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what if 🤔 we were boyfriends 😲 in an alternate universe where i didn’t brutally pipe murder you 😱😵 and i still had my original body 😜😏 before 👁 i 👁 started body hopping 😆😎 and you collected old evil books 📕🔪🤓 that made us infinitely powerful baddies 😈 and we softly kissed 😘

haha jk 🤗💕 unless- 😳

Credit: @sketchy-scribs-n-doods


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tim and sasha play fortnite duos together and sasha is a Serious Gamer (her favorite weapon is a sniper rifle and she’s really good at headshots) but tim keeps getting sniped bc he likes to stand on roofs and emote

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In straight!tma, there would definitely be a lot of cultural appropriation. They might have a Stranger episode that features skinwalkers for the anti Indigenous racism. There would probably be an episode featuring an evil Haitian voodoo priest/priestess, bonus racist points if they’re a Black woman who eats people with her vajayjay *cough America gods cough* Throughout it all, it would be blatantly obvious that Moldy pencil did very little research into the cultures and beliefs they’re butchering but they will still happily condescendingly whitesplain their “interpretations” to any people of color that were rightly offended by their racist hack job

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being into tma is like. contemplate existential fears. have gay thoughts. contemplate existential fears. be sad about tim. think about the Scottish Safehouse Period and immediately combust. contemplate existential fears

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Tried to poison my boss but he knew😩😩 Can’t have shit in the Archives 🙄

- Melanie, probably

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