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#tng x reader
kadet-jb · 3 months ago
Personal Purchase
A/N: This one came out a little longer than I though it would, but here we are. Sorry if its a little more description than dialogue.
Pairing: Data x reader
Word Count: 956
Category: Fluff
Request: N/A
Data Masterlist | Main Masterlist
Today was not a good day upon the Starship Enterprise. Between almost losing an away team to a sandstorm on an uninhabited planet and a warp engine malfunction, the crew was exhausted, even Data could admit that he was a little more spent than usual. This is when Geordi had the brilliant idea to ask the Captain if it was possible to have a small holiday on a nearby planet called Casperia. A world full of lush beaches and jungles occupied kind and beautiful creatures who had built wondrous markets. It was a place that looked almost perfect on paper. Picard only took a minute or two to come up with his answer, which was 'why not?'.
Data's door bell ringed, alerting him that someone was here to visit him. "Computer, who is it?" Data asked. "Mx. Y/N" He cocked his head to the side as if to wonder why you had stopped by. "Come in." The door slid open and you stepped in, suitcase at hand. "Good afternoon." You made your way toward the couch and plopped down next to Spot, petting her head. "So, Have you started packing yet?" Data stared at you petting Spot for a moment and then looked to you. "I have not. I do not see the purpose of me packing." He looked back to his computer and started typing once more. "Well, there's a bunch of beaches, so you could pack some swim trunks. Then, there's the hiking trails, which you might want to pack clothes for that. Oh, they have these really cool bars with live performances! And I mean, it might be nice to just not wear your normal uniform." You laugh at the thought of seeing him in anything different than that yellow and black suit. "My uniform serves me quite well." He looks back up to you and see the smile that you had, had been replace by a small frown. "But I suppose packing some clothes wouldn't hurt." This made your smile return and maybe even double.
"It won't be so bad Data. You could dress up like one of your holodeck programs for the bar. It's a really fancy place." Your comm goes off. "Excuse me." You tap the device and Riker's voice came through. "Riker. Y/N, how long does it take to bring your suitcase down here?" Riker playfully asked. "I stopped by Data's room to see if he packed, but he's starting now. I'll be on my way in a minute, I swear." You laughed at his urgency. "Okay then. Tell him to hurry up and get down here too. See you in a moment, Riker out." The comm makes a noise signalling the call was ended. "Well, I guess thats my cue to leave." You stand up and tuen toward Data. "As soon as you get done packing, head down to docking bay 1. See ya, Data!" You left his room and headed to Riker
"What to do first? They have so many things to do here!" Deanna states excitedly. "The beaches look really nice right now, but they're kinda crowded." Geordi said looking over the other tourists heading toward the ocean. "Yeah and its way too hot for a hike." Riker adds. "The market doesn't looked to packed. Maybe we could look around there and then go swimming later?" You posed to the group of officers. "That sounds like a enjoyable plan." Worf says while staring at the entrance to the market stalls. "We should partner up for this activity. Casperia is kind in nature, but can sometimes have problems with thieves. You are more likely to be attacked if you are by yourself." Data states.
You all partner up. Riker and Deanna slowly walk around lost in conversation and only stop if something really catches their eyes. Geordi and Worf look into any booth with metal or food. Data and you try to spend time at most of the booths, curious about what each one has to offer. "Oh look at this!" You point toward a painting of a mesmerizing sunset with various colors and 3 suns. "I believe that is the planet Koi. It is a very beautiful painting." Data leans down to examine it further, while you look at the other alluring artworks.
"I think I might purchase this china set." Data points at a tea set that he's been inspecting for a while. "It's really pretty, Data! It would look really nice next to that statue you have." The tea set was very detailed and intricate, but it didn't really scream Data to you. "Data, if you don't mind me asking, why do you like this set?" He tilts his head and thinks for a moment. "It reminded me of you." You can't stop yourself from smiling and blushing at what he said. "T-thanks." Data starts to look somewhat confused and lifts his hand to your forehead. "W-what are you doing?" You wonder out loud. "Your face, ears, and neck are very red compared to your normal skin color. Are you hot or feeling sick?" Data stares into your eyes waiting for an answer. "I'm just a little hot thats all. It is quite warm here." You pull back from Data's hand and laugh nervously, trying to shake off what just happened. "Should we stop looking momentarily? We can take a break if you require one." Data turns fully toward you looking concerned.
"I'm fine, really. Umm, Anyway the tea set." You try to return to the original topic. "Yes. Madame?" He motions to a lady working the booth and proceeds to ask about his purchase. Maybe this trip could give you an opportunity to be more than just flustered friends with Data?
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galactic-magick · 2 months ago
Someone Gets It: Geordi LaForge x Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: You leave the annual officers’ ball early, and the handsome Chief Engineer finds you in a similar situation to him.
Words: 1100+
Warnings: a couple swears, mild making out
Author’s Notes: This fic is inspired by @lorenceofbaby​ ’s post about Geordi x reader ideas! I combined a couple of them (the awkwardly flirting in ten forward then making out and the annual officers’ ball one), hope y’all enjoy! I also might write more of the ideas at some point!
You honestly don’t know why you bothered going in the first place, fully aware that you’d probably spend the entire night alone. You got all dressed up, figured you’d have at least a bit of fun, but it’s not the same without anyone to enjoy it with.
Tonight is the annual officers’ ball aboard The Enterprise, almost everyone is there and celebrating another year of successful space exploration. As happy as that makes you and as much as you love your job here though, a beautiful evening of dancing and dining where nearly every other officer has a date gets a bit lonely, especially when there was a specific person you wish you could share it with.
Not that you really expected it would ever play out that way. After all, he’s one of the senior officers, why would he pay attention to someone like you? You’ve chatted maybe twice, both stumbling over your words and then moving on with your days. Nothing could ever happen between you, and you wish you could just accept your silly little crush as just that.
You scurry down the halls, trying to decide where to spend the remaining hours of the ball, somewhere no one will see you and pity you. The Holodeck is an obvious option, but you doubt some elaborate dream sequence will make you feel any better. You could just go back to your quarters, but that doesn’t appeal to you either.
You decide to just go to Ten Forward, it should be mostly empty and you can just sit in silence with a nice drink, and sure enough, there’s only a couple other people in there, plenty of tables open and no one blinks an eye as you replicate yourself a snack and drink and sit down. You gaze out the window and try to clear your head, ignoring the faint laughs and music you can still hear from here.
After a while you hear the door slide open behind you, and quickly look away as soon as you realize who it is.
Geordi La Forge. None other than the man you’ve developed a silly little crush on. Shit.
He looks around a few times, and unexpectedly heads in your direction. There’s tons of tables in here, why is he coming towards you?
“Hey, um,” he says as he approaches you. “You didn’t like the ball? I noticed you left and wanted to make sure you’re okay,”
He...wanted to check on you?
“Oh! No, I’m fine,” you lie. Although the gesture astounds you, there’s no way you’re going to tell him the truth.
“Okay. Well, you look very nice. It’s a shame no one gets to see you there,” he smiles, but it soon contorts into a frown. “What I mean is, they did see you, you were there, but you’re not right now. They’re not seeing you right now. Damn-”
“Geordi,” you laugh. “I get what you mean. Thank you for the compliment,”
The awkward conversation between the two of you is very normal, but something seems different this time. Is he actually flirting with you? Or just being nice?
“Were you not having fun either?” you ask, quickly realizing you just revealed your situation. Great.
“I wish I could say I was,” he sighs. “Maybe these kind of things just aren’t for me. I’m not very...entertaining at parties. At least not the way other people are,”
You nod, “I get that,”  
“You do?”
“Yeah. I mean like, sure, I have friends, I can make decent conversation and I try to be friendly, but sometimes that’s just not enough,” you shrug. “Sometimes I’m just a little too weird for people to want to be around me, I guess. Gets a little lonely, but it is what it is,”
“You do get it,” he sits down across from you, his visor staring you down intently. “And it’s like whenever you try to connect with someone, they say you’re-”
“Too much,” you shake your head. “Mhmm,”
You watch as the tension within him visibly releases, he relaxes with a slight grin on his face.
“Do you-” he starts. “Do you want to go back to the ball? With me?”
“What, and be lonely together?” you snort.
“Why not?” he holds out his hand, and you happily take it.
He eagerly pulls you down the hallway, making it back to the ball with just over an hour to spare. It’s just as crowded and daunting as before, but entering next to him gives you a sense of comfort.
“I can’t say I’m any good at it,” he turns to you. “But would you like to dance?”
“Sure,” you beam, wrapping your arms around him.
Neither of you are very much on beat or in sync, but for the first time tonight, and possibly for hundreds of stardates, you feel completely blissful and hopeful. You’ve made more than just a friend, someone who you thought was unattainable revealed to understand you on a level no one else ever has. It’s like as soon as you clicked all the barriers came crashing down, and now you’re free to build whatever you want from it.
You dance and chat the rest of the time, past when most people have left, and you barely even notice. Regardless of if he felt the same for you before tonight, he certainly seemed different now, more confident, more comfortable. Maybe you were seeing the real him now, deeper than the surface level interactions and your imagination. You never believed those people who said once you connect with the right person, everything goes smoothly, but you’re sure considering it now.
You don’t always move so fast, but when he kisses you in the turbolift afterwards you have no intention of backing away, if anything you immediately deepen the kiss and wrap your arms around his neck, feeling his hair and telling the computer to go somewhere else every minute to delay the doors opening. You never could’ve imagined how good of a kisser he’d be, yet another surprise to add to the list.
Eventually the doors do have to open though, and you barely break away before someone sees you. He takes your hand again and drags you out with him, unable to contain a smirk as you stumble down the corridor.
He walks you back to your quarters, taking a deep breath as he squeezes both your hands.
“I had a great time with you tonight,” he says. “I still can’t believe it,”
“Me neither,” you chuckle. “But I had an amazing time too,”
“Would you want to do it again sometime?” he asks. “I mean of course if you want it to just be a one time thing that’s fine, but I don’t know, I think this-”
“This could work?” you smile, finishing his sentence once again.
“Yeah. I really think this could work,”
“Me too,” you kiss him one last time. “Goodnight, Geordi,”
He waves as you close the door, a cheeky grin still plastered across his lips.
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mccoymccoymccoy · 7 months ago
TNG Headcanons - Holodeck Dates
It was no news to anyone that Captain Picard was a man of fine tastes. He’d love to take you to classical operas, strolling through the art museums of Paris, and occasionally, into his Dixon Hill stories; but his favourite thing to do with you was take you to a point in history he thought was fascinating and watch it play out with you.
Will was a smooth man, but playful at heart. As much as he’d love to serenade you in a bar every night, he also loved to bring out a beach and just walk hand in hand with you along the waterside. On that same note, swimming with him? The cutest. He could not get enough of swimming with you. He’d splash a little water at your face, you’d splash back, and suddenly he’d be sending a whole wave at you!
Geordi knew you (almost) better than he knew his engines, so when it came to picking a fun date to go on, he knew just what to do. He had a couple ideas, actually- children’s science centers where they’d have neat games to play and simple ideas to take your mind off the complexity of the 24th century, sci-fi movie nights, or- and this ended up being your favourite- into movies to either observe or participate.
Initially, Data had invited you to join him and Geordi in his Sherlock simulations, but Geordi seemed to have said something to him to take that back and choose something more suited for a date. (You thought that would’ve made a wonderful date, however, Geordi absolutely insisted you would regret it)
Ultimately, he ended up taking you to art galleries from all over the galaxy every week and giving you detailed histories of anything you seemed vaguely interested in.
Deanna had no problem picking what to do for dates. She always knew exactly how to melt your stresses away, and if you weren’t stressed? She knew just how to make sure you still had the time of your life. Sometimes she’d get Geordi’s help to program a stunning display of colours while you sat in the middle of a void, or other times she’d simply bring you to a room full of puppies.
Worf would sulk around his quarters in solitude for hours before admitting he needed help coming up with something. He went to Deanna, who told him he already knew what was best, but he thought there was no way you’d enjoy one of his training programs!
But you did. You’d been wanting to join in for months, but never asked because you knew he’d say no. It took a lot for Riker to convince him, why would he let you? When he asked if you’d want to come, you got changed immediately.
You loved her dearly, but Beverly Crusher wasn’t much fun when it came to holodeck dates. She struggled to think of things to make up for the two of you, even though she knew you like the back of her hand. She’d go to Picard to ask for advice, and end up with something far too sophisticated for your tastes- ultimately, you usually ended up on her couch, just cuddling up and watching a movie or both reading.
Welsey would take you from one end of the galaxy to the other. He loved to teach you about the subtleties and intricacies of anything he could, which sometimes had you sitting on the edge of a cliff watching three suns set, or floating in space watching an asteroid belt. 
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klingonn-klingoff · a year ago
Data Babysitting Reader’s Daughter
For Anon! I hope you enjoy it!
Prompt: Data x Reader where the reader's daughter asked data of they could dance
Words: 855
Fic type: Fluff
Warnings: None
"Data? Can I ask you something?" Your daughter asked, entering the living room.
He was watching your daughter while you were working your shift. You had finally decided to leave your boyfriend and daughter alone together. Data had always seemed to be good with her; she was well behaved with him. He had convinced you that he could watch her when your babysitter canceled.
Data was sitting on the couch, with his cat Spot in his lap. "Did you need something, Little One?" he asked as she walked over to him.
"Can we dance? Mama said that you knew how." She climbed on the couch and reached out to pet Spot.
"Dinner time is in 8 minutes. we can eat early and dance until your mother comes home." Data watched her face light up a large smile spread across her face.
"HECK YEAH!" your daughter shouted in victory and ran to the dining table as Data stood setting Spot on the couch. Data gave his cat a pat on his head. He walked over to where she was sitting in her booster seat swinging her legs back and forth waiting for Data.
"You take too long," she complained looking him in the eyes.
"Patience is a virtue," Data reminded, "Computer, Chicken Soup in a small bowl."
The replicator whirled and produced it. Data sat it in front of her and watched her eat. She would blow on each spoonful before putting it in her mouth. It confused him
"Why do you blow on your food?" He asked, breaking their silence.
"it helps the food cool down." She said taking another spoonful, "See the steam? It means that it's too hot to eat, Silly."
"Who taught you that?" Data wondered as he watched as she taught him to blow on his food.
"Mommy did." He nodded and went back to watching her eat.
When she finished she ran into her room as Data cleaned up the Table. She returned with a storybook and placed it onto the table.
"I thought I was going to dance with you."
"You are, It's my story for later." He nodded to her, glancing at the book. The Velveteen Rabbit, her favorite book.
"What kind of dance?" Data asked as she made her way over to him.
She shrugged taking his hands and stepping on his feet. "Now you dance."
"Why are you standing on my shoes?" Data asked looking down at her with his head cocked to one side.
"Because. You are supposed to be dancing," she said, sticking her bottom lip out and looked up at her.
Data did not understand, "How am I supposed to dance if you are standing on me?"
Your daughter groaned and thumped her head against his stomach. It met with a dull thud. Data decided to ask his friend. He took both of his hands and rested one on her back to help hold her and one to tap his combadge.
"Data to Geordi."
"Is everything going okay?" Geordi asked referring to the babysitting.
"How do I dance if she stands on my shoes?" Data asked.
Geordi laughed, "You do your part of the dance. She's too little, it's easier for her if she's on your shoes.
"Thank you, Geordi."
"Any time."
he tapped his com twice badge before addressing the computer, "Computer, play Dmitri Shostakovich's Waltz number 2."
"We are going to do a Waltz box step, Okay?" Data explained taking her hands again moving in perfect form.
She had a huge smile on her face, Data knew that it's his job to always make her smile from this moment on. He would do anything he could to make sure that smile never left her face. He listened to her giggles as she would lean back and hold his hands tight.
They danced to a few more songs before she stepped off his shoes and looked up at him, "Can you hold me?" She asked she lifted her arms making grabby hands. He stopped and nodded lifting her up. She rested in his arms. He had one arm under her and the other on her back.
He started dancing again with a huge smile on his face, she had a similar one. She rested her head on his shoulder starting to drift off. Data kept going until he was sure that she was asleep.
When you arrived home that night, You found Data sitting on the couch with your daughter in his lap. It took a moment before you realized she was asleep. You smile at the two of them and walking over to Data giving him a kiss before leaving one on her forehead.
"I heard the two of you danced," You said stretching and moving to the Replicator.
"We did. She fell asleep after." He said. You smiled and glanced back over two of them with a smile. You haven't seen her this relaxed with any other man besides her birth father.
"After I eat do you want to go to sleep? I'm exhausted," You admitted asking for eggs and bacon.
"Of course." You walked over to the couch and sat down to eat.
That morning you woke up in bed with your daughter sandwiched between the two of you asleep. You had no idea when she came in last night, but you didn't mind. You felt happy.
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space-helen · 11 months ago
Riker taking care of an injured S/O headcanons.
Tumblr media
Request:  Hi! Could you do a hc of Riker taking care of an injured S/O? - Anon
A/N: This man is a softie
- As soon as he hears that you’re injured his eyes go wide and he’s racing down to the sickbay, he’s unstoppable and people jump out of his way.
- Practically skids right up to your side if you’re on a bio bed, if you’re unconscious or in surgery he’s asking whichever member of staff he spots first if you’re ok.
- Barely leaves your side
- Reluctantly does once you persuade him to leave
- Once you’re discharged to your quarters he walks you back to them, keeping you close to his side all the way there.
 - Constantly checking in on you to make sure you’re ok while you make the journey. 
- Not letting you get out of bed at all
- Bringing you everything you want and more
- Blankets, lots of blankets and cuddles if you’re up for it.
- He just needs to hold you to convince himself you’re truly ok.
- Once you’re fully healed and back on your feet he’s always weary of where you are
- Tries to keep close to you at work just in case but this stops after a couple of days.
- He’s very sweet and caring the whole time
- Yes you do have a little disagreement about how protective he’s being
- But he loves you and he truly shows it
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writing-and-robots · 7 months ago
The Universe Can Be A Lonely Place
Ch 1. Ten Forward
You were seated in a corner booth in Ten Forward, silently reading the PADD next to you as you slowly ate the replicated meal you had been served. Usually you tended to remain in your quarters for any meals or off-work time but you found yourself longing for the beautiful view of the large observation window tonight. It had been a long week on shift, it seemed that Murphy’s Law and The Enterprise were synonymous at this point, so you were happy for the peace and quiet.
“Hello, stranger.” A voice beside you startled you from your thoughts. You turned and were greeted by Guinan, who was smiling pleasantly at you. You always found her a comforting presence.
“Hello.” You returned the greeting, smiling back. She raised an eyebrow at the empty seat across from you to which you smiled sheepishly and beckoned her to join you. She sat down, always the definition of elegance, and folded her hands on top of the table as she gazed at you. Her eyes seemed to be able to pierce through your entire being but not in an invasive way, it felt as if an old friend who knew more about you than you yourself did was simply studying you. Guinan seemed to have that effect.
“Don’t see you in here very often.”
“Yeah, I just...missed the view.” You gestured your head to the observation window.
“It is something, isn’t it.” Guinan turned around to gaze out at the stars for a moment before returning her attention to you. “You know, I’ve been all over the universe, but it’s the people right here on this ship that have amazed me the most.”
She nodded. “There’s good people on this ship. And good people are hard to come by in this galaxy, each with their own unique story.” She smiled softly from across the table. “So, let’s hear yours.”
“My what?”
“Your story, tell me about it.” She waits patiently for you to answer. You adore Guinan and are always so calmed by her, but being put on the spot and being asked to tell her about yourself seemed to be more anxiety inducing than facing an entire Kardassian fleet. Panic slowly started to set in, your story was benign, boring, plain, just like you; and who knows all the amazing people Guinan has met in her life, no doubt in your mind that you would merely bore her. But of course you couldn’t voice these concerns, she was merely starting a friendly, casual conversation, so you tried to play off your insecurity as nonchalantly as possible.
“Oh you know, same as most people I bet on this ship. Worked hard, went to the academy, picked a major, graduated, and started my career in Starfleet.” You forced a bright smile to reach your eyes.
She studied you intently, a fond look on her features, as she hummed softly in response. “Hmm. Everyone has their own definition of a story I suppose, maybe yours just needs a little extra push.” She winked before taking her leave and making her way back to the bar.
Stunned and slightly confused, you sat at the lonely table mulling over Guinan’s parting words. You felt like she was hinting at something but her mysterious nature always managed to trip you up in deciphering her seemingly endless wisdom.
You let out a huge sigh and returned your attention to the passing star field through the observation window. You always had a fascination with space and exploring other worlds, it’s why you joined Starfleet in the first place. But despite being a source of comfort, the vastness could often make you feel small and alone; knowing you were surrounded by your fellow officers and crew mates didn’t stop you from feeling like you were drifting away in the vacuum of space. Cold, voiceless, and lonely.
Shaking yourself from these destructive, yet repetitive thoughts, you stood and pocketed the long forgotten PADD. Just as you were nearing the door you passed by Commander Riker, who stopped you with a call of your name.
“Well hello Lieutenant, don’t see you in here very often.” His smile seemed to be contagious and you couldn’t stop yourself from returning the smile.
“Yes, well sometimes it’s a nice change of pace.” You could feel your heartbeat start to increase and the nervousness began to set in. You weren’t afraid of the Commander, you actually found him quite charming in an odd sort of way and admired him as both an officer and fellow human being. But this was Commander Riker you were talking about, why was he interrupting his nice evening by talking to someone as uninteresting and quiet as you?! Even without the difference in rank why would he want to spend his evening chatting with a lowly anthropologist.
“Me and a few others were just about to order another round in celebration, care to join us?” His smile radiated warmth as he looked at you expectantly. You knew you could trust him with your life in a dangerous situation, that he would fight tooth-and-nail for the safety of every crew member or innocent life; but you did not trust yourself. You knew what you were and what role you played in the game of life, you couldn’t trust yourself to step out of those boundaries and drag others with you when it all eventually spiraled.
Your smile tightens and you try to morph your outward expression into something that hopefully resembles reluctant but thankful refusal.”I appreciate the offer Commander, but unfortunately I have a lot of reports I need to catch up on since our recent encounter with the Demoorians. Perhaps another time.” You smiled politely before quickly ducking away from the group, missing the slight disappointed expression on Riker’s face.
You made it back to your quarters without interruption and swiftly shut the doors behind you, leaning on the cool metal as you released the breath you hadn’t realized you were holding. After a few more steadying breaths you walked over to your small desk and discarded your PADD on the surface and moved to change out of your uniform.
You felt bad for lying to the Commander, you had finished the reports almost two days prior and although you could continue to work and perfect every detail, it definitely wouldn’t take up enough time to prevent you from engaging with Commander Riker and the others for drinks.
As you put on a comfy pair of sweatpants and oversized hoodie you became acutely aware of the silence that surrounded you. Of course, living on the Enterprise never meant you were in complete silence; the warp core and engines always emitted a low hum throughout the ship that usually felt comforting to you, feeling as though you’re a part of something alive and moving. But tonight, the low thrum only echoed the loneliness you felt engulfing your heart.
Even the ship herself had more connection to others, had a voice that those in it’s company waited and desired to listen to. You liked to imagine that you had a connection with the Enterprise, that it understood you and you in-turn understood her; but the voice in your head reminded you that such things were impossible. An even more poisonous voice then helpfully added that even if it were possible, to befriend such an inanimate object, what makes you think it would find you interesting in the first place? Why would you be worth its time?
You attempted to banish the awful thoughts that haunted you, but they persisted. You had an early shift tomorrow and wanted to get some rest. With a sigh you grabbed your personal PADD from the bedside table and pulled up an old Earth movie you had seen countless times.
If you couldn’t get the voices to stop, then you’d drown them out until exhaustion overtook you; as was almost tradition at this point.
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Hello. Your writing is great. May I request TNG Worf, so comforts his s/o after she saves him from getting injured on a mission and the comms are unresponsive?
♦️{ I didn’t understand the last part of your request, so I just create a drabble where Worf comforts his S/O }
Tumblr media
   ♦️ WORF ♦️
The Klingon was v ery worried.
He felt so guilty for what happened, it would have never happened. He didn’t feel fine, at all. He should have been there for you and protect you but he was not. He was in trouble.
Worf was at the sickbay, comforting you after the bad experience the two of you had lived. He didn’t forgive himself to be so reckless and he didn’t forgive you to have risked your life like that.
“The Doctor said you are not in danger and you should heal soon, but it’s better if you stay here until the risk won’t be over.” Worf said with a severe tone of voice.
“I feel fine, and there has never been a risk, I am able to come back at my job even today.” You said, you were not lying saying you felt fine because you really did but Worf was worried, you could read anxiety in his eyes despite his expression was harsh but you knew, he was a good person and he cared about the things he loved.
“There has been any risk? You have been injured, you risked dying. It was definitely a risk.” His voice raised, he was stubborn. Maybe you were more reckless than he was.
“Ah, ok…Ok, but now I am fine, so there’s nothing to worry about.” You reassured him.
“You should have not done it…” Worf said, almost whispering, because he was not able to explain himself and his honour was broken. He just felt like a Klingon without honour.
“What do you mean?” you asked, confused and you didn’t regret what you did. You would do it thousands of times. You would never leave Worf alone.
“You know what I mean. You saved me…It was stupid.” He said, harshly.
“Why stupid?” you answered, and saving a life was not stupid. Especially saving Worf’s life. It was courage, love, not stupidity.
“You didn’t have to do it…It was dangerous, indeed, you got hurt.”
“Yes, but you would have been hurt then…” you said and it looked like a challenge of who was the most stubborn person between the two of you.
“It didn’t matter, I am a warrior, after all, I would fight till the end.” He said and you sighed. When Worf started to talk about warriors, you could not bear him.
“Yes, I know but… I don’t want to lose you.”
“I don’t want to lose you, too…” his tone was softer than before, because it was important, it was hard to say the truth, which he truly cared.
“Things are great now, we should not think about the bad consequences that would have been.” You explained, maybe you were the one who had to comfort him now.
“Yes, I know…” he could not stop to blaming himself.
“You don’t have to be worried, you have no fault…” you keep saying, so angry that he could not understand but at the same time, you found him so sweet in his harsh ways.
“I should have…”
“No, I did what I did because I loved you, I could not live without you…”
Your words hit him, they were so true and sweet, he looked down and he was glad, but he was still so proud. He was a real warrior but he was still unable to fight his feelings or to be nicer with himself.
Then Worf looked you in the eyes, you knew he felt the same for you, he didn’t need to say it, he was so shy sometimes but you were sure, his love was strong and sincere. He would not be here, he would be not worried if he didn’t care about you.
“I let you rest, I would be glad if you stay here more, be sure to feel totally rescued.” Word said, this time had been so sentimental that he was surprised of himself as well. 
“Ok, ok…But could I come back to my quarters, at least?” you asked him.
“Yes, you can… I will visit you to make sure you are not forcing yourself.”
Yes, he was not going to give up, he was such a severe nurse. 
“Ok, ok, chef…” you giggled.
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geordisoong · 8 months ago
"not all men"
you're right, First Officer William Riker of the USS Enterprise 1701-D would never treat me this way
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ughanimeboys · 2 months ago
Painting Lessons
Words: 1.4k Pairing: Data x GN!Reader Warnings: fluff
“Alright, Data,” you placed your canvas on the easel in front of you and turned to look at him. “Are you ready?”
He nodded. “Yes, Y/N. Shall we begin?”
You smiled, nodding back to him before turning to face the landscape.
“Now, I want you to focus on not just creating a perfect replica of what you see in front of you,” you explained as you began tapping your brush across the canvas.
“Embellish it and give it its own unique quality. Van Gogh didn’t paint Starry Night as if he were looking at it through a lens; he put swirling motions into it, short and long brush strokes, he showed the world the way he saw.”
As you spoke, you moved your hand, adding your own strokes to the canvas.
“You don’t need to paint what’s in front of you,” you said. “You can modify it to your imagination. Just paint something beautiful.”
He looked at you politely for a moment more before silently turning to face his canvas.
The holodeck simulated a setting sun, with pink and orange colors streaking across the sky. The sun was barely visible over the mountains in the distance.
Data was an adept painter; he could easily look at a bowl of fruit and replicate it so well that you may think it was a photo rather than a painting.
He had presented his request to you during a particularly slow morning on the bridge.
He told you that he had noticed the paintings in your quarters one day while you were working on a report together, and he thought it was a good bet that you were at least somewhat knowledgeable in the arts, given that you owned so many.
To his surprise, you revealed that you had painted the majority of them.
“I was not aware that you were an artist,” he had stated with raised eyebrows.
You had shrugged, looking sheepishly at the ground. “I don’t really consider myself an artist. I’m a Starfleet Officer first and foremost; art is more of a hobby.”
“Lieutenant Y/N,” he tilted his head towards you with a puzzled, almost reprimanding look. “Is the definition of an artist not ‘one who creates art’?”
You looked down, laughing quietly. “You’re right, Data. I guess by those standards, I am an artist.”
He explained his situation to you then, stating that he and Geordi had been experimenting for a while to see if it was possible for Data to be creative.
As Geordi was not very artistic, and Data was an android, it had been something like the blind leading the blind (ahem… no pun intended).
So after talking to Geordi about it, Data elected to receive your help in their project.
Geordi was meant to join the both of you on the holodeck but had gotten caught up in engineering, so it was just you and your good friend, Data.
You glanced over at him, pausing in your painting. His canvas was angled slightly away from you so you couldn’t see what he was doing, and yours was angled away from him so he didn’t misunderstand the assignment and accidentally copy you.
He was in deep concentration, his brush strokes short as he picked up different colors onto his brush with nearly every stroke.
Well, it looks like his painting will at least be unblended… so it won’t be too realistic, you thought.
As he painted, you found yourself watching him. The concentrated look on his face, the way the light glinted off his pale skin and danced in his golden eyes. His dark hair slicked back… you wondered what it would look like if it was a little more messy; how it would feel to run your fingers through it and ruffle it up.
He glanced up at you, and you quickly turned back to face your canvas.
You’ve been alone for too long, Y/N, you thought to yourself, shaking your head.
You continued painting with no interruptions.
You finished your painting as the light was fading into night and the stars began appearing.
You looked over your canvas, inspecting it for any last minute improvements and found yourself satisfied with it.
You had changed the landscape to a white, fluffy texture, almost as if you were painting from atop the clouds, and left the sunset roughly the same, with the sun just barely peeking up behind them.
Data was still working feverishly, lost in his work as he stared down at his canvas, his brush strokes quick and rough.
He showed no signs of stopping, so you decided to have a seat.
You settled down in the grass, leaning against a tree just a few feet away from your easel.
You wondered how Data could still be working on his painting with the sun down, but you didn’t question him. No doubt he had a photographic memory and only had to look at the landscape once before he knew what to paint.
In fact, you hadn’t seen him glance up from his canvas at all while he was painting, save for the moment when you had made eye contact.
You rested your head back against the tree, still watching Data work. The sound of Data’s brush scraping against the canvas, the frogs and the crickets singing, the stream flowing nearby, all while under the light of the full moon and the stars… it was almost enough to put you to sleep.
The next thing you knew, Data was saying your name.
“Lieutenant Y/N,” he said gently, almost a whisper.
You opened your eyes to see his face hovering just in front of you.
It was bright now, and you jumped up. “Data?!” you looked around you in a panic, your heart beating fast. “How long was I asleep?”
“Only a few minutes,” Data informed you. “I instructed the computer to make it bright again, so we could present our paintings to each other.”
He offered a hand to you and pulled you easily to your feet.
“You may present your painting first,” he gestured to your canvas.
You smiled, excited now to show him what you’d done.
You walked beside him and came to a stop in front of your canvas.
“The warm colors of the sunset made me think of something whimsical,” you explained as you gazed at your finished painting in the light of the morning. “So I wanted to reflect that, and let my imagination run wild. I painted it as if there is a city above the clouds.”
Data nodded, placing a finger to his chin as he studied my painting. “I see. You harnessed your imagination, suspending disbelief in order to cultivate the idea that you could stand atop the clouds and would not fall through.”
You smiled. “Yes, Data, that’s exactly what I did. Very good analysis.”
He nodded at you, before reaching out a hand. “May I?”
You were unsure of what he wanted at first, but quickly realized that he was asking for your hand.
You obliged, placing your hand in his and allowing him to lead you over to his canvas.
When you saw the painting, you couldn’t help but let out a gasp of surprise.
You could hardly believe your eyes. There, on the canvas, was a perfect rendition of you.
He had painted your hair longer, done up in a fancy manner, and changed your uniform into a pristine toga--one you may have worn if you were using the holodeck to visit Ancient Greece, or Rome. Gold jewelry dripped from your ears, laced around your neck, pinned in your hair; everywhere he could fit a piece of jewelry, there was one.
He had added complementary strokes of colors into your skin, mesmerizing next to the golden light of the sunset glinting off of you.
He had obviously painted you from his vantage point: a side view, with your eyes turned toward the sky, which was exactly the perspective he would have had while he stood in front of his canvas and you stood in front of yours.
You looked up at him, and he was gazing back at you, no doubt so he could gauge your reaction.
“Data…” you said, shaking your head as you stared up into his eyes. “Why did you paint me?”
He gazed evenly at you before answering simply, “You told me to paint something beautiful.”
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tough-girl9 · 7 months ago
First Base (Data x Female Reader)
Summary: Data is curious about whether you'd like to join him in exploring what humans call "making out."
Rating: T
A/N:  This is my first time writing a Character/Reader fic, and basically this was an exercise in pure self indulgence. It ended up not even going the direction I had originally intended, so it very likely may be followed by a sequel or two. As I am very new to writing anything of this nature, feedback is greatly appreciated. At least I had fun imagining this moment with a cute android :)
The poem Data is reading at the beginning of the story is "How Do I Love Thee?" by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
Also posted on AO3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of being and ideal grace.”
Data’s voice is pure honey – honey and silk. His voice is always soft, but you didn’t know it could be so absolutely sensuous. You close your eyes and feel that luxuriously velvet timbre of his voice all around you.
The two of you are in his quarters, sitting side-by-side on his couch as he reads you love poems that he has downloaded to his databanks just for you. There are poems from every era and planet: Human, Vulcan, Klingon, Betazoid, and other cultures you haven’t even heard of before. You marvel at the universality of this experience of love, this experience that you are sharing now with the handsome android beside you.
Spot is curled up contentedly in your lap, a rumbling ball of fur pressed against your stomach that you absently stroke with one hand. Your head rests on Data’s shoulder, the fabric of his uniform soft under your cheek. One of his arms encircles your shoulders, while the fingers of his other hand are twined casually yet intimately with yours.
At first, Data’s attempts to romance you were stilted and awkward (though still adorable) based on a saved template for a romantic subroutine from a previous relationship. It took several insistent reassurances from you that you didn’t want a Casanova or a Romeo, that you just wanted him, just wanted Data, before he started adjusting the subroutine so that it didn’t drown out his true personality, but merely enhanced his already romantic qualities.
“I love thee to the level of every day’s
Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
I love thee freely, as men strive for right.
I love thee purely, as they turn from praise.”
You snuggle closer against him, your body warm and relaxed. Data’s body is warm too, pleasantly so, and your form melts against his like butter.
You can hardly believe it was only four days ago that Data showed up unexpectedly at your quarters, carrying a bouquet of Andorian sweet roses and inquiring whether you would like to attend that evening’s string quartet concert in Ten Forward with him “in an exploratory trial to assess our romantic compatibility.”
Of course, you said yes.
You’d had a crush on him for months at that point, stemming from that one time when he’d found you crying alone in Ten Forward and invited you over to his quarters to pet Spot, because he’d read that holding a purring cat had therapeutic and comforting properties for humans. You’d always found him physically attractive, but that was when you first realized what a gentle, sweet, and caring, even loving, man he also was.
You hadn’t bothered to act on your crush and never intended to do so, assuming that Data could not return your interest. You also knew that he has a tendency to go along with what other people want of him, and you didn’t want to rope him into a relationship that he didn’t want as much as you did. So your surprise and delight when Data initiated of his own accord had brought you to giddy tears that you’d had to explain to him were very much not a negative response to his proposition.
“I love thee with the passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints. I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life; and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.”
You turn your head just slightly and nuzzle at the crook of his neck, squeezing his hand a little tighter as you do so. Your nose brushes against the cold metal of his officer pips and you tip your head a little further back to slowly kiss each of the three pips in turn. Then you pause. Draw in a breath through your nose.
Data’s bioplast skin is naturally odorless, you’ve noticed, but when you tilt your head up against his neck, you catch a whiff of something sweet and heady, like spiced vanilla. You breath it in once again, twisting your body so that you can lean in better, your hand straying from Spot’s head to Data’s stomach.
“Data, are you wearing cologne?” you ask with a small smile, your face practically buried against his neck.
He shifts, his hand sliding down your shoulder and if you’re not mistaken, his tone is pleased. “Since the initiation of our relationship four days ago, I have researched numerous different methods for enhancing the romantic experience. In particular, I spent a good portion of last night reviewing all my files on aphrodisiacs and their various effects on a lover. Given that the human sense of smell is intimately connected to the parts of the brain dealing with emotion and memory, olfactory aphrodisiacs can be a particularly simple yet effective way of enriching amorous moments. According to the research I conducted, the scent of vanilla is historically one of the most popular olfactory aphrodisiacs for affecting human women.” He paused before asking seriously, “Are you finding your romantic experience enhanced?”
You can’t help but grin. You love the eagerness in his voice when he gushes about the things he has been researching. Data may not be able to feel love the way you feel it, but you know that this form of android affection – staying up all night researching ways to “enhance your romantic experience” with him – is every bit as much love as the warm sensation you feel swelling up from your lower belly at his question.
You feel yourself blushing slightly and the tips of your fingers tingle. “Yes, Data, I am feeling romantically enhanced.”
You don’t have to look at him to tell that the corners of his mouth have lifted into the adorable, little smile that means he has been successful at one of his endeavors. “I will continue to incorporate olfactory stimulants into our time together. If you wish, we may experiment to find which aphrodisiacs you find particularly pleasing.”
You lean back so that you are able to look into his face. You’re right: he’s smiling, and his gentle, golden eyes are full of pleased curiosity. He’s so eager to learn about you, to learn about romance with you.
There’s also something else in his expression. He’s watching you with that keenness that means he’s calculating your response or looking for some specific cue from you. You raise your eyebrows slightly at him. “What is it, Data?”
He tilts his head, still watching you closely. “We have been a couple now for four days. So far, we have been on three dates, held hands for an accumulated nine hours, twelve minutes, cuddled for three hours, thirty-five minutes, and kissed eleven times. Based on your reactions to all these activities, I hypothesize that you are both emotionally and physically attracted to me. If this assumption is correct, I am curious as to whether you would like to explore a more intimate form of romantic activity with me.”
Your blush is neither slight nor subtle any longer. “What…what do you have in mind?”
Data purses his lips slightly and no doubt a million minor operations happen throughout his neural net, but his gaze is steady and calm as ever. “I am curious whether you would like to engage in what, in human parlance, would be referred to as ‘making out’?”
You bite your lip, your chest suddenly tight and hot as a shiver of anticipation that you can’t quite control makes its way through you. You’d be lying if you told yourself that you hadn’t thought about a thorough make-out session with your android boyfriend once or twice (all right, ten or twenty) times over the last few days. The gentle, chaste kisses that Data has pressed against your lips up until now are sweet and lovely, but the thought of something a little more…passionate…makes your heart start pounding, and you suspect Data knows.
But you also know that Data is programmed to be caring and attentive to human needs, sometimes even at the cost of his own preferences. You lift your hand from his stomach and carefully stroke your fingers over his pips. “Data, what do you want?” you ask softly.
He tilts his head to the side, the movement quicker and more precise than a human. “I am sorry, I do not understand what you mean?”
“You told me that you don’t experience sexual desire of any kind,” you elaborate. “Do you want to make out with me, or are you offering simply because you think it’s what I want?”
“Ah.” His eyebrows lift slightly. “I understand. You are concerned that the experience will not be gratifying in any way to me.”
“Pretty much,” you concede with a tiny shrug.
He frowns thoughtfully. “While it is true that sexual gratification in the traditional sense is not part of the equation for me, it would be incorrect to state that I would ‘get nothing’ from the experience. For example, though my positronic brain is not designed to process the sensations of physical pleasure or pain, I do have a complex net of sensors that allow me to process many other sensations, such as the temperature, texture, and composition of objects with which I come in contact. When many of my sensors are stimulated at once, particularly in novel ways, it provides a flood of feedback for my positronic brain to analyze, which in a way, is pleasurable for me.
“Moreover, my quest to understand and emulate the human condition to whatever degree possible makes experiences themselves highly valuable to me. Dr. Soong clearly intended for me to take part in, and perhaps even enjoy, romantic and sexual activity, and I am curious to explore that part of my programming with you. Not only that, but the sensory input of those who are closer and more familiar to me is, in a way, more important, more special, than that of those whose input I do not encounter as regularly. To put it in more human terms, the fact that it is you with whom I get to share such an experience would in and of itself make the experience more significant, more pleasurable, for me. Does this alleviate your concerns?”
To hear such a sweet sentiment from him almost brings tears to your eyes, and a wave of affection for your charming android sweeps through you. You lift a trembling hand to his cheek and stroke his smooth skin. “I understand, Data, and yes, I’d very much like to make out with you.”
You both shift to face each other on the couch. Spot makes a huffing sound and jumps down from your lap when you move, clearly dissatisfied with the stability of her napping perch, but your attention is focused on your boyfriend’s alabaster-pale face. You can see anticipation in his eyes, curiosity and wonder that makes your pulse race, because you know you are the one causing it. He makes a sharp, little movement with his head that you recognize as the activation of some internal function, and when he looks back at you, there is a slight change in his gaze, something sensual mingled with the curiosity. You realize he must have activated part of his sexuality programming.
He releases your hand, but only to reposition it tenderly against your lower back, tugging you slightly forward, and you do not resist his gentle pull. Your hand remains on his cheek as he draws you forward and leans in simultaneously until his lips brush against yours.
The kiss is gentle, just like the other kisses he has given you before now and you respond in like, content for now to let him lead at the pace he desires. His bow-shaped lips are as soft and warm as a human’s, and you let the feel of them fill your world. You sense yourself relaxing, every muscle pliant in the safety of Data’s embrace.
After twenty seconds or so, his lips press more insistently against yours, and his hand at your lower back begins to move, straying slowly up your spine, his long, slender fingers dancing in a mesmerizing pattern of small, pleasing circles. Even through the soft fabric of your shirt, the sensation is exquisite. You cup his face and kiss him back harder, and the increased pressure sends jolts of pleasure racing through your lower belly.
His lips part then, and he’s pressing against you harder, his chest to yours now, his hand still dancing gracefully against your back, his other arm around your shoulders, hugging you close. You slip your free arm through the loop of his and around his middle, holding yourself to him. You part your lips as well, both an invitation and a plea to your android, and he is almost immediate in his response.
His tongue glides over your lower lip, testing, exploring, and you can feel his intrigued curiosity in the movement. It’s the smallest little brush, but it feels like prickling electricity to you, rippling outward and making you hunger for more. You let your own tongue brush over his soft curve of his mouth, then nip gently at his lip, hoping he understands what you want but willing to guide him if he’s slow on the uptake.
There was no need to doubt him. He tugs you even closer to himself and opens his mouth against yours, and the next thing you know his tongue is exploring your lips, your mouth, your own tongue. His mouth is as warm and wet as a human’s, and once again you’re amazed by the level of human detail that Data’s creator endowed him with. You moan softly into his mouth as his tongue twines with yours in an especially delicious manner, and silently, you thank Dr. Noonian Soong for programming Data with this particular skill set.
You slip your hand around the back of his head, sifting your fingers through his dark, silky hair, then clutching a handful and pressing him to you. You give as good as you get, letting your android know just how enthusiastic you are about this experience, about him. God, if you aren’t the luckiest sentient in the entire galaxy, you think as his tongue thrusts deeper and his lips caress yours until they feel like they are burning.
His hands glide up and down your back, still gentle, but more confident now. Up all the way to your shoulders his fingers slip, then running back down your sides to your hips, which he squeezes fondly, before trailing his hands up your back again. Then he alternates, one hand running up, the other running down, his fingers digging into your shirt fabric and leaving burning, tingling trails of pleasure all along your body.
“Data,” you gasp against his cheek as you turn your head to take a breath, your fingers still twined deep in his silken hair. You expect him to recapture your mouth, but instead he begins to leave a trail of fervent kisses along your cheek, your jaw, your throat. Instinctively, you arch your neck for him, and he kisses the hollow of your throat so tenderly that it makes your heart feel like bursting. “Oh, Data,” you moan again, only a little self-conscious of just how needy you sound. You’ve been touch-starved for a while, and being held and touched like this is exquisite, especially when it is your dear Data doing the touching. And you know he understands yearning, need, longing, even if he does not feel it exactly as you do. You know he understands it better than he allows himself to believe.
You smell the vanilla cologne on him once again, and yes, it definitely is romantically enhancing. The scent is almost as sweet as the kisses he’s now pressing to the crook of your neck and your shoulder. You dig your fingers down into his hair even deeper, your other hand still clutching at his lower back.
You toy with the bottom hem of his uniform shirt, your fingertips tingling. Slowly, you slide your fingers down and under the black fabric. You feel the waistband of his uniform pants and explore upward, pushing the fabric of his shirt up with the back of your hand. A thrill races through you as you find skin and press your fingertips to his exposed lower back. If you didn’t already know, there’d be no telltale signs that you are touching synthetic bioplast rather than human flesh, except perhaps for how completely smooth he is. You know he has the ability to control his follicle growth, and with a bit of a flush creeping into your cheeks, you wonder if his entire body is this smooth and hairless.
That train of thought leads you to the realization that you’ve never seen him out of his uniform, and you realize you wouldn’t mind seeing him with a little bit less on. You begin to slowly hike his shirt further up, over his stomach, over the middle of his back, giving him plenty of time to stop you if he wants.
He makes no move to stop you however. Instead, his mouth presses hard against yours once again, drawing out another short gasp from you. And this time he’s not holding back. Whether it’s part of his programming or whether he’s gaining confidence in his own android way, this kiss is absolutely nothing short of passionate, and it wakes up every sleeping ember of fire in your veins. Yes, Data’s uniform very definitely needs to come off.
At that very moment, however, a loud chirp sounds from Data’s coffee table. Your brain is so fuzzy with happy pleasure and desire that you don’t register what it is at first, but Data does and immediately responds. You whine slightly as he pulls his mouth away from yours, untangling himself to reach over for his commbadge, which he had set aside at the beginning of the night. He gives you an apologetic look as he presses the badge. “Data here,” he says, his voice completely calm and collected, as if his tongue hadn’t been half-way down your throat mere seconds ago.
“Mr. Data.” It’s Commander Riker’s voice. “I’m very sorry for disturbing you during your free time, but sensors are picking up some anomalous readings from the nebula, and we’d like your analysis of any danger before we proceed. Please report to the Bridge as soon as you can.”
“Understood, Commander,” Data responds. “I will be there in a few minutes. Data out.”
He presses the commbadge again, hesitates, then pins it back to the front of his uniform. His usually crisp shirt is still hiked up over his belly, and several curls of hair hang loose over his face from where your fingers were carding through them. You might almost call the expression on his face regretful as he tugs his shirt back down and reaches up to smooth the unruly curls back into their place. He looks at you then with eyes full of gentleness and that hint of maybe-regret. “I am sorry, Y/N. I am needed on the Bridge.”
You stand with him and gently smooth out a wrinkle in the front of his uniform. “I understand, Data.”
He turns to head for his door, then pauses and looks back at you. He lifts a hand and strokes your cheek tenderly, his eyes soft, almost coy. “Perhaps if you found our activities of this evening pleasing-”
You kiss him, hard, insistent, letting him know exactly how you feel about him. When you pull away, you take his hand from your cheek and squeeze it. “Yes, I’d very much like to continue at a later time.”
The corners of his lips perk up and his eyes brighten. “I would like that as well, Y/N.”
You give him a little push. “Now go on, make sure the ship isn’t about to blow up.”
“I believe that may be an exaggeration of the danger, considering the Captain has not ordered a red alert and I am sure Commander Riker would have displayed more concern were that the case.”
You can’t help but grin. “I love you, you know that, Data?”
His eyebrows rise and you can tell he’s confused about your seeming non-sequitur. He opens his mouth, then seems to realize he still hasn’t made it to the door. He closes his mouth and nods solemnly. “I am aware of your genuine affection for me.” He tilts his head to the side and his brows crease thoughtfully. “I hope one day, I am able to feel the same for you.”
You know he already does and you fully plan to one day help him see it, but he’s still the second officer of the Starfleet flagship as much as he is your boyfriend, and right now he has to perform the role of the former.
The door hisses shut, and you are left alone with Spot who rubs up against your leg, the lingering scent of vanilla, and the ghost of an android kiss on your lips.
A/N: Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this fic, there is now a sequel, Android Mine
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wrathkitty · 3 months ago
Hello, My Dear - Chapter Seven
Tumblr media
“Then why not now?” That petulant half-whine in his voice was back – as usual, he heard what you had told him, but he wasn’t listening. “It’s as good a time as any, not to mention spares me from having to constantly worry about you tripping over a warp coil or catching a disease.”
God, how could anyone omniscient be this dumb?
On a good day, Q possessed the emotional maturity of a toddler. Dangle something shiny in his sight and he would pounce without a care for any other parties involved.
This had not been a good day.
You were exhausted, mind, body, soul. Ordinarily you had time to strategize the best approach of stuffing him into another person’s shoes (never mind making it seem like it was all his own idea in the first place), but you didn’t have the energy to try and reason with an entity who at the first sign of the dreaded ‘no’ would pack up his toys and go home.
Out of options, you resorted to cheap tactics and mercilessly deployed the deadliest weapon you had in your arsenal:
You burst into tears.
Hello, My Dear - Chapter Seven
Summary: Stories of the life and times of Q and his mortal more-than-just-a-friend, Ensign Reader. Because being omnipotent doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to relationships.
Tags under cut! And tremendous THAAAANK YOUs to @plastic-heart , who ended up becoming my unofficial beta. Mwah.
@plastic-heart @caffiend-queen @nildespirandum @my-fic-corner @firstofficer-tilly @emeraldrosequartz @airmitchbaby @fanfic-fangirl @rougesage @spacedadpicard @reileth @herbalsingularitea @android-boyfriends @idolofthevatican @tinkerbelldetective @witchy-moon-kitty @mayhemmachine @scrumptious-finicky-illusion @just-the-hiddles @villainousshakespeare @paranoiac1963 @kawallchan @witchcraftandwoofers @coolcannibalkool-aid @et-tu-bro @chronic-overthinking @marshmalloboy @dangertoozmanykids101 @toozmanykids @trekmystars @fndmsrndmyfckinglfe @natashacrane84-blog @lady-of-black-roses
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galactic-magick · 2 months ago
Star Trek Masterlist
*- female reader/pronouns
**- male reader/pronouns
***- gender neutral reader/pronouns
X Readers:
***Everything For You: AO3 Link
Geordi La Forge:
***Someone Gets It: Tumblr Link AO3 Link
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diaryofassortedimagines · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
~~~~~~time out~~~~~~
dom!data x sub!fem!reader xxx
warnings: SMUT, sensation play, language, vibrators, edging, degradation
requested by: anon
gotta love generic ass titles! also, new little title thing going on :) not my gif, i believe it is from @cakesandsnouts
data’s little game had began flooding into your everyday life to the point of a genuine hinderance. at first, the idea of him controlling your orgasms, however he so pleased, sounded like an incredibly appealing idea, and one that you gladly consented to. but you hadn’t realized he’d be this... mean. not to the point of where you could hardly even sleep, and you’d certainly never expected that he would edge you for nearly two weeks without even a hint of relief or mercy.
now, you were well aware that masturbation without permission was off limits- period. but, in honesty, what did he expect? to edge you for weeks, not granting you any relief, and then leaving you alone in bed, as he tended to his night shift, and as you tried desperately to ignore the ache between your legs and be able to get a least a little bit of rest. it’s almost as though he wanted you to disobey, all so that he could rain hell on you when you get caught. the pressure between your legs became more and more prominent as you thought about it, and as it began to verge on the side on unbearable (again), you figured that if you were wrong, he’d tease you endlessly, if you were right, he’d only do the same (perhaps more intensely). to the right of you, on his side of the bed, sat a medium sized box in his opened nightstand drawer. inside, a wide variety of tools and toys that he’d used over the past two weeks or so to tease you on and on, further and further. what scared you the most was that he still had toys left, ones he hasn’t used- a feather, a paintbrush, and candles were among the most interesting, though there were more.
he mastered the art of eroticism and dominance upon further exploring his emotions, making every action and decision deliberate in order to tease you best; he meticulously chose which toys to use and which not to use in what order- he saved the most exciting ones for last, etc. the vibrating, pink, silicone dildo was calling your name, and it was quite the persuasive voice. you think, so far, it was your favorite out of the box, as he had used it on you in the past. plus, he wouldn’t be off his shift for another half hour, and it wouldn’t take three for you to cum at this point.
once the toy was in your hands, it was too tempting for you to put it back down, and with a heavy sigh you eagerly tossed the blanket off of you and pushed down your sweatpants and underwear. holding it loosely between your fingers, you clicked it up to its third highest vibration, only half its power, and delve it between your folds.
“o-oh... y-yes.” both the pleasure and the relief was overwhelming. after a few seconds of roaming, you found your far too ignored clit, and turned up the vibrations from three to four. your hips were soon bucking violently, your moans uncontrollable and drawn out. “f-fuck ah~ yes!” you had hardly touched yourself, and yet already you were unbelievably close, and the knot in your stomach tied tighter and tighter as you continued your movements. you were a gasping, moaning mess.
you were just seconds away from cumming when a familiarly cold, firm hand grabbed hold of you wrist. you yelped, naturally, and opened your eyes to find data with a stern, yet adoring look on his face. you were in deep shit, now.
“d-data... your shift is supposed to end at 7:00-”
“i got off early, y/n. i hoped to surprise you with breakfast... it is clear to me you long for something else, don’t you?” you were left speechless, dumbfounded, as you stared your own demise in the eyes, bracing yourself for what was to come next. your wrist was still in his grasp, and he let go momentarily to yank the toy away from you, licking your juices off of it before tossing it to the side. “do you not you remember what i told you?” you couldn’t seem to get out the words, only heavy breaths. “answer me, sweet thing.” when you answered in only a nod, his voice raised a tad, and had a clear raise in authority. “words, y/n.”
“y-yes... i do.”
“and yet, you have disobeyed me. i have a complete memory of me informing you of the consequences. did you forget? i am glad to remind you...”
“... i remember, i do b-but i’ve been just so desperate, data and i-” he interrupted your pleads.
“desperate? for what are you do desperate for? tell me, darling.” you groaned at his sly, mischievous smirk.
“j-just lemme cum... p-please? please, pleeease, data?” poor choice of words on your part, as you would soon realize, and a pathetic attempt at begging, indicative of how exhausted and physically drained this had made you. he yanked the box of toys towards him, riffling through it ‘til he pulled out a pair of shiny handcuffs. he threw his leg over your body and took your hands as he worked on fastening the restraints.
“oh, do not worry, i will. i am aware of how desperate you are for me to just be inside you already...” he clicked them shut and locked them as he spoke with an excruciatingly teasing tone. “eventually.” he decided to lock you up even tighter as he tied one end of a silky black cloth to the chain of the handcuffs, and the other end to the bed post. “hmm... i wonder which item i will use on you today...” he mused, not at all serious; a sexual relationship with you has, for better or worse, greatly improved his sarcasm skills.
‘please not the candle, not the candle-’ you thought silently. you breathed a sigh of relief that the candle was left in the box and would be saved for later, before your breath caught in confusion as he pulled a white, faux feather and a smooth bristled fan paint brush from the collection.
“are you aware of what i will use these for?” you shook your head no, ‘of course not’ you thought. he chuckled in delight at your answer. “wonderful. which one you would like me to use on you first?”
“u-um i... well...” completely clueless to what either answer would entail, you chose. “the f-feather.” you flinched at your answer, nervous for the outcome, and his devilish smirk didn’t ease your worries one bit.
“i hoped you would say that.” he cooed. “are you going to continue to be good, now? attempt to make up for disobeying me and touching yourself earlier?”
“y-yes... i promise.” you spoke shakily.
“such a good girl, hm?” your gripped your neck between one large and cold hand. “close your eyes.” shocked, you didn’t, but rather stared him in the eyes, astonished. “do it!” he yelled. transparent, silky fluid gushed out of your core in abundance as he did so. this is what you wanted all along- intensity, forced submission, control (especially after weeks of endless nothing), and in response, closed your eyes. he was silent, until you felt a sudden tickle against your folds and gasped, making him chuckle. ‘the feather...’ you thought.
“d-data, ah-h!” he spread your lips apart, your sensitive insides exposed to cold air. teasingly, he grazed the feather over your clit, it’s precise location he had memorized, and he delighted in the gasp that sounded, the face you made, and every delicious detail of your crazed reaction.
“i bet you are enjoying this, are you not?” he teased as you let out a particularly strung out and intense moan, your mouth open, he clenched your neck between his golden hands and watched as your breath hitched. “my pretty little whore.” you nodded your head (to the best of your ability) in confirmation. “if only you could see yourself. squirming and desperate like a dirty slut.” he paused, leaning forward towards your neck and corrected himself in a whisper. “my slut... all mine.” he breathed heavily against your neck, and all the while you were moaning and acting just how he said you were. his words came out in a tone of exasperation, absolutely mystified by you.
“oh my god, data! p-please don’t stop. please?” he took note of your rising chest and heavy breaths, weighted moans, restless squirming- all telltale signs that you were close. with this knowledge in mind, he stopped abruptly. “n-no! please. please, please i’m begging you data.” he tilted his head, non-verbally asking you to elaborate. “i’m begging you to just let me cum already, oh, it’s been weeks!”
“i am quite aware of how long it has been.” he remained hovering over you. “but now look at you. weeks of denial has entirely unraveled you, precisely the way i wished it would. as earthlings might say, there is a certain ‘method to my madness’.” he stroked your cheek and dragged his thumb across your lower lip. you swiftly caught it between your teeth and sucked on it gently with a sultry gaze. “such a needy one you are.” he coped. “i could bet you dream of being put on display as i fuck you. to inform all the enterpise that you are only mine.” leaning forward, he sucked and bit hickeys into your skin into the places that were the least convenient to hide. “imagine what those attracted to you on the crew may think... ensign ro would be mortified that you are mine and not hers, now wouldn’t she? it is time they know you are not for them.” he mused at your body and expression. “do you think that you deserve to cum, now?”
“yes!” you exclaimed. “i do! please... p-please?”
“i am not so certain.” he looked you up and down. “convince me, y/n.” eager to prove your point, you burst out words immediately.
“it’s been weeks! and i’ve been so patient, i only disobeyed once for two weeks! i’m still your good little whore, aren’t i?” you knew how crazy that drove him. “pretty please...?” your words were desperate pleas. as his own arousal began to build up, he stayed completely silent as his lips curled into a smirk and he began to tease you with the feather once again. “please! oh my god, data, please p-please...” as he grazed the feather over your clit in deliberate strokes, the knot in your stomach soon returned. you didn’t dare to tell him that you were nearing your breaking point in fear that he would stop, but you didn’t have to tell him for him to know at this point. he knew what it meant when your stomach would tense as it rose and fell, as your breaths got shorter and your moans turned into silent gasps as you tried to control your breathing, and for a brief moment, he stopped. you were on the verge of a tantrum, but the moment you opened your mouth to speak, two of data’s long, thick, cold fingers delve into you with no warning, nor allowing you any time to adjust and immediately curling his fingers upwards and smashing them in and out of you at an unbelievable speed. “yes! data oh t-thank you! please, please don’t s-stop-” he almost felt bad as he watched you- the love of his life so desperate, and as arousing as your current state was, he had made his point, and you had gone weeks. his actions spoke for his words as he analyzed your breathing patterns and kissed you the moment your stomach unraveled onto his fingers. you moaned into his mouth, and at this he chuckled, breaking away from the kiss. yanking his fingers from your cunt he sucked your juices clean of one finger and shoved the other in your mouth.
“you taste so sweet, do you not?” you looked at him speechless for a moment as you searched for the words.
“i-i get it now... why you wanted to do that...” you admitted, still gasping. it truly was the best orgasm you had ever dreamed of having- weeks of begging turned into passionate relief. as soon as release had seemed out of your grasp, it hit you like a truck.
“careful with your words, princess.” squatting to your level on the side of the bed he pulled your hair behind your ears and admired the dark purple art he had left on your neck. “i hope they keep looking.” he said. “do you know why i encourage you to wear what you please?” you looked into his golden eyes as you nodded no. “because i trust that you *are* mine. it drives them crazy.” he smiled and leaned to give you an open mouthed kiss before standing. “sleep while you can, dear.” he began to walk away, and although you both knew you only had a few hours till your shift began, you gripped his wrist, alarmed, and pulled him (or attempted to, his two ton body didn’t move an inch that wasn’t voluntarily) toward you.
“i don’t wanna sleep without you, you lunkhead.” he stroked your cheek and circled around the bed to his side, sliding the drawer of toys shut before crawling into bed and pulling you into his arms in an iron grip. one last time, you said “thank you data.” in unison, you sighed in contentment.
god i hope i did this BEAUTIFUL request justice
yes i DID go back and edit this after posting it DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT
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captainpikeswoman · 26 days ago
Could we get some more Geordi love, please!❤ Maybe something after the events of The Mind's Eye? hc's or whatever else you like! Thank you so much!
Of course! Hope you like it!
Helping Geordi after the events of The Mind’s Eye would include:
Tumblr media
•this poor, sweet man has been through a lot. In every single sense it has taken its toll on him, so as soon as Data and Dr Crusher have finished undoing the brainwashing done by the Romulans you step in straight away.
•there’s always been a deep tenderness and friendship between you both, just as he and Data have a special relationship, so do you and he. Geordi La Forge does not do simple friendships, they’re all deeper than that, and you two are no exception. So the minute you hear what has happened you find your way into the Medbay and refuse to leave. You know he needs you, and you need him too.
•you know that if left to his own devices Geordi will absolutely start to blame himself for the sequence of events that had transpired. You also know that as much as Data would be happy to stay with Geordi, this was perhaps something that the android might not be best equipped to deal with.
•so you take Geordi back to his quarters and help him settle down before you have the replicator make his absolute favourite meal!
•everything goes well until the middle of the night. You’re curled up around Geordi in his bed, (even if he’s bigger than you are) so he is the little spoon and can feel the steady beat of your heart on his back. You notice that he’s started to thrash about and mutter desperately, you do your best to soothe him into a sweeter sleep away from the nightmare, but the terror has taken a hold. So you have no choice but to wake him up.
•he comes back to consciousness with a shout, and when he puts his visor back on and sees you beside him he just bursts into tears. He sobs about the nightmare, but refuses to tell you anything about it, simply saying that it’s all his fault for not being strong enough. You won’t hear that! You hold him tight in a hug as you whisper to him that he’s more than strong enough, because he’s survived, because he’s here, because he’s on the path of healing.
•in the morning you both wake up quite late (fortunately you’ve been signed off to look after Geordi), and his head is resting on your chest as he listens to your heart.
•at first he’s very reluctant to go to see Deanna for counselling, and when your powers of persuasion (see: bribery, flattery, blackmail) fail you’re left with no alternative but to call Data. Between you and the enthusiastic, kindhearted android you manage to get Geordi to see Deanna, and when he asks you to stay for the session you do just that.
•even after a few days and lots of sessions with Deanna he still seems quiet and withdrawn. So you plan a lovely Holodeck adventure for him and Data, which does bring a small smile to his face.
•and after his first shift back at work once he’s been cleared for duty by Dr Crusher you greet him in Engineering to take him for some drinks in 10 Forward with a ginormous hug that he happily returns and brings a big smile to his face.
•even months after the events he still has his moments where he has bad dreams or flashbacks, but you’re there with him everytime it happens and you remind him of how far he has come! You couldn’t be more proud of him.
•this new level of intimacy, this bond, closeness between the two of you is plain for all to see- so expect some teasing from Commander Riker, and Deanna, Dr Crusher and even Data (if you can believe it) all immediately try to become Cupids and set you up, little do they all know they’re too late. There’s an understanding and love that runs so deep within you both, it transcends the simple label ‘love’.
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space-helen · a year ago
Tumblr media
Words: 835
Pairing: Will Riker x Reader
A/N: I hope this is ok! I found it hard to write a headache compared to a migraine since I’m more familiar with Migraines but I think I managed to get it in the end.
Request: If there's still a slot left: The reader regularly gets sidelined by horrible headaches. They’re not migraines, so the reader tries not to make a big deal out of them. They try to hide them from Riker, but he eventually finds out. - Anon
Part of my 500 Followers Celebration
Will had noticed something was off for a while. You’d frequently been pulled out of away missions last minute and sometimes moved off of the bridge to work, but he never brought it up. 
You listened to the Captain as he spoke softly. You were all in the ready room having a debriefing after the last mission and your headache was starting to grow. 
You’d been suffering from bad headaches for a long time, but finally got them seen too when you joined Starfleet. You didn’t want to be treated any different to anyone else but you knew your limits. Dr Crusher had given you permission to work in a quieter area, take yourself out of situations and missions and even take time off if you needed to. Knowing you wouldn’t abuse the power.
At first it was hard to explain the situation to the Captain and he did get annoyed when you last minute had to drop out of away missions but he understood. Other members of the crew that you worked with regularly also knew about the headaches, but it seemed the only person that didn’t know was none other than Will Riker.
Will and you had gotten really close recently. You weren’t too sure about what you’d even call the relationship between the two of you. You were definitely close friends but maybe it was something more as well? The only problem is you’d never outright told him about the headaches, you just assumed he knew.
Your head was pounding but you were able to get through the meeting, nothing was too loud and you were able to power through. 
That was until the man picked up on the last mission stormed into the ready room and emptied a large box of material and parts onto the table.
“All of my work is destroyed because of you.” he screamed while everything crashed onto the surface.
You flinched at the sudden increase in noise, your head aching and pinging with pain. 
This didn’t go unnoticed by Will who was sitting next to you. He leaned close to your ear and whispered “Are you ok?” 
You nodded but kept your eyes on the man and listened to his argument.
The meeting soon ended and the man was escorted out but your headache was probably the worst you’d had in a long time.
Moving over to Beverly you quietly asked her if you could be excused for the rest of the day and she agreed. Leaving the room you headed straight for your quarters.
Will went to chase after you knowing something was wrong but was soon called to the Captain’s side. As soon as the Captain was done asking Will a question he went over to Beverly “Is Y/N ok?”
“Yeah she’s ok. She knows her limits.”
“Her limits?” he was confused, raising an eyebrow at the woman.
“Yeah, all of the noise towards the end probably didn’t help.” 
Will walked back over to the Captain “Permission to take a break?”
“Granted. Take the rest of the shift off there’s not too long left.”
“Thank you Sir.” He turned and made his way to your quarters, navigating the halls as well as he knew the back of his own hand.
The journey was swift and he was soon in your quarters. The dim room was the first thing to surprise him, why was it dark? The room was also cooler than usual.
He crept around the room until his eyes caught a lump in the bed, realising it was you he sighed and made his way to your side and sat on the edge. 
You felt it dip and your eyes slowly opened. “Will?”
“Yeah. Is everything ok?”
You unwrapped yourself from the covers and sat up “Yeah I just have a headache?” your tone was questioning.
“I’m guessing this happens a lot?”
“I thought you knew?” He stayed quiet. "I'm sorry I thought I told you."
"Don't be sorry" his hand came to your knee "is there anything you want me to do?" He didn't want to ask too many questions but everything made sense now, the leaving missions last minute and working off bridge. 
"I should probably just sleep it off."
"That's ok. I have the rest of the shift off so do you want me to stay with you?"
You eyes lit up "yes please"
"Do you want to cuddle?" He asked, slipping his boots off.
"As long as you don't make me too warm."
He rolled his eyes as he scooted under the covers next to you "you love it really." 
"You got me" you laughed as he pulled you close to him, his lips pressed a soft kiss to the back of your head “I wish you’d told me sooner though, you didn’t have to suffer alone.”
“It’s really not a big deal. But thank you for caring Will.”
He propped himself up and moved some hair out of your face. “How could I not care about you?” 
Tag List: (open)
All Star Trek: @morganofthecoves1​ @sophiasescape​ @livenerdyandprosper​ @allthetrek​ @deeppandanerdbatty​
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writingsfromstarfleet · 8 months ago
Data - As The World Falls Down
Tumblr media
♫ - As The World Falls Down - David Bowie 
For MJ, @okamiredfoxx , I hope you enjoy! ♡
"Hey, Y/N, you like those old 20th century-era films, right?" Geordi had asked you, and you looked up from your station in the engineering bay.
"I do?" you smiled at your friend, knowing he and Argyle were bound to be debating something, as per each day there was always something. Always.
"What would you say then," Argyle began, turning to you with a smile as he continued. "is the best film to come from that era of Earth?"
You sat wide eyed at the two men who waited for your answer. You hadn't thought anybody else had an interest in 1900s/2000s era film, especially given the time frame currently. Still, you chuckled to yourself, a definitive answer that never wavered rolling off your tongue.
"Easy. Labyrinth."
Argyle chuckled. "Labyrinth?" He repeated, almost confused. "Like Pans Labyrinth with the  hand guy?" He placed the backs of his hands against his eyes and motioned Pale Man's actions, leaving you laughing as Geordi swatted his arm.
"No, Y/N means the film about the goblin city and the girl who's brother is stolen by the goblin king, right?" Geordi nodded at you and you smiled back, nodding too.
"That one exactly, Geords."
"Huh," Argyle shrugged and smiled along with the both of you. "I still think it's Interstellar."
The three of you began working once more in a comfortable silence, and unbeknownst to you, a certain android had been listening to your conversation in its entirety.
Data was an enigma, but despite everything, the two of you were close. You'd begun talking to Data through Geordi, usually Data would be there when you had your meet ups in Ten Forward, not that you had minded. You found the man fascinating, he had such impartial views on everything, and he was knowledgeable about most topics, so he made for good conversation. Soon enough, you found yourself in Data's company more and more without the presence of anyone else; be that walks through the ship simply talking, or jaunts on various holodeck programmes, you were just happy to be with him. You hoped, though he didn't feel human emotion, he felt the same in his own rights.
Data watched you leave early for your lunch break, and walked to his friend.
"Geordi, may I inquire about your conversation with Lieutenant Y/N?" Data asked, and Geordi placed his hand on Data's shoulder.
"Of course, go right ahead."
Data asked him about your interest specifically, and what Labyrinth was all about. As Geordi recounted the plot, and all the fine details Data asked for in between, Geordi look quizzically at his friend.
"You planning on a movie night, Data? I would recommend it, but there are also far better films out there than that, in my humble opinion."
As Geordi laughed to himself, Data simply nodded.
"Thank you, Geordi."
You hadn't seen Data the next day, and when you had, it had been fleeting in the hall; usually your work meant you'd run into him almost hourly. You would be lying if you said it hadn't made you a little sad, but still, you carried on with your day, assuming that Captain Picard had given him more tasks than usual. What you didn't know in that moment, however, was how wrong you were.
Sighing, you entered your quarters and breathed out; another day was over and you could finally relax. You'd been enjoying your shift and the company was great, that much wasn't being disputed, but you found yourself simply longing for a nap. Exhausted, you asked the computer to dim the lights and made your way to the bed.
Upon entering your room, however, your eyes wandered to the package on your bed; a silver box tied neatly with a light blue bow. Attached was a note, seemingly handwritten in copperplate text.
'For tonight, 20:00 hours. Holodeck three. - Commander Data.'
Twiddling the note in your hands for a couple of seconds, you smiled to yourself. Everything that man did made you love him one bit more, though each and every time you would state that was impossible. Untying the bow delicately, it fell off and you opened the lid to reveal a mass of material, shimmering even under the dim light. Confused, you pulled it out of the box to reveal it was in fact a dress. As you lifted it, it unravelled fully and you could see the intricacies of the pleating combined with the embroidery, instantly recognisable to you; it was Sarah's dress from Labyrinth. A breath of shock left you as you stared at the dress in disbelief. The box also held her hairpiece, replicated with an accuracy you hadn't thought possible. Sleep was now the last thing on your mind.
8pm had rolled around both far too quickly and not quick enough for you. The halls were fairly empty as you stepped out of your quarters. Nerves overtook you as you approached the holodecks, but you couldn't think why. It was just another holo-adventure with Data, you'd done those before. The uncertainty of what he had planned was what got to you, though you knew it was more excited nerves than bad ones. Finally reaching the door, it opened for you and you gasped.
The light hit your eyes and the sounds of soft music came from inside. You stepped in, lifting the bottom of your skirt as you did so. Looking round, your eyes were met with people dancing everywhere. Tables and chairs littered the outside of the dancefloor, adorned with different foods and embellishments. Your eyes couldn't scan quick enough, every little detail was beyond accurate and you couldn't quite believe you were stood in your favourite film scene of all time.
Looking around, you failed to see Data, far too many people were spinning by you as you walked. A few offered their hands to dance but you declined politely, still searching for the android. Eventually, your eyes landed on him, and he approached you slowly, a mask covering his face. The closer he got to you, he reached his hand out, the music still playing softly around you. Taking his hand, Data lowered his mask and you saw his face; it was beautiful at the best of times but in the light of the ballroom he looked all the more handsome.
"Hello there," you spoke softly, unable to contain your happiness. Data nodded at you.
"Good evening, I am glad you showed up." His voice was low, but you heard him well despite the noise and giggled.
"As though I could say no."
Data began to sway you to the music, and you placed your hand on his shoulder and his free one laid on your waist. A gentleman, it never faltered either. As the two of you danced, Data leaned in closer to you and began to hum along, clearly having memorised the film beforehand. You instinctively curled closer to his chest, until his chin rested atop your head and you swayed in comfortable silence. The android slowly began to sing the lyrics, quietly, but definitely there.
"I'll place the sky, within your eyes..." Data trailed off as you lifted your head to look at him, astounded more than anything that the android had sung. Not only that, but he had a lovely singing voice, too.
"There's such a fooled heart, beating so fast; in search of new dreams, a love that will last.."
"I'll place the moon, within your heart." You cut him off with your own sing along, and you saw a faint hint of a smile present on his face.
Data spun you round, your skirt flowing around you seconds later, and danced just as you'd expect, with precision and correctness. The same smile never left your face as the dance continued, the two of you working around the others perfectly, as though you had done this a thousand times before. That was what you loved about him the most, that no matter what was happening or what you were doing, Data made everything comfortable. Never once had anything felt foreign, and you had just clicked with him instantly. He felt homely, and made you feel safe whenever he was around, and times like this made you realise why you'd fallen for him in the first place.
"Y/N, may I have your attention for a second?" He asked, pulling you out of your slight daydream as you stepped with each other calmly once more.
"As ever, Data, of course."
"I have been meaning to tell you this for a while now, though I did not know how best to approach such a subject. Upon consulting Geordi, I believe this was the best way to do it," Data gestured to the program, a more serious tone to his voice. He continued. "I recalled you mentioning that Jim Henson's work was among your favourites from the 20th century, in particular Labyrinth. I wished for this to be perfect for you, because that is what I believe you deserve."
"Data?" you questioned softly, looking the android in the eye as he carried on his speech.
"Since we began to talk more often, I realised that we got along very well, and you were very willing to listen to me talk; I cannot recall one time you have ever cut me off or told me to stop talking, for which I thank you. But, I have come to realise it is more than that. Though I do not have emotions, what I feel for you I know is true, and it most certainly is there. I believe, in my own way, I have come to care for you a great deal, and in human terms, I am sure that it is love. I love you, Y/N."
Your eyes were brimmed with tears, nothing but adoration in your eyes for the man stood before you. You stood shocked at his declaration, smiling nonetheless. Letting go of his hand, you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him closer. On your prompt, Data's arms wound themselves around your waist, keeping you against him as you spoke against his ear.
"And here I was, thinking this was purely one sided." You chuckled, and he pulled you back to look at you. No matter the time of day he found you beautiful, and right now Data couldn't deny to himself that such a fact was still true.
"Does that mean you also feel the same? That you.." For the first time ever, you cut him off, unable to contain the happy feelings you had.
"I do, I love you, Data."
On instinct, the android leant in and captured your lips with his own, and you took his face in your hands. The kiss was bliss, the sounds around you adding to the atmosphere, and this time neither of you could keep the small smiles off your faces. Pulling back, Data kept you held close to him, dancing with you once more.
"But I'll be there for you," he sang once more, and you rested your head against his chest and joined in.
"As the world falls down."
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starfleetimagines · 2 months ago
Dating Tasha Yar Would Include...
Pairing: Tasha x gender-neutral reader Requested by anon: Could you a "Dating Tasha Would Include"? Preferentially overlooking her death in canon Word count: 381 Notes: This does, in fact, not fully abide by canon as she is not killed.
Tag list: @space-helen, @mrs-l-mccoy, @williambutchers, @anicamarei, @geordisoong - if you want to be added to or removed from a tag list please let me know. And if you're on a tag list but you've changed your URL, please let me know that, too.
Tasha is a pretty private person, or at least she is when she’s on duty. When one or both of you are working it would be strictly professional. No PDA, no words of affection. Only work.
The only exception to this would be if one of you were injured or in danger. Oh boy, if you’re in danger Tasha would do whatever she could to make sure you make it out okay. As the chief of security, it is her job after all to ensure the safety of the crew. But with you, she’s extra cautious. Extra careful. She always wants to protect you. She struggles to maintain her professional demeanour when you’re in danger or are injured.
Off duty, she and you are known to show some physical signs of affection every now and then. Nothing too crazy - just some hand holding, light kisses, and hugs. As one of the senior officers, she does have to maintain some level of professionalism at all times after all.
You would worry about her often, especially if she’s on a dangerous mission. You know that she has to put herself in danger - it’s her job - but that doesn’t make you worry any less. And after you and the rest of the crew save her from near-death by the hands of Armus, your worries only increase. You watch out for her best you can and constantly check in on her to make sure she’s doing okay.
The two of you would enjoy date nights in peace and quiet. No going to Ten Forward for drinks; no walking around the ship looking out windows at the stars. It would just be you and her, either in yours or her quarters or on the holodeck.
Date nights would consist of various activities, depending on your moods and how much time you had. Some nights it would just be a simple dinner. Some nights you’d go to the holodeck for an adventure in some pop-culture-based program. And some nights you’d spend your time talking and goofing off in your quarters—singing poorly, dancing, playing games, that sort of thing.
Intimacy with Tasha is oftentimes very passionate and sensual. She takes pleasure in being with you and relishing in the feeling of you with her.
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