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ghafa-dale20 minutes ago
William Herondale
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"There is plenty of sense in nonsense, if you wish to look for it"
Will Herondale Remembrance day
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Ave Atque Vale Will
Today let's remember a wonderful father, husband,brother, friend and parabatai who loved his family more than anything.
Let's remember the blue-eyed boy we all love.
Let's remember a true hero.
You will be forever in our hearts..
Ave Atque Vale William Owen Herondale..
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thepictureofsdr3 hours ago
Tumblr media
low quality joshwood picnic by my covid second dose fried body at the suggestion of @anarmorofwords @foxglove-airmid
eugenia keeps undoing her elaborate hairstyles bc she likes when kamala plays with her hair and sophie doesn鈥檛 have the heart to be annoyed that her hard work is going to waste bc 鉁▂oung love鉁
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tessasclockworkangel3 hours ago
Baby didn't dump her toxic ex who shamed and degraded her just so you bitches could sleep on Ariadne Bridgestock.
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starry-lu4 hours ago
Matthew: if you don鈥檛 shut up, I swear to the angel, Alastair, I will ruin your happiness and鈥
Alastair: happiness? *turns to Cordelia* ... I鈥檓 happy?
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cant-think-of-anything5 hours ago
For the controversial thing:
Jordelia(I know most people love it but they鈥檝e been getting some hate recently)
Chain of Iron
Dru and Jaime/Dru and Ash
I don't ship them. There's no chemistry just lust. And it's possible I'm bitter because of Lucelia but even looking at their relationship there hasn't been much of anything besides Cordelia devaluing herself and James (however unintentional it may be) devaluing her.
Chain of Iron-
everyone was out of character and the plot pacing was awful (Alastair and Christopher were great though)
Dru and Jaime/ Dru and Ash
Dru x Jaime - Isn't he over 18? He also said he loved her like a sister. I don't ship them at all
Dru x Ash - Indifferent? Could be interesting but have no opinion on it so far
Thanks for the ask anon!
Ask me something controversial about book fandoms!
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thepictureofsdr5 hours ago
鈥溾檡ou鈥檙e carrying spears?鈥 james demanded.聽鈥榠 never leave home without my spears!鈥 cried alastair, causing them all to stare, even grace. james had questions but no chance to ask them.鈥 - chain of gold pg 250
ah yes. how weird of a shadowhunter, whose life鈥檚 purpose is to fight demons, who lives in a city with a recent infestation of daylight demons who鈥檝e started a demonic epidemic, how weird of him to carry a weapon at all times,,,?
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belle-keys7 hours ago
Reflections: Society vs the Supernatural and TLH characters
Okay, I just think it鈥檚 interesting the way the celestial fantasy elements in The Last Hours seem to affect the characters鈥 emotional arcs much less than that of鈥 social codes. It鈥檚 your image and reputation that link you to a very specific, respected, and elevated circle in society after all. This is how Shadowhunter society operates especially in TLH (basically, they鈥檙e aristocratic families), and it鈥檚 quite rooted in the makeup of Edwardian society.
The Last Hours' most pivotal plot moments aren't punctuated by demons and death and war against evil powers and all that action stuff. Instead, the major tide-turners in TLH are based around the functioning of the milieu social: things like marriage, reputation, gossip, and romantic understandings, which isn't something we've seen this emphasized in previous Shadowhunter books so much, but which works so well in TLH given the context of the book and it's roots in Great Expectations: class, wealth, reputation and romance are the game-changers in TLH instead of demons and character deaths. In this way, society at large and social codes are the strings that pull the whole series together, more so than the supernatural.
Chain of Gold's major cliffhanger wasn't anything supernatural: it was James and Cordelia's betrothal. Chain of Iron's cliffhanger wasn't anything fantastical either: it was James' suspected infidelity, Matthew's love confession and Cordelia's decision to chase freedom in Paris and escape gossip and expectations. Thomas and Alastair aren't together, not because any supernatural force or Act if God is stopping them from being in love, but because of Alastair's crushing rumor and instance of slander, meaning that they they won't work out easily as a couple. Ariadne breaks Anna's heart for no reason other than what society will think of them reputation-wise and what it can mean for their's families' esteem. Matthew almost poisons his mother based on a rumor that would make him a delegitimized child, a bastard, and becomes an alcoholic after. Heck, even James' grandfather being a prince of Hell isn't as daunting as what prejudice the fact would bring towards the family and Tessa from his perspective.
There's also the juxtaposition of what it means to be in society versus being outside of society in TLH: James is in society and is accepted by society, and thus James' archetype is the Eligible Bachelor. Grace is outside of society, so she is the Enchanting Recluse. Cordelia is the classic Debutante, having settled in London after travels to curry favor in joining society (common trope in Regency era lit) and Anna and Matthew, conversely, are within society yet not quite accepted: the Bohemians.
Reputation and what-people-will-say form the basis for the majority of the conflict in TLH: the Charlotte and Gideon rumor has major consequences for both Matthew and Thomastair. Cordelia compromising her honor by saying she spent a night with James makes the plot pivot completely. Fairstairs fleeing to Paris is another jaw-dropper which again is spurred by the shame of James' supposed infidelity. These decisions aren鈥檛 driven by any herald of the world ending or the sky cleaving apart with demons or someone dying; it鈥檚 simply society鈥檚 forces at work.
Since reputation and propriety are major themes in TLH which form the foundation for the majority of the book's plot, the only choice by which the characters can conceal these dark truths is secrecy. The majority of characters in TMI and TDA know literally everything that happened in the Clockwork War and during TID, but it seems that the events of TLH have been carefully concealed over time. This secret motif is perfectly symbolized by the false Family Tree that's been duping so many people for ages (see: me). TLH is a story of internal passions conflicting with external social expectations, and that's why it constantly suscits the needs for lies and secrecy, and hence, miscommunication. (See: Lucie being secretly in love with a ghost so she has to go against the Clave to do necromancy).
Why is this interesting? I think it's interesting because CC has managed to write a supernatural/fantasy series where the cornerstones of the story itself aren't truly... supernatural. All of the characters' arcs, save maybe James鈥, find themselves driven by emotions, internal passions and fear of social exile rather than fantasy elements. It's the opposite of TID: Will's character arc was driven by his supposed demonic curse and the demon who killed Ella, Tessa's character arc was her mysterious parentage and powers and the clockwork monsters, and Jem's was founded on his impending death by poisoning and the yin fen. These are all supernatural elements that seem to imply impending doom and dread and urgency.
Instead, TLH is a story of the heart and young people chasing their passions within the confines of their milieu social, and that makes it extremely original and fun, and even proves that while CC is notorious for reusing tropes, she also knows how to construct an elaborate time period story. It pays homage to how important social status and wealth was in Great Expectations itself too, and makes the miscommunication trope often found in romance actually necessary and interesting instead of exhausting and cheap.
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gummybears-4u11 hours ago
Augustus Pounceby
/Aw-guh-stuhs pouns-bahy/ 馃攭
A very minor, sideline and irrelevant character that somehow has had such large and pervasive impact on some of the tlh characters lives.
Eg. Augustus pounceby was such a c*nt to Eugenia Lightwood and Alastair Carstairs.
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khaleesiofalicante11 hours ago
if james herondale doesn't get a hug in chot i'm gonna be so mad
Tumblr media
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itsjusta-j-really15 hours ago
thinking about after they get together, thomas and alastair slipping out of the ballroom at an institute party and finding an empty room nearby and dancing together and neither of them are amazing dancers and they trip over each other a few times and laugh about it and then a slower song comes on and alastair just rests his head on thomas鈥檚 chest and they kinda just sway in place and whisper to each other and please i need this
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itsjusta-j-really15 hours ago
gideon and sophie鈥檚 two daughters are in the scene from when will died even tho barbara is dead bc eugenia comes with kamala aka her wife there fixed it
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