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Dating apps as a concept for gay people is 10/10. HOWEVER, all of the profiles look like someone copy pasted and it feels as though I will die of boredom before I find someone interesting. I don’t need Betty whos only personality is astrology and needs to message every two minutes or she’ll explode. Where are my local gamer eGirls?? Where are the gremlins that would bring me foraged mushrooms as a sign of affection?? Where are the sentient patches of haze???

Not near me clearly

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I thought this was pretty good. She stopped responding so I guess not..

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I want to fall in love organically, I don’t want to see it coming. I don’t want to use a dating app and feel my way through the waves of men who really don’t care. I want someone to fall in love with what they see when I’m not trying. I don’t want to have to auction myself off with the best photos I’ve taken and some witty bio.

I just don’t know how to do that.

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