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raptorific · 2 days ago
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datzadi · 2 days ago
One of my own headcanons is that Deanna doesn’t have an accent, she has a speech impediment.
I know originally her accent was supposed to be a Betazoid standard one, but basically no one else ever did it, so Deanna is the only one that sounds like that.
Deanna also mentions that growing up on Betazed she wasn’t often encouraged to speak. I imagine being half human this might cause issues with her development.
I think the fact that it sounds like an interesting and, to a lot of English speaking people, a beautiful accent helped her out. Of course, on Betazed it would be noticed and remarked upon, but at the academy or kind of anywhere else, people might just accept it as an accent and move on.
In a lot of ways I think Deanna didn’t fit well on Betazed and while her father being a Starfleet officer had a lot to do with her wanting to join the academy, I think it also turned out to be a place where she fit in better.
Amongst non telepathic species she is seen as having an incredible skill, but amongst full Betazoids she is seen as having a disability. I think this is why she reacted so badly to her situation in The Loss. Maybe Deanna has more experience than most people know with not being viewed as able, and feeling very singled out.
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jonathanarcher · a day ago
Q: but mon capitaine? Can humanity overcome the greatest test of all… gay sex? With me. Gay sex with me, Picard.
Picard: what
Q: you heard me
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lesbianjubilee · a day ago
just had a vision of tng bridge crew fancy staff dinner and riker & troi are seated next to each other and they keep whispering to each other and giggling and eating off each other’s forks and after the dinner picard takes riker aside and is like numbuh one i try to respect the privacy of my staff but if you are having an affair with the ship’s counselor i need to know and riker is like i understand sir but deanna and i are just friends and picard is like um ah very well forgive me then and makes a note not to let riker & troi sit next to each other at fancy staff dinners anymore
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shards-of-gold · a day ago
Q, in human form: Goodness what is that ghastly sound emanating from my lower torso?
Data: I believe the sound you are referring to has two likely explanations: the first, is that your intestinal tract is currently undergoing peristalsis, a series of muscular contractions which is causing the fluid within your digestive system to create a noise known as borborygmi. Alternatively, the release of the hormone ghrelin has been stimulated in response to a desire for nourishment, furthermore, this "ghastly sound" as you so put it, is simply announcing this requirement.
Q, looking confused: At this point, I'm not sure if that was even English, and I'm fluent in over 500 million languages. *snaps and points* You! Engineer with the visually distracting eye accessory, translate!
Geordi, trying not to feel offended: What Data means to say is that you're more than likely just hungry.
Q, disgusted: Oh how revoltingly human of me.
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protectspock · a day ago
Who's your favorite random background trek character? Mine is Lt. Jae.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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star-trek-the-musical · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
More rough doodles. Random guy hanging from branch for some reason, and baby Bajoran!
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Tumblr media
can't sleep here's another one
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meowmeowarcher · 2 days ago
picard is bisexual but like not because he fucked q its because he fucked vash
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spot-has-a-phaser · a day ago
Tumblr media
Hey guys! this is the first art piece I’ve ever posted on this account. so yeah, I don’t just reblog Star Trek posts. I also draw Star Trek art. I did this for @starcrossed-perceivers DTIYS, and I had a lot of fun with it!
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batsiskos · a day ago
Tumblr media
(ID - a digital drawing of Deanna troi from Star Trek: the next generation. She’s a light skinned half betazoid woman, she’s drawn full body, floating in the air. She looks to the left with a smile, holding a tricorder in one hand. She wears a flowing purple dress and white shoes. The dress, along with her legs and shoes, have small chunks of the same color around them, seemingly coming out of the dress, as a transporter effect. The background is purple, with yellow accents around her. End ID)
Trektober day 20! Prompt: transporter.
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aurora-nova-fic · 13 hours ago
If Q is afraid of Guinan, how did the El-Aurians get so destroyed by the Borg? I’d think a race which can frighten an immortal omnipotent being should be okay against the Borg
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shards-of-gold · a day ago
*Q appearing from nowhere*
Q: Bonjour Mon Capitan! As you can see I have returned to grace you with my divine presence. Why don't we spend a little time together? How about a lovely vacation to Risa, no doubt you're utterly stifled from being trapped in this flying tin can for so long.
Picard, already agitated: I would rather be wasting my valuable time with any other entity in this whole confounded universe than you! Of that fact, I can be sure.
Q, smiling deviously: Au contraire, my dear friend. Behold!
*Q snaps fingers*
Borg appears: Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.
Lwaxana Troi appears: Oh! There you are Jean-Luc you saucy devil. Why, I feel utterly scandalised by those indecent thoughts that you still have of me!
Season 1 Wesley Crusher appears: Hey Captain, I'm working on a new science project for school and I was wondering if -
Picard: On second thoughts I haven't taken a vacation in a while...
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gar-trek · 2 days ago
this sounds like shit for the first minute but i prommy after that my phone stops shaking. You can still here me the whole time its okay. this is badcore thats the aesthetic okay. if anyone actually listens to this ill be so shocked that Ill show up and die 
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