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oi-levi · 3 months ago
Pretty | Levi Ackerman x Reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
YOU give Levi his first blowjob, and the man practically loses his fucking mind.
Pairing: Sub! Levi Ackerman / Fem! Reader
Word Count: 6.2k
Content/Warnings: Allusions to Virgin! Levi, Sub! Levi, Oral (m. receiving), Praise Kink, a very loving handjob
Note: I was literally so desperate to write some Sub! Levi content, but I always wanted something with more fluff, so low and behold, I present you with this cute filth. There was a glitch that made one of the paragraphs repeat itself 3x under the readmore, but I fixed it, so please forgive the awkward asterisks!
Tumblr media
“I wanna make you feel good,” you say. A light dusting of pink crawls across Levi’s cheeks as he registers your words—as if you’re pleading with him, begging him.
“You...” His words get caught in the center of his throat, and his back meets the headboard as you crawl along the mattress, hands caged around his legs.
Something inside of him flutters at the image of you on all fours, blinking up at him through long, dark lashes and glistening, hungry eyes. You inch closer and closer, testing the waters, until your lips ghost his.
He can feel you breathing into his mouth. “You… wanna make me feel good,” he repeats. Slowly. He’s learning the words on his tongue, saying them aloud as if he doesn’t believe you.
You meet his eyes again then nod once. “Yes.” With that, you seal the gap between you, pressing your lips to his. He inhales sharply through his nose, wide, panicked eyes shrinking underneath the tender hearted nature of your touch. As his eyelids slip shut, he stretches his jaw, waiting for you to slither your tongue between the opening and explore his mouth.
Your fingertips trail up his clothed stomach, eliciting a quiet gasp from his throat, until your hand finds a comfortable hold on his throat. You grab him there gently before pulling away, leaving a string of saliva in the wake of your wet kiss.
“You’re a good kisser,” you hum. A chill races down his spine as you trace his jawline with lustful kisses, eventually landing on his pulse point. You pause, suckling on the area, only stopping after you coax a soft moan past his lips. Levi’s shaky hand wraps around your bare waist where your shirt had caved forward from your position.
“T-thank you,” he says quietly—innocently. There’s a certain rush you feel knowing that you are the very first person to explore him like this. His body is an uncharted territory you get to mark and identify at your own leisure; you get to unravel him, all on your own time. He’s yours.
You continue to kiss down his neck, nibbling maroon and lilac bruises along his fair skin until his hips are twitching. Levi’s eyes flutter shut. For now, the only sounds that leave his lips are flustered gasps, but you are determined to making this man fucking whimper in your mouth if even it’s the last thing you do.
You perch down on his thighs and bite down on the inside of your cheek as you take off your shirt, your body nearly on display from him. His silver eyes are wide and attentive, mouth watering with anticipation. Although he’s seen you without a shirt on before, the sight never seizes to take his breath away or leave him throbbing from below.
He moves to dip his head forward, but quickly you extend an arm, anchoring him in place by grabbing his throat. His eyes practically glaze over as you carefully guide him back against the headboard.
“This is about you,” you smile gently.
“You don’t have to if you—“
“Levi.” Your hand squeezes a little tighter and you reach for the hem of his shirt, coiling the fabric between your fingertips. He gasps. “Let’s just call this a little reward for all the hard work you’ve put in as Captain, hm? Now be good and let me suck your dick.”
Now his face is really burning, and it’s not like you couldn’t feel his cock twitching against your dampening core at your words, either. He averts his gaze, staring at the blank slate of the ceiling as you rid him of his t-shirt. Your lips dance across his chest, tongue occasionally swiping around a nipple, drawing a wet line down the center of his abdomen, leaving trails of saliva in the toned divots in his stomach. There, you suck and bite and mark, until Levi can’t help but squirm beneath you. His chest rises and falls rapidly, lips parted to pave the way for short, labored breaths. A sheer layer of sweat begins to build on his skin, casting him in a godly, luminescent glow. The more he falls apart, the more eager you become, the more diligent you work.
“I love the way you look right now,” you whisper against his collarbone. Instinctively he cranes his neck, wanting your lips to be closer. You oblige him, puckering your mouth to his throat, kissing him until he’s tremors turn to trembling. “To think that ‘m the only person to ever see you like this...” Slowly, you grab his wrist, guiding it between your thighs until his fingers drag against your clothed cunt. “It makes me so wet for you.”
Levi groans, another choppy breath faltering past his lips. He ghosts his fingers along your folds, allowing the heat and wetness to transpire on the pads of his fingers. When he nudges your clit, he feels you tense against him, eyes falling shut in a way that only tells him it’s a pleasurable sensation. He takes a mental note.
His eyes are visibly more wider, silver irises practically twinkling, as if when you peel your lids back, you’re staring into a sea of smokey quartz. You didn’t think it was possible to become more attracted to Levi, but every day, he seems to prove you wrong. With his hand between your thighs, timid strokes growing more confident, you slowly tear at the seams.
“Does it... feel good?” he asks. Even though he correctly infers the answer, he still has this nagging desire to hear it from you.
As you grind your cunt against his fingers, hands digging into his shoulders, you nod quickly. “Y-yes. Come.”
He furrows his brow, unsure what you mean, but when you slump forward, sliding your arms around his neck, he understands. You capture his lips, immersing yourself in his taste. Your tongue is already dragging along his bottom lip, begging for an entrance that he doesn’t even have to think to accept. He just opens his mouth, desperate to eradicate any bothersome space. He wants to be close to you. Closer. Is it even possible? Your tongue massages his, and he slides his hand around your back, fingers nudging the hook of your bra.
“Want me to take it off?” you ask against his lips.
He swallows, then nods, eyes never leaving your face as you reach behind you with two hands and shed yourself of your bra. His eyes fall to your lips, glowing with a translucent gleam from his saliva, perfectly swollen and pump from kissing.
You feel the tremor in his fingertips, and place your hands atop his, easing any lingering anxieties. Your eyes hold a softness that seems to swaddle him.
“You can touch me more, now,” you instruct. You slowly guide his hand up your stomach to your breast, where he cups the soft skin in his palm. He squeezes gently. “You’re the only person I ever want to touch me, Levi.”
Something about your words lights a fire in him. Touch me, touch me, touch me. Is it true? Is he the only one? That’s right. Just as he is a blank canvas for you, you are a canvas for him. He knows it’s entirely possible to undo you piece by piece. He saw it with his own eyes just a moment ago when he had his fingertips between your shaking thighs, slowly grazing against your swollen, soaked mound. Which means... there are plenty of ways to make you feel good just as you hope to do so with him.
Levi paws at your breast, letting his thumb brush over your nipple, drawing slow circles until it stiffens into a soft bud, then he bows his head forward and puckers his lips around the small peak, sucking until you shudder on top of him. He repeats with the other side, clamping his teeth down, his cock twitching at the little noise that is forced from your throat.
He doesn’t stop until you’re you’re grinding your cunt against his bulge. Until your lips finally meet again, and you are moaning lowly deep into each other’s throats.
“Fuck,” he groans. He’s painfully aware of his erection—the way it strains against his trousers. It pulsates so hard that his mind goes foggy.
“I’ll take care of you,” you whisper.
Pressing one final kiss to his lips, you are crawling down his body, until your fingers yank down on the zipper of his pants.
“P-.... Please.” Only you can make Levi beg like that. Desperation trickles from his tone. When you glance up, his brows are knitted, and his fingers are fisting the sheets.
Fuck, you haven’t even touched his dick, and yet he already looks like a fucking dream. With warm cheeks, you unbutton his pants, then tug them down his legs along with his boxers. As soon as the fabric falls to the floor, his cock is springing free, bobbing up against his pelvis. So deep in color and heavy and fucking twitching. Pre-cum already oozes from the tip, coating his shaft in a gleaming slickness. Your cunt clenches. Your stomach flutters. Yeah, a fucking dream.
Levi’s cheeks are bright red, and the silence it agonizing. Do you not like it? Does it look weird? This was a mistake—
“Fuck,” you mumble.
Okay, maybe not a mistake.
“Fuck, Levi,” you say again, bringing your hands to his thighs. His body tenses as he feels the heat of your palms searing his skin, but as you carefully drag your fingernails up and down his legs, and bring your lips to his inner thigh, his chest falls in relief. “You really are perfect.”
Perfect. Levi thinks that’s the last word he would ever use to describe himself; but as he glimpses down at you with blown pupils, and absorbs the adoration that drips from your tone, he can’t help but believe every word. Perfect, he thinks. No, you are perfect; and as much as he wants to tell you that, right now it feels impossible to say a word without crumbling.
No one has ever kissed his thighs before, either. He’s felt your lips nearly everywhere else, yet never here. He squirms at the feeling of your plush lips tickling the sensitive skin. He wonders if it’s normal to feel this dizzy and this hot.
And then, without warning, your warm palm wraps around his dick. He fucking whines. It’s a noise he wasn’t sure he would even form on his tongue, but he supposes today is a day composed of many, many firsts. Your eyes flicker up towards him, lips parted in awe at the sight of Levi’s slack features.
“I haven’t even put my mouth on you yet,” you breathe, mostly to yourself. “Shit. You’re pretty.”
Pretty. You make it sound like the best fucking compliment in the world because it is.
You watch him carefully as you slowly begin to pump his length. His cock throbs in your palm, and you drag your thumb over his slit, earning another whimper in response. Levi’s hips move with your hand, his bottom lip sandwiched between his teeth, his head lulling back and forth on the pillow. This is such a different kind of pleasure—it burns through him. Simmers then swelters, and he’s sure it will eventually bubble over, and when it does, he can’t be sure if it’ll kill him or not.
His knuckles turn white as his grip tightens on the sheets. “F-fuck. I-I need... please,” he moans. He isn’t even sure what he’s asking for, all he knows is that this feeling is amazing, and he wants fucking more. He needs it. He can hardly stand himself anymore.
You smirk. “‘M gonna put my mouth on it, okay Levi? I’ll go slow,” you assure, keeping one hand on his thigh.
Levi nods, chest inflating with air as you drag your tongue up the underside of his cock, all the way to his tip. His lip quivers, then you pucker your lips around his head—your hand pressing down on his thigh prevents him from accidentally thrusting into your throat; and as the wet, velvety sensation of your mouth completely surrounds his sensitive length, his back is arching off the bed and he is reduced to nothing but the bundle of nerves between his thighs. He whimpers and mewls, clutching weakly at the comforter, his breaths heaving, jaw entirely slack. Onyx hair clings to his damp forehead, and he loses himself in the deliberate lapping of your tongue as you curl the wet muscle around his cock head.
There’s already a heat building within him. His stomach his tightening, and his moans only grow higher in pitch. Not only is he struggling for air, but he’s overwhelmed by the epiphany that for once in his life, he was able to just let it all the fuck go. He can writhe beneath you unapologetically. You can call him “pretty” and he won’t feel the sudden urge to smack you. Fuck, your mouth is so nice. So nice and warm, and you are so, so damn perfect. His eyes sting, wetness brimming along the waterlines.
You pull your mouth off his cock, then continue to stroke him with one hand, caressing his balls with the other. Levi’s entire body jolts, jagged breaths escaping his lips, followed by a pathetic whine.
“Shit,” he pants. “H-how’re.... you... nngh. Ah—“
Your lips again wrap around his cock, and this time he looks down at you through half-lidded eyes, twinkling sliver irises soaking in the filthy, beautiful image of your hollowed cheeks and bobbing head. Your lips look so damn swollen, and your hand and mouth on him make him look fucking massive. He gasps.
One of his hand reaches out towards you, fingers weaving around a strand of hair. He only tugs it gently, wanting to feel some other tangible part of you in his palm. Otherwise, he is satisfied to have the privilege of looking at your almost entirely naked body. You are kneeled all obedient-like between his thighs, your hard nipples occasionally scraping against his skin, while the thin black band of your panties rides up your hips, accentuating the curves he loves to grip. He feels so incredibly dirty looking at you, but he can’t fucking peel his eyes away.
Your tongue coats his cock in saliva, ripping moan after moan from his throat as if you aren’t satiated enough from the previous noises wrung from his chest; but these are sounds you have yet to become acquainted with, each one sounding different from the last, each one unique. You wonder just how many more he can make.
Your eyes flicker up towards him, and slowly you pull your lips off him, then crawl upwards until your bottom rests on your claves. Levi feels your presence, lashes fluttering open to meet your glistening irises. He pants gently, face now a calmer shade of pink. Lazily, he lifts his arm, dragging his thumb across your bottom lip. He pinches your face between his thumb and index fingers, then guides your lips on his, desperate to feel the heat of your mouth. This time, he’s the one to force his tongue inside, sloppily entwining the muscle with yours.
At first, when he tastes himself on your tongue, his body tenses. It’s such an... unfamiliar flavor, both salty and fruity, and not entirely unbearable. He feels inclined to kiss you more deeply, more passionately, your hair brushing against his skin, your naked body flush against his. Closer, closer, closer.
When your hand trails down his flexing abdomen, wrapping firm around his heavy cock, he breathes a low moan down your throat that ripples all the way through your lungs. Still, you don’t pull away. Your lips are smashed together and he didn’t know it was possible to have so much saliva being swapped between mouths. Teeth are clashing. Noses are knocking; and the noises he makes are downright sinful and bordering on embarrassing.
You pump him with a renewed vigor, powered by his whimpers and gasps.
“Can’t... can’t... ah-agh.” He gives up trying to form words.
His entire body spasms beneath your touch, until you’ve rendered him unable to kiss you back. His mouth remains fixed in a permanent o-shape, and you have the pleasure of sitting front row, drinking in the pronounced lines of his face the more it contorts. As much as you love those silver eyes, there’s something so delicious about seeing them squeezed shut. His lashes look darker and longer. His jaw look sharper. His chin is more defined. He looks perfectly sculpted and perfectly fucked.
You turn away from his face and back towards his cock, rock hard in your grasp. You press your hand flat against his abdomen and take him deeper this time. Sure enough, he bucks, another strangled sound spewing from his lips. Fuck, your mouth is wonderful. It’s warm and wet and buttery, and your lips are so soft. He loves it so much. Fuck, he loves you. There is no possible explanation behind why else this feels so wonderful.
His heart is hammering, and before this, he used to fear that there was such thing as too close. You are too close to knowing him. Too close to seeing him. Too close to understanding him; but now he thinks, he wants more. He needs more. And he fears that it will actually never feel like enough.
He feels his stomach tightening, and restraining himself becomes more and more impossible. He is twisting beneath you, anchoring himself to the comforter with one hand and your calf with the other. His Adam’s apple bobs. Wetness smears around his lashes, a single droplet escaping the corner of his eyes, and pleasure burns through him. It’s blinding and all-consuming.
He wants to tell you to take your mouth off because he’s about to cum, but you only roll your tongue faster around his cock, bouncing your mouth up and down, setting a terrifyingly fast pace. Levi can’t bare to say anything. Instead, he jolts, spurting ropes of cum down your throat as a satisfied whine rips from his chest. He is shaking with adrenaline, squeezing your leg muscle, as you milk his cock and empty his throat of a string of whimpers.
So, that’s what it feels like.
You hold your lips around his cock for a second longer before pulling them off, swallowing every last drop of cum. It leaves a salty aftertaste, and you wipe the back of your hand across your lips and blink away the sweat and moisture in your eyes. All that matters is Levi and how fucking pretty he looks right now.
He lays there, heart pounding, arms strewn to his sides. His head is rolled to the side and his eyes are peacefully shut. Sweat coats his fair skin, now splotchy with purple marks left by your teeth.
You perch beside him and reach out, gently cradling his jaw in your palm. His glowing cheeks are rosy. He exhales evenly when you brush his hair away from his eyes, having to peel them open just to see you.
“Are... you okay?” you ask, biting back a shit-eating grin.
“Mhmm,” he hums back. “Tired.”
“That normally happens.”
“Don’ think ‘m not gonna get you for this,” he grumbles.
You arch a brow. “You know, you’re trying to sound all tough, but I had you in the palm of my hand just a second ago.”
Levi’s nonchalance trickles back into his resolve as he slowly comes back to earth.
“Shut up.”
His hand comes down on your bare back, fingertips tracing the groove of your spine all the way down to the band of your panties. Your breath hitches.
“Don’t do that,” you scold him, swatting his hand away.
“Why not?”
You groan. “Because.”
“Because it turns you into a slut?”
You smack him. “Levi!” His eyes glow with amusement at the embarrassment that floods your features.
The look fades. “Seriously,” he rests his palm on your thigh, “you don’t want me to... help you finish?”
Your head shakes. “I think you’re done for the night,” you tease. “You can another time if you want to.”
He grips your chin then pulls your face close to his, pressing his mouth to yours. “Oh, I want to,” he mutters against your lips.
“You know,” you sigh, “you look really pretty when you cum.”
He rolls his eyes. “Shut up.”
You snort then move to get off the bed. “I’ll go run a bath.”
“Just wait a minute. Come here.” He reaches out for you, locking his arms around your waist as he tucks you against his chest. You feel his leg twitching against yours and stifle another laugh.
“Is the only reason you wanna wait because you can’t feel your legs?”
He pinches your side. “I said, shut up, brat.”
Although he can’t hear it, he can feel the vibrations of your giggles against his chest.
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leviverse · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
us against the sunrise.
featuring levi ackerman.
content: very very veeeeery fluffy morning sex with levi, unprotected sex, comfort sex because well levi deserves it.
author's note: thank you so much for 3k, please enjoy this little drabble until my wrist gets better !
Tumblr media
‘Just like that,’ he mutters, grip on your ass tightening to help you move up and down his length still buried deep inside you. Beautiful fallen angel laid on the bed, raven hair plastered on the pillow, few locks falling right before his steely eyes. Mouth slightly agape, following the bouncy moves of your breast, sometimes drifting away to the spot where your bodies collide.
Bodies made for each other, fitting the other like a glove, every imperfection of one completing the other. Face contorted in pleasure, you ride him ever so slowly, no rush, time consuming act of undying love : This is how you both like it in the morning, soft and slow, loving and beautiful.
And when his eyes met yours, glassy and covered by a shiny veil of lust and desire, he knew you were close. Slowly burying his elbows in the mattress for leverage, straightening the upper part of his body, Levi bent his knees, heels diving in the sheets. This new position allowed him to thrust deeper into you, hips moving faster against yours, making you almost lose your balance at the sudden change of rhythm.
Leaning forward to wrap your trembling arms around his shoulders, you throw your head back as a strangled cry falls off your parted lips, letting your lover piston in and out of you to help you reach your orgasm. Your back arches painfully, knot in your stomach tightening, almost crushing your insides.
‘I’m gonna—‘ words stuck in your throat, hot waves of pleasure wash over your body, having you a moaning mess. Velvet walls fluttering around his cock, hugging it all nicely, almost too tight, the feeling of his lips leaving wet kisses all over your neck had you seeing stars, patches of colors blurring your vision.
The low groan he let out was soon followed by thick hot spurts of cum painting your insides white, rushing straight to your womb in a comforting and warm embrace, hips stuttering against yours. Standing still for a while, face buried in your heaving chest, lips brushing over the sensitive flesh of your breast, his arms carefully wrap themselves around your shaky waist, pulling you closer to him, as if he was desperately trying to melt in you.
Softly, the tip of your nose find its way to his ever-so-slightly-covered-in-sweat hair, inhaling the intoxicating scent of his — The one who drives you crazy and makes you crave more. You could stay like this forever, never bored of the oh so cherished feeling of him in you, hot breath fanning over your skin.
Planting a tender kiss on the top of his head, fingers slowly tracing imaginary drawings on the skin of his back, you finally close your eyes, rocked by the peaceful sound of his heartbeats. There was nothing more beautiful than to feel him against you, safe, and alive.
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vinseul · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ 𝟐 𝐀.𝐌
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐬𝐲𝐧𝐨𝐩𝐬𝐢𝐬: 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐨𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐬𝐞𝐥𝐟 𝐢𝐬 𝐭𝐚𝐮𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐭𝐨 𝐬𝐮𝐜𝐤 𝐝𝐢𝐜𝐤 𝐛𝐲 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐛𝐨𝐲𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝 𝐣𝐞𝐚𝐧.
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: 𝐩𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐬𝐞, 𝐨𝐫𝐚𝐥 (𝐦! 𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐞𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐠), 𝐬𝐡𝐲 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫.
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: 𝐣𝐞𝐚𝐧 𝐤𝐢𝐫𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐢𝐧 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 𝟐.𝟏𝐤
Tumblr media
it was on impulse. you hadn't taken full aware of your actions until you found yourself sitting in the living room of your boyfriends apartment at two in the morning. a droopy eyed jean was certainly shocked by your presence.
"are you gonna tell me why you're here so late, babe?" he yawned as he pulled you closer to him on the couch. his sleepy voice filled your stomach with a warm sensation. his scruff pricked your neck in a tickle as he drowsily buried his head into your neck.
" wanted to try something."
you were nervous to tell him the real reason for your presence so late at night.
"it couldn't wait till tomorrow?" he asks as he peppers soft kisses into your neck.
although the two of you had been a couple for the past six months you never tried anything. it was always kisses and hugs that were nothing but innocent. jean had been well aware of your chastity and insisted on taking things slow. but the continuous whispers of wanting to take a step forward were persistent in your thoughts.
"are you going to laugh at me if i tell you?" you question as you fiddle with your fingers in your lap.
"i don't know where this is coming from but i would never. you're my pretty girl, aren't you?" he reassures, softly grabbing your jaw making you look him in the eye. his words seemed sincere but the lingering fear of him laughing at your foolishness was an inevitable emotion.
"can i show you instead?"
his face merges into that of a confused man. his eyes were less fogged with sleep and more fogged with intrigue. your mysterious request had taken him by interest.
he pulls you closer by your jaw before placing a soft kiss to your lips. "if that makes you feel better, go for it."
you nervously chew on your bottom lip as you slip away from his grip.
"um...can you close your eyes?" you request as you avoid meeting his curious gaze.
"you're beginning to scare me but if you insist," he amusingly chuckles as he obliges to your request. with his arms splayed against the top of the couch and his legs slightly apart you were at an advantage.
with knees weak from nervousness you manage to slide from the couch onto the icy, wooden floor. the moment your hands traced up and down his built thighs, jean had opened his eyes in shock. after all, his innocent girlfriend was on her knees in between his legs with a look of desire spilling from her eyes.
"baby, what are you doing?"
his voice was breathy from shock as your hand trailed up his leg.
"i wanna touch it."
you finally managed to bring yourself to say it. his reaction was not one you had expected. he didn't laugh nor yell. he grabs ahold of your wrist as he pulls up onto your feet and settles you in his lap.
"who taught you that, princess? you don't have to feel forced to do things like that just because we are dating," he says with a voice laced in worry and concern.
"no one, i didn't get to do anything nice for you on your birthday," you explain to him as you fiddle with your thumbs. you can't bring yourself to look him in the eye because of embarrassment from the stunt you pulled. what were you expecting?
"i don't want you to do anything you might not like," he whispers as he cups your cheeks to grant you comfort.
"but i want to make you feel good," you murmur as you finally bring yourself to look into his eyes.
"you can't force yourself to do something you don't know how to do, baby," he sighs from frustration.
the truth was that he held himself back with every nerve in his body to try and not take you right there on the couch. your pouty lips and lust driven eyes were hard to resist.
although he protested the action, his dick was growing harder by the second and you could feel it.
"can you teach me? i wanna learn how to make you feel good."
"will you promise that you'll stop whenever you feel like it and not force yourself?"
a smile appears on your face from his statement.
"yes, i promise."
"if you want to stop, you have to tell me," he reiterates as he softly brushes your cheek.
"i understand," you reassure as you pull him into a kiss. his worrisome nature when it came to you showed you that he truly cared.
"get on your knees," he orders against your lips. you eagerly comply as you once again place yourself between his thighs. your stunt on him early truly did a number seeing how there was a large tent in his pants.
the sight of the bulge in his sweats was enough to make your heart pound against your ribs. you hadn't even pulled his pants down and you could see how big he is.
your eyes momentarily flick up to look at him only to see that his hazel eyes had gone dark with a fervid lust. you bring your attention back to the excitement between his legs. your hands begin to caress his thighs and inch up towards his groin.
"fuck, baby," he hisses as you massage his hardness through the thin layer of material. you weren't aware that such a light touch could bring him pleasure. you can only imagine how much sexual frustration he has built up in the past half year.
your hands eagerly make their way towards the band of his sweats. your action comes to a halt as jean quickly grabs a hold of your wrist. "let's move to the bed, your knees will hurt here."
you really didn't have a preference as long as you were able to please him. you nod your head in agreement as he guides you with him by your wrist. if anything, you take more of a liking to the cushioning of his bed than to the cold, hard wood floor. you enjoy how his calming scent enveloped the sheets.
while you favored the comfort of the bed, jean propped himself up against the headboard. you waste no time as you impatiently take your position between his thighs. he couldn’t help but chuckle at your excitement. if he knew that you were this eager to try such things, he would’ve definitely brought it up earlier.
he rasps at the cool air as you tug down his sweats. you can't bring yourself to move from shock at his size. his cock was long and thick with a flush red shade.
his hand cups your cheek as he guides you to his eyes. "don't worry, baby. we won't do anything that you're not ready for, okay?"
you nod as you gulp before reaching out to his cock. it feels hot to touch under your cold finger tips. you could hear him grunt from the soft contact. you grip it as if it were some precious gold. you hold it familiarizing yourself with the ridges of skin and pulsing veins that inched up the sides.
you had come all this way but you didn't know what to do with it. you blankly stare at your grip on his dick and than back at jean looking for some guidance.
"hold it a bit tighter, princess. you're not going to hurt me," he explains as you oblige by his order. "and than you move it like this."
his large, callous hand grips over yours as he begins to pump a slow pace. he leads your hand up and down along the flushed skin. you are in awe of how clear beadings of liquid drool from the tip creating a glistening layer on the red skin.
"it keeps getting bigger," you whisper in a shy tone. you were the one who started all this but you couldn't help feeling shy in such an intense moment.
"that's because you're making me feel so good," he rasps as he lets you take lead of the pace. he uses both his hands to cup your cheeks and pull you into a kiss as you continue pump him at a quicker pace in your hand.
"fuck, you're such a good girl," he groans against your lips. the new pet name causes heated flutters in your warm cunt, you liked it. a foreign feeling of wet pleasure pools in between your legs. you can't help but squirm in attempt to relief yourself.
you fall back from the intense kiss with a low whimper.
you experimentally rub over the swell tip of his dick. his cock gently twitches at the teasing touch. he now stood fully erect in the confides of your hand.
"good god," he grunts under his breath as you lean forward and place a kiss on his blushing tip while you continue to pump him in your hand.
"can i put it in my mouth?" you ask with half-lidded eyes. how could he say no when your puffy lips were centimeters away from his dick?
"don't force yourself to take it all, okay?"
you nod your head in compliance as he pushes your hair out of your face. he softly grips your chin pulling you towards his cock. "spit on it for me, baby."
you listen as you collect the warm liquid in your mouth letting the string fall to the slit of his tip. "a little more for me, princess."
you spit again coating the head of his dick in the clear substance. "just like that."
you keep rubbing your thighs together in anticipation trying to gain a sense of pleasure. the sight of his dick was enough to have you dripping. all you wanted to do was see how it would fill you. how you would be a fragile, crying mess under him.
you can't even wait for him to give you an order and impatiently run your tongue up the base of his cock. you were eager to feel him pulsing in your mouth—eager to taste him. the salty flavor of him fills your mouth. it wasn't unpleasant, you were in fact delighted with the addicting taste. you tasted the tangy pre-cum leaking from his tip with excitement.
you take your time letting your tongue tease at the sensitive ridge under his tip before softly sucking on his tip.
"fuck, watch your teeth," he hisses as he pulls you away for a second. you were afraid that you had hurt him.
"you're doing great but try and use your tongue and not your teeth, okay baby?"
"okay," you murmur before pressing your lips to his dick again. you take as much of him as you can before sucking—this time without your teeth in the way. you hollow your cheeks and begin to move up and down against his hard cock. you feel encouraged by his breathy moans.
through your thick lashes you begin to observe the contours of pleasure on his face. he had gone pink all the way to the tip of his ears. you can see the rises and falls of his chest as low grunts and praises peered from his lips. his brows knit together as his plump lips were slightly open allowing mumbles of words to pass through.
you push his dick deeper into your throat as you attempt to take more of him into your mouth. your soft gags and lewd slurps on his skin fill the room. your eyes brink in tears as drippings of saliva drool from your mouth.
"god, you're doing so good, my pretty girl. so fucking good," he coos as you administer a slightly quicker pace. he gently bucks up into your throat as you feel him twitch against your tongue.
the warm drops of a bitter liquid hit the roof of your mouth before coating your tongue.
"i know it doesn't taste good, baby. spit it out, don't force yourself, hm?" he practically begs as one hand grips your cheeks and the other props under your chin.
you try to swallow but you couldn't bring yourself to let it past your throat. it was thick and strange in consistency and didn't taste all that good.
you open your mouth allowing the substance to fill his palm. "there you go, good girl."
he leans over pulling tissues from the box on the nightstand before wiping his palm.
"did i do good?" you ask as you shyly play with your thumbs.
"you did amazing, baby," he praises as he flips you to lay underneath him. his fingers linger along the band of your leggings as he pulls them down in a swift motion.
"and now it's my turn to return the favor and make you feel good, isn't it?"
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Levi A. | Chapter One
❛ 𝐢𝐬𝐚𝐛𝐞𝐥 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐟𝐚𝐫𝐥𝐚𝐧’𝐬 ❜
Summary: You and Levi have fallen into a comfortable routine as you manage his tea shop.
Warnings: MANGA SPOILERS FOR SEASON 4 PART 2, AND CHAPTER 139, Fem! Reader, Tooth-rotting Fluff, Mentions of Canon-typical Violence, Swearing, Sprinkle of angst towards the end, Self-hate
Note: This may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I really just wanted to write a shit ton of domestic fluff and angst with Levi, so this series is me indulging myself. I sprinkled in lots of angst, pining, and a slow burn, and came up with this. I’m not too sure how consistent I will be w updates, but I have lots of ideas! Hope you enjoy!
Buy Me A Coffee! | Series Masterlist | Part Two
Tumblr media
You crouch down in front of the children and hand them their sweets, ruffling their hair. Their mother, who is a regular at the tea shop, offers a warm smile.
“‘Scuse me, miss?” The little boy tugs on your sleeve.
“Yeah?” you ask.
“Why does Mr. Levi have all those scars?”
His mother gasps, placing a hand on his head. “Jacob, we don’t go around asking people questions like that! I apologize—“
You merely wave your hand. “No, it’s okay. A little curiosity doesn’t hurt,” you grin. You turn back towards the brown-haired kid. “Mr. Levi and I fought in a war. We both got a little beat up. Like him, I have scars, too.”
The child looks at you with glowing teal eyes, small lips parted and wet from the constant lap of his tongue. “M-may I see, please?”
You tilt your head, pondering on the question. It is only a child, after all. They are always so curious and so harmless. Slowly, you tug down on the collar of your shirt, revealing a scar that traces along your collarbone from the very edge of your shoulder to your sternum. The mother’s eyes widen slightly, tinged with sympathy. She understands; the little boy does not. Instead, a gasp of awe flies past his lips, and his sister stares with beady irises, stepping forward.
“Can I touch it?” she asks in a small voice. She raises a hand with tiny, thin fingers.
You nod. “Sure. Just be gentle, okay?”
Her fingers drag over the tender tissue, and at first, you are taken aback by how soft her skin is. It is so easy to forget that children do not have calloused, bumpy fingertips. They are smooth and untouched by the cruelty of the world. Delicate and small enough to hold in an entire fist. Such beautiful, innocent hands.
“It’s bumpy,” she hums.
You laugh. “Yeah, that happens.”
“You’re so cool!” the boy gushes. “Y-you’re like… like a hero or something!
Your cheeks grow hot, and you shake your head. “No, not at all!”
“You’re a good guy, right?” he asks, clenching his hands into mini fists.
A sigh falls from your lips. Good guy. Bad guy. You don’t even know if those words hold any weight. “I’m neither,” you say.
For a moment you think of all the friends you lost along the way. You think about a nineteen year old boy and his severed head, buried beneath a tree where his lover lies, willing him back to her side. You think of a blonde haired traitor who wanted nothing more than to die because he hated himself so much. You think of an auburn-haired boy so struck by survivor’s guilt that he would do anything to make himself feel worthy enough of being alive in place of his dead comrades, whose bones are buried in the dirt. Are they bad guys? No. But they aren’t really good guys, either. Everyone is just kind of fucked up.
“Oh, hi Mr. Levi!” The boy waves up at the man who apparently just appeared from his office. Levi leans against the counter, bolstering his weight against it.
He crosses his arms, peering down at the two kids with his one good eye. “What are you kids talking about?”
“I’m asking Miss if she was a good guy in the war!”
Levi’s eye darts towards you, and he notices the way your shoulder slump. “She’s neither. She’s a brat. Like you two.”
The mother snorts, placing her two hands on her kids’ heads. “Levi is right. You two are a couple of brats.”
You stand up from the ground, readjusting your shirt.
“I’ll see you both tomorrow,” the mother nods, bidding farewell to you and Levi. Levi offers a nod in response, and you wave, mumbling a goodbye to her two children who run out of the store, chasing after each other. Before she leaves, her head swivels over her shoulder. “Your husband is quite the jokester!”
“He’s not my—“
The door closes before you can reply, and the piercing sound of the bell fades just as you drop your hand to your side. You stand there for a moment, thinking. It’s been a long time since you’ve seen the kids. You wonder if Jean and Connie are getting along okay, and you wonder if Reiner has found himself a girl. You know that the last time you heard from him, he was missing Gabi and Falco, who are always dropping by the tea shop and reading their letters aloud to both you and Levi. You think out of every one, you see Gabi, Falco, and Onyankopon the most.
Levi is your Captain. You are his Second. A decade ago you devoted yourself to him. That promise has yet to fizzle with time, so here you are, two years post-war, managing Isabel and Farlan’s.
He doesn’t say it out loud, but he’s glad to have you by his side--the one person who stayed.
“You should try to set more boundaries,” he says, limping back around the counter.
“Is your leg hurting more today?” You dodge his words entirely, following briskly behind him. Levi always seems to be running off and over exerting himself–most the time, he’s giving you a straight up heart-attack when he insists on walking around at home without crutches or a wheelchair.
You slide out a chair, beckoning him to sit. Thankfully, he does, grabbing his knee.
“It’s just stiff,” he replies. “You don’t mind if people touch your scars?”
You shrug. “They’re just kids, Levi. They don’t really understand. They just think it looks cool.”
He wears a sour look. “Looks… cool?” You hear a tremor in his voice—something that anyone else would miss; but you have known him long enough to tell by the pitch of his voice when something rubs at him incorrectly.
You lower yourself to your knees in front of him, resting one of your hands on his leg. “What is it?”
He merely shakes his head, slouching back against the chair. Your touch makes his heart race. It always has, from the very first time you touched him, to the very recent. He knows why. Hell, of course he knows why. It took him nearly half a decade to realize what the flushed cheeks and clammy hands meant—the shortness of breath and the intrinsic need to know you were okay.
By now, he would’ve thought you’d leave him. You would go on and travel the world, meet a nice man, settle down. Have a family, if you wanted one. Do something that you love; yet here he is, holding you back. The selfish part of him that wants you all to himself is happy that you are here, but the selfless part wills you to leave. Gabi, Falco, and Onyankopon can take care of him just fine.
Yet, you stay—the one piece of his heart that you hold in your palm remains whole, cradled against your chest. For your sake, he hopes you shatter it to pieces.
“Nothing,” he hums. “Do you have the paper for today?”
You don’t believe him, but even now, Levi is still not one to reveal himself quickly–or at all, for that matter. With a sigh, you stand, reaching for the newspaper on the countertop. As he takes the paper, your fingers brush, and your breath gets caught in your throat.
There’s no war. No fighting. At least, none that you and him have any part in anymore. For you, that life is over, and a new one has begun. This one is peaceful and nice, and you and Levi live together right above his little tea shop, and you and Levi are content sleeping in different rooms, right down the hall from each other, in the same cozy flat.
So, if there’s no reason to fear losing each other, then why the hell is it so damn hard for either of you to just fess up?
You manage Levi’s tea shop. He handles the expenses, purchases, and the product, but he claims that you are the so-called “face” of his shop—mostly because some people are rather intimidated by his battered features. He believes the deep scars and the clouded-over iris would scare customers away, especially the women, who visit quite frequently.
“Levi,” you said one day. “You do realize that all the regular women who come through here every day, come through so they can get a peek of you in the back, right?”
Levi glares at such an insinuation. “That’s ridiculous. They come because the tea is good, obviously.”
An amused smile crosses your face as you jump onto the countertop, staring at the planes of his shoulder blades. “They come because the tea is good and because the shop owner is a mysterious hottie.”
“And what do you think?” he asks, still yet to face you. He’s steeping a new flavor of tea imported from one of the neighboring countries–a very rare, very luxurious brand that he is definitely going to steal all for himself.
Your eyes widen slightly as his words simmer. “… Huh?”
Finally, he turns around. “Do you think that… these women have… good taste?” What the fuck is he even asking? Levi thinks he needs to think better before he speaks sometimes, especially when it comes to you.
Your eyes are open, irises speckling as the sun rays hit them perfectly. He stares at you with one good eye, but rather than having a furrowed brow, his expression is docile as he awaits a response. There’s something about seeing you all flustered—stammering over your words and anxiously trying to find something to do with your hands—that makes his chest feel warm; he really does want to hear what you think, without some half-hearted joke.
You take a moment to gather yourself, the pounding of your heart beating loudly in your ears. “Are you talking about the tea or you?”
Levi gnaws down on his lip as if he’s thinking, then turns back around, tending to his tea. “Both.”
A beat of silence pulses by before he feels your hand on his shoulder, fingers squeezing the fleshy divots through the fabric of his shirt. When he turns his head to the side, he nearly smacks his face against yours. The meek smile that tugs up on the corner of your mouth makes his breathing grow increasingly more shallow.
“Levi,” you hum. Your voice is a melody. “You are handsome. And of course, no one knows tea quite like you do. So yes, I would say these women have impeccable taste.”
It’s Levi’s turn to be flustered. You pretend like you don’t notice the subtle flush of his cheeks, mostly because you know if you say anything to provoke him, he’ll likely rip you a new one.
He huffs, tearing his gaze away from you, afraid that if you look for too long, that you will see right through him and read every disgusting, mushy thought that resides in the forefront of his mind.
He wants to trample these butterflies in his stomach. Crush them beneath the soles of his boots; yet for some reason, no matter how much he tries to fight himself, the butterflies always win. He hates those damn creatures. How the fuck are they stronger than him?
“Tch.” He returns to his tea, steeping it… rather aggressively. “Stop drooling over my good looks, Officer.”
You snort, clapping him on the back. “Whatever you say, Captain.”
The bell rings, and you glance up, noticing one of the regulars and her husband entering. The smile on your face glows wider.
“Oi, Jules!” you greet.
The curly dark-haired woman waves enthusiastically, dragging her tall husband along. “How are you?” she asks, then turns to Levi. “Morning, Levi!”
He merely nods at the duo then continues on with his tea-making experiments.
“I’m well today,” you reply. “What can I get for you guys?”
“Just two cups of the Jasmine, please. Honey, did you want any milk?”
“No, thanks.” You watch curiously as Kit, Julie’s husband, reaches down and squeezes his wife’s sides. His palms look large resting across her waist, almost swallowing her frame beneath their span. You wonder what it feels like to be touched like that.
Levi brings over two of the teacups, placing them on the table, and Julie’s husband fishes out his wallet and hands you a bill. “Keep the rest.”
You nod. “Thank you. What are you guys doing today?”
Julie reaches up and pinches her husband’s chin, a beaming smile fixed upon her red-painted lips.
“A new art exhibit opened up in the downtown area, so Kit and I are heading into town, grabbing dinner, and staying in one of the hotels for the night!” Julie seems to be bubbling over in joy, and her husband can’t seem to take his eyes off her. Your heart beats fervently just watching them.
You have never been with anyone before. The life you lived didn’t exactly breed many opportunities for love, and intimacy was a scary thing, especially when losing people was such a norm.
For a while, you considered what it would feel like if Levi were to touch you—and not in the same way that others did. You wanted to feel his hands on your hips and around your waist, the heat of his palms singing your skin, leaving burn marks in their wake. You wanted his fingers caressing every inch of your body, pinching and brushing and molding. Most of all, you wanted to feel his lips, scouring over every surface, exploring every inch of uncharted territory. You wanted him to learn your body the way someone would learn a map.
You just wanted to know what it felt like.
Of course, you had never been touched before, and Levi was probably the only man you trusted enough to put his hands on your body and not make you want to shrivel up. You simply chalked up those dirty thoughts to nothing but a reaction to your lack of touch. Essentially—you were horny, and he was there, and he was handsome. It was a foolish, childish little crush, really, and it fizzled out the more you grew to respect him, not just as a Captain, but as your partner.
Now, you and Levi sleep in beds across the hall from each other, and you and Levi have a routine. You are just happy to exist alongside him. For now, at least, that’s enough.
“You know, Kit here has a friend from work! A tall, good-looking brunette friend,” Julie hints, raising her brows. “And he’s single.”
Levi remains nonchalant, but suddenly he’s listening to the conversation with much keener ears as he places teacups in a sink.
“Oh, that’s okay, I—“
“Oh, come on!” Julie squeals, hazel eyes glowing with excitement. She clasps her hands together. “When’s the last time you’ve been on a date?”
You shrug, grabbing a rag to wipe down the countertop. “Never.”
Julie sputters, then gapes at you. Levi can’t help but fully turn around and lean against the counter, watching the conversation unfold with crossed arms. He observes, appearing aloof.
“You’ve never been on a date?!”
“I never had the occasion. And no one has really expressed an interest,” you explain with a shrug of your shoulders.
“That can’t possibly be true. You’re fun! I mean, come on!” Julie reaches out and grabs your hand, sympathy blazing in her eyes. “Look, I know you fought in a war and all, and frankly I’m certain you could pummel any guy who looked at you wrong, but… don’t you think you deserve a nice night out with a good guy who will buy you dinner? Take you out for a walk on the town? Kiss you goodnight?”
Levi feels a tinge of guilt gnawing at him. He is quite all right not being spoiled or going on dates with women who can barely tolerate his borderline insufferable personality, but you… Do you want these things? He gets an inkling that perhaps he is holding you back from going out—he knows he is. After all, who would possibly take care of him if you were to go out and be pampered for the night? That’s a joke, of course. Humanity’s Strongest can fare fine on his own for a single night. He would be completely fine… Right.
But he also despises it. He hates the thought of another man’s hands touching your body. They will touch you the wrong way, too rough, too invasive. He thinks you would prefer slow, burning touches, rather than quick and careless ones. Or they will say all the wrong things, and it will set you off for an entire week because you take everything far too personally.
Levi wonders if he would touch you the right way. He is certain he would, but he doesn’t. Because if he touches you, he is bound to give in. And if he wants you to leave him, he can never lay a finger on you, as much as he longs to. He will not touch you. So, if you want to go out for a night in the town with a man who isn’t him, he will stomach it, so that one day, you can truly be rid of him.
Your face settles into a look between yearning and surprise. Yearning, because yes, of course you would love all of those things. Surprise, because are men really that romantic? The ones you lived with for years were prone to be more annoying than anything.
It’s been two years since you left Eldia and came to stay in Marley with Levi, and the men here are an entirely different breed. They talk over you in conversation, and their gazes wander. Here, people don’t know that you were a Lance Corporal, or that you slaughtered titans for nearly two decades straight, and honestly if they did known, they would probably laugh in your face and minimize your achievements. At least, back in Eldia, you felt more respected.
“I-I suppose it could be nice,” you mumble, biting down on your lip.
“It can be a double date!” she offers. “That way, you won’t be alone. I’m sure Kit won’t mind, will you?”
“Not at all! Paddy’s a nice guy. We can go out for drinks.”
“And I can help you get ready! I’ll bring over a nice dress!“
“A dress?” you nearly whimper. It’s not that you don’t mind wearing dresses or skirts, but you are far more comfortable wearing a pair of loose trousers and a long coat. That counts as a dress, right?
"Levi, don’t you think she would look great in green?” Julie glances over towards the distant man.
“Oh?” He perks up, then turns his head in your direction, taking great joy in your discomfort. A smirk quirks up on his lip. “Yes, she looks great in green.”
Images of you brazen and bloodied, striding through the Survey Corps base, your forest green cape billowing behind you, flash through his mind. He reminisces for a moment. You really are beautiful when you’re doused in green, eyes tinted red with rage.
You seem to get what he’s playing at and immediately roll your eyes. “Don’t listen to him. He’s shameless.”
Julie giggles, her eyes squinting. Her husband picks up the two saucers from the table. “If Levi has good taste in tea, then I’m certain he has good taste in other areas just as well! How does Friday night sound?”
“I might be busy,” you deflect as she and Kit approach the door.
The curly-haired woman glances over her shoulder. “Then I’ll just pop by. Thanks for the tea! See you, Levi.”
The bell rings, signaling that the door opened, and Julie and Kit leave and take a seat at the circular white table right in front of the window. Unlike other couples who normally sit across from each other, they sit together with their thighs and arms touching, constantly leaning into each other, laughing and talking. It’s the most natural thing in the world for them.
“Stop staring. It’s creepy,” Levi grumbles.
“You’re creepy. That’s literally your fifth cup of tea and it isn’t even ten yet. Get a hold of yourself.”
“Lose the attitude.”
Your favorite thing about your cozy apartment above the tea shop is the balcony. As soon as you walk up the stairs, you arrive in a little nook that extends out into the living room, and straight ahead, are the neat doors that open to the outside.
At first, Levi insisted it was a security threat.
(“It’s too tiny to even enjoy it.”)
(“What’s the point in having a balcony if you can barely even stand on it?”)
(“Get the fuck off the railing, you idiot. Imagine surviving the titans only to die from a fall. Unbelievable.”)
However, with incessant prodding, and successfully finding a chair and a table that fit well enough on the crammed surface, Levi caved. While he never went and sat in the chair himself, he stopped haranguing you for it, opting to leave the French doors cracked so the breeze could bustle the curtains and blow through the living room.
(Truthfully, it was because he preferred to sit and watch you from the sofa first thing in the morning. He would relax, teacup set on the ottoman, eye raking over the morning paper, occasionally peeking over the edge to see you sitting outside; of course while wearing your silky little sleep shorts, with your hair matted and your eyes heavy from sleep. He thinks you look quite cute when you’re enjoying yourself and soaking up the morning sun.)
The living room is Levi’s favorite part of the apartment. From where you enter, along either side of the walls are tall bookshelves, packed with endless books, encyclopedias, and little knick knacks that you pick up whenever you’re strolling around town.
Levi calls it your junk. Because it’s literal junk. He can’t fucking stand it.
You have no use for a rotted wooden globe, with the paint half-chipped and covered in dark pencil scribbles. Yet the foul piece of junk takes up plenty of space upon the cherry-wood shelf
And he also has no fucking idea why you bought a tiny wooden clock, with a bronze face, that doesn’t even tick.
(“Why the hell did you get that broken piece of shit.”)
(“Because it’s so cute! Some kid made it in his wood shop class!”)
Levi hopes that kid failed his damn class. It’s his fault that this… garbage… is sitting on his pristine shelf. It’s just another thing for him to clean when he’s dusting off the books.
Right when you emerge from the little nook, to the left is a hallway where your room and his room reside, right across from each other.
The worst part: the bathroom.
There is one bathroom in the apartment. One bathroom that has a combined bath and shower. One bathroom that has one toilet and one sink.
Sometimes, you really don’t want to brush your teeth next to Levi.
(“Why don’t you floss?”)
(“You should brush in circles.”)
(“Piss off, Levi. Respectfully.”)
At first, it was weird to wake up in the same space as Levi. See, he’s a great friend to have, and you had known him for years, but he isn’t used to seeing you walk around in the morning in a pair of frilly silk shorts and a matching camisole. The first time he saw you in that number, he was a blushing mess, and he couldn’t bare to look you in the face for a week because he knew his eyes had wandered a little too freely.
(“Levi… You’re being rude. Can you at least look at me when I’m talking to you?”)
When he realized those shorts weren’t going away, and that you also had them in black, he got over himself. That didn’t stop the light dusting of pink on his cheeks when he watched you making breakfast—he just hid it beneath the morning paper.
You normally cook breakfast, and Levi will cook dinner, mostly because you make a damn mess and use too many extra dishes. Cooking bacon and cracking eggs is more your forte. However, Levi always brews the tea. Always. And never, ever interfere with his specificity, otherwise he will be in a shit mood for the rest of the day and constantly chew you out.
You close the tea shop at around six, which after an hour or so of cleaning, you and Levi have the rest of the night off to do anything you want.
If he’s in his room, you’re strewn across his bed, face buried in a book so you can react to it as he finishes up paperwork for some financial business with the shop.
(“Levi, they fucking kissed.”)
(“Well, that happened rather fast.”)
(You discovered that he secretly harbors a love for romance novels.)
Or sometimes, when the weather is nice, you and Levi will go for dinner. You will sit outside, and watch the sunset over the strip of apartment buildings, watching the cars bustle by, and Levi will sit across from you and stare at you all night long because how can someone possibly look this pretty?
When the sky is orange, and the sun is sinking below the horizon, your skin always glows and your eyes always seem so much brighter. Your hair holds a noticeable shine, and you look healthy. Healthy and youthful and drop-dead gorgeous.
Needless to say, Levi prefers you smiling between bites of pasta rather than covered in blood and on the brink of death in his arms.
Levi loves your hobby, too.
When the Anti-Marley Volunteers first arrived at Paradis, Yelena introduced the Survey Corps to a plethora of new technologies. Advanced weaponry, radio…
But you just couldn’t take your eyes off that damn camera. Onyankopon shares the same hobby, so he was the one to teach you about the miscellaneous buttons, how to put the film in, how to get it developed, how to focus the lens on a subject.
Your living room may as well be a gallery for the photos you took over the years.
Black and white pictures of Hange tinkering in their lab hang by the balcony doors, and right above the couch is a photo of Eren and Mikasa sharing an ice cream cone as he rests his hand on her hip. In another one, Jean, Connie, and Sasha are all passed out in a bed with their arms looped around each other, and then there’s another of Sasha pretending to eat Niccolo’s face off as he hugs her from the side.
This is how Levi remembers.
There are two photos that he is especially fond of.
The first one is of him and Hange. Their arm is wrapped around his neck from behind, faces forcefully smushed together. In the picture, he sneers because he’s being choked, and because Hange hasn’t bathed themselves in two days so obviously they reek; but Hange just looks so damn happy. Their eyes are squinted, and you can see all their teeth as they flash a beaming smile at your camera. Sometimes, Levi wishes that he just would smile for once. He wishes he didn’t always have to ruin a perfectly good photo.
The second, is of you. He’s in the photo, too, but mostly, it’s just you. You’re clad in a pair of cargo pants and a collared shirt, practically fused to your body from the smothering straps of your ODM gear. You look over your shoulder, chucking up a peace sign, while Levi stands beside you, caught rolling his eyes.
Hange captioned the photo: Grumpy Captain is tired of his painfully sexy Second 854.
It’s scribbled across the back of the picture in their handwriting—one of the only tangible things Hange left behind.
Levi doesn’t like having his photo taken. Now, more than ever. He tells you it’s because he just hates pictures, but it’s partly because he sees himself in the mirror every morning and doesn’t want a constant reminder of what he looks like hanging in the living room, too.
“I don’t care,” he says.
I’m not photogenic, he thinks.
He feels shallow to ponder on his appearance. It’s such a trivial thing to overthink, and when he was in the Survey Corps, he could have cared less about whether or not people found him attractive enough. All that mattered was eradicating the titans and getting to that damn basement.
But now, there aren’t any titans. The basement was found. Erwin died in the process. And every morning, he stares at his reflection a little longer than he used to.
“It’s not that bad,” he says.
I’m fucking hideous, he thinks.
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leviiattacks · 3 months ago
how does levi love or show he cares :) ?
Tumblr media
author note :: ok this was very nice to write thank you for requesting it :-)
Tumblr media
“watch your step, be careful.” – levi always has a hand close to your waist when he feels comfortable and senses that the two of you are away from invading stares
“have half.” – he’ll offer you part of his meal purely because he feels he should check in on you, he doesn’t ask in a sweet way or anything just a simple “want a bite?” or “eat.” but it means a lot
“got your gear on correctly?” – levi’s hands travel to your straps shoving a finger underneath to test whether or not you’ve tightened your harness appropriately. it’s become a habit for him to check, he likes to reassure himself that you’re safe and secure
“get some sleep.” – he knows how it feels to suffer with three hours or less, most of the time he struggles to even reach two hours. the least he thinks he can do is make sure you’re sleeping soundly
“dear.” – levi murmurs the term of endearment under his breathe as he holds your shaky hands after particularly gut wrenching expeditions. you don’t know why but it makes you feel better even if it’s just for a moment.
“i love you.” – only ever saved for the rarest of occasions. he whispers it into your hair when he believes you aren’t awake. you’ve been lucky enough to catch him in the act twice.
levi loves and cares for you quietly, he won’t spare you a glance as he hands you water, nor will he look at you when you’re hungry. he’ll simply slip some more food onto your plate wordlessly.
he gets worked up when your safety is at risk. when you make mistakes during training you often get a harsh warning but one day after a difficult training session filled with stumbling and tripping, levi loses it.
at first you’re irked, you’re covered in sweat and you want to shower but then you happen to notice the way his eyes glaze over as he speaks
“if you died do you have any idea what would happen?” his fingers dig into the flesh of your shoulders sorely
wincing a little you squirm under his grasp. soon after he realises what he’s doing and takes a step back.
levi retreats almost immediately, doesn’t say a word after that and coops himself up in his office for the next two days
he’s always been avoidant with relationship issues but you know he needs his own time to reflect and come around to a conclusion
at the end of the second day he knocks on your bedroom door without any pauses. as soon as the door is flung open he practically falls right into your shoulders. you think he might cry but all he does is groan.
“if you died everything would go to shit.”
fingers lacing into his scalp and massaging his head you will him into taking it easy. he eventually finds it in him to sigh again without sounding as stressed as before
it’s always been like that. he’s always been first to make amends with you. not because you’re unwilling to apologize but because you know he needs his space
“levi, i know why you worry. don’t say sorry.” your reassurance elicits yet another shaky yet relieved breath.
“thank you.” levi rarely says i love you. thank you happens to be his substitute for when he knows you’re listening but you’re okay with it. he only cares and loves those he’s thankful for.
you aren’t bothered if he doesn’t say i love you out loud. you still happen to remember his deeper professions of love during the nights where he foolishly assumes you’ve slept.
you feel the most loved when he holds onto you tighter, restlessly. it feels like he worries your duvet will eat you up whole and steal you away from him.
all of his daily gestures of affection which may seem unnoticeable to others keep you going
and to be honest you think those gestures are worth much more than the words that accompany them
the subtle way his eyes automatically lookout for your figure in a crowd, to the way he holds your hand under the dinner table not wanting others to notice and interfere
he wants to share his vulnerable moments with you and that specific action where he hands you all of his trust means the most
levi’s actions over words policy is most definitely the key to your heart :-)
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leviverse · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
your hand in mine.
featuring levi ackerman.
content: very very veeeeery fluffy, slight spoilers of the last chapter, female reader.
word count: 1,2k
author’s note: please enjoy this levi work; we all need some comfort right now and what is better than some well deserved happy ending for levi ?
Tumblr media
Shy knocks echoing against the wooden door, erratic breath and heart about to burst. Readjusting his tie nervously, somehow ashamed by his weakened appearance, his back straightens when the sound of footsteps fell into his ears. The door cracks open, silver haired man and fatherly smile, crescent moon shaped eyes and few wrinkles adorning his face.
‘Levi Ackerman, a relief to see you safe and sound,’ of course he won’t talk about the noticeable injuries, too polite to put his finger on something so cruel. ‘Come, son, don’t stay outside, it’s windy and cold,’ he adds, letting the Captain step inside, warm and welcoming, fingers tightly gripping on his cane.
‘So, what brings you here ?’ The man asks, closing the door. Of course he knew why he was there. Of course he knew exactly what he was about to ask. But the old man couldn’t help himself, teasing the soldier a bit in a friendly way. Air stuck in his throat, the grey eyed man swallows thick, suddenly hot and sweaty, uncomfortable.
‘Sir, I came here to ask for your daughter’s hand in marriage.’ Levi breathes, words flying off his mouth at an incredibly fast rate. If the old man wasn’t paying attention, he probably wouldn’t have understood half of his sentence. Nervousness and anxiety betrayed him, taking over his face for the first time in what seemed to be an entire lifetime.
Here was the strong Levi Ackerman, shaky hands and heart thumping in his chest, just like a child asking for forgiveness for something he has done. There was a silence, and a warm smile stretching the old man’s lips, comforting and filled with kindness.
‘Why don’t you ask her by yourself ?’ He answers, taking a step to the side to unveil his own daughter standing there in the hallway, eyes shimmering with tears and lips slightly parted. The sight he was met with took his breath away, air stuck in his throat, burning his windpipes. If the Captain always thought you were the prettiest creature on earth, he felt like it was an understatement all along.
After all these times of doubts and fears, of questions and sorrow, at last, you could finally see the light. Levi was a man of words, and he kept his promise, fighting with the sole will to come back to you, alive. Isn’t it what he told you, all along ? How the day this fight will be over will be the day he’ll ask you to wear his name ?
Teardrops threatening to spill, staining your cheeks and soaking your skin, you take a step forward and so does he, eyes filled with love and admiration for the mistress of his heart, angel of his soul and owner of his mind. His arms felt warm around your waist, filling the emptiness they left behind when the need to fulfill his duties took him away from you.
Face buried in the crook of his neck, you finally let it go — The relief, the sadness, the fear and the happiness, mixture of all living emotions all at once, overwhelming and draining. He was there, alive and safe, holding you in a tight embrace, whispering sweet nothings into your ear. How he missed you, how he dreamt about this day, how you were all he could think about back in the battlefield. How you were the only person keeping him alive, and how the thought of giving up never ever crossed his mind because of you.
Carefully kissing your tears away, lips brushing over your skin, the raven head cups your face with his hands, making sure you were looking at him straight in the eyes, boring into your soul and inking this sight of you in his memory. A faint smile, eye brightening up, as the tip of his fingers softly caress your cheek.
‘I wish I would be able to kneel and do it the traditional way, but i’m afraid I can’t really do that, at the moment,’ an attempt to make things lighter, to hear the sweet sound of your laugh, music to his ears. The symphony he missed oh so dearly when he was away.
‘There has never been anything traditional with you, Levi,’ you chuckle in between a few emotional sobs, fluttering lashes to get rid of the few teardrops latching on them, ‘And that’s what I love the most about you,’ arms around his shoulders, aware of his condition, you lean forward, gifting his left cheek with a tender kiss, enough to make his heart flutter, butterflies swirling around in his stomach.
‘Do you want to marry me ?’ He asks, hint of sensitivity in his voice, eyes seemingly watering. In this exact moment, this was just the two of you, and the bright future ahead, awaiting for you.
‘Of course I want to,’ you could only cry, waterfall of tears spilling of your eyes once again — It felt surreal, too beautiful, glimpse of perfection. Clumsy fingers vanished in the pocket of his coat, slowly pulling out a black velvet box. Months of savings for a ring worthy of you, going as far as not buying any more tea and depriving himself from any sort of pleasure.
A beautiful golden ring, a diamond adorning the jewelry, nicely sitting in the middle, and your names engraved in the inside. Carefully holding your left hand in his, he slowly slid it down your finger, low sigh of relief fading from his lips, fanning over your own.
Cherished moment sealed with a kiss, act of love and endless promises, the story of two souls sailing to the future. Whatever the odds and the fears, Levi Ackerman didn’t have to go through them by himself — He had you by his side, and in this exact moment, he was invincible.
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oi-levi · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Series Masterlist,
+ general masterlist
+ the song that inspired this series
Pairing: Levi Ackerman / fem! Reader
Summary: Levi and his Second learn to navigate a world without a war as they pine for each other in silence and manage his tea shop.
Current Word Count: 69.7k
Content/Warnings: MANGA SPOILERS FOR SEASON 4 PART 2 AND CHAPTER 139, slow/medium burn, friends to lovers, friends with benefits, mutual pining/idiots to lovers, tooth-rotting fluff, shared trauma, canon-typical violence, descriptions of PTSD, grief, depression, and angst, eventual smut, doting upon Levi
Author’s Note: Hey friends! I realize it’s nearing a month since I have updated this series, and I want to make it known that I am absolutely not abandoning it. I just wanted to take a short break so I could focus on the collab fics that I am working on. It’s also refreshing for me to take a break so I can get my thoughts in order about what I’m trying to convey in the next few chapters! Thanks for understanding! (As of 7/8)
Tumblr media
Table of Contents
Chapter One
Set two years after the war, you and Levi have fallen into a comfortable routine as you manage his tea shop together.
Chapter Two
Set a year after the war, Levi begins to learn what it means to comfort when you can’t get out of bed.
Chapter Three
Returning to the current timeline, you and Levi have Sunday off to explore the town, where you take him cloud watching and have an awkward conversation.
Chapter Four
You realize the extent of your feelings for Levi when you go on your date, while Levi is left alone to his own thoughts.
Chapter Five *
Levi shows you the right way you should be touched when you return home from your night out.
Chapter Six *
You and Levi have a half-assed conversation, and someone stops by the tea shop to drop off a special gift.
Chapter Seven *
When the brats come to visit, you and Levi gladly take the opportunity distract yourselves from the obvious change in your relationship—but you are eager to make Levi feel appreciated.
Chapter Eight…
You and Levi spend the first day of your weekend getaway together.
Status: 10.2k+ ongoing
Publishing date: 7/30 @ 8:00 p.m. (earliest)
Tumblr media
extra links
— crossposted to ao3
— buy me a coffee!
— silver soul canon/discussion
— listen to the playlist
Tumblr media
Series Started: 4/17/21
Recent Update: 6/18/21
Tumblr media
@OI-LEVI 2021.
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nightwanders · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Next Part
Pairing: Levi x Reader
Themes: 18+, Smut, AU, Stepdad/Stepdaughter
Word Count: 4.8k
Warnings: nsfw, Stepdad Trope, Unprotected Sex, Fingering, Handjob, Dirty Talk
The thought of Levi Ackerman being your stepdad sounded like a dream. A wealthy businessman with many assets and a beautiful home; you truly thought your luck had turned when your Mother announced you were both moving in with the man. The reality was much different though, your new stepdad was blunt and brusque, not to mention a major clean freak.
It seemed as if the man hardly noticed you, only engaging in small talk and shooting nonchalant looks at you when he’d be dragged into yours and your Mother’s conversations. Sometimes his eyes would linger on yours for a little too long when you’d pass him, but you told yourself it was nothing.
Truth be told, you found Levi undeniably attractive, despite the fact that he was old enough to be your Father. He was painfully handsome, his hair was dark and always neatly trimmed and styled into an undercut. Levi had a chiselled bone structure that complimented his shadowed features, but your favourite thing about your stepdad was his eyes, so intense and sharp. You often found yourself watching them across the dinner table, feeling the familiar pang of guilt in your chest when you remember he’s your Mother’s fiancé.
It had been a few months now since you had moved in, your Mother seemed happy at least, despite pulling her usual trick. She loved men with money, striving in life to find a rich man and live a luscious lifestyle. Levi was perfect for her plan, it didn’t matter that the two of them didn’t necessarily get along, or share any of the same interests, the relationship was transactional.
Your Mother had her own business, not as prosperous as Levi’s but nevertheless successful. The one week a year where she would have to travel for work was coming up, you didn’t think much of it. That was until you realised you were going to have to spend seven days all alone with Levi.
You pull away from your book and take out an earbud, feeling your heart miss a beat when you hear Levi’s voice from downstairs. Your Mother had left a couple of hours ago and you had spent the evening hid away in your bedroom. “Yeah?!” You call back, looking up from the pages for momentarily and raising a brow, the house is silent. Ignoring his call, you go back to the story and lie back on your bed.
You sigh and drop your book, rolling off of your bed and walking down the stairs nervously. It wasn’t that Levi made you feel uncomfortable purposely, his attitude and blank expression just led you to feel a little uneasy around him. As you approach the kitchen, you smell something exquisite, the aroma filling the room and spilling into the hall.
Levi was working at the dining table, setting up two plates and utensils. You’re watching him in awe, you’d never seen the man cook before. Your Mother would’ve looked flustered, amongst the many pots and pans, having to set up the table as well would’ve sent her into a meltdown. But Levi seemed so calm, effortlessly flitting his attention from cooking to cleaning as you sit down at the table. He turns towards you when you sit, his gaze softer than usual despite his tense form, nodding towards you, “Are you hungry?”
“Yes, thank you.” You shoot him a nervous smile, noting the way he relaxes at your reply, pressing both of his hands down on the other side of the table and leaning forward onto it. Levi is looking over at you, brows a little furrowed as he thinks over his next words, “I’ve been wanting to, talk to you Y/N.”
Your breath hitches in your throat and you sip at the glass of water Levi had put out beside your plate. The two of you had barely spoken before, the sudden intimacy was heavy on your mind as you tried to speak calmly. “About what?”
Levi notices the change of your breathing, aware of how his presence has unsettled you slightly. “It crossed my mind that we’ve never properly conversed.” He musters a small smile, a little forced as he tries to put you at ease. “We could use this week to get to know each other a little better, what do you think?”
You settle in your seat at his words, watching as he turns away and makes his way to the oven. “That would be nice.”
Levi hums softly in agreement, crouching to pull a large dish from the oven and setting it on the side. He looked especially handsome like this, doting on you. “I made lasagna, your Mother mentioned that you liked it.”
You can’t help but feel a little joyed that he had prepared this meal especially for you, taken back by how fantastic his cooking smells. “Oh, thanks Levi.”
As he sets the dish on the table, he averts his eyes to your hands, causing you to shoot him a confused glance. The look on his face is unintelligible, lips pursing slightly as he looks up at you again. “Have you washed your hands?”
You scoff a little, giggling as you raise an eyebrow. Levi sits down at his seat, rolling up his sleeves and shooting you a disapproving look. “What? No, why?”
“Tch. Are you asking me why people wash their hands before they eat? Because I could list multiple reasons, bacteria...germs...risk of illness or infec-“
You interject, rolling your eyes and rising from your seat. “Okay okay I get it, I’ll wash my damn hands.”
“Good girl.”
Levi speaks lowly as you pass by him, voice smooth and deep. He notices the way you stiffen slightly at his words, slowing your pace momentarily and stilling your breathing. Smirking to himself, he begins tucking into his food as you make your way to the sink.
When you come back to the table, Levi is eating casually and you decide to let his comment go despite your heart still going crazy.
He’s watching you as you take your first bite, waiting intently for your reaction. You hate to admit it, but it was perfect, maybe even the best you’d ever had. Humming in appreciation, you take another bite, swallow and look up at Levi, “This is really fucking good.”
“Language, please Y/N.” He’s working on hiding the look of pride on his face but he can’t shift it, smirking over at you and nodding gently, “But thank you.”
It’s quiet for a few minutes, eating and exchanging small glances every now and then. You’re surprised that it isn’t awkward, having never actually had an actual conversation with him, it was going quite smoothly. You speak up, gathering that if you wanted to get to know each other a little better you’d have to make an effort in the conversations, “So, you’re marrying my Mom.”
Levi looks up from his plate, his face void of expression as he speaks, “It seems so.”
His demeanour strikes you as odd, of course the man was usually blunt but his lack of expression when discussing his marriage was a little strange. “You don’t seem to pleased about that, Levi.”
He raises his glass of water to his lips, gazing nonchalantly over the rim towards you, “Oh I am.” He takes a gulp, setting it down lightly and cocking his head to the side. “What about you, any boyfriends?”
Rolling your eyes at the dark haired man opposite you, you set your fork on your empty plate. “Can we not have this conversation?”
Levi furrows his expression, looking at you through his dark locks. “Why not? I am your stepdad.”
“Yeah, exactly.” Your comment comes out a little blunter than expected and Levi sits up in his seat, averting his gaze to the table and gathering up the empty dishes.
You didn’t mean to come across so curt, especially when he had gone out of his way to make an effort with you. It was nice, spending time with him like this; you couldn’t deny that you enjoyed your time with him moreso when your Mother wasn’t around. “Thanks for the lasagna, it was really good.”
He smirks to himself, back to you as he speaks,“It’s no problem, it’s been nice talking with you, Y/N.”
The next time you spoke to Levi was the following afternoon, he had agreed to pick you up from the library after he’d finished work. You’d forgotten about the flashiness of Levi’s car, shooting your gawping friends a wink as you climbed into the passenger seat.
Levi is wearing a black suit, well fitted and pristine, complimenting his good looks. You often couldn’t take your eyes away from the man when he’d come home from work dressed like this. “Hey, thanks for picking me up.”
Levi starts the car, glancing at you in the mirror as he pulls away from the library. “Don’t worry about it,” He reaches over beside him and brings out a large cup, bringing it towards you. “I got you a coffee.”
It still felt a little weird, having Levi be so nice to you so suddenly. You didn’t want to complain, but the swift change in his attitude and demeanour unsettled you slightly. “Oh, thanks.”
He sips at his own tea, licking the residue from his lips as you watch from the corner of your eye. Levi shoots you a glance in the mirror again, meeting your gaze, “You look nice.”
You looked down at your ugly sweater and old, worn jeans, cocking a brow at him momentarily and turning to the window. He must be bluffing, and even if he wasn’t it was borderline inappropriate to say. “Levi, did my Mom tell you to be nice to me?”
Levi stops at some lights, resting his elbow on the wheel and turning to you with a frown, “Am I not always nice to you?”
“Answer my question.”
“Tch.” He clicks his tongue at you, rolling his eyes as he turns back to the road as the light goes green. “No she did not. Actually, I specifically remember her telling me to leave you alone, said that you didn’t like me. I intend on changing that.”
You sip at your coffee and avoid his gaze in the mirror, feeling a little guilty at his words. Sighing, you fumble with the cup nervously and mutter, “It’s not that I don’t like you, you’re just a little - Reserved at times. It’s hard to figure you out.”
Levi chuckles and the sound makes you turn to face him, noticing the way his face changes when he smiles. “Good to know.”
You laugh, relaxing finally in his company and setting your head back on your seat. “If I’m being completely honest I thought that you didn’t like me.”
He gives you a hurt look in the mirror, frowning and shaking his head lightly. “What an Earth would make you think that, Y/N?”
Shrugging, you feel your cheeks heat a little as you bite your lip. “Well, you know - Stepdads and daughters aren’t exactly known for getting along.”
Levi smirks, a glint to his eyes as pulls into the driveway, undoing his seatbelt and shooting you a glance. “I’ve heard quite the opposite.”
You feel your cheeks begin to flush and are glad to be home, jumping out of his car and avoiding his gaze. Your stepdad was blatantly flirting with you, shamelessly at this point. When he came to unlock the door beside you; you kept your gaze on your feet, “Hey um - thanks for the ride.”
“Don’t mention it, Sweetheart.”
You look at the time on your phone, squinting at the light in the darkness. It was past midnight, you must’ve fell asleep at some point in the evening. You felt the empty feeling in your stomach quickly, pulling yourself out of bed and making your way downstairs.
As you walk down, you notice the shadows and reflections of light from the tv on the walls and the hum of voices coming from the living room. Levi never usually sat downstairs but you imagined that was because of your Mom ruling the television. You were suddenly very aware of your clothing, or lack of, wearing nothing but an oversized shirt and your pyjama shorts.
He notices you as you enter the room, sitting up slightly, “Hey you.” Levi was sprawled across the sofa, dressed in some black sweatpants and a fitted shirt. The way the lights from the tv shadowed his muscular body had you captivated, watching as his form tensed when he moved to sit up. “What you doing up?”
You snap out of your doe eyed daze, rubbing your eyes a little; the sleepiness hadn’t yet entirely wore off. “I got hungry, getting a snack. What you watching?”
“Oh just some shitty movie.” He begins, shifting his legs and making room for you on the sofa despite the empty one beside him. “Wanna join me?”
You can’t imagine that your Mother would be impressed by this particular situation; Watching a movie alone, half dressed with her fiancé would surely strike a chord in the woman, or would it? It’s not like she really cared about him after all. “Sure, let me just grab a snack.” Emerging from the kitchen a few moments later with some pastries you found in the cupboard, you take a seat beside Levi on the couch.
It’s silent for a while, the two of you emerged in the movie as the gap between you both shrinks more and more as time passes. Eventually you feel your shoulder pressing against his but you don’t mention it or object, you just lean against him and melt at the feeling of his body against yours. You wasn’t quite sure what’s going on between you and Levi, but at this moment you didn’t care.
“Do you like it? Living here?” His low and husky voice breaks the silence, causing a shiver to run down your spine. He felt so close to you and the feeling of his breath on the back of your neck was almost enough to make you forget your morals there and then. You take a deep breath, steadying your breathing, “Of course, the house is beautiful.” You giggle softly and Levi shifts behind you, turning you both so he can see your face and shooting you a confused look. “The stepdad it comes with isn’t too bad either.”
“Is that so?” He purses his lips to conceal the smirk, arching a brow and keeping his eyes on yours. “I can’t say that my relationship with your mother doesn’t have it’s, perks.”
Neither of you fail to notice how close the two of you are right now, faces inches apart and bodies pressed together on the sofa. “Am I one of those perks, Levi?”
“You’re tolerable.” He teases, trailing a finger along the back of your arm and the goosebumps emerging on your skin don’t go unnoticed by Levi. The nature of yours and Levi’s situation had changed miraculously over the last day or so and despite your brain yelling no at you, all you wanted was more.
You sigh dramatically, giggling a little and lying your head back on his shoulder, “I’ll take that as a yes.”
“Be quiet.” His hand squeezes your arm lightly, his hot breath against your neck distracts you from the glaring shadows and hum of the tv. Levi’s voice is low and husky, the tone making your face heat slightly. He brings an arm around your waist a little cautiously and you look down at his pretty, slender hands against your torso.
“Make me.” It comes out a little weaker than you anticipated, voice wavering as you speak.
Levi takes a sharp intake of breath, you can’t see him but you can feel the way he tenses around you. You notice the way his arms are now taut where they circle you, the veins in his hands protruding a little, “Don’t be such a brat Y/N.” His reaction makes you snicker slightly, grabbing a pastry from the coffee table and nibbling on it as you avert your attention back to the television.
Levi is watching you over your shoulder, the way your mouth is working and moving, how your tongue flits across your lips to pick up he sugary residue. He’s aware that his actions tonight have already crossed the line, but his thoughts turn devilish as he observes. Levi wasn’t sure what had came over him, but these last few weeks he couldn’t get you out of his head. He told himself it was because of the lack of intimacy with his fiancé, too aware that it doesn’t excuse him from flirting with her daughter.
He’s pulled from his thoughts when he hears you wince, eyes widening when he notices the cream inside the pastry spilling out slightly.
“Shit, let me get a napkin.” You mutter, flushing as you go to get up, only to be pulled back down and shifted so Levi is above you. He looks unsure of what he’s doing, a torn look on his face as his eyes narrow in on your lips, bringing a finger to wipe the cream from your chin and chest slowly. You can’t take your eyes off him, frozen in place as he drinks you in with his gaze, the resolve within him snapping as he brings his finger to your lips slowly. Those icy orbs are looking down at you the darkness, every inch of your body feels as if it’s on fire, your senses tingling and mind racing.
“Open,” He mutters, tracing his finger along your mouth and teasing to grant entrance as he rubs at your lower lip slowly. You open, sticking your tongue out slightly and feeling a heat build between your legs as he places his fingers on your tongue. “Suck,” he sounds almost breathless, groaning a little as your mouth closes around his fingers. Levi is watching you with his brain tore in two, every inch of him is telling him to stop but he can’t, betraying his resolve and pushing his finger a little deeper.
You begin to suck a little harder, feeling your nerves wash away as you bat your lids at him and hollow your cheeks, swiping your tongue along his finger. He furrows his brows, arching them on the inside corners as his face contorts in pleasure, biting his lip as he watches you. At this point there’s no cream left on his skin, but the ravenous look building behind his eyes spurs you to continue, moaning quietly as his fingers near the back of your throat.
The high pitched sound you make causes Levi pants to tighten and his breathing becomes more and more erratic. “Pretty girl,” he groans, bringing his wrist back and fingers from your mouth, smirking at the string of saliva connecting the two of you. You look up at him, accepting that you’ve both gone too far now to take things back as you notice the fervent look in his eyes.
“Y/N...” Levi mutters breathlessly, dazed as he brings a hand to your hip, keeping you pushed down into the sofa. “I need to know that you want this, because soon I won’t be able to stop myself.” A part of you is telling you to stop him, to throw him off of you and forget all of this ever happened. You knew it was wrong, your Mother would never forgive you if she found out, if.
You’re taking a while to reply and Levi stiffens above you, wondering if he’s pushed you too far, too soon. He’s taken aback slightly when you latch onto him, wrapping your limbs around him and looking up at him so needing, “Please, Levi.”
He presses his lips to yours in a rough kiss. Levi gives you no adjustment period, no light pecks or soft touches, just sharp bites to your lips whilst his tongue shoved into your mouth unceremoniously. The hand that was on your hip slipped underneath your shirt, grasping at the skin of your waist and making you whimper into his mouth. He revels in the noise, succumbing to his pleasures and snaking his hand to your breasts. You don’t even realise that your hips are grinding him, desperate for some friction. “Needy brat, aren’t you?” He chuckles beneath the kiss, only stirring your want for him more. When he pulls away you melt in his gaze, lost to Levi now, completely weak and willing for him. It was the way his eyes, darkened with lust and hunger, locked with yours – the sardonic look etched upon his features.
Levi shifts the two of you smoothly, standing up with you still wrapped around him and sitting back down. You were in his lap then, straddling his thighs and kissing him with a need that you’d never felt before. His satisfied grunts vibrated on your tongue, your hips winding against his covered crotch with vigour. You couldn’t get close enough to Levi, your arms wrapped around his neck, tongue battling his for dominance as his hands tangled in your hair. Pulling the shirt up over your head, he tossed it to the side, sitting back to take a moment to appreciate the sight before him, “Incredible.” He muttered, tongue circling your nipple as he pinched the other between his thumb and forefinger.
He nibbled and sucked at your breasts, drunk on your moans and whimpers as you grind your hips into his. You can feel his length rubbing against you, hard and thick as he begins to rut himself up into your crotch.
Sitting forward, your hands fumbled with the hem of his shirt, all but ripping it up over his head and feasting your gaze on his impressive form. He was incredibly muscular for a man with such a small frame, every crevice and line was perfection and you couldn’t help but stare.
Levi enveloped his arms on your waist and you reached out to his front, running your fingers down his naked chest. He looks down as your fingers stoop down his torso and lower, flitting his eyes to you and biting his lip. You sit back a little and brush your hand against his crotch, eyes widening as can’t help but notice on how big it is. He begins to guide your hands inside his sweatpants, groaning at the feeling of your warm, soft skin against him. Levi hisses when you begin jerking him off, bringing one of his hands to cup your cheek and looking at you lustfully, “You’re doing so good baby.”
You stroke him slowly, basking in the way he’s groaning and bucking up into you. He was falling apart beneath you, eyes going lidded as your name left his lips, you were drunk on him, but right now he was absolutely intoxicated on you. Levi suddenly snapped out of it, pulling your hand off of his length and breathing heavily.
“Did I do something wrong?” You ask, the hurt evident in your voice by the waver of your tone. Levi just rolls his eyes, chuckling breathlessly and pecking your lips softly, “No no, you were doing too good, Sweetheart. Don’t wanna come yet.” His lips trail down your jaw and to your throat, “Wanna touch you first, is that okay?” Levi’s hoarse voice, low in your ear is enough to make you shiver. Nodding, you bring your hands to his hair, pulling softly and panting as he sucks on the skin of your neck. “Wanna hear you say it,” He mutters, “Use your words baby.”
“Please, what?”
“Please, Daddy.”
The grin that stretches across Levi’s features is sinful, cock twitching in his pants as he brings an arm to your front. His hands slip into your panties, sighing when he feels how wet you are for him and dipping his finger between your folds, “So wet, all for me?” He teases, smirking at your dazed expression and rubbing circles on your clit, “Such a good girl.”
One long finger slid in and your mouth gaped, back arching. He was so deep. Deeper than your fingers ever could have been. “That’s good, isn’t it?” Levi muttered into your throat. He pressed a few kisses, but he was mostly biting and sucking at the skin. A second finger sipped in quite easily and your body relaxed momentarily, before tensing again and even moreso than before. He had crooked his fingers and hit your spot and god, it was so good.
“Come for me, Sweetheart,” His fingers curled up against your g-spot, pulling cry after cry from your throat, your thighs trembling above him. “Come on, give it to me.”
Your orgasm uncoiled suddenly after you heard is words. Your entire body spasmed against him and all you could do was moan, whine and call his name. Levi watches every second of your climax closely, engraining the image of your expression into his mind and groaning as he pulls his cock out of his boxers. You’re still moaning and panting when Levi’s hands grab at your ass, pulling you into him so you’re core is pressed against his cock.
You come around after what feels like forever, opening your eyes to see his, frenzied and yearning as he speaks, “I want you. All of you.”
With that he slowly enters you, eyes rolling slightly as you hug his length tightly, your warmth engulfing him.
There’s some pain initially, a certain discomfort as you stretch around him but his coos and moans spur you on, sinking lower and lower onto his cock. “God,” he sighs, looking down to watch you take him in briefly, gliding him through your slick, “That’s it.” He kept his hands on your hips as you began to bounce a little on him, cheeks flushed as he tries to hold himself back.
Levi held your waist once you started to get tired and started thrusting up in you mercilessly. Your skins slapping against each other made a filthy sound but you were loving it. Sweat dripping down your forehead as small baby hair stick to it. Your skin flushed with his hand marks surrounding your waist groping his tightly.
Your vision was getting blurred with every hard thrust and Levi noticed how you were getting even tighter around him, pulling you to him by pushing his palm against your lower back softly. You felt kisses between the valley of your breast and wet muscular tongue swirling your bud around and sucking in your tits. It was almost too much and you felt your thighs begin to tremble, stomach turning a little as you moan out, “Shit, Levi- Close.”
He shoots his eyes to yours, sitting up and watching you intently, nodding and cooing you closer, “That’s it baby, come on my cock. You can do it, good girl.”
Just seeing his determined light grey eyes peering back at you makes you unravel even more. He has no remorse for how weak he’s making you, how vulnerable you’ve become, his unmistakable dominion turns you on. Your climax hits you hard, whining and calling out for Levi while he continues to fuck into you relentlessly. You could hear him moaning louder as his hips began to stutter, his voice muffled by your orgasm, “Gonna fill you up, shit, make Daddy come baby.” You squeezed his cock hard, pushing him over the edge. he came in white streaks, deep inside you.
You’re both quiet for a few moments, breathing heavily, tangled up in each other’s arms as you come down from your highs together. Once reality hits the both of you, you stiffen against each other, pulling away a little and looking at each other nervously.
“Are you okay?” Levi asks quietly, shifting a piece of hair that’s stuck to your forehead behind your ear and watching your eyes warily.
“Never better,” You mutter as your cheeks flush, earning a smile from Levi as he presses his lips to your cheek. Your lids flutter a little as your press your head to his chest, nuzzling into him amidst your tiredness.
“Let’s get you to bed, Sweetheart.” Levi strokes your head, relieved that you don’t hate him after the way the nights unfolded. He has no clue what he’s doing, or why he’s done it; all he knows is that he can’t resist you any longer. “Wanna sleep in mine?”
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seraphdreams · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✯ pairing - bertholdt hoover x bimbo!fem reader
contains - library sex, voyeurism/exhibitionism, college au
Tumblr media
what’s not to love about you? you’re completely dumb, in perfect contrast to bertholdt, your boyfriend who just so happened to be in the same library with you.
the day seemed perfectly normal when he first spotted you, giving you a hug and kiss before questioning why you were even at a library in the first place. you had explained that you needed a book for class because you couldn’t quite grasp what the teacher was trying to instruct.
it started with “i could always help you out” and is now currently you trying to conceal your cute little moans while bertholdt pounds into you from behind. “you feel so good” he grunts, as quietly as he could. if he wasn’t careful enough, the passerbys could hear the lewd slapping of skin.
you held onto the bookshelf, trying your hardest not to topple over as his thrusts were hard and accurate inside you, the quick drag of his cock making you feel complete bliss. he held your waist with a tight grip, the miniskirt you were wearing previously, hiked up the curve of your ass.
he just couldn’t control himself when you made those cute groans of frustration and confusion when he was helping you study. you’re just too dumb, of course someone like bertholdt is going to be there to help you. but as he reaches deeper and deeper inside your little cunt, all he could think was how he wanted to fill you with his cum.
you could feel your legs tremble with the pressure of him and your approaching orgasm. “bertl, i’m gonna—!” he was quick to slap his hand over your mouth, if you were any louder, you both were for sure going to get caught.
“shh baby, we gotta keep it down, remember?” he coos as his thrusts begin to grow a bit sloppier. you hum into his hand as your body becomes lax from your orgasm. you coated his thick, long cock in the milky white of your arousal and just the mere sight of that has bertholdt following suit, shooting his load deep inside your cunt with a pitchy whine.
he pulls his softening cock out with a groan, and you readjust your outfit. he turns to you, a bright blush dancing across his cheeks and nose.
“you ready to study again?”
Tumblr media
tags - @colossalnova @fiaficsxo @r-raiinah @snkfade @glittrkink @kirsteiiins @peachy-momos
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oi-levi · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Levi A. | Chapter Five
❛ 𝐡𝐮𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐫 ❜
Summary: Levi shows you the way you should be touched when you come home in tears from your night out.
Word Count: 11.2k
Warnings: Fem! Reader, Fluffy Smut, Oral (f receiving), Fingering, Orgasm Delay/Edging, Slight Praise Kink, Swearing, Mentions of Canon-typical Violence, Mention of Harassment (some consent discourse)
Note: Thank you all for hyping me up for this chapter. Also, I am going to clarify that I don’t have a foot fetish. I also don’t think I’m going to post this story to Wattpad because I don’t need those readers coming at me for a foot massage. They just have never felt the touch of a person!! (All jokes). But thank you for the support and I hope you enjoy the long awaited *taste* of smut. Part six will take around two weeks to complete!
Buy Me A Coffee! | Series Masterlist | Part Six
Tumblr media
The sound of the door knob rattling has Levi stirring. He doesn’t remember falling asleep, but groggily, he sits up from the couch, blinking away the bleariness in his eye. When the door cracks open, he makes out the shape of your silhouette slipping inside. Your features are shrouded by your hair.
He rubs his eyes with the heel of his palm. “Hey. How did it go?” The question is asked before you can even shut the door.
He’s certain that he’s not mistaken when he hears a shaky sigh escape your lips—as soon as he registers the sound, he’s lugging himself up onto his feet.
“What happened?” The concern in his voice betrays his stoic expression. Already his heart is pounding as the realization that you’re crying settles in. But your lack of response has him stepping forward with knitted brows—why won’t you answer him? Is he supposed to just sit and stew in the silence, wondering why the hell you’re showing up home in tears?
“Hey,” he urges.
You shake your head, closing the door behind you. The sound of the lock clicks softly, and you slide off your shoes, relieved to finally free your aching feet from the high arches of your heels.
“It’s nothing.” Your voice is congested. Obviously you have been crying for a while. He knows he shouldn't imagine the worst case scenario, but he prepares to hear it nonetheless. You use your sleeve to wipe your face, staining the cream fabric of your coat with dark marks of makeup and snot.
“Obviously it isn’t nothing. Seriously.” He takes another step forward, surveying your body from afar. You don’t seem particularly wounded. “Are you hurt?”
You rapidly shake your head again, then fold your arms and lean against the cherry-wood shelves. Frankly, you’re dizzy. Perhaps it’s the wine and the sobbing and your tangled thoughts and emotions—it’s all just too much to bear right now. With trembling fingers, you massage the area between your eyebrows.
“No, no. I’m not hurt. It’s all just… fucking disappointing. I don’t know.”
He wants to ask you what was so disappointing about tonight, but he refrains, only because he knows that you probably don’t quite know how to explain your feelings yet. It always takes a bit of prodding to get you to talk, but he never pushes. He never pulls you into his arms, either. He just provides you with company and asks for nothing in return.
“Would you like tea?”
Sometimes, he thinks that’s all he can do for you: offer you a warm cup of tea. Maybe it doesn’t melt away your sadness as easily as he would wish, but he feels somewhat at ease knowing that he could do something for you, no matter how small. At least, tea makes him feel better when he’s trapped in a vacuum of his own self-deprecating thoughts. It’s warm and cozy and sweet.
Your shoulders wilt at his offer. You almost want to throw yourself into his arms and bury your face in the crook of his neck. You have wanted to breathe Levi in all night—the smell of linen sheets and lavender and soap. His presence alone is enough to halt the coming onslaught of tears, and you hold up a hand, waving him off.
“No, please don’t trouble yourself.”
“It’s no trouble,” he insists.
You don’t want him to have to walk all the way into the kitchen and heat the water and steep the tea bags. He already exerts himself too much. It’s late, too, and you know Levi prefers to have the sink empty of any dirty dishes well before the sun rises.
“It’s okay, Levi. Thank you.”
Your eyes flit up his body. He’s wearing the same thing from when you left hours earlier—a short sleeve white collared shirt and a pair of black cotton pants. His arms are folded similarly to yours, displaying toned forearms, and his soft onyx hair is disheveled, as if he had just woken up from a much-needed nap. You remember that Levi said he would stay up for you, and he is awake, however there is something endearing about the fact he may have fallen asleep even when he tried so hard the entire night not to.
You picture the sight of coming home to him, curled up on the couch, body laden heavily with exhaustion. He would stir at the sound of the door opening and closing, then maybe murmur an incoherent greeting toward your late arrival. He wouldn’t even crack his eye open. Instead, he’d sink into the warmth of the couch while you’d mark the page in his novel and tuck the blanket up to his chin.
“Did you buy a new book?” He points towards the chunky white hardcover tucked beneath your arm, and you quickly refocus, nodding.
“Ah, yeah. It’s full of paintings from the museum. I thought you would like it. Could put it on the ottoman or something. I don’t know. Sorry, you probably don’t want— “
“No,” he interjects. “I like the idea of a book on the ottoman. We can put the coasters and the oil lamp on top.”
A soft smile tugs at your lips. “Okay. Sure.”
For the most part, the apartment is doused in darkness. There’s a dull light on in the kitchen, and the oil lamp on the ottoman is flickering, casting a dim yellow tint along the carpet and sofa. But beyond the scarce patch of light is the French doors, which are cracked open enough to allow the moonlight to spill indoors. The silver gleam catches in Levi’s eye as he turns, and suddenly it’s like you are looking into two identical stone-colored irises.
A gentle breeze puffs past the doors, tousling the sheer white curtains. As they blow through the air, moonlight pours through the checkered glass panes.
You tip toe over to the sofa, wary of your sore feet, and place the book down on the ottoman. The way you flinch does not go unnoticed by Levi.
“I thought you said you weren’t hurt.”
You collapse on the sofa, your back sagging against the cushions. A deep sigh emits from your throat. “I’m not,” you answer. You cross your ankle over your knee and rub at your heels. “My feet just hurt.”
“From the heels?”
He sits down in front of you, eye skimming over your slouched figure.
“Here.” His voice is like velvet, and your entire body stiffens as his hot palms land on top of your knuckles. You blink at him, trying to swallow the heartbeat in your throat.
With slow moving fingers, he grabs your foot, then digs the smooth pads of his thumbs into your tender soles. His smooth hand caresses the back of your ankle, cupping your Achilles. Immediately, the residual tension in your body dissolves. You deflate against the sofa with a loud sigh.
“Thank you.” An unmistakable warmth spreads across your cheeks, but it’s his closeness that riles you up the most. It fuels the excitement that already simmers in your lower stomach—the excitement that’s been brewing all night long as Levi has dangerously lingered in the forefront of your thoughts.
While Paddy’s fingers were busy pressing into your fleshy inner thighs, you were imagining Levi’s hands. You were imagining those lovely, lithe and sinewy fingers groping you at their leisure, ravaging you. That’s the only reason why you were throbbing halfway through dinner while downing your third glass of five-hundred dollar wine.
“So, did you buy the book?”
He’s clever—damn him for segueing so smoothly into the topic you were hoping to avoid.
“No. Paddy bought it.”
Levi sets your heel on his thigh. God, does he have to sit this fucking close to you? (Even if he’s actually at a short distance, it still feels like he’s at a hair’s breadth—like his lips are hovering atop yours). You can’t tell if you want to pull away or fling yourself forward into his arms. Your eyes coast down the grooves of his biceps, still as taut as ever, the veins that shoot up his wrists appearing more prominent as he continues to gently work the soreness from your foot.
“Was he good company?”
You shrug, inhaling sharply. “He was…” You ponder, then a sharp laugh falls from your lips, and you slap your hand over your mouth. “He was like a fucking MP!”
Levi actually snorts. “Sounds like a nightmare.”
“Oh, believe me. He was. But… It wasn't all bad. Even if he was a bit… handsy.”
Levi’s movements stutter. You say it to him as if it doesn’t mean anything that this man invited his hands all over your body—disrespecting you when he should be on his fucking knees for you. His teeth threaten to shatter beneath the brutal strength of his clenched jaw.
“Is that why you’re crying? Did he force himself on you?” He bites his tongue. While he is itching to know more—and partly for his own selfish reasons—he refuses to interrogate you. Whether you choose to answer him or not, he won’t shove.
You shrug, sniffling. The pads of your fingers wipe beneath your eyes. You’re surprised there’s still any mascara left to run.
“It was just a kiss.” His heart winces and his stomach churns, but he doesn’t let it show on his face. Levi bends your leg, setting it down on the floor, then picks up your other ankle. Your trembling ceases as he resumes the soothing circles with his thumb. “When I didn’t kiss him back, he backed off, but— “
“He didn’t ask?”
The boiling heat inside of him is beginning to fester over, but he’s quick to seal a lid on it. A metallic taste pings around in his mouth instead.
“I thought I was better than that,” you whisper. The disappointment in your voice is evident. Your fingers rub at your forehead. “Maybe I’m just pathetic.”
Is this really what you think of yourself? Levi wishes you could see yourself from his eyes. He assures you. “Pathetic? Hardly.” There isn’t a beat of hesitation between your words and his. It’s because he already knows how wonderful you are.
He reaches into his pocket and wriggles out a clean handkerchief, laying it flat against your damp cheek. You open your eyes, taken aback by the sudden touch, until a thankful smile curls up on your lips. Levi’s features are light, and you soon find yourself distracted by the friendliness that emanates from his eye.
Your fingers brush against his as you grab onto his handkerchief, using it to blot at the mess on your eyes and cheeks. Jet black and flesh-colored makeup rub off and stain the white.
“Thank you.”
He nods. “Do you really think you’re pathetic?”
“No. Maybe. Yes. It’s embarrassing. You don’t want to hear it.”
He does want to hear it. He wants you to talk his ear off.
He knows that he isn’t one to unload his feelings onto you. Rarely does he ever bring them up. Only when it's unbearable or a few drinks have loosened his lips. Most times, he lets himself stew and ponder for weeks on end. And he knows exactly how it feels to sit and suffer in silence—which is why it’s the last thing in the world he would want for you.
Talk to him. That’s all that he asks. He won’t say anything if you don’t want him to. Many times he doesn’t even know what to say, but sometimes you don’t require any words —a warm body is enough to prove that there’s at least one person in this world who cares about you.
Levi catches the way you wring your fingers together.
“I’ll be right back.”
He carefully lowers your foot to the ground then stands and walks around the couch. By the time you have finally finished wiping your eyes, Levi is in the kitchen, running his hands beneath warm water, lathering them in citrus-scented soap. He rummages through sage green cabinets for the kettle and two porcelain teacups.
“Levi,” you groan from the sofa. You pull yourself to your feet and hurry into the kitchen. The cold tiles pleasantly kiss your toes. “You shouldn’t have to put in extra work. It’s really fine! I’m just glad to be home, that’s all— “
His brow is arched in a questioning manner. Already, the kettle is full of water, and he’s setting it on the stovetop. “Don’t be so dramatic. It’s only tea. Besides, it’s chamomile, which means it has calming properties that— “
“That’s not— “ You shake your head, rubbing your forehead with your palm, “You shouldn’t have to go through this much trouble!”
The line between his brows grows prominent. “What trouble? You must be delusional.”
“Don’t you ever listen to me?” he hums. He’s leaning against the counter, placing a tea bag in each teacup. “I’ve told you countless times to not cry alone in your room—which is likely what you’re going to do in a few minutes. I can’t stand to listen to it all night long. It would interrupt my reading.”
You nearly roll your eyes.
“... I’m sure this degenerate isn’t worth your tears, anyway.”
Your eyelids peel back at the remark, and a low, defeated sigh echoes from your lips. His gaze dawdles on your features, skipping down to your mouth before he turns back towards the kettle. The nude tint is surprisingly still intact, enhancing the shape of your lips despite the dimness.
Your head is throbbing, but without having to ask, Levi is popping open another cabinet and pulling out a bottle of Aspirin. He chucks it into your chest. It rattles in midair as you catch it with ease.
“For the headache,” he explains.
“I don’t— “
“Yes, you do. You do this twitchy thing with your eyebrow when your head hurts. Take two.” He holds up two fingers for emphasis, as if you’ve never taken a pill in your life.
Ah, so this is Levi being coddling. At least, as “coddling” as Levi can possibly be. He brews you tea at nearly two in the morning and rubs your feet like a damn spouse then tells you to not cry alone in your room because it supposedly “interrupts his reading”.
As you clutch the bottle to your chest, your eyes gravitate along his features. You had been thinking of him all night long—it was driving you fucking crazy. That piercing gray eye and those rosy lips that are always set in an annoyingly straight line; the small canyons in his pale skin where his scars cut him deep; the sturdy bridge of his nose and the fact his lower lashes are longer than his upper ones, but not darker; that stupidly soft hair that you ache to run your fingers through. Suddenly you can’t be sure why you brought home a book of paintings when he’s always in the room beside you. Thinking of him is enough to whet your appetite, and looking at him perfectly satiates those ruthless cravings to just see him with your own two eyes.
You remember dying to see him again after his accident. You didn’t need to talk to him. Or touch him. You only ever wanted to see him again. And if someone had shoved a bullet into your brain right afterwards, you would’ve died happy and fulfilled—disappointed, but fulfilled.
You chug two pills down with a glass of water while Levi finishes steeping the tea bags, and when the brew is finished, you are the one carrying both teacups over to the couch.
Your dress rides up past your knees as you sit down on the cushion, extending his cup out towards him. You’re surprised when he sits down on the ottoman, knees knocking against yours.
Truthfully, he’s adamant to be close to you. You were gone the entire evening. He would be lying if he said he didn’t spend half the time drowning in intrusive thoughts of you laying a pool of your own blood.
The tea is seething as it sizzles on your tongue, but strangely you enjoy the burn. It wets the scratchy surface of your throat, melting into the soft tissue.
“Better, right?” He murmurs over the rim of the cup.
Reluctantly, you agree. “Yes. Thank you. How are Gabi and Falco?”
“Fine.” He knows that you’re stalling. You couldn’t be less subtle. “We ate dinner and played monopoly.”
An airy laugh follows. Levi finds the sound rather soothing. He only seems to realize just how much he likes it when you’re absent, so when he finally hears it again, it almost feels too good to be true.
“Monopoly?” The mental image of Levi playing a board game nearly has you cackling. “Did you win?”
He scowls. “No.”
“Loser. I take it they decided not to stay over?”
“No, they had to be up early tomorrow.”
Silence hovers in the air, eventually filled by the low hum of the wind. You watch as the curtains rustle, fragments of moonlight catching in your eyes.
“Are you ever going to tell me?”
You freeze, taking another sip. “Tell you what?”
“Why you think you’re pathetic,” he answers bluntly. “You know if you were pathetic, I would tell you, right?”
That makes you laugh. “Thanks, Levi.”
“I’m being serious,” he says. He sets his teacup on top of your book. “You think I’m lying to you?”
You exhale sharply. “No. I’m just saying that… I’m run down. That’s all.”
“Run down? What the hell does that even mean?”
You lean forward with an exasperated huff and place your cup down beside Levi’s. Your hands land onto your thighs with a soft slap that’s muted by the fabric of your dress. “It just means that I am… You know, I’m like rusted machinery, or something like that.”
Levi’s brows are knitted. “You didn’t fall up the stairs or anything on your way into the apartment, did you? Is that why you aren’t making any sense?”
His gaze is absolutely penetrating, and shamefully you turn your head, finding something else to fix your eyes upon—like the speckled sky outside. “It’s really nothing. I’m tired. I should shower— “
“What were you going to do? Slice him in half with a butter knife at the dinner table? You’re mad at yourself because you didn’t do anything so you’re making stupid analogies to overcompensate?” Anyone else would consider his tone condescending, but you know Levi well enough that he means the opposite. Frankly, he’s pulling assumptions out of his ass, yet somehow he seems to nail each and every one of them. “Don’t allow his actions to make you think poorly about yourself.”
“I’m just pissed that I was so keen on trying to convince myself that I liked it,” you mumble. You’re balling the silk fabric in your fists, hoping that Levi won’t point out your constant shifting from one side to the other.
“That piece of shit did it all wrong,” Levi practically growls. “Obviously.”
You blink. Suddenly, the silence in the room is more palpable than it was before, drowning you in a thick fog. Your face is warm. Scalding, even, as if you are being enveloped by the sun despite the cooling effects of the moonlight. “Now you’re the one who isn’t making any sense, Levi.” Your words are feather-like, spoken without a breath of air taken before or after the sentence.
His jaw flexes, and you can only see his clouded iris as he turns his head.
He can’t help that he’s smoldering in his seat. All he’s envisioning right now is this guy—this rich asshole who doesn’t care to know a single thing about you—running his filthy paws all over you. Groping you and touching you—disappointing you. He despises the thought of you being disappointed. Of you having to convince yourself to enjoy a touch that’s entirely unwarranted in the first place. You shouldn’t have to convince yourself of liking anything, especially being fucking violated.
You should be touched in a way that makes you feel beautiful. And respected.
“He touched you all wrong,” he clarifies. He’s biting back a wave of curses. And he’s resisting the crippling urge to chew this guy out as if he’s standing right in front of him.
Levi would do it right—touch you. Shit, he fucking dreams of it. So perhaps, he isn’t much better than Paddy is—thinking of you without asking you. Dreaming about touching you without gaining your permission before he falls asleep. But he’s also convinced that he’s just as helpless when it comes to these thoughts.
He thinks he doesn’t fucking deserve you in the slightest. Not after he’s the one who put that scar on your chest. While every nerve in his body may steer him towards you—undoubtedly attracted to you like metal to a magnet—consciously and logically, he refrains. Perhaps he is still punishing himself even after all this time, whether he acknowledges it or not.
Your heart is pounding out of your chest. By your warped logic, if Levi says that Paddy touched you wrong, then surely he must have some sort of inkling on how to do it properly. You know he isn’t the kind of person to ridicule someone for doing something wrong if he doesn’t know the right way himself. Or maybe you are just searching for any excuse in the book to feel him pressed against you.
Since dinner, there’s been a frustrating heat kindling between your thighs. It’s one that only he can extinguish. With what—you don’t know. You don’t care. His mouth. His fingers. His tongue. You will take any inch of him, no matter how ephemeral it may be, real or not real. You don’t care if you are torturing yourself by having Levi for one night even when you are certain you will want more of him in the morning—when you know you cannot have him.
“Then…” Your breath catches in the center of your throat. For the first time, the words that you are desperate to say finally fall from your tongue and mingle with the universe, “I want you… to touch me.”
Levi takes a full few seconds to actually register your words. Then, his eyes widen.
Your hair shadows your eyes as you stare at your hands. “You said he did it wrong,” you elaborate carefully. You hope that he doesn’t make you say anything else.
Levi listens to your soft spoken words. They tremble, as if being blown on by a brute force.
Then he realizes: you are inviting him to place his hands wherever he may please—if he pleases at all. Your eyes are screwed shut. Your hands are smashed together.
He thinks that his affections for you perhaps outweigh any doubts that prevent him from taking you. While he knows he doesn’t deserve it—you deserve to have someone touch you right. You deserve to be unraveled. You deserve to feel fucking good, and he knows he couldn’t stand it if someone else were to do that for you and do it wrong. They would ruin it. Make you unhappy. Disappoint you. Maybe he’s the most selfish person in the world for wanting it to be him to bring you to such a high.
Suddenly, you feel a warm hand on the side of your face, once-calloused-turned-soft fingertips caressing your moist skin. Levi’s thumb pulls back on your cheek, gliding all the way up toward your temple. Your headache is long gone by now, but you’re certain if it were his fingers rubbing back and forth, you wouldn’t have needed Aspirin to rid you of the dull pounding.
Your entire body tenses beneath his touch. Not because it hurts, but because the way it makes you feel has your heart rapping at a pace your breaths cannot support.
Shit. He really couldn’t help himself.
Your eyes snap open as he places his wet lips to your forehead, and you can’t be sure if his hands are actually shaking or if your mind is playing tricks on you because of how anxious you are.
Levi swears there’s no capacity left in his lungs for air. You had asked him, and he had succumbed despite himself. Truly, if you ever asked him of anything, he would be at your beck and call. You have a vice grip on him, and anyone else could say it was deadly, but he revels in the thought of being below your fingertips at any given second of the day. He hopes for you to take advantage of him.
As he lays his lips on your forehead, kissing your skin for the first time, he is drenched in all things associated with you. Your eyes. Your hair. Your lips. The sound of your voice, pleading him to touch you. To take you. Shit, he shouldn’t listen. He really, really shouldn’t listen to you when you blabber on about such stupid things, but you asked him and you seemed so embarrassed and all he wants is for you to go to bed irrevocably satisfied.
So, for once, he indulges.
He cups the back of your head in his palm as he traces your brow bone with his lips, his other hand resting on the bend of your waist, nestled beneath your coat. Finally, he can feel that silk fabric scrunched beneath his fingertips; he can feel the heat of your skin singing him through the thin material.
His lips linger on your temple before pressing against your cheek. He pauses, debating whether or not to satiate his own desires by kissing you full on the mouth; all he ever thinks about is sliding his tongue against yours and tasting you. Expectantly, you part your lips for him. But he doesn’t fill the space. Instead, his mouth is latching against your jaw bone, nibbling all the way back toward your ear.
You aren’t disappointed that he didn’t kiss you. Perhaps you had your hopes up, but disappointment isn’t the word you would use to describe the hole that opens in the pit of your stomach. Maybe he will kiss you later. Or maybe this is just him fulfilling your wishes like you asked him to and nothing more. Maybe you are making a mistake, and when you wake up in the morning, things between you and Levi will have changed for the worst.
A soft gasp elicits from your throat when his wet lips graze your earlobe, carefully clamping down on the soft cartilage with his teeth.
His breath unfurls around the cusp of your ear when he speaks. “Tell me if you are uncomfortable at any point, and I promise you I’ll stop.” You feel his hands squeezing your sides, locking you in place—there’s something so intimate about feeling your body expand beneath the weight of his fingers.
Your thighs instinctively clench to soothe the building ache, and you are too distracted by how long lasting his touches are to respond. Levi has never been this close for this long. You wonder if you will have to let him go after this.
“Did you hear what I said?'' He pulls his head from your shoulder, where he finally meets your eyes for the first time since he started touching you. Your blown pupils and gleaming irises have his cock straining against his pants. His teeth bite down on his bottom lip as he suppresses a groan.
You glance down towards his mouth, then back up to his eyes. “Y-yeah. I heard you. I understand.”
“Good.” Levi dips his head forward, puckering his lips against your neck where he begins to suck diligently on the skin.
The new and tantalizing sensation has you squirming in your seat; desperately, you grip his biceps, partly clinging onto the fabric of his short sleeves, and partly gripping the grooves of his muscles. You pull him closer, coaxing his face deeper into the crook of your neck.
He bites gently, inhaling a whiff of fragrance—it’s something particularly sweet, like freshly bloomed roses, paired with something almost cinnamon-like. But he easily recognizes the smell of hairspray, too.
He flattens his tongue to your neck and licks a stripe up the column of your throat; your back arches into him, head tilted backwards. You moan.
“Sensitive?” He coos, his tickling breath sending chills down your limbs.
You only shudder in response as his hands drift from your waist around to the small of your back, pressing you flush against his front.
Every curl of his tongue and peck of his teeth have you writhing against him, shy whimpers crescendoing to telling gasps. He feels you trembling in his arms.
“Relax.” He removes his hands from beneath your coat and smooths down your hair. “You don’t have to be scared. Take a deep breath.”
A gentle kiss is pressed to your pulse point as he allows you to breathe, touching you less to provide you with much needed space. You almost feel feverish, but massaging your fingers into his biceps seems to be grounding enough for you to finally suck in a full breath of air.
His chin is hovering above your shoulder, patiently waiting until he feels your body still beneath the weight of his boney fingers. The sounds of your drawn breaths intertwine with the low hum of the wind.
You sigh. “I’m good.”
Levi nods curtly, then his mouth is once more connecting to your pulse point. Your heart beats beneath his tongue.
You become slack-jawed as he suckles on the sensitive flesh, your fingers still digging into the contours of his muscles. Slowly, he begins to push your coat off your shoulders, forcing you to release him for a moment while your chest and collarbone come on display. You shrug the sleeves off, eyes fluttering shut when he lays the entire span of his palm against your throat. He doesn’t squeeze—he only rests it there so he can tilt your head for better access to your collarbone. It feels like his ring-clad forefinger sears your neck even if the metal bands are only lukewarm.
His eyes glaze over at the sight of your scar, mouth salivating as he bows his head forward and kisses a line along the tattered flesh, all the way to your sternum, then along the other side.
Your body tingles beneath his lips. You can’t help but wonder where in the hell Levi learned how to do this. As he suctions skin between his teeth, you grip his wrist where he holds your neck, swallowing embarrassing whines.
Truthfully, Levi’s thoughts have always wandered—constantly imagining you in the lewdest of forms. Sometimes he wished his sole purpose was to make you feel fucking good. He remembers all of those late nights back then, up after hours, with you on his mind.
For the most part, he was just replaying the day in his head. Remembering things that you said to him. Thinking of the jokes that you told while he laughed softly to himself, burning the midnight oil. But sometimes, well past dusk, images of you would entangle in his thoughts; your figure wrapped snug in leather straps like a gift, your shirt riding up to reveal a patch of skin; the sight of your neck glossy with sweat. His brain would blur like the cold unfurling over a glass pane, and his hands would wander, and he would hate himself so, so much as he painted a pretty picture of you in his thoughts, defiling you.
He’s thought about making you feel good for fucking years. That’s why he’s so damn good at it.
This is how you should be touched. With a perfect balance of carefulness and abrasiveness. You are hardly glass, but you are hardly steel, either. You should be bent, but not broken.
He hooks his thumb around the strap of your dress, and slides it down your shoulder, pressing his lips to the new patch of skin revealed. Your fingers land against his rib cage, searching for any surface to fuse with.
Levi’s breath catches in his throat while he leaves chaste kisses along your neck, his hand curving around to your back. He yanks down on your zipper, tugging it all the way down your spine until the fabric caves open, granting him the perfect opportunity to splay the entire width of his palm against your bare skin. You pant, your head lolling into the crook of his neck, both hands now pressed against his firm torso. You can feel the divots of packed muscles beneath his thin top, and it makes you drool.
You allow him to guide you back against the cushions until your head rests on a pillow propped up by the arm rest.
Levi admits—this position isn’t ideal. At least while most of his weight is on his knees. He doesn’t mean to wince—it doesn’t hurt, and if he shifts more of his weight to one side, then it’s like the discomfort was never there to begin with. However, amidst opening your eyes, you watch him flinch as he switches positions.
You tug on his shirt. “Are you okay?” Half of your face is submerged in a burnt orange hue, while the other is shadowed by darkness. Even so, the concern that glows in your eyes is the same on either side.
Levi nods once, rubbing his knee before wedging his torso between your thighs. The sudden pressure against your core has your breath catching. His lips quirk upwards at the sudden furrow of your brows.
He grabs the straps of your dress and tugs them off your shoulders then down your biceps, stopping just before your naked chest is entirely exposed.
“I’m fine,” he assures. “It’s better now. How are you?”
“I’m good,” you exhale, with a breathless chuckle.
You don’t mean to reach out for him, but his face is close, and you can’t help but wonder if his hair is as soft as it looks. Your shaky fingertips scrape along his velvety undercut, carding through the longer tresses of black hair as your hand snakes around to cup the back of his head. Levi’s heart spasms. Your touches are so warm. Shit, he’s so close to you. Your bodies are pressed together. Your thighs are wrapped around his hips. You are touching him. He can’t fucking breathe.
You are fucking him with your eyes and doing it unapologetically. Frankly, you wouldn’t mind if he slid himself inside of you right here. You would take him like a good girl and let him squeeze your hips as he made you come countless times on his cock.
As his eye pours into yours, your stomach erupts with butterflies. Not only is his touch sweltering, but you are throbbing for him. Clenching around nothing. Your panties are already soaked through with your slick, and all he’s done is kiss your neck. Needless to say, Levi is unwinding you at a snail-like pace, and you are eating it up like a famished woman who’d been starved for days.
His fingers hook around the bunched fabric of your dress, eyes flickering up to meet yours for half a second before he shimmies it down your sides. Your bare chest is left exposed, and the cool air that blows in through the French doors stiffen your nipples into soft peaks.
Sheepishly, you turn your head.
“Oi.” His voice is demanding, eyes narrowed at you, but his gaze is hollow of any judgement. “Watch me.”
You gulp, trying to decide if the rapid pace of your heart is from nerves or arousal or both; but any distracting thoughts seem to fade as he gently nudges your nipple with his thumb. He circles around it slowly, watching with expanding pupils as it swells. Your chest rises and falls with each deliberate stroke.
He brings his mouth down on your breast, kissing along the soft tissue, swirling his tongue over the hardening bud. You can’t help but careen into him, any shame flying out the window as you gyrate your hips against his. His arousal is obvious—you can feel how hard he is smashed right against your clit. As he clamps down on your nipple to stifle one of his moans, you cry out.
Levi fights to restrain himself. Every inch of him wants to take you right there—as soon as that sweet sound fills his ears. The corners of his mouth twitch up. It’s the first time he’s heard you moan, and he wonders what it sounds like when it’s meshed his name on your tongue.
“O-oh my God...” you whimper.
“Feels good, right?”
Levi’s hands dig into your sides. He can feel your legs squeezing around him, hoping to curb your arousal. And he knows that you are leaking between your thighs like a damn faucet for him.
“This is how someone is supposed to touch you.” His voice vibrates against your chest as he speaks. You grab his shoulders. You want him inside. You want his tongue in your mouth, muffling your moans.
He kisses your nipple softly, his saliva coating the puffy bud, turning it pebble-like before he repeats on the other side. His hand slithers upwards, firmly kneading the ample flesh. The sudden roughness makes your entire body twitch, another moan—this one embedded with surprise—ripping from your throat. Licking his lips, he pinches your nipple between his index and thumb, tweaking it, watching as an adorable crease forms along your forehead.
“Levi... p-please.”
Finally he gets to hear you moan his fucking name.
“Be patient for me. I know you can.” Levi lathers your nipple in his spit before placing a series of wet kisses down the center of your chest. As he rolls the fabric down your hips, he chases it with his lips, leaving a luminescent glow along every inch of unveiled skin. “I’m not gonna leave you hanging.”
When your dress is left in a wad on the floor, he inches downward, toying with the hem of your sheer stockings. A whimper fumbles past your lips, stomach quivering as he swipes his tongue across your navel. One of his hands holds your breast, fondling as he bites along the stretched skin of your hips; as he scours places that have never once been touched by anyone.
Shit, is it terrible of him to think that this makes you his? Could he really bare it if someone else were to hear those sweet sounds? If someone else got to see your eyes—glazed over with lust—blinking down at him through long lashes, while your head is lolled to the side and your fingers are fisting desperately at his hair? He’s certain if he gazed into your eyes for long enough he would find his reflection in your pupils.
As he pinches the fabric of your sheer tights, he wills the thoughts away with another feverish kiss. His jaw clenches, and he yanks down hard.
The fabric tears loudly, exposing more untouched skin. You gasp, arching into his touch.
“I’ll buy you a new pair,” he mutters against your hip bone.
He is so damn close. You think that maybe he will finally press his mouth to your cunt, but he doesn’t. Instead, he follows the stockings as he slides them down your legs, ridding the torn fabric onto the floor.
He’s on his knees, grabbing your ankle, and you watch with knitted brows as he lifts your leg, bending it at the knee.
And then, he places his lips to the bone of your ankle, slowly, languidly peppering kiss after kiss up your Achilles and along your calf muscle. You go fucking ballistic. Your heart swells in your chest, prepared to burst, and there are knots tightening in your stomach. His lips are pillowy, bouncing over your skin, warm to the touch.
His jaw is chiseled out as he continues to kiss up your leg, your clit twitching desperately below the sopping fabric of your panties. His eyes shift, seeking yours for affirmation.
“Levi— “ You sound so desperate. So vulnerable. Your hair is disheveled, sticking to your forehead, and your mouth is agape. He can see your panties practically clinging to your cunt, nearly sheer from your arousal, and your skin is littered in various wet marks, left behind by his cruel and affectionate tongue. So needy, so fucking lewd before him, and all his.
He leans forward, bending your leg over his shoulder so he can kiss along your inner thighs.
“It’s cute how wet you are already,” he teases, playfully flicking your nipple, “but I’m just getting started.”
“J-just... a little—p-please... hah— “ When his tongue drags along the crease where your thigh meets your pelvis, you are twitching forward, biting down on your lip to suppress a cry. With weak fingers, you grab at his shoulder, latching onto the fabric of his shirt. He can’t help but smirk.
“A little?”
“Please— “
He gives. Almost like the stroke of a paintbrush, Levi drags his forefinger along the swell of your folds, gliding over the wetness that already seeps through your ruined panties. The sinful noise you spew, followed by the violent shudder of your body, will surely be burned into his brain for the rest of his life.
He taps on your clit with the pad of his finger, such a teasing, barely-there touch, yet it magnifies the sparks dancing in your tummy by tenfold. Levi goes slack-jawed, taken aback by your reaction, gray iris swarming with lust. Your breaths are labored, hands blindly reaching for anything to hold onto, just barely scratching his cheekbone. Tears well on your dark water lines.
Quickly he pulls his hand away from your cunt, trapping your flailing wrist between his lithe fingers.
“It’s okay,” he assures. “Do you want a second?”
A tangible silence envelopes the living room before you nod your head, your fingers straining to touch his. Levi takes the hint, craning his neck so he can plop a gentle kiss against your wrist before he finally entwines your hands.
He waits for your shallow breaths to become even. “I told you, I won’t leave you like this. You trust me?”
Trust him? If you weren’t so turned on by him, you would laugh. He should know that he’s the one person in the world you trust unconditionally.
“I-I do trust you.”
Holding hands with him feels so foreign. Then again, all of this is uncharted territory. You have been held in his arms limp and bloody, and he has cradled the nape of your neck and willed you not to die on him; but that was then, and this isn’t like anything you’ve experienced then.
All you knew were fleeting touches. But wherever Levi touches you, it burns you. It stays.
Behind every mediated kiss is a whisper of his thoughts—the thoughts that he normally never says aloud. When he touches you, and when he kisses you, you feel like he is secretly telling you everything about himself. It takes your breath away entirely.
Levi’s head is spinning. Your hand is so clammy, wrapped around his, and your fingers are weightless. He can feel himself soaking through his pants as pre-cum beads on the tip of his dick. Damn you for being too fucking pretty.
“I’m okay now,” you pant.
Your leg is still hooked over his shoulder, right hands interlaced while his free hand wanders up your side, brushing over your rib cage.
Levi's eye blinks up at your figure, then down towards your hip, and he can’t help but wonder if his deformity is hard to look at. It’s not like you stare, but when his hand is so close, when he is touching you like this and self-aware, he’s almost tempted to pull away.
His lips part as you grip his hand and bring it to your breast, where his thumb grazes over your puffy nipple. You will never know how much that tiny gesture reassures him.
He rewards your kindness, his buttery lips pressing against your inner thigh, oh-so close to the hem of your panties. Carefully, he clasps his teeth around the sensitive skin, eye flicking upward to watch your brows tug together. He feels your hand squeezing his. He hums contently.
He nibbles on the flesh, then repeats again an inch above the last spot, all the way to the crease of your pelvis before he switches to the other side, licking and biting and kissing until your brain melts out of your head and the only thing you can focus on is the sensation of his lips memorizing every groove and mark in your skin.
His hand veers down from your chest, to the elastic band of your panties. Holding your breath, you anticipate he will finally free your aching cunt; but instead, he moves the band up until it rests on the top of your hip. Hot breath tickles you, his tongue swiping along the previously concealed area.
“Levi...” You loosen your grip on his hand, then raise your other fist.
Honestly, you can’t be sure what you think you are going to do—reach between your thighs and rub your cunt just to appease yourself? Clearly you are desperate enough, but Levi is faster than you. Levi isn’t laying in a puddle of his own lust—at least, not the same way that you are. His fingers lock around your wrists, restraining them midair, away from your cunt.
“Wait— “ he stops you, words airing out against your panties.
Your stomach tenses as he licks above and below the fabric, outlining the hem. When he breathes in, he can smell you—tangy but hardly pungent, and perhaps a bit sweet. And his cock is so painfully hard that any time his hips shift against the cushion, he has to repress his moans.
His gaze settles on your clothed cunt. You’re ruined.
He grips your thigh. “Hm. You’ve really made a mess of yourself. Isn’t that precious.”
A shiver runs down your spine as his rich baritone fills your ears.
“Shit. You can’t say that,” you breathe.
He raises his brows. “Why not?”
“Because it turns you on to hear me say it?”
And then, Levi presses his lips to your swollen folds through the fabric. Your arousal rubs off on his lips, thighs clenching around his shoulders. His hands continue to hold your wrists up as your hips jerk beneath his mouth, coaxing moan after moan from the back of your throat. Even as his lips pucker around your twitching clit; even as his tongue licks a line from your entrance to that sensitive bundle of throbbing nerves—it’s not enough. You need more. Shit, he’s driving you fucking insane.
“This is how someone should touch you,” Levi mumbles as he slides your panties off your legs, watching the long string of wetness that breaks as he finally discards the soiled fabric with the rest of your clothes. “They should touch every inch of you. They should touch you until you want to cum before their mouth even lands anywhere near here. And most of all, they should touch you because you allow them to, and not because they think they can.” His hands squeeze your wrists, and you’re drinking in every word he says, digesting them, heart beating fervently against your chest with a bruising force. You are soaked and aching, and it’s all for him. In this moment, every inch of you belongs to him.
How do you tell him you couldn’t stand it if anyone else’s hands grazed your skin? You have a feeling their fingertips wouldn’t burn with the same heat or caress you with the same softness as his. So, why is he so insistent you find this pleasure elsewhere—does he really not want you in the way you want him? Does this really mean nothing? God, your brain is so fucking foggy. You can barely think about that…
“I never want to see you come home in tears like that again because of some shitty guy.” His words are gravelly, and you blink down at him through clouded-over irises.
Sometimes Levi fears you can’t stand to look at him—other people certainly can’t. It’s because they are afraid of the scars that mar the sides of his face, and it’s because of his one cloudy eye; but the look that you give him in this moment—it conveys nothing short of your unwavering devotion, and he swears he will never look away from you ever again, even if he thinks you couldn’t stand him.
He releases your wrist, allowing your fingers to reach for his face. The pad of your thumb traces his bottom lip, tugging down slightly, until you pull back and stroke his cheekbone. Your thumbprint traces his scars, swiping over his eyelid with such gentleness it almost makes him want to cry.
“I won’t,” you promise.
Levi nods, and leans into your touch before he takes your wrist and connects his lips with the heel of your palm.
“Good. I said it earlier, but I’ll say it again. Tell me to stop if you don’t like it. Tell me if you need a moment to breathe. Frankly, I don’t give a shit if you don’t even have a reason. Just say the word, and I promise I’ll stop. Understand?”
Your mouth waters in anticipation. “Yeah.”
Levi hums, satisfied by your response, then he guides your fingers into his raven tufts. His broad shoulders divide your thighs, eyes flitting down to your cunt that visibly twitches beneath his piercing gaze. Wetness lathers your swollen folds, his cock throbs, and he dips his head forward, suckling the hypersensitive flesh between his lips.
It’s another foreign feeling—someone’s tongue between your thighs, nestled against your most intimate parts. You expected to feel embarrassed. To shy away from him; but it’s actually the opposite. The sensual curl of Levi’s tongue has you so turned on that you can’t even fathom feeling insecure over whether or not you are desirable to him.
He wouldn’t kiss your leg if he didn’t find every inch of you desirable. He wouldn’t have brewed you tea or rubbed your feet or showed you how to properly be touched if he didn’t care about you.
He kisses around your folds, then drags his tongue through your slit, lips just barely grazing your puffy clit. Small gasps fly past your lips, and you tug gently on his hair. His tongue is wet and warm, and you arch into him, despite feeling almost overwhelmed by the sensation.
Levi is tempted to turn you fucking stupid. He wants to hear you. He wants to feel you moving.
Your slick hole spasms every time his tongue draws calculated circles around your clit. He knows those are the two places where you want him to touch you the most. He isn’t an idiot. But you aren’t ready to cum yet, even though you could with just a few idle laps of his tongue—not until he’s certain the sound of you moaning his name is forever burned into his memories. Not until he’s drenched and filthy with your aroma.
You cry his name like a broken, mangled prayer—it’s the only word you mumble that he can currently comprehend.
You reach behind you, gripping the pillow your head rests on as you bury your face into the crevice of your arm. He watches from between your thighs at the way your breasts roll with every jolt of your hips, nipples still as taut as ever from the cold, mouth agape in that pretty O-shape. Fuck, he would do anything to kiss those lips. He would do anything to know what your tongue feels like sliding against his.
“P-please...” you whimper, gritting your teeth. “Hah... I-I need...”
“Need?” he drawls, giving you a break from his tongue to tease you with his forefinger.
He starts from your entrance, gathering your juices on the tip of his finger and slathering them around your clit. You attempt to gyrate your hips, hoping that his finger will accidentally knock against the swollen bud—the longer he drags it out, neglecting the single spot where you crave him most, the louder you become.
You can hear the squelching between your thighs. It’s a circle of blinding pleasure and dizzying frustration.
You hiccup, feeling his palm press flat against your pelvis, pinning you down against the cushion.
“Need to cum?” he asks so blatantly—ever so shameless. You can hear the amusement in his voice, and it fucking irks you, but God, is it hot.
You nod your head rapidly. “Mhm!”
Levi hooks your other leg over his shoulder, lips hovering over your clit. “I don’t think you do just yet.”
You groan, the soft noise crescendoing into a broken cry as he suctions his mouth to the swollen bud. Levi growls against your cunt when you yank on his hair, your toes curled and head lolling back and forth as he sloppily kisses your heat.
He grinds his hips into the mattress, his cock pulsating, another moan emitting from the back of his throat and tickling your cunt. The vibrations shoot straight to your clit and fizzle out across your folds.
His fingernails dig crescent shapes into your thighs, and there is a heat building rapidly in your core. At first it was intense, but now it’s dizzying. You can’t think. You can’t speak. It all just feels dangerously good. Euphoria gushes through your veins, wiring you full of energy, until Levi’s rapid strokes slow to more languid, concentrated licks. He’s letting up—giving you a moment to breathe. His eyes blink upwards, and much to your disappointment, he pulls his mouth off your cunt entirely, trapping you on the edge of what you’re certain would have been the best orgasm of your entire life.
Sweat shines on your skin, and you peel your eyes open, watching as his lips trail back down to your inner thighs, placing a firm kiss to each side.
“I was gonna— “
“I know. That’s why I stopped.”
“I-I don’t... understand,” you pant. “Why won’t you let me cum? Please.”
Levi’s hand moves from your thigh up to your breast, where he squeezes the ample flesh in his palm. You lick your lips, the pounding between your thighs still as apparent as before, even more so now. It’s maddening.
“You aren’t ready to cum yet,” he puts it simply.
“Levi, please— “
“Shh… You’ll cum when I let you.”
Levi’s hand brushes over your stomach, and he aligns his index and middle fingers in front of your slick hole. Slowly, he sinks them between your folds, drawing a lax moan from your lips as he works them all the way in until your entrance touches his second knuckles. Your walls flutter around the bumpy rings on his pointer. At first, he slowly pumps them in and out, familiarizing you with the sensation.
“You should never cum around nothing,” he whispers.
You groan, eyes falling such as you revel in the feeling of his fingers curving inside of you, brushing up against a spot that makes your toes crack and curl. You’ve fingered yourself plenty of times, but not once has it ever felt this good. It feels like your brain is leaking out of your cunt with every torturous thrust, but without his tongue on your clit, you can’t cum. You can only stay barred inside this insatiable limbo of frustration and pleasure, pliable beneath his touch.
“You can only cum after you tell me how you should be touched.” He slows his fingers, stilling them inside of you.
He kisses your clit softly, and you shudder, swallowing before parting your lips. As soon as you plan to speak, he’s curling his mouth around the puffy bud, teasing it, holding you at that crucial peak. His fingers move slowly inside of you—just barely.
Again, so close, but so far.
He glances up with raised brows. “Come on, brat. You don’t want to be here all night. Unless you do, of course, because I can easily make that happen.”
You think you would die if you were here all night.
“E-every inch... of me...nngh—“ Your words falter as he picks up the pace of his movement, doing a beckoning motion with his fingertips as he circles your clit with the tip of his tongue, “—sh-should be touched.”
“Good. That’s the first part. What’s the second?” You meet the edge once more, and this time he lets his mouth stall for longer. You think he will make a mistake and you will cum right there, but Levi is not a person prone to making errors. A mangled and defeated cry tears from your throat as he halts. He reaches up and brushes your nipple with his thumb, then presses his forearm down against your pelvis to hold you in place.
“I-I should... I should want... fuck, fuck— “ You squirm. His fingers slide in and out of you, the ridges of his rings grinding against your slick walls, working you over. Your face is hot.
“Almost got it,” he encourages.
“Should wanna cum... before ‘m even touched there.”
“Where?” His breath fans over your clit. “Be more specific.”
“M-my... my clit.” Fuck, the sparks that are dancing in your stomach burn you alive from the inside out.
“Hm. A bit more specific than what I was thinking. You outdid yourself. That’s a good girl.”
You whimper at the praise.
He rewards you with a few kitten licks to your clit, and your hand releases his hair, instinctively reaching for his fingers. The gesture is enough to make Levi soften, and for a moment he thinks he’s being too harsh on you—that he has deprived you far too long at this point; but if you really do meet someone else, he wants you to remember what he told you about being touched. He wants those words carved into your fucking brain. Etched into your skull. Or maybe he just wants his face burned behind your eyelids when anyone else’s fingers sink inside of you.
“Just one more,” he assures.
You swallow, relieved when he gives you his hand. Your palm wraps around his ring and pinky fingers, the contact slowing your racing heart long enough for you to think coherently.
Your clit is throbbing. Your body is burning. You don’t think you have ever needed something so badly in your entire life—you never thought you could be ridden so utterly desperate; and frankly, if Levi truly wanted to keep you here, teetering on the edge for the rest of the night, you would let him. You would let him ruin you like that, no matter how badly you wanted to cum.
“Come on. What’s the final part?” he prompts, his gaze penetrating you. Once more, he curls his fingers inside of you.
Your high pitched gasp is followed by a low moan, and you jostle your hips, attempting to close your thighs.
“I-I have to... oh... fuck. L-Levi— “
“You have to...?”
You’re there. You’re right there. Please, please, please.
“Please, I need— “
He scoffs. “I know what you need. Spit it out. You’re close.”
“Fuck… Fuck! I have to allow them! Have to allow them! God— “ You thrust your cunt up against his mouth, toes curling. “Levi, please!” Your cries are laden with frustration, the tears brimming on your water lines finally sliding down your cheeks. “Wanna cum!”
He grins even as you nearly squeeze the blood out of his fingers. “Ah. That’s my fucking girl.”
Levi’s mouth comes down on your cunt, his tongue wet and forceful, drinking you up. He lets you hold his hand as he brings you to orgasm—he’s certain that this is too damn intimate, but he can’t help himself. He fucking can’t. You have him in a chokehold. If only you fucking knew what you did to him.
Levi thrusts into the cushion as he devours you, making a scene of slurping down every ounce of tangy liquid, moaning fully against your clit. You’ve gone silent and stupid, and Levi is cumming in his pants at the lustful image, squeezing your hand with a ruthless force as his broken grunts reverberate against your folds.
“Cum.” His voice is hoarse. “Right now.” His fingers are fast, pumping into you with an overwhelming vigor.
Not even a single second after his permission, your back is arching almost painfully, body writhing as your orgasm tears through you. You think you’re seeing fucking stars, overwhelmed by a white heat. A strangled sound is yanked right out of your chest, your loud cries softening to satisfied whimpers as he slows his tongue, lapping gently at the oversensitive bud. When he feels your hips jerking away from his mouth, he retracts his fingers, slotting them between his lips.
He blinks up, almost startled by the sight. Your skin glows beneath a sheer layer of sweat, and your head is limp against the pillow, long lashes clumped together with ruined makeup, hair strewn across your forehead. Indents from his teeth and bright saliva markings litter your skin from your neck, to your chest, all the way down to your navel and inner thighs.
He has to remind himself that you aren’t his; but when he looks at you covered head to toe in bites formed by his mouth, by his teeth, he can’t help but think that every inch of you belongs to him.
Your breaths are shallow, and he presses his mouth along your twitching thighs, dragging his lips along scars and stretch marks as he kisses life back into your limbs. He coasts up your navel and neck, until his breath hovers over your mouth, hands caged on either side of your shoulders.
“Hum if you can hear me,” he says.
He wants to kiss you. He wants to kiss you so, so badly. Every nerve in him is tingling. Even just an inch closer, and his mouth would be on yours, and in your post orgasm haze you would probably kiss him back, lazy and wet and with tongue; but he doesn’t.
“Mmm...” you grumble, already well on your way to sleep.
“Do you want a bath?” he asks, brushing back your hair. Your sweat rubs off on his palm but he pays it no mind.
It takes a second, but you peel your eyes open, meeting smokey quartz. While your brain is fuzzy now and isn’t exactly comprehending the gravity of what just happened between you and Levi, it will hit you later like a fucking train.
“You aren’t catatonic, are you?”
You blink. “‘M pretty sure I saw the Survey Corp.”
An airy chuckle falls from his lips. “Doubtful.”
Levi reaches over you and grabs the knitted blanket folded over the armrest, then drapes it across your naked figure. With heavy limbs, you cocoon the blanket around your body, remembering the opened French doors and the nipping cold of the early morning. Levi settles back, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. You still linger on his tongue and his lips and his fingers—sweet and tangy, infused with a flavor that’s so intoxicating even he could become drunk on it. His pants are uncomfortably damp with his cum.
Clutching the blanket around you, you sit up, and card your fingers through your disheveled hair.
“Uh, thank you,” you murmur. The heat returns to your cheeks as you avoid meeting his eyes.
Levi finds it endearing. “Yeah, well… now you know.”
“Right. For… For future reference.”
Yes, you can safely say that Levi’s instructions are fucking carved into your noggin. There’s certainly no amount of sanding down that can eliminate them, either.
“Did you want me to run you a bath?” he asks.
“No, it’s okay. I’m just going to shower and try to sleep for a few hours.”
“If you want to sleep in, I can open myself.”
Levi glances towards you when he feels your hand clamping down on his shoulder. Just moments ago, those same fingers were anchored into his flesh, holding him between your thighs. His cheeks are warm. He’s happy, but his lips are curved down.
“No, I don’t want you to open alone. I can just sleep in on Sunday. It’s no big deal.” Levi wants to insist, but you’re already getting up from the couch, the corners of the blanket tucked beneath your arm so you can pick up the two teacups on the ottoman.
“You really don’t have to— “
“You’ve done more than enough for me tonight,” you interrupt. Your want for Levi seems to be temporarily curbed, each one of your desires having been sated beneath his warm tongue.
Your eyes meet for a fleeting moment that seems to expand into a thousand. He wonders if he should kiss you to prove to you that going down on you actually meant something to him. God knows he wouldn’t be able to say it. He would cave in on himself. But he could show it—he could slip his tongue in your mouth and weave his fingers through your hair. He could pull you into his lap and makeout with you for the rest of the night, here on the couch, with nothing but a tattered blanket between your body and his.
And then his eyes flicker down towards your collarbone, and he sees that scar that lines the skin he just spent an hour kissing. He thought if he could kiss you better that perhaps he wouldn’t feel so terrible about hurting you all those years ago, but that scar always serves as an agonizing reminder to keep himself at bay.
He remembers his place.
“Okay,” he breathes.
You swallow.
You bring the half full teacups to the sink and rinse them out, then gather your construed clothes up from the floor. Levi’s elbows are on his knees, and his fingers are brushing back his hair.
“Good night, Levi.”
“Wait,” he hums.
You glance over your shoulder, soaking in his silhouette from where he sits on the couch. He’s chewing on the inside of his cheek. “You’re okay, right?”
A gentle smile curls up on your lips. “I’m okay.”
“Good.” His response comes out sounding breathy. “See you tomorrow morning.”
“See you tomorrow morning.”
As soon as you close the bathroom door, you sag against the wall, pressing your palm to your forehead. Do you go back out there? Do you fling yourself onto him? Tell him that the real reason you asked him to touch you was because you wanted him and no other reason?
All you know is that you crossed a fucking line that can never be drawn again, and you can only begin to assume what Levi’s thoughts are. You know him well enough to know he will ever say them aloud. He never does. Despite his trauma and years of mostly keeping to himself, he still continues to show no signs of breaking.
Surely, you can tell him how you feel tomorrow.
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re1nerisms · 2 months ago
idk if you do text AUs but can you do “the scouts/warriors reacting to you sending them a cute pic of you” THANK U I LOVE U MWAH
thank you for the request bby!! this is my first time making a text post so I hope you enjoy 🥺💕
cw: suggestive content, explicit language
notes: the Bertholdt one may or may not be ib @jeanbeaux ‘s photographer Bert fic so check that out 👀 and thanks for helping me out with Eren’s as well!! Also the pictures used are not meant to represent the reader’s appearance, I just chose them at random lmao
Tumblr media
Connie , Jean , Armin
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Eren , Porco , Colt
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Reiner , Bertholdt , Zeke
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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httpxmattsun · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
NSFW: pornstars
Includes: Eren, Levi, Armin, Reiner, Jean, Connie and Zeke
cw: Twitter videos, poorly written smut, not proofread
a/n: the day I write a full fic and stop stalling with headcanons is the day my acne clears up n e whore credits to my bestie @garoswife cause I got the twt idea from her mha post!
hq version
Tumblr media
—Eren; hardcore
#watersports, #threesome, #car_sex,
“Please.” You pleaded on your knees, stripped from your clothes and dignity while looking up at Eren. He had a sadistic smirk on his face, one that would make any other actress nervous. You were almost worried that he’d go rampage on you, completely forgetting the script provided for you.
He makes a sound of disapproval, smirk turning into a frown, and for some reason, you felt your heart sink at that.
“I thought I told you not speak,” He asked in a confused tone as he tilted his head to the side. He was right, he did ask you not to speak, yet you got ahead of yourself.
Before you can look down in shame, his warm and calloused hand met your cheek, harshly. So harshly it knocked you off your knees.
“I’m gonna have to teach you some manners,” His eyes grow dark as he unzips his pants. All you could do was clench your thighs in excitement.
—Levi; softcore
#overstimulation, #spanking, #bodyworship
“Feels good,” You whine as you cling onto Levi. He places soft kisses along your forehead as he rubbed gentle and teasing circles on your puffy clit, his other hand teasing your nipple.
“Yeah, you like that baby?” He smiles against your ear. He rarely ever smiled, especially in front of the camera, but watching you relish in his touch always made him feel proud.
“M’gonna cum,” You whine, back arching against his chest as you gripped his wrist, as if trying to get him to slow down.
“Come on baby, cum all over my fucking fingers,” He growls against you as you reach your high and began squirting all over him. You expected to receive scolding, but instead, you got a harsh slap against your clit as he began to roll his fingers on your overstimulated clit, making you let out a silent scream.
“I’m not done with this pretty pussy yet”
—Armin; Softcore
#fingering, #cunnilingus, #romantic
“F-fuck, you feel so good,” Armin sobs into your neck. His grip around your body tightening with every roll of your hips.
You were in a daze, mind completely consumed by pleasure as you ignore the camera focusing on the both of you from your bedside. Before you could answer, you felt his long fingers find your swollen clit, rubbing fast circles as he begins to thrust up, chasing the high he’s been denying himself for hours now.
“M’gonna cum,” You whine, head thrown back as you slam your hips down against his.
“Cum with me,” He growls, face flushed red. You bring your fingers up to tease your nipples as you bask in the pleasure your boyfriend provided you.
—Reiner; both
#pegging, #creampie, #pussyjob
“M’gonna fuck a baby in you,” Reiner blabbers mindlessly. He wasn’t even making sense at this point, thinking with his dick only as he continued thrusting his cum back into your sopping wet hole.
You moaned loudly, nails digging into his shoulders. You nodded dumbly, mind only focused of the pleasure and overstimulation your poor cunt was feeling.
“You’re gonna be so fat and pretty,” Reiner continued to blur out his thoughts in broken sobs, only adding to the intense high you both couldn’t seem to come down from.
“Yes reiner, f-fuck, a baby in me,” You screech while arching your back.
A himbo with his bimbo
—Jean; softcore
#fellatio, #size_kink, #buttplug
“You gonna be a good girl for me?” Jean mutters while looking down at you, bottom lip caught between his teeth as he stroked your cheek, his other hand busy stoking his hard cock.
You nod meekly while nervously looking at the camera behind him. No matter how many times you did this, you still felt a rush of shame and embarrassment knowing that you were exposed for hundreds to see.
“Hey, don’t look over there, look at me,” Jean grips your cheeks and forces you to look up at him. Nerves immediately easing down once you see the soft look on his eyes.
“Open your pretty little mouth, okay?”
—Connie; both
#amature, #facials, #futanari
Your soft giggle was smoothly interrupted by a moan. You bit your lips as you pushed your hips back against Connie, who wore the same smug and playful smile on his face.
“You gotta be quiet,” He giggles as he guides his hard dick into your entrance.
You were both in the corner of the empty library. Phone set under you, getting the perfect view of your cunt and his dick smoothly sliding into you. You wanted to try something knew and Connie suggested public sex.
Which led you here, trying not make as much noise as he carefully pounded into you, trying to make as little as noise as possible.
“Fuck you feel good,” He groans, head thrown back as he gripped the back of your shirt, using it as leverage.
“Mmmhm,” You moan softly, eyes shut tight as you lose yourself to the intense pleasure of not only Connies cock, but the exiting fear of getting caught.
—Zeke; both
#riding, #choking, #edging
“Come on pretty baby,” Zeke groans as he tightens his grip around your throat. “Tell me what you want,”
You would if you could. Your eyes were rolled back into your skull as you lifted your hips up, trying to get him to touch you were you wanted him the most.
You clawed weakly at his arm, trying to get him to loosen his grip on you, yet he wouldn’t budge. You looked so pretty right now, eyes rolled back, tongue darting out of your mouth, your drool making a complete mess out of the both of you.
“T-touch me,” You slurred. He released your throat and pulled you into a rough kiss. You try pushing him back, desperately trying to catch your breath, but he wouldn’t let you. He liked the look of desperation on your face as he deprived you of what he liked to call, a privilege.
Tumblr media
© all content belongs to httpxyeager 2021. do not modify or repost.
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drakenology · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"I just wanna...."
Tumblr media
𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒: smut, unprotected sex, slight cumplay, cussing , a little bit of degradation, daddy kink, mild dirty talk, spitting, sex on the living room floor, cervix kissing, friends with benefits turned lovers, cunnilingus, soft face slapping & drug use (weed)
𝐀/𝐍: haii. shout out to @rekiri for beta-reading this as well as motivating me to finish this since this has been sitting in my drafts for months now. thank you mama 🥺💗. this is my first aot piece so pls be nice :( . I hope you guys enjoy and lemme know if you guys want more aot content! <3
Tumblr media
The living room fogged as weed smoked floated through the air, commingling with the rays of sunlight that kissed the floor in streaks of warm yellow. Soft music played from your bluetooth speaker as Eren pulled you into his lap to kiss him hungrily after way too much small talk, exchanging gentle nibbles and heavy panting against your now swollen lips as his hands go to take off his hoodie.
You called him about an hour ago, craving a certain touch that only he could give. Eren arrived within twenty minutes with weed to smoke and a cock to fuck, just as desperate to knock your screws loose. He wasn’t your boyfriend. Just a good friend with even better dick to keep you company. Still, sometimes you wished he was yours. 
As you straddle his lap, Eren's hands explore your body, grabbing and squeezing at your ass while you grind your hips into his groin. Eren groans into your mouth, firm cock proof of just what you’re doing to him. You pull away, nuzzling your fingers into his long locks and ghosting your lips with his to breathily affirm how much you’ve missed him. Eren leans in to kiss you once more, missing the hot feeling of your lips on his after the brief exchange of sweet nothings.
He moans, suckling on your tongue gently as he guides you down to the floor. Your clothes melt off your body, soft kisses replacing every article of your pajamas as Eren adorned your nipples in his affection. His soft lips harden your buds instantly, his green eyes scanning you as his fingers hook around the hem of your panties. Without a word of warning, he discards the dampened fabric, hissing when he beholds your gorgeous cunt. His fingers part your drenched lips to feel you wet to the touch, smirking to himself with the satisfaction of knowing just how hot he makes you.
“Such a pretty pussy, baby.” Eren moans, his mouth on you before you can respond. His tongue works its magic as he slurps greedily
Your high pitched moans fill the room, almost drowning out the music that once occupied the space as your hands tangle into his hair. As Eren spelled your name with his tongue you see stars, whimpering as he devoured you without a single thought besides pleasing you.
Your climax was coming faster than you could think, your mind fuzzy yet full of thoughts of how fucking wonderful you felt.
“E-Eren..” You whine, arching your back off the fluffy rug that rested on your living room floor.
“Mm.. Yes, baby?” He answers between soft kisses to your folds, making out with your cunt passionately as you struggle to tell him how good his mouth feels. Your moans become more desperate as his mouth laps up your slick, letting out frantic cries as you grab and squeeze your breasts.
“I-I’m gonna cum!” You purr, gasping as his fingers replace his tongue. They sink deep inside you, making a ‘come here’ motion as his green eyes turn dark with need. He was determined to make you scream his name; to make you remember who makes you cum without even trying. Your slick practically comes gushing out of you as you cream on his fingers, hissing and ooo-ing as his fingers ride out your high. 
“Good fuckin’ girl..” He groans, eyes locked onto your every writhing movement of your body. His lips meet yours, panting into your mouth as he frantically casts his pants aside, pulling out his cock with a hiss.
“Bend over for me, baby.” Eren says sweetly, almost wanting to lean in and kiss you again but, fuck, he needs to get inside your cunt before he bursts. Literally.
You flip over, arching your back so your chest is flush to the ground as Eren teases your weeping cunt with the fat head of his cock to coat himself in your slick. You cry out, trying to back your hips up to sink him inside you only for Eren to hold your hips steady.
“Stay still. I got you.” He groans as the sight of your needy tendencies only making him want to fuck you more. He taps his cock against your soft lips one more time before pushing himself inside with a groan as he bottomed out. Your hands cling to the rug beneath you as he fucked the living daylights out of you, gasping and whining as the fat tip brushed deliciously against your gooey spots. Your eyes roll back at the sensation of his veiny cock massaging you from the inside, Eren’s hands smacking your ass as it jiggles in waves against his lap.
“This pussy’s mine, yeah?” He huffs, repeating the same question when you moan in response instead of verbally answering. 
“’S yours, daddy, ‘s all yours- nngh!” You answer shakily, your moans scrambling your words when he pushes deeper. Eren’s hands reach up, one grabbing your hair and the other wrapping around your neck; pulling you up to his chest look up at him. Eren parts your lips with his fingers pressed into your cheeks, spitting down onto your tongue and tapping your jaw to make you swallow it. He groans when you do, only rutting into you faster as obscene squelching and wet slapping fills the space between you two. 
“Nasty little slut.” He spat, moaning when your cunt starts squeezing him tighter, your mewls more high pitched and hoarse as his grip on your throat stays stern. You throw your ass back into him in time with his thrusts, Eren smirking and smacking the doughy flesh greedily. 
“Tha’s it, just like that.” He hissed, his cock growing sensitive as you both get closer to cumming together. Eren’s hands let go of your hair, his leg now propped up and standing firmly on the rug as he dragged you up and down on his dick by your arm. You scream his name, whatever music that was playing earlier now completely drowned out by your desperate pleas.
“Hnnn, E-Eren, don’t stop! Don’t fuckin’ stop.” You babble, your pussy starting to cream all over his cock as you feel yourself boil over. Your mouth hangs open in silent screams as he continues to fuck you hard through your climax, Eren soon following with a loud grunt. He spills inside you, his hot seed filling you as you both hum in satisfaction. Eren pulls out slowly and sits on his haunches, watching as his cum oozes out of your slutty cunt while he bites his lip. Fuck he almost wants to go again, the sight making his cock jump in excitement. His fingers catch it as it drips down your thigh, stuffing them into your cunt to work it back inside. You slowly lay flat on the floor on your stomach, Eren sitting next to you to roll up another joint for you to share. 
“I meant what I said.” He says cryptically. You crane your neck up to look at him, confused by what he meant.
“About what?” You question. Eren flicks his lighter, sparking up once the joint is tightly rolled. He takes a slow drag, blowing the weed smoke up into the air as the suns rays catch the clouds of the vapors. 
“That pussy’s mine.” 
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leviverse · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hide and seek.
featuring eren jaeger and armin arlert.
content: smut (minors dni), threesome, female reader, oral (m and f receiving), unprotected sex, praises, size kink, use of pet name, bulge kink, choking, slapping.
word count: 2,7k
summary: sharing an apartment with two hot men isn’t always easy, especially when it seems like they’re doing everything to drive you crazy — from wandering around shirtless flexing their muscles to gifting you with ambiguous smirks and flirtatious winks, three can play the game.
Tumblr media
It started with an online post — Two students looking for a third roommate. Boy or girl, they couldn’t care less, only asking for someone nice and clean, preferably an other student, to spend some nice time together. It was, without a doubt, a well written post : No grammatical error, a touch of humor and pretty pictures of the apartment. And as much as you wanted to share your house with other girls your age, the low price and kindness of the two boys were enough to convince you.
Of course you were nervous to meet them the first time, as the date of your visit was set. What if they were two creeps trying to abuse an innocent girl ? After all, there are so many similar cases of murdered female students all around the country. But the sight you were met with as soon as the door cracked open made all of your worries vanished, turned into ashes.
A blonde man, ocean eyes and sandy hair, rosy cheeks and pretty smile adorning his lips — As beautiful as a god, brighter than the sun, celestial stars furiously crying of jealousy. He signed you to come inside, eyes locked on your surprised face as you step forward to take a look at the clean and spacious place. An immaculate place where two men live together was definitely something you weren’t expecting.
The other guy came soon after, stuttering a bunch of apologies as clear drops of water were still sliding down his chiseled face, ebony hair tied in a messy bun and emerald eyes meeting yours. In conclusion, not only the apartment was more than you could ever imagine, but the two students living in there were actually the hottest guys you’ve ever seen. Thinking about it, wasn’t it too good to be true ?
Of course things didn’t start as soon as you moved in. Just nice and relaxing evenings watching tv shows and playing video games, doing study sessions altogether and getting to know each others. They were so nice —to nice—, cooking you dinner and helping you with whatever you needed. It somehow felt like a platonic relationship, and you felt blessed to be surrounded by such caring and nice men.
Little by little, things began to get confusing, but not in a way you could depict as uncomfortable. They would show up shirtless from time to time, coming back from the gym or after a shower. Their hands would make their way to your hips, just a few seconds, when you’re cooking or picking your daily clothes. The not so innocent winks they’d give you when they caught you starring at their toned muscles would make your heart flutter, embarrassed yet unbothered.
Why would they be the only ones playing, right ? Why would they be the only ones exposing skin and talking dirty in front of you, as you refrain from doing anything, letting them having all the fun ? When you woke up this morning, showering just like any other day, you were miles away from imagining what was going to happen next. At the time you sneaked out of your bedroom, shuffling your way to the kitchen, it was around ten in the morning. Wearing nothing but an oversized shirt and your lace panties, the sight of Armin standing in the corridor, starring at your exposed body startled you, almost making you drop the glass of juice you had in your right hand.
‘Jesus, Armin,’ you mutter, a hand against your chest where your heart lays inside, ‘Weren’t you supposed to be at the gym with Eren this morning ?’ You weren’t wrong. Of course you were planning to greet them just like this, but the fact that he was a step ahead of you had heat rising to your cheeks.
‘And missing this ?’ He boldly answers, shoulders shrugging. You couldn’t even understand how he didn’t feel embarrassed, eyes glued to your bare thighs, almost never blinking as he was trying to get this sight of you engraved in his mind.
And what could you answer to this, after all ? You swallow thick, trying your best to keep going with whatever you were doing before this sudden encounter, but your first mistake was to turn around, back facing him as you put your glass on the counter. The only thing you could remember is the warm feeling of his hands on your waist, hips flush against your ass and breath fanning over the skin of your nape, body freezing at the contact. What was even more scary, is how you didn’t even hear him getting closer, getting rid of the distance between the two of you.
‘Is this a gift for me ?’ Armin whispers into your ears, innocence in his honey voice. ‘Hiding such a beautiful thing from me is a crime,’ his lips found your earlobe, leaving a few kisses here and there, just to taste the waters. But when he noticed how you were standing still, not trying to get away from his grip and almost melting under his touch, his hands slid under your shirt, tips of his fingers brushing over the skin of your stomach, up to the underside of your breast.
Body shivering and back slowly arching against his bare torso, a soft whine fell off your parted lips, encouraging him to go further until his calloused fingers could pinch your nipples, carefully toying with your sensitive buds. You could only bite your tongue, hips bucking against the kitchen counter, back of your head resting against your shoulder and missing the snarky smirk stretching the corner of his pretty lips.
‘You should have told me sooner you wanted me kitty, you know I can’t say no to you,’ and you nod pathetically, only realizing now how badly you needed it. Slow and collected, he started to grind against your ass, only adding to the pool of arousal forming in your panties and showing you how hard he was already — Just for you.
‘Please, I need you,’ Nails digging into the marbled surface, you hopelessly try to muffle your little cries, a feeling of shame taking over your mind at how easy it was for him to have you like this. The blonde man hums, still squeezing your breast with a hand as the other was making its way down your body, disappearing in your panties and collecting your fluid with two of his fingers.
‘Eren, you have to see this,’ your eyes shot wide open at his words, soon finding themselves attracted to the figure of your other roommate, hidden in the shadow. For how long was he watching ? And was Armin aware of this all along ? Preventing you from thinking too much about the issue, his fingers started to slowly circling your clit, making your eyebrows frown and your legs shaking.
‘Oh, yeah ?’ The brown haired man brushed it off, taking a few steps forward so he could stand right beside you, diving his own hand inside your panties and meeting Armin’s at the same time. The difference between the blonde’s warm skin and Eren’s cold finger had you shivering, teeth nipping at your lower lip as he was spreading your slicked folds with his fingers.
‘You thought he could get all the fun without me ? Such a cute girl,’ the kiss Eren planted on your cheek was tender, almost too sweet compared to the roughness of his fingers teasing your entrance. The high pitched moan you let out despite all your efforts to keep it inside felt like music to their ears, your hips helplessly grinding against their hands.
You couldn’t even remember how you ended up naked, few clothes of yours discarded on the floor and long forgotten as you lay on your back on the kitchen island, legs spread and head slightly hanging. It felt like a fever, clouding your mind and having your entire body numb, eyes locked on the white ceiling. You felt a pair of hands under your knees, lifting your legs so they could rest against the muscular shoulder of a blonde head, face buried in between your thighs. You felt the urge to moan, mouth opening slowly to let out the most obscene sounds, soon shut down by the tip of Eren’s cock pressing against your tongue.
Heavy and thick, vein running down his shaft and head leaking precum, fear blurred your vision as you realize you won’t even be close to have it whole in your mouth. So you raise your eyes to meet his, a few tears threatening to spill, but you comply anyway, getting your teeth out of the way and swirling your tongue all around his tip.
‘Obedient little thing, that’s what I like,’ Eren mutters, comforting smile taking over his lips as his hand carefully stroke your hair. Distracted by Armin’s ministrations on your pussy, you seemingly forget to keep going, moaning his name at the feeling of his mouth gently sucking on your clit, tongue sometimes lapping it.
Harshly brought back to reality at the feeling of the jade eyed man’s hand slapping your cheek, you let out a whimper, the burning sensation it left on your skin stinging. He didn’t have to say a word, your head carefully placing itself correctly, gagging and sobbing the more he was pushing his hips against your face. A few tears fell down your cheeks and you close your eyes shut, shaky hand massaging the base of his cock and anything you couldn’t take in your throat. But the praises and the soft touch of his fingers on your hair, brushing your scalp and soothing you were worth it all, without a doubt.
You couldn’t help but choke when Armin’s fingers curled against this sensitive spot inside you, mouth devouring and savoring you like you were the tastiest meal he’s had in years. Pathetic whimpers and moans filled the room, muffled by Eren’s cock as he was now relentlessly fucking your mouth, not even caring about the lack of air you were going through. The sweet boy was long gone, now chasing for his own release, cursing under his breath and pulling on your hair, using you just the way he wanted.
You could feel your body heating up, legs shaking and back arching sporadically, hints of your soon-to-follow orgasm… Just to be met with an uncomfortable feeling of emptiness. ‘Nah-‘ was the only miserable syllable able to break free from your throat, mixture of frustration and incomprehension as you try your best to have a look of what was going on. But before you could add anything else, gasping for air and half lided eyes, the rough slap of hips slamming against yours had you screaming, fingers grabbing the corners of the counter for leverage. And you could hear Armin groan, trying to fit his whole length into you, moving your legs to find the right angle.
‘Holy shit, all this prep was still not enough for you ?’ He curses, thumb circling your clit, eyes wide open at the sensation of your velvet walls hugging his cock painfully hard. A muffled choke left your bruised lips, throat now dry and empty, burning and aching. You don’t even know why Eren decided to pull away — maybe because he was scared you’d bite him without being aware of it, or for whatever reason —, but being able to breathe all over again was a blessing.
‘Wait… Wait a minute,’ you weakly sob, slowly but surely accustoming to his size, slight pain soon replaced by the burning sensation of sinful pleasure. You couldn’t express how thankful you were to the fact he waited for you to start moving to have his way with you, hips slamming against yours repeatedly, cock dragging against your walls and hitting spots you didn’t even know existed. His grip on your hips was rough, harsh and bruising, but you wouldn’t complain, too far away to even realize.
You could hear them talk, yet you weren’t in the right headspace to understand the topic of their conversation. You could only catch a glimpse of words, your name, and praises that made your walls flutter. Armin’s thrusts had your breast bouncing and back arching, Eren’s hand holding yours while jerking himself off with the other, right above your face contorted in pleasure. He was unpredictable — The way he’d be so gentle and caring for a minute, then switching to a beast not listening to anyone had you on your knees.
‘Good girl, such a good kitty,’ the brown haired man purrs, intently watching your very own teardrops staining your cheeks, body shaking and eyes squeezed shut. The praises he was showering you with mixed with the intense amount of pleasure rushing through your veins had the coil in your stomach snap, his cock kissing your cervix in a blissful pain, pushing you over the edge. You were a moaning mess, wrecked by the orgasm washing over your body, fingers firmly tightening their grip around Eren’s. An other deep thrust was all it take for Armin to follow, thick and hot spurts of cum painting your walls white and warming up your inside as he curses one more time, falling on his elbows against the counter.
But being totally fucked out wasn’t an excuse to not be a good girl anymore, and you knew it, probably more than anyone. Lazily, you open your mouth once again, tongue sticking out and eyes glossy, allowing the other man to finish himself into your pretty mouth.
‘That’s a fucking good girl,’ Eren praises, stroking himself a couple of times more before emptying himself on your tongue and lower part of your face. You barely had time to close your eyes, brain malfunctioning and every move of your body slowed down, but you gladly accepted what was given to you, swallowing his fluid and collecting the lost drops on your chin with the tip of your tongue.
Leaning forward, his lips met yours, sloppy kiss and wet tongues dancing with each other, Armin's soft mouth tickling your thigh and slowly making its way to your ankle. In this exact moment, you realized they've already won the game, without letting you any opportunity to play.
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papijean · 3 months ago
habits they picked up with you
Levi: He doesn't realize every time he goes to make himself tea he'll always make you one as well. Not in an 'I have to make one' but an 'I've gotten into a routine of always thinking about you' kind of away. It doesn't matter if you're asleep or not home, he always makes one even if it's an accident. Sometimes you’ll wake up to a cold cup of tea on the table. 
Eren: He doesn't even know he's doing it, but Eren will always find himself standing between you and someone new. If a stranger approaches or someone he doesn't recognize he always puts himself just a little bit ahead of you in case they end up being a threat. This isn't his way of being possessive, he's only thought is protection. 
Jean: He holds your hand no matter where you are. It's his silent way of saying 'please don't leave me, not even for a moment'. Jean's not trying to do this to be possessive of you, he's doing it because he's petrified you'll drift away from him and never come back. No matter how many times you promise him, no matter how many kisses you leave on his lips, he always needs that extra anchor.
Armin: He kisses you in his sleep. It cuter because he doesn't even know he's doing it. As soon as you or him roll around he'll adjust and leave a kiss on whatever is nearest to him. Arms, shoulders, cheeks, doesn't matter he subconsciously needs to leave a kiss on you. It makes you wonder how many times he does it without you waking up.
Reiner: He picks up on when you're upset incredibly easy. It takes him a single glance to see you're sad or feeling down. If you're not eager to talk to him, he brings you a snack and silently leaves a kiss on your forehead. It's the best habit he's picked up on since being with you - being in tune with your emotions just as much as his.
Porco: Always gets lost in his head when he looks at you for a little too long. He doesn't mean to ignore what you're saying to him, or whoever is talking, he just gets in a mood of thinking about his future with you and how much he loves you. It's obvious when he gets these thoughts because there's a hidden smile on his lips and adoration in his eyes.
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httpxmattsun · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Includes: Eren, Levi, Reiner, Jean and Connie
succinct: aot boys as your househusbands♡︎
tw // cw: implied sexual themes, slight ooc
Tumblr media
does nothing but sit on his ass all day and order takeout for when you get back home from work
always leaves a mess even if all he does is lay in bed all day
picks a sock up and calls it a day
pays other people to clean the house
is needy 24/7
always calls while you’re busy and asking when you’ll be back home
whines like a child whenever you tell him you’re working
asks you to skip every time you wake up
and sometimes you do
will give you head everyday after work
instead of coming home to a nice, warm meal
you’re greeted by him on his knees, desperately trying to burying his face in your crotch as soon as you walk through the door.
asks for money all the time
swears he’ll buy groceries but then when you get home you’re met with 10 different video games
wants to stay in whenever you have a day off
swears he doesn’t speak to the neighbors but he still goes to their house everyday at the same time to listen to them complain, drink wine and eat cheese
although he’s lazy
He always makes sure to wake up before you and give you your morning coffee
very subtly tells you to not overwork yourself while messaging your scalp and rubbing your back lovingly
saves up money to surprise you with gifts
Takes the role of househusband very serious
will wake up at the crack of dawn and prepare the both of you breakfast and lunch for work
kisses your cheek when sending you off
always massages your back/feet whenever you come back from work
scolds you for overworking yourself as if you were a child
goes to your work place to drop something off but then distracts himself by cleaning your messy office
he’s friends with all the housewives he meets when grocery shopping
gossips with each and every one of them about their husbands
and he has that signature disgust look on his face when they tell him all the shit their good for nothing husbands have done
tells you everything afterwards
uses the money you give him for cleaning products and decorations to make the house look pretty
also, just because he’s a househusband doesn’t mean he doesn’t work
he has his own little online tea shop that his housewife friends promote for him
uses the money he makes to spoil you
loves being spoiled but he’ll never admit it
he’ll act nonchalant whenever you gift him something but on the inside he’s having a frenzy
loves being your househusband
He tries, he really does :(
wants to be a hubby you’re proud of
but this big himbo wouldn’t even know how to turn the oven on without causing a fire
instead of having dinner prepared for you when you get back
he’s butt naked with just an apron on
horse cock just dangling between his legs
mans is so thick that it can’t even stand up fully cause of the weight
_| \_
and of course you must attend to your pretty househusbands needs
especially for all his hard work
brings you coffee everyday at work
he has a whole garden to himself
he absolutely loves gardening and will always give you different types of flowers everyday
he even plant’s vegetables
but he’ll end up giving them to your neighbors because he can’t cook :(
clings to you like a puppy whenever you leave for work
never asks for money
but you spoil him anyway
and the smile and blush he gives you is all worth it
loves when you show him off to your rich friends
If someone asks him what he does for a living he’ll proudly tell them that he’s a househusband to the most beautiful person he knows
He’s a spoiled mf
your fault btw
wants to be a bougie househusband so bad
IS a bougie househusband
spending your money on unnecessary shit is his hobby
demands that you show him off at events
he’s proud when you show him off to other rich ppl
he’s like
“yeah, I’m their baby”
doesnt cook or clean
he’s just like Eren
not bc he’s lazy
but bc he thinks he’s too good for that
he is
though he secretly loves cleaning and decorating
Goes shopping on your behave bc you’re always busy
gets the most expensive things istfg
buys you a shit ton of lingerie that’s two times smaller than your size
will buy fancy food and set it up prettily on the dinner table for you
is a whore for scented candles
is a pillow princess
sorry I don’t make the rules
Is needier than all of them combined
will deadass show up to your work place wanting to spend time with you
but then he’s like
cause he wan’t expecting you to actually be working
will bake instead of cook
he saw a YouTube video on how to make chocolate cake
and after that you lost him
makes you buy him all the materials he needs to make it and will deadass make cake everyday
makes you give your neighbors his cookies
he always invites the other housewives
they bake chocolate cookies while watching cooking shows
will use way to much bleach when cleaning
his nose is burning but he just thinks that it’s part of the process
he isn’t the best at cleaning but he always nags at you for making a mess
drys the clothes outside even though you have a perfectly good drying machine
jumps on you the moment you walk through the doors
he makes you lay on the bed while he buries his face in your tummy, demands you message his scalp.
he has a calandra with important dates behind the door
always texts you throughout the day to remind you to take a break
begs you to move into a cottage house
he absolutely loves the domestic life
Tumblr media
© all content belongs to httpxyeager 2021. do not modify or repost.
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sxkunas · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
i kissed the teacher
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“your daughter is wonderful in class, now i can see where she gets it from.”
💿 𝚗𝚘𝚠 𝚙𝚕𝚊𝚢𝚒𝚗𝚐: 𝚠𝚑𝚎𝚗 𝚒 𝚔𝚒𝚜𝚜𝚎𝚍 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚝𝚎𝚊𝚌𝚑𝚎𝚛 𝚋𝚢 𝚊𝚋𝚋𝚊
❥ what appears to be an innocent crush on your daughter’s new teacher seems to blossom into something a little less kid-friendly.
❥ warnings: 18+ dark content, dom!levi, sub!reader, age gap [early twenties-mid thirties,] rough sex, unprotected sex, mommy kink, dacryphilia, dubcon, degradation, dumbification, breeding, titty fucking, fingering, creampie, light bondage, name-calling, male masturbation, squirting, choking, spitting, slapping, spanking, nsfw, MDNI
❥ featuring: kindergarten teacher!levi x single mom!reader
❥ word count: 6.4k
❥ a/n: i think i am out of breath after writing this . this might be the smuttiest little thing i’ve done. thank you to bb @erenslittlestepsister for beta reading this for me!
Tumblr media
What a crazy day
When I kissed the teacher
All my sense had flown away
When I kissed the teacher
Running down the corridors of your daughter’s elementary school with her tiny hand in yours, you dragged her small figure from hallway to hallway, desperately trying to search for her classroom.
“Honey, are you sure you don’t remember which one it is?”
“Yeah mommy! It's the door that has a window on it! Mr. Levi makes silly faces at us th-through it when the hall mom-moni-monitator takes us to lunch!” Your daughter beamed up at you, gushing over her new teacher for the umpteenth time today.
She came stumbling off the bus and into your arms earlier this afternoon, flailing the craft she had made in his class in your face, clearly proud of the construction paper heart with all of her favorite things drawn on the inside.
“Mommy! I can't wait for you to meet Mr. Levi! He’s the bestest!” She oozed as you pinched her cheeks, swinging her up into your arms and taking her inside the house.
Your daughter was sitting at the kitchen island, swinging her legs off the seat while she ate her leftover macaroni and cheese from lunch. You sat across from her with your head buried in your computer, frantically trying to get this email blast out to your clients before your boss’ deadline.
“M-mommy?” Your little girl mumbled with a mouthful of cheesy pasta.
“M’hm?” You responded absentmindedly, eyes not leaving your screen.
“Mr. Levi says I'm the best drawer in class!”
“Oh yeah love?”
“Yup! He draws big A’s on my crafts…”
You chuckled softly to yourself, your daughter did have quite the imagination, you weren’t surprised by her story, though told in the sweetest broken speech and mispronunciations.
“Is that right baby? You know mommy has a parent-teacher conference tonight right? I'm gonna meet Mr. Levi…” You gave her a teasing side-eye, insinuating that she better not be lying to you, and that she was actually, in fact, a wonderful student.
Your mini you squeals enthusiastically, squirming in her seat, fragments of mac and cheese sticking to her plump cheeks. Her little hands come together as she claps quickly, “I know mommy! Mr. Levi is very nice!”
“Yeah? I hope so. We’re leaving soon okay?”
3A, 3C, 3E…
You mentally read through the number-letter combinations on the doors, eyes scanning the rows of mahogany for the number of the room you finally got from one of the janitors. 3H… 3H… 3H… here we go. You turned to look at your daughter playing with her feet as she stared intently at the floor.
“Okay baby, be good now okay? We’re already freaking late…” You mentally cursed yourself for not accounting for the traffic that there would be while you tried to find parking at the school. You made a feeble attempt at trying to fix yourself before walking in, you were already a young mother, so being taken seriously was not something that came easily for you. But you quickly brushing through your hair with your fingers and tucking in your shirt was helpless. You looked a disheveled mess from doing your makeup haphazardly in traffic and then running through the entire school with a six year old, now a sweaty mess. Fuck this, you rolled your eyes, if he can’t take you seriously then he’ll just be another elderly man that laughed in your face when you told them your age. Your clammy hand twisted the brassy doorknob to classroom 3H, stumbling in with your daughter trailing behind you, clearly showing signs of annoyance as all of the parents and their kids already sat down passed judgmental stares in your direction. Your eyes searched the cramped classroom for the new teacher to give him an exasperated but apologetic smile.
“Hi! I-I’m so sorry we’re late! There was loads of tra… traffic…”
Holy shit… that was Mr. Levi?
Your eyes froze on his figure, widening when you realized that this was no “grumpy, old man,” like your daughter jokingly described. You hadn’t realized your mouth was agape, close to drooling, as you were brought back to reality by your daughter tugging on your hand.
“Excuse me? Miss. Y/L/N?”
You blinked your eyes quickly, trying to regain your composure after the less-than-professional entrance you made.
“I said it’s okay… it seems we don’t have any seats left… let me just grab two from the hallway…” Mr. Levi trailed off, jogging past you quickly while giving your daughter a small pat on the head, before he came back in the classroom with two folding chairs. He placed them right in front of his desk, not wanting to disturb the orderly rows of parents already filed neatly into the heart of the room. He waved his hand to the seats, gesturing for you two to sit down. You placed a hand on your daughters shoulder while you quietly usher yourselves into the plastic chairs, whispering silent “sorry’s” and “excuse me’s” to the parents who weren’t exactly pleased with you interrupting the conference.
“As I was saying…” Mr. Levi looked down at you with dark eyes, stern but soft as he held a sweet spot for your daughter, one of his favorites in class.
“My name is Levi Ackerman… your kids call me Mr. Levi, the staff calls me Mr. Ackerman, but you can just call me Levi…” He rubbed his hands together and licked his lips before continuing, grabbing a piece of chalk and writing his name down on the board.
“A-C-K-E-R-M-A-N… Ackerman,” he spelt out loud, underlining his last name with a squiggly line.
“I'm new to the school district… many of you won’t recognize me… so allow this to be my proper introduction…”
Your eyes followed his body like a hawk, my god he was fucking hot, you thought. He paced back and forth in front of you, lingering in his place when his back faced you. You took your bottom lip in between your teeth when you saw the way his slacks cupped around his ass perfectly, or the way his hair was parted, strands of raven hair framing his chiseled features hypnotically. Levi cleared his throat and squinted his eyes at you so only you could notice, as if he was casually putting you in your place, watching as your eyes quickly darted from the outline of his dick in his navy pants to his eyes, stern and disciplinary. Your face was brushed over with embarrassment, Levi smirked slightly as he turned around, facing to speak to the other side of the classroom now.
“I'm 36 years old… I just moved to the area a few months ago… settled in a nice apartment with my cat… any cat lovers out there?” He jokingly asked the parents, who were hanging onto his every word. Thank god, clearly you weren’t the only one completely entranced by this man’s aura.
“What's my cat's name you guys?” He asked his students, your daughter jumped up in her seat and raised her hand eagerly, begging him to pick on her.
“Yes, Y/D/N?”
“It’s Haaaange!” Your daughter drawled, trying her best to put the syllables together. You laughed quietly and rubbed the small of her back.
“Good job honey,” you whispered.
“Yes, a good job indeed,” Levi resounded, smiling at you softly caressing your daughter, trying to calm down her excited nature. Levi thought you were a beautiful little thing, a little disgruntled but, he craved a little chaos in his life, he loved to put disorganized things into their places. His smile deepened even more when he spotted the lonely ring finger on your left hand… not married? He wondered, perfect.
“I studied childhood education and psychology at the University of Marley, and finished my degree about 8 years ago… I believe the best way to learn is through repetition and positive discipline… Levi took note of the way you crossed your legs and squeezed your thighs together at the mention of his teaching techniques. Are we intrigued, little one? His mind raced at the thought of you responding so well to the slap of a ruler or a demerit star on your chart… submissive, are we?
“Now please don’t misconstrue my intentions… I only want the best for my students… I want them to grow and learn from their mistakes, not be ashamed of them! And I've seen massive improvement since their first day in September… I'm very proud of them.”
The kids' voices sang throughout the classroom, responding to the words of praise from their teacher.
“So tonight, I'll be meeting with each of you in the order that your kids are listed on my attendance sheet… the kids will be taken to the gym by a hall monitor to have some free play time while we discuss their progress in class! Does that sound good?”
Your daughter had been off playing with her friends in the gym for nearly an hour now, you were growing frustrated with her spot at the bottom of Levi's attendance sheet, guess they didn’t go in alphabetical order. You were the last parent of the night, anxiously bouncing your knee and clutching your purse to your chest as you fumbled around in the metal chair. “My god, this shit is taking long,” you mumbled under your breath, thinking the hallway was empty.
“Impatient, huh?” Levi's laugh came from behind you as you turned around in horror, “I'm sorry about the wait Miss. Y/L/N… come in, come in!”
“O-oh my god I’m so… shit, it’s a late night, you know? It’s nothing against you… how unprofessional of me…” You trailed off, not wanting to make eye contact with your daughter’s intimidatingly beautiful teacher. A wild thing is what you are, Levi groaned at his menacing thoughts, you need to be tamed.
Levi watched as you sauntered into the room, his fantasies consuming his brain, much too hard for him to concentrate on the spiel he was supposed to give you on your daughter… are you aware of how much you’re teasing me? You conniving little thing… did you purposefully choose the shirt with the buttons that could barely stay closed atop your breasts? You little whore you.
“So Y/D/N… she's an incredible kid… she picks up the material gracefully…”
Must you smile like that? All sweet and innocent, the minute you hear your daughter’s name? You’re a good little mommy aren’t you? Would you like another baby girl? Would you like it to be mine?
“…I mean… she’s great in class, all of the kids love her… she gets along with everyone, respects the rules and acknowledges her mistakes… which mind you, are never big ones…”
Fluttering your eyes to the sound of my voice are we? Do you put on a docile gaze for me? You want me to discipline you… I know you do… shall I discipline you with my cock or my ruler? Your choice.
“…She’s quite the little Picasso! Loves arts and crafts time… the sweetest little girl, really! I have no constructive criticism to offer you…”
Your heart warmed as he spoke so highly of your daughter, no wonder she adored him so much.
“Overall… your daughter is wonderful in class, now I can see where she gets it from…”
Waves of heat rushed your cheeks, as you hid behind your bangs and fumbled with your hands in your lap, sitting pretty under the intense glare of the man that sang nursery rhymes with your child on weekdays from 8 am to 2 pm.
My poor little baby, have I made you bashful? Don’t cower in front of me… I’d have to take you right here and fuck that bratty pout off your face if you continue to do so…
“…Does she pick up any personality traits from your husband?” Levi asked you strategically. He knew you weren’t married, but did you have a lover? What's one more roadblock he needed to get rid of before he could finally sink his throbbing length into your tight little cunt?
“Oh! I-I, um…” you nervously ran your fingers through your hair, adjusting yourself in your seat, “I don’t have a um… I'm not… I’m not married… Y/D/N’s dad isn’t around… I raised her on my own! Glad I'm doing something right...” You laughed, and god, was your laugh music to Levi's ears, singing down from the heavens itself. Now to discover what your moans sounded like, were they something of the devil’s creation?
Levi held his gaze on you in silence, watching the uncomfortable white noise of the air conditioning affect your nerves, as you squirmed on your chair in front of him.
“Something wrong, Miss. Y/L/N?” He toyed with you, his voice laced with innocence as he asked about your obvious flustered front.
“Y-yes… I'm fine! I always get a little embarrassed when I talk about my ex… i-it’s messy and… nothing to concern you with…”
He watched your body language intently as he prodded at your submissive exterior, breaking you down little by little until you were finally within his reach.
“What's there to be embarrassed about?”
His eyes remained stern, his voice blunt, and his position in his chair unwavering as his ankle laid over his knee.
“I-I just… I'm a young mom, you know? I’m only 21 and… people already look down on you because of that… then when I tell them that Y/D/N’s father isn’t around either… they just assume that I’m a terrible guardian to my daughter…” Levi's cock hardened beneath his pants when he heard you utter your age out of your pouty lips.
You must be inexperienced darling, do you need me to teach you a few things? I pray that you'll be able to keep up, for your poor pussy’s sake…
“Well… those that tread on you for doing what’s best for you and your daughter… are often the ones that have no idea what they’re doing themselves… trust me, Miss. Y/L/N… you’re a great mother…”
You drew your lip into your mouth as your stomach floated at his words, the way he called you a mother made your head all hazy and your cunt all tingly. You wanted Levi so badly, your body ached for his instruction.
“T-thank you… Mr. Ackerman… though I feel like you could teach me a few things about my daughter, she always comes home so happy from a day in your class!”
So you want to learn, you devilish little thing. Would you like me to teach you here? Or on my desk… or maybe in the teacher’s break room with the door unlocked… your pretty eyes glazed over with fear of who would catch you on your knees taking my cock as I fuck another baby into you?
“Please… call me Levi…”
“Levi…” his name came out of your mouth in a seductive whisper, Levi's arousal growing uncontrollable as he imagined your pretty lips chanting his name with every thrust into you.
“…Would you… like to learn a few things? Miss. Y/L/N?”
To an onlooker, you two were talking about your daughter. Levi Ackerman, kindergarten teacher, was simply going to give you a few pieces of knowledge about your little girl to you,Y/N Y/L/N, a public relations assistant. There was no harm in that, correct?
But between you and Levi, you both knew he wasn’t talking about your daughter. The growing arousal beneath your constraining clothes, the smell of sex in the air something so potent only to you two… you looked at him with just as much as desire as he did to you. Teach me something… please, your thoughts prodded at your brain, gone dumb under the intensity of his dominating stare.
“Y-yes, I would like to… to learn a few things… Levi…”
Levi rose from his chair devastatingly slow, placing his clipboard on the desk beside him. Your body tensed, not moving a muscle as he circled around you, walking to the door and locking it, pulling the blinds to the tiny window down so he could ensure your privacy. You felt his presence towering behind you as you sat forward in your chair, not daring enough to look at him. His cold hands pulled your hair out from underneath your cardigan, pushing it to one shoulder and exposing the sensitive skin of your neck to him.
“Stand up,” he whispered into your ear, tapping the small of your back twice, ushering you out of the comfort of your seat.
He leaned against the back wall of the classroom, watching you stare at him like a deer in headlights as you stood before him, unsure of what to do with yourself as you swung your arms at your side. He snickered, “Tch, your hollow brain hasn’t a clue what to do right now does it?”
You winced at his dull insult, eyes rolling as you scoffed at him, “So? I- I thought you said you were going to teach me something? So teach, that’s your job isn’t it?” You spat at him daringly, knees quivering as you awaited his response.
“Clothes. Off. Now,” he spewed, smacking the wall with his long ruler, the shrill sound of the metal measuring tool hitting the painted bricks made you jolt out of your faint moment of attempted dominance.
“Do you need me to help you? Or are you competent enough to unbutton your shirt yourself?” He teased you, dumbing you down and prepping you to be his perfect submissive princess.
You stuttered on your words as your clumsy hands pawed at the buttons of your shirt, undoing them one by one as Levi watched, ruler in hand, ready to rein you in whenever you strayed off the path of his instructions. His breath hitched in his chest when he saw the way your breasts nearly spilled out of your bra, the fabric holding on for dear life at the mercy of your soft tits.
“Shit, unzip the skirt.”
“I-I, I can’t reach the zipper Levi… Y/D/N helped me zip it up today…” you whimpered frantically, anxious of what he was going to do to you if you couldn’t get it off yourself.
“Oh poor you… figure it out. In my class we don’t avoid problems, you work through them until you can get it right… Skirt. Off. Now.” Your eyes widened at the way he ignored your cries completely, growing intensely nervous as you felt tears well in your eyes.
“L-Levi, I really don’t think I can…”
“Now!” He yelled, smacking his ruler inches away from where your hand propped itself up on the desk.
“Okay!” You bleated in fear, twisting and turning your body embarrassingly until the very tips of your index and middle fingers reached the tiny zipper of your pencil skirt.
“See? Don’t ask me for my help unless you absolutely cannot do what I ask of you…” Levi clicked his tongue on the roof of his mouth, shaking his head disapprovingly, “And don’t make me raise my voice again… don’t want to lose my job over a slut like you.”
His breath was hot on yours as he drew in closer to your bare body, “Be a good girl and hold this for me, would you?” You felt the cool metal of his ruler touch the palms of your outstretched hands. His hands gripped at your waist and pulled you up onto one of the students’ desks, you watched as Levi pulled his tie up over his neck and unknotted it.
“Open,” his fingers tightly pressed at the sides of your jaw, forcing you to open your mouth for him. You gasped as he pushed his tie into your mouth, pulling it around your neck and knotting it at the back of your head, “Make any loud noises and I stop, keep quiet and I let you cum. Those are the rules, should be simple for your insolent brain to comprehend.”
You felt tears threaten to roll down your face as Levi knelt down in front of you, lifting one of your legs up onto his shoulder as he wrapped an arm around the other one, pinning it in place. You looked down at him a disheveled mess, mascara beginning to smear under your eyes and your hair tangled around Levi’s tie. Your eyes crossed and you let out a muffled squeal as Levi licked a stripe up your core over the fabric of your panties. “L- Le-vi!” you mumbled desperately, feeling your saliva begin to pool underneath your tongue.
His nimble fingers pushed the soaked cotton to the side, “Is this what happens when a student is bad? You get aroused for me? So undeserving,” he smacked your pussy sharply with four fingers before running them up and down your folds, smearing the slick of your arousal all over your pulsing cunt.
“I’d fail you if your body wasn’t so compliant to my demands…” Your grip on the metal ruler tightened, a deep red indentation molding itself into your fragile palms as Levi plunged two fingers inside of your weeping cunt, pushing until his knuckles hit your mound, scissoring and swirling his fingers as you contracted around him. Your eyes crossed at the sensation of him pressing up into that familiar little rigid bud just inches into your hole, he hit it over and over again as your leg fastened around his shoulder instinctively pulled him in closer to you. You convulsed on the desk above him, stomach zealously panting up and down as you felt an unfamiliar arousal growing inside of you.
“Look at you, how can you not be ashamed of yourself? Letting your daughter’s kindergarten teacher whore you out in a locked classroom... “ He whispered against your cunt, moving his other hand to your clit, drawing vigorous circles into it as his fingers worked inside of you, not letting up on the spot that made your hips thrust into his hands, “...Such a desperate slut, it's sad… you know?” Levi asked you so casually, he was calm, cool, and collected, sharing an honest conversation with your upset cunt, ignoring you while you wailed above him like a baby.
“O-oh… oh my god… Le-vi… I’m cu-mming!” you hiccuped through your gagged mouth, words coming out wet as you pathetically tried to slurp up the spit that was dripping out of your mouth, a result of your lips being forcefully pried open for too long.
“What was that?” He asked your cunt this time, not you, never you, a student so desperate to please him and gain his approval would never receive his attention.
The unfamiliar feeling inside of you reached its boiling point, the kettle that brewed inside of you ready to pop. “Le-Levi!” You half-heartedly screamed through the silk fabric of his tie. Your thighs shook violently in his grasp as you felt yourself squirt, your liquids staining the fabric of Levi’s perfectly tailored baby blue button up. Your teary eyes looked down at his disapproving glare as he wiped his eyes with disgust.
“Are you fucking kidding me? You’ve ruined my shirt, you filthy thing…” He pulled his fingers from inside of you and turned you around on the desk, grabbing your neck and pushing your hot cheeks down onto the cold maple top.
“Give me the fucking ruler…”
“N-no!” You begged, for you knew what would happen if you surrendered it to him, “Please!”
He brought you back up into his chest, choking you as he seethed into your ear, “If you don’t follow my instructions, I have no choice but to punish you.” Levi yanked the ruler out of your hands, examining the marks it left in your hands from you grasping it so hard.
“W-wait, please Levi… Please, I’ll be good! I’ll be good, I’ll be good, I’ll be good, please, please, please no!” You babbled mindlessly as you felt the cold whip of the ruler smack in your ass, you screamed as Levi pushed you back down into the desk. “One time for getting me dirty…” Lines of mascara stained your face as he brought the ruler down to your skin for a second time, “...and one for denying my orders.” You cried under his hold, thrashing like a fish out of water as he massaged the inflictions into your soft skin. He leaned down to mock you, “Are you gonna be good now? Hm, gonna be a good little mommy for me?” He swung your limp body up into his chest and carried you over to his desk, the strikes on your ass feeling hot against the cold wood. Levi pulls the gag out of your mouth, smirking as he watches you gasp for air, scooping saliva back into your mouth with the back of your hand.
“Y-yes Levi, I swear I’ll be good… I’ll be good for you, please,” you begged him.
“Please what?” His eyes searched for an answer in yours, but you were too deep into a fucked-out haze to even look at him. “Please what?” He growled, shaking your face with his hand, “Snap out of it and tell me what you want.”
“I- I want you to fuck me Levi.”
He landed a harsh blow to your cheek, “You what?”
“I said… I want you to fuck me Levi...” you moaned delirious and out of breath.
He holds your neck in his hands as your head bobbed around, nearly unconscious from how much he’s thrown you around, “You want me to fuck another baby into you? Give Y/D/N a little sister?” You lazily nodded your head, a devious grin forming on your face as you pulled your bottom lip in between your teeth, beginning to submit to the role of Levi’s fucked-dumb subordinate. He smacked you a second time, eyes filled with lust as he watched your face jerk to the side, hair falling over your rebellious glare, “Then wake the fuck up and watch me undress.”
So you did, your body weakened from the orgasm he gave you minutes ago, you kept your tired eyes on Levi, feeling your arousal build inside you again as he unbuttoned his shirt, his eyes never leaving yours. Every time you seemed to doze off, Levi would bring a hand to your cheek, and utter a demanding “Look at me.” Your eyes lusted after the painfully big erection that hid just underneath his briefs, your cheeks sore from his hand hitting your face relentlessly.
“Your eyes. On me. Now,” Levi demanded, sitting you down into his office chair.
He inched in close to your face as he leaned on top of you, his hands bracing themselves on the arms of the chair, “Don’t touch me. Don’t Beg. Just watch.”
Levi peeled his briefs down, your cunt leaking at the sight of his erection slapping up onto his abdomen. Levi brought his groin closer to your face, the cool lighting of the classroom reflecting off the pre-cum that leaked out of his tip. “Spit on it,” Levi ordered as he pushed your head to his cock. You looked up at him with innocent eyes as you let a glob of saliva trail out of your lips onto his length, “That’s it… what a good mama you’re being for me.”
His hands began to stroke his length at a steady pace as he backed up into the chalkboard, putting himself on display for you. “Don’t touch yourself,” he snapped, catching you trail a sneaky hand down to your needy heat. You nodded slowly as you watched Levi’s stomach contract, abs shivering at the touch of his hand, “Fuck…” he drawled, opening his eyes to get himself off to the sight of you aroused before him, a good mother waiting to be bred by his aching cock.
“Take your bra off,” he whined, hand still working at his throbbing length. His eyes went dark as you freed your nipples from the tight fabric, breasts bouncing as you pulled your bra around your torso. “Lean back,” he walked up to you in his swivel chair and placed a knee between your thighs, right up against your aching cunt. “Hold your tits for me,” he demanded, watching your shaky hands grasp your heavy breasts in either hand. Levi leaned down and placed his cock in between them, putting his hands over yours and squeezing your breasts tight around his throbbing erection, “Look at me… hold them right there.” Your head lolled back as Levi began to move his cock in and out of your breasts, panting with every thrust up into the soft tissue of your tits.
“Fuck… Levi!” You cried, beginning to move your cunt against his knee. “You like this don’t you, you filthy thing? You like milking my cock with your tits like a good mother would, huh?” Levi smirked down at the look of pleasure on your face, euphoric as you moved your chest up and down against him.
Your eyes crossed at his words, thrusting your breasts around him harder, “Y-yes Levi… fuck, gimme your cum baby… fucking cum on my tits Levi!” Levi’s moans were guttural, crying out with every fuck up into you, you could tell he was close from the way his hands desperately grabbed at your hair, trying to find some balance.
“Fucking cum for me Levi… cum for mommy… give it to me, fuck!” Levi smirked as you played into his little role he’s created for you, the sound of you begging for his cum on your chest sent him over the edge, white hot ropes lacing across your breasts and in your mouth as you stuck your tongue out desperately for him.
“Shit baby… fuck, get up.”
Levi pulled your body up out of his chair and leaned you over onto his desk, aching to feel you wrapped around him. He pulled your panties down to your ankles and ran his cock up and down between your ass, teasing the entrance to your cunt every so often.
“Tell me what you want,” he teased, sinking his heavy chest onto your back as he wrapped an arm around your neck, the weight of his body on top of yours squishing you flat against the table, “Beg for it you fucking cumslut.”
“Oh! Fuck Levi… please, just fuck me okay?” You gasped for air.
“Tch, you can do better,” he coaxed you into submission while his hand squeezed around your neck, the light asphyxiation making your eyes roll back and your tongue loll out of your mouth.
“Shit… god, okay okay! Fuck me Levi… fuck me so good that I walk out of here with another baby, I wanna feel you inside of me, leaking out of my worthless cunt, I wanna be your-
“Enough… don’t embarrass yourself,” he smacks your cheek lightly, before swiveling your head around so your mess of a face can meet his, for the first time tonight it felt like Levi would kiss you. His pressed his lips into yours and spoke, “‘M gonna fuck you so damn good… gonna put a baby right… here.” he growled as he prodded at the fat of your stomach. You two grinded your hips synchronously, swirling around in tiny circles together as Levi pressed his body into yours and rubbed his face into the side of your neck.
“Ngh.. Levi, now... please…”  You reached behind you to palm at his cock before his gentle facade snapped and twisted your arm into your back, “You don’t touch me,” he snarled, lining the tip of his cock up to your folds, playfully drawing shapes into your pussy. Levi inched himself inside of you, watching the way your body shuddered, begging him to move faster. Your face contorted in pain at the positioning of your arm before Levi grabbed hold of it and used it as anchor to start fucking into you. He started slow, savoring every second of you clenching around him, feeling your gummy walls contract and twist at the feel of his cock.
“Fuck… Levi, god…” Your body shuddered at the feeling of him inside of you, he snickered into your back as his thrusts grew faster, “Sweet of you to call me by both names but… I- prefer Levi…” he mocked you as he felt you tighten around him.
The classroom filled with a chorus of your moans, skin slapping skin, your eyebrows furrowed as it sunk in... you were being fucked by your daughter’s kindergarten teacher. A poster that read, “Reach for the stars Class 3H!” taunted you as you crossed your eyes in pleasure at the feeling that Mr. Ackerman was giving you. The mug that read “World’s best teacher,” wiggled on top of his desk as he thrusted into you, the sound of the ceramic jolting around on the hard surface echoed in your ears.
“Fuck… feels so good…” your voice strained, trying to take your mind off the fact that just feet away from you lay the “storytime” carpet your daughter spoke about, with a little city on it, tiny roads and cars decorating the coarse fabric.
“What? You finally fucking realize how dirty you are?” Levi said with a twisted sense of amusement as he watched your watery eyes scan the classroom.
“M’hm Levi… fuck, I’m such a dirty baby- oh!” Levi’s thrusts turned rigorous, the dirty words that slipped out of your mouth flipping a switch inside of him that turned him ravenous.
He grabs your neck and arches your back into his chest while pinning both of your arms behind you. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, Levi, Levi, please baby…  fu-ck!”  You rambled, barely intelligible, a fucked-out mess as Levi sped up inside of you, searching for his high.
Levi pinned you down as you squealed and thrashed, pushing you into his desk while he fucks his cum into you, “Fuck mommy, t-take it, take my fucking cum, fu-ck, shit!” He grunted, snapping his hips into yours, ramming into you repeatedly, waiting a few seconds inside of your plush cunt after every thrust, swirling his cock against your cervix to make sure every last drop of cum stayed inside of you.
“Shit… yes Levi… gimme a fucking baby… Yeah? You’re gonna gimme another fucking baby? Oh god!” You smack your palm against the table over and over, drawing blood as you bit into your lips to control the guttural orgasm you were having, whining like a little baby.
“Breathe,” Levi ushered, slapping a hand across your ass to wake you out of your euphoric trance. You gasped for air as you whimpered underneath him, “Oh my god… Mr. Ackerman… that was…”
“Tch, don’t call me that unless you want me to take you again against the window,” Levi was moving slowly in and out of you, coaxing you down from your intense high. “Such a good mommy for me,” he whispered as he massaged his hands into your asscheeks, pulling and kneading the soft skin while he fucked into you slowly. He ran his fingers through your hair before grasping it to pull you up from the desk.
“Dress yourself,” he mumbled, as he began to pull his briefs and trousers up his legs. You sat on his desk in a post- orgasmic haze, unable to process anything other than the fact that you wanted Levi’s cock inside of you again.
“Are you gonna spank me with the ruler if I don’t?” You teased, Levi groaned as he watched you spread your legs out on his desk to watch his cum slip out of your pussy, you pushed it out in waves of white.
“Shit… just fucking get dressed,” he was flustered watching you sit pretty on his desk, seeing what you looked like after he had finished with you, red marks all over your body and lashes from his ruler embedded into your skin.
“How many mothers have you fucked Mr. Ackerman?” you asked boldly as you pulled on your bra. He darted his gaze to you and squinted his eyes, silently telling you to back off.
“That’s enough Miss. Y/L/N,” he responded sternly, switching back into his teacher persona gracefully. You scoffed, so that’s the way it is then.
He walked you out of his classroom with his hand on the small of your back, back to old Mr. Ackerman, giving you a watchful glare as the hall monitor walked your daughter down the empty hallway to the classroom. Levi pinched your side as he whispered under his breath, “We never speak of this Miss. Y/L/N— Hi Y/D/N! Had fun at the gym?” He asked your daughter sweetly, changing his tone of voice as he ruffled her hair.
“Yeah Mr. Levi! Did you tell mommy that I’m good?”
Levi’s eyes bunched up as he smiled down at your little girl, he leaned down to her eye level and tapped a finger on her nose, making her squeal.
“Yes, I told mo- Miss. Y/L/N all about how good you are! Okay?” He quirked his head to the right as he beamed at your daughter.
“See mommy! I’m good!” She exuded as she wrapped her arms around Levi’s neck, tangling her fingers in his raven hair. You couldn’t lie, your heart flipped at the way he hugged her back, lifting her up and swinging her around.
“I’m proud of you baby, Mr. Levi said so many good things about you!” You gushed to your daughter, taking her hand in yours.
“I'll see you in class tomorrow, okay Y/D/N?” Levi said his goodbyes to you, watching you pull your daughter down the hallway. You tried awfully hard to put yourself back together, but Levi smirked at the way your hair stood up one side, or how your skirt rode up your ass, the raps from his ruler still scarred your palms.
“M’hm! Buh-bye Mr. Levi!” your daughter looked behind you and waved her hand back to her teacher, skipping down the hallway. You shuffled to get your car keys out of your bag, and watched the letters on the doors dwindle down as you made it to the exit at the end of the hallway.
“Nice meeting you, Miss. Y/L/N…”
You turned around, looking at him one last time, both of you giving each other knowing glares as two devious smirks spread across your cheeks.
“Yes… nice meeting your Mr. Acker- Levi.”
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