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#titans x reader
gangrenados · a year ago
Softness and Jason
Tumblr media
•Jason hadn't had much affection in his life, so when you show him some he gets shy and gets red
•but boy he does loves when you show him some affection
•He craves it, it's like a painkiller
•Jason loves forehead kisses it makes him smile like an idiot and put him in a good mood all day
•Cuddle seasons when he had a fight Dick. Jason will talk about how much he wants to go out and do some vigilante stuff, but because of Dick it gets kind of hard to do so
•You will kiss his temple and run your fingers through his hair hoping it will calm him down
•Jason gives you affection to you too, but the first times it felt wired, he needed to get used to it and after a while it was as normal as breathing
•Jason is a bear hugger. When he gives you one he tends to hug you hard just to annoy you .
•Likes to hold hands but if someone in the team point it out he would get a little embarrassed, not because of you of course, but because the facade of the thought Jason is gone
•Call him by a cute nickname and he will giggle like a schoolgirl
Tag list
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bluebellhairpin · a year ago
Jason Todd Headcanons
A/N: Titans!Jason is adorable and I will protect him with my whole soul. - Nemo
Warning(s): Big boy words. 
Request: pLEAse more Jason Todd headcanons 😔💞🥺🥺 -  @taleasoldasme 
Tumblr media
- First time you met was when he was on patrol. The little bitch made your life a living hell.  
He was working with Batman. You weren’t. In fact you weren’t even working on the same side of the law as him so naturally that was a fantastic start.
He never left you alone, he basically became your shadow. 
At every job you had he’d be there, which really annoyed you. 
For this, you’d call him Stalker, Umbrage, and other affectionate terms of the like. 
You always escaped him at the end of the day, which really annoyed him. 
So he then gave you the nicknames of Houdini and Cosentino. 
- After the initial meeting, the ice broke a little and c u e the pinning.
You moved from working on the ‘wrong’ side of the law to working on the awkward line in the middle.  
You were skilled, he’d give that to you and always will, but what he couldn’t find himself agreeing or disagreeing with was how you were using them. 
The admiration too turned to adoration, and the chances of him chatting you with the intent of locking you up just went right out the window. 
He didn’t know what to do about that. Confused boy. 
- You basically became besties then. 
Like you knew he was Jason Todd underneath the mask of Robin, that was how close you were. You figured it out on your own, but you give him the gift of thinking he just told you. 
Which could’ve made you a target for kidnappers and stuff, but you and he kept your civilian and masked identities separate. Tbh if someone found out your their identity knew Jason Todd they’d definitely kidnap him. 
But you had fun together, in both identities. Albeit, the masked one was a lot more out-there compared to the other. 
- The whole Joker, death and Lazarus Pit thing didn’t effect you as much as it could have.
You cried. Lot. Like don’t get me wrong.
But considering you only knew him as a friend (even if he was Robin), friends of yours disappeared a lot in Gotham, it was just a side effect of living where you did.
That didn’t stop the twist in your gut when you heard Jason Todd was found dead. 
You heard it on the news. Not even from Batman. 
- BUT THeN hE CamE BaCk??
You screamed at him. 
Threw stuff at him.
Told him to go away.
In your defense you thought he was a ghost or evil clone. 
But then he convinced you it was Jason just with more guns and a red helmet, and then you all started crying and spent the night catching up and low-key cuddling on the couch.
- After that you went straight from living at separate ends of Gotham to the same apartment. 
You both agreed that yes. You were pretty much dating. 
Everyone who knew Jason was alive already assumed, and tbh you both wanted it so guess who now has a spare room in their apartment? 
He C O O K S and it’s the absolute best. 
Specialty is desserts. Sorry if you don’t/won’t eat them. Just means Roy will be over lots more to eat them. 
Add to your personal library all the time, every day, all day if he could.
- He can get clingy sometimes.
But not in a super bad way, like it’s the kind of clingy that means you’re forced to have to stay in bed after a couple rough days. Not that it takes much forcing.
Which can lead to other things wink wonk 
But you love it during winter. Gotham gets hella cold and the landlord can be an ass sometimes and not turn the heating on, so you thank whatever creator there is that they made Jason a walking heater. 
- Eventually you’re obligated to meet his family, which was so much fun. 
You apologized to Bruce from Jason for him not being able to “man up and do it himself.” The promised you’d go on patrol with him one night.
You apologized to Dick for punching him in the face one time when he was fighting you as Nightwing. Then promised to do it softer if he caught you again. 
You apologized to Tim for him having to get caught up in Batfam troubles. He promised to go to coffee with you so you had time to gossip about them all.
You apologized to Damian because he was the only one who was Bruce’s biological son, and “wow, that must be hard demon spawn.”
And finally you begged Alfred to tell you his secrets on how he dealt with everything so well. “That’s my secret, I don’t.” 
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bumblesimagines · a year ago
Tumblr media
Request: Yes or No
You blew a bubble, putting away your pack of gum. You swung your legs back and fourth, humming gently as the man did what you wanted. He put all his money on the table, eyes milky.
"Let him go." A voice said. You turned around, looking at Nightwing. You pouted, hopping of the desk.
"It's not like he needs the money, birdy." You said, taking the gum out and tossing it into the trash. The businessman stayed in his trance like state.
"You don't need to go around doing this to people. If you join us, we can-"
"What? Lock me up? Experiment on me?" You narrowed your eyes. Nightwing shook his head, getting closer to you. Before you knew it, he had injected something into your neck and you passed out.
You woke up, staring at an unfamiliar ceiling. You quickly sat up, butting heads with someone.
"Fuck.." The person hissed, rubbing their forehead. You glared at the green haired boy.
"Guys! He's awake!" The emo girl called. You kicked the guy off the couch, huffing. More people entered the room.
"Woah, he's hot as hell." One boy said.
"Seriously, Jason?"
"What?" The older one rolled his eyes.
"I'm Dick Grayson-"
"Nightwing." You shook your head.
"Right. This is Kory, Jason, Gar, and Rachel. What's your name?"
"(Y/N)." You sighed, bored.
"What are you? How do you do that eye thing?"
"You mean, controlling people?" You asked. Dick nodded. You stood up, approaching him and pulling him into a kiss. You pulled back after a few minutes, seeing his eyes turn a milky color. You snapped your fingers and they went back to normal.
"Tada! Can I go now?" You asked, crossing your arms. Dick took a few moments to answer.
"Ugh. Do you people have food here? I'm starving. Unless you want me to eat green boy over here." You looked over at Gar, flashing your fangs at him. Gar flinched and you smirked.
"What are you?"
"A siren, Christ, you people are pathetic." You whirled around to look at the chick with magenta hair.
"Siren? As in like, the myth?"
"Atleast you're smart." You mumbled, looking at Jason. You eyed him, smiling.
"And cute."
"Gross." Rachel mumbled.
"I can show you around, babe. The last stop could be my bedroom." Jason winked. You laughed, nodding.
"No, no. Not happening." Dick said, grabbing your arm.
"Come on, birdy. I swear I won't mindcontrol him into killing you." You promised, staring at him with soft eyes. Dick hesitated but shook his head.
"You're trouble and we need to keep you supervised." Kory got Gar and Rachel, taking them into another room. You grinned, tilting your head.
"Do you wanna keep an eye on me, Mr. Grayson?" You asked, fingers running up his arm as you leaned towards him.
"God, what a cockblock." Jason mumbled. You laughed, looking away from Dick.
"What other powers do you have?"
"Well, speaking to sea animals... Controlling water... What can you do, birdy?" You asked softly, lips barely touching his. Dick tightened his grip and you stopped.
"I only do mindcontrol when I want to, birdy." You ripped your arm away from his grip, looking at Jason.
"Now, about that tour.." Jason grinned, grabbing your hand and dragging you out of the room. Dick took a moment to calm his racing heart. He had only just met you and he was feeling like a highschooler crushing on a college kid. It seemed like Jason was too but the cocky little shit was confident enough to act on his thoughts. Dick sighed, knowing you were gonna cause some brother rivalry.
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Keep Each Other Safe
Author: Nat / @idontgiveaflyinggrayson69
Requested: Yes – Anonymous
Tagging: @thisismysecrethappyplace @phoenix-fire-fangirl @itsgirl17321 @starryrevelations @aw-hawkeye
Fandom: Titans
Relationship: Pre-Established; Dick Grayson x Reader
Summary: The Reader is attacked and Robin comes to the rescue.
Word Count: 1.7k
Warnings: Major Character Injury. Woman attacked by multiple men (Robin saves her).
Comments: Sorry it took so long, I had to be in the right mindset to write this.
Tumblr media
It’s not hard to get a crush on a person you don’t know. People do it every day in the form of celebrity and fictional crushes. There was nothing out of the ordinary about these feelings, one could even say it was something that made people human.
You were a reporter, so it wasn’t hard for Dick to know who you were. Your face was plastered across Gotham news every night. People in Gotham had mixed feelings about he and Batman, but you always defended him to your co-workers and that was one of the things that first things that drew Dick to you.
You were kind and thoughtful, but also brave and fearless. You put yourself into harm’s way in order for other people to know about what was going on in Gotham. It impressed him and his little crush on you started to grow.
It was fine in the beginning, but Dick wasn’t one to deal with his emotions well, which was why, as the months went on and his crush got bigger, that he didn’t handle it so well.
He wouldn’t stalk you, per se. But, if he happened to be out on patrol and he saw you, he would follow you from the roof tops to make sure that you got where you were going okay. And you had no idea that you had a little birdie watching over you.
Well, you didn’t know until you were forced to find out.
You had been out late with some friends at a bar down town. Everyone had had some drinks, but you were the best off in comparison to the rest of your group, and your place was just a few blocks away. So, when it was finally time to call it a night, you decided to walk home. It was something you had done countless times before. But, tonight ended much differently than normally.
You were about halfway home when you noticed the two shadows behind you. You felt your heart rate pick up and you started to walk faster. The men behind you also picked up their pace. You, slightly intoxicated and scared, focused on the men behind you, which was how you didn’t notice a third man come out of the alley you were crossing in front of.
You only noticed him when he grabbed you and pulled you into the alley, his hand covering your mouth so you couldn’t scream. The two men who were following you entered the alley after you.
If you were scared before, you were absolutely terrified now. Your heart was beating so quick, you thought it was going to burst in your chest. You hoped that it would burst. You knew what men like this were capable of and you weren’t going to be one of their victims.
You bit the hand that was covering your mouth and stomped your foot down as hard as you could on his toes. The man yelped and let go of you. You tried to make a run for the alley opening, but one of the other guys grabbed you by your arm and slammed you against the wall.
Your face bounced off the brick from the amount of force and you were gifted with an instant headache, your eyes a bit out of focus. You shook your head a little to regain focus and noticed blood on the wall before you.
My nose, you thought.
You were so focused, or so unfocused, that you didn’t hear the men talking to you.
“Listen to me you stupid bitch.” He yelled before throwing you down onto the alley ground.
His foot followed soon after, colliding with your stomach, knocking all the air out of your lungs. In that moment, you thought you were going to die in that alley.
That was when you heard the loud bang come from deeper within the alley.
Dick had been on patrol when he saw you, or, more accurately, he saw a woman being attacked in an alley. He didn’t know it was you until he dropped down into the alley and got a better look at your face.
His anger intensified at the same time his heart dropped. Men who picked on women got under Dick’s skin and he would make them pay, but it wasn’t just any woman being attacked, it was his crush.
“Let her go.” Robin said harshly.
You knew that voice, it was Robin. You rolled over from where you were on the ground, afraid to get up. And you were right. Standing a few feet away from you was the boy wonder himself. You had a lot of respect for him and Batman, the way they would so selflessly gave themselves and their bodies up to help others. But you had never seen either of them in person. You thought you never would.
The men around you didn’t seem fazed by Robin, instead their eyes were scanning the rooftops, no doubt looking for the caped crusader himself. But, Batman wasn’t with Robin.
You met Robin’s eyes and you saw the anger and the ability. You couldn’t help but laugh. One of them men looked down at you and you shifted so you could look up at him with a smile. “You guys are so fucked now.”
You pushed yourself off the alley ground and as soon as you were out of the way, Robin jumped into action. You quickly moved to stand against the wall, out of the way. It didn’t take much for Robin to take the men down. A few punches and kicks later and they were all unconscious on the alley ground.
He gave the man who had kicked you in the stomach a harder kick to the gut before walking over to where you were resting against the wall.
“Are you okay?” He asked you in a softer voice than you were expecting from a man like himself.
You nodded, you hand holding your nose. By then, blood had run down your face and neck and you were fairly certain it was broken.
Robin grimaced and pulled a glove of his hand, bringing it up to your face. “Let me see.”
Robin gently pulled your hand away and tipped your head to the side. “Yeah, that’s broken. You’re going to have to go to the hospital and get that re-set.”
You nodded and let your eyes moved across him, taking in all the details about him; but, mostly you took in his eyes. Everyone in Gotham had heard stories of Batman and Robin and you would have expected the eyes of one of them to be harden by what they had seen and what they had done, or permanently reflect anger, like what you had seen in Robin’s eyes just moments earlier.
But, that wasn’t the case. Robin’s eyes were soft, they reflected a kindness you wouldn’t have expected to find in a man like him.
You knew many people who were afraid of him and even more who hated him; but, standing there with him, you couldn’t understand how anyone could hate him, let alone be afraid of him.
You brought your hand up to lightly touch the ‘R’ on his chest. “Thank you.”
Robin nodded with a small smile. “I’m always here to help.”
He torn his glaze away from you to look at the three men still unconscious in the alley. “I’m going to tie these guys up. You call the cops. Then, I’ll take you to the hospital.”
You nodded and when he stepped away to tie the men up, you searched the alley for your purse. It had ended up a few feet away from you. You did what Robin asked you to and called 9-1-1. And, surprisingly, Robin was still around after he had tied the men up.
You had done a lot of reporting on Batman and Robin and they were never one for sticking around, especially when it was smaller crimes like what had happened to you.
But Dick couldn’t leave you. He wanted nothing more than to take you to the hospital himself, which was why he had let those words slip from his mouth moments earlier, even when he knew he couldn’t. And since he couldn’t do that, he would at least wait for the cops to show up so he would know you were safe.
“Why are you still here?” You asked him.
Robin’s shoulders fell and he turned around to face you. “I have to know that you’re safe.”
You nodded slowly. “You don’t normally stay. I’ve spoken with a lot of girls you have helped…”
Robin sighed and he stepped closer to you. “You’re one of the good ones, one of the people who understand why I do the things that I do. (Y/N), I promise you that I will always be around to make sure that you’re safe.”
You swallowed. That was the last thing you were expecting.
Sure, you knew Robin. You reported on him and had done way too many profiles of him in your free time, trying to understand the man behind the mask. But, you would have never thought that he would know who you were.
“You know who I am?”
Robin smiled. “How could I not?”
You felt yourself blush at his words.
“You watch out for me out there on the news, and I’ll watch out for you out here, okay? We’ll keep each other safe. I promise.” Robin said, his voice off a bit, but you couldn’t tell why.
Truth was, was that Dick had a lot he wanted to say. He wanted to take you to the hospital and then take you home and make you some tea and make sure you were okay and taken care of. He wanted to have some sort of relationship with you. And knowing that he couldn’t, at least not right now, knowing that he would have to walk away from you in a few minutes while you were hurt, it hurt him.
You nodded to him with a small smile, though you were sure with all the blood, it did not come off as welcoming as you were intending. “We’ll keep each other safe.”
Robin nodded to you and the two of you could hear the approaching sound of sirens.
Robin stayed with you in that alley until the cops showed up, then he disappeared back into the night.
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bluebellhairpin · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I guess, one could say, we’re a bit of a flock?” you said, looking up at the two men in the front seat.  You could see Dick smile as he kept his eyes on the road. 
“Really?” Jason said and turned to face you.
“You shouldn’t answer a question with a question Todd. Especially during bonding time.” 
“You call this bonding.” Dick scoffed, gesturing to his face, then to your little group in general. 
“I’d call it bonding.” Jason said. You laughed at that, and could’ve sworn Dick smiled along too.
“Of course you would.”  
“The bonding of Robins.”
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8teddy-bear8 · a year ago
Pillow Forts
Pairings: Jason Todd x Reader
Tumblr media
It was the middle of winter and you were lonely.
All of the Titans went home over the holidays. Well, Dick and Kory went to Dick’s apartment back in Detroit, Rachel and Gar went to visit Gar’s family, and Jason is... Where is Jason?
Well it doesn’t matter, all you know is that you are alone, so you do the only sensible thing.
You build a pillow fort.
You start by gathering all the blankets and pillows you can find in the tower and making a pile of them in the living room.
Then you bring in some chairs and clips to hold up the blankets.
And then you turn on some music and start the construction.
You’re so focused on building the pillow fort you don’t realize when someone enters the tower.
Jason had just got into another argument with Bruce and wanted to be alone.
So he decided to head to the tower.
He knew Dick and Kory were spending the holiday in Detroit, Rachel and Gar were spending it together were Gar grew up, and (Y/N) was...
He didn’t exactly know what (Y/N) was doing but he assumed they were spending the holiday’s with their family.
So imagine his surprise when he entered wanting to be alone only to hear music playing through the speakers.
You were almost done building the pillow fort when a familiar voice startled you.
“What the fuck are you doing?”
You turn around to see the one and only Jason Todd standing in the doorway, arms crossed over his chest.
“I’m building a pillow fort,” You respond a bright smile on your face.
“Isn’t that a little childish?” Jason asks, rolling his eyes.
“Does that mean you don’t want to join me?” You ask, crossing your arms in front of the pillow fort.
“Move,” Jason says as he walks towards you.
Jason then picks up a blanket and starts to add it to the pillow fort.
You giggle as Jason huffs, but soon join him in building the fort.
You and Jason spend the rest of the day eating snacks and watching movies alternating who gets to chose the movie.
Soon it’s Jason’s turn again and he chooses a scary movie.
“Oh no, all my friends are being slowly murdered, hey Chad wanna fuck?” All your little comments throughout the movie had gotten Jason to laugh, but this one had him cackling. “Cause that’s totally the best way to avoid getting killed like the rest of our friends.”
“Are you always like this when watching movies?” Jason asked, finally calming down from his laughing fit.
“Only with stupid horror films,” You answered throwing some popcorn in your mouth.
“Dick’s gonna be pissed when he sees this mess,” Jason comments, looking around.
“Let him,” You say back. “He’s not my dad.”
“Didn’t know you were a trouble maker (Y/N),” Jason said.
You huffed and turned away.
“Hey (Y/N), can I ask you a question?”
“You just did.”
Jason huffed at this but you laughed.
“Go ahead.”
“Why are you still in the tower?” I mean it’s the holidays.”
“I could ask you the same question.”
“Bruce and I got into an argument again,” Jason sighed. “We can never seem to get along. He’s always gone when I go back and when he is he either ignores me or fights with me.”
“Sorry I asked,” you say as you turn to face him. “My parents don’t talk to me. At all. Last time they did they told me to never contact them again. They said they didn’t want a monster in their house.”
“Don’t be, I gave up on them a long time ago. Besides I have you guys now. I don’t need some deadbeat assholes who did nothing but hurt me in my life.” You say, going to lay on your back. “Besides the only reason I met you all is because they kicked me out. If they hadn’t I would probably be nursing bruises in my room right about now.”
“That’s kinda depressing,” Jason commented.
“So is life,” You quipped.
“What movie do you want to watch now?” Jason asked, turning to face you.
“I don’t know. How about-” You turn to face Jason, only to trail off.
Jason’s face is only centimeters away from yours.
You were about to say something when Jason’s lips crashed into yours, effectively cutting off any words.
“Your lips are chapped,” Was the first thing that came out of your mouth when the two of you stopped kissing.
“Oh how dare you?! You can’t just insult me after-” Jason starts but gets cut off.
“Just shut up and kiss me again.”
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cipheress-to-k-pop · 11 days ago
DIY Nerf Gun
Jason Todd x Reader (Drabble)
A/N: idk where this idea came from don't ask
Tumblr media
"You loaded my guns with tampons?!" Jason hissed, incredulously as if he couldn't believe it himself and you blushed, unable to hide your giggles even though he was glaring at you.
"Well, my sister came over and we wanted to play with nerf guns but we're both broke so I thought I'd DIY them." You explained, shrugging but you still found the situation hilarious. You could only imagine the look on Dick's face when you told him.
"I was caught in a stand-off with a gun-man!! Want to know what happened when I shot him with a tampon?"
The look of amusement was wiped off your face, "Did he hurt you?"
"No! He started laughing so hard I knocked him unconscious before he could aim!"
You grinned, "Problem solved!"
Taglist under the cut
Forever Taglist:
DC Taglist:
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bumblesimagines · a year ago
Tumblr media
Request: Yes or No
Gar threw a punch at the bag, grinning as the bag swung back. He turned his head, seeing (Y/N) but he was more focused on chatting with Rachel. Gar sighed before letting out a grunt as the bag hit him. He stumbled back as Jason cracked up and the other two looked over. (Y/N) gave a soft smile, walking over to him.
"You okay?" He asked. Gar nodded, ears turning a soft pink when (Y/N) gently grabbed his chin and inspected his face.
"Yeah, I was just... Distracted." Gar gave a shy smile. (Y/N) hummed, letting his hand drop.
"Something on your mind?" He asked. Jason snorted quietly.
"Obviously, he has the biggest- Ow, fuck!" Jason rubbed the back of his head, glaring at Gar who acted as if he hadn't just smacked him.
"It's nothing, (N/N)." Gar assured, flashing a smile. (Y/N) nodded and chuckled, turning around and walking back to Rachel.
"Just tell him how you feel." Jason said, crossing his arms as he faced Gar. Gar frowned, shaking his head.
"I don't wanna ruin our friendship. He already thinks I'm a dork." Gar sighed, shoulders slumping.
"Well, some people dig dorks. You just gotta be smooth about it." Jason grinned before his eyes lit up. "Or make him jealous." Gar tilted his head.
"Flirt with someone." Jason replied, looking over at Rachel and (Y/N). "Go up to them and flirt with Rachel." Jason said. Gar glanced between them and Jason before sighing and walking over to them.
"Hey, Rachel, um.. I really like your outfit today."
"Oh good god."
"Thanks, Gar.." Rachel crossed her arms, eyeing Gar before looking at the facepalming Jason.
"Yeah, um, no problem.." Gar gave her a smile, glancing at (Y/N) who seemed just as confused as Rachel.
Jason had to teach Gar how to flirt, seeing as his first attempt was a disaster. They got Rachel in on the plan so she wouldn't be confused at Gar's miserable flirting attempts. (Y/N) was oblivious to the whole thing.
"Hey, Rachel." Gar greeted, glancing over his shoulder at (Y/N).
"Wanna feel my shirt? It's made of boyfriend material." Gar said, grinning. Rachel snorted and shook her head. She looked at (Y/N) and noticed his frown. Rachel gave Gar a thumbs up.
"Do you like Star Wars? Cause Yoda only one I see."
"What the hell are you two doing?" Dick asked, going over to the fridge. (Y/N) stood up from the couch, putting his camera down and walking over to them. Gar looked at (Y/N), hoping for a reaction but his shoulders slumped when (Y/N) only got an apple.
"Oh, I get it." Dick nodded, seeing Gar's expression.
"Maybe if you used good pickup lines, Rachel would actually show interest." Dick said. (Y/N) bit into his apple, eyes glaring at Dick.
"Are you Australian? Because you meet all of my koala-fications." Gar said, watching Rachel laugh. (Y/N) walked away, angrily munching on his apple. Dick followed, snickering softly.
"You do realize he's doing it to make you jealous, right?" Dick asked. (Y/N) looked at him.
"What?" (Y/N) furrowed his brows. Dick rolled his eyes and shook his head.
"Yeah, he's been crushing on you since you two met back at the arcade place." Dick told him. (Y/N) frowned, blinking slowly before it clicked. The blushing, the slight stuttering, the attempts at impressing him, and the flirting.
"Oh.. My god." (Y/N) mumbled, pinching the bridge of his nose. He spun around, going back to the kitchen. (Y/N) grabbed Gar and dragged him to his bedroom, closing the door before grabbing his face and kissing him. Gar froze, caught off guard. Once he snapped out of it, he kissed him back, badly inexperienced but (Y/N) didn't mind. They stumbled towards the bed and fell onto it, (Y/N) pulling back to look at the boy. Gar had a deep blush on his face, eyes filled with love. (Y/N) chuckled.
"You should've told me." (Y/N) said, brushing some of his green hair out of his face. Gar shrugged.
"I didn't wanna ruin our friendship." He mumbled. (Y/N) smiled gently, leaning down and pecking his nose.
"Well, now you can use those dumb pick up lines on me." (Y/N) said with a smile. Gar's eyes lit up.
"Were you jealous?"
"Were too!"
"Were not!"
"Yes you were!" Gar laughed, arms wrapping around him. (Y/N) huffed, burying his face into the crook of his neck.
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bluebellhairpin · a year ago
Round of Robins
Dick Grayson X Robin!Reader X Jason Todd
A/N: Titans!Jason Todd owns my entire being and I will forever shamelessly admit it. This fic is kinda short too, it’s basically just a whole bunch of ‘imagine’s’ stitched together. - Nemo 
Based on: Imagine being another Robin
Warning(s): Some bad words. Character Death (hahahahaguesswho). 
Summary: With Batman taking on two new Robins now that that one old one is gone, feeling and tension rises, along with one question. Three head are better than one, but are three Robins better than two?
Alt. Summary: Ha HA ha; Ever heard of a chaotic threesome? Because this is it. 
Tumblr media
"Okay, I wish to restate my comment earlier." You started, phone in hand as you spoke to the duo in the front seat.
"Which one?" Jason asked, not turning, but you could tell he had a grin again.
"The flock of Robins.” You looked up from your phone to gauge their reactions. “It’s actually called a round of Robins." Dick just laughed, while Jason mimicked you under his breath.
"’A round of Robins’. If only we worked together.” 
"Don't you mean if only we worked 'well' together?" You said, putting down your phone with a snort. "Hey, turn in here Dickie." You hit Dicks shoulder, pointing to the drive-thru of a diner on your left. He mumbled in protest, saying something about the food not being good for you, but did as you asked anyway. 
“Grab me some large fries yeah?” Jason asked, and the car rolled to a stop near a serving window, 
“Make it double.” You let out a silent laugh, Dick groaning lightly before starting to order and pay.
“You both owe me.”
“Our love and attention, Bluebird?” you said, fluttering your eyelashes at Dick. 
“Or, alternatively, I know a guy who-”
“No, Jason. I don’t need anything from you. Thanks.” 
“(y/n) please, you’re getting as bad as Jason.” 
“There’s nothing ‘bad’ about me Dickie. Not even this compromising position I’ve  found myself in can be viewed as bad.” 
“Aw, Jaybird, we all know you’re only saying that because your head is stuck between my thighs-”  
“Maybe I should come back later.” Gar said, pointing back out the door he just came through. Dick shook his head with a sigh.
“No Gar, they’re just being idiots again.” Dick said, looking down at you and Jason disapprovingly. “I wonder how Batman can get anything done with them around.” 
You opened you mouth to speak, rising off Jason as you did, but Dick caught you.
“Don’t make a comment about my ass again. I don’t care.”
“And the little blush you get on your face says you don’t care.” Jason barked out a laugh, whether at your comment, at Dick’s red face, or at Gar’s shocked look, you didn’t know. But you did know that for the moment, your job was done. 
In only a few short seconds, you’d managed to get everyone in the room to glare at you. To think, all it took was saying you’d locked Dick and Jason in a cleaning supply closet. 
At the time you thought it’d be very funny, and the possibility of Jason getting thrown at the door by Dick(or alternatively throwing himself at the door to get away from Dick) only added to the hilarious image formed in your mind. 
Kory thought differently, and as soon as she got your answer to ‘Where are the other two?’ she was off trying to find them. Rachel only shook her head, while Gar was obviously starting to think about exactly what the other two had gotten themselves into, seeing as he was trying to hide his growing grin from both you and Rachel. 
“It’s okay Green-Bean. I think it’s pretty damn funny too.” 
“I swear to go when I find (y/n) I’ll kill-” Jason yelled, obviously been set free from his chemical-and-mop-jail. He didn’t sound like he was seeing the funny side of things. 
“Time to go.” You say, standing, and giving both Gar and Rachel a two-fingered salute before setting off running towards the stairwell. 
“Man, why am I so sore today?” You said, rolling your shoulder. 
“You should be more careful on patrol. I saw some of the flips you were trying last night and you definitely pulled a couple muscles.” Dick said, coming up behind you and resting his hand on your tentative shoulders. “Relax.” he said, shaking your upper body as his hands started working, and you instantly melted.
“He’s pretty good with his hands, huh?” Jason asked, standing in the doorway sipping one of your apple juice boxes. 
“Gimme back my juice Jay.” you said, frowning half-halfheartedly at him. He looked at you, making a show of licking the straw, then offered it out to you.
“You sure you want it back (n/n)?”
“You’re so childish Jason.” Dick said, pressing his fingers into a hard knot near the back of your neck. You hissed at him, trying to move away, but he held firm. “Just relax. Breathe. It’ll go away.” 
“I want you to go away.”
“Aw Jay, he’s doing me a solid, don’t be so mean.”
“You left him there! What kind of hero are you!” you yelled, thrashing against Dick as he held you back from Bruce. 
“I- You know I had no choice, (y/n). He was-....”
“Already dead! I know! The least you could’ve done was bring him back so we could say goodbye!” you said, voice cracking. Behind you Dick was starting to pull out of shock, the adrenaline wearing off all too soon.
“(y/n), please. Not now.” he said quietly, moving from pinning your arms behind you to wrapping them around you in a hug. You used the moment of his weakened hold to break free instead, stepping away in a tear-filled rage. 
“If I don’t say it now, I’ll regret it later.” you said to Dick, the turning to Bruce, “You lost my best friend. We joined this together, and I’ll make damn sure we this leave together.” 
“No, (n/n)-”
“I’m done, Bruce. Find a new Robin!”
“(y/n), you-you came.”
“Yeah well, I heard you and Batsy have an unfix-able problem in the form of a Red-Bucketed gun-slinger. I figured that you called me because I’m the only one who can help.” you looked up, hands stuck deep in your pockets as the rain fell heavy outside.
“Bruce- he’ll-” Dick started. 
“I’m not here for him. He’s called me and I never answered. You called, so I’m here for you.” Dick started leading you towards the computer room, and as you walked in each monitor displayed different scenes on repeat. Looking closely, you found the fighting style was familiar.
“Dick, look.” you started, pointing to one of the screens, showing the Red-Headed criminal flipping. “It’s that-” 
“The shortened quadruple flip I taught you and…” 
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gangrenados · a year ago
Some Gar hcs
Tumblr media
•Can we talk about this motherfucker?
•like pLease?
•Fuck he is so fucking cute I can't
•So he's very supportive of what the fuck you're going to do (if that doesn't harm you of course)
°You want to learn idk a new skill? He's there for you, you do some sport or dance? He's like a cheerleader for you? You want to know some shit about you or your family? Let's call him Detective Gar!
•He looks like he give some good hugs btw
•Arcade dates and fair dates would be so fucking cool
•He would try to win some prices for you! If you won one for him, bruh, he would keep it like forever
•And if you two just play some video games, well he'll beat your ass but it would be cute
•He's so shy when it comes to romantic affection, ugh baby
•Like if you kiss him? He's going to turn red and be so giggly
•the first time he was so nervous, he don't know what the fuck to do so he just throw some jokes and hopes everything goes fine
•If you're in some trouble you have a bad ass tiger behind you ready to protect
•I love this man bro
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bumblesimagines · a year ago
Coffee and Donuts
Tumblr media
Request: Yes or No
“Dick, this is (Y/N), your new partner. He’s gonna be working on this case with you.” Dick looked up from his papers as your coworker left you to fend for yourself.
“Uh, hey?” You greeted. You knew about his cold and mysterious reputation. Despite his soft features, he was a bit intimidating. Dick sighed, irritated as he handed you a file. You licked your lips, not about to give up.
“What have you gotten so far?” You asked him. Dick sighed.
“The guy has been targetting elderly people. He sticks around the downtown area.”
“What an ass.” You mumbled, looking over the file. Dick let out an amused huff.
You and Dick had gotten close. You’d even call him a friend. You often got him donuts and coffee, sometimes walking around the city with him as you had a snack. It was hard to tell if Dick cared about you or not. He listened but never really spoke to you first. You felt something hit the back of your head. 
When you came to, you were in an abandoned apartment building. You blinked a few times, looking at the bald man. He was the one going around and attacking elderly people.
“Tell your partner to back off.” He hissed, dragging a knife down his cheek. You glared at him before hearing someone in the other room.
“Dick!” You watched the man stalk off and started working on getting out of your restraints. The ropes burned but the need to get out and make sure Dick was okay overpowered the pain. You could hear grunts and slams before the Dick stumbled into the room. You loosened the ropes enough to get out and grab your taser, tasing the guy. Dick glanced at you, surprised before quickly handcuffing him and checking your wrists.
“Are you hurt anywhere else?” He asked, checking you over for wounds.
“I’m fine, Dick.”
“No, you’re not, your wrists are burned. As soon as the ambulance gets here, you’re going straight to them. I can’t risk you being hurt.” Dick breathed out. You stared at him, eyes softening.
“I’m okay, Dick.” You assured, gently cupping his face in your hands. Dick flushed a bit and you could feel his skin heating up under your fingers. 
“Do you wanna get pizza? After all this? It’ll be on me.” You gave him a smile. Dick chuckled, nodding. 
“Seriously?” The man groaned from his spot on the floor. Dick glanced at him.
Your wrists had healed nicely and the ‘date’ with Dick had gone well. You went on more ‘dates’ and got closer to Dick.
“What do you think of Nightwing?” Dick asked one day.
“I don’t know. He’s doing good but just in a violent way. I’m sure if someone gave him a scolding, he’d realize that he’s making himself look like the bad guy.” You replied, looking over the new case. Dick stared at you before reaching over and grabbing your hand.
“I.. I heard a bakery opened nearby. Maybe, tomorrow, we can go? Like as a date?” Dick watched you. You grinned widely, leaning over and kissing him. You heard dramatic gaps from your coworkers when Dick kissed you back.
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sashabrausbrainrot · a month ago
Tumblr media
to whoever needs this right now…
your comfort character is so damn proud of you and the person you’ve become.
your comfort character would choose you first. no matter the circumstances.
your comfort character would drop everything to help you when you’re feeling sad, unloved or lonely.
your comfort character would walk to the ends of the earth if it meant seeing you happy.
your comfort character thinks you are the most stunning person in the universe. that new outfit you don’t think you look good in? they’d fight you just to prove just the opposite, to prove how beautiful/handsome/attractive you are - inside and out.
your comfort character can’t help but look at you like you put the stars in the sky.
your comfort character is always there if you need to get away. bad home life? they’ve got you. friend troubles? they’re on their way as we speak. just having a rough day? not to worry, they’re here to calm you down.
your comfort character always listens to what you have to say. they’d yell for everyone to shut up so you could have your turn to talk, no matter the topic.
your comfort character never lets you walk behind everyone on the sidewalk. they’re right beside you, always.
your comfort character loves you more than anything in this world. they think you’re the strongest person they’ve ever met, and hope that you always keep fighting.
Tumblr media
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waynesxsocial · a year ago
Tumblr media
A girl born from the streets of Gotham never gets too far in life. No opportunities, no support, not even a decent meal a day. Dangers come from every corner on the dark city, trouble from where you just could get out by fighting your way to the top. Stepping on others, climbing the mountain made by the rest of the kids born from poverty and drugs.
Katherine made her name on the dark city, not a name she chose for herself but a name that was given to her. A name that made her compline on hundreds of robberies, kills and betrayals, but a name that gave her a family nevertheless. Gotham wasn’t a city you could keep your innocence, or a city that battled an eye for a new kid on a dark leather suit.
But Katherine grew up, and so she moved out and on. Now, with a name given, chosen and made for herself she was just a rumor on the streets on Detroit. A silent shadow that for the right price would kill, steal or protect. A shadow that would collapse against another anger-driven lost soul. One that carried a heavy burden, one that held that darkness ever so familiar to her. She las lost, and so was he. But this job could begin a journey to find what they were missing.
Gabriella Wilde -> Katherine “Kat” Marsen
[ the criminal ] | “ Not everyone had the same opportunities as you. Some of us had to survive, and that is never pretty. ”
Tumblr media
Brenton Thwaites -> Richard “Dick” Grayson
[ the hero ] | “ I have no idea who I am, but I know who you are. And you’re stronger than me, braver than me. We need you. ”
Tumblr media
· disclaim | the dates are not 100% accurate, I have exams on january, the whole month (it’s an anxiaty nightmare) and some re-takes on frebruary. I’ll try to keep on this schueld but i actually don’t really promise anything. I’ll keep on posting edits too, don’t worry about that
leave a like, reblog and a little comment on the series, when you guys do it on the edits it means the world to me you guys 💚
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kailleis-sunshine · 20 days ago
Headcanoning that Jason cannot physically handle when you cry is my favourite past time
He’d be all like
“Shit. Are you crying?”
“Please stop crying.”
He’d pull you into his arms.
Hands rubbing circles into you waist, in an attempt to comfort you
“It’s okay, I’m here.”
If he’s the reason why you’re crying…
He would feel devastated.
“I’m so sorry.”
“Baby, please, I’m so sorry.”
He’ll grab your hands, trying to pull into his chest. He’ll let you go if you want him to of course.
He doesn’t want you to cry.
Even when he’s angry, at you, at anyone
He does not want to see you cry
It breaks his heart
“Please stop crying. I’m sorry.”
He will do anything in his power to make you feel better
Argument be damned
He always realizes that, if the argument made you cry, it wasn’t important
Nothing is more important than you
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gogoani · 8 days ago
Some Anime Characters Zodiac Signs based on their Birthdays.
Team Aries ♈️ - The Boss Leader, The Warrior (ENTJs)
(Or The Violent, Extremist B*tches but they are HOT) 💜
Tumblr media
Team Taurus ♉️ - The Artist, The Kind Soul of the Zodiac
( Stubborn like a Rock)
Tumblr media
Team Gemini ♊️ - The Storyteller, The Trickster
(The Gossipers & Crazy B*tches)
Tumblr media
Team Cancer ♋️ - The Mom & the Healer
(The Sensitive Cute Babies)
Tumblr media
Team Leo ♌️ - The Golden Child, The Actor
(Or The Drama-queens, attention seeking B*tches) Also Some Hotties here 💜
Tumblr media
Team Virgo ♍️ - The Smart ass, the Perfectionist
(If the Anxiety would have a name, it would’ve been called Virgo)
Tumblr media
Team Libra ♎️ - The Peacemaker, the Goody Goody (ENFPs)
(The everyone’s friend, but Always Indecisive & superficial a little) :p
Tumblr media
Team Scorpio ♏️- The Mystic, The Mysterious
(The Jealous Weirdos) :p 💜
Tumblr media
Team Sagittarius ♐️ - The Explorer, the Free Spirit
(They are the Funny Guys of the Zodiac, they live in their own world) 💜
Tumblr media
Team Capricorn ♑️ - The Old Soul (INTJs)
(The Legends say they are Moneymaker, but I don’t know that for sure either) :p
Tumblr media
Sorry about Aquarius & Pisces but Tumblr won’t let me post more than 10 pics :(
About Mbti Part is just my opinion based on Zodiac signs stereotypes.
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