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#tlou pt ii

just finally finished TLOU pt II and i am Emotional

i don’t even have words for how i’m feeling right now but that sure was something

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I am the sand guardian!
Guardian of the sand!
Poseidon quivers before her!
Ellie, yelling at the ocean
Fuck off!
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EVERY1 i have an announcement,,,, every single reviewer who said tlou pt ii was grueling or cld be tough to get thru was absolutely fuckin right !!!! they were right! i played like nine hours of tlou pt ii today and u know what ?? i am a Bit Tired now!!!

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The Last of Us Server


Originally posted by zhansww

A friend and I have decided to create a The Last of Us discord server! It’s a casual place for fans of the series to share and discuss with other players!

Please don’t be shy to join! We would love to have you!

Here is the link 🌿

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Lovely reminder that Dina is a complete badass, she was fighting while pregnant. She did everything that Ellie did well having a baby in her belly and I will not forget.

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“Once we’re done with this thing, I’m gonna teach you how to play guitar.” -Joel to Ellie, TLOU

“You know what? I’m gonna teach you how to play guitar.” -Ellie to JJ, TLOU II

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