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Let’s Play Ripened Tingle’s Balloon Trip of Love - 58 - DunJon Deluxe Ed…

I kind of had this idea for an actual Escape Room-esc place of entertainment that’s based off this DunJon thing, 

it would be the same thing as this and basically have underground rooms that, everytime there’s a new customer, the rooms walls from the floor’’s floor would pop up to create a randomly generated maze, with the walls making different textures depending on which one you decide to do and different cartridges being sold in different sponsored stores throughout the location where the DunJon is, you’d get a bracelet to keep track of your coins so you can get enough to win a prize from the prize wall Chuck E Cheese style, and the enemies would be drones with Rock Paper Scissors buttons and if you try to runaway from them you won’t be able to move on to the next floor or gain coins until you face it, 

do you think that would be good?

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Being quarantined has allowed me organize old files, photos, and other stuff on my computer – and in doing so, I found these and thought I’d share this fun and special memory. Although I collect toys, none of these are mine. The photos were taken back when I was visiting my sister and her family for Christmas in December of 2019. This was a fun project put together by my sister and her son, both of which collect and love toys. They put together a beautiful diorama of characters, figures, and other various toys having a Christmas celebration set in various rooms of a doll house. I was amazed by the level of detail and the hilarious scenes. I managed to snap a few quick photos, but but they’re incomparable to the real thing.

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@enastrcs liked this for a starter (Dorian and Lasair) 


“You’re not wearing that, are you? Out? In public?” Dorian’s eyes lingered across his commander’s armor, his eyebrows raising higher and higher, and his look of judgement–which at default was already higher than most’s–increasing visibly by the second. “Finally, I am fighting for someone with a half decent sense of style, and my eyes are to be assaulted with that?” In truth, there was nothing wrong with her outfit–it was probably quite protective; she was always finding new and increasingly durable armors on their travels (her skills of collection, of knowing which enemies to plunder were impeccable, if he did say so himself). But it was before breakfast, he hadn’t killed a demon in days, and Dorian was generally looking for something to complain about. 

He had paused with a book in his hand, which he now tossed into the pile he had already deemed useless. Without looking up again, he grabbed another book, cleared his throat, and said, “If you have found a matching piece for me, please do save your time and voice and offer it to Blackwell. I require very particular measurements.” 

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here’s a gifset of @ah-axialmatt trying and failing to recreate tingle’s dance animation from wind waker hd

more context: one of matt’s personal stretch goals for extra life 2019 was to stream breath of the wild for 24 hours straight while both he and botw link had to wear a tingle costume the entire time. the goal ($5,000) was crushed on november 3rd, 2019. this stream started on january 25th, 2020, and ended 1 day later on the 26th.

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