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I’ve finished episode 92 of the magnus archives and I don’t understand why anyone has a problem with Jon. He has done nothing wrong! I get the betrayal of trust but Tim loathes Jon just because he stalked his house once or twice. Yes Jon isolated and put up some walls at a time when the group needed a leader but that’s more of a personal failing than being a bad person. And Jon didn’t ask for any of this! He’s in the same boat as everyone else. He has no idea what’s going on and is being manipulated into the situation as much as anyone else. Why would anyone take issue with him.

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Djdjjd ya know I think being a Magnus Archives fan is great, almost entirely because while I’m scrolling I’ll see really cute fanart of Melanie and Georgie cuddling or just generally having a good time

And the very next post I see is Jon and Martin suffering and clinging to each other because they’re the only things they trust

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love bein in a podcast fandom cause we can just be like “what if this line was delivered with a Really cool visual” and everyone’s just like *imagines it* fuck yeah…

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the magnus archives understands that the height of tenderness & romance is bringing a hot beverage to your love interest

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the lukas family has finnish roots because everyone who has been to finland knows that this place is the perfect breeding ground for the lonely to manifest in and also only arguably exists which makes it even more perfect for the lonely. the only reason the lukas family has spread out to other places is because finland is so lonely that they got bored and they want to make everyone else like that too

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Idk anything about tma really but took the quiz for fun and got Basira, thoughts? Description i got seemed pretty spot on to me lol

basira’s actually one of a few characters who i think i’ll need to relisten to the earlier seasons in order to have a better understanding of her (sasha and adelard dekker are some of the other ones, and i’m sure there are more bc my auditory memory sucks lmao).  

from what i do know about her she’s very loyal (sometimes to a fault) to those she cares about, but can also be quick to turn her back on anyone who she feels has done wrong/is a bad person and isn’t deserving of her help.  she’s fairly steady and reserved, very no-nonsense, but while her humor tends to be pretty dry she can also be very funny.  she’s also a doer, not an overthinker.  she’s the kind of person to just decide what she thinks is the right course of action and be relatively confident that she’ll figure it out as she goes along, rather than spend a lot of time planning before diving in.  i wouldn’t say she’s reckless (certainly not more than any other character), she just doesn’t waste time or mince words and prefers to act.  she owns up to her past mistakes and tries to do better moving forward rather than deny that she’s done anything wrong, and i’d say she honors the past without letting it define her.  

what i love about all the (non-villain) characters in tma is that they’re very human: complicated, messy, stressed but doing their best, flawed but good at heart (or at least trying to be).  which makes them very lovable but also makes the sad stuff way more tragic lol

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- i am a scorpio and this guy acts exactly like me. he knows how to lie and manipulate he cant be anything BUT a scorpio

- scorpios are yearning. martin is yearning. need i say more

- the spiders. we all know that scorpions are related to spiders which are the web which martin definitely has some associations with.

- his birthday is definitely during the time of year when everything is dark and gloomy and relentlessly *lonely* and thats why his birthday party where jon infodumped about emulsifiers was burnt into his memory so well

- “joni who the fuck gets ice cream in november?” I DO. SCORPIOS DO.

- if i was any dumber i would accuse martin of having the exact same birthdate as me just to project. but no ill say hes a november scorpio. maybe a late october one. maybe a october 25th- no. i said no projecting.   *unless?*

- he just has so much scorpio energy and tumblr user @themlet montgomery is in denial

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