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unloved-cadillac · 10 minutes ago
Some fluffiness of Levis SO asking him to marry her
C/n: omggggg the fluffiness. Thanks for requesting and I hope that you enjoy🤍
The Question. (Levi x Reader)
Y/n walked up and down Hange’s room as she went over her words in her head. She played with her hands and scratched her head as she mumbled and Hange watched her from the doorway.
She turns and sees Hange who had a dorky smile on her face. “Stop overthinking. Here.” Hange hands her a small black box and Y/n smiles. “Think he’ll like it?” Y/n asks. “He’ll love it. Just as much as he loves you. Now go.” Hange pats her shoulder and Y/n nods.
“Hey Hans?”
Y/n looks at her friend. “Thank you.”
“Don’t worry about it. Now go before I do it for you.”
Levi stood by the tree overlooking the lake as he waited for his girl. She’s been acting weird for the past few days and hopefully she’ll come clean today. But, whatever it was, they’ll go through it together.
He heard footsteps approaching and he turned around to see Y/n walking to him. “Hello, beautiful.” He greets and takes her hands in his. He leans in and gives her soft kiss in her lips and cheek. “Hi.” She says and sits down in the grass and Levi follows.
The night hums and the crickets chirp as Y/n looks up at the stars. Levi looked at her side profile and touched her cheek. “You okay?” He whispers and she faces him. “More than okay.” She says and leans to give him another kiss. Levi wraps an arm around her waist and leans back into the grass with her on top.
“You know I love you right?” She asks and he nods. “And I love you too. I’m on dirt for you.” Levi smiles as she laughs. “Yes, you are. But really, Levi.
I don’t know what I’d do without you. You’re my heart and soul and I don’t ever want to apart from you. This world is just so unexpected but beautiful when I have you right there with me. Ever since we trained together for the first time all those years ago, I knew that you’d be the man I was meant to spend eternity with. So, Levi Ackerman,” she moves off of him and he gets up to face her as she reaches in her pocket and take out a black box,
“Will you marry me?”
For the first time in all the years she’s been with Levi, she saw him cry. Just a few drops but he did. “Yes. Yes, Y/n. A thousand times yes.” He says quickly and grabs her into a bruising kiss and hug. He held her face and she chuckled against his lips.
“Let me put it on at least.” She chuckles and he pulls away a few inches to watch her face as she fits the ring on. The black band was a perfect fit and Y/n kisses the ring and his hand and then his lips. “I love you, Levi.”
“God, you have no idea how much I love you.” He replies and holds her close as he tried to calm his rapid beating heart. He was so happy. The most he ha sever been just because you beat him in asking the question that changed both of your lives.
“This man ruined my standards. Thanks Isayama.”
🖤🤍Thanks for reading🤍🖤
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zuzusexytiems · 21 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I'm sorry
(Partially inspired by this wonderful piece of Jeanmarco art by @scepterno bc I started wondering how Jeanpiku would have played out if Marco was still in the picture. And also bc eyepatch timeskip marco has my heart and I needed him in a ficlet 😭)
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sugasshaay · 27 minutes ago
「No title」 - fluff
┋hanging out with mika at her dorm after a long day :(┋
with mikasa ackerman (!) x fem!reader
Notes; ahhh sorry I haven't posted in a fat minute, I felt very unmotivated and just didn't have time (I'm saying this like I'm actually free to write again) but anyways I thought about this today just when I woke up and its still not out of my head. And this is for my wlw bbys so enjoy <3
Tumblr media
Mikasa was lying in her bed, her laptop on her lap, watching a show she'd been watching for a while now. The room was deafeningly quiet until she heard a faint knock on the door of her dorm room.
Her head raises, confused as to who would wish to pay her a visit at this time. She takes her laptop off her lap and places it on the bedside table. 'Hold on!' she whisper yelled, it was loud enough for whoever is outside can hear. she rose from her bed and moved closer to the door.
She opens the door and is greeted with your sweet but tired face. She smiles and pays no attention to it and invites you in, taking your hand in hers as she guides you in.
She moves her hand to yours after you've both snuggled onto her bed, rubbing the palm of it softly and tenderly. She moves closer to your face, a little peck on your cheek as she asks "What's the matter, love? Is everything alright?"
You look up at her, a loving smile on your lips. You simply shake your head slowly and tell her you're alright, that it's just been a long day, and that you'd appreciate it if she could spend some time with you.
Her smile returned as she felt you nuzzle her shoulder with your head. "Of course we can spend time together," she says, with a bright smile on her face. Her other free hand taps her lap, Basically telling you to come and sit on her lap instead.
And you do. Now instead of your head being on her shoulder, it's on her chest. And it feels like pure heaven. Both hands are on your back, one is rubbing your back slowly while she uses the other one to keep you close to her. Making you feel safe and secure.
She begins to talk her day and what she has been doing. Tells you how much she has been thinking about you in between lectures. And all the drama that happened today.
You could barely understand anything that's happening or what she's even talking about, you're only focusing on her voice, it's so soothing that it almost sounds like an angels voice. Every time you hear her voice, it relaxes you.
She received no reaction when she asked you to tell her about your day too. And by the looks of it, you may have dozed off as she was telling you about her day.
Who can blame you for it, after all? Her voice is so calming and relaxing that you'd swear it could heal. You couldn't stop yourself from falling asleep.
She chuckled as she tried not to move too much so she wouldn't wake you up, but also to make herself comfortable. She smiles as she kisses the crown of your head, thinking how blessed she is to have someone as adorable as you.
See you next time.
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busyandtired · 29 minutes ago
Shout out to Mappa for drawing realistic looking boobs without doing the weirdass boob pocket thing (also in the case of snk how they would look like without a push up bra)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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darkrarin-lucarina · 30 minutes ago
Dibujo para @alexthewolf29 uwu💖💗
Tumblr media
Espero te guste mi amor 💗💖✌️
Me tomo como 6 bocetos porque andaba en bloqueo creativo xd
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flysafepapi · 30 minutes ago
My wifi was out for a week, so after the third day I was like “okay it’s okay I can use this time to be more productive!”
Yeah, no
Now I just have three new BwE stories that I started and don’t know how to finish.
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thecomicon · 49 minutes ago
Titan Comics/Hard Case Crime Announce 'Gun Honey' Crime Comic Mini-Series
Titan Comics/Hard Case Crime Announce ‘Gun Honey’ Crime Comic Mini-Series
Titan Comics and Hard Case Crime announce a new 4-part crime comic series, Gun Honey written by Charles Ardai (co-founder of Hard Case Crime), with art by Ang Hor Kheng. All wrapped up in sensational covers by legendary James Bond film poster artist Robert McGinnis and Bill Sienkiewicz, as well as variant covers to come by Adam Hughes, Kendrick Lim, Jay Anacleto, Chris Wahl, Fay Dalton, Andrea…
Tumblr media
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dontdenymeshakespeare · 57 minutes ago
Allow me to start this review with a personal story.  The first time I read about the Titanic, I was too young to comprehend the deaths of 1500 people. I looked at the images in a book and thought the images were beautiful. The thought of the deaths that occurred didn’t even cross my mind.  What also didn’t occur to me was where the Marconi wireless came from. I only knew it in terms of…
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unloved-cadillac · an hour ago
Can you reverse that levi amnesia drabble? Instead of the reader only remembering levi, reader remembers everything but levi. Like she only remembers up until they first met and he's trying to give her space but he's still unconsciously doing things like grabbing her hand in meetings only for her to jump away. Or him expecting her to follow him to his room at night only to be met with "uh, I don't think that's allowed after dark sir," and just sad levi till she remembers again.
C/n: oh angst train. Here we go. Thanks for requesting and I hope that you enjoy🤍
Forgetting You. (Levi x Reader)
Accidents happen. Nothing you can do about it, unfortunately. If you could then they wouldn’t be called accidents. When a cadet slammed you, head first, into a tree the world went dark as you lost consciousness.
Levi sat in a chair next to you as he watched you sleep. The IV and bandages around your head made him feel sick. He vowed to himself that he wouldn’t let that happen to you but here you were. Nevertheless, your heart was beating and you were breathing, that’s all that mattered right now. Except for the fact that he wanted you awake.
Hange visited and spoke to you hoping you would chuckle at her horrible jokes but nothing. Even the commander made an appearance to see you.
Right now, Levi held your hand while you slept. He moved forward and brushed your hair away from your forehead and laid a kiss on it. “Wake up for me, baby. I miss hearing your voice.” Levi whispers and leans back into his chair as he listened to the beeping of your heart.
You shuffled and groaned as you began to wake up. A warm hand holds yours and gently squeezes when you fully wake up. “Hi, honey. Glad to see you’re awake.” Levi smiles and moves to give you a kiss but you pull away. Levi’s heart stops and looks down at you with wide eyes. “Y/n? Everything okay?”
“Who are you?”
Never in his life did Levi think three words could scare him. You furrowed your eyebrows and gently removed your hand from his. “Y/n, it’s me. Levi. Your..boyfriend?” He says and you shake your head. “You don’t sound so sure about that yourself.” You say with a voice he has never heard come from you before. It was stern, cold and downright emotionless. “I-..”
The door slams open to reveal a four-eyed girl who you instantly smiled at. “Hange.” You say and Levi scoffs. “Y/n! I’m so happy to see that you’re awake. Levi here was worried sick.” Hange hugs you and then you clear your throat. “Hange, who exactly is he? He claims to be my boyfriend but I don’t recall ever having one.” You say and Hange’s brown eyes widen.
“Y/n, he’s right. You’ve been together for over five years now. Don’t..,” she looks at Levi who was fuming, “don’t you remember him? You remember me.”
“I don’t know. The last thing I remembered was us leaving to town. And now I’m here.” Hange gasps and gets up.
“I’ll be right back.”
Levi listened to the doctor as he explained to Hange and him about you. Your memory was lost but only up until you met Levi. So not only didn’t not remember him, you also didn’t know that you were a squad leader. Levi groans as he rethinks the whole situation. When you and Hange were friends, Levi wasn’t anywhere in the surface. He was still a thug in the underground. Funny, because when he did come to the surface, you were the first one to talk to him.
“So, maybe try easing into her life again. I’m sorry, Captain. But it looks like she won’t remember you until something jerks her memory.” The doctor concludes and Levi nods. Hange places a hand on his shoulder. “She’ll come around. I know it.”
After a week, you were discharged from hospital and you insisted on Hange being with you. Levi had to suck it up and win your heart all over again.
It was so hard for him to not kiss you. Or hug you. When you sat next to him in meetings, he unconsciously placed a hand on your thigh to which you looked at him with a frown. Levi quickly pulled away and softly apologized.
Or the time when you helped finished help him with paperwork and he expected you to come to bed. “I don’t think that’s appropriate, Captain.” You say and Levi sighs. “O-Oh. Right. Apologies, Y/n.” He softly says and dismisses you. Before you could go though, you turned around and looked at him. He did seem familiar. His eyes looked beautiful, something that attracted you to him but you brushed off those feelings since, apparently, he was a captain.
“Something wrong, Y/n?”
Levi’s voice pulls you away from your thoughts and you shake your head. “No. Uhm, goodnight.” Levi hums and you leave his office. What was this weird feeling in your stomach?
Days turned into weeks and Levi still had no progress in trying to make you remember. What if this was the end? Everything he felt for you was still there but you just couldn’t feel it. Did he really just lose you at the blink of an eye? Was he going to be alone?
He even stopped sitting next to you. The temptation of holding your hand or tucking your hair behind your ear was too much for him to handle and unless he wanted a case in him, he stayed away. It hurt. Levi couldn’t sleep without you next to him and it his insomnia got worse.
“Hange, do something. Anything.” He pleads and Hange sighs. “Trust me, Levi. I’m trying. I really am.” Levi nods as he goes to his office to keep his mind occupied. But even that couldn’t stop his mind to drift off to you.
Levi stopped writing and placed his head in his hands. “Come back to me.”
You sat on your bed in the girls chambers as you try to think. But this pounding headache made it difficult to do anything. So you got up, hoping to get some water, but your vision turned black and the shoutings of your name muffled then silence.
When you woke up the next morning, the headache finally disappeared and you smiled as you recall the accident. Poor cadet but at least now you can assure Levi that you were fine. You hopped out of bed and looked around. Why were you in the girls chambers?
“Y/n.” Hange says and you look at her with a smile. “Hey. Where’s Levi? Why am I here?” You ask as you slip on your shoes. “Why do you want Levi, Y/n?” You lift up your head and chuckle softly. “Uh, cause he’s my boyfriend and I want to be with him?” Suddenly, Hange shrieks and tackles you in a hug. “Oh thank god! It worked!” She yells.
“Y/n, you lost your memory. You remembered me but not Levi. It’s been weeks and you just couldn’t remember him.” Your eyes widen as you listened to your most trusted friend. “Oh my god.”
You leap out of bed and run to his office. Hopefully he was still there and not out in the fields yet. You didn’t knock and just opened the door to see Levi putting on his cravat. “Didn’t you learn how to knock?” He asks without turning around. “But I live here.” You say and Levi faces you.
“Y/n,” he clears his throat, “I’d there something you need?”
“I want a kiss.” Levi’s eyes widen at you and he stalks towards you, cravat still undone. “What?”
“I want a kiss from my boyfriend. I remember you, baby.” You whisper and he crashes his lips into yours and holds you tight. “I thought I lost you for good.” He mumbles against your lips and you wrap your arms around his neck. “Gonna take a lot more than that to lose me, Ackerman. You’re stuck with me forever.”
“I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
🖤🤍Thanks for reading🤍🖤
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nahinaedits · an hour ago
its on my pintrest so the watermark but i changed my name .-. 
my pintrest - @.1080fpedits
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gricefalco · an hour ago
Eren pls-
Tumblr media
Just step on me, I beg you 🙏🏻
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cosmicjoke · an hour ago
Man, the way The Beast Titan (a.k.a. Zeke Yeager) tortures and plays with Mike before having the other Titan’s kill him is honestly so upsetting.  It’s shit like this that makes it impossible for me to sympathize with Zeke.  The way he toys with Mike before killing him is just horrific and beyond cruel.  The glib, unbothered way he kills people, how obvious it is that he feels no real remorse, how he even takes glee in it, and treats it as a kind of sport.  He does this again and again.  Also when he used Levi’s own soldiers under his direct command in the forest as a means of escape, the way he spoke so glibly about what he’d done, his half-assed “sorry Levi” as he’s running away.  He’s not like Reiner, or Bertholt, who showed clear dismay and regret over their actions.  He’s just a sick bastard.
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ivoryfrost · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Hange & Levi caught Eren & Mikasa together. 
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