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hesd empty

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Me: this bitch is tired.

Also me: this bitch is me.

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Imma go back to focus on my classes now, but when I’m done, I’ll probably be going on a mass reblogging spree or smth. I know I should be focusing on finishing my requests, but I haven’t been able to be active lately, so I want to catch up on everyone‘s works. I’ll be using the tag by @lorei-writes (correct me if I’m wrong) #sparkle friday because it’s cute.

Don’t be shy to pop into my dms if you want me to read something. I’d actually really appreciate if you guys send me some stuff to read.

Everyone, pls take care and drink water, or I’ll send Shakes after y’all.

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What should a sad bird do if there is nowhere to fly? 

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You know what sucks about tinnitus, you hear everything. Quite literally.

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Was my pride and individuality worth it? Doing one disgusting thing every other night for safety and security seems so easy now. My soul is being ripped apart anyway. He said I would never find someone who will love and take care of me like he did… I feel like he was right and I wish I could be one of those people who didn’t feel so strongly, so I could call him and go back, emotionless but comfortable.

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I swear to god if me and sandman are ever in the same room I’m gonna punt that fucker for all the no call no show bullshit he’s pulled over the years

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What strange times we’re living in. The odds are always against us and every day, we beat them. If you’re reading this, you have beat all odds that have ever been against you. I hope you keep going.

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Dear diary,

I’m in bed. Nothing new. I was meant to walk my dog for hours yesterday but instead I went back to bed and took her on a smaller walk in the evening. I’m just too exhausted to do anything. Especially with my insomnia and nightmares keeping me awake.

My only comfort is food and there is virtually nothing in my house at the minute, and I’ve got no money due to having to take my dog to a sudden out of hours vets visit. She’s OK thank god.

Anyway. Today is the day. We are meant to be going on a really long walk. It has been planned all week. I’m too tired. But I can’t back out as my partner will lose their shit and I can’t be bothered with it. I guess we will see what happens.

I’m so low. I can’t cope with these intrusive thoughts. They’re not my own. It’s like someone else is in my mind putting them there and I just wish they would fuck off! Time to sleep them away.

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