barncsbucky · 2 days ago
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elevatormusic · 2 days ago
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soft boys in a season of angst
show: to my star 2
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kissporsche · a day ago
only four episodes left of to my star 2 huh
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porschenattawin · 9 days ago
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𝕕𝕚𝕣. ℍ𝕨𝕒𝕟𝕘 𝔻𝕒 𝕊𝕖𝕦𝕝
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pajindapat · 20 days ago
I want to talk about Kang Seo Joon for a minute. Like anybody in his position would be mad at Ji woo, would despise him for what he did. But not Seo Joon… I mean I’m sure that he’s upset at Ji Woo, but more than that he just wants to understand him, to understand the reason that he disappeared with just a note as a goodbye. And when Ji Woo refuses to give him that (the true reason anyway), Seo Joon still stops by his deserted restaurant, still tells that village man to support his friend, still gives Ji Woo the business that he desperately needs. He didn’t need to do that, but despite what happened between them, he still worries about Ji Woo, still just wants the best for him.
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busythinkingbout · 6 days ago
me after watching ep 3 & 4: “the rest of the episodes will focus on fixing their relationship”
me sad AF after watching ep 5 & 6: “maybe the rest of the episodes will focus on them fixing their relationship”
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alleycvm · 6 days ago
My toxic trait for To My Star 2 is that I want Seo Joon to hurt Ji Woo's feelings. Terribly. I mean i want this man sobbing and begging for him back.
We don't know what demons Ji Woo is fighting, but the way we know Seo Joon would bend himself backwards to help and love Ji Woo lets me know Ji Woo is following bad habits.
I am simply tired of Seo Joon having to experience the Hot and Cold of Ji Woo for them to probably make up and have fluff time. I want Ji Woo to chase Sso Joon, understand how much pain he added to the relationship from S1 to S2, have to work towards earning Seo Joon's love, and then get some fluff.
But it's BL, so how much balance do we expect to get.
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skyler-7 · 5 days ago
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Even though I suffer because of to my star season 2, they’re so adorable I just love them so much🥺😭💘
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seventeens-diamond · 6 days ago
I think something very telling is that at the end of ep 6 Seo Joon isn't desperately trying to hold a conversation. He's silent and it's something Ji Woo isn't used to because why else would he tell Seo Joon to not be friendly with the villagers and even speaks up about being careful when Seo Joon ignored his first comment and kept walking
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florbexter · 13 days ago
To My Star 2 - Episode 1 - 4
Okay, I am still an emotional mess. This show hits a bit too hard into open wounds and is beautifully bitter and aching at the same time.
I loved that the characters felt like they did in season one. Ji Woo and Seo Joon are still the same and their decisions and reactions were still the same and made sense to me. I loved the flashbacks because at some point you need a reminder of why Seo Joon is trying so hard, and what he is fighting for because tbh I wouldn't have the willpower he has especially because Ji Woo is so determined to hurt him.
I understand that they have a larger budget now and can afford more locations and more actors and I adore the child actress. Those sassy kids always put a nice atmosphere in the shows and I think it's great that they have her. While I was taken aback by how they introduced her I loved how they kind of subverted that trope of 'Oh yeah he suddenly has a child' XD
I don't understand why Sung Yoon is there though. I want her to be more than just an ex to make Seo Joon jealous. I love how she goes toe to toe with Seo Joon and Ji Woo makes it pretty clear that he has no interest in her but I think it kind of weird that they try to imply she is interested in Ji Woo? Someone who has been gone for so long and hadn't been in contact with him and suddenly they are back and want to rekindle?
I now have this side story in my mind that she falls in love with Han Yoo Ha's mother and they live their best lesbian life. But yeah, curious about where they will go with her.
The truth is, I struggle with the concept they try to establish regarding their break-up and how they decided to orchestrate their (hopefully) getting together. I cannot be objective when we have Ji Woo, a closed-off character who constantly pushes Seo Joon away in contrast to Seo Joon, who appears desperate. The desperation kills me and while I don't always think, especially in a break-up, that the other party deserves/needs to know all the whys and reasons this just hurts.
Ji Woo was always good at hurting Seo Joon, or should I say they were always good at sniffing out the points that hurt the most in the other.
The kiss at the end... that was the moment I was ready to punch Ji Woo and take Seo Joon to safety. From all the cruel things Ji Woo had said and done, which in the light of their break up and the fact we have no idea why etc I would have accepted as a by-product of that, this was the cruellest he could have done. Because he knows how much Seo Joon is suffering, how much he cares, and how he practically begs Ji Woo to be honest with him and just tell him why.
It's important now that we shift into Ji Woo's POV because in season 1 we just got hints as to what had happened in the past to him and why in addition to his closed-off/private personality he has this much sadness and also bitterness in his heart.
I love this show. I love how this is a story about these two men who have to face a conflict that comes from within them. It aches and it frustrates me and I cannot wait to see where they go with the story. You can feel the care they put into this and even the care between Ji Woo and Seo Joon and to be honest no matter how ridiculous Ji Woo's reasoning might turn out to be, they make be care for that too.
Oh my, this hurts in all the right ways.
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khunvegas · 6 days ago
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elevatormusic · 19 days ago
i need a scene where ji woo puts seo joon’s shirt on and digs out the ring that he def did not throw away. and just sits there being all sad and shit while spinning the ring on his finger
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sunf10wer8 · 29 days ago
Kinnporsche on Saturday and To my star on Sunday... prepare to be sick of me by Monday 
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mvskhiyyih · 20 days ago
So To My Star 2 huh?
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pajindapat · 13 days ago
The way that Seo Joon says “you may be able to sleep well, eat well, and live a good life, but I’m not. I want to live. That’s why I’m here.” Seo Joon goes to the village not to try to understand why Ji Woo disappeared, but simply to be nearer to him, so that he may finally after 12 months sleep through the whole night or finish a full meal, if not with Ji Woo by his side in their bed or at their dining table then in the same town, their heads beneath the same stars… just that would be enough. 
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busythinkingbout · 6 days ago
i love that there’s no preview or epilogue after episode 6. very purposeful move to leave all of us to wallow in sadness until next week. i see you production team, i see you.
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porschenattawin · 11 days ago
waiting forever for tms2 only to be in severe emotional pain the first four episodes
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percyjacksonlover-15 · 5 days ago
atp i think it’s absolutely necessary for ji woo to be the one now doing the chasing. not only because i’m a bitter bitch and i need seo joon to be the one desired, not the one desiring, but because it’s vital for this relationship to possibly work. we saw that in season 1, it was seo joon who saved the relationship & here again he’s doing the same thing, only this time a hug and some reassurance won’t cut it this time. in a relationship, compromises need to be reached and both counterparts need to want and put effort into it for it function effectively. something which i think this relationship was lacking massively. i have a feeling these next few episodes will show things from ji woo’s perspective and hopefully make him put in some work to save this relationship from the pits of hell because if they just make our good sis seo joon do all the work (again) then we’ve truly not progressed from s1
with that being said though, no ji woo slander, on this blog bc he’s my baby too & even if i don’t understand why he’s behaving like this, it’s clear that he’s got problems within him that he’s trying so hard to suppress and deal with
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messfcbi · 13 days ago
one thing about south korea is that they devour when it comes to melodramas
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floofz · 6 days ago
like yeah maybe seojoon WAS and IS the love of his life or whatever!!!! the signs are there!!! the ring under his pillow the heartbreaking kiss the way he prevented the glass from being broken and that shared look -- BUT!!! does it excuse the absolutely awful and horrible way he is treating him??? all this pain and sadness and hurt ok maybe jiwoo has a reason but i really don’t know man nothing can excuse all the pain he is causing seojoon. im a sucker and yes i want a happy ending and i REALLY want to know the reason for all this JIWOO!!! but idk if them getting back together in the end is even gonna feel good and right at this point, even if/when we find out the reason. seojoon, sweetheart, you really deserve better i want you to be happy 
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