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mako x amon’s daughter!reader- sins

in which the conflict with the red lotus is resolved.

genre: slow burn angst


Originally posted by bubbleflexe

the green hue cast over the cavern walls was becoming an eye strain. however, you were used to if not comfortable with the handcuffs encasing your hands. it wasn’t like you hadn’t been dealing with imprisonments for the last year.

you weren’t sure how it all really happened. korra wanted to sacrifice herself for the airbenders, but you all came up with a plan to save her. the rest happened in a blur of deceiving and fighting. all you remember was the sound of korra in her walkie talkie.

“guys… they don’t just want me.”

“then what else?”

“you, y/n. they want you, too.”

and so, you woke up in chains under captivity of the red lotus. your situation wasn’t nearly as desperate as korra’s, however. she was chained above a chasm in the ground below her, her arms and legs spread away from her body.

she hadn’t woken up yet. they needed her awake. you’d know. they wouldn’t stop repeating that they needed her awake.

the red lotus members kept throwing you glances after you finally calmed down, the clinking of your chains becoming silence. you were becoming desperate to save one of your best friends, even if she didn’t consider you one of hers.

you knew what the red lotus wanted with you as well, so the only problem was deciding how you could get some leverage over them. you pondered the thought for what felt like hours, but nothing came up.

panic was washing over you. what were they going to do to her? what if it was fatal? what if korra’s demise was your fault? what if the world’s doom was your fault?

was joining their side, as they wanted, your only choice? would they let her go if you stood by them in any battle against your friends? the obvious choice became increasingly clear to you.

you’d caused enough damage to society, to your friends, to this earth. it was time you paid your dues. after all, the red lotus would end up falling if korra was set free. but the only way to set her free and assist to their demise was to fall with them.

you were about to break so many hearts, lose their trust all over again. the process to regain it would be painstaking and tedious, but it was necessary. and hopefully they’d be able to see that you weren’t only causing catastrophical damage, but saving the avatar cycle.

while you were gathering up the courage to pledge allegiance to the red lotus, a thought occurred. you hatched a plan. a small grin formed on your face. you pushed it away.

“hey!” you shouted, writhing in your chains. “one of you, any of you!”

zaheer glanced around to his companions, and they suggested he go visit you. he sighed and approached you, dropping down to your level once he was a good distance away from you, yet close enough to have a decent conversation. “what is it, y/n?”

you took a breath. “i’ve been thinking about it. your offer, i mean. anyways, i- i was hoping it’s not too late to join your side. i see now that there’s no way the avatar will succeed in her fight against you, nor will she or her friends ever forgive me.”

little did zaheer know that they already had.

“that’s the only reason you’d like to join? pathetic.”

he stood to leave, but you stopped him. “no! that’s not all. i-“ you stumbled over your words. “i see what you mean. chaos is the natural order of the world. the earth queen was an oppressive puppet master, and leaders like her will only continue to pop up if we don’t put an end to it. we need a clean slate on this earth.”

zaheer’s eyebrows furrowed as he looked from you to his friends. “i’m… glad you see it our way.” he mumbled before turning to leave you once again.

“and, zaheer?”


“the only way you’ll win against them is with my help.” you smirked to yourself. “i know it, and you know it, deep down. i’m the only living person to have ever defeated the avatar successfully. you’ve tried multiple times and failed. what makes you think you can do it without me?”

zaheer spun around and quickly knelt down to your chains. “you want a chance? here it is. step out of line once and consider yourself dead.”

you shrugged your platinum encasements off and stood, stretching your legs. “don’t worry. i’m not wasting this opportunity.”

you followed zaheer to the center of the cliff, before korra, rubbing your wrists. your eyes nearly filled with tears at the pitiful sight of the avatar bound unknowingly. ironically, her eyes snapped open as you took your spot beside the airbender.

she looked around frantically, and her breathing became hectic as she noticed the shackles holding her up. she scanned the people below her and her eyes found yours. you wanted to disappear. but she had to trust you had a plan. “y/n?” korra whispered, her voice hoarse and cracking. then her eyes narrowed and she trashed around in her imprisonment, shouting, “y/n!”

“hi, korra.”

“you were with them all along? weren’t you!” she accused, giving up on the writhing. “i should’ve known! you probably bloodbent me, too! that’s probably how i’m here!”

it hurt to see just how little faith she had in you.

“now, korra. y/n did nothing of the sort.” zaheer assured, placing a hand on your shoulder. “she’s just recently come to her senses.”

“y/n, why?” you barely heard her whisper. it sent a pang to your chest. her eyes darted back to the red lotus members. “what are you doing with me?”

“see this?” the new airbender asked, gesturing to the bowl that two of the lower members held. “this is a poison that is supposed to welcome in the avatar state. you won’t be able to fight it, korra. then, we just have to end you while you’re in the avatar state. then, cycle is finished, and only then, will the world find true peace.”

korra started to panic as the benders propelled the poison ever so slowly up to her limbs. if there was any time to commence your plan, it was then. you just needed the perfect moment. it got closer to her skin and you seized control of the men bending the poison.

however, your timing was off by just a few seconds. the poison came into contact with her skin and seeped into her body. the men froze up and the bowl clattered to the floor. zaheer and his two friends looked at them in utter confusion. “what is wrong with you fools?!” ming hua shouted, venom dripping from her tone.

your heart rate increased tenfold as all eyes turned to you. all it took was a look and everyone in the room was under your blood grip. even zaheer, ghazan, and ming hua, three of the most powerful benders in the world, couldn’t hold off your bending, even if you hadn’t used it in nearly a year.

“hm, why didn’t-“ zaheer struggled to speak against your blood grip. “why didn’t i see this coming?”

“i have a feeling you did. i have a feeling you wanted to go up against me and see if you’d win.” you taunted, keeping your grip tight. “newsflash- you won’t.”

you heard korra groaning and struggling against her bondage and begged that her avatar state wouldn’t kick in, but that she would bust herself out and you could get some help. unfortunately, her avatar state came in full gear.

she ripped the opposite ends of her chains out from the walls and used firebending to propel herself down to where you held them off. you dropped the red lotus members to the ground and stumbled around a bit yourself, struggling to find the correct balance.

your hands were shaking. you just bloodbent. you did. and you didn’t even think twice about it. all you could see were the hands of a monster. a monster. a monster. that’s what you were. you knew it. everyone knew it.

everyone was right not to trust you. how could you trust yourself if you just went back on your morals without a slight sign of hesitation? maybe… just maybe… you deserved to be in a cell.

all of the sudden, you saw mako and bolin standing on a ledge above you. they signaled for you to be quiet. korra held her own against the red lotus as you leaned against the cool wall behind you, trying to still your panicked breathing. you mentally kicked yourself. never, would you ever bloodbend again.

you jumped in shock as korra blasted up through the center of the cavern and zaheer followed her out and into the sky. that meant it was your turn to fight again. only this time, mako and bolin jumped down from their ledge and were there to help.

“glad you could make it, boys.” you bantered, cracking your knuckles.

“can’t let our star waterbender fight alone,” bolin grinned and winked at you. you felt your heart melt at the fact that he replaced blood bender with waterbender when describing you.

after all, you were a brand new person. a person the red lotus should learn to fear.


one day. you were allowed one day after the final battle with the red lotus to say your goodbyes and prepare to be in a small platinum box for the rest of your waking life. the krew was devistated. they’d totally forgotten you’d be going back to prison after all was said and done. your hugs were long and emotional and filled with regret. they regretted holding a grudge as long as they did. you regretted ever listening to your father.

ordinarily, you’d be absolutely pissed, but you just felt at peace as you began your trek to the ship that would transport you to your remote island. after you bloodbent without thought, you saw the reason why everyone feared you. why the kept you imprisoned.

you were a monster that would do something so violating of nature without hesitation. you were a danger to the world. it was time you accepted that.

but there was someone who refused to accept it.

“y/n!” you heard mako call. you and your white lotus guards stopped in your tracks. you spun around to see him jogging down the pier. “can you give us a second? i’ve got this,” he gestured for the guards to leave.

they did so and gave you two space. “hi, mako.”

“i never got to see you yesterday.” he said breathlessly, almost like he ran here after finding out you were leaving that day. almost.

you didn’t even realize. “hm. i guess not.”

he rubbed the back of his neck nervously. “i really want to apologize for the way we left things before you were kidnapped with korra. i didn’t mean to be so aggressive and-“

“no, it’s okay. i shouldn’t have even put you in that position. i knew how you felt about me.” you waved it off, dragging both of your hands up since they were bound together. the krew must’ve put in a good word for you because instead of platinum that covered your entire hands, the white lotus gave you regular wrist handcuffs.

“but, i…” he couldn’t seem to say what he wanted to say. he wanted to tell you that he lied to you. but he didn’t know what he lied about.

“mako, i’ve got to go.”

“i forgot you even had to go back, everything just felt so normal,” he said exasperatedly, a frustrated sigh leaving his lips. his voice lowered into his throat. “we felt normal, y/n.”

“i know. i enjoyed being with you guys and outside my cell for a bit. but, oh well. i should get used to it, right? that’s where i’ll be for the rest of my life.”

“and it shouldn’t be that way!” mako exclaimed, reaching up to thread his fingers in his hair. “i’ve gotten to know you so much more and i know what you’ve been through. you don’t deserve to be imprisoned. not for life!”

“mako, it’s okay,” you whispered as your hand made very light contact with his cheek. he immediately leaned into your touch. angry and frustrated tears slipped from his eye and into your palm.

“i don’t want you to go,” he mumbled. nobody else could hear those words. not even mako himself. but you did.

“sweetheart,” you murmured, giving him a slight flashback to when you called him that cynically. “after all my sins, isn’t this what i deserve?”

he shook his head. he was not willing to let you degrade yourself. your thumb wiped away an escaped tear on his cheek. “i do. i deserve this, mako. i will be okay, i promise you. you can visit me whenever you’d like.”

“i don’t want to visit you, y/n.” he said suddenly. you dropped your hand and your mouth parted slightly. you weren’t sure what you did you switch his mood like that. “i want to see you every day, i want to wake up beside you, i want to be the one you can come to, freely! y/n, i want you.”

you felt your throat tighten, like you were going to cry, but you couldn’t. you had to stay strong. you needed to be in that cell. “mako, darling, you have no idea how badly i want you. but i can’t. i terrify people, mako, i terrify myself. behind bars is where i deserve to be. and that’s okay with me.”

“hey, blood bender!” a guard called from the ship’s deck. “time’s up!”

“that’s my queue.” you mumbled, getting on your tiptoes and pressing a lingering kiss to his cheek. “i’ll see you soon, okay, sweetheart?”

mako reached up and touch the part of his skin where your lips had just previously been as you backed away from him. “okay.”

he watched you as you walked to the ship, frozen in place. a sad, nostalgic smile formed on his face as he heard you exclaim excitedly, “toothless!”

tag list: @biqherosix @sokkas-honour @holymotherof-fandom @chewymoustachio @moonlightaangel @sorrythatspussynal

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He’ll be happy that there’s at least closure on the Avatar’s origins. And Wan is actually a very likable and fun character to watch and might he say he respects the man as well, the only thing he dislikes it’s there’s not enough of him. He also like that he frail human got in the middle of a scruff between two powerful beings, such a gutsy boy Wan is. Vaatu legit looks like something Alucard would summon and he’ll remark it too. Might even try to replicate Vaatu using his shadows. Wan journey with later Raava joining him is really pleasing to watch and the animation isn’t something he’ll complain about. At the end of Wan’s life, the vamp will feel bittersweet about it. He wonders if this is how he would have died in battle, old and gray too if he hadn’t been executed ages ago. An old aged Wan dying in battle is bittersweet for Alucard. Alas, he likes this little side but key story on the otherwise most flat season of TLOK.

2 notes

Theres no point of avatar studios if there arent many, many people of color advising and helping create the content put out to prevent dumb decisions that have unfortunately plagued of the series in all its different forms.

In terms of CONTENT, theres also no point if we dont get 1. A Katara centric series where we find out what she got up to post series between ATLA and TLOK 2. An Azula alone type thing that overwrites the events of the comics and 3. Kyoshi novel adaptations.

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My hand slipped and one thing led to another and uh-

once again inspired from Sour Cherry by @phantompearls , this time from chapter 2 “Bondage” (sorry I kinda have a drawing spree going on 😅)


“You don’t get to say another word tonight unless I allow it”

[ID: A digital drawing of Kuvira from the Legend of Korra. She is drawn from the side, slightly angled so that she is looking down. She has a smirk on her face and she has her gaze downwards. On the down right corner can be seen her thumb and the chin of another person. The colors used in the drawing are differend shades of gray and the background of the drawing is dark red. /END ID.]

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by ThatOneGuy56

Naga brings home a surprise.

Words: 1773, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 27 of My Works

from AO3 works tagged ‘Avatar: Legend of Korra’
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My Legend of Korra redraw of the single greatest piece of Seinfeld art: “What’s The Deal With Time” by @twylamae (Twyla Skeggs).

5 notes

Okay so I obviously have so much work to do, so what I’m gonna do is rate ships from tLOK, feel free to add your opinion or comment on mine!

  • linzin (Lin x Tenzin), 10/10, I love those two so much, they have amazing dynamic and I feel they were such a power couple, definitely would like to see them together
  • pemzin (Tenzin x Pema), 3/10, so I personally don’t really like Pema cuz she doesn’t have much personality imo, basically her only trait is being a mother (which, I believe, is hard enough but shouldn’t be treated as a character trait) and being harsh to Lin. definitely loving linzin more.
  • masami (Mako x Asami), 9/10, yeah their relationship actually made a lot of sense, later on it was based on friendship and overall was very sweet and I think it had a lot potential but yeah, we got what we got and obviously love triangle had to be involved
  • kainora (Kai x Jinora), 10/10, hjwuagjd they were so sweet, I loved them together, too bad they didn’t get much screen time in s4 because they were perfect representation of first love and how it lasts, just fluff
  • makorra (mako x korra), 0/10, now wth happened there?? this was shitty, toxic and undeveloped thing added imo just to spice things up so as to have cOmPlIcAtEd ReLaTiOnShIpS, which, big surprise, didn’t work at all and only made people hate mako (if that was the goal, well done then). as it turned out tho, they worked much better as friends
  • bopal (Bolin x Opal), 6/10, kinda cute but nothing special, it was nice to see Bolin getting some love after his adventures with korra (1/10, they had fun together but getting him into this mess would just made him even more broken than he already was, thank goodness he got over korra quickly and just stayed friends with her), eska (2/10, i don’t even know what to rate here, this relationship was obviously introduced as comedic relief (which, tbh, worked)) and ginger (0/10, yeah, girl, he’s definitely gonna be your bf now that he’s famous, that’s so nice you see him! cmon). opal being a strong young woman certainly helped him overcome his insecurities and he didn’t have to worry about getting out of toxic relationship (again)
  • korrasami (korra x asami), 5/10, I honestly couldn’t care less
  • baayin (baatar x suyin), 4/10, not much to rate here either because baatar also didn’t have much personality but it was nice seeing him staying by her side always, no matter what (even standing up to kuvira for su)
  • zhurrick (zhu li x varrick), 6/10, I really liked that it was kinda hinted from the beginning, it also made sense they got married so quickly but zhu li changing out of nowhere to whole other person?? like, what??
  • baavira (baatar jr x kuvira), 6/10, I feel kuvira really did love baatar but was just blinded by possibilities of power (and, well, power itself), I think it’s just tragic history they built for years and then destroyed basically together, breaking each other’s hearts
  • pheer (p’li x zaheer), 8/10, I WANNA KNOW THEIR BACKSTORY!! what happened there? how did it happen? so many questions ygh! but they worked great together, good thing they didn’t make zaheer indifferent villain without feelings, his ship with p’li was so great.
  • mingzan (ghazan x ming-hua), 10/10, I consider this canon, sorry not sorry, they had amazing dynamic and it was so obvious they had a crush on each other (remember that scene with Bolin guessing three things about them? do you? huh??), I feel they’d be great together as their relationship is also built on a strong friendship

BONUS (non-canon ships):

  • wuko (wu x mako), 0/10, yeah, another ship ppl created out of nowhere just to have mlm ship with two handsome guys in the show, same story as with zukka (okay maybe wuko has a bit more basis than zukka but still). I think they’re great friends, learning from each other but would be terrible in romantic relationship (just imagine mako getting so frustrated and angry nearly every time they interact, please, just give him a rest)
  • kylin (kya x lin), 6/10, for me they have more sibling-like relationship and yeah, I’m a big linzin stan, but i think if I ignored this for a sec, they would be a couple I’d ship, just imagine the sass and power of those two being so badass
  • amorra (amon x korra), -1/10, why the hell this even exists
2 notes

i’m so happy to know that there will be more animated avatar content ó.ò the amount of stories we could get, like azula redemption, the story of the kyoshi warriors, ursa’s return, more about kiyi, more about the past avatars, the gaang in their adulthood, the gaang kids, more of the red lotus, suki’s backstory ahhhhhhhh

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lin beifong deserved so many apologies she didn’t get

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