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Guys I binged the entirety of the Magnus Archives in like 4 days and I’ve fallen in absolute love with it!! May lag behind in Being Human comics lmao

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people keep talking about jonah magnus’ shitty regency harem but when are we gonna talk about simon fairchild and trevor herbert having a one night stand?? u may be cowards but i am not

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Prediction: Web!Martin is trying to make Jon more comfortable with the idea of being a monster so that way he’s ready to become the next primary Avatar of the Eye

Likewise, I think Martin is going to be the next primary Avatar of the Web and in doing so will be on the same power level as Jon and live happily scary after, after the end in a world that is more or less back to normal

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People asking why Jon went after Jude for revenge and are completely skipping over the question Jon asked her.

“Did you know all this [the apocalypse] would happen?”

Jon isn’t angry about his hand. He’s trying to find some way to take the blame away he feels for himself about the whole goddamn world falling into a Horror Nightmare Playground

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ALSO i was proven right.

Ive had this theory for a while that the corruption is a breeding ground for the desolation. Dry rot is good for fire see, and family is good for destruction. And the statement part of this episode proved that point amazingly. The apartment, old and decaying, with a family attached to it. That is where the fire burns. That is where the desolation thrives, its sudden destruction feeding off of the slowness and misconceived stability of the home.

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