicbusiness @meg-an-ace @fantasiame


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The Violations of Scent

 Having things that weren’t his or at least not meant to be his was something Tim was rather used to, it was but a second nature. For instance, the title of robin, or the seat as Wayne enterprise’s CEO. So, why did the mere fabric feel so entirely different from all the rest?

It’d been a little over a year since Kon’s tragic perish, and only 98 cloning attempts in did Tim finally break.

His knuckles bled, arms covered in micro shards of glass from constant punching, pounding and cracking of the thick glass tube that contained Superboy’s infamous shirt.

It was the last thing that smelt like him, of sweat, leather and maybe a hint some sort of spice?

Tim hugged the shirt for a long time, and he laid in the pile of glass for what felt like an enternity, though was only but a half hour.

When he finally arose, the pricks in his skin intensified with pain, so he clutched the shirt on his way to the shower.

Read the rest on ao3

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She hummed softly as she walked through town with the horse miraculous. She watched people’s faces in search of some hint of recognition, but it seemed that she was still pretty obscure. Good. She didn’t want people to know that ‘NightMare’ ever existed.

Outside of Harley and her crew, of course.

But, as her eyes landed on a person in the same suit as before and quickly found their way to the needle in their hands, she was beginning to wish that they didn’t know her either. She held her hands up in surrender as they neared her.

“Hey, it’s fine. I’m not going to fight, just put a bag over my head and we can go.”

The henchmen looked at each other awkwardly. Apparently, they hadn’t expected a near-child begging them not to put a needle in her. They didn’t seem all too interested in going against a kid’s wishes.

She smiled as a bag was put over her head and she was picked up.

She tried to track where they were going, she really did. But after turn number 14548 she started to wonder if they were purposely going around in circles to confuse her. Eventually she tipped her head back and closed her eyes.

She was brought firmly to the present as the bag was pulled off, nearly blinding her. Her hands came up to cover her eyes again as she cursed in French.

After half a minute she finally could look up, even though she needed to squint pretty hard to do so.

It wasn’t just Harley and the Penguin. Her eyes wandered over each Rogue in turn. No one seemed to be distinctly hostile. Harley smiled and waved. The Riddler was watching her with interest, not unlike how one would look at a puzzle. The Penguin was sending her wary looks out of the corner of his eyes. Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman seemed uninterested.

She smiled and wrapped Harley in a tight hug. “Hey! Nice to see you again!” She chirped, making sure to keep her face in the woman’s shoulder when she said so. If they were calling for her, something must be going on. She didn’t think it was going to be pleasant.

“Nice to see you, too, darlin’.”

She stood close to Harley’s side. She was the only one reacting positively to her existence.

Marinette bit down on the inside of her cheek as she looked around.

They were in a different warehouse than before, if the box placement was any indication, but it was an abandoned warehouse. Inconvenient if they changed every time they wanted to see her, it meant her and the bats couldn’t just plant a tracker on her and plot an ambush at a random time. They probably could come by right now, but everyone was clearly on guard, probably waiting for that kind of betrayal. They’d have to wait until the Wayne Gala to capture them.

The silence stretched on and Marinette fought to urge to curl in on herself. “So… why am I here?”

To her surprise, Penguin was the one to speak up: “Nothing special, I just wanted to ask a few questions.”

She raised her eyebrows. “I thought I got my interrogation out of the way last time?”

He shook his head. “Different questions.”


They both sat in the dust and he pulled out a set of cards. She frowned confusedly as he started separating the deck into halves.

He gave a small smile as he handed over half. “Do you know how to play War?”

She raised an eyebrow. “Of course.”

She looked him up and down. He was clearly different from everyone else there. While everyone else seemed to have some sort of manic light in their eyes, his were so cold and calm that she felt a shiver run through her as he stared her down. She’d thought Harley to be the most worrying of the group, she was most likely to catch her out on a lie, but Penguin… she felt like he could figure out she was about to lie before she’d even opened her mouth.

She swallowed thickly as she shuffled her cards a bit.

They started playing, tossing the cards onto the ground. It was a simple rhythm. Toss, toss, winner takes. He waited until they got to a pretty quick pace before speaking again: “What’s your weakness?”

Her hand fumbled her card. That wasn’t at all the subtle manipulation she’d been warned of. She looked up at him, tipping her head to the side. “I don’t know. I guess I’d do anything for my friends…”

“And I’m guessing you wouldn’t tell us any of their names?”

She tossed down her card and sighed when they matched. “I. De. Clare. War.” She considered his question for a second, then snickered. “No, of course not. I’m not giving anyone anything they can use to find my identity.”

He nodded thoughtfully. “I. De. Clare. War.” They examined their losses and then all of the cards were pushed to her side. “Useless ones, anyways,” he muttered, though he still seemed somewhat annoyed.

“Why’d you ask?”

“Just hoping that you would be easier since you’re a kid and new to Gotham,” he explained calmly.

She scowled despite herself. He was hardly trying at all. Was he underestimating her? Or was there some sort of secret game he was playing?

They started to get into a rhythm again. “Alright, so the friends thing is bullsh–.”

“Language!” Hissed Harley.

Penguin shot her a glare. “So the friends thing is a lie. What’re you doing this for?”

“Necessity,” she repeated her answer from last time, tossing down an Ace.

She grinned cheekily at him, up until he set down one of his own.

“Sure, obviously, no one comes to this side for any other reason. But what is it that you need?”

She pursed her lips. “I. De. Clare. War.”

“I. De. Clare. War.”

She pushed everything over to Penguin.

“So, what is it? Money?”





She’d been expecting the question. It didn’t save her from tensing, from the slight pause of her hand. Still, she tried: “Of course not.”

His lips quirked into a grin. He’d definitely noticed.

He opened his mouth to speak, but whatever he was going to say was cut off when Harley shoved a tray of cookies in their faces. “Here you go, darlin’s.”

Marinette smiled awkwardly and took one from Penguin’s side. Nothing personal, she just preferred if she didn’t get poisoned.

Then he grabbed one from her side.

She bit the inside of her cheek. Dang, had she guessed wrong? Or was he just trying to even out what he saw as a debt? She couldn’t really change her choice, now, though. She nibbled at the cookie. It was pretty good.

Riddler suddenly dropped down on their left, smiling. “Hey! Can I join?”

She tipped her head to the side, cookie dangling half out of her mouth as she glanced at Penguin. Even if she wanted to have some sort of buffer between the two of them, she wasn’t going to say anything. It was his interrogation, not hers.

Penguin sighed and pushed himself to his feet. He dropped his cards into Riddler’s lap. “I got everything I needed, anyways.”

Riddler beamed and took the cards from her so he could shuffle. “You up for a game of speed?”

She shrugged and nodded as she picked her deck. She picked the top few up and started organizing them. Riddler did the same. Fun.

They reached out and flipped the middle cards, and then they were off.

“Who are you?”


“Were you from Paris?”

“Not every person in France is a Parisian,” she muttered irritably.

“Didn’t answer me.”


She cursed in French as he beat her to a card, her hand fumbling back to her deck. She waited for him to either put down a card she could wait until he ran out of things to play. Hopefully the first, she didn’t want to get behind.

“Were you known in Paris?”

“Yes. Under a different name and with a different outfit, though.”

“Is this your first time doing villain stuff?”

He’d paused, his hand hovering over his deck.

They met eyes for a few seconds and then gave each other a nod. They flipped to a new card and the process restarted.

“No,” she said. Not a lie. She’d done ‘villain stuff’ twice before.

“Does anyone know who you are?”

“Unfortunately,” she muttered. She tapped her last two cards against her chin as he whittled his deck down to one card.

“Would you tell me who?”

“Not a chance.”

He grinned and they flipped to a new set of cards. They both glanced at their hands and then at each other. They flipped again. Marinette put down her second to last card and then they eyed each other. They flipped one last time –.


They both sighed and let their cards slip from their fingers. Two sevens. Club and spade. Fun.

She rested her head on her hand and then blinked as he thrust a hand in her face.

“Good game. I’d love to get to know you better.”

She tipped her head to the side as she considered this. He seemed to think of her as something to figure out, as some sort of challenge. She already had two people who knew her identity, that was already far too much, but…

She grinned and shook his hand. “I’d love to get to know you, too, Riddler.”

He smiled and started shuffling cards again.

She felt a weight drop on her and blinked up at Catwoman, who had slung herself over Marinette.

“I don’t have anything to steal,” she said calmly, popping another cookie in her mouth. She figured she’d already be dead if they were poisoned, Harley seemed the type to like instant gratification.

“Saying that because I’m a Rogue?” She purred and all Marinette could do was sigh as she was handed a deck.

“I’m saying that because you’re Catwoman, being a Rogue itself isn’t all that concerning right now.”

She pouted but her hands stopped brushing over Marinette’s clothes for something to grab. To her surprise, though, Catwoman didn’t immediately pull away from her. She just continued to lean on her as she and the Riddler restarted their game.

Five draws later, both of them were cursing.


“I DONT KNOW BUT ITS STUPID!” She yelled back, tossing the cards down and resting her head in her hands.

Catwoman rubbed her back in an attempt to calm her down. Marinette would be lying if she said it wasn’t at all soothing.

“Maybe this just isn’t our game.”

Riddler chewed at a cookie irritably. She would have thought that impossible a few minutes ago, but now she completely understood.

She smiled as Poison Ivy and Scarecrow came to sit on either side of them. “Thank kwami, now we can play something else,” she muttered half jokingly.

Poison Ivy gave her a small smile as she looked at everyone. “Go fish?”

Marinette snickered. “Aren’t you supposed to be Rogues? What’s with all the schoolkid games?”

Scarecrow laughed quietly. “You’re a kid, aren’t you? Wouldn’t be right to scam you out of your money. Come back when you’re 21 and then we’ll talk.”

She rolled her eyes. “Fine. Fine. Ivy, got any…”

She played miscellaneous card games until pretty much daybreak. They were all pretty evenly matched at most luck-based games, though Catwoman did attempt to ‘help her win’/cheat quite a few times.

Now, though, light streamed through the tattered blinds. She groaned exhaustedly and attempted to push the sleeping Catwoman off of her back, only to have her lean more weight into her.

She sighed and closed her eyes, allowing herself to lean into the Rogue. Just a few minutes…


I actually learned this interrogation method through my mom

She’s a therapist and she’ll play quick-pace games while asking questions people would be inclined to lie about

Apparently it’s pretty good at figuring things out


Me, staring at my finally finished plotting: oh. huh. this is a LITTLE longer than i thought it was gonna be



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I have a theory on why Tim is always 16/17, and has been since the mid-2000s, despite his siblings growing up around him and time obviously passing, both in canon and in fanon.

This links back to the Red Robin and Final Crisis comics, when Tim was looking for Bruce while Bruce was lost in the timestream. During this time Bruce was under the effect of the omega beams Darkseid shot at him. In locating Bruce, I think Tim might’ve been slightly contaminated by the omega energy, causing Tim’s aging to stop or at least slow down to a virtual crawl.

I think Tim would realise within two years, especially given that he’s still effectively a teenager. However, I don’t think he’d tell anyone. He wouldn’t outright tell the Core Four because he doesn’t think it’s a big deal around them given the aging situations of Bart and Conner. He doesn’t tell the Batfamily due to tenuous relationships with various members after the events of Red Robin and The Battle of The Cowl, although I think some of the members closer to him would figure it out within 6 months of Tim figuring it out. 

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Bruce: I love all my children equally.

Tim, from outside: Bruce?

Bruce: Some of them are adults now, and don’t live here.

Dick, trying the door handle: Bruce!

Bruce: But they’ll always be welcome in this house.

Jason, banging on the door: BRUCE!

Bruce, whilst his eye twitches: They, uh, don’t bother me much anymore. I guess they’re busy…

Dick, Tim and Jason, struggling with the locked door: BRUCE LET US IN!!

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Marinette smiled as she waved Red Hood off, watching him disappear. She waited a few seconds to make sure he wasn’t coming back before shrugging off her shoes and gloves.

The purple was higher now.

She swallowed thickly.

“Tikki, spots off,” she murmured, hand out to catch the kwami the second she appeared.

Tikki hit her hand, mostly immobile. The only way you could tell the god was still alive was the tiny twitches of her antennae.

She gently set her back in her bag and surrounded her by cookies. She knew they wouldn’t help, the kwami hadn’t used their lucky charm in ages, but she figured she should at least apologize for continuing to use her without an active Plagg.

Marinette dropped onto her bed and stared at the ceiling.

Ultimately, she didn’t trust Robin enough to give him the cat miraculous. Sure, he seemed to be pretty set on the good side, which was a giant plus, but she didn’t know if the two of them could work together without bickering.

She sighed.

Great. Then how could she keep hiding the fact that her costume was disappearing? It was disappearing at a pretty quick rate, the pro gloves and sneakers wouldn’t do much good for long. She supposed she could get a jacket… Oh! A leather jacket. She could say she was taking after her new mentor. Some boots to go along with it… 

She nodded to herself and put in an order to be delivered the next day. So that’s done.

But it was a temporary solution.

She eyed her bag. Tikki was always perfectly quiet, but now she wished that she wasn’t. She wanted her to speak up and say ‘Marinette…’ in that exasperated voice of hers. Tikki always knew how to be rational, she’d know what to do.

But she didn’t say anything, and Marinette was alone.

What could she do? She needed someone to hold Plagg and let out that extra energy to bring balance back, but who could she find on such short notice…?

Her eyes flicked to Adrien’s outfit on its hanger.

She bit the inside of her cheek.


The next day she woke to a knock on her door. She groaned and shuffled out of bed, blanket wrapped around her. She walked up and stood on the tips of her toes to peek out and see who was there.

She stumbled back and squeaked. Crap! Crapcrapcrap!

She ran about her apartment to pull on clothes. “SORRY, JUST A MINUTE!” She yelled, which was only met by a bit of laughter.

After managing to pull on clothes she ran to the door and flung it open.

“Adrien!” She chirped, pushing some hair out of her face.

He broke into a grin as he looked her up and down. From the mismatched socks on her feet to the rats nest that was her hair, it was pretty clear that she had just woken up.

“Hard to wake as ever, M’lady,” he teased, leaning against the doorframe.

She gave a small huff. “Whatever. Your outfit is right there.” She motioned vaguely to her closet. She looked down at herself and cringed. “I’m going to… yeah.”

She darted into the bathroom.

When she came out, Adrien was completely dressed. He messed with his tie awkwardly in the mirror.

She frowned quickly fixed it, before pulling him into the middle of the room so she could see the entirety of the outfit. At the moment it was a plain black suit and dark green tie (she didn’t want to do any embroidery only to find she needed to change the dimensions it) but he didn’t comment on it.

“Um… how’s Paris doing without us?” She asked softly, pulling the suit jacket away from his stomach. He was gaining weight, she’d expected that, but she needed to figure out at what rate –.

He sighed. “So that’s why you asked me here…”

She didn’t bother to contradict him, he was right. That was the original reason why she’d accepted his request, she’d wanted to ask after Paris and make sure she hadn’t made the wrong decision by coming here.

When she didn’t answer, his shoulders slumped ever so slightly. “It’s getting better. The police weren’t prepared for us to up and disappear, so they were a bit out of practice.”

“But everything’s good now?” She asked, pulling a tape measure from her pockets and checking his waist.

“It’s getting there.”

She nodded and pulled away, murmuring to herself and writing down his new size so she could do some calculations later. She pushed herself to her feet and frowned at the tie she had just fixed. It was loose again. Had she messed up somewhere while making it or was he doing it? If so, why –?

It was here where she finally took in her ex-partner. His hair was far messier than she was used to, little tufts sticking up at odd angles. There was less makeup on his face than usual. She’d expected the weight gain, what with less patrols and constant fighting, but it had been more than she’d expected. That could mean…

Marinette looked at Adrien and gave a smile. “Someone took my words to heart, huh?”

His face reddened slightly and he looked away. “Is it that obvious?”

“Well, it took a professional designer a few minutes to piece it together, so I’d say probably not.”

Her eyes found their way to where the miraculous box was hidden. She’d called him here earlier than she usually would to ask him to take back the cat miraculous. She hadn’t expected him to start working on himself so soon, she didn’t want to ruin any progress he was making.

Then she thought of Tikki, curled up and almost completely immobile.

“Marinette…?” He asked quietly, resting a hand on her shoulder.

“I’m fine. I’m happy for you,” she said softly.

“You don’t have to lie to me. I want what’s best for you, I’m your partner, remember?”

She cringed. “I know. That’s why I can’t ask it of you.”

The hand on her shoulder gave her a tiny shake and she let her gaze fall to the floor.

And then he let go, his hand falling to his side lamely.

“I’m going to make your outfit more baggy. It’ll help with covering any weight gain and it goes better with your messy look.”

“Okay,” he said softly.

The silence stretched on and kwami she just wanted him to talk because she knew that if he didn’t she would ask him and –.

“Can I see Plagg again?” He asked.

She looked up at him. Could he hear her thoughts?

Still, she nodded and walked to the miracle box and pulled out the ring. It pulsed with an almost blinding green light and she curled her fingers over it to block some of it out.

Plagg poked his head between her fingers and then gave a small “ADRIEN!”

She looked away as the two embraced, dropping onto her bed as they chatted excitably.

“Look at you! Finally gaining weight, I see? I told you your dad wasn’t feeding you well enough!”

“That was only because he didn’t give me cheese for every meal of the day.”

“And I was right! How could he deprive you of such luxuries? In hindsight only he could have been Hawkmoth!”

Adrien laughed and shook his head, before pulling the kwami close for a kind of hug.

“So! Finally becoming Chat Noir again?”

The blond’s smile lessened slightly. “No, no, I’m not going to. I’ve been using Chat Noir as a way to be myself, but recently I’ve actually been able to do it without him. Besides, Ladybug is doing fine here, from what I’ve seen in papers. It’ll be fine.”

Plagg frowned and looked at Marinette, who had started making the  ‘nononoshutup’ motion with her hands.

“You haven’t told him?”

She groaned and rested her head in her hands.

“Marinette, you haven’t told me something?” He asked.

She didn’t respond, gripping the ring tighter. He’d said it himself, he’d been doing better without the persona. She couldn’t ask him to take it up again, she couldn’t let him go back to the way he was. He was right, they were partners. She wanted what was best for him, too.

“Tikki is getting weaker without the cat miraculous being active.”

Adrien frowned. The bed shifted as he sat down next to her. “Marinette…”

“I’m dealing with it, Adrien, it’s fine.”

“I’ll take it back if you’re suffering.”

Marinette cringed. She wished she was the one suffering, at least then she would be able to get through it. But it was Tikki who was getting weaker, not her.

Was either of their potential suffering greater? Was it fair to let go of one’s happiness for another’s liveliness, or vice versa? Could she even make that decision?

“I’m not suffering, Adrien. And I’ve found someone that I’ve been considering. Robin. I think he could be a fit, I’m scouting him out right now,” she said.

Not a complete lie, at least.

“Are you sure?”

She smiled, choosing to ignore the glare Plagg was sending her way. “Yep. I’d tell you if I needed you, right? We’re partners. Partners communicate.”


She sat up and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “Anyways, you’re done here. I’ll get this to you once I’ve finished, okay?”

He looked reluctant to leave, but he gave a small nod. She turned around so he could change and sighed to herself when he set it down on the bed beside her. She turned back around and waved at him. He hugged Plagg and gave Marinette a tiny wave back.

“See you later, kitty.”

“Later, M’lady.”


I have found out that I have been using ‘parole’ instead of ‘patrol’ this whole time…

Welp, this is it boys, time to pack it up it was fun while it lasted this fic is cancelled–


Fuck Kant all my homies hate Kant



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The pair sprinted out of the store, blonde in tow. It took about half a minute for Chloe to finally process everything going on, and another ten seconds for her to finally catch her footing enough for them to let go.

Marinette chanced a look back and cringed. A few people had stayed inside the store for various reasons but most were following after them, phones in hand. She pulled up her hood.

Dick glanced at both of them as they neared a crowded escalator. “Can you guys hop a railing?”

“Obviously,” said Marinette.

“… No? What the hell?” Chloe said.

Marinette and Dick gave each other a look before he groaned.

“Sorry for this.”

“For wha –?” The girl began but she, unfortunately, got her answer pretty quickly. He picked her up and held her to his chest, resting a hand over the back of her neck.

The two vigilantes gave each other a small nod before they jumped over the railing. Neither of them pointed out the fact that they both had perfect form, or that it was clearly an everyday thing for them. Because now more people were staring.

“Didn’t think this through, huh?” Chloe commented as she was let down.

“Shut up,” muttered Dick.

And then they were running again.

A quick look back at the crowd chasing them made her face pale. Fun! Now security thought they were thieves.

“Oh, come on, do you guys have to do your jobs?” She whined.

Ah, crap. They were losing Chloe. Dick was distracted, pulling out his wallet (for some reason) and hadn’t noticed.

Marinette bit her cheek. They could just leave her. A glance at the security footage would clear her name. It would be fi–.

She skidded to a stop and wheeled around. Damn it.

When Chloe got to her, she threw her over her shoulder and started up again. She raced to catch up with their third member, who was now dropping money on the floor.

She blinked a few times to process this, then shook her head and ran faster.

“The hell, Dick?” Chloe yelled as they stepped out into the sun.

“The less people chasing us the better! I can afford it!” He said.

They gave a pause at the edge of the parking lot. Their car was… well, they didn’t know.

“Random alley and hope we don’t get mugged?” Marinette offered.

“Yeah,” Dick said.

They passed off Chloe like a baton and then broke into a run again.

Five minutes later, they were panting in an alleyway. Marinette looked down to check her clothes weren’t originals before dropping onto her back and spreading out in the grime. Dick all but dropped the girl he was holding and leaned against a wall as he tried to catch his breath.

Chloe, who hadn’t run in a little while, was mostly just holding her probably bruised stomach (Marinette hadn’t taken time to make sure she was positioned properly on her shoulder).

“The PR team is gonna hate meeeeee,” complained Dick, who was sliding down the wall very slowly.

“You know…” Began Chloe, who seemed a bit hesitant to say anything.

“What?” Hissed Marinette, squeezing her eyes shut.

“You probably could have said that Mari was going to be future Wayne adoptee number 453542 and no one would have batted an eye.”

There was a short silence, then a string of very creative cursing from both of them.

After they had cursed enough to feel marginally better, Dick turned to Marinette. “Remember when I told you that you should let go of your anger?”


“Not with her. Stay mad. She’s smarter than us. That’s not allowed.”

Chloe gave a short laugh and held out a hand to each of them to get up.

Marinette smiled and took it.


It took a week for her to be allowed on patrol again. This was good for her job, she was actually getting work done (she had even finished Adrien’s outfit!), but also dreadfully boring at times.

So, when she was finally told on the comms that she could come back, she was somewhat disappointed when Red Hood said that he was going to take the day to teach her sparring.

There was, unsurprisingly, a bit of an argument over this.

“Red Hood can’t mentor her! She already has less morals than us, we can’t just let him corrupt her!” Nightwing hissed.

Excuse me?”

“You’re excused.”

“I’m doing this to teach her to communicate her injuries. Would you like me not to do that?”

Batman sighed. “No, but maybe someone else would be better suited than you to –.”

“I’m better suited than all of you!”

“Why don’t we just go over and abduct Ladybug?” Chimed in Robin.

“Yeah, do your weird dad thing and track his credit card,” said Red Robin.

Batman sputtered for a response, then sighed. “I guess I could…”

“Suckers! I’m using cash!” Red Hood said, which was met with a string of cursing.

Marinette turned off her comm with a small roll of her eyes. “Tikki, spots on,” she muttered.

Only to scream.

Because the hands and feet of her costume weren’t appearing.

She stared at the glowing purple at her wrists and ankles. As she watched, it retreated up her arms very slightly. Her costume was disappearing before her eyes.

She swallowed thickly. What could she do? She couldn’t really switch miraculi. Ladybug was already well-known enough there to have a costume made of her. But, ethically, could she continue on like this, knowing how Tikki must be suffering? And even if she did, how? The purple was glowing. It would be hard to miss.

Marinette mulled this over for a bit before walking around her apartment. She picked up the pro-fighter gloves she’d stolen from the Waynes and a set of parkour shoes. At least they were black. She didn’t know what she’d do if her outfit didn’t even slightly match.

A few minutes after she’d pulled them on, Red Hood opened the door to her apartment.

She blinked. “Didn’t I lock that?”

“Yeah, I learned how to pick house locks while you were out,” he explained.

She gave a small frown but shrugged it off and pushed past him. He caught her hand and raised his eyebrows at her new look. Dang, she hadn’t even gotten out the door.

“What’s up with the new outfit?”

She shrugged casually and pulled her hand from his grip. “Honestly? I was getting tired of the plain outfit. Figured I’d start upgrading it over time.”

He looked a bit skeptical. She couldn’t blame him. The last time he’d seen her in this costume she’d been shot. She’d think that she was getting weaker, too.

And she was. But he didn’t need to know that.

Okay, so maybe Jason had had a point. So what?

They slipped out the window and started making their way across the rooftops.

“You’d tell me if there was anything wrong, right?” Red Hood said as he hopped another roof with ease.

She tipped her head to the side and considered this. It was the whole point of what they were doing, getting her to admit when she needed help. But she brushed this aside. She couldn’t get help for this. The only way to fix it was to give someone the cat miraculous.

And she didn’t know if she trusted Robin enough yet.

So she smiled and shook her head. “Honestly, you worry too much. Relax. I’m a designer, remember? Of course I’d want a more intricate outfit than plain spandex.”

His shoulders relaxed slightly and he nodded. “Good.”

She bit back her guilt. “Where are we going, anyways?”

“Private studio.”

She nodded and they continued on in silence. She always hated silence. It gave her way too much time to think. About the way she was getting weaker with every transformation. About how she was supposed to hide it. About whether it was right to do so.

Marinette was glad when they finally touched ground outside a dojo.

They stepped inside and the person at the front blinked a few times. “It’s really you,” he said.

Red Hood rolled his eyes. “Take a picture, it’d last longer.”

She swatted him over the back of the head when the attendant actually began to take out his phone. “You can take one afterwards, okay? We’d prefer not to be hounded right when we leave.”

The man nodded and sheepishly put his phone away. They were led into a private room not unlike the one the Waynes had (though, admittedly, far lower in budget).

Red Hood crossed his arms. “Right. Ground rules: we fight until one of us gives up, we have to give up when we’re in pain or completely pinned, and two taps on whatever you can reach is a give up.”

She raised her eyebrows. “Why two taps?”

He gave a shrug. “It’s what Nightwing and Batman drilled into all of us. My guess is one could be an accident and three just feels excessive.”

Marinette nodded. Fair enough.

She could feel him watching while they stretched and groaned. “I’m fine. I barely even feel it anymore.”

“We can postpone if you need, I don’t care about the money.”

She rolled her eyes. “Relaaaaax.”

All he gave her was a stern look in return.

“Kwami, you’re beginning to look like Batman, scowling like that.”

He gasped. “You take that back!”

“Nope,” she grinned, pushing herself to her feet.

They both got into fighting positions.

They eyed each other warily as they circled each other. Marinette didn’t know Red Hood’s fighting style for close-combat, and Red Hood seemed to be considering his options.

She chewed on the inside of her cheek as she eyed him up and down. He was certainly strong, a quick glance showed that, but did he know how to use it? He had years of vigilante experience, surely he must know some hand-to-hand combat, right? Then again, he was only really known for using guns. Maybe she could beat him, maybe not. She didn’t want to underestimate him…

He lunged forward and she had to jump over him to dodge, using his back as a vault so she could land on her feet. He stumbled forwards a step and whipped around just in time to earn a kick in the stomach. To her surprise, though, he didn’t double over all that much, only giving a small wheeze at the blow. He must be used to hand-to-hand, then, if he could take a kick like that.


They narrowed their eyes at each other.

He ran forward, hand coming up for a punch. She grinned and dodged the easy attack. He must be trying to figure out her style. She’d just have to make sure to stay inconsistent –.

His leg swiped under her and she cringed as she hit the ground with a dull thud, only just managing to roll out of the way when he came down after her.

A hand locked around her leg and she cursed, kicking up in a weak attempt to break his grip, but he held fast. With a quick twist she was forced onto her stomach to avoid messing up her ankle and she groaned as he leaned forward to press her head onto the mat. She wiggled around awkwardly underneath him, only to sigh when she realized she wasn’t getting out of it.

There was a beat.

She reluctantly tapped the ground twice.

His weight shifted off of her and she sent him a glare as she flipped onto her back.

He gave her a small smile, holding out a hand to help her up.

“You know, if I didn’t think Nightwing would infect you with his stupid morals, I’d let him train you. You have similar fighting styles. Very… jump-y.”

She scoffed and took his hand, allowing him to pull her up. “Fight with him often?”

“You have no idea,” he said with a slight grin. “Best two out of three?”

She nodded and brought her hands back up to her face.

After a little bit of fighting she’d managed to get a grasp on his fighting style. It seemed a mix of a bunch of different martial arts, but he seemed to put an emphasis on pins rather than genuinely painful attacks.

With this in mind, she was actually able to win some. He definitely won more than she did, he wasn’t going easy on her at all, but it was nice to not lose every time.

Red Hood handed her a water bottle and rested an arm around her shoulders as she drank it. “Same time next week?”

She grinned and wiped her mouth. “Don’t trust me to tap out all the time, yet?”

“You’re getting better,” he admitted, then ruffled her hair. “You’re finally tapping out at the moment you realize you’re not getting up, but I’d like you to start doing it while you’re being pinned instead of after.”

She nodded thoughtfully.

“Fine, fine. I’ll… consider it.”

He sent her a halfhearted glare. She smiled cheekily and rested a hand over the doorknob. “Ready for the press?”

“Never am,” he muttered.

They both brought their widest smiles to their faces as they stepped out to greet the paparazzi.



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*Damian ranking his brothers from best to worst*

1. “Average.”
2. “A disgraceful idiot.” 
3. “Truely pathetic”. 
4. “Gross, pathetic, disgraceful, an idiot, disappointment, dishonourable, clumsy, shameful, why was he even robin?, Honestly Father, your standards must have dropped for this one, I am so much better, He’s my absolute least favourite.”

Jason: Hey are you serious?! Not cool Damian, that’s really uncalled for. We’re your brothers you know! … who was the last one?

Damian: Tch, Tim. I had more to add.





Jason: alright keep going.

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Alright, I need to vent:

Batman: Death in the Family 2020 the newest animated DC movie just came out and I am just feeling ALL THE FEELS (and I didn’t even kriffing watch the whole thing because it’s rated R of all things and NO, I don’t want to watch Jason lose his FLIPPING MIND and kill everyone so YouTube clips it is–!)

Anyway, I found two endings to the movie (because choose-your-own-adventure is NEVER confusing and does not set up MULTIPLE TIMELINES) that I just…

I want to see them. I really, REALLY want to see them.

1. Red Robin and Batkid

Quick summary: So Batman FLIPPING DIES in the warehouse NOT Jason. Now, as said earlier I haven’t actually seen the movie so I do not know exactly what happens after that. ((But I know one ending of that timeline ends up with Jason, Talia, and zombie/Lazarus pit Batman blowing up on a rooftop. Don’t ask.)) All I know is Jason becomes Red Robin of all things–

–basically the same costume minus a few armor pieces and of course the GUNS–


–and does the whole, “I’m going to kill villain’s now because ‘Evil can only be killed’, not stopped.” So he kills the Joker and a few other villain’s and goes after Two-Face at some point. This showdown happens in an arcade of all things and Two-Face almost kills Jason when this kid shows up out of nowhere and used a tazer on Two-Face. Red Robin then goes to kill Two-Face when the kid PULLS A GUN ON RED and then talks him out of it. He says some things that are really close to Bruce’s last words which gives Jason flashbacks and basically guilts him into stopping his revenge crusade.


Red Robin drops the gun and tells the kid he’s got guts then asks for his name. And the kid was KRIFFING TIM DRAKE.

Then we get an “inner monologue” of Jason’s thoughts and what happens next. He’s back to being a good boy and not killing and Tim is his sidekick as “Batkid”.

First of all: Tim Drake is OFFICALLY IN A MODERN DC ANIMATED MOVIE and I am SO PROUD. Thank you DC for having this child show up! Look at him!


Second of all: Although I have mixed feelings about the whole “Batkid” thing, I am mostly so happy for this boy. Tim has always been the most “Batman” of the group so the idea that he takes on the name in honor of the fallen hero makes me SO HAPPY, especially because you know Jason offered it Tim. Adding to this point: YES. A timeline where Jason isn’t trying to kill Tim! They are brothers and I just cannot get enough of this idea.

This is the “happy ending” of the movie, in my book (yes, even though Bruce died). It’s just nice to see Jason get a semi-happy ending with a new little brother/superhero partner. ((And, YES, it is better than Bruce coming back via the Lazarus Pit and has lost his flipping mind. At least in my opinion.))

2. Hush and The League

Summary: This one I know even less about because this is one of those REALLY DARK timelines that I did not want to look into too much. This is what I do know: Jason survives the explosion but he’s scarred very badly and kind of loses his mind (albeit not Joker level, but still REALLY BAD). So he basically becomes Hush, which is creepy has heck.


((Also for some reason he is still wearing the “Robin” symbol????))

At the end, Jason takes off the bandages  on top of a church and runs into Talia Al Gaul who has, guess who?



This timeline has so many possibilities but according to Jason’s inner monologue he’s going to help raise Damian but APPARENTLY he is going to make the kid hate his mother and father.

Jason, I’m just going to pretend that the kid softens your heart over the years and when Damian is like eight you just snatch him away from this life and take him away to live a happy, normal life. No Batman, no league, just Older brother Jason taking care of tiny Damian. And you can pry that image from my cold dead hands.

But honestly, the point of this post is summarized to this:

DC just give us Alternate Universes, please. They are so much more interesting than what you are currently writing.

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Summary: You and Tim decided to go to a haunted corn maze, thinking you could get a scare on him. 

Pairing: Tim Drake x Reader

Word Count: 1063

Warnings: Language, fluff, mild spoopy-ness

Tags: @doctorsteeb@idkmanicantenglish

A/N: I have done a haunted house for but Dick and Jason, so I decided to do another for my bby Tim! Hope you like it!


Originally posted by halloweenatdusk

The moon rose high in the sky, it’s bright yellow light illuminated the walk in front of you and your boyfriend. All throughout the month of October, you had been trying to scare Tim between various pranks but nothing seemed to work. This was the guy who fell asleep on a roller coaster after all. It was Halloween night and Tim had let you pick out what you did for the night before you retired back to your place and watched Halloween Town as per your tradition.

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They snuck through the house. Did they really have to? Probably not. She doubted that anyone would genuinely care if they saw her there. Were they still going to? Of course. It was infinitely more fun that way.

Then, seemingly at random, Jason pushed open a door and gave small bow as she stepped inside.

It was a dojo of some sort. The floors were lined with padded mats. On one wall, rows of dummies were lined up. On the opposite wall, she found a shooting range. The other two walls were ‘decorated’ with different types of weapons and, occasionally, the odd pad.

Jason hummed as he looked around, then rested his hands on his hips. “Right. Shooting range?” He asked.

She bit her lip and looked around. “Actually, I’d like to fight.”

His lips pulled into a slight frown for a second before he nodded. “Do you want to beat up a dummy or me?”

She blinked. “I’m not going to beat you up.”

“I meant with padded armor.”

Her lips formed an ‘o’ shape and she nodded, then considered the question. If he was wearing armor, then at least she could get in some practice on finding/hitting people’s weak spots. On the other hand, she was still injured; she didn’t know if she should push herself like that.

She glanced at him and bit down on the inside of her cheek. Would he notice if she was in pain? Could she do any intensive work? Did she want to risk it?

“I guess it would be fun to beat you up.”

“Ouch,” he said, resting a hand over his heart with a cheeky grin. Still, he started getting into the armor.

She stretched while she waited, closing her eyes. A warm up was important, she just had to make sure not to flex her stomach and sides too much. This didn’t leave her with as many options as she would have liked, though, so she was done pretty quickly.

After a bit of looking around, she pulled on some grappling gloves. She flexed her fingers. “I like these. They’re mine now.”

“Sure, take everything but the katanas and the guns and you’ll be fine.”

She snickered. “Why specifically those?”

“Well, the guns are mine and I would prefer not having to go through the trouble to mod new ones. As for the katanas, those are Damian’s. They’re not special or anything, far as I can tell, but they’re his and you don’t mess with his stuff.”

She raised an eyebrow as they walked back onto the mats. “Is that a sibling thing?”

“Stealing each other’s things? Yeah.”

Marinette grinned. “Well then, I’m going to have to pass on your offer to get adopted. My stuff is my stuff.”

“Don’t worry, you don’t really have anything worth stealing anyways.”

She huffed and gave him a kick in the chest for the express purpose of watching him stumble back a bit. “Rude!”

“But true,” he said calmly, stepping back into position.

She didn’t respond outside of a punch to the face. Which, she supposed, was an answer in itself.

And, so, she worked. She didn’t go as hard on him as she usually would when training, because she needed to make sure she didn’t start bleeding through her shirt (it would be hard to explain), but she still threw a fair few punches and kicks that made him actually move. Occasionally, he would reach out and poke her somewhere to show her she’d dropped her guard.

She was in the middle of a roundhouse kick when he asked what must have been on his mind for a while: “So, why are you mad at them?”

She blinked and her foot passed through clean air, leaving her to spin a bit. She huffed as a hand tapped her back and got back into her fighting stance. “Why do you ask?”

“Figured that, as your older brother, I should know if what they did is murder-worthy or not,” he joked quietly.

She sighed and shook her head slightly. “Fine.” She threw a punch with the word to show her distaste, but still answered: “First one is Chloe. She… she and I didn’t get along from the start. We went through a lot of school together and she bullied me.”

She saw his eyes flare with anger and rolled her eyes.

“It was nothing really bad, don’t worry. And it wasn’t as if I wasn’t rude back at times.”

His shoulders relaxed a little bit, but he didn’t seem any happier about this information.

She threw a particularly high kick at his face and winced as pain raced through her. To make sure he didn’t interpret it badly she stepped back and nursed her hamstring as if she’d pulled it.

He dropped his arms and frowned, stepping forward, only to get poked in the nose.

“Dropped your guard!”

Jason’s eyes narrowed slightly and pat her on the head. “You did, too,” he said.

“Mhmm, but let’s not talk about that.”

He rolled his eyes and brought his hands back up.

She gave him a cheeky grin and got back into a fighting stance herself. “And then, after all that time, she finds out blackmail on me. Literally the biggest blackmail she could find. And she didn’t use it. She didn’t even threaten it.”

“Everyone has morals of some kind, what’s so good about it?”

Marinette shook her head slightly and gave him a quick kick in the shin. “You didn’t see her. She’s been helping me out a lot since. She didn’t even need to, and she went to a lot of trouble to help me.”

He nodded thoughtfully.

“And the other person?”

She hesitated to think up a name for Robin, but then figured she might be able to get away with just not using one. “Right. He stole a win right out from under me. Cheated a bit, too,” she explained.

“And why are you thinking he’s a good person now?”

She thought of how to phrase it without looking like she was hiding too much. “We saw each other recently and he didn’t recognize me. And he was so… sweet?”

A sigh slipped from between her lips. Her hands fell to her sides.

“But even when they’re nice and all… I still can’t be nice back. Not really. I can do little things in short bursts… but it’s all fake and I just can’t seem to get over it! Chloe hasn’t done anything in years and R–Roy hasn’t done anything too bad since but I can’t…” Her voice trailed off. She didn’t know how to keep going. He seemed to understand, though.

She laid back on the ground, resting her hands over her eyes. She heard a dull thud as dropped down next to her. They were quiet for a long time.

Jason was the one to break the silence: “So, do you think there’s a link between the two for why you can’t get over it?”

She mulled this over for a bit. She came to an answer and sunk into the mat a little bit. “Me?”

He sighed. “No. Okay, yes, technically, but I don’t think that’s it.”

She dropped a hand and looked at him out of the corner of her eyes. “Then what?”

“Well… think of it this way: anger is a secondary emotion, right?”


“Basically, anger is a completely different emotion that’s boiled over. Usually sadness, but sometimes other things.”

She rolled her eyes. “So there’s some secret emotion I’m feeling underneath?”

He gave a short nod. “My personal guess is that they make you feel weak or inferior.”

“But I’m not.”

“I know that,” he said gently. “But from what you were describing… the first person bullied you, right? You said you fought back a little bit, but it sounds like you got a lot more than you dished out.”

She frowned. “I didn’t want to stoop to her level. The only reason I fought back at all was because of a friend I had at the time.”

He nodded. “Okay, sure. Then there’s a person that actively undermined you. You say he ‘stole your win’ but that’s not really much to be bitter about. Sure, it sucks, but you’re holding way more of a grudge than you should.”

She rested her hands on her stomach and stared at the ceiling. Maybe. But…

“But most damning,” he began, pulling her attention back to him, “is that you’re fighting while clearly injured.”

Marinette cursed in French. So he had noticed. She bit down on the inside of her cheek.

“So, yeah, that’s what my best guess is for why you can’t just ‘get over it’.”

She thought this over for a bit, before sighing. “And what do I do about it?”

“For now I’d apologize, explain that you’re working on yourself, and warn them that you might end up snapping at them in the meantime. If they’re actually good people, they’d understand, right?” He reached over and poked her cheek. “And you need to raise your self esteem if you want to really get over the problem.”

She gave him a tiny smile. “You seem to know a lot about this.”

“I suppose my therapist would have to come in handy at some point.”

She was stunned into silence. He certainly seemed the type to need a therapist, but he didn’t seem the type to actually get one.

He laughed at the look on her face. “Yeah, Bruce makes it mandatory for all his kids. Us and our friends usually end up held for ransom from time to time. It’s good to have someone on call.”

Marinette nodded. That made sense. She bit the inside of her cheek. So, she needed to work on herself and apologize.

She pulled out her phone.


This took forever to write out and I still don’t know if I got the point across well enough so like fuck –



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Leslie: What are the best ways to take care of your mental health?
Dick: Talk about your feelings.
Duke: Keep active.
Cass: Eat a potato.
Jason: Recite a dark spell.
Barbara: Throw your phone in a lake.
Bruce: Scowl.
Steph: Kiss a bird gently
Damian: Make fun of someone you don’t like.
Tim: Lie down in the dirt and let the earth slowly reclaim you.
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