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jason and conner secret dating

dick “where are you two going?”

*at the same time*

jason “store”

conner “movies”

tim “i just met the both of you and i smell bullshit”

jason “if you smell it, then you are it”

conner “jason! he’s my friend! and your my-“

jason blushing mumbles “sorry!” so conner can hear

dick “you’re what?” grinning

kory “god you all need lives”

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<p>: <b>Gar:</b> *does something stupid*<p/><b>Jason:</b> hell Gar...Why are you like this?!<p/><b>Gar:</b> Awwn, come on! You know you love me!<p/><b>Jason,smirking and joking:</b> Where did you get that idea?<p/><b>Gar:</b> ...<p/><b>jason:</b> ...<p/><b>Gar:</b> *sniffles*<p/><b>Jason:</b> !!! WAIT I'M SORRY I DIDN'T MEAN IT GAR...YOU KNOW I LOVE YA YOUR IDIOT!!<p/></p>
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Originally posted by marsapartment

Summary: Jason makes a TikTok.

Pairing: Jason Todd X Titan!Reader

Warnings: TikTok Cringe

Word Count: 1,480 words

A/N: I’m honestly obsessed with those TIkToks that are like thirst traps but really badly done. Also, don’t take anything written below the dash too seriously. 






“Pretty please?”


“Don’t you love me?”


“Would you die for me?”


“So you’ll do it?”


Keep reading

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Okay so DCU said Titans S3 is gonna be Kory’s season and she’ll also get a new look. But honestly I’m really happy with Kory’s look, I mean I love her style and new wig but the only thing I hope they give Kory is color lenses like these:


They don’t cover up the pupils completely so they wouldn’t hide her facial expressions but still are full green and would look amazing in Anna. I mean look at how amazing it would be:

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Love your Dick Grayson Must Die series. I've seen you're taking requests. How about mission goes wrong, Rachel gets seriously injured and Dick spends the next 24h in the infirmary with her blaming himself, possibly having a breakdown at some point because she gets worse before she gets better? I love when he's in full Dad Mode and their scenes in your fics always make me cry 😭❤


Part 3 of the Catching Dick Grayson series, Part 9 of the Dick Grayson Must Die series

Summary: In which Rachel is injured and given twenty-four hours to pull through. With the other Titans away, it’s up to Dick to keep her - and himself - from falling apart.

Tags/Warnings: Hurt/Comfort, Panic Attacks, Bruce Wayns is a trying to be a good parent, Dick Grayson is a good parent




Twenty-four hours.

Dr. Stewart had given Rachel twenty-four hours to pull through. If she could make it that long, she would make a full recovery. If she couldn’t, it was pretty likely that the rest of the Titans - who were stuck in the airport - wouldn’t get a chance to say goodbye.

Dick had broken protocol by bringing the doctor here. But she was a trusted League associate and he had been desperate. So he had called her, practically begged her to come, and allowed her into the Tower. She had gotten to work with him at her elbow the whole time, passing sponges and wiping her brow, until she had done all she could do. Then she had given him her diagnosis, wished them both luck, and left.

He sat in the infirmary, leg bouncing, tapping her number into his League and personal phone just in case. Swallowing thickly, he started the timer.


Twenty-four hours and counting.

He sat back in the chair, twitching and exhaling slowly. Kory texted him, asking how she was. He gave her the full update and she promised they would be there as soon as they could. The airport was a mess, though, and it would be quicker to hurry up and wait for the storm to pass than try to work out another mode of transportation. He understood.


It was going to be a long twenty-four hours.


He had made it almost exactly twelve minutes before the itch under his skin forced him to stand and get busy somehow. He couldn’t just sit here and wait for the worst without sacrificing what was left of his own sanity. Taking his phone with him, he walked into the great room, headed straight for the kitchen. He set his phone on the counter, the countdown displayed on the screen, and stood staring at the fridge.

He wasn’t hungry.

He was hungry, but he couldn’t eat.

He should eat. Sustenance was always important after a mission or his muscles would regret it in the morning. He knew this. It had been pounded into him since he was twelve.

But he couldn’t eat.

Snatching his phone back, he stomped to his room. He stayed long enough to rinse off in the shower and slip into casual clothes - a gray shirt and some pants or something. They were clean and he didn’t give the outfit a second thought. Bringing his laptop and some headphones, he dragged a comfortable chair into the infirmary and got settled. Legs crossed, laptop open, headphones ready, he sat.

He checked the timer again.


Two hours down, somehow. Only twenty-two to go.


He lost another hour staring into space, arms crossed as he looked out the window. The sun had risen, its beams muted by the low-hanging dark clouds. Rain pelted against the windows and deck outside, distant thunder rumbling across the ocean. It looked like the rain wouldn’t be stopping for a while, the furthest reaching vestiges of a storm tormenting the city.

He heard screaming, saw a splash of blood, and blinked right before Rachel went down. Stupid flashbacks. He pulled in a shuttering breath, tightening his arms and glancing at the bed. No change and no improvement. Twenty hours to go and she hadn’t made any noticeable inch of progress.

Breaking pose, he marched to her bedside, tapping the monitor. He switched between windows, checking her brain activity, blood oxygen levels, anything that he could in any way understand. The numbers remained the same, maddeningly refusing to improve.

Oh, how he wanted to call Dr. Stewart and hear a trusted professional reassure him it would be fine. Or maybe Kory and let her fiercely kind words soothe him. If only Donna was still around; she would tell him how to take his overactive mind off everything and stop the spiral before it even started. Because it was coming. It was coming fast and hard and his only hope was to stave it off for the next nineteen hours.

Fingers tapping an uncoordinated rhythm, he switched the monitor to the default view and paced away. Large hands scrubbed his face and he counted his steps, timed his breathing, cracked his knuckles, did anything he could to get his mind focused on something other than the echoes of her screaming.

The walls started to melt and he knew he had to get out. He burst out of the room, pacing and breathing heavily in the hallway. Music would help, music always helped, but he wouldn’t dare deafen himself to the beeping monitors even a little bit. He could read or work on reports if he wasn’t so damn distracted. The training room was too far away - an entire floor beneath the infirmary - and he didn’t need anything from the bedrooms.

He could eat. He should eat. But the suggestion was passed over before it could even be considered. No way would he be able to taste anything.

That left the great room, its lounge looking traitorously inviting. A sit would be nice, a moment to relax by the fire and release some of the tension in his shoulders, but he didn’t deserve it. He needed to stay vigilant, ready to pop into action at a moment’s notice. If her vitals changed, he needed to be there. If she started to wake up, he would be standing over her, welcoming her back.

His reflection caught in the rain and he saw blood on his hands, his own ineptitude mocking him. He had been too slow, his stupid moral compass a crutch keeping him from doing what had been necessary. If he had only been stronger, faster, better, he could have saved her. Without his own limitations in the way, she would have been fine.

His phone buzzed and he rushed to answer it. “Kory,” he greeted urgently.

“We got tickets.”

“When do you leave?”

“Not for another eight hours.”

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”

“Look, I’m not any happier about it than you are. None of us are. You think we want to be stuck here with what’s going on?”

His face sank into his palm, rubbing and pulling at his hair. “This wouldn’t have happened if we flew private. If I had just… I could’ve figured something out.”

“Dick, you only have so many strings you can pull. And you used a lot of them just to get her and yourself back home. That’s what’s important; that’s she’s back where she belongs.”

He sighed, glancing down the hall. “I just wish I could have done more.”

She returned the tense exhale, muffling the mic against the din of angry travelers behind her. “No updates yet from the doctor?”

“No changes. Everything is the same from a couple of hours ago.”

“Well that’s good, right? That means she isn’t getting any worse.”

He clenched his jaw to bite back the angry remark that almost came out. No, technically she wasn’t getting any worse. But she also wasn’t getting any better. The clock was ticking, her time running down, and she was no closer to waking up than she was when all of this started. “I’ll call you back. Let me know when you’re in the air.”


He hung up, checking the timer and pocketing his phone.


He really needed a distraction, someone to talk to, to scream and rant at. Someone who could take his blows and bites and still consider him a decent human being when it was all said and done. God, he missed Donna.

When she was halfway, with exactly twelve hours left, her heart stopped.

Read the rest on Archive of Our Own.

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hi could I request a blurb with that!Jericho Wilson +E, please?
  • Prompt: E: sharing a drink
  • A/N: this one was fun to write, I hope you like it!

Originally posted by shuras

“Hey, Jericho!” Dick called as he approached.

You waved in greeting from your seat by the bonfire. “Hi, I’m Y/n. Nice to meet you!”

Jericho returned the greeting, then grabbed a drink from the cooler, and tossed you another when you asked, and took the open spot next to you on the log.

“Thanks,” you said, then opened the bottle and took a sip. “Dick said you guys met at a record shop?”

Jericho nodded, then glanced over at Dawn with a questioning look on his face. She smiled at him, and then Jericho looked back at you and began to sign. You nodded along as he signed about how he and Dick happened to like some of the same bands; Dawn translated for you, but when Jericho was done, you signed, “that sounds awesome! What do you like to listen to?”

Jericho lit up when he realized you could sign. Instantly, he launched into an explanation of some of his favorite bands, complete with an air guitar riff.

“Really? That’s one of my favorites!” You signed back as he spoke about one, and his smile grew even wider.

“You can come over to my place sometime and listen if you’d like, I’ve got their latest album,” he offered.

“It’s a deal,” you replied with a wink and clinked your bottles together.

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I got tagged by @weakforjaskier​ So… Let’s do this:

Rules: Name your top 10 characters from 10 different fandoms and tag 10 people.

This is gonna be a tough one, but i’ll try. It’s in random order. 


Number 1: (and this is a hard one) Chireadan - The witcher


Note: OKAY LET ME EXPLAIN THIS ONE: You cannot, i repeat CANNOT, make me choose between Jaskier and Geralt. I love these two idiots to bits and they are both my top person because Geraskier is one and belongs together always. So i had to pick someone else to keep it fair.

I love the show’s Chireadan. He’s very underrated, has a very cute smile, He just tries to do what’s right and I feel bad for him because of his love for Yennefer and then she goes and does THAT with Geralt where Chireadan can SEE it. Ouch… just… Can i crawl into my screen and hug him please? 

Number 2: Merlin - Merlin


Note: I mean this doesn’t really need an explanation. Just look at that idiot. <3 xD

Number 3: Magnus Bane - Shadowhunters


Note: Again need i explain this one? Just look at that wink, holy hell.

Number 4: Eric Coulter - Divergent Series


Note: Surprise, Surprise! I do fall for the bad guy sometimes. And i can’t get it out of my head that Eric might definitely have been divergent too. You can’t convince me otherwise. 

Number 5: Thorin Oakenshield - The hobbit 


Note: For a long time this was a battle between Thorin and Bard. Though Thorin wasn’t really a dad but an uncle instead, these movies gave me something for the dad-types. Hell even Thranduil was in the picture briefly. Needless to say, the rightful King under the mountain won.

Number 6: Piers Nivans - Resident Evil 6


Note: Onto the videogames since the rules said fandoms and not specifically asked series or movie characters, I HAVE to put Piers on the list. It was just unfair and mean dangling this cutie in front of me and then making sure he was only going to be around in that particular game in the franchise. LEON FINALLY HAD A RIVAL OKAY?!!! Besides, how can they do this to Chris? T_T i’m in tears. I ship Nivanfield so hard okay? Let me just tuck myself in a blanket fortress and bawl my eyes out… again.

Number 7: Garfield Logan - Titans


Note: Pretty self explanatory. I mean… He’s like Merlin only more awkward, goofy and-… aww heck he’s just like Merlin. 

Number 8: Isaac Lahey - Teen Wolf


Note: Basically the first one that fit the bill considering i have a whole list of teen wolf characters that i like. But i could only pick one so Isaac is the poster boy. But behind him are Stiles, Scott, Sean Walcott (we only see one episode of him but still.) Liam, Mason, Corey, Nolan, Kira, Malia, Lydia.. aaaaand Parrish. Yeah… The list goes on.

Number 9: Pavel Chekov - Star Trek (the reboot movies)


Note: Don’t get me started on this one. When the Actor died i was a mess. This -to me- is the best version of his character and i adore this cutie to pieces. Bones comes as a close second but Pasha takes the cake.

Number 10: Samuel Drake - Uncharted 


Note: He’s flirty, he’s whacky, he isn’t always the good big brother he’s suppose to be. But he’s just winging it bullshitting his way through life like i pretty much do, so a man after my own heart. Except he goes places, i don’t. XD Except i’m don’t lie nearly as often as this guy does. I mean.. To your own brother? Ouch. I mean i get it. I don’t get it. But hey, see how i work my way through things when i’ve spend 13 years in jail and 2 working for a lunatic. I applaud Sam’s ability to still be somewhat sane. (somewhat)


Extra: I’d name my favorite from the Dragon Age franchise, but it’s a different one for every game and i didn’t want to take up three separate spots on the list for these men. Considering there should only be one character per fandom. Besides these guys don’t share. The only thing they should be sharing is me. 

Dragon Age Origins: Alistair (My personal goofball)


Dragon Age 2: Fenris (World’s sexiest grumpy elf)


Dragon Age Inquisition: Cullen Rutherford (PTSD suffering knight in shining lion armor)


Holy shit sorry for the long post especially to those scrolling on a phone. I’ll tag people now and finish up. 



Originally posted by goddamn-jackdaniels

@gloomierdays​ @jaskieriest​ @andyet-here-we-are@ub-sessed@marvelousmaize@wolfgeralt@dragonagehumor@darqueparabatai@forbiddenhero@jalecsquad@knightofsteles@castielogically

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one of the best things I ever did and at the same time one of the biggest mistakes I ever made was asking myself if joining my two favorite characters would make a good couple …. now i’m stuck on a shipp that I know will never be canonical because it is extremely unlikely because there is practically no real interaction between them in canon and with extremely little content on the internet … I choose to suffer…

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