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#tlou part ii

What happens when you and your best friend talk about Tlou 2 and get sad? You write something. So here’s a little drabble that is probably bad but made me cry (yes i make myself cry). Enjoy or not

He was finally here.

Dina had gone into labor a while ago, Ellie doesn’t remember the exact time but she knows it was a while back. Ellie was washing the dishes in their little farmhous as Dina was talking with Jesse’s parents. They were staying over as Dina was due soon and they didn’t want to miss it. Who was Ellie to deny them the chance to see their grandchild’s birth. She wished Joel and Jesse were here.

Time stopped having meaning when Dina’s water broke. The time seemed too long and barely existant at the same time. Ellie stayed by her side the whole time and tried to distract her girlfriend. She told her jokes and played the guitar for her. She remembers that time where she played the guitar to an injured Jesse.

Then, before she knew it, it was time. Ellie held Dina’s hand the whole time. Ellie doesn’t know much about births, but Jesse’s parents does and she is so grateful for them at this moment. She remembers when she held Joel’s hand as Maria cleaned her self-inflicted chemical burn.

Ellie is pretty sure that her hand is broken, but it doesn’t matter in the end as she’s holding her son for the first time. She places her son in Dina’s arm. Their son (He looked so much like Jesse). She remembers when Joel told her how it felt when he first held Sarah.

As Robin, Jesse’s mother, was holding their son, she asked them what his name was going to be. Ellie still hasn’t stopped looking at her son, even from her place next to Dina on the bed. Dina looked at Ellie and smiled. “Jesse Joel Williams”. Tears gathered in Ellie’s eyes as she looked back at her exhausted girlfriend. She remembers a night where she got drunk with Jesse and he had told her that he would name his future son after him because he’s perfect and so would his son.

As she held her girlfriend and son close to her, no images of Joel’s broken body nor Jesse’s dull eyes made an appearance in her mind. Only the good memories of them. She misses them, but now they live through her son.

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dina the exact second her and ellie are both single at the same time

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[…] from this day forward, for better, for worse…


Part 10 of 13(?)

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au where manny doesnt die so he tags along w abby and lev to santa barbara

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wow this is like that one scene in spongebob where squidward makes him w

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owen after i fucking get him

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When you’re out hanging with friends and you realize you didn’t do the HW assignment due at midnight…😅📸✨

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Окей, посмотрим на что он способен

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I need to write more tlou stuff tbh…. I wanna write Dina X Ellie 😭

I’m welcoming one-shot ideas and any requests

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USA this is crazy

Stop !!!!

Both sides are wrong!!!!

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Let’s stop this madness

Stop shedding blood

We are all human beings

So we’re all family


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