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#tlou joel

These two deserved so much better…

“If somehow this Lord gave me a second chance, I would do it, all over again.” -Joel Miller

“I’m just a girl, not a threat.” -Ellie Williams





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“My child is absolutely fine.”

Your child has watched TLOU 2 and now she cries everytime she hears “Helplessly hoping”.

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The King is dead

Long liv- ah who am I kidding, there’s no replacing him.

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Me, myself, on the top of my 20 years, dealing with the loss of fictional characters, who I actually love and miss, because I feel like they were a beloved part of my family:

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Abby x fem!reader prompt/Idea

So lately I have been coming up with ideas for Abby Anderson fics. So I thought of dropping them off here and hope that one lovely writer takes it and runs with it :)


R and Abby are on their last year of residency when the outbreak happens. Both along side abbys dad are trying to find a cure. 20 yrs pass and they hear about Ellie a girl who is immune. Both Abby and r are excited about the hope of having a cure soon. Once Ellie arrives with Joel, they find out from jerry that the only way to be able to get a chances to a cure is to do the surgery that would be fatal to Ellie. Once r learns this and Ellie’s age she refuses to do the surgery. Making Abby have to choose between r and her dad. (The choice is up to you the writer what path you would go)

These are extra suggestions: Maybe Abby decides to meet Ellie? And gets to know her a bit ? So she decides to go with readers choice?

The treat Ellie like an adult but tell her to take her time with the decision?? In the mean time R and Abby try to find an alternative way to make a cure?

If or when I come up with new ideas I will add them to this post for sure! Also if you decide you want to write it and don’t want anyone else doing so, let me know and I could mark the prompt/idea as taken.

Ps I hope y’all don’t mind if I tag y’all

@f-society-arcade @restless-mindd @vib1n @twdimagining @writing-asperations @deadly-flourish @damn-stark

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Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 TBA


Originally posted by adaryc

Chapter 5 - A Not So Slow Dance 

Note: In terms of music and dance for part of the chapter think Titanic Party in Third Class, Irish Cedlih that’s just a pile of fun :) 

The Jackson church ceiling is trimmed with fairy lights and you couldn’t deny it looked slightly beautiful. You stood to the side of the room with Molly who kept egging you on to dance but there hadn’t been a song that had picked up your spirits enough for that (or enough drink).

“I’ll go get us another drink” she sighed disappointed at the lack of fun you seemed to be having. As you’re standing alone you notice Tommy, Jesse and Joel together in conversation they were slightly out of earshot to be able to hear the conversation they were having but it was about you.

“Joel you are both going to have to stop avoiding each other at some point. I’ve seen the way you look at her  and I know you think we don’t see you but that’s not nothing” Tommy says 

“Just drop it god damn it Tommy” Joel snaps quietly to make sure no one could hear.

“She is my best friend and I know she is stubborn as a mule sometimes but she is the best person to have on your side when it comes down to it. Just speak to her and - “ Jesse joins in but is cut off. 

“You two ain’t going to let this go are you?” Joel sighs defeatedly. Jesse and Tommy both shake their heads at him. 

Unfortunately hard as you tried you didn’t catch any of it and Molly is back, you look at her hands “eh I thought you said you were getting us a drink”.

“I must have forgot yours” Molly finishes the last of her drink in one large gulp. “Jesse asked me to dance earlier, so I will see you in bit” she smiles running off to Jesse in the middle of the floor. “Great” you mutter quietly to yourself. 

At that point Aidan, a regular from the Tipsy Bison approaches you and asks you to dance. You feel bad but protest that you were jtoo tired from your patrol earlier today. He seems visibly annoyed with you but leaves with “Okay but if you feel different in a bit I’ll be waiting”. 

“Thought you might need another drink” he says sheepishly in that Texas accent (you had to admit you missed hearing). You look up and see Joel standing by your side passing you a glass of what looked like bourbon. “Hmm thanks” you say unsure accepting the drink. What was he doing, you hadn’t spoken or actively approached each other in weeks. 

“Just returning the favour” He exhaled before taking a sip in time with you as you. 

“Is that all then? Eejit” you mutter quietly. Was that really all it was, guilt, an I owe you.  

But Joel defiantly heard you as he takes a step back “What you call me?” 

“I called you an Eejit, it’s something my Dad would say. It means you’re being dense, stupid” you exasperate. You can see Joel laughing as you look across at him, glad he finds this all so amusing you think. 

“Don’t let Ellie hear that one, think she’d love calling me that” he laughs softy peering at you trying to catch your eyes while you avoid contact. 

The music changes and you think finally a good song, that you knew the steps to. It was a song your parents used to play and taught you the moves as they would reminisce about ceilidhs back home before America. 

“Finally - I am going dancing Miller” you finish off your drink, this was a great excuse to avoid further conversation.

“Dance with me” He says to you as you place your drink on the window ledge, it didn’t sound like he was asking as he reached for your hand and pulled you towards the centre where Molly, Jesse and so many others already were. 

“Do you think you can keep up? Here I was thinking you wouldn’t be much of a dancer” You huff. 

“I ain’t much of a dancer but I am sure you are a capable teacher” he smirks. 

Well you and Molly had taught a few people the dance after you found the record but it wasn’t a slow dance by any means. 

“We are going to have to get a little bit closer then, hope you’re ready” You laugh as you guide his hand to the small of your back and put your hand in is pulling him closer. You see Joel tense at first ‘Ha, I hope he knows what he is letting himself in for’ you think.

You begin following to the rest of the couples in their circle and they spin swiftly in time with the music. Older people and children watch the group of you all from the side, clapping along with the upbeat music. The music begins to pick its pace up (as it would continue to do) again and you laugh as you pull Joel guiding him into the next step.

“Jesus Christ women, this isn’t the slow dance I had in mind” he manages to puff out.

“Oh Joel, don’t think just go with it for once” You smile.

Two lines are formed, Joel in one and you the other facing each other. You cant help but laugh at him trying to follow the steps of everyone else. As you move closer together, stomp your feet Joel reaches out for your hand but like the others you move backwards away from him. You can hear him laughing at himself “Oh I see how it is” but the second time you join and begin spinning each other around the room. You can feel him picking up the pace, he was trying to out do you “We will see who can keep up with who” he smirks down at you. Oh no, you knew the steps but Joel was strong and seemed determined. 

As the pace picks up you feel as though Joel is going so fast your feet are about to take off the floor “Joel”, “No” you laugh in between each word. You hear the Jesse and Molly laughing and cheering along to the music. Suddenly it’s over and your feet safely returned to the ground but Joel is still holding you tightly. 

“Well who’d have thought it, you’re a triple threat - singer, musician and now dancer” you laugh. 

He presses his forehead slightly against yours and shakes his head “and it won’t ever be happening again”. 

You both make your way to the bar for a drink after all the dancing. You feel a hand pull slightly at your elbow, it was Aidan “Thought you were too tired to dance” he huffs, you could tell he was annoyed but you didn’t mean to upset anyone. “I am sorry Aiden, you know I cant help myself when its that song” you try making light of the conversation. Joel has his eye on situation as makes his way towards you with your drink, “Well once you’ve finished that drink. I’ll be coming for the next dance” He turns trying to avoid Joel. Ugh you roll your eyes, how childish could Aiden be. 

“What was that about, you alright?” Joel hands you your drink but as soon as its there it’s gone. You can feel the slight heat of the whiskey as it travel down your throat.

“Nothing, I am getting out of here though before it becomes an issue.” You begin to leave placing the glass on the bar and turn round to see Joel

“You coming?” You ask him 

“Yes Mam” 

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Mission Accomplished

It’s 1:43am here (Big up the UK, JK), it’s officially my 21st birthday and I’ve managed to get the platinum trophy on the last of us 2 in just over 24 hours 🥳

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In the opening scene with Joel and Ellie, Ellie’s arm is bandaged from the chemical burn, I didn’t even regesiter that it was banadaged in my first play through

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obsessed with the trope of tough, mean guys with a traumatic past who eventually become vicious protectors of their found family, and end up being caring leaders and kind souls because they have found people who don’t let them run away from their emotions.

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Ellie: Si preoccupavano solo di questo? Ragazzi, film, scegliere quale maglietta abbinare a una gonna… È bizzarro…

Joel: Alzati, andiamo su.

Ellie: E se ti dicessi di no?

Joel: Ti rendi conto di quanto valga la tua vita, eh? Scappare in quel modo, metterti in pericolo, sono gesti stupidi.

Ellie: Allora direi che la delusione è reciproca.

Joel: Che cosa vuoi da me?

Ellie: Ammetti che è dall'inizio che cerchi di sbarazzarti di me.

Joel: Tommy conosce questa zona meglio di…

Ellie: Oh, fanculo!

Joel: Senti mi dispiace, mi fido più di lui che di me stesso.

Ellie: Basta con queste stronzate. Cos'è che ti preoccupa tanto? Che faccia la stessa fine di Sam? Non possono infettarmi! So badare a me stessa!

Joel: Quante volte ce l'abbiamo fatta per miracolo?

Ellie: Beh, fin'ora ce la siamo cavata bene, no?

Joel: E ora te la caverai anche meglio, con Tommy!

Ellie: Io non sono lei, sai?

Joel: Cosa?

Ellie: Maria mi ha parlato di Sarah e io…

Joel: Ellie! Stai scherzando col fuoco: attenta a quello che dici.

Ellie: Mi spiace per tua figlia Joel, ma anche io ho perso qualcuno.

Joel: Tu non hai idea di ciò che significhi.

Ellie: Tutti quelli a cui volevo bene, sono morti o mi hanno lasciata. Tutti! Tranne te, cazzo! E non dirmi che sarei più al sicuro con qualcun altro, perché la verità è che avrei solo più paura.

Joel: Hai ragione. Tu non sei mia figlia e io non sono tuo padre. E ognuno andrà per la sua strada.

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Pairing: Joel/Original Female Character; Tommy/Maria

Summary: Joel doesn’t talk about his feelings, and Lucy’s just as bad. Tommy’s about as frustrated as a brother can get. But Tommy knows one thing: if Joel’s not gonna chase what’s right in front of him, Tommy’s just going to have to lead him to it.

Maybe a five-hundred mile trudge through the ice and snow surrounded by wild animals and clickers will help with that.

Author’s Note:  Clap your hands if Knife Dad deserves a little happiness.

It’s on Ao3! Drop a comment/kudos if you feel so inclined.

Ch. 1  |  Ch. 2  |  Ch. 3  |  Ch. 4  |  Ch. 5  |  Ch. 6  |  Ch. 7  |  Ch. 8  |  Ch. 9

— — — — —

July 2036 - The Wyoming Museum of Science and History

With the end of summer drawing near and another fall looming, both Joel and Lucy had been nearly overwhelmed by the amount of work there was to be done. As such, there hadn’t been a lot of time to enjoy each other’s company.

Lucy had been at the power plant day and night for the past week without reprieve. She’d been working with Mike and Mark on a full assessment of plant to hopefully circumvent the need for another run to the dam that fall, and the assessment was looking promising. Everything appeared to be in full working order for once, and there hadn’t been a power outage since she and Joel had returned from Cheyenne last winter. Still, the constant stress of work had them both dragging their feet, grumpy and exhausted every waking moment.

Between Joel being sent out on multi-day patrols and Lucy getting stuck down at the power plant for days on end, they’d hardly seen each other for more than a couple of days in the past three weeks. Not to mention, on those couple of days when they’d seen each other, it had only been for part of the evening and they’d both gone straight to sleep after dinner. All in all, they hadn’t had much time to enjoy each other’s company, in the quality time sense or the Biblical sense, which was frankly draining.

In an effort to give them both a break from the constant pressure, Tommy had assigned them to patrol the long southern route for the weekend. Lucy assumed this was Tommy’s way of telling them to take the weekend for themselves while still being productive, and she planned on taking full advantage of the relative peace and quiet. Work could wait.

She and Joel left that morning with the intention of spending the evening at the far watchpost on the southern route. That particular watchpost was an old house hidden back away from the main path in an overgrown little clearing. Despite its age and the encroaching progression of decay, it had been maintained through the years by Jackson’s patrolmen and was well taken care of all things considered, complete with serviceable amenities and a solid fence to keep anything without a working frontal cranial lobe of the brain out. All in all, the watchpost was quaint and quiet - not a bad place to relax for a night, which they were both itching to do.

But, for the time being, they were still on duty. They’d walked the southern route without taking a break for most of the day, clearing the path with borrowed machetes and keeping an eye out for anything fishy. It was quiet, with the exception of a host of angry squirrels and a couple curious deer, so they made quick work.

They’d walked to the route’s halfway point when Joel stopped them. He waved his hand, gesturing for her to follow him off the main path. “Come on, I want to show you what Tommy and I found.”

Lucy trailed along behind him, hacking vegetation out of the path. “Where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise.”

“I don’t trust surprises,” Lucy teased and winked. “But I guess I’ll make an exception for you.

Joel rolled his eyes but returned her grin. “Come on, you’ll like it.”

He led them to a small creek hidden by overgrown vegetation. Without hesitating and without warning, he jumped into the creek and breached the surface with a gasp, shaking off the shock of cold water. Once he caught his breath, he called for her to follow after him.

Lucy jumped in, the freezing water knocking the breath out of her. She surfaced with a gasp, spitting water, her hair dripping in rivers down her face.

She coughed. “You get to help me wash my hair when we get back!”

Joel laughed. “I was already planning on doing that.”

As if Lucy needed more of a reason to get back to the watchpost quickly. A hot shower and Joel’s fingers in her hair? Heaven could scarcely compete.

Lucy swam along behind him, eyes trained on his back. She wasn’t a strong swimmer, but she could follow along well enough. He was like a fuckin’ fish out here in the water but at least stayed mindful that she wasn’t quite as strong of a swimmer.

Joel led them up to the creek bed and held out his hand, pulling her up to her feet as she crawled out onto the sand.

“I’ve had enough exercise for today, thank you,” Lucy hassled, keeping hold of Joel’s hand.

Joel led them down another overgrown path, hacking at vegetation as he went. Just past a particularly voluminous outcropping of shrubs and vegetation was a cluster of buildings surrounding an enormous fake dinosaur.

The dinosaur rose up above the trees like a beacon. A very strange, funny beacon, but a beacon, nonetheless. The plastic form glistened in the sun from the accumulated humidity, yellowed from years of neglect. Still, it was spectacular – an anomaly all the way out here in the middle of the forest.

“Is this a museum?“

He nodded. "Yep. The natural sciences museum.”

The building itself was huge and decrepit, but still oddly majestic even in the state of disrepair. Much like every other building, it was well on its way to returning to nature, but the encroaching vegetation and disrepair only served to make it that much more beautiful. It was the natural sciences museum, after all. Seemed only fitting.

“This is so cool, Joel!" 

Joel couldn’t quite keep the conspiratorial smugness out of his voice. What a dad. "I think I’ll bring Ellie out here for her birthday in a couple of weeks.”

“She’ll love it." 

Joel led her into the clearing past the dinosaur. “It gets better.”

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Remembrance • Joel Miller

TW: Angst, Death of Character, Strong language, tlou gore (fr this is some sad shit)

Summary: Joel gets bit trying to save reader

Originally Posted On My Wattpad: -starrdxst


You couldn’t believe what you were seeing. Your ears began to ring as you started to feel dizzy from it all. The harsh hit on the ground from Joel pushing you down for your own good sure didn’t feel nice. Your small headache soon becomes not important when a light groan leaves his mouth.

You’ve been around him long enough to decode the sounds he made. This one was one of pain. Discomfort. Perhaps even worried with the way his breathing pattern changed.

“Joel?” You speak up so quietly, your voice sounding scared without even knowing what happened yet.

Losing him is one of your main fears.

When you finally manage to get up and shove the now permanently dead infected away you catch a glimpse of Joel scrunching his face in pain. Worried, you quickly crawl over to him helping him sit up. When your hand is placed on his back it feels damp. Your eyes immediately focus on his back. That’s when you see it. It’s completely soaked with his own blood that it you couldn’t really tell where the wound was. The dim lighting in the abandoned building didn’t help either.

Maybe he fell on one of his shivs. Maybe he got cut by something.

Your brain did all it could to make up a different reason for the blood stained skin and back of his.

“Here,” You start standing up and offer a hand to get him to stand up. With a grunt from Joel he gets up with your help, avoiding your eyes. “We need to clean you up. Lets sit over there.”

The exit of the building remained bright from the outside making it easy to leave the damn place finally. Sometimes nature does good when it takes over everything humans built.

Joel only nods at your words. He lets you guide him outside to the nearest tree to lean against. When he is sitting back down by the tree he tilts his head back closing his eyes trying to hold back any and all emotion. Joel doesn’t want you to cry. He doesn’t want you to feel angry at him because he’s going to be leaving you after all this time.

You reach into your bag getting a rag and water. It’ll do for now, right? You only pray and hope it’ll be okay.

Without exchanging words to each other he turns to the side a little to avoid looking at you. Tears form in his eyes. Not because of fear. He doesn’t fear death like most people. Instead, he feels guilty. He isn’t going to be here anymore in a few days at most. And honestly in his mind, he doesn’t want to turn into one of those damn things. He’d prefer going out as himself. The last thing Joel would want is for someone he cares about to shoot him if he were to turn. That’s not right to him.

Your hands shake a little. You’re bracing yourself for the nasty wound. With a heavy heart you grasp the end of his shirt as his back is towards you. Slowly, you lift it up only to stop half way when your eyes find what you were fearing.

Your lip trembled and your eyes became blurry. Without realizing you drop the end of his shirt to hold onto him instead not caring about the blood getting onto you and your clothes. Not caring if he were to turn and hurt you.

Joel knew without seeing it from himself. He felt it happen. The bite itself didn’t hurt him. It was your heartbreaking reaction to it. Knowing he’ll be abandoning you. His family.

What am I going to tell Tommy? What about Ellie? I can’t do this.

In the middle of you holding onto him from behind like this you feel his rough hand rest on yours giving it a squeeze. His touch only makes you cry harder. You won’t be feeling his sweet affections anymore now. No more looking into his eyes and loving each other so intensely.

Just the other day you told him he was gonna beat this world.

“You’re built to survive this. You’ll be the last man standing, Joel.”

You remember the way he scoffed. It offended you slightly because you truly meant it. Joel then went on a rant about how luck is his way of being around this long. That it was gonna run out for him soon. Joel admitted to you that night about his paranoia. How he truly felt his inevitable death coming. You wish now that you never laughed at him about it calling him delusional.

Stuck in memories and thoughts you jump a little when Joel says something. It’s not a mumble as usual. Its like a whisper. So soft yet broken.

“I’m sorry.”

Joels voice cracks - you never heard it before. In fact you never seen the man cry before. You’d do anything to have this be you instead. Have him live another day at least.

Silence took over now. Just the two of you swaying side to side delicately with the wind listening to the world around you. It seemed to help Joel calm down to be surrounded by what he loved most. You and nature.

Tommy is going to hate me.

Ellie is going to hate me.

What about JJ? He won’t see his grandpa when he’s born. God, Joel was so excited to meet the little guy. Now it’s all taken away because of me.

I’m gonna hate me after this.

“I want Ellie to have my-”

A sharp pain went through your chest at those words. Joels already talking about that? It’s too much so you cut him off with one last kiss. He wouldn’t let you near him after this.


Two days at most is what he has left. He wont turn sooner than that it never happens. Two more days.

Those two days were hell for you. Sobbing to breaking anything in sight. Hating yourself to hating the world.

Watching Joel fade as a person felt like a knife right in your heart. His eyes lost the unique shine. He stopped talking. The light wheezing and bloody coughs right before the final stage broke you into peices.

Seeing the way his baby brother sobbed at the news begging for it to not be true. Knowing Ellie felt empty now. Each person in Joels life held onto some form of guilt. Wishing they spent more time with him, wishing they didn’t say all those hateful words to him.

The last night with him.

How can you do something like this humanely? Taking the life of a loved one before the sickness does.

There was no fucking way you could do it. To put him out of his misery. Even though he mentioned never wanting to turn you couldn’t imagine being the one to put him down like some damn dog.

Tommy couldn’t.

Ellie couldn’t.

You couldn’t.

Only option left was himself. You remember crying to Maria about it begging her to not let Joel do it himself.

You felt sick to your stomach at the thought of him taking his life. Luckily, Dina mentioned something more peaceful before Joel was given the opportunity to do it.

“It’s like going to sleep. He won’t feel anything.”

This seemed to be the best option. Injection to slow his heart until it stopped. Without sugar coating - it was basically an overdose done on purpose.

Dina was right.

He fell asleep in minutes. You stayed by his side the whole time rubbing his chest and hands. Kissing his head and playing with his long hair that he worked so hard to maintain.

Joels breathing eventually came to a stop completely. He wasn’t struggling to breathe anymore. The grip he had on your hand went loose. It was peaceful.

You don’t remember what happened after. It became too painful to keep inside the mind. All you know is that after he passed you made your way out of the room to let others say goodbye.

Ellie kept his gun. She wanted the watch but you stepped in telling her that he never once took it off. You were confident that Joel would’ve wanted to be buried with it. Tommy didn’t take anything of his brothers as it was too much of a reminder. You understood.

You took some things of his.

The clothes.

The photos.

You never felt so attached to something not living before. His flannels and jackets being your number one comfort items when mourning severely.

What gave you closure was the letter Joel had wrote before any of this happened. He knew it was a risk from the start to get involved with you. He was much older which meant him going first - not you or you guys together. In the letter he reminded you of all the memories he had. His favorite ones especially. Near the end he told you to move on and that if an afterlife was real he’d be right beside you.

“I ain’t gone. I’m sure you’ll find me in nature that’s always around you.”

Joel’s way of saying things made you giggle in the past. Now it made your heart feel so full with more understanding now.

He was absolutely right too.

When you were in the woods on a pretty summer day you felt that familiar warm presence.

Joel never left you as he remains in your heart and mind until you see him again some way, some how.

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Morning Sickness • Joel Miller

TW: Light Angst I guess??? Mentions of Sarah <3

Summary: Reader has morning sickness & is worried about Joels thoughts on having another child

Originally Posted On My Wattpad: -starrdxst


This was the fourth time Joel caught you getting sick. At first he wasn’t too worried as eating spoiled food was very common these days. You were able to hide it for a while until the first time you physically couldn’t handle food at the dinner table with him one night.

Now here you are kneeling near the toilet with sweat dripping from your neck and forehead - Joel by your side holding your hair and rubbing your back telling you to take your time with getting whatever it was out of your system. Little did he know, it’d be out within months. Not a few minutes.

It didn’t really click until later that day when he noticed none of the feminine products were being used.

Joel isn’t stupid. He knows how it works given he had a wife and young daughter – now Ellie.

The small basket on the back of the toilet remained full of all your needed products for too long now. He’s used to going out on a search to stores miles away to find more for you every month. You haven’t asked him to find more.

You tried desperately to give Joel hints without saying the word pregnant. You knew how sensitive he could be towards said subject. Losing Sarah and almost Ellie made that difficult for him.

Last year when one of the residents of Jackson had a baby, you took the opportunity to babysit as you were pretty close with the woman. It wasn’t hard to tell how Joel reacted when offered to hold the newborn. He immediately said no but eyed the scene of you holding the baby like a hawk.

Body language. So tense and unreadable at the same time. Unsure how to feel, maybe? Probably. Joel can’t decide how to feel most of the time anyway, so you did your best of letting that situation go - not asking him about it no matter how much you wanted to.


Joel sighed to himself at the sight of the basket. He knew in his gut that you were pregnant. It doesn’t take much to put the pieces together. For him it was more of having to admit it to himself. To accept the fact that it happened - it’s going to happen. Joel never felt scared of having another child. Sure, his older age can sometimes make him question the ability and patience he has left but he isn’t scared of being a father.

He’s been one since his 20s. It never stopped even after Sarah passed.

Guilt is the correct term. Joel felt as if he were replacing Sarah. Of course that’s impossible, he knows that. Yet no matter how much he tries to tell himself she’d want him happy, that she’d never be mad at him for starting a new life with someone he loves. Even Ellie told him a few times that having family isn’t replacing the ones that passed long ago. Joel never grasped onto that until now.

He walked out of the bathroom then into the room you both shared. Sure enough, you were on the bed curled up holding your stomach in discomfort.

Taking off his jacket, he gets into bed with you and wraps his arms around your smaller frame in silence.

Your eyes slowly open at the sensation of his familiar kisses onto your neck. A smile makes its way onto your face. You then turn around to face him. His eyes look so tired. A frown is now formed instead of the smile.

“You look tired. Why aren’t you sleeping right now?” You ask him and he doesn’t answer. Joel keeps staring you right in the eyes making you feel a bit overwhelmed. This man makes eye contact feel like you’re exposing your soul to him. He reads you so well.

Your hands find their way to his worn out flannel that you’re currently wearing playing with the sleeves nervously. Did he find out? If so, was he mad at you? Upset that you didn’t say it to his face? So many questions.

Your eyes stay glued to your hands on the flannel. Joel finds that rather annoying for the first time. He doesn’t speak still and instead wraps his arms back around you to hold you. That’s when you start to feel emotional.

You cry into his chest silently getting his shirt wet. Joel knows what’s going on so he gives you a small squeeze. That’s when he finally talks to you.

“I ain’t letting you do this alone.”

That was all you really needed to hear honestly. To be reminded you weren’t alone during this time. You knew this was his own way of saying he knew and telling you he wanted to keep it — to take on that role once again in his life right by your side.

Joel ended up holding you all night making sure you felt fine. Surprisingly you didn’t wake up in the middle of the night to get sick as usual. Knowing his mindset and feelings on this situation calmed your anxiety.

You haven’t witnessed his days as a father to Sarah and even missed out on the bonding days of him and Ellie. However in your heart you felt as if he’d be perfect at it.

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What happens when you and your best friend talk about Tlou 2 and get sad? You write something. So here’s a little drabble that is probably bad but made me cry (yes i make myself cry). Enjoy or not

He was finally here.

Dina had gone into labor a while ago, Ellie doesn’t remember the exact time but she knows it was a while back. Ellie was washing the dishes in their little farmhous as Dina was talking with Jesse’s parents. They were staying over as Dina was due soon and they didn’t want to miss it. Who was Ellie to deny them the chance to see their grandchild’s birth. She wished Joel and Jesse were here.

Time stopped having meaning when Dina’s water broke. The time seemed too long and barely existant at the same time. Ellie stayed by her side the whole time and tried to distract her girlfriend. She told her jokes and played the guitar for her. She remembers that time where she played the guitar to an injured Jesse.

Then, before she knew it, it was time. Ellie held Dina’s hand the whole time. Ellie doesn’t know much about births, but Jesse’s parents does and she is so grateful for them at this moment. She remembers when she held Joel’s hand as Maria cleaned her self-inflicted chemical burn.

Ellie is pretty sure that her hand is broken, but it doesn’t matter in the end as she’s holding her son for the first time. She places her son in Dina’s arm. Their son (He looked so much like Jesse). She remembers when Joel told her how it felt when he first held Sarah.

As Robin, Jesse’s mother, was holding their son, she asked them what his name was going to be. Ellie still hasn’t stopped looking at her son, even from her place next to Dina on the bed. Dina looked at Ellie and smiled. “Jesse Joel Williams”. Tears gathered in Ellie’s eyes as she looked back at her exhausted girlfriend. She remembers a night where she got drunk with Jesse and he had told her that he would name his future son after him because he’s perfect and so would his son.

As she held her girlfriend and son close to her, no images of Joel’s broken body nor Jesse’s dull eyes made an appearance in her mind. Only the good memories of them. She misses them, but now they live through her son.

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hot take: i didn’t hate tlou 2, but tlou didn’t need a sequel in the first place

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What y'alls opinion of TLOU2? i finished playing the game recently and i don’t understand why the game got so much hate. I mean I’m not that happy about the ending of it, but the game itself wasn’t that bad 🤷‍♀️

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Summary: Having Joel Miller as a dad 

A/N: i got sad there towards the end so sorry about that. I also wrote in that you were dating ellie so enjoy<3 

Warnings: TLOU2 spoilers, talk about death other than that its cute 

Word count: 1.3K

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