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#tlok fanfiction
ahhhsami · 3 years ago
Will you plz give us some fic recs for each of your ships
I have too many ships. These are just the ships that I read for;
Bumbleby (RWBY):- you’ve got me seeing stars by explosivesky- Surrender by SimplyKorra (Also contains White Rose)
Clexa (The 100):- the second I saw you through half-shut eyes by faithtastic- Stronger Than We Know by proudlyyours- Head over Feet by Tabithacraft
Korrasami (The Legend of Korra):- Love Isn’t as Easy as the Books Make it Seem by AnotherShotofBourbon- The College of the Holy and Undivided Elements by Fuhadeza- Food Fight by Velvet95- Girlfriends Series by Aspidities- She’s a Pirate by AvatarAang7- Ghosts and Gardens by brightstarff- A Korra a Day Keeps the Pain Away by Writerleft- Heartwrenching by Writerleft- Comforts of Home by Emirael- Reframing the Question by MalachiTamim- Country Love by MargretThatcher- Age of Love by MargretThatcher- like broken thunder by neurolingual- The Code of the Jedi by RaeDMagdon and Revans_Mask- Start Again by YennaWang (shamelessly self-promoting)
Pharmercy (Overwatch):- not because of this by Barrhorn- Flying High by CourierNinetyTwo- Moonlight by ziegler
Supercorp (Supergirl):- Guiding Light by cantdrawshaw- SuperAlpha by TheEvangelion
Sanvers (Supergirl):- Pizza Delivery Girl AU Series by Izzi456- Touch Me, Touch You by seaunicorn- Undercover Lovers by Supergirl_everything- Welcome to the Gayborhood, Danvers by SapphicScholar
Wayhaught (Wynonna Earp):- This Is What You Came For by thewaywedo33- Open Range Hearts by thewaywedo33- Backrooms and Bathrooms by Bootsncatz- From Hell to Purgatory by Bootsncatz- I Counted the Stars (and they led to you) by Bootsncatz- Say hey if you’re gay Series by Tabithacraft- that lipstick on your collar (well it ain’t my shade of pink) by RaeDMagdon
Others:- Used to This Series by Kayleen756894 (Amberpricefield [LiS])- Experimentation by Redlance (Bechloe [Pitch Perfect])- Stuck by Armengard (Chlodine [Uncharted])- how your type operates by stripperanakin (Chlodine [Uncharted])- Touch by ashesandhoney(Shallura [Voltron])
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zukkaclawthorne · 6 months ago
written for day one of winter atla femslash week 2021: first kiss/kisses
Rating: T Relationship: Lin Beifing/Kya II Characters: Kya II (Avatar), Lin Beifong, Izumi (Avatar), Bumi II (Avatar) Word Count: 9145
Summary: can i try again, try again, try again try again and again and again?
five times lin doesn't kiss kya right, and one time she does
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ahhhsami · 3 years ago
When someone asks you what you’re reading and it’s fanfiction...
Tumblr media
And then they’re like...
Tumblr media
And you’re like...
Tumblr media
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simplykorra · 6 months ago
Thank you all so much for the comments and kind words on the last chapter. If I'm being honest, this story terrifies me. Fluffy Korrasami banter I can handle - but actual plot? The scariest thing in the world. So I hope the plot I have planned for this one is enjoyable because I've had a blast writing it and now, we're starting to really dig deep.
Tumblr media
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zukkaclawthorne · 6 months ago
good evening zukka nation yesterday i watched episode 3x03 of legend of korra and decided hmm. you know what would be fun? if zukka had been casually canon! why would that be fun? because then we could’ve seen p’li trying to tick zuko off by mentioning sokka.
anyway then i wrote this. i haven’t watched past 3x07 of tlok so just... ignore any inaccuracies 
tw for references to character death
and in the end, it had word count: 1016
P’li creeps closer to the cell door, and lowers herself enough that she can look Zuko in the eye. He meets her gaze, knowing better than to display any sign of fear.
“Where’s your little Water Tribe toy?” she taunts. “Didn’t bring him along today?”
Something icy stabs through Zuko’s chest at the reference to Sokka. It’s been long enough that the mere mention of his name doesn’t throw Zuko off kilter, but the way P’li speaks - like she somehow already knows - has Zuko wishing he could rip the cell door off its hinges and put an end to her right here and now. He might do it, too, if not for the knowledge that Sokka would disapprove.
Sokka would say something like, “She’s just trying to get under your skin. Don’t let her. You’re stronger than that, I know you are,” because Sokka always, always, believed in Zuko.
As it is, Zuko can’t stop his body temperature from rising.
P’li gasps, mock concern filling her voice to the point where it’s making Zuko sick. “Oh? Don’t tell me something happened to him.”
Zuko looks away from P’li’s gaze enough that it answers her question wordlessly. He can feel Tonraq standing tense next to him, like he’s ready to hold Zuko back from a fight. Like he’s hoping he even can. 
P’li clicks her tongue. “Well,” she says, the false sense of concern abandoned in favor of her original taunting tone. “We all knew you’d outlive him anyways.”
Zuko wants to scream. He wants to tell P’li off, tell her how it should have been Zuko to die first, how Sokka’s only gone because he sacrificed himself to save Zuko’s life. But then again, maybe that’s what she means. Of course Sokka wouldn’t have let Zuko die before him. He’s too stubborn, too loyal, too self-sacrificing, too insistent that he’s always the less important one.
He never was. As far as Zuko is concerned, Sokka was the most important. As far as Zuko is concerned, he still is.
Because it’s Sokka’s memory - Sokka’s ghost, haunting Zuko’s mind - that stops him from lashing out at P’li. It’s the part of Sokka’s spirit still dwelling in Zuko’s bones that reels his temper in and stops him from inadvertently freeing P’li before Zaheer even makes it to the North Pole.
She’s just trying to get under your skin.
If it had actually been Sokka speaking, he would’ve thrown some pet name in there that Zuko would have pretended to hate during the early years of their relationship but ultimately admitted he liked because it was a reminder that Sokka had chosen him.
Sokka isn’t actually speaking, though. He isn’t here. He’s gone.
Zuko steps towards the cell, bracing himself to throw Tonraq’s hand off him if he tries anything. He doesn’t.
“If you’re going to talk about Sokka,” Zuko has no idea how he manages to keep his voice steady, “at least have the decency to use his name.” It’s not even close to what he wanted to tell P’li, but it’s what he can manage without setting the entire place on fire and putting Avatar Korra in even more danger than she already is.
He turns on his heel, away from P’li so he doesn’t have to look at her menacing smile for a moment longer, looking like she’s trying to peer into Zuko’s mind and figure out what she can say to tip him over the edge. And he doesn’t have to stare at that mark on her forehead that sends Zuko all the way back to the Western Air Temple before the war was over, back to Team Avatar reluctantly accepting him into their group and Sokka’s soft smile when he showed Zuko to his room.
He avoids making eye contact with Tonraq or either of the kids. “Let’s go,” he grumbles, pushing past them. He doesn’t bother turning around to make sure they follow. 
“I’m sorry for your loss!” P’li calls after him. “No really - I am. You two were good for each other.”
Zuko winces. His hand reaches up towards his topknot absentmindedly, reaching for a hairpiece he can’t bear to wear anymore because it hurts too much to be reminded that Sokka is gone every time he catches a glimpse of his reflection.
He shoves his hands into his pockets and tries to block out P’li’s voice. It doesn’t work.
“I know what it’s like to be separated from a significant other for a long time.” He can hear the smirk in her voice. “Only difference is mine is coming back for me. Yours can’t.”
The sharp iciness digs itself deeper into Zuko, wrenching his heart in half and making his stomach churn. He closes his eyes and thanks Agni it’s too cold here for tears to fall. He hears footsteps and hushed voices behind him, but he pushes them from his mind and walks onwards.
It’s not like being outside of this prison will help much, though. It’s all snow, all Water Tribe and reminiscent of Sokka. It’s all Boiling Rock Freezer-adjacent. It’s all a reminder of what he’s lost, far as the eye can see, and he can feel the heat radiating off his body.
If Sokka were here, he’d tell Zuko to focus on the task at hand instead of letting P’li’s words get the better of him. He’d wrap his arms around Zuko and whisper into his good ear, and he’d hang on for longer than he needed too under the pretense of being cold. He’d tell Zuko that no matter what happens, they won’t let any harm come to Korra or they’ll die trying to keep her safe.
It was a promise they’d made each other nearly a decade and a half ago, on Aang’s behalf. They would do whatever they needed to in order to keep Korra safe, even if it meant dying.
It was a promise Sokka had made Zuko too, time and time again. He would do whatever it took to keep Zuko safe, even if it meant dying.
And in the end, it had.
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hadesisqueer · 10 months ago
Me writing fanfiction but never publishing it because I don't like how I write in English.
Tumblr media
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terra-7 · 6 years ago
Tumblr media
Republic City Blues
Chapters 43-46 by beech27. Based on the flash-back of Kuvira and Asami in Zaofu.
"And so I set to walking, pacing the streets of Zaofu. I knew them and they knew me. We were acquainted, but not exactly friendly. But they took me where I wanted to go, and that was fine enough. Led me to the new noodle shop, and I thought that would be a good surprise, for her. She’d never known her parents - and I understood that - but still had a taste for those green noodles. I thought them a little strange at first, but grew to enjoy the taste of the sea, the salty briny bitterness all mixed up in a starchy bite."
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simplykorra · 6 months ago
Massive thank you to everyone reading and commenting and supporting this story. I have written so much of it already and I can't wait to share it with you all.
I promised another chapter this week, probably two next week as well :)
Tumblr media
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cell151 · 11 months ago
The Avatar & The Engineer:  Chapter 11 & 12
Tumblr media
Well after a year’s delay here it is, the next chapters in my Korrasami role switch AU that’s been going on for nearly four years but has suffered delays due to work, writer’s block, moving, more work and above all procrastination.
I’m particularly glad to get this chapters out as it means I am finally done with the Book 1 plot line and I don’t have to write about Equalists or Amon ever again.
Special thanks to @willoghby​ / @pichikui​ for the fantastic artwork. When I originally commissioned it I thought ‘Oh I’ll have this chapter done and out in a week or two.’ Didn’t turn out that way.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy and I apologize again for the delay
Chapter 11: Hidden Truths
Chapter 12: A Brief Respite
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simplykorra · 6 months ago
Not much to say, this story is really starting to get where it’s going now. Thank you all for reading :)
Tumblr media
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jurijscar · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
For @threehoursfromtroy from her fanfiction Found and Finding 
I know those spirits sounded a little creepy, but I guess we can just skip over that and cherry-pick the important part: You’re big! Never forget it, and never make others forget it!
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babypandawrites · 4 months ago
An Introduction, Of Sorts
Hello!  My apologies if you were looking through tags to find fics, but came across this instead. But! If that’s the case I can help you out with that :) After spending a lot of time looking through the wonderful writers here on tumblr and reading a lot of fics, I’ve decided to bring my own writing to the website.  Assuming I set it up correctly, my ask box should be up and running waiting for writing request! For now, this blog is going to strictly adhere to ATLA and TLOK works, but I may branch out from that in the future. 
Anyways I’m looking to write some reader insert request for the Avatar franchise! Romance, Angst, Familial, Platonic, you name it I’ll probably write it (excluding smut- I don’t write that) and I’m okay with writing pretty much all of the characters. Just let me know what you want, and I’ll do my best to get it done! For request I will always be writing the reader as gender neutral, unless specified otherwise by the requester! 
I hope this is a good enough little introduction, I’m a bit to awkward for things like this. Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful day! <3  -Masterlist-
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simplykorra · 5 months ago
Not a lot to say today. Thank you of course, so much, for the continued support. I was so excited and nervous about this plot but to see you all so invested and into it means the world to me. Just know, every comment helps me finish this fic and keeps me motivated. Thank you :)
Tumblr media
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terra-7 · 6 years ago
Tumblr media
Conflated Conversations 
Story/ art collaboration between Zai and myself, for Copper.
"A call from the conductor prompted Hiroshi to leave his seat and he hurried to the port, taking the automated platform to the ground level to meet his guide. A guard stood waiting attentively, her helmet under her arm and her torso encased in spotless metal. She saluted as soon as he was close enough to make out her face, and his eyebrows shot up in surprise. The girl was young, that much was evident. She couldn't have been more than nineteen or twenty years old, and he found himself thinking of his daughter with a sudden bout of homesickness.
Mr. Sato, the girl said, proffering her hand. I'm here to take you to the Beifong estate."
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talkingaboutcheese · 3 months ago
When Mako first met Wu, he was convinced that nobody in the world could be so damn annoying.
(Or: Local Firebender Falls for Earth Prince, More at Eleven)
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