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#tma spoilers

Who’s been messing up everything? IT’S BEEN ANNABELLE ALL ALONGGG! Who’s been pulling every evil string? IT’S BEEN ANNABELLE ALL ALONGGG!

She’s insidious! So perfidious! That you haven’t even noticed! And the pity is (pity is!) (pity pity pity pity)

It’s too late to fix anything, now that everything has gone wrong~

Thanks to Annabelle!

Naughty Annabelle!

It’s been Annabelle all aLONG!

(And I killed Salesa too!)

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i’m not caught up on tma but from the spoilers i’m seeing….. if they try to do a thing like the ending of v3 and shame the listeners for enjoying fictional suffering as entertainment i will be a little pissed ngl

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Annabelle: it’s a shame, you would have made a primo Web avatar.

Martin: because I like spiders?

Annebelle: because your ‘lovable dork’ persona is god tier manipulation.


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This was my exact thought too!! But then I also thought you know the past year has been fucked up enough, maybe they’re already here

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Would the “Tapes are the Audience” theory/ending fit Magnus and the themes it has been pushing? (IMO)

Short answer: Yes 

Long answer: The ultimate big bad in Magnus has been the Beholding, the Web has been there pulling strings but the FOCUS has been the Beholding. Watching as fears play out in front of them. The audience is just. Straight up the ultimate example of that, WE are the ultimate Watcher. The apocalypse itself is our domain. And I just think that direction is Nifty and very thematically fitting if I do say so myself 

Now a good argument I saw was the fear of a meta plotpoint in a story that has so far NOT been very meta, which is why I’m pretty sure if this IS the route they’re going, it won’t be full meta. It will not sit there and go “I am a podcast and you are the audience and ain’t it swell how self-aware I am of this?” I’m pretty sure it’ll be subtler, more along the lines of “The tapes are conduits, a way for people from other worlds to leak in and listen if they so choose” and that’s it. You’re not gonna get Jon or Martin or Annabelle going “I hate being a podcast character” as funny as that would be. I don’t THINK they’ll acknowledge in text that The Magnus Archives is a podcast distributed by Rusty Quill and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Sharealike 4.0 International license.

However, that being said, depending on how it’s played “This is a story, and is all being written by someone else, and you never had any free will or thought through it” COULD be an interesting and heartbreaking conclusion. But I would to put huge bold letters on that COULD because if done incorrectly this could feel veryyyyy cheap and just destroy the suspension of disbelief. I don’t think it would go that far, but it could still be neat

So yeah, I made a few posts about this before but this is the most concise. I’m fully team “tapes are audience” now, but excited to see where this goes regardless! 

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“I was going to snatch you away. Lure you both into this web, and then take you. Drive him to despair, so that when you returned to him, bulging, and talking in a thousand tiny voices, it would drive him to a final push. ”

Annabelle’s original plan was TERRIFYING… so naturally I had to draw the angst

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so considering the way Annabelle phrases that ending, this idea is very unlikely as it sounds as though /she/ knows who listens to the tapes, but I was reading a post about them and suddenly had a thought.

Where do leitners come from?

We accept them as a part of this universe, and everyone has their opinion on whether they’re useful, what should be done with them, whatever. A lot of people thought one guy was responsible for them because he made heavy use of them, but in fact he barely understood them either. really the only explanation we’ve been given for their origins is that they just sort of… manifest.

Sound familiar?

So… I’m not confident that this is correct, but it seems like it would be interesting if the tapes weren’t actually a plot of any kind, a direct tool of anyone; no one in particular is listening, though of course anyone can if they find one. They’re just a way that fear seeps into the world.

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Another thing: Martin implying that he and Jon haven’t slept on a mattress since staying at Upton House means that they didn’t have a mattress in the tunnels, which in retrospect makes sense but ALSO what even was their sleeping arrangement then????

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Thinking again about “Mr Spider Wants More” from last week with the added context of Annabelle’s plan. The Spider clearly wants Something from Jon and I can’t wrap my head around what

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Love how Annabelle refers to a vague “us” when talking about web things,,,,, yes babe spider communism

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I feel like at this point I shouldn’t be surprised when the fandom has correct theories about stuff but I definitely still yelled when we got that confirmation abt the Web and the tapes

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[ID: An edited version of the screenshot of the Doug Forcett frame from the Good Place, which is a framed image of a slightly smiling man. The plaque underneath has been edited to say “Geoffrey Neckam / Hilltop Road House / Closest Guess” End ID]

I’m just saying-

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something something tma 196 martin in a web over chasm and something something annabeth chase fighting big spider something something percabeth falling into tartarus something something jmart parallels???

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I love that hilltop road is just another house! I love that it isnt grand or broke down or obviously evil! I love the idea that this place thats terrifyingly haunted is just another house! You could walk past it and never know! I love that!

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annabelle in the most recent episode just like:

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(Picks up mic) Martin didn’t think the spider statement in season 3 was that bad. However, now he says he used to like spiders and now he doesn’t. Something happened in between. Therefore it is my headcanon that he stopped liking spiders when he listened to Jon’s Mr. Spider statement, possibly listening to the statement while Jon was in the coma.

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im not super convinced it’s us that’s listening to the tapes tbh. the way annabelle said it makes me think it’s someone martin - and by extension the audience - knows.

basically what I’m getting at is this is how agnes montague can still win

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Istg if I have nightmares about being filled with spiders-

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Hhhhholy shit that episode was good. Like, really good. It fit my theory that that little tidbit we got awhile ago about Hilltop Road being not quite in reality would be important, which got me excited. Not to mention how it basically answered the theory I saw about the tapes not being a product of the Eye, but of the Web. And it’s left me wanting more, as a wonderful episode should. I do find it funny though, how Martin asks for something a bit more dramatic, and how Annabelle Cain (am I spelling her name right?) did just that. Even if I don’t really like her, I do have to give her props

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