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#tlou part 2

Abby leans against her bulky backpack, tries to force it to become comfortable. It won’t. She folds her arms over her chest, sighs.

The fire’s almost too hot, too bright; Lev throws another dry, brittle log into the flames, and the shadows jump and flare on the gray, rocky walls around them.

Lev drops down heavily, glances at Abby. He shrugs off his own bag, leans back against it. Folds his arms over his chest.

Abby wishes he would stop doing that. Wishes she could make him understand that of all the people in the world he should be imitating, should be learning from–she’s the absolute last. The worst. The most terrible.

And yet, every little copied gesture also makes her desperate to change that.

Maybe, if she tries hard enough, she’ll be the person Lev thinks she is–someday.

The bad things can’t be undone, but the good things–those have to count for something. Don’t they?

Not that she’s particularly interested in redemption. Some things just aren’t redeemable. But being what Lev needs, protecting him from the shrieking madhouse of this world–that she can keep doing, one day at a time.

“Man…” Abby finally says, “I would kill for a hot dog right about now.”

Lev looks up at her, and his face is some mixture of confusion and horror.

“What, you don’t like hot dogs?” Abby asks.

“No,” Lev says, “Or cold ones, either. I’ve told you.”

“What? No,” Abby sighs with exasperation, “Not hot dogs. Hot dogs.”

Lev continues to stare, puzzled.

“Hot dogs,” Abby repeats with frustrated persistence, “You know–”

She holds her hands up, mimes the eating of a hot dog, but this only seems to increase Lev’s concerns.

“You put them in a bun,” Abby insists, “And put ketchup on them. Manny used to–” She pauses, struck with the loss again, “Well, Manny used to put pickles on his, whenever we had a fresh batch at the FOB.”

“Pickles?” Lev asks.

“What the hell, Lev…” Abby sighs, “Someday, I’m gonna find a hot dog for you. Hot dogs and pickles. We’ll eat, like, a hundred of them. It’ll be great.”

“But…they’re not…it’s not made of…” Lev pushes hesitantly, “…dogs?”

“No, Lev,” Abby sighs, scrubs a hand over her face, “No…it’s not made of dogs. There are no dogs involved in any way.”

“Cool,” Lev says with a similar sigh, “Hey, maybe I’ll understand if you show me again how you eat them–”

“No, Lev, I’m not doing it again–”

“Like this–” Lev does a bad, exaggerated interpretation of Abby’s overwrought miming, and begins to laugh at his own joke.

“You’re not as funny as you think you are,” Abby tells him defensively, but a grin hitches at the corner of her mouth, against her will.

“Still funnier than you,” Lev sighs.

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I’m playing TLOU 2 with my friends on chat and they have all been dying of laughter at my panicking running away from all the goddamn zombie hordes

Its so much sadder actually doing the walk through of his house than watching it through play throughs on YouTube. I’ve cried like 3 times already.

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Imagine Maria leaving Tommy

Summery: Tommy and Maria fight and she can’t take his shit anymore

Word count: 373

Maria layed in bed alone for the 5th time this week,she loved Tommy dearly but he was getting to obsessive about his brothers death. She thought he had put it to rest but recently he had become obbesssed with finding Abby. Maria was done with it all. She got out of bed and walked to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water “Tommy are you coming to bed?” She asked and looked over his shoulder to see him still working on that map “yeah just give me a minute” he said focused on the map “Tommy you said that three hours ago” she sighed and put her glass down “i don’t know if i can do this anymore” she said holding back tears. Tommy stopped what he was doing and turned around “what do you mean?” He asked walking closer to her. Maria could see the scars and the trauma he’s gone through,time had not been kind to him “Tommy i don’t think i can stand here and watch you throw everything away for nothing” she said and leaned back on the counter “i thought you of all people would understand” he spat at her “and what’s that suppose to mean” she said now becoming angry “it means you wouldn’t go after to person who killed your father?! He was my brother, i need to get revenge” he yelled “DO NOT BRING MY FATHER INTO THIS THOMAS” she screamed at him “well don’t you dare tell me that what i am doing is useless Maria i am doing what i need to for him!” He yelled and Maria slapped him hard,he stumbled back but caught himself from falling “get out” Maria said in a whisper tone. Tommy walked over to her and put his hand on her face “I’m so close..” he said sounding hurt “don’t touch me. I said get out!” She yelled and Tommy packed his stuff up. He walked over to Joel’s house and went into the empty house. Tommy walked upstairs and lied on his brothers bed, Tommy remebered so many memories from thier childhood. Tommy cried himself to sleep

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Imagine Joel coming home to his pregnant wife hurt

Summery: Joel almost gets killed but comes home safe

Word count: 559

Tess had been sitting on their shitty sofa reading a book Joel had found weeks ago. It had been three months since Tess had told her husband she was pregnant and he made the call that she was not allowed to go on jobs with him for the next while. They had been trying their best to hide the pregnancy from everyone just in case anything were to come up, Joel couldn’t risk her getting hurt. Tess felt kind of useless sitting at home doing nothing, i mean she was only 4 months along what did he think was gonna happen, he knew she was badass but the only problem was that she was reckless. Tess didnt look out for herself as much as she should have and it made Joel concerned so she stayed home. Tess put the book down bored as hell. She sighed waiting for Joel to come home and entertain her, she looked down at her stomach and saw the small bump that was forming and smiled a bit. A part of her felt shitty for bringing a child into this shit world but another part of her knew that both her and Joel would protect the baby no matter what. Just then the door opened and in came a bloody Joel “hey I’m home” he said, she jumped to her feet and ran over to him “what the hell Joel, what did you do?!” She asked concered “you should see the other guys” he laughed a bit and sat down. She walked over to pick up the bottle of whiskey they had on their table and she put it on a rag,Tess started cleaning her husband up as he winced a bit. Joel put his hands on her hips while she cleaned hus wounds “you’re an idiot Joel” she said as she pulled out some thread “and you’re hot” he laughed. Tess started stitching his wounds up and Joel looked at her stomach, he smiled and put his hand on her small bump “i sleep in the same bed as you every night and i have not seen this” he said rubbing small circles on her stomach  “stop being such a sap Joel” she said and finished stitching him up “then stop being the love of my life and the mother of my child” he said and she looked down at him “stop almost dying, we have a baby to raise” she said and pecked him on the lips. Tess sat down beside her husband and leaned her head on his shoulder “you still sure you wanna go through with this?” He asked “are you having second thoughts?” She asked “no I’m not but what if i can’t do it” he says rubbing his thumb over his wifes stomach “well i don’t feel confident so i guess we’ll just have to be there for eachother” she said and looked at him “have you thought of any names?” He asked “yeah i mean one” she said and smiled “well go on let’s hear it” he said waiting “what about if it’s a girl Madelyn Sarah Miller” she said and looked at Joel for a reaction. Joel felt his eyes water up and he nodded “yes,100% yes” he smiled and kissed her

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Imagine after Joel dies he sees everyone he’s lost

Summery: after Joel dies he goes somewhere where the people he lost are

Word count: 358

Joel…Joel seeing Tess again in like 5 years. Then he sees Sarah, just drops to his knees with her and holds her for a bit. His babygirl he’s in tears at this point and he is so sorry he let Ellie down. then he looks up and there is Henry with Sam and Henry just looks at Joel and goes “hey don’t worry about it man we all lose the battle at one point” then Sarah looks over at him and goes “do i have a sister now?” she smiles at him softly and he holds her for a while he’s like “yeah babygirl, i guess you could say that” he holds her for a while while tears stream down his face “i’m so sorry i couldn’t protect you babygirl” he whispers and Sarah just hugs him tighter. Tess walks up to him and doesn’t hesitate to kiss the shit outta him “i missed you Texas” she saids while her forehead is against his, he just looks at her and goes “i missed you too darlin’” Tess stares at him for a while and goes “did you do it? did you bring her to the fireflys?” Joel looks at Tess and goes “i couldnt bring myself to do it, we made it there but they needed to kill her in order to make the cure” he remembers the fight him and Ellie had the night before. Tess just puts her hand on his and goes “don’t you dare put this on yourself, you did what you had to and i would have backed you up if i was there” she said Joel looks at her “why didn’t i marry you when i had the chance” he smiles looking at her. “Joel?!” he hears a familiar voice, he looks up to see Jesse “holy shit Jesse?!” he said walking over to him Joel wrapped his arms around the boy and they hugged for a moment… Joel may be gone but he is in a better place with the people he loves most

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Imagine Joel and Tess slow dancing at the local dance in Jackson

Summery: Joel and Tess are still very in love with eachother after almost 20 years of marriage

Word count: 323

Joel and Tess were sitting on stools drinking thier whiskey from their glasses while their now grown kids danced with their significant others, they just looked over and smiled at them “they grow up so fast” Joel smiled and Tess hit his arm lightly and laughed “stop you’re making us sound old” she said “that’s cause we are old darlin’"he said and smiled at her "how about you stop being charming Texas” she smiled back at him “if i wasn’t charming would you have married me” he said “well it was you or Bill” she laughed “i hope you know i take offense to that” he chuckled. Joel knew when he met her he would want to spend the rest of his life with this badass woman and he absolutly made that possible. “You wanna dance” Tess smiled hearing the slow song that had just came on “yes i would” he said and they both made thier way over to the dance floor. Joel put his one hand on her waist and the other held her hand, Tess put her hand on his shoulder and thr other in his, he pulled her a bit closer and they swayed back snd forth smiling at eachother . Joel looked around to see Ellie and Dina dancing the eachother and Maddy and her girlfriend Yara were also dancing and somewhere in the corner Tommy and Maria could be seen dancing. Everytime Tess looked into his eyes she could feel herself falling in love with the man more everyday, they had been through so much together and were willing to finish thier journey together. As they swayed Joel leaned in and kissed her, she closed her eyes and let it all sink in when they pulled apart they both whipered at the same time “i love you”.

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Imagine Tess confessing to Joel she is in love with him(Lemon)

Summery: Joel and Tess tell eachother how they really feel

TW: a shit ton of sex (this is also my first time writing smut so i hope it’s ok)

Word count: 550

Joel and Tess were in a small pick-up truck that Joel had found and were off to their next smuggling job of the week. Joel was going on about something for the job while driving but Tess wasn’t listening to what he was saying,she had been just staring at the man for a while now taking in all of his perfections and imperfections, Joel and Tess started out being friends with benefits but like every situation in that case Tess fell in love with the man, he was just to oblivious to notice “i know you’re not listening to me and if you wanna fuck in this truck then i mean I’m down but you just gotta say it” he smirked and looked over at her snapping out of her thoughts “well you gonna pull over or should i just do it while your driving” she said and he pulled over and took the keys out of the truck putting them in the cup holder and they moved to the backseat. Tess sat on Joel’s lap and he kissed her roughly but passionately. Joel had grabbed her ass as she started grinding against him, he lifted her shirt off and started kissing her breasts. Joel then took her bra off with his one hand as he had the other still on her ass and he took one of her breasts into his mouth “fuck Joel” she whispered wet as hell, Joel had taken his shirt off now and placed Tess beneath him while he took her pants off and kissed her stomach till he got to her panties “Joel we don’t have time for that just get to the action” she whined needing Joel inside of her and the man nodded. He pulled his own pants off as well as his boxers and her panties. He positioned himself up to her entrance and looked down at her and she nodded. Joel thrusted inside of her and Tess let out a loud moan as he kept a steady pace. After a while of going Tess announced that she was close and Joel’s pace got slower as Tess released she loudly moaned Joel’s name and held him closer. Joel pulled out and released on her stomach. They were both panting and looking at eachother, Joel took a rag and some water out of his bag to clean themselves up, shortly after everything was cleaned up Joel put his Boxers and pants back on and leaned back to the door and Tess put his shirt on and cuddled up to him. Joel wrapped his arms around her and kissed her head “Joel?” Tess said in a soft tone “hm?” he hummed “i think I’m in love with you” she said and looked at him, he was taken back a but felt the same way “well i love you too” he looked down at her anf smiled “good” she said and kissed him, he took her face in his large hands and kissed her back “now sleep” he said and she burried her head into his chest anf drifted off.

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It’s snowing.

“I just don’t get it,” Ellie says, pushing the snug knit cap up away from her eyes, “I don’t see how this time of year feels any better. I don’t see how it’s special. Feels like everyone just gets happy for no reason. It’s kinda dumb.”

“Kinda dumb to be happy?” Dina asks with a teasing laugh, “What are you, the happy police?”

“Maybe,” Ellie says with the hint of a lopsided grin, “It’s a hard job but somebody’s gotta do it.”

“No happiness on your watch, huh?” Dina says.

“No,” Ellie affirms, “No festiveness. Or cheeriness, or–or–”

“What about jolly-ness?”

“Oh, definitely not, jolly-ness is the worst.”

“What about frivolity? Like a little bit? Just a smidge of frivolousness?”

“I’m not even sure I know what a smidge of frivolousness is,” Ellie says, pulling a mildly confused face, “But I’m gonna say no.”

Dina gives a little laugh, and it’s a good sound. It really is. For a second, it’s okay that they’re on patrol in the dead of winter, leaning at the broken edge of a cold brick wall while everyone at home is probably having warm cider around a bountiful bonfire. The sense of unease that seems to settle in Ellie’s chest every year with the first of the snow–it feels a little lighter, a little smaller, a little less wild. Just for a moment.

“Well,” Dina says with a sigh, her cheeks flushed with cold, “You’re kinda doing a shit job already.”

“Oh, yeah?” Ellie laughs, then stiffens a little as Dina leans in against her shoulder.

It’s quiet out here, with the slow, patient drifting of the snow and the perfect, untrodden white blanket laid out across the rolling valley for as far as either of them can see.

“Yeah,” Dina confirms, “Because I think…I think maybe…I feel a little happy? Oh, no–” She puts a hand to her chest dramatically, “Does this mean you’re gonna arrest me? Throw me in happiness jail?”

Ellie rolls her eyes, scoffs, but doesn’t move away. There’s a warmth rising in her face, despite the bitter cold.

“Yeah,” Ellie says, and it’s impossible to deny the way Dina makes her feel relaxed and easy and safe, “Straight to happiness jail.”

There’s a long moment of silence.

“You know…you’re allowed to be happy, too,” Dina says, gaze fixed on some distant point in the mountains, “I’m just saying…I think you’re right. There isn’t really anything special about this time of year. It’s cold and dark and everything is a little bit harder to get done. But maybe the point is just…” Dina trails off, clearly struggling to put words to what she wants to say.

“Maybe it’s just a good time for people to give themselves permission to be happy,” She finally goes on, “We need that. The world sucks. It’s terrifying and awful and it’s just a real shit show out there. But for a little while, y'know–we just have to literally tell ourselves…it’s okay to be happy right now. It’s okay to he cheesy and dumb. And that means you, too.”

Ellie glances up to find Dina watching her steadily, and it’s not fair, the way those deep, dark eyes see through her, the way Dina knows her, even when being known is the last thing she wants.

“Well…” Ellie says with a small, evasive laugh, “I’ve definitely got the dumb part down.”

“Sometimes, yeah,” Dina laughs lightly with her, “I’m just saying–no one’s gonna revoke your tough guy card if you let yourself be happy, y'know.”

The words seem to sink into Ellie’s skin. The sincerity behind them is disarming and she doesn’t know what to do with that, with someone who wants to give her permission to be happy.

Especially when she isn’t sure she can give herself permission to do that.

Happy is a thing for other people.

But could it be for her, too?


“Yeah, well,” Ellie looks down at the scuffed toes of her shoes to distract herself from the tangle of her thoughts, “It does mean I’d end up in happiness jail with you, and who wants that?”

Dina rolls her eyes.

“Please,” She says dismissively, “You’d be lucky to end up with me as a cellmate in happiness jail.”

Ellie laughs, a muted sound, shakes her head a little.

“Yeah,” She says, “I don’t doubt it.”

There’s another long moment of silence, but it’s the easy kind of silence that Ellie likes so much, the kind she only ever seems to find here, with Dina.

“Ellie,” Dina finally says in a small voice, leaned in heavily now against Ellie’s shoulder, “Jesse’s probably drinking all the cider, right?”

Ellie sighs, “Yeah…probably.”

“It’s all gonna be gone, isn’t it?” Dina says with quiet resignation.

“Oh,” Ellie sighs, puts her her arm around Dina’s shoulders consolingly, pulls her in just a little closer, “Most definitely.”

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Imagine being in love with your best friend Ellie

Summery: you are in love with your best friend but she loves someone else

Word count: 223

As (Y/N) looked down at her phone she cried, she had been in love with her best friend Ellie for years noe but she knew that Ellie was going to ask Dina out and it pained her to know that they would never be together. I mean yeah Dina is a great person and she is good friends with both if them but (Y/N) couldn’t help but ti be jealous of Dina, i mean she was so pretty, nice and smart but most important she made Ellie happy anf that was all thatcmattered. Ellie and (Y/N) were such good friends and of course (Y/N) didn’t want to ruin thstcso she listened to Ellie as she talked about Dina and how nervous she was of Dina rejectinf her. But deep doen she knew she came in too late with liking Ellie and that Dina would say yes to her no matter what and all (Y/N) could do was be there for her friend and support her while she rambled on about the love of her lufe. Needless to say she missed her chance with this awesome girl and was only going to fuck up thier friendship if she tried to do anything.

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Imagine Joel and Tess making breakfast together

Summery: Joel and Tess having a nice morning with thier kids

Word count: 575

Joel’s alarm clock started going off and he looked over to the time. It was 4am which ment it was time to wake up and get the day started,he turned the alarm off and kissed his wife before he got out of bed. He walked into the kitchen and put the coffee maker on, he would have to wake the kids up at 6 to start their day. When the coffee was done he grabbed his mug, put his jacket on and went to sit outside. He sat outside and drank his coffee while playing his guitar softly so he wouldn’t wake Ellie up, Joel hummed softly along with the music he had been playing until he heard the door open and he looked over to see Tess “mornin’ darlin’” he said as he smiled at her and she walked over with her own coffee mug and sat beside him on her own chair “hi” she whispered and drank her coffee. He put his guitar down and put his hand out for her to hold while he had his coffee in the other hand, she took his hand and smiled ever so faintly. Joel looked over at her and smiled “i love you” he said and rubbed his thumb over the top of her hand “i love you too Texas” she smiled. They sat on the porch talking for a few hours, Joel looked at his watch “alright i think it’s time to wake them up” he said and got up from his chair. He walked over to Ellie’s shed and knocked on the door “kiddo it’s time to get up” he said and he could hear her moving in there “ok give me a minute” she said “I’ll be in the house” Joel said and walked into the house to go wake Sarah up. The second he walked into the house he could smell breakfast cooking,he walked upstairs and knocked on Sarah’s door “It’s time to get up babygirl” he said and walked away. Joel walked downstairs and up to his wife, he wrapped his arms around her waist from the back and rested his chin on her shoulder “hey beautiful” he whispered into her ear “are you gonna help or distract me cause if it’s the second option go take a nap and reevaluate your life choices” Tess smiled at her husband while she made breakfast, he kissed her neck lightly “oh come on you love this” he chuckled “I swear of you were anyone else, I’d kill you right now. But i love you so let’s just stay like this for a minute.” she said and leaned back a little and he smiled “uggh are you two gonna be all loving all day” Ellie said and laughed as she grabbed a cup of water and sat at the table “you’re just jelous that Dina didn’t call you back last night” Sarah laughed as she walked in and also sat at the table “could one of you girls set the table please” Tess asked “oh so you’re nice to the kids but not me"Joel smiled "that’s cause they’re not annoying like you” she said and Sarah set the table then sat down at it again. Tess finished breakfast and put the food on the table. Joel kissed his wife softly then sat down at the table.

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Imagine Joel taking care of his sick daughter

Summery: Sarah gets sick and Joel takes care of her

Word count: 248

Joel walked into the room balancing a bunch of things in his arms “ok so i got you a wet cloth for your fever,i got you a water bottle, i got you some soup and please remebe-” Joel was rambling trying to be the best father he could be “dad its just a small fever I’ll be fine” Sarah laughed cutting her dad off “ what if it gets worse,can you walk? What if you get hotter? When’s the last time we took your temp?” Joel was worrying,i mean sure she had gotten sick before but Joel felt like he had to take care ig his babygirl. A few hours later Joel was sitting on the sofa reading a book when he heard Sarah throwing up in the bathroom, he got up and walked over to the bathroom where she was leaning over the toilet vomiting, Joel leaned down and held the little bit of hair that was in the way and rubbed tiny circles on her back “it’s ok just let it out” he said trying to sooth his daughter and make her feel better. After she was done she stood up flushed the toilet and brushed her teeth. Joel picked her up and put her in her bed and put her blankets on, Sarah passed out and Joel kissed her forehead “night babygirl sleep tight” he said and closed the door.

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Imagine getting drunk with Yara

Summary:Yara gets drunk with her girlfriend when everyone is sleeping

Word count: 230

“Look what i found” Maddy said as she pulled out a bottle of whiskey “Maddy it’s 3 am where did you get that” Yara whisper yelled at her girlfriend “ at my house” Maddy giggled “your dad is gonna know” Yara said “no he’s not, he hardly drinks” Maddy said opening the bottle “what if Abby finds out I’m drinkng” Yara said in worry “shhhh” Maddy said as she drinks from the bottle. Yara watches her in disbelief and grabs the bottle from her now choking girlfriend “you’re so dumb” Yara laughs a little as she takes a sip “I’m not dumb you just have higher intelligence” Maddy laughed and they went back and forth from drinking the bottle until it was finished. Maddy lied on the ground with Yara beside her “if dogs had thumbs theu could rule the world and you know it” Maddy said in a very serious tone “i think that dogs are misunderstood” Yara said and sighed “I’m gonna fight whoever said no to dogs having rights” Maddy said pouting “I’m sleepy” Yara yawned “nooooo i need to ask you something” Maddy said smiling “what is it” Yara asked “do you wanna date?” Maddy asked her “but Maddy we are dating” she laughed “oh i didn’t know, no one told me” Maddy said.

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