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[November 25, 2020]

So due to COVID and the fact that Josh and Alysha aren’t coming over mum and I are having our Thanksgiving early.

I have a lot to do.

The kitchen needs a full cleaning, then we need to start cooking carrots and turnip, my vegan meatloaf, her turkey, mashed potatoes, and more.

Plus, need to bake some cookies, chocolate chip and sugar for Trevor and peanut butter for me!

I hate having so much to do.

On the other hand, I really hope my vegan meatloaf comes out good!

I’m making it the same way my mother made it, only difference is it’ll be vegan.

I’m also having a few other things with my vegan meatloaf; I’ll be having green beans with a garlic butter sauce, cranberry sauce, and possibly yams, my mashed potatoes will have mushroom gravy on them and they’ll be homemade instead of boxed.

What sucks at this point is I have no motivation and I’m exhausted.

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¿Quien no se cansa de ser opción y no prioridad?

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @iyumiichi !!!


It is the 26th for me, which equals iyumiichi’s birthday!!! I had to do this quickly last night, so I’ll probably sleep in this morning (btw, this is queued for 12am TwT).

Anyway, imma sleep now. Hope you have a great week and a great birthday!!!!


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I don’t know if this pain will ever stop, I’m still alive and that’s what hurt the most, I should already be dead, I’m useless and unnecessary, just staying alive so some people don’t feel any guilt or to try not to hurt others is just ridiculous already, do they even really care about me? of course they don’t , they never did, they never will do.

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Yknow living in the states fucking blows. We have advertisements going around that are advertising that people fucking travel and do unnecessary activities. Cases of Covid aren’t fucking going away, I can’t get a normal education so I’m failing most my classes along with others and have no sympathy from our schools, people are in toxic situations they can’t fucking escape. This blows, and what happens? We advertise moving around places. What the fuck is this man fuck the United States were literally the fancy fucking crack den of the world.

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I love how just as my ribs start healing after being cracked from CPR, I get sick. Coughing with cracked ribs hurts so much, that as the pain wracked my body, it literally dropped me multiple times. My ribs hurt as much now as they did the day after I OD’d.

So I’m stuck alive and lonely, in incredible pain and sick.


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