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timsforeverhome a month ago
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I heard when cats cover their face with their paws like this, it's because their noses are cold
So I asked hubby Jon to tuck Tim in...
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Nice and cozy 馃憤
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naomiknight-17 3 months ago
I may look a mess but I had to show y'all this clip
I think he might like me dudes
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titans-trash 4 months ago
Bruce, carrying his kids like kittens, image 37461
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[Image ID: The first issue shows a crowd of well dressed people running away from something. They're running towards Bruce, who stands with both feet planted widely and grabs Dick by the back of his jacket, lifting him off his feet to put behind him. Bruce is wearing a suit and Dick is wearing a suit with a white jacket. The second image is a closeup of Dick, his eyes are little dots, the sketch lacks a lot of details like his mouth. End ID]
Year One: Batman/Scarecrow #2
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catsbeaversandducks 2 months ago
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"I found this teeny tiny unicorn outfit on a broken doll at the goodwill outlet. As I was looking at it I thought 'no way, it's too small'. I was wrong."
Photo/caption by Haley Andrews聽via聽Tiny Tim鈥檚 Tiny Life
鈥淭INY TIM CHARITY ART SHOW! Where? Live streamed on Tiny Tim鈥檚 Tiny Life Facebook group. When? Sunday, December 26th, 3:00 PM PST. Be there or be square.聽 All money goes directly to Northwest Animal Companions, who I foster for. 聽Contact me with questions, especially if you鈥檇 like to participate with your art!鈥 (Haley Andrews)
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innudoggy 2 months ago
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EgoInktober 2021, 31: Happy Halloween & Risk
This was fun and challenging. Might do this again next year too. 馃槉
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bunathebunny 5 months ago
Keep thinking of Tim being turned into a cat because of stray magic and Marinette, knowing that said cat is Tim, calls him "tiny Timmy" and taking lots of pics and videos.
Like who can blame here? Tim as a cat is so, so cute and absolutely tiny!
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symbio-ratio 11 months ago
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While the demo for Balan Wonderworld didn鈥檛 impress me much if at all, I will admit that I fell in love with my Tims and if anything happens to them I will kill everyone in Wonderworld and then myself.
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out-of-context-batfam 2 years ago
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Robin 80 Page Giant (2000)
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beans-garbage a year ago
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Some request I did on amino!
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fleouriarts 2 years ago
hi could you do a good ol cute mark and tiny box tim?
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him and his darling son
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officiallittletattoos 2 years ago
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By Kozo, done in Tel Aviv. http://ttoo.co/p/252305
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timsforeverhome 2 months ago
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Tim says
"No Minecraft. Only snuggles."
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naomiknight-17 10 days ago
Tim jumps into my lap and I say
"Hey, handsome boy!"
And he begins to purr in response and my whole day gets 100% better
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tom-at-the-farm 2 years ago
Had the worst meltdown last night because I forgot that in order to find the sine of an angle on your Texas Instruments calculator that is nearly 20 years old you have to switch to degree mode first.
Anyway I'm glad that in the intervening years since I left high school Google has become such a repository of knowledge because otherwise I'd probably still be sitting there crying
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artofwildspiritdesigns 2 years ago
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Tiny Tim - Dia De Los Muertos Cat Memorial Design for LillianB.
Not for reuse or alteration except by client. Please contact me if you would like something similar created for your use.
Micron pen outline Copic marker fill
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fcralbandit-blog 2 years ago
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mai-hai 3 years ago
Dami and Timy
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rainycreations 3 years ago
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Please do not steal or repost!聽
鈥淪ometimes, it takes less than what you expected to be a human.鈥 featuring Florist!Mark, Google, Tiny Bot Tim and Bing the cat (because why not)
Am I alive? Probably not, I am sick for most of the time to top it off with a busy schedule, welp, so the most time I can do are quick sketches, multiple of them so I end up sketching a Google and added a florist!Mark that suspiciously have the skill in repairing electronics and bots. *shrug*聽
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comatose--overdose 2 months ago
After getting into an argument with the family, Jason gets magically turned into a cat while on patrol. He retains his human mind but recognizes a golden opportunity when he sees one and so he pretends that he didn't.
He proceeds to knock every single item off of every single shelf in the bat cave and Bruce's office.
He makes Tim watch as he pushes his favorite mug off the table
He's huge and he's FLUFFY. Solid black except for a white spot in the middle of his forehead between his ears and at the very tip of his tail. Big boy, weighs like 20 lbs and it's all muscle.
"This isn't a house cat, it's a fucking long-haired mini-panther" -Tim, before Jason promptly starts chewing on his shoelaces and unties them so he trips.
There are hairballs in most of Bruce's shoes, and even one on Dick's favorite pair too.
He pees on Tim's bed.
Any time anyone tries to pet him he immediately sticks his ass in their face
He considers catching the tiny gray mouse that's been driving Alfred insane for the last two weeks but he can't bring himself to do it because it turns out the mouse is actually very sweet. Her name is Millie, and she wishes Gotham wasn't so cold. But the Manor is warm and there's so much to eat, she's never had a home this wonderful before. Jason can relate. He carefully sets off all the mouse traps hidden around so they can't hurt her. Alfred just stares when he goes into the pantry only to see his grandchild, as a cat, curled up napping with a mouse. Jason looks up and actually glares at him. Unbelievable.
She shows him all the little nooks and crannies and pathways that are much too small for humans. Jason now knows the Manor better than even Alfred.
(when he's human again, Jason carefully catches Millie, who seems to still recognize him, and keeps her safe and happy with a big warm habitat and lots of food. Jason always remembers who his friends are, even if they can't communicate anymore)
He repeatedly steals meat from Bruce, Stephanie, and Duke. He'll wait until they aren't looking and then drag it off their plate and trot off to enjoy his pilfered meal (sometimes he shares with Cat Alfred or Millie). Dick just gives him some of his because honestly, Jason's a little shit but he's never been more adorable and he's still his little brother. Big Birb feeds the little wings.
They start making him his own plate of meat because one, they got tired of theirs being stolen (not that that stopped) and two: they only had to make the mistake of offering him regular cat food once to know to never try it again
(Bruce had to spend a fortune on new furniture and curtains AND Tim needed stitches from all the biting, because of course he was the one who tried to feed him cat food.
"What?! He's a cat! I thought he'd like it!"
It nearly broke his cover but fuck that, he was not eating that shit. Baby bird gon' learn today.)
He finally spends some time bonding with Jarro
Every time someone uses a laptop or the batcomputer he lays all over the keyboard and rolls around, refusing to move.
Bruce is just.... Covered in scratches. Jason swipes at his ankles every time he walks by, Bruce tries to pet him and he latches on with all four paws and teeth. He'll deliberately lay traps the old man can't resist, rolling over to show his belly and Bruce falls for it every time. Weak.
Just open the goddamn door and let him into the garden, please, he is NOT gonna shit in a box. He'll shit in your shoes first, Steph.
It turns out Alfred the Cat is a wonderful conversationalist. He is also friends with Millie and has been trying to bring her to Damian's attention for a while now so he can protect her.
(Jason tells Damian this later, who then gives Cat Alfred ALL the scritches and offers to help Jason look after Millie if he ever has to be away for an extended period of time)
Titus is a good boy who doesn't give him any trouble, but for the time being, he tries (and often fails) to avoid Ace. Not because he's hostile, but because he still recognizes him as Jason and COVERS him in spit. He will not stop licking him. Alfred has to give him a bath because Ace licks him after getting into some peanut butter and honestly Jason has never been more disgusted in his life because it's EVERYWHERE but Cats Don't Like Water so he takes two Ls back-to-back there. The yowling made everyone worried he was dying and they all came running, but he was just being Dramatic鈩笍
(He can't be mad at Ace tho, he knows he's always been Ace's favorite. Ace is a sweet boi)
Every time he breaks something, Tim threatens to have him neutered.
"The price of the next mug is gonna be your balls you furry little asshole."
He pees in Tim's bed again.
The only ones he doesn't terrorize are Alfred, out of respect (mouse protection aside), Cass, because She Somehow Knows and is just letting him have his fun without spoiling it, and Damian, because resisting his Disney Princess bullshit is honestly the most likely thing to immediately give the game away to everyone else. Plus, Dami may be a brat but he's not gonna scratch a kid on purpose and besides, he's honestly never been nicer to Jason. Figures he has to have fur and four legs for the Demon to show some affection.
Roy catches wind of what's happening because Dick's got a big mouth when it comes to things like this and so he shows up to see it for himself and everyone is LIVID when he's the only one (other than the aforementioned three) allowed to pet Jason and rub his belly without getting clawed. Boyfriend privileges, bitches.
As soon as Jason and Roy are alone for a few minutes, Jay starts tapping out Morse code and lets him in on the act so he can help him cause chaos and jealousy.
Oh he just loooves Roy, just loves laying in his lap and rubbing their faces together and flopping over against his side, even licks him on the cheek. Look how cute he is guys, just a cuddly little cat, don't you just wanna hold him and squeeze him and give him scritches? But you can't!! But Roy can.
Dick and Bruce are fuming. Tim is starting to figure out they're being conned but he can't prove it, goddammit.
Roy's just enjoying the cuddles and snuggles. Jason isn't usually this affectionate when other people are around. Jay may be a cat right now, but Roy will take what he can get.
He will chase the laser light. For appearances. Only... Only for appearances... Must...catch...fairy....
Catnip is the best damn thing in the world, holy SHIT.
There's nothing Zatanna or Constantine can do, the spell just has to wear off, but he gets two weeks of (mostly) consequence free mischief in the meantime.
[There's now a part 2!] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5]
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ambiengrey 4 years ago
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Inktober Day 23: Juicy.
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