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Pro relationship tip


Don’t be the person in grey. I got sent this less than an hour after I was broken up with. I’m the blue text, which is about the best way you can handle it.

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Hi witches around the world! Today we topic about one of my favorite topics in all witchcraft because is a topic that i can relate with… Empaths! (I feel like giving class to students and i love it xd) so anyways let’s start!

What are empaths? + Personal experience. 

Cambridge dictionary says: a person who has an unusually strong ability to feel other people’s emotional or mental states. 

My family has the gift of Empaths (much of them don’t know it) but its kinda hard xd, i remember telling my witch friend about it and she said like “Mate… shit you are one im sorry” and even though being an Empath is great, is hard too… you feel drained and confused! So here are some tips for my fellow Empaths. 

Personal tips

a. I personally avoid big crowds because they drain me and its horrible… i would say… do it too.

b. Meditation, grounding, whatever helps, it really does.

c.  Water is healing for empaths, specially the ocean… when you feel overwhelmed water is your friend my mate.

d. As a spirit witch i tell you, is draining and i can’t do it weekly because it would kill me, if you an Empath and wanna do spirit work consider it but at the same time remember Empaths are natural talented in spirit work… like do it if you want it but don’t push yourself. 

e. have your own time scheduled, at least an hour to do the things you like. Personally i use this hour to meditate, ground and paint!

f. For the sake of the universe, trust your gut. YOUR GUT IS EVERYTHING IN ANY PATH OF WITCHCRAFT! If you feel that a person is gonna overwhelm you, drain you, just by seeing them… don’t GET CLOSE TO THEM OMG. 

I honestly feel that the trust your gut is the only advice that you should follow ALWAYS in witchcraft, is important, its gonna help you… please… Anyways my children, that was it… blessed be all of you and take care!

 masterlist of other topics

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La semana pasada vi que les gustó mucho el post para cambiar las letras de la biografía de Instagram así que decidí seguir hablando un poco de eso.⠀

Hoy el post va enfocado en mis queridos monstruos emprendedores que están comenzando su negocio por esta plataforma.⠀

Tener una biografía bien hecha es sumamente estratégico, tanto como para llamar la atención del público, como para optimizar tus posibilidades con el buscador.⠀

La bio tiene muchos posibles elementos y truquitos que podemos utilizar a nuestro favor. Por ejemplo las palabras clave, utilizar todos los recursos disponibles, poner link de nuestros enlaces, etc.⠀

Mañana vamos a profundizar en el tema pero quiero que desde hoy me comenten: ¿qué es lo primero que ven cuando entran al perfil de alguien? ¿Qué los atrapa de su bio?⠀

#elgordocircuito #queridasamigas #queridosmonstruos #byebye #iphone #android #apps #tips #trucos #Instagram #perfil

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You may find that motivation to practice your craft waxes and wanes. Becoming a skilled witch takes practice and research but motivation is not stable enough to rely on. The key to improving your magic is discipline. Discipline is sitting down for a five minute meditation even when you’re busy. It’s offering to your deity even when you don’t feel a connection. It’s drawing a tarot card and learning its meaning even when you’ve had a long day. Do not rely on motivation. Instead, cultivate discipline. Remember, however, that you do have limits and do not push yourself beyond them. Do what feels right. 

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