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Souls Build Homes in Bodies - softperfuma - Avatar: Legend of Korra [Archive of Our Own]
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My contribuition. Happy Karrasami day!!

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I’ll always be mad that they made kuvira apologize to suyin in the comics, suyin was to kuvira what people think ursa was to azula

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it took me a few months to watch the first 3 seasons of tlok and then i got to s4, saw this bitch, and proceeded to watch all of it AND read two comics in literally 3 days

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Tenzin: What can possibly go wrong when they’re alone for one day?





Bathroom: -flooded-

Korra: I’m trying okay!

Mako, about to loose his shit: You’re a WATERBENDER

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every single supporting character at some point in turf wars:

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DAUUUMN KORRA she is ready to go, ushering Asami to bed trying to get some action like that 😂😂😂

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please don’t tell me they’re gonna make ruins of the empire a kuvira redemption comic. she literally murdered people and enslaved people from other nations. no no no no no no no

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