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#tlok asami

Okay so I obviously have so much work to do, so what I’m gonna do is rate ships from tLOK, feel free to add your opinion or comment on mine!

  • linzin (Lin x Tenzin), 10/10, I love those two so much, they have amazing dynamic and I feel they were such a power couple, definitely would like to see them together
  • pemzin (Tenzin x Pema), 3/10, so I personally don’t really like Pema cuz she doesn’t have much personality imo, basically her only trait is being a mother (which, I believe, is hard enough but shouldn’t be treated as a character trait) and being harsh to Lin. definitely loving linzin more.
  • masami (Mako x Asami), 9/10, yeah their relationship actually made a lot of sense, later on it was based on friendship and overall was very sweet and I think it had a lot potential but yeah, we got what we got and obviously love triangle had to be involved
  • kainora (Kai x Jinora), 10/10, hjwuagjd they were so sweet, I loved them together, too bad they didn’t get much screen time in s4 because they were perfect representation of first love and how it lasts, just fluff
  • makorra (mako x korra), 0/10, now wth happened there?? this was shitty, toxic and undeveloped thing added imo just to spice things up so as to have cOmPlIcAtEd ReLaTiOnShIpS, which, big surprise, didn’t work at all and only made people hate mako (if that was the goal, well done then). as it turned out tho, they worked much better as friends
  • bopal (Bolin x Opal), 6/10, kinda cute but nothing special, it was nice to see Bolin getting some love after his adventures with korra (1/10, they had fun together but getting him into this mess would just made him even more broken than he already was, thank goodness he got over korra quickly and just stayed friends with her), eska (2/10, i don’t even know what to rate here, this relationship was obviously introduced as comedic relief (which, tbh, worked)) and ginger (0/10, yeah, girl, he’s definitely gonna be your bf now that he’s famous, that’s so nice you see him! cmon). opal being a strong young woman certainly helped him overcome his insecurities and he didn’t have to worry about getting out of toxic relationship (again)
  • korrasami (korra x asami), 5/10, I honestly couldn’t care less
  • baayin (baatar x suyin), 4/10, not much to rate here either because baatar also didn’t have much personality but it was nice seeing him staying by her side always, no matter what (even standing up to kuvira for su)
  • zhurrick (zhu li x varrick), 6/10, I really liked that it was kinda hinted from the beginning, it also made sense they got married so quickly but zhu li changing out of nowhere to whole other person?? like, what??
  • baavira (baatar jr x kuvira), 6/10, I feel kuvira really did love baatar but was just blinded by possibilities of power (and, well, power itself), I think it’s just tragic history they built for years and then destroyed basically together, breaking each other’s hearts
  • pheer (p’li x zaheer), 8/10, I WANNA KNOW THEIR BACKSTORY!! what happened there? how did it happen? so many questions ygh! but they worked great together, good thing they didn’t make zaheer indifferent villain without feelings, his ship with p’li was so great.
  • mingzan (ghazan x ming-hua), 10/10, I consider this canon, sorry not sorry, they had amazing dynamic and it was so obvious they had a crush on each other (remember that scene with Bolin guessing three things about them? do you? huh??), I feel they’d be great together as their relationship is also built on a strong friendship

BONUS (non-canon ships):

  • wuko (wu x mako), 0/10, yeah, another ship ppl created out of nowhere just to have mlm ship with two handsome guys in the show, same story as with zukka (okay maybe wuko has a bit more basis than zukka but still). I think they’re great friends, learning from each other but would be terrible in romantic relationship (just imagine mako getting so frustrated and angry nearly every time they interact, please, just give him a rest)
  • kylin (kya x lin), 6/10, for me they have more sibling-like relationship and yeah, I’m a big linzin stan, but i think if I ignored this for a sec, they would be a couple I’d ship, just imagine the sass and power of those two being so badass
  • amorra (amon x korra), -1/10, why the hell this even exists
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Primero, la cara de Tenzin 😂😂😂

Segundo, me encanta como en esa escena Korra luce preocupada, mientras que Asami está como “Meh” 😂😂😂


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Korra and Asami’s reaction when Mako finds out Korra wrote to only Asami while she was away is not appreciated enough

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korra and asami :)

okay the middle one was badly cropped (i might redo it) but they’re still hot gfs so who cares uhh ha ha

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i just noticed in THIS scene, everyone’s hair is messy and then u look at asami and she’s just perfect

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HAPPY V DAY BESTIE @biqherosix !!!!

i matched you with: asami sato!!!


song: common sense by joshua bassett

  • y’all are both suuuuper down to earth and try not to let your ideals and fantasies get in the way of what’s real, but sometimes, that just doesn’t work. at all.


  • S. I. M. P. = ASAMI. girl will do ANYTHING for you
  • asami will sacrifice her sleep for 3am thoughts, you just KNOW she will. come on. like how she wrote to korra those three years and was the only one to off to go to the southern water tribe with her?? yea. she’ll do anything.
  • asami is a very technical person and will often analyze tiny things in the humongous planet like song lyrics or the inner mechanics of your phone but you just adore that
  • asami is good at carrying conversation and can pick up for you when your social battery runs out. she always knows when that will be too and has escapes lined up to get out of social events. GIRL IS JUST THOUGHTFUL, OKAY?

anyways, love you, bb. hope you had an amazing day.

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Catra, Asami, Amity, Bubblegum and Blake: Happy Valentines Day’s, and I like you.

Adora, Korra, Luz, and Yang: Happy Valentine’s Day to you too. I like you too. Wait you mean more as friends?

Marceline: Wait was that a diss?

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Happy Lunar New Year

I forgot to post this a few days ago


[Image ID: A digital drawing of the krew sitting around a circular table. Bolin’s back is facing the viewer, he is facing Asami with a slight smile on his face, he is also holding a cup close to his mouth. Mako, to the left of Bolin, is leaning back on his chair with his arms crossed and facing Asami. Korra, sat between Mako and Asami, is staring lovingly at Asami with her chin resting on her fists. Asami, between Korra and Bolin, is explaining something enthusiastically, waving her hands around as she speaks. End ID]

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~ korrasami x taylor swift ~

i decided to embrace the vintage vibe of the tech and society in lok and go with a monotone mood board, but i think it fits them well

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