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#tlok korra

Yesterday I saw kuvira drawn in a maid outfit but I can’t find the fucking post bc my friend wants to see 😔

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Korra and Asami’s reaction when Mako finds out Korra wrote to only Asami while she was away is not appreciated enough

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chapter six of eots is up!!


“Kuvira rolled her eyes and let their banter set her at ease. "You know what I meant.” She helped Korra in reorganizing the sheets that they’d mussed and they both slipped under the covers. They maintained a comfortable distance, but Kuvira couldn’t tell if it would be worse to continue to share the bed stiffly like unfamiliar bunkmates at summer camp, or to sleep with limbs intertwined like lovers would. 

Kuvira laid awake, searching her heart for an answer despite her efforts not to while she heard Korra’s breathing grow slower and heavier. “Night, ‘Vira,” Korra murmured sleepily. The nickname she’d never heard leave Korra’s lips before now made the bed feel somehow more hospitable than it had before. She refused to dwell on the intimate nature of the feeling in her chest, the same one that Korra had a knack for eliciting as she quietly returned the whispered sentiment. 

After a while longer, she let the constant sound of Korra’s breathing and the feeling of her own heartbeat slowing in her chest loosen her limbs and set her adrift. As her heavy lids began to gently close, she felt Korra shift next to her, and roll over to tuck herself into Kuvira’s body. She was clearly already fast asleep and certainly had no intention of having closed the space between them in such a tender gesture. 

Kuvira’s eyes shot open and she froze for a moment, then without thinking, she instinctively wrapped her arm around Korra’s shoulders and held her warm body to her own comfortably. She was far too tired to untangle her feelings right now - the way the heat radiating from Korra’s skin warmed her own in the cool, rainy evening, how natural it felt, what it might feel like to have Korra hold her like this; how this moment felt like they should always exist like this, each time they’d spend the hours prior writhing and moaning together. Kuvira allowed these fantasies to fill her clouded mind as her guard dropped and she was pulled down into the depths of sleep.“

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Here is some Lumity x Korrasami fanart because both of them are two of my favorite ships hehe 💙

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