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#tlok fanart

Part 1 of my six fanarts challenge that I’m having a lot of fun with but cannot say when it will be finished

(Please don’t repost/use my art without permission, reblogs are appreciated tho :)

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My hand slipped and one thing led to another and uh-

once again inspired from Sour Cherry by @phantompearls , this time from chapter 2 “Bondage” (sorry I kinda have a drawing spree going on 😅)


“You don’t get to say another word tonight unless I allow it”

[ID: A digital drawing of Kuvira from the Legend of Korra. She is drawn from the side, slightly angled so that she is looking down. She has a smirk on her face and she has her gaze downwards. On the down right corner can be seen her thumb and the chin of another person. The colors used in the drawing are differend shades of gray and the background of the drawing is dark red. /END ID.]

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A doodle

inspiration from chapter 14 “Release” of Sour Cherry by @phantompearls​ 

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“What do you want tonight? I’ll give you anything. Whatever you desire”

[Image ID: A simple drawing of Kuvira from the Legend of Korra and another feminine person, who is sitting on Kuvira’s lap. Kuvira has her hands around the other person’s waist and is looking up at them, with a slight smirk over her lips. The other person has their back facing towards the viewer and they are looking down at Kuvira. The background of the drawing is red. /END ID.]

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Wuko, modeled after the Maharaja and Maharani of Indore as photographed by Man Ray. Enjoy, tlok gays

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👀 should I post this when I’m ready? and no, it’s not korvira even though that’s what it looks like

also I should probably learn how to draw faces and hair. and color. idk


[Image ID: A cropped image of a drawing. In the drawing there are two women, the one with lighter skin being Kuvira from the Legend of Korra. The women are lying on the ground and hugging each other. The drawing is in black and white. /END ID.]

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This was a commission for an anniversary and the truth is that I had a lot of fun doing it and I appreciate that you trusted me to do it.

In other news, I’m much better about COVID, but the doctor still doesn’t allow me to work, so I will still be away with new drawings.

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Just some fanart of Kuvira from The Legend of Korra :)

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“DATE C” for @korrasami-valentine-exchange 💕💕💕

Wanted to do both V day and Lunar new year themed date bc I’m an Ox baby 🐃🎁🧧✨💕

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy New Year! 💕✨🥺🧧🥰🎁🌈

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