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#tma recs
captainkirkk · 8 months ago
A collection of fics I’ve read (/reread) and thoroughly enjoyed in the past week-ish from all kinds of fandoms and genres.
Icarus, Point to the Sun by aeoleus               
Zuko tries.
Agni, he tries. Uncle wants so desperately for him to do the right thing, and he wants to, he does, he does, he does-
So when the Water Tribe girl looks at him with wild eyes, begging for help, and Azula raises one eyebrow with a sneer, Zuko chooses.
Azula’s scream of anger when he blasts a fireball in her direction is almost worth the twenty Dai Li agents that immediately surround him.
(or: Zuko is taken prisoner by Azula in the catacombs. Turns out, being kept miles away from the sun isn't so great for your bending.)
Like a Baby Shirshu by mindbending        
Despite the fever and the barely-healed burn scar, the boy’s fast. June avoids his blade, but still he jams his limbs into her, desperate to scratch and kick and bite off her hand…
(Just like a baby shirshu, spitting poison from behind the bars of its cage. The comparison shouldn't be so endearing.)
Or: the AU where Zuko flees the palace after his Agni Kai, running right into Nyla and June.
How Dare You? by Reaganrose1513 (Note: Based off this post I made a month back)
They sent a child. They wanted him to marry a child the same age as his own kids. What in the name of Tui and La- How dare the? How dare they!?
OR: The 100-year war is more of a 95-year war, end earlier for reasons that don't matter right now. After a few years of negotiations, Firelord Azulon wants a marriage alliance between the Chief of the Southern Water Tribe and a member of the Fire Nation royal family. No one really wants this, but after five years, Hakoda can tell his people are tired and want to move on, so he's willing to do what it takes to make peace happen. That is until the Fire Nation sends him a child to marry, and there is no way in hell that is happening.
Harry Potter
The Foundations of Family by waitingondaisies
Ron and Hermione spend a lot of time alone together while Harry is off at Quidditch practice. On one such occasion, Hermione finds herself revisiting her childhood dream of playing house with her friends.
Apex Predator by silver jackdaw (idyII)                
Every single school had one: someone at the top of the food chain. An acme. Someone who could do things under a teacher's nose, escape consequences, and terrify other people. Someone who looked down on everyone else like they were prey. An apex predator. And Izuku couldn't count on teachers and adults to protect anyone. Even a hero school wasn't safe from the phenomena. When Izuku gets to Yuuei, he's determined to find out who it is and ensure they can't hurt him or his new friends.
...and accidentally, in the process, becomes the apex predator (though he is mostly unaware of this, and uses it for good. But still, people are terrified of him.)
(Or, a snowball chain of events wherein Izuku's paranoia leads to 1A becoming a family, everyone in school being in debt to him, Aizawa adopting everyone in his sight and slowly growing closer to committing acts of arson, the League gaining redemption and working with the resident Apex Predator to combat the Hero Commission whilst gaining technically legal identities, and Hawks finding a family. Hurt people help other hurt people, and they're all doing their best. Some laws may or may not be broken in the process.)
but I have promises to keep by SpiritusRex                
“I’m fine.” Midoriya repeats, calmer after a few large, uneven breaths, “This is i-important. This is more important than me.”
“Midoriya,” Shouta starts.
“We’re wasting t-time.” Midoriya cuts him off, “I have a list of Sensei- I mean- I- All for One’s current quirks, and I n-need to tell you them.”
(Late at night, Aizawa Shouta gets an unexpected phone call.)
Like I Was Inside by voiceless_terror                
Tim decided to do what he did best- roll with the punches. Even though the punch, in this case, was his prickly cactus of a boss suddenly deciding he needed affection like a dying plant needs sunlight.
In which Jon encounters a cursed object, and the rest of the archival crew suffers for it. If you can call it suffering.
Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System
by omission by Yuu_chi                
Shen Qingqiu had always hoped that if the chance arose he’d be able to tell his friends about his life as Shen Yuan on his own terms. It had never even crossed his mind that the day would come where his deepest secret would be outed in front of his husband, his friends, and his entire sect.
I Wish You Were My Husband by Feynite (+ podfic)
AU based on The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir (familiarity with that story's not required).
Wherein Shen Yuan transmigrates into a harem intrigues romance novel (gay edition), Yue Qingyuan really fucks up, Liu Qingge is not suitable for his job, and no one even remotely sees Luo Binghe coming.
He Was Made For Untidy Rooms and Rumpled Beds by Bluethursday                
Shen Qingqiu kind of, sort of, does not have the same modesty standards as a xianxia novel set in some form of Ancient China? He also hates the heat, who knew right?
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clowntv · a year ago
can anyone reccomend me random tma statements to listen to. i dont care about story i just wanna jump around and listen to some classics, either because they're funny or because they're genuinely good. im already planning om relistening to episode 2 + 3 and the Daedalus statements.
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frosnpls · a month ago
ay i wanted to give a shoutout to a particular podcast for those of yall missing/wanting more of smn a bit like magnus and things in a similar vein. its called The Mistholme Museum and follows a similar format of a narrator telling stories whilst there's a plot unravelling outside of said stories and its SO good. The narrator is a sentient audio tourguide and "you" are being shown around a museum of artifacts with horrible horrible backstories to them. They don't get a whole ton of listeners and the tag is very quiet and it's such a shame because it's really good. there's a scene where Audio Tourguide very forcefully instructs an employee to pet a cat. Please listen to The Mistholme Museum.
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dudeiwannasleep · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
if you or a loved one was emotionally destroyed by the sea calls me home by @mothjons you may be entitled to financial compensation
(i wanted to draw more bc i adore this fic but i’m trying to keep it as spoiler free as possible)
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demonic-queer · 2 months ago
tma and wtnv fans (and people who like queer horror in general).... I need y'all to listen to hello from the hallowoods like right now.
the show is like a mix of wtnv and tma. it's a horror podcast written and preformed by a queer author about a bunch of lgbtq+ characters, many of whom are nonhuman, trying to survive in the hallowoods, a forest with a bunch of creepy creatures and horrifying deities. each episode contains three stories and all of them connect in some way, the characters crossing paths. the narrator is an all-knowing nightmare named nikignik, and I love him very much. oh and also eye imagery.
my favorite characters include...
- a nonbinary punk frankenstein who uses they/them bc they are literally made up of several people
- a transgender ghost boy in love with said frankenstein
- an undead robot thingy that just wants friends and is adorable
- a lesbian with a spiked bat
- genderfluid cloud witch
pls I desperately need people to rant to about this show
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fuck it podcast rec list
(order within categories is not important)
[If one of the podcasts interests you, but you aren’t sure if it contains sensitive material, DM me and ill do my best to give you a complete trigger list!]
[All of these are more or less queer, and tbh what podcast isn’t at least a little bit gay these days? I had a few questions abt it tho so i edited it in order to clarify]
All time faves:
The Adventure zone: A tumblr fave, my introduction to the world of podcasts. Follow the most wholesome family, the Mcelroys, as they play Dnd and other board games. Each “arc” has a plot line, but can easily be listened to just for the unique McElroy vibe. It’s pretty long (around 130 ~60mins episodes) but you can jump at the start of any campaign you wish to! Ongoing. [queer characters rep through the whole series]
The Magnus Archives: Another popular one! An archivist for the Magnus Institute of London is forced to accept that eldritch horrors and paranormal activity are real. This is a horror podcast, with a pretty extensive trigger list (the horror in itself is treated really well, and very rarely goes into real life horror. YES there is queer rep in this (main characters) but you definitely shouldn’t listen to it for that specific reason, trust me.) Somehow not linked to magnus burnsides? Finished [mlm + bi/ace Mcs, bisexuals characters, various trans/nb secondary characters] [finished with 200 episodes]
Archive 81: Another horror podcast centered around an archivist dealing eldrich horror and paranormal. The story is more focused on paranormal than horror, but there is still a trigger list. The various protagonists are really funny/lovely. Not finished, currently on hiatus. [mlm main character in the 2nd part of the show]
Death by dying: An obituary in a small town investigates a series of strange deaths. Talks about paranormal and grief, strangely uplifting and sad at the same time? bite sized, only 5 episodes of roughly 30 minutes. A second season was just announced!
Alice isn't dead:  A roadtrip about à woman trying to find her wife, but finding terrible things along the way... Horror podcast, but a bit lighter than tma or archives 81. End is uplifting, fuck all love stories except for whatever those two lesbians got going on. I definitely have the hots for the voice of the big mean lady. [wlw mc]
Time:bombs : a three episodes short story about a bomb disposal unit. The dynamic between the characters is hilarious and wonderful. Sadly short, but the Creators did express the desire to keep going with these characters sometimes in the future. [Too short to act on it, but all the MCs are explicitly mlm.]
Really good:
King falls AM: Sammy is a new resident and radio host in the city of King falls, a small city that surprises him at every turn. Paranormal activity, a vibe that’s halfway between gravity falls and welcome to nigthtvale. I adore the dynamic between Ben and sammy. [main character is mlm, secondary wlw character] [This podcast has been discontinued]
Midnight Radio: All ghost stories are love stories. A radio hostess falls in love with the mysterious girl that sends her letters at the station. A really wholesome short story, will lift your mood. 10 episodes of 20 minutes. [wlw]
Caravan: A young man, desesperatly in love with his best friend falls into a canyon and some sort of magical world? Sexy cowboys and demons, a legendary caravan. Is Horny, but also very funny. Still ongoing, season 2 coming 2021. [mlm MC, multiple bisexual characters.]
Welcome to Nightvale: Cecil Palmer is the radio host of Nightvale, and tells you the tales of this myterious and highly paranormal town. Narrative lines are more of the long type, and anyone can hop on at any episode. Definetly a good background podcast for when you’re busy doing something else. [Mlm main character.]
The penumbra podcast: A podcast alternating between two stories, one of them being the story a noir detective, the mess of his life and psychological progress. Heavy on found family towards the last episodes. Didn’t listen to Last citadel yet. Ongoing. [A lot of queer rep. There is canonically only one straight man in the junoverse. NB main character using he/him pronouns. Various mlm/wlw]
The far meridian: A young agoraphobic girl travels the world with her moving lighthouse, searching for her brother. found family themes/wlw main character. Ongoing. [wlw Mc]
Wayward guide for the untrained eye: A pair or twin journalists investigate the town of Connor Creek and its terrible secret... WEREWOLVES! The twin’s dynamics is gold, i am in love with both of them, and the show’s general energy is really light and upllifting. Only a season of 10 episodes, they havent released a statement concerning a possible new season yet, but definetly can be listened to as a stand alone. [Some bg queer characters.]
Unseen: A Series of unrelated episodes following characters whose story w cannot see. Wonderful narrative, super cool voice actors. I am in gay love with the mean teacher from ep 2. Witchery and magic but make it bittersweet. [Various queer main characters.]
(all these were really good too, but i just didnt get as involved as in the previous recs)
The strange case of starship iris: Gay space pirates and found family against capitalism. Easy to listen to, pretty light hearted. The second season is currently coming out. [wlw Mc. Trans character]
The 12:37: A young woman climbs aboard the wrong train, and ends up traveling through time and space. wlw main character, found family theme. mental health issues are talked about/shown. [wlw Mc]
Love and Luck: A queer slice of life, spiced up with a touch of magic. The story is told through voices messages. A really light hearted tone even tho serious subject are talked about. Will give you cavities. [Mlm main characters]
Bedtime stories from hell: A depressed demon tells you bittersweet bedtime stories. in the “good” section because it juste started, only a handful episodes and we still have to see where it goes! But a good start, the stories really are captivating. [Variously queer.]
The bright sessions: What if the X-men went to therapy? Thats it that’s the plot. Lovely characters, always walking on the gray morals line but in the best way possible. [mlm mcs, ace mc, bisexual character]
Lost my interest/never finished it:
Let's talk about myth baby: a really interesting podcast about Greek mythology. Will be for you if you love that subject. I couldn't keep going because I didn't like the narrator's voice (yea I know I'm shallow lmao) [As gay as greek preople went. Which is gay but also somehow homophobic at the same time. You know how it goes.]
Wolf 359: Doug Effeil is the communication officier in a spaceship. His story and struggles with his peticuliar shipmates. Honestly was really good, but i dropped it because of college and never picked it up again. Might try again some time around. [Bisexual characters.]
The two princes: Two princes of opposites kingdoms are bound to fight each other until one kingdom is left. A really fluffy/easy going podcast. Listen to this if you need a no brainer gay love story. I binged the first season, but was less enthusiastic about the other two. Just not my type of story i fear. [mlm]
Return home: A young man receives a mysterious voicemail telling him to go back to his home town, where his mother is missing and his father doesn't remember him... A horror/comic story. No trigger list for this one, at least for the first 30 episodes i listened to. They do talk about stuff that would typically be horror, but in such a light hearted way that it really isn’t. The plot is cliché, but self aware. It’s a nice podcast, but the “light adventure” tone without any contrast lost me on the long run; again, good but not my thing. [Mlm character that literally dates the devil so thats sexy.]
Critical role: Another Dnd podcast; a different vibe than taz, as there is much more roleplay. I was stopped by the fact that you have to watch the videos to fully get the interest. It is really good!  but podcasts are my working background sound, so i don’t really have the time for this one. [no idea i didn’t get far]
Dream boy: great soundtrack, interesting story, a really good voice actor. Just... too horny for me (i got second hand embarrassed by the time the neighbour just... you know , in the rain and stopped and never picked it up since) [mlm]
The wanderer: a bard wanders into the forest, looking for his lover. Very introspective, its actually good but podcasts are once again my bg noise and sometimes i miss a sentence here and there; completely stopped me from being able to keep track of what was going on in this one.
[I will update this post as I go, so check my profile for the updated version as time passes]
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backofthebookshelf · 7 months ago
Horror Recs for Magnus Fans, Part the Second
Last time I did this I was assuming that anyone who was listening to a horror podcast already knew some horror, but I have since learned that this is not the case, so there are a few more classics in here, as well as some more of my faves.
For anyone and everyone who listens to TMA: Sarah Monette's Kyle Murchison Booth stories, many (though not all) of which are collected in The Bone Key. Queer information professional would very much like for ghosts and monsters to leave him alone, does not get what he wants; can't resist the impulse to help out people who are more fucked over than him anyway. I love Booth so much, he deserves much better things than he gets.
For Web stans: Blindsight by Peter Watts, a sci-fi horror novel about free will and consciousness. Lydia Nicholas named this as one of her favorite books in the first Assistant's Round Table; I respect her for it, but I read this once and it gave me an existential crisis. Highly recommended, but make sure you've got a palate cleanser.
For jonelias fans and/or fans of the Corruption: Candyman (1992). With bonus folklore & urban legend meta! Kissing bees into your (potential) lover's mouth in order to convince them to become a murderous spirit of vengeance just like you! "All you have left is my desire for you"!!! It's extremely sexy, is what I'm saying, in all the best ways. (Trigger warnings for violence against children and a fair amount of gore, in addition to the aforementioned bees.)
If you love the no-holds-barred social commentary of season five: The Ballad of Black Tom by Victor LaValle. No, I will not shut up about this book until absolutely everyone in the world has read it. It's short! You could read it in an afternoon! This is Lovecraft's "The Horror at Red Hook" from the point of view of a black musician and hustler who's hired to help out with the ritual, and it's incredible. (If you're enjoying Lovecraft Country, absolutely do not miss this.)
If you miss the standalone statements of season one and two: the works of the early 20th century cosmic horror and ghost story writers: M.R. James, Algernon Blackwood, Arthur Machen. Machen has a tendency to get pretty eugenics-y, and they're all either misogynistic or don't have women in their stories at all, but goddamn do they do atmosphere. ("The Magnus Archives" is named after James's "Count Magnus," Jonny's favorite M.R. James story.)
For Stranger fans and those who love unexplained mysteries: The Twisted Ones by T. Kingfisher, a Southern horror (not a Gothic) about a woman who goes to clean out her abusive grandmother's house to sell it only to find that there are things other than his wife that her grandfather was afraid of, and for good reason. Features hot competent neighbors, extremely practical reactions to terrible monsters, and a Very Good Dog (the dog does not die).
For Lonely bitches: "The Horla" by Guy de Maupassant, the story I use to describe my depression to people. That's a pretty good content warning, honestly.
If you loved the "Am I still human?" plotline: The Monster of Elendhaven by Jennifer Giesbrecht, a grotesque little novella about monsters in (dysfunctional) love. I'm a bit iffy on the ending, but honestly landing the ending of horror is so tricky that I'll almost never discount something just because I'm iffy on the ending. The body horror and emotional repression throughout make up for it.
If you crave the supernatural adventure series starring Gerry Keay: The Sandman Slim series by Richard Kadrey - modern noir, so gritty you can feel it in your teeth, featuring all kinds of monsters, demons, curses, and narrowly-averted apocalypses. Not as misogynistic as noir can get, but it is noir so there's definitely a bit of that (but definitely not as misogynistic as Jim Butcher). Trigger warnings all over the place; this is B-movie horror in book form.
For Distortion fans: The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson. Bears almost no resemblance to the Netflix series of the same name, or any of the movies based on it; this is a twisty psychological novel with a profoundly unreliable narrator and a lot of repressed queerness. Michael/Helen would be right at home in Hill House. (Content warning for suicidality.)
If you want your horror to make you cry: El Orfanado, directed by Guillermo del Toro; a family moves into a house that used to be an orphanage, that is, of course, haunted. This is a tremendous distillation of the way that horror movies are so often centered around women not being believed, so content warning for gaslighting (and for harm to children); I saw this movie once and entire scenes are embedded in my brain in full color. (Honestly you can't go wrong with any Guillermo del Toro movies; he's fantastic.)
If you want your horror to make you cry, but make it gay: In the Flesh, two seasons of a zombie TV show tragically cut short (yes, it ends on a cliffhanger, I’m sorry). Uses zombies as a metaphor for homophobia, but also includes actual queer people. Content warning for small-town-typical homophobia and tragic gays. Please come yell with me about Simon Monroe, I love him so much.
For Slaughter fans: The Shining by Stephen King - look, look, I know. He's not great. He needs an editor. The movie is all kinds of fucked up. But this book is one of the most raw, personal horror stories I've ever read, and it's got an excellent combination of supernatural influence and real-life mundane fear of addiction and personal weakness that really grabs you by the intestines. Again, an iffy ending, but it's worth it for the slow descent into paranoia and madness.
If you just want to try to find some authors to read: The Borderlands anthology series, paperbacks from the height of the 80s horror boom; there are so many different kinds of stories in here that I can pretty much guarantee you that you won't like some of them but you might well find something new to fall in love with. A lot of these writers are out of print but readily available at used bookstores or for pennies on Amazon.
As always, let me know if you liked any of these or if you have a specific need: it is no longer my job to recommend books and media to people but it is still my very favorite thing to do and I will be obnoxious about it forever
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tolbyccian · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
commission of martin and gerry too busy with their silly s’mores to do their jon cuddling duties! for @that-one-girl-behind-you based on this adorable ficlet! thank you!
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captainkirkk · 9 months ago
A collection of fics I’ve read (/reread) and thoroughly enjoyed in the past week-ish from all kinds of fandoms and genres.
Fire Lily Oil by mindbending                
There’s an assassin in Sparky’s bedroom. It’s the only explanation for the extra heartbeat. The sounds of exertion. The ominous thumping of furniture. Fueled by both duty and friendship, Toph crashes in, ready for battle-
Only to get smacked by a faceful of Sokka’s new perfume.
Ambassador Sokka and His Very Bad (Turned Very Good) Idea by gaydaractivate04
Part 1 of The Adventures of Ambassador Sokka    
The war is officially over. With Fire Lord Ozai and his daughter dead, Fire Lord Zuko now takes the throne.
He takes the throne, and sets to fixing the destruction left over from the war, starting with his own people and ending with everyone else's.
That was how Sokka found himself, the next chief of the Southern Water Tribe, negotiating new treaties in the heart of the Fire Nation with the new Fire Lord.
Who, if he must say, is really good looking for a guy who spent the last few years in the cells beneath the palace.
For The Greater Good by Cornflower_Blue       
Of course, from the moment he knew One For All was passable, Izuku had carried a quiet hope that All Might would pick him. But until that moment in the sunset, it had always been more like a far off fantasy, a bedtime story he would tell himself at night. How could he hold a candle to someone like Kacchan, who had the perfect heroic quirk that would only add to One For All.
But All Might had seen something in him, and Izuku had promised himself he would never let his hero regret giving him that chance at his dream.
He did kinda wish he had agreed to let All Might’s team install the panic button in his phone back when his name had been leaked though.
Harry Potter
the end of being alone by rexcorvidae                
When Harriet Potter asks Hagrid questions about her parents that he doesn't know the answers to, he directs her to one of their old friends, and in doing so changes the course of history.
The Happy Smiles Recipe by MayMarlow                
After Sirius's death Dumbledore is ready to send Harry once again back to the Dursleys. Molly Weasley is not about to let that happen.
Five Dogs, One Cat by ryfkah (+ podfic)     
If you’ve ever believed me in anything, believe I want what’s best for Jin Ling, the first line of the letter reads.
Jiang Cheng has to stop and take a moment before he continues on to the next line:
 You must come to Carp Tower as soon as you can and lavish praise on the ugliest dog I’ve ever seen.
  scatter and sunder by silversshadow               
When Wei Wuxian dies at the Burial Mounds the backlash tears his soul apart.
The cultivation world is left to watch the pieces.
nor any more youth or age than there is now by Ravenesta    
The local Primary school has a new teacher. He is, to say the very least, odd.
A series of statements regarding the interactions of the townsfolk with one Jonathan Sims, never formally given.
"Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again?" - How the Magnus Institute learned to embrace the IT ticketing system, upgraded their antivirus, and still found the time to teach one old man how to copy and paste by shinyopals
Part 2 of The Magnus Institute vs the 21st Century: a series of emails and IMs
I hope you find your new role as Head of the Institute as rewarding as captaining the Tundra, wrote Elias Bouchard, to Peter Lukas. There are so many people working there: all with their own interesting lives, and all desiring your attention and support. I'm sure you will relish the challenge it will bring and enjoy every moment spent with the fine men and women of the Institute. In time I'm confident they'll become like a family to you.
The Magnus Institute has a new boss. The Magnus Institute also has a new tech support technician. These two facts are unrelated, except they both happen at the same time.
Meanwhile Jon's woken up from being dead for six months and for once he's trying his best. He just wishes Martin would stop avoiding him and answer his messages...
just stopped believing in happy endings by  chahakyn              
“I know that. I’m just…” Sissy frowns, biting her lower lip. “I just wonder whether staying here would hurt less than going out there.”
Vanya covers Sissy’s hand with her own, turning to kiss the inside of her palm.
“It’ll hurt equally either way. Does it matter to you, as long as we’re together?”
The Archivist Vanya Hargreeves goes on a journey to hunt down her Avatar siblings in their respective Fear Domains post-Watcher's Crown.
(A Magnus Archives AU)
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picktreebrag · 2 months ago
Here's my thing with podcasts (and audio dramas specifically).
These are stories posted for free on extremely accessible platforms where most anyone can access and enjoy. They're on spotify, Apple music, podcatchers, or a podcast specific website.
These stories are being produced and created by passionate creators who aren't beholden to traditional markets and thus they take a lot more risks in their storytelling and characterizations. Which is why you get the sheer beautiful variety in storytelling and plot arcs. Some stories have the romance you expect. Some have no romance. They can explore and access the full LGBTQ+ spectrum and have characters who identify with any variety of identities and so as someone who is very invested in stories, you're very rarely bored by the basic "guy a meets girl b and obviously they get together" plot. We've been trained to recognize and expect the boy meets girl story so much that's it's a default. But because podcasters (specifically those that are self marketed/produced/etc) don't have a parent company of shareholders and all those other traditional concerns, they can take the risks of ignoring the default.
And since they are explicitly labeled, you don't get surprise explicit scenes or forced romances you weren't expecting. So you can more readily curate what you want to listen to.
("But Picktree," you say, "don't books have genres for that exact reason?" I have encountered so many forced romances inside non romantic books I just expect them at this point. Podcasts tend to be more upfront about relationships than books. I respect them because of it.)
Additionally, they make sure that anything that could beconsidered unsettling is tagged and the listener is notified usually before the episode even starts because they recognize that this is a medium people are accessing for entertainment and they don't always want shock and awe or trauma.
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jackalspine · 6 days ago
ayeee,, @koa-is-lying hey buddy, sorry for taking so long lmao.
Ok, a lot of these are already popular, and you’ve probably already read them, but they’re still good 🥺
DT: 53m
Tumblr media
u didn’t specify what things u wanted fics for, but I looked through ur blog and you reblogged a TMA post so,,
The Timeline of Theseus by Applea chapters: 16/?
^fucking Choice. My guy,, it’s a Jon kid fic, where he’s sent back in time to when he was a child but still has the apocalyptic Beholding powers and it’s just mmWAAh. Jon has ADHD and it’s written so well???? Like,, I was like,, oh dear,,, I am,, projecting,,,, I love it very much. It’s still updating so 👍👁👍👁
You also reblogged BNHA so
DT: 1h 20m
Tumblr media
Pied Piper by @blackholeca chapters: 53/?
ALWAYS MY GO TO for recommending vigilante!deku fics ✨💖👁🔪👁💖
The ✨angst✨ the ✨humor✨ the ✨izuku breaks his bones so many times✨ it’s all there.
Izuku doesn’t get OFA and it’s about to be everyone’s problem💖 celebrity-hero society is inherently fucked up, and our boy just wants to do the best he can.
Quality read 10/10 I love u
DT: 1h 40m
Tumblr media
Midoriya, Plus Three-Sixty-Five by skeleton_of_society chapters: 67/?
It won’t let me link it for some reason, but it’s on Ao3
Izuku is born a year earlier than cannon and is class 1-A ‘s only student due to shenanigans.
He’s a good boy. This fic updates FREQUENTLY,, like,, Suspiciously Fast. There are like 3 updates by the end of the week, it’s crazy. And for the quality of writing?????? Like??? UHHH???? It’s really good
DT: 42m
Tumblr media
The Roundabout Way of Fate by @itsmyartfam tfam chapters: 44/44 Completed!??? (tododeku)
I was just looking it up to check how many chapters there are AND GUESS SHE COMPLETED IT???
you could tell my brain started bonking out by now lmao, sorry he looks so sAD ::(
Healer!Izuku au!!! We love to see it!! Its got the angsty, it’s gots the pining, and the fluff!! Multitasking at its finest 💖👁✨
I didn’t get to finish the rest bc I am hungry. So I will get back to u with more later ::)
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do you have any podcast suggestions?
Boy do I ever!! Imma just list a lot them and a short summary 
Dungeons and Daddies (Not A BDSM Podcast)- dnd real play podcast about four dads from our world lost in the Forgotten Realms on a search for their sons. It’s a comedy and oh my god I lose my shit over it every time (I’m actually listening right now lol) and they barely actually play dnd it’s all just role play and there’s about 54 episodes right now  
The Heart of Ether- small town gay gothic podcast. Recorded in the style of leaving voice mails to an ex girlfriend who may or may not be dead. Very gay. Everyone’s voice acting is amazing. Funny moments, sad moments, gay moments. Did I mention how wonderfully gay it is? They just finished their first season so it’s a great time to jump in and binge the episodes  
The Bright Sessions- people with superpowers (not necessarily superheroes tho) go to therapy. It developed into more in later seasons but that’s the basic premise. It’s an older one but still great. 
Hello From the Hallowoods- omniscient narrator? Many storylines? Lots of gay people??? It’s not super long right now, almost at the season one finale but the story line is already amazingly complex and deep
Micro-Cosmos: A Science Fiction Podcast- there’s only one episode so far and it is a wonderful train wreck. So far it’s just: people in space. Big time fuck up in space. 
The Magnus Archives- gay horror pod. If you follow me, you probably know vaguely what it’s about. There’s one more episode left in the show and the only emotion I have is gay fear. (200 episodes in all)
Neighbourly- spooky houses on spooky street. Each episode is different and there are only 9 right now. It’s just really great. Wonderful voice acting and narration. 
Welcome to Nightvale- I mean. Wtnv. Enough said. 
Dark Dice- a dnd pod where they take out most of the actual play and dice so it’s just the storyline. Horror, naturally. They just about finished their first season and it’s honestly amazing. 
They Made It Out Of Clay- a podcast that looks at the Jewish origins of characters in media or similar stuff. They’ve only got one episode so far but it’s well done. 
The Two Princes- gay friends to enemies to lovers. Well that’s the first season at least. There are three seasons right now, relatively short. A good listen one of my comfort shows. 
Alright that’s about it lol
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bare1ythere · 3 months ago
A Post MAG200 Fic Rec List
I spent all of yesterday reading post MAG200 fics, and I don’t usually read fic, so I thought I should put together a list of my favourites!
this is the majority of fic I’m gonna list here, mainly because my heart hurts enough from MAG200 canon as is. Some fluff, some hurt-comfort, but all with happy endings.
Against All Odds by buzzbuzz34 ( @kellanswritingblog ) - 1.3k
Martin did what had to be done. He stabbed Jon.
The tapes pull them through to another world, but it's a race against time before Jon dies for good this time.
a path worth following by maybemight_love - 2k
"I don’t want to be a god. I just want to be with you."
Martin and Jon get an ending fitting of a cosmic horror epic, some timeline/universe shenanigans, and a tear-filled reunion in a London supermarket. They are good people who have suffered enough so here is their soft epilogue.
where you go, I'm going (so jump and I'm jumping) by Aria - 6.5k
"I don't think so," Alex said. She looked at Martin. "Is this really how it went?"
"What?" Martin said. Alex and Georgie and Jon were all looking at him. The sky seemed so different today--
If We Were Young Again by ChristinMKay - 2k
Martin wakes up in a new world, alone and with Jon's blood on his hands. A desperate search for the love of his life begins.
in a different world with different eyes by abeebumbling - less than 1k
A little later, Jon and Martin wake up somewhere else.
I’ve more or less been avoiding all fics that weren’t fix-its or happy endings, but these two caught my eye when I was looking through the Ao3 tag and I’m so glad I read them. They’re both very cathartic.
The Space Between by HelenRichardson - 1.7k
If you were to punch a hole through your universe, you would not fall directly into the next one.
A short little post-finale fic I wrote in an attempt to give my brain some peace.
For you (I can't stand the ending) by Coldfrenchfries ( @origami-boat ) - 2k 
The tapes couldn’t be from him. It didn’t make sense, it just didn’t. 
okay I Know this list is for Post-MAG200 fics but I thought I’d also leave here two of my favourite ongoing multi-chapter fics that update regularly, in case you’re already missing weekly Magnus episodes.
Against All Probability by Cirrusgrey ( @cirrus-grey ) - 16/26, 24.6k
When Jon is nine, a new kid moves into his neighborhood.
When he is promoted to Head Archivist, he still writes to him.
leaves too high to touch (roots too strong to fall) by OllieoftheBeholder ( @ollieofthebeholder ) - 34/56, 166.9k
“’re from the future. In the past. Why?” “You want the short answer or the long one?” “Short,” Martin says after a moment’s deliberation. “Until I decide if I trust you.” The other nods, as if he expected that answer—which, well, if he really is Martin from the future, he probably did. “To stop the world from ending.”
They have one last chance to fix this - one last chance to prevent the Eyepocalypse, to save the world - to save their world. It all hinges on which is the greater force: greed...or love.
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ashdoesfandom · 3 months ago
For the gays. (And @damcrows who’s been dead for the past 24 hours. Rest in peace babe. Read some gay fic. Deny the inevitability of canon. <3)
the end, but the start (of all things that are left to do)  by @ajkal2
Jon wakes up.
aka. mag200 tore out my heart
(Very smol, very short, very spoiler. Def recommend for anyone who just finished the podcast.)
remind me how to smile by @tamerofdarkstars
Jon is probably fine, just hiding out somewhere while the whole murder thing blows over and that's... fine. Martin is fine with that explanation. Really. He's got plenty to distract himself - like listening through the entire What the Ghost episode library, for example. Or watching Georgie Barker's Instagram livestreams.
(Yea this was in the last rec list, but you don’t understand THE ADMIRAL GIVES CUDDLES)
Chamomile by Dribbledscribbles
Whatever the ex-tea was, if it really had ever been that last bag of chamomile Martin claimed he’d found tucked in the back of the cupboard, it was fast now.
Martin had tried catching it, chasing it, blocking its way with shoebox lids and plates and an upended footstool, but the thing was just too quick. Jon knew as well as Knew that he might have left off the attempts completely if not for the creature’s preferred game.
The game was, See How Many Times I Can Push Martin Towards Cardiac Arrest Before He Comes at Me with The Broom.
(Scottish Honeymoon Era. Adorable and weird. A vampire gets harassed.)
hey stranger by @ennuijpg
It’s a late night Tesco run, how eventful could it be? It’s not like Martin is going to run into his boss who’s wearing something absurdly different from usual and get the most acute form of whiplash possible from seeing him, right?
(Martin runs into Jon at the grocery store and has an existential crisis.)
roses roses, roses. by @judesstfrancis
Rose scented laundry detergent. Running into Jon in the breakroom. Running into Jon on his way back to his desk. Rose scented detergent. Running into Jon. Roses. Jon. Roses, roses, roses. 
(Canon enemies to friends to lovers au-ish. Martin POV. Very pining much sweet.)
go softly by doomcountry
And there is nothing else besides this. 
(More hurt/comfort than fluff. Scottish Honeymoon Era. Mild eye mutilation.)
Not Alone by @backofthebookshelf
After the coffin, Daisy and Jon are both fragile. They hold each other up. 
(Post-buried Jon&Daisy starter pack. Very hurt/comfort.)
trust my love by antlsepticeye
“you… you’re real, aren’t you?” jon whispers, the fog slowly dissipating from his mind. “it is not a trick?”
“i’m here,” martin says softly, reaching up to grab jon’s hand that was resting on his cheek, intertwining his fingers with jon’s and squeezing. he moves jon’s hand to martin’s chest, resting it over his heart. “you’re alright. i’m alright. take your time, love. let’s just take some deep breaths, okay?”
reaching out by Athina_Blaine
By the time things settled, when Martin had finally managed to crack through his cold shell, feel some of his old self returning to him in bits and pieces, they had found their little routine.
One that had the two of them sleeping in the same bed, making breakfast, going to the mart. Where Jon reached for his wrist while they slept, and Martin luxuriated in the gentle warmth of his fingers.  
But not one where Martin reached back. One that had Martin kissing Jon awake or taking his hand over the breakfast table, because ... Martin never had the courage to try. And then it never became a part of the routine.
And Martin desperately wanted it to be.
Martin and Jon have an important conversation.
(More Scottish Honeymoon Era for the soul. Hurt/comfort/fluff.)
Belabor by @janekfan​
Jon's given the position of Archivist and is falling apart at the seams. Tim and Sasha are upset and playing games. Elias is overbearing and manipulative.
And poor Martin is stuck cleaning up the mess.
(THEE first fic I ever read for tma. Season 1, hurt/comfort/fluff, and hints of Jmartin. janekfan is the absolute master of seasons 1-3 hurt/comfort. This is my favorite, but pls check out the rest of their fics.)
tea, blankets, and a damnable stubborn attitude by ivelostmyspectacles
“Are you really gonna stay here and pester Jon all evening?”
“I’m not pestering him,” Martin retorted, sounding vehement if not busy going through the cupboards. “I’m heating up soup.”
“Oh, you might as well make him another cup of tea while you’re at it.”
“Oh, good idea.”
Jon shot Tim a withering look.
(The one where Jon is ill, Martin makes tea and they watch doctor who together. Fluff 1000%.)
A Kind Hand by @voiceless-terror
Jonathan Sims was adjusting just fine, thank you very much.
In which a minor workplace spill causes Jon to realize that he might have friends.
(Ah yes, the other master of seasons 1-3 fic aka voiceless-terror being my other fav author in the fandom. This one is also season 1 hurt/comfort/fluff.)
A Weather In The Flesh by @cuttoothed
"There is a span of years where Jon doesn’t touch anyone other than the occasional hand shake. It’s not so bad. He’s never been someone who’s needed physical affection."
Jon has never been any good at making people want to stick around.
(More touched starved Jon! Much hurt/comfort!)
Something Old, Something New by @cirrus-grey
Months have passed, and everyone is doing better than they were. Daisy and Basira are getting married, Melanie is feeling her old self, Georgie is as much herself as she has ever been, and even Jon has stabilized on his wild fall away from humanity. Everyone is doing better.
Well. Almost everyone.
(Daisy/Barsira wedding! Melanie is a bitch and we love her! Jmartin dance! Post-canon (almost) everyone lives!)
The Weight of Love by @voiceless-terror
Jon is a restless sleeper. Martin attempts to adjust. 
(The fic where Jon is literally me and Martin attempts to sleep for 1k words.)
The Art of Conversation by @voiceless-terror
"Do you ever stop talking?"
Jon has a complicated relationship with words. Difficulties come and go.
(Jon has adhd and Martin is in love.)
Novelty by @backofthebookshelf
Jon experiences A Sexual Attraction; Martin has A Concern. They figure it out.
(Any fic that explores the ace spectrum is a 10/10. We stan all ace interpretations of jon on this blog.)
Half a Hug by Dathen
I know you weren’t going to hurt me, I trust you, he said again and again. And then a different kind of fear shone through, hollow and echoing: “Please don’t stop touching me."
Or: Life is hard when you're touch-starved but have trauma related to your closest friend.  Spoilers through TMA 132.
(Honestly bless every author who saw jon&daisy and was like. They’re siblings. No I will not elaborate.)
the loneliness never left me (but i can put it down in the pleasure of your company) by Athina_Blaine
It was about Martin making Jon feel safe, treasured, and loved. And it had been so, so long since anyone made him feel that way.
And, in the face of it all, Jon was starting to flounder.
(At this point I just need to make separate rec list for Scottish Honeymoon Era.)
you can watch me corrode by scarletfish
"So, how long have you been pulling this shit then?"
"I… excuse me?" Jon’s indignant, certain she can’t mean what he thinks she means.
"When was the last time you ate?"
(Georgie decides Jon and Melanie need a normal day off. Jon learns that he and Melanie have more in common than he thought.)
(Look, Melanie isn’t my favorite person in tma, but she and Jon are like THE SAME PERSON and I adore fics that elaborate on their relationship.)
Out of the Wind, In From the Cold by @ostentenacity
There are two bedrooms in the safehouse, and two beds.
For a moment, Jon considers asking to share, but decides against it with a wince. “I really loved you,” Martin had told him. Loved. Past tense. And Martin doesn’t exactly have a lot of choices right now in terms of company; it would be cruel to demand he play at feelings he no longer has just to make Jon happy.
(For a moment, Martin considers asking to share. But he dismisses the idea with a shake of his head. Jon has already done so much for him. Martin isn’t about to ask for more, especially not when it’s something he doesn’t really need. He has his right mind back, and he has Jon’s friendship. That should be enough for him. It’ll have to be.)
Jon thinks that Martin doesn’t love him. Martin thinks that Jon doesn’t love him. They do not, of course, discuss this. Unrequited love is already awkward enough, right? No need to dwell on it.
I Do by @voiceless-terror
“I, um- this was supposed to be a lot more romantic, I swear.” Martin looks down at the dirty bar floor. “I had it all planned out, I-I was going to take you somewhere nice, and then we’d go for a walk in the square- I’ll still do it!” He hurries to explain, as if that’s the most pressing part of this situation. “It’ll be really nice, I’ve already hired a photographer-”
In a fit of protectiveness, Martin proposes to Jon.
(Everyone lives, Martin accidentally proposes and Jon is crying in public.) 
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voiceless-terror · 6 months ago
Tim: long have you had a crush on Martin?
Jon:  That’s disgusting. And wrong. I don’t even get– why would– I’ve never had a crush on anyone, anywhere. It’s none of your- you have- the nerve, the audacity, Martin is my employee, technically. And he is terrible, face-wise. And how- how- do I know, frankly, that you don’t have a crush on him? Maybe you do. Maybe you’re trying to throw me off? Hmm. Check and mate.
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glitchingicarus · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“And you’re nothing without the Eye,” Jon snapped. “It promised you the Watcher’s Crown in return for a ruined world… but you were too greedy. You wanted all that suffering for yourself and your master, but you weren’t willing to pay for it, were you? Weren’t willing to feel the pain and the grief and the guilt—because you can’t. There’s nothing left within you except greed and terror… and that’s not enough for the Eye.”
“It led me to you,” Jonah retorted, his voice rising in disbelief, and so focused was he on the terrifying sight before him that he never noticed the cold, creeping cloud of fog forming just behind where he stood. “It showed me the way.”
“It led you to the Archivist.” Jon’s lips curled back from his teeth, and his viridian eyes were cold even as they cast their hot, sickly light on this now-powerless man who had ruined his life, and the lives of so many countless others. “It led you to your doom.”
In spite of everything, Jonah managed to laugh. “You’re… you’re bluffing.”
“I’m not, actually. You see, Jonah… I’m terrible at poker.”
Jonah frowned and opened his mouth to speak, and at that same moment, Martin suddenly emerged from the Lonely with a blast of salt air and sand, brandishing the garden spade like a club, and before Jonah could turn, Martin smashed the heavy metal blade across the back of his head, crushing his skull and dropping him to the floor like a stone.
- The Kingdom of the Blind, Ch 19 ( @gaslightgallows ) 
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mothjons · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
I started a fun wee fic with Witch Martin and Writer Jon, because I thought that it was Martin’s turn to be a magic lad. Read here on A03
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inklingofadream · 2 months ago
TMA Fic Recs: a fic you’re nostalgic for
For round one of @themagnuswriters TMA Fanwork Appreciation Challenge!! Theme: “a fic that you’re nostalgic for,” herein interpreted in a handful of different ways! I’ve tried to link authors’ tumblrs where I can find em, lmk if I missed you or messed up
imo Corruption!Martin with bees is top tier nostalgia bait, harkening back to the old list of joke episode summaries for season 2 that ends with Martin being eaten by bees (emotional episode). Some faves:
Apis mellifera by @lamellas -5k, complete. Corruption as opposite to the Lonely is very good, and this has some incredible soft Jonmartin monster dates.
his honey. by mothjon- 1k, incomplete. One the complete flipside, a Jon who isn’t (yet) with having a bee boyfriend. A very fun look at the more horrifying side of the Bees!Martin equation.
Several of the fics foundational for me becoming this fandoms foremost Jon&Daisy friendship stan:
The (Attempted) Assassination(s) of Daisy Tonner by the Coward Jonathan Sims by @theinternationalacestation  -15k, complete, if you like any of my Daisy kidnapping Jon stuff you’ll adore this. Daisy becomes a cowboy and she and Jon take a post-apocalyptic road trip through the US, it’s very soft, and also hits literally every one of my buttons. Cowboy!Daisy rights, how can we make this a wider spread trope?
porcelain by blacksatinpointeshoes- 2k, complete. Jon and Daisy having Emotions about being monsters with Daisy taking up the role of Official Jon Sims Big Sister… yes please.
no grave can hold my body down (i’ll crawl home) by @thepensword -1k, complete. Excellent, excellent exploration of Daisy’s feelings about her switch to being Jon’s pal after trying to kill him.
Innocent Question by Shoulder_Devil- 5k, complete. Listen my enjoyment of this relationship isn’t complete without the context of Daisy terrorizing Jon, and this is a lovely little season 3-set missing scene type fic that ends with some great catharsis between Jon and Tim.
Grocery Run by bigOwlEngery- 2k, complete. Monster recovery buds monster recovery buds!!! Being creepy in the grocery store, holding each other back.
imaginary destinations by Anonymous- 1k, complete. Nb!Jon, platonic “and they were roommates,” clothes sharing, Jon gets a moment of peace and gets to wear a nice outfit, what more do you want?
For some reason I don’t read just soft Jonmartin aus as much anymore, but I have a whole bunch saved:
Clutching Daffodils by @grubus -7k, complete. Hanahaki au, with bonus exploration of Martin’s feelings about his mother.
Tangled Up In What I’ve Seen by @cirrus-grey - 3k, complete. Martin gets a little Archival Assistant superpower, for a treat, and saves Jon from being controlled by the Web.
all the flowers of all the tomorrows by @ivelostmyspectacles -13k, complete. Martin’s in a flower shop au, but Jon still works at the Institute. He needs flowers for a lot funerals.
The Spider’s Child by @fataldrum -16k, complete. Jon get Webbed as a kid, Martin’s dad is Peter Lukas so Peter and Elias raise him, and they’re childhood friends.
i wove my webs for you because i liked you by @blqckwood -3k, complete. Martin picks up A Guest for Mr. Spider as a child, but instead of eating him Mr. Spider says “is anyone gonna adopt that?” and doesn’t wait for an answer.
Lucky Number Seven by @sidras-tak -3k, complete. Martin’s Peter and Elias’s kid, Jon’s their new divorce attorney. Instead of a divorce, they end up planning a wedding :3
And for our final and least cohesive category of nostagic fic, fics that I very specifically associate with the Before Times because I read them on my phone, under the desk, during class, back when we had things like “desks” and “class”.
Meow Mix by Shoulder_Devil- 12k, 6 works, incomplete. A fun little set of fics about Michael Distortion discovering that cats are great, actually.
Precautionary Measures by Elenchus- 600, complete. On the absolute opposite end of the spectrum, Elias stops treating his Archivist like a person and starts keeping him tied up in his office.
ceylon by Sciosa- 28k, 3 works, incomplete- a soft, Jonmartin centric apocalypse, with a starring role for the redemptive power of Martin’s tea.
Dollhouse For A False God by @ipretwins -4k, complete. Bittersweet fic about Martin uniting the Eye, Web, and Lonely to make a safe little Jon Containment Zone to keep him safe, at the cost of some of what makes him Jon. Also they abduct the Admiral.
pins and needles by mutterandmumble- 13k, complete. Jon takes up embroidery and has some soft moments with Martin AND Daisy, this fic was written to appeal specifically to me.
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