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#tlou dina

Dina is always so soft; fingers gentle, a hovering presence at her side. She is intrinsically warm and bright in the dark moue of her life. The switch in the railroad tracks that has brought her away from the brink of a cliff, and onto a path of relative happiness.

There is nothing either of them can do to address the tension in the room, the surmounting unease at the lasting peace, as if, Ellie’s consciousness is mocking her. Because she’s a bad person - she’s only counting the seconds away from ruin, another tragedy, so insurmountable against the waves of it all.

Ellie resents her too, sometimes, when she only presses her mouth tighter where Ellie snaps, each raging sentence more cutting than the last, and Dina just deals with it, because she understands that she’s hurting. Still, it doesn’t remove the hurt of Ellie’s flaying words, and Dina only grows sombre as the weeks pass, the wounds growing deeper, festering unseen.

It’s as if Dina’s afraid to speak up against that, as if a violent move could jolt Ellie back ten years, send her rotting, screaming, crying out for help as a handle to the basement slips from her grasp. The only moment in time that has been so grievously lost to her.

She hates herself more, for thinking that one day, Dina will get enough of her shit and take off where she can’t reach her for good, that she’ll leave one day and her eyes would spark with that same wildfire tragedy that attracted Ellie in the first place.

Ellie knows that this life is good for her. Holding JJ in her marred arms, marvelling his likeness to his parents, the soft, kind pudge of his little cheeks; Dina and her tucked away from the harshness of the world, in this little nook that’s only theirs.

Still, her fingers tremor as she strokes them over her guitar, the calluses fitting exactly as they should, her gun calluses to match as well. She is worn, old and tired as she hits her twenties, the weak pin-pricks of her birthday candles barely blown out before she’s taken by a stronger firefly glow, a moth drawn closer to its tether, another heartbeat closer to its heated end.

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i just know that if i were stuck in a weed den with someone and that someone gets closer and closer with each sentence they say and then they FLICK THEIR JOINT BEFORE THEY START MAKING OUT WITH ME then i would simply combust i dont know how dina is alive right now

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Ellie: The taste of crayons is so nostalgic

Dina: Don’t you mean the smell

Ellie: No no I mean the taste

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i know yall will kill me for this… its 2021 and you still talking about them- YES OKAY

my point is: sanvers tlou au

im gonna keep saying everything is a sanvers au till everything IS ACTUALLY a sanvers au

this isnt even as thought out as the connections i had with other shows its just because red haired bitch with chin length hair who sorta has an adoptive dad and the black haired bitch

thats it, do what you will with that

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The Last Of Us Part II (Naughty Dog)    
└In-game Photo Mode, Image Composite Editor

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What happens when you and your best friend talk about Tlou 2 and get sad? You write something. So here’s a little drabble that is probably bad but made me cry (yes i make myself cry). Enjoy or not

He was finally here.

Dina had gone into labor a while ago, Ellie doesn’t remember the exact time but she knows it was a while back. Ellie was washing the dishes in their little farmhous as Dina was talking with Jesse’s parents. They were staying over as Dina was due soon and they didn’t want to miss it. Who was Ellie to deny them the chance to see their grandchild’s birth. She wished Joel and Jesse were here.

Time stopped having meaning when Dina’s water broke. The time seemed too long and barely existant at the same time. Ellie stayed by her side the whole time and tried to distract her girlfriend. She told her jokes and played the guitar for her. She remembers that time where she played the guitar to an injured Jesse.

Then, before she knew it, it was time. Ellie held Dina’s hand the whole time. Ellie doesn’t know much about births, but Jesse’s parents does and she is so grateful for them at this moment. She remembers when she held Joel’s hand as Maria cleaned her self-inflicted chemical burn.

Ellie is pretty sure that her hand is broken, but it doesn’t matter in the end as she’s holding her son for the first time. She places her son in Dina’s arm. Their son (He looked so much like Jesse). She remembers when Joel told her how it felt when he first held Sarah.

As Robin, Jesse’s mother, was holding their son, she asked them what his name was going to be. Ellie still hasn’t stopped looking at her son, even from her place next to Dina on the bed. Dina looked at Ellie and smiled. “Jesse Joel Williams”. Tears gathered in Ellie’s eyes as she looked back at her exhausted girlfriend. She remembers a night where she got drunk with Jesse and he had told her that he would name his future son after him because he’s perfect and so would his son.

As she held her girlfriend and son close to her, no images of Joel’s broken body nor Jesse’s dull eyes made an appearance in her mind. Only the good memories of them. She misses them, but now they live through her son.

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Imagine Tess having a panic attack and Joel calming her down

Summery: Tess freaks out and Joel calming her down

Word count: 264

Tess walked into the room where Joel was putting his shoes on, he was about to go for patrol with Tommy. Maddy had been out with Yara and Elllie and Dina were probably in their shed “what the hell Joel?!” Tess yelled at him and he looked up from what he was doing “what did I do” he sighed and Tess sat down next to him “I’m late Joel” she sighed and looked at him “late for what?” He asked and continued to tie his shoes “my period” she said and Joel stopped what he was doing “what? How many days?” He asked worried “two” she said “I’m sure it’s fine. We’re not having anymore kids” he said “no I know we’re not having anymore kids but Joel I’m never late and last time I was we had a baby” he said now panicking, Joel stopped and looked at her “Tess we are not going to have a baby it’s fine” he said and held her hands “but what if I’m right and I am pregnant” she started crying and her breathing was getting harder to do. Joel pulled her into a hug and rubbed her back “Tess it’s gonna be alright” he whispered as she panicked “did you pull out” she cried and Joel laughed a little “yes darling I did” he said holding her close “are you going on patrol?” She asked him as she calmed down a bit and he nodded “can you stay?” She asked and he nodded.

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Imagine Joel having to take his daughter to bed after passing out on the sofa

Summery: Joel’s daughter wakes up then goes back to sleep

Word count: 226

Joel woke up at 5am every morning to start his day. He would sometimes play guitar or read for hours. Once 5am hit he would get out of bed and smile at his sleeping wife, he would walk downstairs and have a cup of coffee on the sofa. This morning he decided he wanted to read a book with his coffee to wake up, he was sitting on the sofa reading when he heard someone come downstairs. He looked up from his book to see his 16 year old daughter walking down the stairs “what are you doing up?” He asked her and she looked over at him “getting water” she said and walked into the kitchen. She then walked into the living room and sat on the sofa beside him, he smiled at her “hey kiddo” he said and she waved. He went back to reading his book while Maddy sat there trying to stay awake. After a while she gave into sleep and passed out, it took Joel a while to realize but when he did he put his book down and picked her up to put her back to bed to sleep a little longer “night kiddo” he said as he placed her in her bed and closed the door.

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where weary eyes no more will weep | chapter 4

…“Always hard at work, that one, everytime I see ‘er,” Robin chimes in from his armchair, not looking up.


A moment passes as Dina takes that in. So they know more about Ellie than she does these days. It feels wrong. Really wrong, but what is she supposed to do? She’s made her point, twice now. Ellie’s not her business anymore, and Ellie’s respecting how she feels about it and keeping her distance; they’re through, in the most official sense.

She almost tries to pull it together to finish her meal so she can just go to bed, but Min looks at her with an unnervingly knowing look.

“You miss her, don’t you?” 

Oh, the perks of having a mother again.

chapter iv. close your eyes and stay like supposed to do.

(or, start from the beginning!)

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AND another thing. That photo of Dina and Talia was done by Hyoung Nam, but ND concept artists mentioned on Twitter that they were only given general direction on which to base newer TLOU characters on. But Dina definitely has Cascina’s face, which means this concept art was done later in the game’s process. Logically there is some more Talia concept art and in this essay I will

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I already know these three were the biggest pain in maria’s ass

(also this is based on a post i saw but i cant find it again so if someone knows and can tag them that would be amazing!!)

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