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I decided to give photomode a try and did a thing

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The boat sits in a foggy darkness, with the horizon obscured, and that’s a pretty good comparison to what’s going on internally with the characters, too. After finishing the game, when Ellie and Abby have come out the other side of that inner storm, the menu switches to a brighter, more hopeful image. But that last image is also a very literal indication that things might be better, at least for Abby and Lev. The menu screen shows Catalina Island, a real place off the coast of southern California, with the boat on its shore. The big round building in the image is a real place: Catalina Casino. The shot suggests that after the fight with Ellie, Abby and Lev reached their goal of making it to Catalina Island to find the Fireflies there. 

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the killing machine’s gonna do the deed until the river runs dry and my last breath leaves

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By killing Joel and avenging her father [Abby] has already accomplished what Ellie is trying to do, and is struggling to come to grips with it. We were trying to find those parallels, and to do so in a way where it’s not on the nose but it’s still showing you how these characters — under different circumstances — could’ve been friends.

Neil Druckmann

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ellie ↬ the last of us 2 moodboard

“I’m just a girl, not a threat.”

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