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Haha sigils, logos for things you want to happen. Draw em on sticky notes and slap that sticky note on the thing you want the thing to happen to.

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Just a tip for yall, don’t lie down after eating. Or at least don’t do it all the time. I have regrets.

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Hi Kenz! (´∀`)

  • I’m no longer a practicing writer, but the advice is always the same: read a lot. The more you have, the easier it’s for you to write ☆
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Ты не лжехудожник, и никого ты не обманываешь. Тебе не нужно знать всё, чтобы быть “Художником”. Ты Художник просто потому, что ты рисуешь. Не важно, как или где. Ты можешь стать лучше, ты будешь

> I consider myself to be a fake artist. False artists. I don’t know anatomy, color theory, composition or anything else that smart at all. I draw either on the computer with a mouse, or with a finger on the phone, or scribble something on a paper with HB pencil, and then on paper for office printing (where smth is printed on the other side), or on sheets of paper in a cage / line (or I combine all this). And I know for sure: it’s not given to me to become better. Nobody knows about this, but I continue to deceive everyone.

You’re not fake, and you don’t deceive anyone. You don’t have to know everything to be “an Artist”. You’re an Artist just because you draw. It’s doesn’t matter how or where. You can be better, you will

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  • Попробуй сконцентрироваться только на главе, чтобы ничто другое тебя не отвлекало ᕦ(òwóˇ)ᕤ
  • Ты можешь распределить время, чтобы знать, когда можно перейти к рисованию, – это поможет тебе работать продуктивнее! ☆

> AAA. How can I force myself not to draw? I need to finish a chapter, but no– I really want to draw. And in the end, if everything goes wrong, I start to get upset. MMM…

  • Try to concentrate on the writing only so that nothing else distracts you! ᕦ(òwóˇ)ᕤ
  • You can manage your time so that you know to move on to drawing, this will help you to be more productive! ☆
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That moment when you’re almost asleep and you hear a door slam in your empty house

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My writing habit has drastically changed for good, and I want to share it with you people. I’ve watched this video from R.C. Waldun and my brain clicked. This tip that he mentioned, quoting Hemingway, was perfect for me. The strategy is to set a goal every single day. For example, 150 words per day. Start and when you reach your number stop. Not a single word more, not a single word less. 

This way, every day you’re going to have something to write. Ideas are going to stick in your head, developing, up to the next time you sit down in order to start writing.

I’ve advanced so much after implementing this workflow! Perhaps it’s useful for you too. At the end of the day, we are what we do, not what we tell we are.

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I agree with their advice ☆ but lemme advise you to try the other way: don’t write. Just leave it for a while. Don’t torture yourself, and later you’ll be able to keep working with renewed vigor and ideas! ᕦ(òwóˇ)ᕤ



Btw yes!! Comic sans font does help :D


I used to write one shots ☆ (in Russian xp) Though they’re pretty short, I’m not sure about the translation, but there was an idea to illustrate a couple of them since I can… ;)

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Oh! Writers block, we meet again my old enemy….

Tbh I would say that the best way to combat writers block is to try writing a few short sentences everyday until you get your groove back. This is what I did when making ‘the birth of Sun and Moon’

That’s my best advice I’m afraid. If you have no ideas find a prompt generator, and write a few sentences for the prompt.

Slow and steady wins the race.

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