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#tlok incorrect quotes
firelordzumi · 9 hours ago
Kya: I have decided to stop drinking for good.
Lin: Now she says she's started drinking for evil.
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iammelonl0rd · a day ago
Bolin: So, Korra. How does it feel to be Asami Sato's sugar baby?
Korra: Wouldn't know, ask Mako.
Mako: What the fuck Korra?
Asami: ...
Asami: She has a point you kn-
Mako: SHUT UP.
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firelordzumi · 3 days ago
Kya: You can do this. Just go talk to her.
Tenzin: Okay.
Tenzin: *walks over to Lin*
Tenzin: Hello.
Lin: Hi.
Tenzin: My sister thinks you're cute.
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firelordzumi · 3 days ago
Izumi, about Kya: Then we had a little eye contact.
Azula [stirring her tea]: Eye contact? I just hope you used protection.
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linsallyworld · 3 days ago
Kya: if I say I love you will you say it back?
Lin: Yes.
Kya: I love you.
Lin: it back.
* five minutes later *
Bumi: why is Kya crying face down on the floor?
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kyoshi-sei-naka · 4 days ago
Aang: I met this one guy like five centuries ago-
Katara: Aw, honey, not that many centuries ago
Lin, to Kya: Your parents are on a whole other level
Kya: :/
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firelordzumi · 5 days ago
Asami [on the phone]: Why didn't you tell me Lin and Kya were coming over?! I just walked into the living room in spider man boxers and a shirt that said "say hey if you're gay"
Korra: Did either of them say hey?
Asami: ...
Asami: Both did.
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fangirlauthor · 7 days ago
Asami: *angrily unties her hair*
asami: *pauses* *swears softly* korra: you needed your hair up didn’t you
asami: yes
korra: *nods knowingly*
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annierecovers · 8 days ago
Lin: Of course I care about all my friends equally!
Tenzin: We were attacked while you were away.
Lin: Is Kya okay?!
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burningphantomsoul · 8 days ago
Lin: It's dark in here
Lin: I'm not scared. I am the Chief of Police. I am a Beifong!
Kya: Do you want me to hold your hand?
Lin: Oh thank God! I thought I was gonna have to ask you.
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burningphantomsoul · 8 days ago
Jinora, a bookworm: What are you reading?
Lin: A book of things I love.
Jinora: But that’s just a photo album of Lin
Lin: Oh, what a coincidence.
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hugheswift · 9 days ago
Korra: Ow! Son of a bi-
Asami [pointing at Ikki]: Korra! Child!
Korra: -iscuit. Son of a biscuit
Asami: Nice save
Korra: Fucking nailed it
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firelordzumi · 13 days ago
[Android!Lin trope]
Tenzin: You can't just steal things!
Kya: I didn't steal!
Tenzin: Well, you stole Lin.
Kya: Lin can make her own decisions.
Android!Lin: I want to steal.
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mmsapataoltda · 14 days ago
Kya: Alright, we need to get through this locked door. Tenzin, give me your credit card
Tenzin: Here
Kya, pocketing it: Thanks. Lin destroy the door
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firelordzumi · 14 days ago
Asami: Did it hurt?
Korra: When I fell from heaven? No, I already told you guys that-
Asami: No, I was talking about when you tripped over that rock and fell into the pond.
Lin: We all saw it.
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linsallyworld · 14 days ago
Bolin: * looking under the furniture *
Bolin: * climbing on top of the wardrobe *
Bolin: * getting into the fireplace *
Korra: what are you doing?
Bolin: the easter bunny hid the eggs really well this year.
Korra: Bol-
Lin: if any of you say anything i will kill you all and then myself.
Kya: * stuffing a colored egg behind the sofa cushion * and I'll help.
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kyoshi-sei-naka · 15 days ago
Suyin: So what are your interests?
Bolin: Your son in my room
Bolin: The sun and the moon, I mean! I'm interested in... astrology
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linsallyworld · 16 days ago
Tenzin: so here I have this little box and we should put things really important to us inside of it.
Asami: can I put Korra inside the box?
Tenzin: no.
Su: can I put Kuvira inside the box?
Tenzin: no I mean important th-
Wu: can I put Mako inside the box?
Tenzin: goddamit nobody is gonna put their bottom inside the box.
Kya, already holding Lin: Why????
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