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eonslice · 2 days ago
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welcome to the queer smp
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420technoblazeit · a day ago
wilbur when quackity refuses to roleplay the hamilton-reynolds affair during sex for the 13th time that week
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rockyislost · a day ago
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do i even need to say it
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fernlessbastard · 12 hours ago
I'm baaaaacckkkkk
Have some gays for the soul based on some vintage art
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Quackity might seem pissed off but he's in fact very in love with that 'idiot' who decided to take him out on a date in the middle of a storm
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xxeither-nanoemikoxx · 2 days ago
Me: I’m a very serious writer
Also me:
Wilbur glanced at Quackity. “Does this count as necrophilia?” He asked. Quackity tensed then stared at him. “You’re alive Wilbur” he replied flatly. Wilbur thought about it for a few seconds “But I’m dead on the inside” Quackity sighed “You didn’t seem very dead when I was inside of you”
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lunelicmoone · a day ago
since c!tntduo havent interacted in over half a year, i say we just start making headcanons about them canon
i'll go first, they DEFINITELY explored each others bo
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loudduo · a day ago
cwilbur waddling over from his little burger can to try and trick cquackity into hamilton rp w/ him
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adarkershadeofroyal · 2 days ago
when the mountain goats said love in unlovable hand and when tad said its my curse to try and make it right but by trying make it worse and when lincoln said theres really just one thing that we have in common neither of us will be missed and when edgar allen poe said all i loved i loved alone and when catherine siehl said oh, when you love it and when gang of youths said im terrified of loving cause im terrified of pain and when penelope scott said somebody fucking loved me all my filthy life i loved someone i barely knew and when will wood said say my name like a slur ive been called worse and when sir chloe wrote michelle and when johnny sims wrote tma and when the amazing devil or gang of youths wrote anything and when v e schwab wrote vicious and when con o'niell played izzy hands and when tnt duo interacted and when anything happened in arcane and when
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oldbooksandcake · a day ago
c!quackity calling c!wilbur “Soot” in fics is the best thing ever istg-
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leilavinodraws · 2 months ago
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[ -vine boom sound repeatedly after each panel- ]
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akyrin · a month ago
"TNT Duo slept together at least once," I say into the mic at the overflowing DSMP panel at Vidcon.
The crowd boos. Wilbur Soot denies this claim, quoting psycho-competitiveness. I begin to walk off in shame, when a voice speaks and commands silence from the room.
"They're right," the voice says. I look for the owner of the voice. There in the 5th row stands: Alex Quackity himself.
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eonslice · 11 hours ago
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poorlydrawnmcyt · 6 months ago
this will be my legacy
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snek-snacc · 2 months ago
Quick! Someone write a TNT Duo fic where Wilbur finds out about what Quackity did to Dream in prison and immediately kisses him on the lips
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mobrightsonly · 2 months ago
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next stream prediction
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xxeither-nanoemikoxx · a day ago
I want tnt duo fics where Quackity is a jackass. Not just for the sake of being mean to Wilbur to just that’s his personality. A bitch. He bitches about how annoying Wilbur is. I want tnt duo fics where Quackity is a manipulative little fuck who hates people in general. I just want him to be tired, he’s a fucking pain in the ass but a manipulative, mean, horrible pain in the ass. I mean yasssss queen show me your horrible actions that you based off of your loved ones!
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lunelicmoone · a day ago
listen man i know it will never happen, believe me i do, but the thought of William Gold scrolling through the tntduo tag absolutely terrifies me for two reasons and two reasons only
1- The Tntduo Image™
2- he'll know who i am.
i was just scrolling through it to find a certain artist, and i did not expect to see my own posts as many times as i did
like sure i know i dont exactly post enough times to be seen every other post, but im there enough times to clearly see that i have A Problem
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